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CSCE 156: Roadmap Schedule
Oce Hours, TAs, Help Session
Materials: lecture notes, assignments, resources
Dr. Chris Bourke Anonymous SuggesKon Box
Syllabus & Policies
Prerequisite: Homework 1

Overall Goal of 155 Overall Goal of 156

At the end of CSCE 155 you should be able to By the end of 156 you should be able to approach
approach a reasonably complex problem, design a reasonably complex problem and ask design
a top-down soluKon, code a program in a high- quesKons rst:
level programming language What enKKes/objects would be appropriate to model
this problem?
Key realizaKons: How would these objects interact to solve the
Computers and programs are not problem solvers, problem?
YOU are! What data structures would be the most appropriate
Computers are dumb, they do exactly as they are told, or ecient to use?
there are no ghosts in the machine Fundamentally dierent problem solving
Programs only automate soluKons approach: bo_om-up

Approximate Schedule Assignments

Week 1 3: Intro to Java/PHP Assignment 1
Week 3 6: Object Oriented Programming 3 basic programs in PHP or Java
Individual, no partners
Week 7 8: Database Design & SQL No late passes allowed
Week 9: Database ConnecKvity Assignment 2 6: Database ApplicaKon
Week 10: List ADTs Basic Object Design/EDI
Week 11: Algorithms & Algorithm Analysis ApplicaKon design & implementaKon
Database design
Week 12: Searching & SorKng
Database integraKon
Week 13: Stacks & Queues ADT design & integraKon
Week 14 15: Binary Search Trees, Heaps Assignment 7: mostly wri_en


ApplicaKon Assignments Working in Pairs

Themed (changes semester to semester) Everyone is highly encouraged to work in pairs
May discuss, at a high-level, with other teams, but all
Each phase is graded based on correctness work must be original
and design Shared work
A living Design Document will be maintained Easy to bounce ideas o of each other
and updated in each phase Development of sop-skills
Document due 1 week prior to the assignment Team work
Each iteraKon is graded, feedback given Conict resoluKon
Only the nal iteraKons grade counts Careful: partners can mooch, ake out, disappear.
Choosing to work in pairs means youre responsible
Expected to follow IEEE template for yourself and your partner!

Keys to Success Keys to good Design

Take the long-view: make sure you understand where Design comes before code!
we are going; read all the assignments now
Start early Design objects rst, then let them interact
Have a good, well thought-out design before you even Smart data structures and dumb code are a
open Eclipse!
Design your test cases before coding! lot be_er than the other way around
A test case is a known input/output pair (do it by hand) It is okay to throw one away Eric Raymond
Use proper debugging techniques (a lab is available if
you failed to pick up these skills!)
Ask quesKons!
A_end oce hours and Help Sessions!

Resources Honors/Extra Credit

Instructor, GTAs, UTAs Higher expectaKons
Weekly Lab/Homework Help Sessions Faster paced (20-30% faster) to allow for
Webgrader addiKonal/advanced topics
h_p:// Each assignment: bonus items are required
Test homework 0 now At least one addiKonal assignment (JPA or JSP)
h_p:// Bo_om line: more work, more challenging
Oce hours, peers, etc.