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1. Why do people like listening to 1.

How do you think the writers

different kinds of live music? children feel about her taste in
2. What do you enjoy doing most: music?
playing a musical instrument, 2. What kind of music did you use
listening to music at home or to listen to when you were
going to a live gig? younger? What did your
3. Are you a fan of a particular parents think of it?
band or musical artist? What 3. How do you think your taste in
makes someone a fan? music will change as you get

1. How do you usually relax when

you have some free time? 1. How do you think you friends
2. What do you do when you stay would describe your
in? Where do you go when you personality?
go out? 2. Do you have a lot of relations?
3. Do you like being in a large 3. What personality
group or would you rather be characteristics do you share
with a few close friends? with other members of your
4. Which relative do you get on
well/badly with?
1. What do you like about the
place where you were brought
2. What do you think youll be
doing in five yearstime?
3. Where do you think youll go
on holiday this year?

1. What do you think is the ideal

number of children in a family?
2. Are older children more or less 2. How important are
independent than their relationships with these people
younger siblings? Why? when you are growing up?
3. What impact has the birth 3. Do families sometimes get
order effect had on your closer as they get older?
family? Why/Why not?
4. What are the advantages and
disadvantages of belonging to a
Express your agreement or refusing big family?
statements about:
1. Its fairly easy for parents to
treat all their children equally.
2. Its quite hard to get on with
everyone in your family.
3. Its absolutely impossible for
parents to treat all their
children equally.

1. Who do you look up to?

2. Have you ever set your heart
on something?
3. Do you sort out your
possessions regularly and get
rid of things you dont need?
4. Where would you like to get
away to?

1. Which people do you think

have had the most influence on
different stages of your life?

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