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Ingles II

Actividad 1


Bubble in the correct answer.

l. Do you buv clothes at the supermarketf O I do.

Yes, @ No, I don't.
2. Do vou buv r-ideos at the shoe storel O Yes, I do. @ No, I don't.
3. Do -ou buy milk at the supermarketl @ Yes, I do. O No, I don't.
4. Do -ou buy shoes at the supermarketf C Yes, I do. O No, I don't.
5. Do 1'ou buy medicine at the pharmacyl @ Yes, I do. O No, I don't.
. Do vou buv cookies at the video storef O Yes, I do. @ No, I don't.

e Write the question,

l. Do vou like milk and cookiesf Yes, I like milk and cookies.
cisco| No, I don't live in San Francisco.
I need help.
esal No, I don't live in Costa Mesa.
per's Marketf Yes, I buy food
s, I like school.

Answer the questions about you.

I. Do you buy clothes at a department storef
2. Do you like milkl
3. Do you need new shoesl
4. Do you buy food for your familyl

t'/ ,i tn
/ w
i'l ''t.' .
/i', - '* ) t'(L
Wrib tie rvods in the chart.

Check the correct answer.

l. lives ll'l an apartmenr.

Lien @in Oon
2. They live I ,1 Texas. Oin Oon
3. We live Cl I Main Street. Oin @on
4. We have a house {' I Bush Avenue. Oin @on
5. Ilive Itt ahouse. @in Con
. He lives I ll Mexico Ciw. @in Oon
^,,i', I
ji (-:. \.-1

C Write about youssef.

J-,- .i'.t,.il_\ -,1i,,

I'm Youssef.

I'm from Saudi Arabia.

, ^l
Ilive ltV ahouse.
I live Cn Market St. lll San Francisco.

o frPm r r-r l{ rJ
I fivc \C,
t t-e L ^ '!]utt

Complete the sentences.

l. Marvin rides a birycle to school.

3. Alexi and Humberto the train to work.

4. Peter and,I \ \ C\(i. to the store.
5. You-:- r.lrt-(= a bus to the stsre.
. I ".-,t\ \( to school.
7. Omar ''-t '' in a house .
8. Lien and Duong \*i.'rt on First Street.

@ Look at Exercise A. Complete the sentences.

l. Alfonso lives in a house, and hs tokes *11" school.

2. Gilberto and Lien tt L)ut' ) to school.

3. Nadia and Gilda \- an aDartment.

4. Carina f\\ \'

iL toschool.
5. in a condominium.
. Nadia and Casper C QC

', Talk to students and complete the chart.

i '/i


Tell your dassrlaEs about the students in your chart.

Match the location with the directions. use the map on page 65.

I. Start on City Mall Drive at the shoe store. a. Polly's Pets

2. Go straight. Turn left on Radcliff. Go - \ b. Shoe Emporium
to the corner of Main Street.
3. Turn around. Go to Broadway. Turn right c. Claudia's Restaurant

on Main Street. Stop next to the bank.

4. Go straight. Go to the restaurant between d. Taco Town Fast Food

Luigi's Pharmacy and Taco Town Fast Food.

@ write sentences.
I. go straight turn right on Second Street turn left on First Sueet stop
Go straght Turn right on Second Street Turn left on First Street StoP.
2. turnaround go straight turn left turn right on Birch Avenue stop it's next to

the market l-l---

? l*t- i' i l
'r2 ;^i: t Lt.l- l'i \,,-r"

\ \.irt
\ t\-\ > )i.
/ F\
i F, Write directions to yorr house from schoql.
' \
! I
--ii . \--'
. |
,- r-
It l\c I

t' ^\
.\ 'i)

66 Unit 5
Bubble in the correct word.

l. fohn goes to market on First Street' @ the C nothing

2. Pets is next to the bank' C the @ nothing
3. We like -- store on City Mall Drive' @ the O nothing

4. -Pollv's bank is next to PollY's Pets' @ the C nothing

5. The pet store is in back of Advantage Market' C the @ nothing

O the @ nothing
- buy medicine at
. We Luigi's Pharmacy'

( E) Look at the map. Write tfie where it is correct'

o Make a list of stores in your neighborhoo.d. Complete the chart.

the shoe store

the clothes store
the restaurant
the market

Unit 5
ComPlete the sentences.

I. Maritza is wolkinq to work.

3. They (ride ) bicycles to the store'

Gilberto \ \^iu tt (drive) a car to school.

The children (ride) the bus.

IE (watk) to school,

Iohn and Mary (drive) to work.

Maxine ake) a taxi to the airPort'

Rewrite the simple present into the present continuous.

l. They drive to school.

2. l-drive to sqhool.' \ n^\Lno
J-Cenf &i rl t r', -to 5
'- __-:--,
-:-- ,-tl
3. We walk to work.
;C *rC \,J J* \,cnh
, .vr 4. I ride our to the store. I "
G l'6 rfi CIt n cU\- hi o cls
'f c
). maf
U ' t) )'r
/ ll 6. You take a bus to the market.
,t \,
'. 1 \
I -t ti-\r
J(, lt tL

./--\ -"/
\7.rr write sentences about what you do for transportation.

trCr^.<r J.';v trl q lq t\"t[".di

tt}"\k,"i -tn \m
Mrln I

4 Gr A\\U Carl
ir. l--l

<-(r\ L\^.-l'*'
\Li r{0 \-
Lrr for \) r n(l