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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in RVE 2

Submitted by: Elaine Laurice M. Padua

AB Poli Sci 1

March 4,2016
1. The Last Supper (I Cor. 11:23-26)

- As a Filipino Youth, I know that being a family-oriented

is one of the good factors of the Filipinos. As of today,
some of the Filipinos are experiencing hunger as I do
observed at the City Plaza of San Fernando City, La
Union. Well in this station, I relate in a way of giving
food to the unfortunate ones and to the people who cant
afford to buy their own food. Also, I do that for them to
remember me, me as one of the ways for them to think,
that life did not end there, life did not end with a very
heartbreaking situation of some of the Filipino families.
This station helps me remember the importance of faith.
This station helps me to improve more on helping, his
station reminds me not to be afraid of eating the body of
Christ. This station was made beautifully and perfec5tly
for a perfect meal. I relate also this station to my family
and friends as a motivation for us to begin and end our
meal with a prayer. Because wether you admit it or not,
we do forgot to thank the Lord our God who gave us
such food on our table, we do forgot to ask our foods
blessing. This station of The Last Supper brought so
much the inner beauty, one of which is my mercy on