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R.Muhammad Taufiq
Program Study Civil Engineering
Faculty Of Engineering Halu Oleo University
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Sedimentation that occurs in the river andounohu causing a lack of river

capacity due to siltation. This is because the scouring that occur along the river bank
leads to materialin the form of gradation grains into the river and settles into a bed
load. Some rivers already have cliff revertment to hold the scour an some do not
have cliff revertment to give effect to transportation rate
This Study aims to determine the rate of sediment bed load transport the
river. Andounohu without cliff revertment and cliff revertment. Sediment transport
data collection is done by reading the value of sediment transport on the monitor
screen contained in the tool 0,000032 m3/s, and slope 0,011 % which represents the
condition of the river point andounohu which became the location of the study
From the analysis result obtained sediments transport rates area of 0,60
gram/menit and in areas with revertment of 0,38 gram/menit. The difference in the
amount of sediment transport in the areas is due by several parameters such as flow
velocity, discharger, scour slope, runoff, erosion and shape and size material

Kata Kunci : River, Revertment, Bed Load Sediment