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Program Name: Economics Program Type: Undergraduate

Institution Name: Wharton Business School

Location: 3620 Locus Walk, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Institution Type: College, Institute, or University (University)

Credential: Bachelor of Science Program Length: 4 Years

Tuition Costs: $47, 416 Application Fee: $75


What are the Institution Admission Requirements? Other than academic excellence, students are
expected to participate in extracurricular activities, contribute to the community and participate
actively in sports. It recommended that students are truly passionate about their studies and have
good mathematical skills as well as communication. Students should also be excel in calculus,
English, science, social studies courses and at least one Foreign language. Students apart of the IB
program are expected to submit their predicted score along with their TOK, CAS and EE bonus
points. These students are also expected to take at least 3 high level courses. Students should have
sufficient scores in the SAT or ACT and also a high GPA, or percentages (in Canada).

What are the Program Admission Requirements? To be eligible for the Economic program at
Wharton Business school, students should be enrolled in any finance related electives or classes well
in high school such as: ECON 101, marketing classes or accounting classes. Other classes students
should take include: pre-calculus 12, AP calculus, IB mathematics high level or any other class of
equal value. Students wishing to apply for this program should seek advice from student services

What steps must I complete to be eligible for this program?

1. Taking and succeeding in require High School Courses

2. Taking SAT or ACT, meeting at least 1500
3. Complete all required background information
4. Pay application fee
5. Complete written essays
6. Write passages of personal experiences, learnings and passions
7. Complete all transcripts of grades
8. Acquire two letters of recommendation

What can I expect to learn in this program? One of the leaders in business education, students can
learn up to 22 courses in business, 10 or more courses in liberal arts and sciences and 5 unrestricted
electives anywhere at Penn. This flexible experience provides an opportunity for studying business,
arts and sciences with dynamic professors. Whether its learning statistics, microeconomics or
macroeconomics, you can expect to learn all the fundamentals of business and delve into subjects
youre interested in and passionate about.

After I have completed this program what future employment and career opportunities exist?
After graduating from the University of Pennsylvanias Wharton Business School with a Bachelor of
Sciences degree in economics, on can expect to have many new business opportunities open to
them. After having access to some of the best career resources, jobs and internships, as well as help
from advisors, students are open to endless possibilities. From entrepreneurs to multinational
companies, 90% of Wharton graduates are open to at least 42 jobs in companies.


Institution Contact Information: Visit 3733 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA, or call 215.898.2575

Date information was checked with the Institution: August 5th, 2017