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(10/22/03 WED 17:14 FAX 202 942 9537 GC GEN LIT Boor RSEL OS00AAL UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL yi’ 450 5TH STREET, N.W. WASHINGTON D.C. 20549 Murre— Oncor DATE: La, [2 2/02 \ FAX#: 202-942-9625 To: OFFICE: Ge Lh 2 G ae g PHONES TOTAL PAGES:¢NCL PAX coven) A) FAX# (202 ) 240-559 SUBJECT: FROM: Gritasanni Passa powen Gta) 9a -OF00 NOTES: THIS MESSAGE IS INTENDED ONLY FOR THE USE OF THE INDIVIDUAL OR ENTITY TO WHOM OR WHICH IT IS ADDRESSED.IT MAY CONTAIN INFORMATION THAT IS PRIVILEGED OR CONFIDENTIAL IF THE READER OF THIS MESSAGE IS NOT THE INTENDED RECIPIENT OR AN EMPLOYEE OR AGENT RESPONSIBLE FOR DELIVERING THE MESSAGE TO THE INTENDED RECIPIENT, YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT ANY DISSEMINATION, DISTRIBUTION, OR COPYING OF THIS COMMUNICATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND MAY VIOLATE APPLICABLE LAW. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS COMMUNICATION IN ERROR, PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY BY TELEPHONE AND DESTROY THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE. THANK YOU. UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION WASHINGTON, DC, 20549 orrice oF THe Genteat Courses, October 22, 2003 Via Facsimile and Mail (202) 296-5545 Daniel Marcus General Counsel National Commission on Terror 301 7th Street SW, Room 5125 Washington, DC 20407 Attacks Upon the United States Dear Mr. Marcus: Tam writing to follow up on your letter of October 16, 2003, and to confirm my understanding of the approach that the Commission staff will be taking regarding the ‘matter addressed in the letter (Item No. 2 of SEC Document Request No. 2). As discussed with Doug Greenburg of your staff, we are in the process of asking the foreign regulators from whom we received reports to authorize us to disclose those reports to you. The staff of the Commission’s Office of International Affairs is advising the foreign regulators that if they do not object by October 24, 2003, SEC staff will provide the requested materials to the 9-11 Commission. It is possible, of course, that foreign regulators will want further information regarding the 9-11 Commission or will propose terms or circumstances for disclosure of their documents to the Commission, We will keep Mr. Greenburg abreast of any such developments and will seek to resolve any objections promptly. We appreciate the efforts of you and your staff to seek a constructive approach to resolving this matter consistent with the various important policy objectives that must be taken into account. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (202) 942-0900 if you should have any questions or would like to discuss this matter further. \ Sjacerely yours, Gidyéfini Prezi ce: Doug Greenburg Counsel, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Ethiopis Tafara Director, SEC Office of International Affairs