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Learner General background Academic Strengths / Weaknesses Social and Emotional Physical Strengths /

Strengths / Weaknesses Weaknesses

Mayakye Aboriginal Quick to grasp new concepts. Highest ability for Does not take losing well. If he Finishes work before or on
Single parent family maths and English areas for the whole class. cannot do something he shuts time and working without
Low socio economic down completely. supervision
Chris Caucasian Can quickly grasp new ideas when he applies Often distracted by those Shows enthusiasm for
Single parent family himself. around him. Very limited participation in physical play
low socio economic Can produce quality work when encouraged. concertation
Ane Family from Tonga. Able to read with good comprehension. Has the Works independently. Finishes work before or on
low socio economic ability to quickly grasp new concepts. time and working without
background supervision
Haylee Caucasian When monitored, can produce quite good work in Distracted easily. Always gets Gets quite tired towards the
Likes to slip under the radar all areas. along well and generally has a end of the day often.
(quiet student) Has to be positively praised to produce her best great attitude about everything
low socio economic work. at school.
background Can write simple sentences independently.
Hayley Caucasian Struggles to produce any work unless someone is Shuts down and is very Often does not make eye
low socio economic with her one on one. Must be motivated by introverted. contact.
background interests of rewards.
Venise Parents from Tonga. Needs to develop decoding skills and develop her Very quiet student who will not Lacks confidence.
low socio economic site work knowledge. ask for help when it is needed.
Alex Caucasian Alex is able to write one simple sentence with He can be easily distracted by Shows enthusiasm for
low socio economic support. certain boys in the classroom participation in physical play
background He is able to count forwards from a given number. and find himself off task when
this happens.
Lidiah Samoan. Developing her reading skills and needs to Lacks confidence Very tall. Is sometimes
High absences. develop her word decoding. unaware of how tall she is and
bumps into things around her.
Lillian Aboriginal. Reading recovery. Tries very hard by concertation Easily distracted throughout the Off in her own little world most
low socio economic limited. whole day. of the time.
background. Must be monitered to say on task.
Single parent family
Keira Caucasian Lacks concentrating and is very easily distracted. Very quiet and compliant. Hearing risks.
low socio economic She requires extra processing time. She requires Wears glasses.
background one step instructions to assist with her processing
of tasks.
Ricky Born in Guinea. Reads quite fluently with expression. Is often distracted or having Often in her own little word.
Mandinka spoken at home. difficulty concentrating.
Refugee Has difficulty accepting criticism.
Brendan Caucasian High socio Has difficulty with his writing, in terms of writing I Easily loses concentration and Mild delay in receptive
economic background to r and forming simple sentences. needs to be carefully monitored. language and severe
expressive language delay.
Stephen Aboriginal. Able to read with some fluency. Writes one to two Does not take losing well. If he Often in trouble for getting
Mother has issues compound sentences but needs to write cannot do something he shuts distracted and wandering off.
managing his behaviour. compound sentences. down completely.
Undergoing assessment for
low socio economic
Tehya Aboriginal Absenteeism impacts on her learning. Often too Independent worker. Very Often c-complains of
High absenteeism confident and this causes her to sometimes be reliable. headaches and sores
low socio economic careless with her work. Has the ability to grasp throughout the day. Is very
background new concepts quickly. exhausted starting from about
1pm onwards.