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1. I try to work hard in studies because of the challenges it brings.

2. I like the rewards that high grades gives me.

3. I ask questions on topics i do not understand from others
4. I take my studies as my personal responsibility.
5. I received encouragement from at least one of my parents on my ability to study
6. I have a perfect attendance (no absences and no lates) on all my subjects
7. I take advantage of the learning resources I have in school such as library,
laboratories, ARRUPE hall, etc
8. I am studying this course because I consider education to be a privilege.
9. I seek to interact with classmates and teachers and make use of the content
provided in the course environment because, for me, studying is satisfying.
10. I participate in group activities and on discussions during lectures.
11. I can efficiently be able to retain and remember my lesson/topics well recognise or
remember my learnings during my first few years in college.
12. I set my own learning goals for the whole semester, and reevaluate it during
semestral breaks.
13. I prioritise my time well enough to have good grades and to balance my extra
curricular activities.
14. I do good in achieving high grades if I like the clinical instructor
15. I do well academically because I am determined to graduate and become RN in the
16. I don't want to get reprimanded by my parents that's why I make sure I attain higher
17. I give great value to my academic performance in all my subjects, especially my
nursing subjects.