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COC 1: Install and Configure Computer Systems

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1. Disassemble Computer Hardware
Remove the following hardware in order:
Remove RAM
Remove HDD
Remove PSU
Remove Motherboard
Remove CPU Fan/Heat sink
Remove Processor
2. Assemble Computer Hardware
Install the following hardware in order:
Install Processor
Install CPU Fan/Heat sink
Install Motherboard
Install PSU
Install HDD
Install RAM
3. Configure BIOS
Load/Restore Optimal Defaults
Set Current Date and Time
Set appropriate boot option (depends on medium of installation)
Boot Mode: UEFI + Legacy
4. Prepare/Create Windows 7 64-bit Bootable DVD-R
Insert Windows 7 64-bit DVD package installer
Use 3rd party software (DVD burning tools) to create Windows image
Burn Windows image to blank DVD-R (bootable DVD)
5. Prepare/Create Windows Server 2008 R2 Bootable USB
Insert Windows Server 2008 R2 DVD package installer
Insert and format USB drive to NTFS format using command line (CMD)
Copy Windows Server 2008 R2 DVD package contents to USB drive
Make USB drive bootable.
6. Install Window 7 64-bit Ultimate on CLIENT PC using bootable DVD-R
Create 2 primary partitions: C(40%), D(60%)
Install OS on the C drive.
In case of dual booting, install the secondary OS on the D drive.
7. Install Windows Server 2008 R2 on SERVER-PC using bootable USB
8. Inspect and Install Device Drivers
Install Chipset Driver
Install Sound Driver
Install VGA Driver
Install LAN Driver
9. Install Application Software
Microsoft Office (Any version)
Antivirus (Any)
Web Browser (Chrome or Firefox)
Multimedia Player (VLC, MHC)
PDF Reader (any)
10. Configure Client Computer
Assign a computer name
Set screen resolution to highest possible resolution available
Set local administrator password
Create new user account (standard user)
Set current date and time
Apply Local Policy (depends on the instruction of the trainer)
Optimize PC for best performance

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COC 2: Set-up Computer Networks

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1. Prepare Network Cable. T568B standards
Terminate Straight-through Network Cable (Length: 1 foot)
Terminate Crossover Network Cable (Length: 1 foot)
2. Setup SOHO Network
Prepare network cable. Measure the length from patch panel to LAN outlet.
Arrange cable to raceway
Terminate network cable to patch panel and the other end to keystone jack
Connect Servers LAN#1 to Router
Connect Servers LAN#2 to Switch
3. Configure Web-based Router
Change routers IP address and administrator password
Configure DHCP server. (Network size depends on the instruction of the trainer)
Limit Download speed to 100Kbps.
Create a policy or firewall objects to block access to games and porn sites
Forward port 3389 (Remote Desktop Connection)
Filter IP/Mac Address (use sample IP and MAC address)
Configure wireless security for internal WIFI/Wireless access
Disable SSID broadcast.
4. Configure Wireless Access Point for Guest Access
Isolate AP to access private network
Set Network Name/SSID to <your_family_name>
Set Password/Network Key to 1234567890 (or any)
5. Configure Manage Switch
Separate admin group from users group thru VLAN
Setup management VLAN

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COC 3: Set-up Computer Servers

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1. Install Windows Server OS
2. Configure Computer Server
Connect Server to Network
Assign Static Class C IP Address
Assign Default Gateway
Assign Temporary DNS:
Assign Computer Name : SERVER
Enable Remote Desktop
3. Install Active Directory Domain Services
4. Promote Computer Server to Domain Controller
Set Domain Name/FQDN/Root Name to
Set Domain Admin Password: SERVERAdmin1
Set Preferred DNS to : SERVERS IP Address
5. Add Domain Users:
User Name (1): user1, Password: ABC_123, Member: Administrator
User Name (2): user2, Password: ABC_123
6. Install DHCP Role
7. Configure DHCP Service
Assign scope name
Setup DHCP Range (IP start-end)
Setup Exclusion: (Gateway and SERVER IP)
Configure Server Options (Router, DNS Server, Domain Name)
8. Join Windows Client PC to Domain
9. Setup Remote Desktop Connection thru Wireless
Reset Wireless Access Point
Set SSID to <your_name>
Set Password to 123456789
Remote Computer Server using LAPTOP
10. Setup File Server
Create and Share Folder to all Domain Users only
Setup Home Directory to all users
Setup Folder Redirection (Desktop and Documents)
11. Deploy Printer thru Group Policy
Install Print and Document Service Role
Connect Printer to Computer Server
Install Printer Driver
Share and Deploy Printer to all Domain Users
12. Implement Group Policy Management
Prevent Access to Control Panel and Computer Settings
Remove Task Manager
13. Test Network Services.
14. Final Task
Login to Client PC as Domain User
Create a document in Word, Notepad or Wordpad.
Type your name, school/company, assessment title and date.
Save it on your desktop. (Filename: YourLastName_YourFirstNameInitialLetter)
Save a copy on your Home Folder or Directory

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COC 4: Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Networks

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1. Prepare a Maintenance Checklist Schedule (1 month)
2. Create Repair Disc.
3. Backup and Restore Point
Make a new folder in Documents. Name it IMPORTANT.
Perform computer backup. Save in drive D.
4. Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin
Delete IMPORTANT folder.
Open Recycle Bin and restore IMPORTANT folder.
5. Restore Deleted Files using Backup
Open Documents. Delete the IMPORTANT folder.
Empty Recycle bin and Restart.
Recover IMPORTANT folder using the backup saved in drive D.
6. Perform Preventive Maintenance
Run Disk Defragmenter
Create Restore Point.
Run Virus Scan (optional)
Clean Computer Hardware
7. Evaluate or Diagnose Problem
Prepare Computer Service Form
Identify or Diagnose Computer Problem
Troubleshoot/Repair Computer Problem (Software/Hardware)
Write the computer problem and the solution or action taken of the particular problem
on the Computer Service Form.

Remarks: ___ Competent ___ Not Yet Competent

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CSS Trainer @ Crossroads Training Institute
Cagayan de Oro City