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San Juan, Surigao City


Instructional Supervision Form 1 Pre- Observation Information

Teacher: Maria Luz E. Alaba School: CRSHS

District: III Division: Surigao City
Grade/Year & Section: Grade 7 Mendel Subject: ESP- 7
School Year: 2015-2016 Semester: 2nd Conference Date: December 7, 2015
Instructional Supervisor: _____________________________

1. This form shall be answered by the Teacher prior to Instructional Support Visit.
2. The information will serve as guide for the pre-observation conference. Observer may ask additional job-relevant data to
provide a background for actual observation.
3. The filled up form shall be given back to the Teacher to be placed in front of the Teacher Observation Form 3A, B, C
which will be used by the observer.

Pre-Observation Information

1. When would you like to have instructional supervision and support?

Date and Time: December 7, 2015 at 11:00am-12:00nn

2. In which of your classes would you like to be observed?

Class and the Period to be observed: Grade 7-Mendel @ 11:00am 12:00nn

3. What area or domain would like to be observed? Please check.

____ Diversity of Learners

____ Content and Pedagogy
____ Learning Environment
____ School, Home, Community Linkages
____ Social Regard for Learning
____ Personal Growth and Professional Development
____ Planning, Assessing and Reporting
____ Others, specify

4. What specific teaching learning parameters would you like to be focused? Please check.

____ Motivation
____ Teacher-Learners Interaction
____ Questioning/Answering skills
____ Pacing of the lesson
____ Testing
____ Classroom Management
____ Time on task
____ Addressing multiple intelligences/learning styles
____ Others, specify. Student Family Background and Study Habits
5. What teaching method/strategy will you use?

Demonstration, Simulation, Storytelling and differentiated instruction

6. How would you describe the class you will be teaching during the visit? Please provide
information by checking or filling up the required data.

a. Type of class:

( ) Monograde ( ) class combination ( ) Multigrade

b. Size of class:
( ) Small class size Number of Learners 37
( ) Big class size Number of Learners __________
c. Class Diversity:
( ) Homogeneous (Describe) Students are scientifically inclined and science oriented.
( ) Heterogeneous (Describe) __________________________________________

7. What three priority areas in your TSNS do you need the most support and assistance? Please
enumerate and specify.

a. CURRICULUM ICT skills in teaching and learning process such designing new digital
b. PLANNING, ASSESSING AND REPORTING - establish rapport and a cooperative
working relationship with parents.
c. COMMUNITY LINKAGES Communicate the school events/achievements through
community networks.

8. What priority objectives in your IPPD did you include for School Year 2015-2016 that you
intend to accomplish? Please write.

a. Provide learning activities that enabled learners to reach their full potential for a better teaching-
learning process.
b. Monitored and evaluated students progress through formative and summative assessments using
digital resources.
c. Conducted parents conferences to encourage parents to support their children school activities, needs
and reduce absenteeism and tardiness.

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Teacher Name & Signature School Head Name & Signature

Note: This space shall be used for needed information given during the pre-observation but are included above