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Pinkerton's Reference Guide



All data was compiled from the official Rule Book, official Clue Book, various online FAQs and message boards, and in-game

Table of Contents

Melee Weapons
Distance Weapons
Herbs and Potions
Melee Weapons
Name Damage Attack Parry Weight (oz) Cost (sp) Comments
Bec de Corbin 5-10 -1 -2 90 110 Kunchomer is better
Brabak Bully 6-11 -1 -2 120 80 Heavy but good damage
Cudgel 2-7 -1 -3 60 5 Low dam/high penalty
Cutlass 4-9 -1 0 70 40 Ok but see Sabre/Seal slayer
Double Kunchomer 7-12 -1 -3 150 125 Heavy but good damage
Goupillon 6-21 -3 -4 240 110 Crazy dam/wgt; high penalty
Grain Flail 3-8 -2 -3 100 20 Better off w/Sabre/Seal Slayer
Kunchomer 5-10 0 -1 70 70 Best average all categories
Mace 5-10 0 -3 120 45 Kunchomer is better
Morning Star 6-11 -1 -3 120 50 High dam; heavy
Sabre 4-9 0 0 60 60 Great starting weapon
Scythe 4-9 -3 -4 100 35 Sabre/Seal slayer are better
Seal Slayer 4-9 0 0 70 60 Great starting weapon
Sickle 3-8 -3 -4 30 25 Low wgt/dam; high penalty
Warhammer 7-12 -2 -4 150 110 Double Kunchomer is better
Whip 1-6 0 -6 60 30 Low dam/high penalty
Wolf Knife 4-9 0 -1 50 90 Ok but see Sabre/Seal slayer

Cutting (edged) Weapons offers the best flexibility and most variety in stats. A good choice as a weapon specialty.
Kunchomer is the best compromise with damage, wieght and penalties.
Sabre is the best entry level weapon with Seal slayer having same stats just 10 oz heavier
If you can "afford" the weight and penalties, Goupillion has the best damage of all weapons (!?)
Avoid the Whip, Sickle, Scythe, Grain Flail and Cudgel. They are inferior to the others.


Short Sword 3-8 0 -1 40 45 Sword is better

Sword 5-10 0 0 80 85 Best choice in category

Swords is obviously limited in variety but the Sword is better than the best overall choice for Cutting weapons and beats all
other melee categories except Axes in bang for the buck.
Don't bother with the Short Sword unless you are willing to loose damage for lighter weight.

Barbarian War Axe 6-16 -1 -4 150 110 Great damage offsets others
Halberd 5-10 -1 -3 150 75 See above; as heavy but weak
Hatchet 5-10 0 -3 120 45 Orc Hook is better
Orc Hook 6-11 -1 -3 120 60 Good dam; lighter; ok penalty
Skraja 4-9 0 -2 90 50 Lightest axe; weak damage

Axes are best for the tanks that don't mind the parry penalty and are strong enough to carry it without weight concerns.
The Barbarian War Axe is the best of the bunch and the only one that really sets Axes apart from other categories (even 2-
handed since it's a single handed weapon).
Name Damage Attack Parry Weight (oz) Cost (sp) Comments
Basilisc's Tongue 2-7 -2 -3 25 25 Inferior dam; high penalties
Dagger 2-7 -2 -3 20 20 Inferior dam; high penalties
Epee 4-9 0 -1 40 55 Foil/Rapier weigh less
Foil 4-9 0 -1 30 50 BEST choice for category
Heavy Dagger 3-8 -1 -2 30 30 If you must use a dagger...
Knife 1-6 -3 -4 10 5 Terrible; don't use
Mengbilar 2-7 -3 -4 20 110 See knife but a smidge better
Obsidian Dagger 1-6 -2 -3 30 50 Worse(?!) than regular dagger
Rapier 4-9 0 -1 35 60 A smidge heavier than the foil

Pointed weapons is best for ranged character that must have a fall back weapon if engaged in melee. It is inferior to all other
categories except Polearms (which it almost ties with).
Don't bother with anything but the Foil, Rapier, or Epee (in that order). All other weapons are weak and inferior.


Double Fleurs 4-9 -1 -1 80 95 Best choice in category

Pike 4-9 -1 -4 150 50 See above; almost 2x weight
Quarterstaff 2-7 0 -1 70 15 Double Fleurs is better
Trident 4-9 0 -3 90 45 Double Fleurs is better
Wand 2-7 0 0 70 ?

Polearms are equally inferior as Pointed weapons. It makes sense for wizards if they get forced into melee combat
The Pike is worse than the Double Fleurs at 2 times the weight...what?
Obviously, Magicians will take this because of their wands but I can't recommend it to anyone else.

Bastard Sword 6-11 -1 -2 140 110 Worst of the bunch
Rondracomb 4-14 -2 -2 145 140 Low min dam; mid heavy
Tuzakian 7-12 -2 -2 135 200 Good min dam; lightest
Two-handed Sword 6-16 -2 -3 160 135 War Axe is better
War Axe 6-16 -1 -4 150 110 Best of the category

These two-handed stats are the worst excuse for two-handed weapons. Most of the damages don't get much better than some
of the single-handed weapons but have high weight values.
The War Axe and 2-handed Sword are the only two with respectable damage. However, the war axe is exactly the same as
Barbarian War Axe but requires BOTH hands.
The Tuzakian offers more damage than most other categories with a less of a weight hit but still....
Distance Weapons

Name Damage Attack Parry Weight (oz) Cost (sp) Comments
Crossbow 7-12 0 0 200 125 Good damage: crazy heavy
Long Bow 5-10 0 0 30 35 Good damage; light!
Short Bow 4-9 0 0 20 45 Longbow is better
Sling 3-8 0 0 10 15 Light; ok damage
Throwing Star 2-7 0 0 15 25 weak damage; each is 15 oz

Crossbow would be ok if you have alot of weight to spare, otherwise stay away.
Longbow is the best overall comprimise and the low weight makes the other options not worthy of considering.
Sling might be ok for a mage or support character.I can't support the throwing star at all unless you want

Cutting Tooth 5-10 0 0 50 50 Best of the category
Francesca 4-9 -1 -3 60 35 Cutting tooth is better
Throwing Axe 4-9 -1 -4 120 35 120 weigh(?!); wtf?
Throwing Knife 1-6 -3 -4 10 10 Low damage; high penalties

The main positive of throwing items is that they don't need ammo. However, they don't stack so you can't carry too many even
if you wanted to. Backpack space is too valuable to waste on multiple throwing weapons.
The only characters that could rationally use thrown weapons are the melee fighters (tanks). In this case, the tank could
throw it while waiting for the enemy to close distance or when they are fleeing.
Cutting Tooth is the heaviest but when used as mentioned above, it gets the best bang with highest damage and NO penalties.

Charge level AP charge effect Notes
Charge level 1 0 Makes wand Magical and unbreakable Magicians start with it
Charge level 2 23 Automatic casts light as if a torch Doesn't work when KO'd
Charge level 3 19 Wand acts as rope that is 10 paces in length Still need rope sometimes
Charge level 4 27 Reduce cost of all spells by 2 AP Minimum cost is 1 AP

- Recommend "charging" up the wand all the way in the beginning of the game. There is no reason not to other than it takes a
couple days of time. When done, you have a unbreakable "magical" weapon that will automatically act as a torch and rope when
needed AND reduces the cost of spell to conserve valuable Aps.
Name AC bonus Attack Parry Weight (oz) Cost (sp) Comments
Boots 0 0 0 75 9 No benefit over having shoes
Pants 0 0 0 30 2 Necessary till armored
Shirt 1 0 0 30 2 Necessary till armored
Shoes 0 0 0 40 1 Necessary till armored
Snow Shoes 0 0 0 40 5 Functionally same as shoes

Chainmail Armor 1 0 -1 80 50 How is this better than Leather?

Leather Armor 1 0 0 70 40 Best choice for section
Plate Armor 2 -2 -1 100 60 Only recommend for Tanks

Chainmail Shirt 4 -2 -2 320 200 Very heavy; acceptable penalties

Winter Coat 2 -2 -2 120 50 Quit armor is better
Leather Harness 3 -1 -2 180 80 Best in section
Quilt Armor 2 -1` -1 120 50 Good alt to leather and lighter
Robe, Simple 0 0 0 50 5 No protection/same as shirt
Robe, Extravagant 0 0 0 200 200 More wgt/cost no added benefit
Scale Armor 5 -5 -4 480 1000 Too heavy/big penality/expensive
Toadskin 3 -3 -3 150 60 Leather is better but heavier

Iron Shield 2 -2 -1 200 45

Shield 1 -1 0 140 25 AC bonus and less weight

Iron Helmet 3 -3 -2 180 80 Too heavy; highest penalties

Leather Cap 1 -1 0 90 40 Less penalties/AC
Pot Helm 2 -2 -1 100 50 More penalties but better AC

Shirts, pants and shoes are all necessary (till you have armor replacements) to avoid the elements and negative reactions
from NPCs.
Boots apparently have no benefit over shoes except being heavier and more expensive.
Leather is pretty much the best armor option in all categories unless you have a high enough skills to offset the penalties.
Robes are functionally same as a shirt. Don't use Extravagant robe, since it doesn't offer any bonus over Simple robe except
4X the weight.
Sheilds are really a toss up. If you really want to use one, consider the Shield to avoid the excess attack penalties (they all
can add up quite a bit).
Iron helm has too high of penalties and weight. Either the Leather Cap or the Pot helm are recommended (depending on your
characters attack and parry values).
Scale Armor is too penalizing in weight,attack, and parry to offset the good armor value.
Herbs and Potions

Herbs (in progress)

Name Cost (sp) Effect Comments
Atmon 300 Temp increase in body skills + 2 Body skills for 5 hrs
Belmart 120 Neutralizes disease Increases resistance to poisons/diseases
Donf 200 Heals certain diseases Curative worth keeping
Finage 80 Restore lowered attributes Situation is common enough to be useful
Four-leaf Loneberry 7 Heals 1-6 Life Points Cheap stacking health item
Gulmond 60 Increase Strength & Endurance +2 Strength (temporary)
Ilmen Leaf 110 Hallucinagen, calming , potion brew ????
Joruga 180 Prevents/cures rabies Single disease cure limits use
Kairan 400 Potion brewing ingredient ????
Mandrake 8 Potion brewing ingredient ????
Menchal 200 Halves poison effects Minimize damage from poison
Olgin Root 500 1 week immune to disease/poisons Good effect and worth alot
Shurin Bulb 80 Poison Only for poison brewing
Slimy Toad Stool 150 Potion brewing ingredient For Poisons
Tarnele 5 +1 health regen during sleep Cheap and weak effect
Thonnys 350 Allows non-magician magic users to use Good for speeding Astal Point regeneration for
medition non-magicians
Whirlweed 70 Heal 10 Life Points Best when money is less a problem

Potions (in progress)

Magic Potion 100 Restores 10 Astral Points AP regen slowly so this is handy to have
Potent Magic Potion 400 Resotres 30 Astral Points One potion definately worth keeping
Healing Potion 100 Restores 10 Life Points Whirlweed is more practical
Potent Healing Potion 240 Restores 30 Life Points Sell for Whirlweed
Toadstool Poison 150 Use to poison weapon
Shurin-bulb Poison 700 Use to poison weapon
Arax Poison 350 Use to poison weapon
Fear Poison 250 Chance of fear effect on strike Use to poison weapon
Sleeping Poison 350 Chance sleep effect on strike
Elixir of (stat) 400 Temporarily boost stat by 5 pts About an hour

Whirlweeds stack while healing potions don't (they also only weigh 1 oz while potions weigh 10 oz). You save on weight,
inventory space, and money by using the herb instead of the potion.
Many of the herbs are worth more to "mine" than the effects they provide. Some are handy at the beginning of the game but
eventually are overshadowed by skills or spells.
Regardless if useful, still search for herbs. They are a "goldmine" for the effort it takes to get them.
The only potions worth "hanging on to" for future use would be the Magic Potions since recovering Astral Points takes a long
time but are used up quickly.

Miracles (in progress)

Name Focus Possible Miracle Effects Comments
Praios Sun and Justice NO TEMPLE
Rondra War, Storms, and Honorable Duels -Turns weapon magical (+1) Hero 1 only (so swap the
-Dispell first slot if needed)
-Swords skill +1 (whole party)
Efferd Water, Waves, Desert Rain -Power: Locate water (?) maybe for when foraging?
-Protection on water Not sure yet
-Swim skill +2 (whole party) Free skill boost is good
Travia Hearth, Protection of Home, -Feeds party Free food...meh
marraige -Heal Heal...ok i guess
-Protection during night Not sure about this one
Boran Dead, Sleep and Dreams NO TEMPLE
Hesinde Wisdom and All Magic NO TEMPLE
Firun Winter, Eternal Frost, Hunting -Bestow "Hunter's Luck", Not sure yet
-No hunger or thirst (feed?)
Tsa Life, Eternal Creator, Ressurection -Ressurect Best effect (only method)
-Heal (whole party) Not too bad either
-Heal (single party member) Standard
Phex Merchants, Thieves, Night -Picklock Skill +1 First two are limited use but
-Haggle Skill +1 still free skill points
-Dexterity +1 Free stat point = great!
Peraine Fertility, Healing -Cure Illness Good if diseased
-Heal (Single party member)
Ingerimm Creating, Destroying Fire, Smiths -Bless all weapons Temp bonus
-(Hero 1) weapon made magic Magic weapon = good
-Repair weapon (single member) unspectacular
Rahja Physical Love, Wine, Inebriation NO TEMPLE
Swafnir Thowalian God, Gales ????? No found effect
Ifirn Daughter of Firu -Bestow "Hunter's Luck"
Nameless God Ungood things NO TEMPLE

Donate enough money at temples and then "pray for a miracle" creates a chance for one of the above effects. I'm not sure but
I believe spamming the "pray for miracle" button does work but doesn't increase your chances (in other word, won't work if
you haven't donated enough yet).
The top miracle is provided by Tsa. Resurrect. There is no other method available early on to bring back your characters.
The second best effect is by Rondra and Ingerimm. They "enchant" a weapon to +1. According to the faqs, Rondras "enchant"
is permanent (Ingerimm's might be too but needs testing). The enchantment only affects the hero in slot 1 so you will have to
rearrange to have it affect a certain character.
Not sure yet if the skill raises or the dexterity raise are permanent or not. More research is needed.
Apparently Swafnir, doesn't grant miracles and several don't have temples in the game.
Magic Spells (in progress)
* equals damage caused V Varies
** level of Illusion x2 AR AP used equals AR reduction
*** end of combat or player attacked X MR of target x3 mulitplied by AP

Name (ingame) AP Spell effect Duration
Domination V Dispell "Domination" enchantment Special
Destruction 8-20 "disenchant" magic artifacts Permanent
Gardianum V Anti-magic sheild End of Combat
Illusions ** Dispell all "Illusions" in small area (affects Duplication) Once/Permanent
Transformation 5-50 Dispells "Transformation" enchantment Permanent

Blood and F.(uror) 13 Conjures a Lower Demon End of Combat
Banish Spirits 13 Banish ghosts and spirits Once/Permanent
Conj. Spirits V Conjures up ghosts and spirits Special
Heptagon 26 Conjures a Horned (High) Demon End of Combat
Summon Crows 13 Conjures crows to attack casters foes Once/Permanent
Skeletarius 15 Turn killed opponents to skeleton to aid in fight End of Combat


Balm 7-up Trade Astral Point for Healing Permanent

Witch Spit V Like Balm, but also affects poison, illness, wounds Permanent
Pure and Clear V Cures Poision Permanent
Rest the body 7 Enhance regeneration during sleep 1 sleep
Heal Animal V Like Balm but on animals Permanent

Ball and Chain 12 Prevents target moving / fleeing Combat End
Bambaladam 8 Target won't engage caster in combat Combat End
Evil Eye 8 Charm one adjacent opponent to fight for you Combat End
Great Need 8 Target ignores everything Combat End or Player
Confusion 8 Confuses target reducing combateffectiveness Combat End
Master Animals 8 Target animal won't engage caster in combat Combat End
Horriphobus 7 Fear, causes target to flee Combat End
Astral Theft 6 Steals Astral Point from opponent Special
Respondami 5 Forces target to tell truth Special
Meekness 5 Tame wild animal Combat End
Somnigravis 8 Sleep Combat End
Dance! 6 Forces target to dance till exhausted Combat End

Conj. Elemental V Conjure Elemental (duh) to fight for party Combet End
Nihilatio 10 Nullifies gravity in area around caster 1 Turn
Solidirid 14 Creates rainbow bridge 50 paces long 10 Rounds


Acceleratus 7 Doubles Caster's Speed increasing combat values 10 Rounds

Foramen V Open lock on chest or door 1 Use/Permanent
Motoricus V Move small items without touching them Special
Without Trace V Move without leaving trace of passing Special
Transversalis 15 Teleport to any place caster knows Immediate
Walk on Ice V Move on Ice as if normal solid ground Special


Eagles's Eye 5 Raise Perception by 7 Short

Analyze 10 See nature of a magical artifact One Use
Attributes 7 Reveals opponents attributes One Use
Exposami 5 Detect life nearby One Use
Odem Arcanum 5 Detect magic aura on item or person One Use
Penetrating 5 See through walls (affects automapping) One Use
Sensibal 5 Read opponents feelings One Use


Chameleony 5 Near invisibility as long as no movement Combat End

Duplication 8 Creates a double of caster (harder to hit in combat) Combat End
Camouflage 6 Give caster a harmless disguise Short
Witch's Knot 4 Create impassable barrier Combat End


Lightning 5 Blind (no attack or defend) 3 Rounds

Darkness' Power 10 Shadow comes to life and fights for caster Combat End
Iron Rust 5 Destroys weapon (adjacent enemy) One Use/Permanent
Fulminictus * Lightning bolt One Use/Permanent
Ifnifaxus * Lance of Fire One Use/Permanent
Plumbumbarum 5 Reduce combat values Combat End
Terror Broom 4 Animate's Witch/Warlock broom to fight independantly One Use/Permanent
Terror Power V Beserk (Boost combat values) 1-20 Rounds
Accurate Eye 5 Increase ranged accuraccy 3 Rounds


Witch's Eye 2 Identify Witch/Warlocks by eye Special

Necropathia 5 Talk to Dead Special

Eagle Wolf 7 Change shape to animal 1 Hour

Arcano 7 Increase Magical Resistance (can't cast on self) 1 Hour
Magic Armor V Increase Armor Rating 5 Minutes
Increase (stat) 7 Increases given stat 2 Hours
Fire's Bane 7 Provides fire resistance Level times Hours (?)
Mutabili 50 Can't find evidence this spell works (will investigate) ?
Paralyze 13 Paralyzes target for remainder of combat Permanent
Salother X Turn target into mushroom Permanent
Ocean's Floor V Water breathing on whole party Special
Visibili 5 Invisibility Variable


Abvenenum 5 Purify spoiled food Permanent

Aeolitus 5 Creates small breeze Special
Burn! 1-20 Burns inflammable material One use
Claudibus V Magically lock doors and other lock mechanisms 1 hour
Darkness 3 Creates darkness around caster (lowers all others combat values) Level + 3 Hours
Freeze Soft 1-20 Turns fluids solid Special
Fiat Lux 1 Create light Level + 3 Hours
Melt Solid 1-20 Softens solid materials Special
Silentium 5 Supresses all sounds around caster 1 Turn
Calm the Storm V Create calm zone around caster Special