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All About

We are so happy to welcome
you to our
The purpose of this
presentation is

to let you know what we

expect of you as team
to show you what makes
our team special
Your Locker
Your locker is an extension of you! Decorate it! Make it unique and
show off your personal style! In order to use your locker throughout
the entire school year, please take notice of the following locker

Your locker is not your property. It is a privilege to use a locker.

*You may not decorate the outside of your locker (birthdays are okay)
*Do not leave open drinks or food packages in your locker. We have
had mice before!
*Please do not give your combination out.
*Sharing lockers is not permitted unless OKd by the office.
*Jamming your locker to stay open is not allowed.
*If you do not follow these rules - your locker privileges
may be revoked.
Agenda Policies
*Bring your agenda to class every day.
*Fill out each subject square daily.
*Add quiz and assignment due dates as soon as you learn
*If you would like to go to your locker, get a drink, or
use the restroom - you must use a sign out.
*When your sign outs are gone, you may not leave the
*The sign out page must be attached to your agenda,
or you will not be allowed to use it.
*Do not tear out pages, fold down, or manipulate your
agenda. It should stay the same size all year.
Respect Your Environment
*Pick up after yourself and your neighbor.

*keep the hallways clear of trash.

*Use recycle boxes when throwing away paper.

*Treat classroom supplies, textbooks, lab equipment,

and I.R. books with care.
The following things are not allowed in the classroom:
*food or candy
*sugary drinks
*gym bags
*lunch bags
*fidget spinners or any toys
*cell phones - will be confiscated and
given to Mrs. Haberling
*cell phones may not be used as a reading device
*Kindles and iPads may be used as reading devices.
Consequences for Poor Work Ethic and/or behaviour

1. Warning

2. Life Skills ticket given.

Three tickets = parent contact,
lowering of life skills grade, and
an after school detention.

3. School Responsibility Plan - a negative

and/or disruptive student will not be
allowed to remain in the classroom. The student will
be sent to the hallway or to see Mrs. Haberling. A
behavior plan would need to be filled out (and
accepted by the teacher) before the student is
allowed back into the classroom.
Late Work and Retakes
*Late work and missing work will cause your life skills to be marked down.
You may also be assigned a REDZONE to complete the work.

*All work must be completed before a student can take a final


*REDZONE: small quizzes and papers MUST be redone if a student receives

a score less than 70%.

*Reteaching may be necessary before the student is allowed to complete a


*Tests and quizzes that are retaken may be a different version than the
Bring to every class:

1. a pencil
2. agenda
3. textbook (if you have one)
4. notebooks and folders
5. your I.R. book
What makes

Enter your best design and

it could become our team

Show your Team Platinum spirit and wear your t-shirt!!!

At team meetings we
give out important
information and reward
Character Counts
Character Counts
As a team, we like to recognize students with outstanding
character. Each term, four boys and four girls are chosen
for exemplifying the following character traits:
respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring
and citizenship.

Students who are chosen will be recognized in front of our

entire team! They will also receive a special treat and a
Team Birthday Parties
Once a month, we will celebrate student birthdays. We often
celebrate a summer month along with the current month.

Students are invited to a pizza, brownie, and pop party in Mr.

Lobbezoos room. Pizza party dates will be announced in your
core classes.

*Remember to see Mrs. Barker on or near your birthday for a

Lets have the..