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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details
Country: Sudan
Date of Birth: 5 August 1972
Gender: Male
Present Nationality: Sudanese
Mobile: +249123657806
Marital Status: Married

Good communication skills, Fluency in English, Arabic and working knowledge in French
Excellent management
Technical ,Training and Development Skills
Ability to work with team environment.
Excellent communication skills with clients and also with fellow worker.
Effectively meet deadline and work under pressure.

Key Skills
Great team worker
Good managerial skills
Negotiation skills
Creative, insightful, innovative, assertive
Presentation skills
Excellent computer skills

Computer Literacy

Excellent knowledge in (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, outlook & Internet).
Excellent working knowledge of (Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 and 8, other softwares).

Professional Experience

1. UNHCR /Sudan
Designation: Field associate

Monitor the situation in the area of responsibility, collect data and other information relevant to UNHCR and report
to the supervisor
Monitor the implementation of UNHCR programme including the delivery of all assistance items and monitoring of
Undertake regular visits to various sites in order to assess needs of persons of concern, with particular attention to
vulnerable groups.
Keep regular contacts with local authorities and implementing partners
Contribute to the preparation of status and progress reports by providing info, preparing tables, etc. Assist in
administrative tasks as required such as preparation of reports and meeting authorized personnel and assisting them
during field missions. Inform and act on the reports received on persons of concern within the refugee community
or from the local authorities.
In coordination with implementing partners, assist in the reception, registration and provision of assistance to
persons of concern to UNHCR.
Negotiate with local authority counterparts, partners and populations of concern. Represent UNHCR in physical
monitoring of projects.

2. UNOCHA /Sudan (November 2013 to June 2017 )

Designation: National Field Coordinator Reporting to: Head of Sub office


Assist in establishing partnerships with other humanitarian actors to plan and evaluate complex humanitarian and
emergency assistance programme; help ensure that latest findings, lessons learned, policy guidelines, etc. are
incorporated into these activities, including gender-related considerations;
Assist in the coordination of delivery of international humanitarian/emergency assistance for complex
emergency/disaster situations; complete rapid assessments, prepare situation reports, analyzing the situation and
specifying unmet requirements of stricken areas;
Assist in the coordination of disaster response/preparedness and in the formulation of project proposals; provide
technical support to field work;
Assist in the collection, monitoring and collecting information on humanitarian developments, disaster
relief/management programme or emergency situations in the assigned state/region;
Assist in the establishment and maintenance of contacts with other UN agencies and non-governmental organizations
and relevant government counterparts in the assigned region/state,
Assist in the production of weekly/monthly sitreps on the humanitarian situation and assist in strengthening information
networks to gather humanitarian data from the field;
Help establish, consolidate and maintain a database of information on who is doing what where; assist in developing
state/provincial profiles for provinces in the assigned area, as well as hazard maps, contact lists and databases on
humanitarian assistance and preparedness;
Support advocacy efforts concerning humanitarian issues based on analysis of the humanitarian situation, especially on
the protection of civilians;
Assist in organizing work groups, meetings, conferences, consultations with other agencies and partners on the ground
on humanitarian and emergency relief-related matters.

3. UNDP /Sudan (From October 2009 to December 2013)

Designation: DDR caseworker/counsellor

Conduct information and face to face counselling session for the DDR participant to gather data and establish their files.
Enter relevant data into database and analyze them as required.
Explain to the participant the various reintegration options developed by the program and assist with their selection of the
reintegration package.
Advise the DDR participant on appropriate reintegration choices that matches their profiles.
Assist with the referral of participants to the implementing partners.
Monitor and evaluate the progress of DDR participants in relation to implementation of reintegration packages and social
Assist in the monitoring and evaluation of the performance of implementing partners in the implementation of
reintegration packages.
Submit timely reports in relations to counselling and reintegration activities

4. Goal Ireland/Sudan (From August 2007 to February 2008)

Designation: Agricultural extension manager Reporting to: Area Coordinator


Setup and follow up demonstration farms in 5 villages in Abyei.

Train the local people in the agricultural processes.
Setup and follow up goat production
Distribution of seeds and tools to beneficiaries
Attend the coordination meetings with other NGO's
Preparing monthly reports
Recruiting local staff
Managing the day to day running of the agriculture office

5. English Language Teacher (From Feb 2001 to August 2007)

Academic Qualification
MBA in Project Management specialization from Sudan International University.
MA in Translation English Arabic
Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Gazira University
B.Sc. in Agricultural extension- Gazira University
Short Courses:
Effective line management (British council-2008).
Safe and secure approaches to fields environments-14th and 15th February 2010. (Department of safety and security United
Mission in Sudan).
Basic life support pre hospital emergency care.17 th and 18th February 2010 (Department of safety and security United
Mission in Sudan and the Swedish civil contingencies agency).
An introduction to UN system (peace operation training institute 16 March 2010).
The conduct of humanitarian relief operations (peace operation training institute-6 April 2010).
The Gender Journey: thinking outside the box (UNDP online courses-9th May 2010).
Conflict prevention (Kofi Anan International Peacekeeping Centre-Accra-Ghana 1st 12th November 2010).
DDR advance course in reintegration (Kofi Anan Peacekeeping Centre-Accra-19th 30th September 2011).
DDR ( Bamako peace keeping school- Bamako- Mali-30th Jan 12 Feb 2012)
Security Sector Reform (Kofi Anan International Peacekeeping Centre-Accra-Ghana 3rd 14th December2012).
Peace Support Operations course( Bamako peace keeping school- Bamako- Mali-2013)
Basic security In The Field (UNDSS - online course 3 November 2013)
Advance security In The Field (UNDSS - online course 4 November 2013)
Peace Building course course( Bamako peace keeping school- Bamako- Mali-2013)
Civilian Military Coordination Course( Bamako peace keeping school- Bamako- Mali-2014)
Humanitarianism, Part 1 - Applying Key Principals 23/3/2014
Humanitarianism, Part 2 - Applying Key Standards - 23/3/2014
Humanitarian Communication-CERAH Geneva University 2015
Governance an d Human security-February 2017
Humanitarian Field Coordination Program July 2017


References are available on request.