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I \""lIlill"III Ih<I""j!'. I",r IhcO"ncrl heprogrc~sof
'I. . Ilured 1010fo(11'." nle<:llhc rcquirCnlcnl (If 9 10 Duringl
"I A'thtlCCI I' ", Ul1le, .0 apprOV!;
\\ u'" 0"
'II~ II onlllllle 10 s 'sle(11, \V!lcnC\ er you rl!IUIll
,I", "al~ }"u ,h.IIIJC\c!or31 ~'Oll shall send a no ic 10lhe i.e. coni
, II~ \,151 " d "our ove I the "rei'
IIIY'"'' IIlli,e IIIlIIl.I' [t I\e",o,'h on Site, an. JII . r a I
111l'"I.IIl"lIllhc ,,;!It,,(1 /lllet113Iivel)',you ,ha wnte YOur 111ay Ihi ,
11'1IH11", ,,1111,,1 Ii'" "nih '/ I 'k oc\\'orkS I construclIOn clause I
I aclOI c el 'l T k
IIlhll III 111111' 10 CIIII I, I lha( ISkept on 51 c. a e OUI
I C'IIC IIIlO { t I I' 9.11 TOlll1d
IIHtll:lgt'r, III the Inp ,I , ok One yOU ,hall pos to I 1CC rem
Vollh s
IWOCIlt!"'S II (.)11111" bO \110 ("IICC file I charg~
IIIIIltlll' III 1,,1' gl1~' 10yo '
' 1 pro;ecl. an archltcct shall Rs.lq
n of
') ) t'. t) , I
,..: .' III t!luper" . o,CCllllO ..I onltarY
he shal I suggest
,,0 I ;",\1111<:,II c\l 1<:OISC.' on me. c II nts of
his choice. This 11. lndemnilicf
,n I\ anou.s com'U a
Ih~l'h.:utl" apl'I" . II be 'ght from design stage
IIIVIl" ,lI1enl .,fcllnsultanlS ~ba n d ~, 1h1;,cla~
Rnlc 111':111 archlll'(;l 'ItallbelO i)gJ\CPropef II"eClIonsand archirect and c
11"1,,,,111111,10 ihc cOIl,ult;ll1lR.'glII'dUlg Ihe dCSllgncXJlCCllauOll
") Architect shal proper) co- ag;llnst hun
:IlIlll he I ~tJUI1cnlenl, etc, II ."
OIdll,,'ll' clln,,,Il<lnl'S work m the total project iii) The 12.copyright
rOllslllt: 1111:-.11:111be 1i,111)responsible for lus design details and
1::1lt'lIlalllll1S etc.
I) (, ()1I"l'lI~\l'c\!d tlpon 11)the client, the archliect shall not make
.11'Y l'h:1I1~C III al!clllullOllS ill the design o[the but Iding. Aftcr
written perm i
:11111IS the owner \\ ho is blllldmg II, The change may a {Teet
co,1 and dC'I)?lI. Therefore. no change \\ IthOUI 0\\ ncr's

(tll,''''llt I Euhero

as 10 P
etc 0
gtvc a I


4.7 \licrcoll1plellon or~pro CI f h

" . ~e I IcC hem Ie4ulI\:, certa In
profc,,'onal sel ... ICC" on the sanl\! prOjCCI,II ,h,,11he paid 1\11
,c:par.ucl) by the chcnt on mUlllal am. "' II
~I(.;(.:( crms,
'I 10 During the CXCCUtlonon ,ite no chan'" I II ..... f
gc '1.1 nc 111,,< c In the
arprl)\ ed draw IOS5oflbe arclllleCI wuh )11h
i.e constnlcllon
(I 1'\ pcn11IS~I')n.
shall be as PCI the '(1)pro\ .d 1
f ~
I 't..:
the arc utect. It IS quite hkelv thai' h'gll h In 1 f
t (;1\\,'lllg"i 0 "- ~
'. .. (fl i l. C( C\CClllIVC

may 111111).; of and carry OUI change, III dC~lgll d~"lall~. nilS
'"0 1
clause proillbils this altitude.
"~ ()""
9.11 T(~1IIH:cr~tfll1~th is clause properly let us take an ex,lInplc '1>
wnh ;'1111pl.: figure. ASSUI11Crate OlreL'S as PCI' scale of -~ '1.(1..
charges at 5%. and [he estimated CO.'I of project IS ~>; 1.-
Rs. 10.00.000/-. (Please study the table gl\ en onncxt pagc.) e- ~
~ "5-,
fl.lndcnlnification A
. 'l
~ ~
Thrs clause says that the owner shall shreld or prntect (lI1dCmlllry) ~~ ~
~~ I
and consultant III the event of any legal claim or suu is brought ._- ~ (.

against him. 't~

"'';;; ";
'""." )\
{, 1.
12.copyright ~ 0
The architectural design IS an intellectual properly ofthc architccr.
Owneror any one else shall not lise i Ianywhere else wi thou: nrch i teet's


13. 'Iermination of agreement

r. Either one can tcrmrnate the agreement by giving a \\ nttCII110llCC

of30days to the other part). The cause lor terminuuon shall be a
substannal failure to perform his part of responsrbilny or dmy such
as to produce proper documents. pay fees tn architect on tune
etc. Note also thru u'onc party has failed in hi\ dUIIC', he ~halllllll
give a nonce oftermmauon .

-" - c -
,. -c -
- -co ._co .'" -...
. -

'---- r:. "'l.l

;; I!> OJ I..)

~. ~
OJ) ~

... ':!.
f. /.
0 ~

- - c...'"- ..6- -0

'J ;:J
.":a <J '-'

t:.r, ~ 0 g ~ :.> c: 0
~ ~ '0 ~ :; -5 '"
\ f=
-;...,._ ~ ;::)
ec :!
~ '-' or. 0

", '-' 'J
.j '-'

- ~ ~ J
"i:: ~ OJ ~ 'g' ~
. u _,
= ~ 1 "'- '"
= r. V"

e " ~~. 1~~rll'ltOIl I':, rot.11 Fee ...~onl Le ..., Now
render ~est l ees 31
chl!'o "'I~g.e Reed
final ~," unu. "II" In I{.. In R~
~.. '"' hd
'1')1 V .h e; lumlC' 'II."O.(~J' ~(J.OOll IOI}" 5000 5,000
Iloh,1 I '" till 'tIel). 100000
~()<I .

"'pot 1('.110 lie., ~(.'III{' \5"1} 1?.sOu 1<,(lUI) 2.50(1

-I 11 R
R.. ><dOl'
10 ~O oo
II Ill) ( ,,'
4;2. 'SIIII 21.(J2~ ",50U
~ .. II

.. H!!OI.I ~5
e '",2511 ., l,/l.''\ 6.61~

( """ K
qoo I K"lS.I '{If!
It>. 4 00 C()I


4~OOO bOl" ,10.500 111.2~" Iu.250 (

90"'. n
00l<c 41>.250
40~0(I S,7~(!
U - J
LL ry
~L -
;\(ChU~(; .. 1 Pfocllt'o Of1dProcedure
1j j

~ , -, II ill<'I,'rll1l1ldUOll I)fllll' agrcemt:11I IS 1101[lCCol"'" III fal '. to)

,lUIII:' Oil Ih..,pan 01 .1I<huCCI,tJ",n I he al vhnec t rs enmled f.'r fees

~I n- pcr 11'1.' ,.:h"dull.' ofpayl1ll.'nt (I c ,busc 1) IItd addmonal
payJlWl1t tor rev ssron-, III draw lng, I rail)' (7 <; J a , .ltkhtroa.11 fees
I for Ihc curt.ulcd r('ItIOIl ofthe work IS 1'1( (78)
.' """ .lrdUkcl.lIld on payment
On 1""p ..III.mlll1.1I10l1 III II,, 1'1"1:1
01 I", 11.'1.", rhc Oil ncr ,.111 "1I1pl,,) anothel .uchuccr I" complete
Ill,' w or ~.

I ('II< (/"11.,<.1 Illtl( 1/1< SIIJ/I''' If) /111""/''\(111111, 11111 <11'1/1'/11(, (1/

not. /.\ gll"'1/ (11/ thctn I{,'rlde/' 'hll/llt! 1'1'(/" (1IIIIt'//'''1II II'l'
' ongmal,
The diltls ..'s for lire other three dlS<:lphl1l" III :11'1.' IIItl.'''"II\: I'"mel}.
LU!,,,n de" gil, ku td~...apc :1J'Chlll!clurc and 111 tenor arch Ill" II II\!al I.' "1111 I<1r
to 0.- c' II c dl'Cll'''xl. These IX'Ulg'J"<.'CIJIt,,'tl '" ,lIlelll"'. you II ill ,IJlpre,,;uc
I the ,'I"u,(', bcucr II hen you 'lX'Claitzl' 111the re'pL,tll c field
\1.IO} Ill11nL",Inlprorcr"rcquu'Cments" of an urban tle, ,.Iopment
I proJcct are In usclf the cause of failure 01 it project l ven a'icr
unplcmcmatron ofa PIUJCCl,urban hfe 1<; not Impro\cd as expected ...
Inslead ofg",n_g ~ ngul IL" Ofl.:qUlrenk'l1lS to the .Irchu('l:t. the .rrchl:.:ct
n ,hall be 1111
0" cd lit the process offinahzmg requlI,'n('fIL~ ofthe pro!, -c'!,
conung rrom people "I dln crelll wulks ,,1'111'1.'
-hall be:
considered II rth un open rnrnd
Scnle of chl1,.~e
I) lltc( (),\ h,!Sgl\el1lhl,cnkuj~hatgc'IIl.II.lhlll.lI cd form
The council has laid do" n nununum scale nf fees II 11sh III ['I,
charged I'y ,III nrchncc: for ,lIner"'1I1 I) pc, 01Jl(\')c..s lor the
sl.1 -c betor .. call IIg tender, ices shall be char ..d II tl c iven
perccm.i -c of cstu luted cost of project \1 e t. lc
10\ red, ne ":C\ ,h a 1 be worked II. on tendered cost 11 , dunn '
the C\l'\: uuon and on I ie CI)II plenou I fc h II he 1\ l 11
on the "llll.11 CI) t of II I.' protect
2) Lnde: comprcncn ,Ill." Arll'lIcdUI I f\ t .. ,I HI I II
f lousm "you 1\IIII1I1IICClhcrate01 { , xhn.c 1 Itl I1d
, ;tud ProcC!dur.
I p(detlC
t 1: Arel1itectuta

udi\ ItllI,ll hou",

,I \11 l
rllt~\.~,1,l ,1 1'.1 r'r\~II!C(Increases. Th IS Illgll... .'11,1
1(11 C ,lC(("ll t Ion
"1,1 hlllll',llo" or a tenement house rcql
IIf'l' 11 I
,," ullwr 10lhlO8
.. XII-C\' 1
UI\ ,," ,'111,'111 II, blldgCllS smaller iI" c.lIlll 1IlI'Iealto ch:u ge
.... III' c
,,'h"II1," 11111""'1 to 1\ (column 3). Thcn:IOrc:,
h1t:h"II,lI""t'li:c, Ioran mdl\ldunl hou'~ '1111111CI1,tll
J 'nll.".ln~'-C
~1 . \111'1\'1('1.'1'~'Ihcllhilnhousmg" (columl1 II, ' lutlll'lrwl hlllldlng,
bu tid Ill!!.', "Il I,',' bu rkhngs. shopping 111:Jlhde
,hall ,tI'I' b,' me ludcd tinder th is Clllcgory,
i11 ay
.1\ "1{<'jll'IIIIOll ofblltldil1gs" L2.1 1Il1del'(cohllilil I ), h ~Clc,',~r,"'
II(lll'"ll! proleCIS (ll1large scale by hOllSIll~ . btl'lIl (Itt.,1 ur
I 'I I
' dCI\lrllllCnl
dd,'lll',' , police deparrment.m dIn'"
U> ' \\01 ~CI' I,,' ul1y
l'l,',11I such ,I scheme,' an architect , . d _._
shall be pal ~ ,"" un I I1\: 1..'0,1
III, ,II,', I,'\ elopmenr 1,3 under (column I)In 'ldlllOllllll
,I, II..' CI!,

on blllldll1gs under I 2,1 or I 2.(undcrcoIUl11n I)

,) \n W,'hUl'l.'IlU711 C0I1SCI....31,\}n 15 gaunng Importance, nl~ rate of
fl.',', I' I,'gl,'ally correct, as the 11l\'01\ erncnt ol'archllcCI IS more
\\ hi'" 111l'pIOJ~'C1cost may not be verv IIIg.h,
t.) "\'i:-n fi,'allol1 ofconuactor 'sBiJls", 11,.:co\ lla, kept this optional
I"llh,'I:IICI1I Incase, the, vner dcsrrcs archnccuo scruumvc
and ccn II)' cununctor's hills for payment, an archucct shall be
p.ud I" o add 1110113I fcc.' 011 the amoun I oj bill ccn iii ed for the
p;t} 111l'I11 I must point out to you here.that a~ perthc condruons
llfclllltr.lcl prescribed by I. LA, this responsibrluy III cerufv
",I) 111,'1111<1 contractor is vested with the archnect. There b) the
11I\'/IIIL','( geh a direct hold on the construcuon \\ ork. j \rL'hltc"t
,'.111 dl~ch,lIg"I/II~ responsrbiluy \\ uh the hell' ofnn ahk clerk of lfttM"ofUlll
\\ ,Itk' ('(lthtnll'lIulllnanager \\ orking undci hi' dirccuon 1'hL- I thl
,lmlll!;L'III,'nl w urk, beuer in most ofalllhc cas,', APJlUIIll111CIIl
Q.\1:mmc I
,1f,'(lIl,IIlKIlUll manngcmcm agcl1\;Y IS.1I1ad,hllllll,tll':\IX'lldlllIlC
I \ ,'II (111thl' I'IUJ,','I, ufa big budget, Ill,' 0\\ 11,'I~ IIII..'11111\Ilhllg for
Ihi" I( "('0111111(111 \\ Ilh prOjl..'t:IS where gU\L'nlllll:11l "ql.lltllIL'1I11'
,ll'lIl'rll <llld IllS SUIi.! hie utdecd on such :1 pHJJl'l'l S 1l1\ ,I ,I h\ldg~1

,,~ ')
'" Ihe ,'\plilnarUIY no te, i~""'cllhal
I[ I '
arc 111cclSp,nlc Ir
"lld lit' o"1'0Il"hl<' between d,e architect and Ihe eh . ssrona ees
I(S I Sill' \1,1 c.Rs, 15,(J().(J()()(\.1 J()()(). t~lllorl\C)f*'Custmg
,~c 11,IIIdhCIIlk, and the scale of Charge, arc '''bPer 2()1!5edruon of
. I' no. mdmg Th" mea
,h,'I"I' I" I " set Iree.thc net IS fonhe, . II 0.'
ma {)IIC"i I lowe
~h,'" I'" 'o"dhclc 10 Ihescaleofchar'"
" '1 "
f' ClcLYOlI
ges Iol11.he hcglnlllng of
voW p',le "C

('lh'II' 111111IIrchi'ct"" fees

ill OilelliiS II youllg architect you may feel 8 bit II t ' I ' ,
" ... ,' ' , ' Y 0,1,< lor lees to
11)' rhe,helll, YOl! nrc sctu ed a bu that II you ask lor fees II I
. " ", ic C reut rnav
111111.rwny 11'0111 yOU. flll11yearlydaY50fllraclicc achelenl IVh 0 was an
1 , ,. n
.\dvu,'alc hill I,d I saul to Inc "Plans you have gl\ "111" .
" ~ .I~not Yet seen the
dayh~hr;Jlltl YOIl an: askmg for fees?" ln fact he as an advocate would
!l'" take your (,';J<,C or appear for you in the court unles you have paid
hun 111a,h~lfll'c.\ medical consultant docs not wan for hl\ fees lill the .
(11<'('1>1medrcu Ie'>onthe patient It is good fOI you 10 shed your shyness
3' carl)' '" p(),,,bJe 111 the matter of fees. You mus: be particular In
cl)lkc(ln~ youl Iccs, Aflcr all it is your rightful C~lI"mg. It "a tCl>1 of your
c cllCIJlIt he', kCCIi about the project, he will pay YOUI'lee" I rhe IS not
e why waste your efforts and time? '
f The ( 'ounci l ofA rch itecture has suggested eight stages{retainer
plus'l'vell) I(H iIsk II1g lees, Study the stages well. Sooner you became
fOlTlwlIII handl ing your client the better it is,

I.ell(r (II a Ppo i"' me 11'

In IIII~ hand book.the council has given a draft of' l.cucr of
i!ppOlIltlllcnl ' I rom this you shall develop your letter by fihng the gaps.
III' very importan: I() take letter of appomtrnent from your chent. At
ihesallie umc, certarn Important conditions also shall he mlorrncd to
Ihcclll:nt. I have found each one has his own perception about the
iU'(;hllct'llIral~I:IVICC", It IS better to in form clcurl y in the begmnmg what
you will do ux ;111 architect and establish a standard pracuce. I have
c CI to tIll; letter of
I halllJC III I ,
." en m PP: ,JI~ cc:r1~ n pornts. "hac 1 " marl<l,l ~I'ccnl<.-n
~"'II '" on 1II" p
rpornrmcnl.II'~ c hem '''' SIg: t 'nllon,ll. ,ent
kttcr I. 10 c
In Ihe. 11>: c c. ufappo,nllnclIl rice<! "1Ilhe p,nJctl on lu
Like 1.1fd 11.. ,1r edIth 'e<.I nll'llJ ha\ C"~ t~"1 You hall I pe 011(
ownardthat he ,,',IIIJblcmr4yafJ
, Y Icc" ,I<>
nt ~1l!nall1r
1i.:11CI (Jt 'lflJ~ljnIJllL" t .rnd t,y'CC I1.1.: " -
ld ~<llhc J\PP()IIIUlJ~''I
th h1/11 .c"
,wlahk In pCI,()I\. c~lJ
filii' 11111 un '1,,,1 ,Clllllllil', )'I)U.
. I' c.'(fUC!i1 til 'tl~ I

l.eUer' hy 1",,,11', Ihe (helll ",11 a r h ~'rcCIII""C 01 lees and

I ('we I e I" '0'
the ":I~'':s ",. I'llyrnc III of fees.
lie I what arc
the services you
It 1< " ,,"cc.:ssafY C itent' IIII\<: t h eu. ()'\ 11
III InJilnlllhc C ien
woukl render ",,,1 wh 1115out "fyour scope.
hi , I VI u sh 11de;" them In the
pcrcepnon orc,pcclalJ(tIlsol an arc lice I nd
ble II \ Ihccl,cIIlIolwlqa
IJc:lUlIIlIlg YIIlI hall n,,1be (1)0flexl c 10a 0'
c 1 'd ~"IICC IS III the mtcre tof
mould )IIU d pcr hIS VICWS. xtan " .. I/" P,u
..II ,,, other archucc: would do what one has rcfused 10 do. lhat shall

\Vorl,illl: f'JI builder and clf\,elllptr

J>; day hllddcl' and developers art: dOllllll:III1I!' bulkhng
IIrdusuy, Jl~llIrlll"rly 111rcsidenual and commercia I'C( 11111I110WIISlim]
(llIe,. BUlldcl , have huge capItal io rnvest and (an lake lip 1ug J1IIlJC~IS.
wlnch CoilIL"VL'all archucct lin "prUMU1"1 y III ICI11IsIInagl nations go 1:lr
ilild wJ(Jc. illl .,duicct can dunk of ll,rng lalcsllJuddlllg mall!l ials, I hen:
rs u ~copc III blend hllliding '.\uh beauulul landscape, handle modern
civ rc 'c'TV ICI,:<;etc It. 111;1....ny. a pleasure In w ork IJIl such schemes of
I hese days C\ ClI the (.10\ crnmcnt I~ IlIcilllccll .. modi I the rules
and the Icgulalllllls 10 [a \I IIir big builders. It IS the need uf'thc lillie EspIeDllion
Illlllricrs hdp (:ISe' ('UI hou sing proble III 111UI h,lII,II,.1
IlI1I1." ",I" lI<'cd .Irthilcd~ III rlalllltlir P""ICCI , flat holders
Ar,l'1lteGILlral Pl'~cljce and Procedure
, '!i

"'0111<: oflh, arclutccrs ha, e dev doped tlMI skIll In thcgl\L"n.llell

lIJ1.krdc, dnpmenL a buitdcr will like to obr:ulIl1ClnltS; '"11 and to, hlllid
ml\lOlUn, hUlIt ur area, ,hat may be pemllsslhlc IIndel rutes .. t c' ell
more ,I"I't)'S1hlc.lor a sm'pk reason. more the !kl!cablc .irea more arc
the prorih 1"h':I"I:I"o ...:. an architect \\ utl""g fill a blUhkl has to tu.,y
bUIlding regukuron-, In detail-, 10 rind nul the \\ ays ,111<).1 rI1C,IIlr, I.IC'IIIC~C
r1r,'III:L\lIIIIII1' huilt up to pleaseluscheru Ihe IIHllnIJlOltl\L OJ.I lnulder
In Ihe bUSIness IS III earn the profits. Wuh tit" P'"III<: 1111]111',III SlIlI1e
case- It i~ seen, that btll ldcrs lend 10 ignore l!U.dlly III 1'1;11, better
circulation "' a 11metc. Importance IS gi 1'~J1I" Ihe <1I1lhl11etlcal"" lculaunn
,,(area ofa Ilru and l1unlberofrOOll1s In 11 An arCh'IC( 1 10 the he ,I ill'
hiS nbl luv, should Iry to srnke a mean between a good plannlllg and it
COllllllcrcl;d '''PI:l'1.
"Schedule of payment" ru; laid dow n by the ( ouncil orAl clutccture
15quite -unablc wlule working for a builder and you shall try 10 follow

A) The archucct shalt have a proper letter of.,ppomtmcnt fron the

Builder, making specifically clearm It the 1\.~f10Il~lhIIIIICS un&.'I,.lkcn
b) an architect and hrs fees.

B) Builders generally lend not to cull for 'urel". "jon ofarchuects

011construcuon work Builders have therr 0\\ 11~t;lrrti)llt lhuldcrs
like to control the construction themselves through thcrr
The Council of Archueciure also docs not i:'llCd an urchuect to
supervise til..: COn~U1I('Uon.It shall be IIIthe lar ..-1' 1I11elest of lill archllect
(0 make a specuic mcnuon til .\1 0 U. (hat the quahty of'n construcuon
shall not be the rcsponsibihty of an architect,

"or substand.u d qual tty ofconsuuctior elL, builders' plUJl'l.:l, the
flal holders and th.: autho: Itle~ it' well tend 10 hold the arch le.1
responsible, In cusc 01 1111SIKlp. pohcc aJ1'C:"~the arclutcct ilong w .rh
tl.l(11 prtJ
II .s 1101 P
, rIO'1,,111'IJlChHctt.. f) COI1.,lruCII
"ldlcrlllc,d'"~t:~~OI pCllCY ,",uIO(1} Pc IJITol,1 bUlI.k,. 01\1 IlIall\'
,hll I "In' ol' membct 0
I' Ihe ,.11'.
-.JI II: n;JulCd
I CTc atldlhen

ble fhe .,n,"g!bcbWldl!lgJ1fl'l"'!110'~I.() I \\.Ihlhc 1ln;llIICc1.

.... I' nnlI.n!:'t1C .
pee II m ' n III the !c:11Ct"O ,..-- ,. h> rhc arcllllc~I,I;ll'11
oof\\or .. sw!!':s of I
tu. der c r~. the A)fI ::lCl" 15.0 15 legnlIICII<111 UI
I- __ -'ffror'U1l10\\Jr(
lhe rc 'etl czn P' )!eel lllJ><;' :t lilt"council Ita ( ,,!'C hilt!C1
>1an ~rdll(C< o per Ihe
l) '" where In Ihe '<;co!'Cof\Vofl;' r. h 111111,,(1,,;11 approval fees as
hlle'l ((J re
mndc unece .ry for an arc 'I;Clhclc,rnl1llll1IIIYOlilyol' ,Vclli1CCt. ('0
/I",c!IJI c, an n,chllccl,I1311 und<rta II I ,1..1 t111.III)llrll\lillur
nd SUIla' ell' OnCII il I.
'11iIl.mllpl,"I5.l5pcrlhcruk~u Ih.lII1Y. Jilihe M.I) II.
IJlcallclll,o\cmmcni th
(,' C
rng .111
." 1c.:<IIIUlltl.lI.tiellak. or.ol1lr:lelin~
\\ III11IIe t 'UI I""or II \\ 0(;.
dlxbc':crln'lhc.'fI:" --1111I numcipahty ur oi \(cltll!!el ~
.I~pvn'lb' yo fT.010\\ I up ofbulldlllS P'C>fl' " .."
1<1r shall make lns own In,nlllll!of Ar
(olicclOr' oflicc or clSC\\ here HUI C . _
bU>.nc~sor a
- II Therehy 110ardlllL'C1 can remau,
arrangenu ..nt for the 10 0\\ up., r. I shall not wea
. . mdwill filul InureIUlle ,or umselt
111\IVfrom ~\ II "I cu r rup'IIl"~ B.Arch. degr
In 1::, <JOke 111 thmk upon a bctlcrdolgn
3Ithlleclurc a
0) '\"'1 IIICCI hall p!lJ\ Ide a bill of quannucs. l'5II1I1;)I,' 01 \\ 1I1'~:ell.'. II contraClor. Y
"'<lUIi ,tI h) luuldcr 110\\ t'\ er cost over run or I 111ie 0\ er run shall
;ubnnllhe bu
1101 he ,II clutcct's rc<ponSlbIIIlY. foryotl will b
1') 1'1, fl"1 Ih.: ( uuru rl of'Architecturc, correctness (Jj documents 'ArchitecI' 111
fl"llaIJlIII); .1 hlllld,"!; project, land ell: IS solely the responsibi lily organisation,
1)1'.1 d icur, II.'
lunldcr promoter, A II <IIchuect slla 111101j orgel In tho~ewhoar
IIldulk' 1111' cluuses in the leuer ofuppouuruent or M (J.t with
Ihe bUIld.:.:
The mol
J:\pl:l n:1I inn earnmore an
There had been a case \\ here unscrupurous builder managed with e.mmgnlo
go, crnmcnt scn ants and produced proof ofurca of plot nun C Ihan the tbanaprofc
r':JI 'Iy and Ihu, 111:ma!'l.'d10build a couple of nru>r, more on a building, nalure
Ulan w hal \\~IS plOp':! Liter \1 hen such cases an: h:\lc,rlcd Ihe ;11ch Iteet :\(Ive10 rnak
also comes in trouhlc, And hence the precauuou hut shall nOI

II IS nOI po ~I~ e for an arClJlteclto know the ctual cost of
I f cOJlstruC'\1on01 a project bull' b) .! bUltde< I' I hetu:-r therefore to
: rn Ily agree 10 a flat rare of cor !ructIon per square area basis
and" en ....ork OUItheC:ostofa,rQj~tandanamountoffecof ...

Stagt"SofpayrT1Cll1offees shall be 35 recommended by thc<.wncd -&'

ofr\rclliteClure An archncctshal! be panlcular aboU1 raismg a b::1 of ~
lee' as per the stages 1ven by the (~l.nctl and In51\t on I'S recovery ,

\J'(biICCI. Contracfor, Builder

Olien illS asked whether an architect can do a bUIIder'~ business

or::Wtr:lcting by srde.As permy inleTpretatlOn and undcrstandinl!
ciArcluICCr'sACI of 1972 and also the -:odeofconductofthe tnd~
j;;;lI;,.!cofArchitect, illS :-';OTpermmec :0 an an:lJncc1l0 do b:J dcr's
~ora contractor's business Incase-you want 10 do, ther you
.;haUnOI \II car a mle of Architect Even trough you have acquired
B. vcb. degree, you need not register your name \II nh the counc of
!!'Cbltectureand then do the business of your choice I e a builder or a
~r.L-actor.You can obtain Licence from local authortty 10sign and
5Ilbmi;:he buddIng plans and carry on your \ ocanon, Only resmcuon
for\'ou II il. be NOT to usc 'title' Archuect for yourself or use the word
'~bJlcct' In the name of your office and In zhc name of your business
Of!!3J1isation,Because. the title Archnect is protected by the lay, for
~ who are regrstered WIth the council of arehrtecture and are boi;
:;I';he code of conduct 1989

The mouve behmd UlIS thot;g.1tt to be a bu dcror acOOlr.iCtOT 10

cam more and faster money In your I fe It I fact th..t he te ot
eammg money of a builder de\ eloper or a con' or !ruth more
lhana profess.onal, an archuect, Wherea' a er: _ ret eel
nawregtlC more Importance to the p eofc le't\
havetcrnakc your own chon ..eofcarcerandgo .. '3) orWeo' "',
butsballnot Indulge In both. It ~ unla\\4l.
1"31 prO fCO ,nd PI'OC{JdUt1!

\, ~"Iil\\t'" .1' ,'ll.lpetirion gujdelines .. the ':OUI1CII ha .
f (ChIle"'" ...,
f,' "'1'"',11,, 1" ofesstonal ~ol1duc! 0" .~chJ1e":lural COOlp.:llll01l,\,
'm1herl d,k'\\nlll~gUlddme:;'orholdm" b nlllle";\rchUcClllral
The ,'(lun,11 h., pubhshcd these gw e I 'd I n~> ) rC'ld
and undel1>land
,I I
I ,lJrl'{'IJlhlll(1I.lue' me. .. I "a =C~:if
'b II s'uo--I \ OU dbook
10 ' is a\ all" blclc "'lib
Ill",rcxt rn ongmal or these "GUldelm..,s an
til"...\.-, II If h.'1J.
, chosen from anlOng.t the
1 h..", \I h,' \\ ,1111to h~\ e me best design ." 11) are expected to
\\ "I ~, I II l11all) arc lIleCIS (.,/'\l'C"1I
I' I L ectural COl1lpc(1(iO
, , l(lt empowered
. II I th ,'lofarchllccturc,,1
t" ,1\1 I ,,',c l!llIdl'llJl~S.BUI ecounci ld s 'II C"I1lI)eliliollS
I' 'I
I,,, 1l: 1M!I'll l'~lorth e public at arge: W 1
1 I 0 nlAy ho sue v I d ,,
If,,,,,,\ "I,llle council can control arc I1ite>C I 's IJrofesSIOna COil uct,
I"hel dIll , v, rhc council has made It , man daiory
" for archuccis not . 10 .
I""I'"lltlIO such" call and pa rt IJ'1 a compcuuon.
110110 1""C
_I. . \\ hich IS
, ' - fib ecou nell , You \\'111find on 1l1311\'
1l(llo~"nl/C'd;"f1('rlheI!1JJddlileso s
'''''',,,;,ms '0 l';,IIc d compeuuons are held without any COnCCI1110the
gUlddm<', "flh" council. Further you shall nOI be surprised to see thai
such 1"lJ1lpcllilons are oflenannounced by government departmenjg
Ii'<:JI11l1l1l1C1[l'11 councils and even by corporate bodies. Archuecturnl
pl'oll:"I"n I;' 1101properly known 10the society at large. It is for us to
p,'OIl(JU'H'l' our code and ethics of practice,

It IS Iii.: human nature that before making a purchase in the market

nIH.' 1\'(111Id r ike 10 sec and compare whatever va riel) ".J vai lable in the
marker. 1"01' example, one would like (0 sec all brn- ,I~or makes of
T. \~ 01 n \I nsllln, inuclune. or saris or dress material before nlaking
the choice. Tlns human nature is not ignored while 11 klllg these rules,
fUrlh.:nlllll1:, consuuciing a building is an occa- n once III h fenme
ofan indi\'ldual. and the institutions 100 may nOll'onstrucl buildings
0\ er and 0\ cr aga III for ihc same purpose, TIlc:rclorc, It is bUI natural
Ihal one would be more choosy or selective
Often II pro, es WIser to lake advice ot'an C\pcncnced person or
an expert 111111.: l!laklng n purchase, It is good 10consull your tailor or nlrJ, cntr
'. ,lr</llll!(;
rural Pt3C(ICO nnd Pro~cdure

- ..JUl1il nlakt:r betore pll~'cll;;l"'lng the 1cob-rthofdn.:" 1:\1 or cuuu.n

~~lh", IIMIII 'llay nul lall short ur go """Ie
Inlle .uucle II) he ,lIo,.:n and purchase'd ",o,llo<."ro. nflL'thl1lrnl
.- Ihen II \\ ould Ix' \\
,~~tU-l'" j""
In, the purcha~<."1In "nll~uh au ex 'Cn II'
'f>: lidd
fllerffere, the ~lIidclinr\ \ugge~1 ihal ,,\ " Or\! ,Iep, Ihe
,.omolCr ~h:tll appoim an n'~I.'Ssor_ a '~ni()r ",Thill'tIIO ad\'i\1.'
;ud a"i\t the promoter ((I cunducr (he COlllpClifiOn.
BI miuplll1g these gUldd Illes for the archuectul.oI conuxuuons, "
filiI' 1'1;)' ISnssu red Iisa fcgllanls the interest of'thc P'(1I110Icrs lind of
IhcarchltcCI' 1\ ho lake pan in the competlllon.
The archircctural
cOlllpeullons IJa, e produced "'.oIlY extremely
.. and ha' e dISCO'ered new talcnt-, and IU,'OlS.
. -e-sful burldmus

For the promoter of the compeuuon.u may co, Ia hnlt: 010~and

mal reqUlre';I lillie: longer tune. BUI certamly, th" mU'1 be balanced
!';msI1hc best dcsum he nughr gel, and an arChne(IUmllaknllhat
';lglll be discov crcd,
LeI us SI!Cthe 1<.'1111111010g), used in these gurdclmcs.

['(amOlerof il compcunun - an mdsvrduul v" Ull Ol'glll1l/l1tlCUI \\')1(1

holds Ihe competi 11011

= a scrnorarchuccttu 11:11(,\\ 1I1~111\l\.rol
I I ..\. as per 1 I i\ nt.JllIl~lllppt.llnt.:t1 b}
the promoter tll he i P t If 1:.11II/e arnl
conduct the compcunon licm hegll'"lng
tel end

'1st of rC\1l1lfcnlell'" ll' .1pr, '1 ce\

\\ Ilj)
~~~\IIt.~CIS l'.j, c t.I~CI'

Imry, "11111 I)t:'" I pi"'"

(lut l'llI:lI'"
-" .tJ1tlll ~
en by Ihe...._p.1nel or
I. )uuj: cl..
" lurdul,G tin; CO".
\'"~ or!!"> r Ct

u,,:(j\ cd
, I,." ~

" -,r)Oul11,l, ,,,,ulnpalellll~Wllhan

"l,,.i,, (If n ,,"(Iud (,OO1PCllllOl,
, f ' ur co
II 'r'" ,\ II Ihe meuts rJhl..
C,," eo"
;1I'dlll,','1 LII;11,kSll!1l exarmnuuon 0 ) 0 paper 11rll" r:tinnie
d C,"OIl , c-
Ii 0111Sl'HIII!; uf propcrlj worke qu, 'I '1I111~Illal nray be d'1C 1(1
r: , b I 51Ie con, I, ,
1'''',]lIlI\'I11,'n" uuonnauon a OU, .. "qU'llllll1C pcn'ld Ir)
, I' ' IC,lpVIIl"v ,
the ~Ilc' <'Ol1llilIOI1 or the local bye- ,I"" C I'lll~rc he ~l1y "UITl"Clioo
' , . " ,'U -ecolkclthOII
aU 1111Ihc ,unllll""<1n de, rOU\\1 I I alllhecXlIl11l11 ..111J1)
II1lh,' 'llIe'lItln paper It used 10b cam louncel 111, . ,
centres u.c, l!1I II1g equal and same III fi011113 ' lion 10e\ 'hl'lCIV cxarnmeej
- -
The a"e~'I11Cnl also done by the leal' ers \\ I h . I (I arc lJre c
, ,
Same are the menrsm pnnciple grvcnm/ \rchIlL'(;IUllIl Ccmll'\.'UlIon
~1a1C' Ihc importance of n.
, andsa""",
GUI<khne.,.\ layman may notrealizc
, .
\\enla\'lhereforc ,conclu d e that theen' a leu
11'n" 01 an ar,'hnetlural
cempetitron are ;

I. Every COI11 pcutor competes on like or ~a111Ccondiu 011s, same

mlon11ali01l and wuhiuthe samc ume hmu.

2, Erurrcs arc Judged only by those \1 ho arc quali lied 10 read and
interprc! the entries received and who arc also uble IIIjudge IflJie
deSIgn selected meers the promoter's requirement.

The gurdelmcs of archll,:clurdl COlllpctlllollS lay consulerable

t'lIlpha'IS un Iht: mand,lIul y requrremcm of .1~SCSSOr.;nnd thetr
qll:l Iificnlion"

Lei u, rc-.dl/e a !;lcll)l;1I a person Ina) be hll'i1lyqualified In hi' o\\n

field (other than arclutecturc) n1ay nOlne,:cSS<lflly be able to read and II
IO!Crplelproperl)' IIll' ;lrchll~'CluJ'aldl;I\lIl1~, Ilus st.llenl!:lIl 01.1) not he
agreed upon IC.Jdily by the puhhc ru large, UU! illS true, TIIen:folc. the
gllldchncs ntake illlllllldalOlY Ihm IIIUII: pand III 'l~r~.lhl:rcsh:lIl be
archnecrs 111111<VOn1y .I! lens! by one numbu I he unice IX.'Jrcr.; o rille

'. '2,
-r' 'll ",llll/nllOn may abo be I>l1lh<:p'l I
1ll f
..,_"1 lo. ~ ,IlL' III 1)();.lrd (Jr. ._
I" I 'Irl,'I;,1IHIIllI'l" ,hall be k,~ "I k- "I bv a~,",
il"! [It -' "n~Ihalllhe nun b f
,..:1>ollllie p"nd, " IS \\ ordcd Illlh.: "1I1d '1 ,. I er 0
,~II to CIne, ollhl' council as
1lIIo''' ,
II r~r lJ():lrd of Assessors
The BuarJ of'Asscssors shalt at aIJ limes 111 'I de "I
uht Ite counci 'I ofarchHeclureand
, (C1l!,lcrc(I \\'11 . ell
I C3lcllteCls"ho
II b "
,Jl( , S 13 C In InllJonty
o J' 1,1I le:"1 by one.
\Vhcrl(he promoter appoints an assessor (scn(c)!' '1"5 "" ) I
I' d' , 0, essor et LIS
n seC \1')1,11 fire I he ( uues an respon~lbi IIlles of I he 'Cillor 3;Scssor .
111C,C1110r assessor shall be available to advlC<'111'
. ' "' e promoter 011
:IJlIl1:lI1crs connected II ith the COtnrClll1onnil glvlIlg all ay the final

, Ile ,haJJ assisr m preparauon and approval ofthc brief.

3. He shaJJ carefully study and understand Ihe requIrements of the
local authorines and it shall reflect in the brief.
~, He,haJJ I isit and examine the site ofthc project and hlsobsel"lation;.
shall also reflect in the wording of the brief.
5. He shall advise the pronlotcl'Ollthe appoinunen; of a Technical
t\dvlsor ir ncccssa Iy.
[ExplunMion: In case ofhighly technical projects such asan airport,
space-research centre, high-tech. hospital, cinema hall, etc.
technical persons ill respective fields 111ay be required to be
consulted to write down the briefand even while assessing the
entries for technical discussion 1
6. He shall help finalize the conditions of compeuuon.
-i He shall prepare the final report on comperiuon called "award"
Project Brief
Project brief is the most important dOCUI11Cnl.Success of the
compel Ilion will depend L1rOI1 the clarity and the completeness of the

...... lUi' 1 ,."""Ii

"tt.n .... nIl/lid
opr' II" 1 f /"r
1,.1I fI" can he acluev ed by 'cry C!U Dr111 Ilrl r r (if /)/I//f1l
I" 1111t 'I~ISo tlll,j Ille." .ISS('~rs 1ft pI(.par a11tlTl II , ", I,' filllllI '11
I' I" r ,I
I ""h""lhe IMJ1J('pawmofnlhcr.,.c; ,f lIy tI, III!! ""I /11111 I II
III< 1>1"'I \\ til ~n"hlc the a"c,<;ors (0 uno" til d 1'1
I ." II
/11' /1/ r
J'IIIIII(It\'1 \\ J 1Il'II\\"'llh:rpltlr'lak,n~'p'(IJ'tl,J I '" If 111 tl} IIlllfJI
,f /' C'll""~ 1},nl! (
\11.'1 Ihe hll"flS ready 1111111
rc",,~C(~' I 1 1 '1,'" ~1J""ltll,,.
r- /1' ,(JII(II Il/
j I I" '"l1okrs on the lyre I,r (11m 1),1111 ,, '
,I' '''" lIe I"( 11.1.'11" (/,'&/'
1'1' 'II" Itl'd,
,/1 111/ ,,1.:/1"/
I,,,, ilku(iUll of C ompetlr iOIl~ e {IIIIII ur III/
" I') 1111' 1111'1/,/,,1 ,,'
ttu, vtticution " mtunlv IlI'III'II"II"
,1, f r ,"

(,'illtd:!1 t'"" ,
\ I Il,lcn compcrhton f proJel.l'
\ compctuton \I hich "open 10all IhcarcJJlIC(1 10 JI;1I11~ IfMI ar~J 8JfP'J11.
,,,,,<'11 ",1.1, <'111",...Irhrough a suitable medIa likenew fl"lfI' I, ""'I'~/ nc L_"~,... bet\lo1!Cl11
l'" ", ,'"lkd;1II "pen compcuuon.
cor.d.trun IiJr
h" I'"',ll',''' csrinuued less than R III,I)I,.()I/I)I III)tI"y y(,,, l;J11
"'\ I" ~II I{:., 50, (}(),OO(JJ-) ISn small rf(~I"CI IkJlII' ,I ",,;tli I ,('(JI"~I ill'l'" III ( IJIII[I
n '"11 ,,"111111I ,\"1 be restnctcd 10 arcluter: .JlIIV!) 1I',III<'jrII "'''llllI "',. I ,I rh~'f\:(oul(
hi .1"0'11 nfll~'c III the same state as the ~lIc ,,11111 1""1"/1 " 1111111,',1,
(I" ,'II U ""OIlkr gcogmphica] InTIn can be ,cl, J' I III IK '" "I Ii,,'1111 willi n
I ompeuu
1'1,11'(" .rl ,'.,'h ulcrnnon of cffecu VI! and CIJIIVCI1I' 'III ~,\~, '1111' Jill .I Whl ~ ,elect the I
I "1 .I "lI,11I "'t'led, n may not be COIH'ClIll'lIt I,,I " I'nue h,l ,,1.11 d" IcCl
,,, "'''~ ,111.'1 ,II'rlljCC' at lJibrughad anAS;:,"1 ~"1I11('1,11101 he ,III "IICII
... II' II'Clllilllll'l',lrklcd 10 a particular area out differ
1111 1111i Il'd ~ClIII"cr il ion or com p~tilillll II\' i11\ if a 11/111
In\\n plam
1/111 11.4 (
\ ""1111','1111011 III II hich a hmued nUl1Ihel .. 1ai' 1111"ll !I,lI"lly (
""(d /'" ('II/III/
I.. s "," mo' ,,'k,"eu bv the promoters w'lh 11,1' "dvlII' ,,( IIII' 1\",11>I .. r
~ (lilt"" ,,111)1'
"""~""' I hc,IUlIlll)o":darcJlIlcct'''I<'IIIVIII'tlloJ';IIII' Ipall IlIlhe
1'1""1',"" II111 I' ach I'Ul1 iel pant who wi 11"III mli, IIll' d,' ,11'11I p,lId II ('/1 I he lVillll~)
1""0'11111 ,".11kif "I 1(1111)1~11l1l111" .. ''''lilIC~II(1I t
fJ,ly h~ 11111
(1ft, 'I til' mdt 1(/'IUl cttcnr or Ul1"1\1{
('II-JilIn tor ""'l'/cl, ,/l'\I1{/l.\
. I
Ior a I)/V (111(.111
1/ 1/ {tJIIII)
I III" '('Ill
>nor It Of I'
nlll"ro/uIJI'I'f)(ICII. vou can ~l(ej'\' "'1, -n.
",lld'll'"b /,',TIll, I'ne
fr~ - ''I It{' {hu" 0111.. 1'\ 100, 1011stiatt
- usl; e" 11('/ I, \ ('(1II cct
"t' 1111('II
I '0
<!s, J' ' nuon 11.'11\ 1.\ III "
, ,
.., 01 U COIl/petItio
~_ 1111IV
I' 'I. Irell,k f(hl/ltt J'is
hal! n.,II/ltg/It'" \ It} g/l'(" Iurn (I sketch lle'tlt:lJI
"h (lit Illll) ,/"/)11 "}( III .
be "'"
./ 11/,''': 111110111/1,It'sere l shal! drall 10"1'
. I (' ouauct R eglt!lUtoIl5"
~~, ttt.II!' \/1'/('11, .. agel/II\', a
. lrIJ(\ .In'hll('('11
, I I till/OIl/II
'ttJ,,'\\IIII',' vo. ') I' I I '
" I ' . '\ ,
"II.' ,k.'u'" ~cstgn free of COSt {a (/ C/I<'III 1/11/"\\ 1II111, II1I1
ous lit I'I("I'{/r
' I, .' ,r . ,, I I It' /lIS
"1,1'111fill (III //1/ 0, (lj)/)Ollllll/elll, There /\ a /('1/'/"/"'1'/' /1
/11 ,'If/If)1Iarchuect ~ ~ II 1(' .'i(J('l{.'/\'

(l~PCfi:l1 ('onlpctition

nd for proJecrs lrkc tO\\ 11plaltnmg or deSign, of 'pe'nal buildinus

;uch ib airport. ,atc/hte conllllllniC3tion centre etc COl11llClIIloncouid
lX'hdd ber" ecn hmitcd COlllpcrnors haling ccnain dctinn~ C\llCI1ISC,
It would be a COlllPCUlloll by 111\nation or an open C0I11Il<!1I110n \\ uh a
pre'CO~d!lllln forqualifymg to take part.
rr l)p('\ uf'Competttlnn
Then: could be mainly two types of competition,
I) COllipelrlion It)r a Project: The aim OfH pnllcct COnlpctllion IS10
select the best sohu io) I foran actual blilldUlg I)(,OJCCI and ronppoim
II~mnhor as the architect 10carry out rhe project.
u1 Idea Compe: uion: 111is competnion is held, as all exercise 10find
OUIdiftcrcnr approaches to a certarn aspect in an ilrchllCclural or
town planning problem,
TIII/~i) A cmupctuion for a project or ii] All idea competuion
couldbe conducted ill 0111 0.( (lie three procedures A. B and C
describet/above, as pel' the suitabiluy of the vubject mauer
The wmner oftlus competition may not be appointed to work 3S
anarchitect for that particular project. However, the wrnnmg "Idea'
maybe !lllly or partly implemented by the promoter,
,./eo .lnd ProCOdu

r k,'1I1111"III' h,l\ mg IhelrO\\l) dra\\ ong....1C~lgl1.l1!!ollic.:. rOrlhCIO

\\ '" ~ <l1,h .,' I I' \I I). Bu,Idlllgs and C.,mlllun,c;ollol1' Do.:pilJilnCllts.
I "' ( 0 III Il CO \11" Pon Trost etc or an) COIl,(nJCIIOIl company
h;onng 110,'11
0" n dcsl!-'Tl"nice may conduct "Idea Ctln\pc"llon" for a
sIX't.,ti\.' rc.e-on

nll'C,' 'IIIl(c' III' or~nnising competition

\ Ilclthc P'(llllllICI"S have finalized the bricf'and have appointed
Ihc lio;lI d orA sscssors as per IIIC guidance of'rhc sen ior assessor, I hen
111<:I"11111()ICI~shull orgmuzc the compclillollllllder rhe gu idance ol'the
senior ""CSMII.
There C:lJ1 be 1'0111 steps-

Step J. \dVCrloscIllClll In case of all open competition, the Tho'c wh

"Olllpclillon shall be adverused in general and professional datCOran
media. The 'General Media' means newspapers and , Finns
magazmcs and profession media means periodicals of Council "
IIi'A,dlllcctllre and Indian lnsutute of Architects, FlmlS in \\
The ndvernscn lent shall cover the following pomts- and shall
I. .1\"lIne of the project.
2. Purpose and nature ofcornpetition, 3. Students
:1. The prizes. Smdents 0
..J. Names of'asscssors. IS recozru
5. Fllgib,lityof participants. and colle
6. Approximate time table,
7. Procedure for registration.
Board of
StCp II The interested competitors register the
durc adverti ir names as per the clause bcu
proce urc advertised and the register is finaillecl.
settler or'
Step III The bncf'rs sent to all the competitor, as ier . exan 1I1\a II
Icgl~lcr.Any furthcrcxpJanatioll oradditton:ltllfi the finalized
be circulated to all the competitors. ,I olmllllOnl>hall t Who~ha

The pron

,1,'1' 1\' 11,,:- Ho.ud of A,5el.SOrs shall a"'<--.;sall

(line .IIIU shall arvc thcrr ' '\' ,I the Ctl!Jlc<; reeeiv ed on
- " the n:sul The
<lTu Ie
,hall gl\ e all,,) the prizes to \\ "~~~~c t prolllO!er<
the \\ ork 10 the \\lnnerlf '~ OInPCtltors and award
u IS a project competition,
II ho can take part in architectural corn .. _
, pet ilion:
TIle conncil m ns gUldelincs has mad- t '1- .~,
._I c car u.11!hcArchIlCl:tural
l)c>l~n Compeunous shall be meant for a h
- , rc uccts and studems of
nrcillicctllrc unly. In the gUlCielltles ElIGtHIlITY'
COJl1pclltlollsls!p"enasfolJo\\s: ,10 take pan In

Par11clpalion IIIany and all cOlnpetillons shall be open 10:-

I. Arcititech

TI10SCwho are registered \\ uh the council of architecture on the

date of announcement of the compctiuou and th~l~
2, Finn..

Firms in which all the partners or directors (not an employee) are

and shall be registered with the council of archiu .xturc on'the dale
of announce 111en I of competition and thereafter,
J. Students of Architecture
SlIldcnts ofteachmg insruuuons, the qualifymg cxanunauon of \\ luch
is recognized by council of architecture (i.e. a recognized course
and college of'archirecture by the council of archuccture.)
Provided that no member ofthe staff of the said msntuuon is on the

l Board of Assessor's ofrhe compcution. (You can appreciate ilus

clause being sumlar 10 a university nile. A reacher cannot be a paper
senlcr or an exammer if'his son or daughter "a candidate for the
examinauon.) \ Vith the sante reasoning the next clause b made,
4. \\'ho shall not take part?
Tile promoters. the assessors or associate, partner or employee
of'promotcrs and OJ' assessors shall not take part in compcuuon
t &
111Irc.:( . "'I\"J"f'
till urI,. III
le.1 ,,( 1"1111 dl L irJlCCI"" '"~ 111"',111111
c IIIlpclJlOr (lr iI,1 ,,111: 1

Jill 11~~lf
I pctrlloll pr"JIXI ~nl
LhCI~I'"" 111
5. I'n",' 'I' , ,i;:r,.ifil\
",., !lei 1 (lrrl~
A ..._ requrre d 1(1 Produce a copy oj Ills v'''ld
lmpel, r "" h heC(Juncr 1 (I,'firc!lrlcCllrrC,lIld 111Cl'. OU~ltlhlrsha p
u , '" l
re 'I Ir, 110I ccrtrfi tc wU I'li. ,(r m the head "flhe InstllulIIlI at ' '1lltl~a
o 'dr I OfllIX"'llor, d cern IC"I~ v 1 "Udl'"
I 'rtllIS",()I'
rn 'l<hr"l he I ludyutg. 1:1~J1i. ,
aut hili :111.\
111<:1111'111oj nghl, ( I1t,.'
In theCfJlllpttllFlmgUl( rc: 1meso Ihere 15~boa clear

I lrrllay
or the 'Ill 1"';11Ictl part It' 'IIrty arc as folloWS:
,SliP Ihdy.
, <I" ~"
I I )'tJ\\'ffl ,~ I ,.II I pn.'C win be retained by
l,t Ill' tilL pr011101t:1 as IllS V~c;"i.1I1.
pr"pcrty I'll': COlli
2. ( opyngfll oj all design ,Including the desigil II uUJlng lilt: lil,1 pn/c dl'l'lIt~' r.:lale
WIll he "l.l1 oflheauthorofthe design. scttlClIlClIt II

I '}O:Slgn awarded the tint pnze only Will be used hy the pr()ll1otcr In the e' L

4 'he pflml0tcr' nght on the design awarded the tirst prize CO\CI\ 3\\ ard (If the I
IIIICCXCLL:lon. Repeared usc oftne same design b:, the pi ()nlOlcr wltlJ<lUIn'COlll
11'11 he Wllh thew nnen perrmssion ofthe aut hOI and 011 con lil1l1il1lO1l
(Jf~lJil"hle tenus
ofass\!ssl1J'S. I.
5. I ach l'IJInpclilW ,h:rll retam the right ()frCpIOdIiCIIOII ClI'IJisdc~igl1. ale final. (Jlh'
1 sh;r flgi ve you 111 very broad sense J11Can
[I IIII:'()I'll te 'copyngln', courtoflaw.
/I is unde/st;J(H/abfe tlwt once the prize l11'Il1Cy IS paid. ihc dC~lgll T\\,(llypl'~ (If
draw IIIgs of tIll'tiI',1 pn/c.!\VIIII1~T
becomes the property uflhc promoter
Further the prlllllf1tl.'f C;1I1 usc the wrnner 's draWing to construct a The gUI
building. Hut the promoter shall nOI usc the de~lgn agaIn to construct ,OI11pt:t ilion: I
another buildrng \\ IIhoUllhc wnuen permi~slol1 of (he author ofthe compclliioll i:
design. By the vinue of ,,"ynlent offees or pnce money, the chem or
I. Single S
the promoter acquires "gill to use the deSign (lnly once to construct a
bur/ding. I fhe dcslf\!S IIICfm,tnlet ~nolhlT budding U.,III!!the same (ll:slglI, 1.1l1I'Il'
IJb\ iously he sh:dl obtam wnuen pcml,."ion of the (1""1" I f h tl ura\\ lI1gs. r.c.
" "'..,1 1.:1 e au lor
oflhcdeslgJ1, the Architect Will pcrrnu the client 01'111" d the schelne as
c rl'Ulll0lcI' to 0
h t. fur,l P'ACIICO Ond Proc~dur.

"" 127
"'1\ of.ldJItIOllaI es B
'1olIJo". ro,ldh s""
11l1C:utl ol'(Opvnl'ht' ._.I"m"l l'I>t!:c
- - nOI :t1"C0i L
]1'''1011 or'the author fdkc ~th Ill; 1l0''OP~ \"thOUt
CT('\dmpk )OUPUf h d
,"""I. '0\\ Ills YOUTpropcrr, You rnav r d It ' ~'C d
OIIlIlIC,or g' \ Cilia, .m-. ea I e book md
, eone 10 read BUI I
r,,,.J 11.1n1

rubh,h ,'ll'Jll "I J( or 1\ hole of'it \\ nho. I . ' OU cnnuoi reprun
I ... II1111.:.1['1:11111 f 1
~IOI IIIIIS a pl;I),. you cannot ""rf, 1 ""'111) Ill."
u ,'_ omlll e pia) on the 'IIC . II
IbcpCIIIlIS'" In "t the author, Ineach ('"C''' 'h' III " c \'1 hllIl
- " liS ,I k'I,'qunl'dloplI
fhl'anlhlll an;ll1111l11l1loruSlnl!b.s"desl"n" I' I "
.., ,~(J \\ l\T\ ~. J lll\\C\ CI' til
~"Ih'" 11111)reuse lus nil n thcme or an ide 1111 1"1 ',
, .. , ..' ,111011(1 1I~1.1C\' (re.lilon.
~"IIII;lrll'.dl1.lIdlJlO:{11S tree to rClbC hi, d '" "
, ( gil U'll(qll ill 1.1III other
~~3'IIIII. ~

"he CUlnpCII II on g<liddines have also due 'C 1 1

.. \,; \. 10\\ It) rc:\4,) \"
JI pUll'" related 10 COIIlPCIIIIOl1.
"~lIklllcnl flf divpures

IIItI~l'CI elllofdl"pute nOI related 10the Judglllg procedure o. the

,tI'Jrd Ollhl' hoard 01 J,-;sCs~or$.lhcseulemem \\111 be h) 81 burnuon
1IIIhoUI IC"IUI'c' 10 the legal auihoruies,

111" II1C;lIh rh.u thc

Judging procedure and IIIC all aid ulthc board
oi'assc"ors, r.c, lhe result of the compeuuon cannot be disputed and
,1Il'linal. Other mnucr can be referred tt' arbiuation. but nouc the
court of'Iaw,
111(1)pes of organising cornpetitlon
The gurdchnes hale described two types or orgamzing a
compctuion: the choice can be made 10 suu the project for which the
compet 'ion IS 10 be held,
I. Single Stage COIn petition
Fmries inn smglc stage competition an,' 10be (;ud) completed
drilwlIlgs, I,~.plans, elevations, sections etc. and sufficicru (0cxplam

thescheme as set Out in the competition conditions,

I he CUll I!! rC4~,vcd are a ,n:,cd lur IhC Ilv..lra"" rbc pn,cc \ J
H'ICI 111'[1,,"',1111:11' ,,1 the arclllll:C1 for Ihe rrlljC" 1);;lc Sl~ge
dlllll.IIIIIII' 'II'" '"IIIIII,:",I<-d I..r ll];lIlI"'''Jc<:I,and ml" lIalUre rorev
dallcs. usin
2, "\I" ""II!!' (ulI'pvtitj'"1
tfrC I'fll1elpl
I Ill, 'yp,' Itl ClllllPl'I"ltJll .hall IJ<; ddo[JICdlorprO)L'Ct; for I~rgt
UO II would be
OJ (,"'lIpl,'xl'" 11,11111c III I'll ,I ;wgc, cOnJpclllor'i art' requ Ired II) $ I11II
w duty SUlcer
thl' "1111 K'.,CXl11111111111' I h~ ,.hemeon hl(l~d basc~llcl c1ra lIIgs ~ulIicJ"'~
,nay rL~lIltII
III 11111'1''''1 IIll' IlIlel II illll, 01 Ihe COJ11pCllIOr, (ThiS IS some what sinJtlar
10yell" 11'" clay ,kc'lcill" ill;1 c1csigTIc"3mm',liIJn in yourcoJlcgc YOur 1'\0\\ I
!lc"I'lIl'1llll'C 1"" ru L hn",dly pUIon paper) liJblliuc<; an
i\huill ~ III I(lclllnl.'S are SCII:(:tcdIIIorder of ment from the ent~ JuUcsor
received III' tbc 'i, M ~Iagc ()nly ml.';;e selected conlpeillors arc mVlled beUlSIl"CU
III ",hllllil "rthc, dr;awIIIS' cxplailling the design in detail. lO~ent
IMI'OIIlAN I the COrllpclltOl\ Invited for the second Slageoo
,"hJ11""OII ale palll a ,pec,fic sum for their entry the second ~ta2e or I!lld other c
r 11I~sum to be pilld I~01 "mrs<:announced earher, The final "Inn; IS
<,c.:Ic(.'lc!lIi (lllllllll(1lIg.~lt he enmes received for the second stage.
other> an: II
Th,s ,horl "hllll! IhcArcillicctllr(l1 Compeuuon. You shall refer
IS ill of C\ cry 011
10 the lex I III orii'illal, Ofte.:n architects arc tempted to lake pan therefore n
. I10111 ",ccrlain
COl"111:t'1111111WII illg whether the COlnpet In
Ilion ISorsamzed and to leach
as pCI Ihi.:!,lIldclllle, (If the council of i\ rchncct ure, which shall no !hemtrodu
hH)1PCJ1. I
dcfl1lSl\ c.
The 0

\ct elf II!.':.!I

It IS c:
1IIlIIe gl\ 111
deline, Abs,
\ J Rc~p(ln'ibilitic, and Liahililil:\
of an Architect

Fur every peTWlI,1I becomes h. rC>J'Q"':}lllI), 10 (hschz:-ge his

dull.'" usmg Ills ~I.;JlInnd know ledge 10the best of his abl ,ICS,l1usIS
Ia~ Ih" pnnclph: advocated hy 1'11110<;< ,phy and the 50CIai Sciences aswell.
~bllllt It "olllcJ he an nlcal ',OtJl'ly If everyone ur the ~(Jclcty performs hi'
:ICll!1!l Jul) smcervly On the (II her hand, rf'you ,h,rk III ~"ur rC'Il<>nqltllIIlY.1I
Inlliar may rCbullllllua lubrluy.
Now lei us consklcr your r<lle as 11 pn,cll~ll111 archuect and the
liabllllles anslll~' (llil or it. I have already loki Y'"llhal I(you neglect your
dullc' or r(!spon"hllllll.!', II may result lilt" a lrubrhtv,_ Hut often ,_vour
bo:tngmeticulous in d"~hargmg your responsrb: lny n1:IYnot be enough
IDpre\ ent trouble III rr,ICIIC(!. Thai j, because ofthe nature 01 building
construCIIOll ucuvuy w rth which you as an archnect arc concerned [t is
a group (!\ cm m which not only an architect, hUI a consulung engineer
and other consuhams.Iand surv ~'Y0r,contractor, hI ssnc engineer, labour
... contraclors, material supphers, builders. promoters, owners and many
other, arc mvolvcd. At the ume ofdifflculty.thcrc is always a tendency
II refer of I:\'CI)' one 10 ~hI n the blame on to nthcrv ,II1d 10save oneself. hIS
m rherelorc necessary I() 111:1 kc you aware about the legal responsibilnies
and In teach you how 10 safeguard yoursclf'in pr;JCIJC~,Moreover With
nO! the 1I11fOdllCIIl)Ilo("'('onsunlcr Protecuon ACl', One has to be 1110re
t. The 0\\ ncr ofa budding may create a case agalnsl you tor non-
sausfacrory pr1lfcs"unal service The 0\\ ncr may try tu hold you
responsible for the ((,,(overrun or Inl1C overrun III a pnlJcCI.

Act of n~glij(l'nr~
It I~ e xpcctcd of ,I profesSiollal til ",,llIs sktll.llul kllo\~ ledge
, gl\ 111~'prolc.:,,~lona I"'>1:1vice> I() IliS Cll'llt
\\ lulc C . Nc.:r h"C;lIn:
r "
IS ditlicul: 10
d c fme Absc.:ll(.'c()I' lo.:;,o,(HW II1C C, ' (It,,' (',Ir, cxisrs can he
"II' c \\,1"'1"
called a~ IlC)! I1I!l'IlCC ,Iakc for eX:IIIlJl
, I"c ,I (' III 11"'11111111111~kslht:':;lrol"

l1"am;cdlelOaIlUillC flc"",yormaYOllP' .uchllC

'lid bv sten IIII " . . , ""
n~\\ borne II J',
H Itllaqua " lified doctor
u~ follow the ~.1I11Cproct'tl'lre I
n shall
c.llk-d negligenl I . 1" certainly be called negligent 8<.'Cau~II rcspo
'I plwl he \IOU U I I.._
a 'modern JO' 'fSlenlJ/.alion of more c ;u",rille proce{h,,'t consul
rscvpected that 'due care he _ ual and that the doctor should haveule;J tht: ne
should be a\ arlablc m the r. OSPlnal whether 'negllgenl' or olher"".
u. So the
fa prolCSSIO ."
A I ent approach", a quahficd PlofeS"Ollal -!!J\lllg
In the
dcrclIll> 0111he ,l1lJaUon. C I e..knowlcdge and sk III. which should
tJ 'I 'Ihal he rosscs~cs mer Rc~PO
\\ I 1 a lope
An' When a person '5 (1ua!tficd
m. archucct and I",
"I 2.
rcrlcct m hi. CII~, . d r lu to pracucc as all arclutcct and lIsC!;I Anar.:
bC~J1gIVOJ1prcrogauvc an IIg " I
the (illc "archuect ,. VI 1lie.h OU' II ' IICIl certalll[y
...ers, under law, cannnt usc, , , ' inbilll b) h
he must show greater , SIS k'IJ -II 1an ordinary J11aJ11J1al
I I 1" aCllon~I like bCUlg hont's
design ' and quality
. centro I 0[conslruclion. Wilen Ie.! lHS une. crlaken \\~tbthe PI'
we rcsponsl bit
.t, '''''''I' .,"Ionofwork bysignll1g
I I yo f' SlIt'_" '. the ,llpeIVISIOnI11CI11O
, ' hiS duties, I
he \\ ould be lrable for all the lacunas ill SUpeJ'\'ISIOJ1, I Ic \\ ould be liable ellgagcsan
10 pay damages for the negligence 10 the aggrieved party. tlterefore I~
the umcly i
Archilec!'\ duties and responslbilirte 110\\ out of the follo\~in~:
J. n~ghtr:Jliol1 with the Council of Architect ure
\\ ith the co
exchange 0
A. The Council of Architecture has made a code or professionnl The area of
conduct rorarchitccrs in private practice, These regulations have this, III case
a SI<iIUIOIYforce, It is binding on an architect to observe the code procedures
IJ1 hi~ professional conduct. The code also prohibns an architect
and method
rr'onllaking part 111the competitions, which are 1101org:ll1iLcd:l,
per U1C guidelines ofthecouncil of architecture, Violation ofthese
the d...
'Si I!Il d
so tha.tlhc Ii
rules by an architect ISan offence ofprofessltlnal nature,
out and acst
B, Offence of general nature by an architect should be reuard c,() ,IS
disgraceful Theft, bnbery, forgery, brC'<lkoftrallic rulesetc . such
seen b) the
acts \\ hethc r detected or undelecled ~hallspoi l thc reputatloll"f
archuccts. "hK'h is \ e
lines cuum
C, Suggesung Other Consuham-, 10Chenl: AI~'hilcl'h 11,,1 prolcssillitli SUCh:lsa be
services WCcsscnunll y personal one 111C"I'ellt . I II '
, II: IC~UpOI1 I~ II IIIcut thlo
I (nl rrnctiCO A'1d P, Ococtvro

-llIle':l tor expen advice. I lowcv ,'I'\ IVII c11.! 'l~tCss' I


b -11111 su~g~~1
...~ ...
to clllFlge ulilel .SI1<':CI'..lI I~l~ ""1)',1
\~ :il'dlltl'\.'1
'>'J10n;lbdlllC:S arc often fllitill.:" Ill' '., Il\prc 1~11"'~
~ fL, , I CO-operal1nll \I II L
l In;;uitaolS or spccia ISIs. II "tl1l' dUIV or. "I ' 'nlll~1
cc _ ,\11 ar C lIt~CI 10 '} I
Ihe need lor cngagmg other SPCCiill"l~ and he IS I IS(:on

'> ,(

<'II Inc.directions and InstrtICII(lIl~ tn the co is I I C~p\)n"bk lor

C' -, > ( I su lants lonheir II 01 k
'" the piojcc ,
I ,

I ;, Rcsponsibilit) Due to Appointnlcllt b) a Client

\n architcct carries
account ofe on fIl':I1C':
On I placed
himby hISchcnt lor his judgment <I1l(IINTFGRITY IL ,I '
Jll 'gil I ' lie qU,1 II} 01
_. honc:.tand upn tin C iaractcr. Iran architect ,(1
IS n I t: II
III \ eqlnppcd
~.ibthc profeSSional know ledge or IS neghgcntIII the l>crfon11' '. f
' b I' , ance o
D"dutles,thcn,13I I .'tICS J11ay ansc: The building owner or the chrnt
(Ilg;JgCSanarch ucct tor cornprehcnsi I'I! services 011a project. ArchltccL
Iherdore is overall responsible to tho;client, lie is also responsible tor
:he timely in I'OI\'~J11Cllt, of lh,e spccia I ist, consultants In the project. /I.
rroperundcl'standtng o( sharing ofrcsponsibiliucs has to be developed
'.I'llhlhcconsul13ntsengaged on the project, This is best done by propel
(Xehallgeof'leucrs ca lied memorandum ofunderstanding (1'v1.O,U,),
TIle area of rcsponsibi lily shall be fixed, A III his IS IlCL;'CSS,ll)', \Vithout
Ih~.incase offailure the architect alone may be held respunstble. This
lXOCedure shall be followed met ieu lousl y, It IS always good 10 be formal
.1dmethodical in business, The architect has to control anti co-ordinate
t\edcsign details of specialists including the R,C,C, orsuucunal designer;
9Jiliallhe final product, the building becomes functlonali) well worked
~Jlandaesthclically pleasing,
Co-ordination between the details and requirements has to be
s:tnby the archuect. I shall gi\ c you an cxampk to ~'\plalllthl~ !,lllllt.
~blchis very C0l111nOn _, \ plumber requires to take out the dl~llll;lge
I<Scuttingthrough the external wall, I [there be :'In) R( (' member
;tchasa beam or acolumn, II ISa C0l111110n C\IJClience thai til,' phllnl~r
\lllcul through ruthlessly, R.C ,C, beam or Side of an R,t C, cohllnn,
Arehlloclurl1' f-'t.ltltill" une 1 ProeOdot

M" II' PU"t' res III,JO R.C l m"mh''IIIay IIl',lkcllll heyonda

I" 1m I' nil \\111C<."l1.. rnly reduce the ht\: "rlhe hlllldmg No\\ II
I role of , J(dlllL'cll" co-ordinate dctailv ;llI<llh.: 1t:<lUlfCllll"lltsof
'he I\HI e R ( ( designer and the plumber, at the dC"!!11 ,'age onl\
"In ,ly, t ondlllCIIllllg agenele" electrical ':01111'''11''' have Ihelr
pcc.flc 1~4UHC"'lTlenl>, which have 10 be matched II III! the ;,II1IClmal
del.HI .md IhCfcqullcmo:nls ol'other agencies. II "'tll" the IIrdlllccllO
It" ,k """ " :,,111<:dC"PH stage [0 av old damage 10 1h~ ;,1ructu ...:.
ssembly hall. the depth ofbeams ilia), become IIIlNlllUlbic
rc 110:<1,"1' surfaces lor the acousucal considcruuon. I r I he proh IIlI11 I'
Cllll' ulcrcd at the dl'WIl stage. the acousriculucauncm become, les

expert IVI: 1111,I., a maucr of'co-ordination b) the Archuect. In <orne

.1. H('IJlIII,ihilili(\ Due to Signing of Buildinj; Contraci U) !hat II would
I til' (II' IICI I' it It I hc Contractor
case c

A ,,,1 "f"ut1lunllcs and responsibiluics arc \ csted m an archuecun ~Iofallcratt

the' Artlde, ut \gn:cmcnt' and 'General C ondmon', II Inch form the Ihal he shou
p,"1 nll(llll13li 'Iglll:d by both the owner and the contractor. as IIlth 3 prope
pi ""'I
dll'd hy lite I I II suken byth
II II II ,,1,1 III(.'Lt ISentrusted w ith financial undertu l, II1g 01'1 he project. can prov c Ih
111\\luch hiS honesty of'purpose must be above SlISj'lICIOI1.The fromthe I(.:g
owner" money ISspent as per the direct ions Oi"1I1C archucct. He architect sh
,1101l1d he an nhle manager, audlonhe:-. .11
II Au archucct has to work as an auditor while ccrufying payments
to ihc conuactors lie answerable and respon'lblc ifhc certifies
5. Liabili
the p,lylll~1II of'larger amount man is actually due IIIshort. 1I1~110 So Ion
hght mauer to accept an authoruy. If you fall in II. \ \l1I1I1<:ura li'-"Clti~<luol1

.\" alrhllc"d IScharged \\ uhthe judicial funcuon, as he 1':In umpire nOl
for the nood
be liable
between the Oil ncr and the centractor aml he III list act \\ lilt enure "hICh is not
II I1P:1I11I1ltt)'. 'ilCcitical I (111
onpaper to

1111.llll' I" I., ,1:-" III "II 0'1"'''''111

\\ I .1'\1 I, 10 lite IIlI. ,I '11 ' \1\ Cnlm('ll1

e I C
I I , ., ('1 II'
I II c "'Unllir I, 0""'1
.,. II '11lb'
01 (I ling
"'_..... -_ III 1'III II.. , 111"'11' n."qalrcd hI "I th I
... c [I ans ..nd on
'.11 1l I I ncr
I~ he ,(lnlll' L~hill'sclflh \. ihC' .uu h onue-,
Int ,.11 1(' I r "I'" tln"11
Itt' IS ,~I,,,
01 4. "(C (1 slltt: ,IUllll'

,.,flh" , u-d Ih uren of the plot 011 'Ollll'kll<llillflitc

II rdlll,llI,nql.:cdl"llI1'i1 Ihc'luIIII'
~. \,\lll",tnll.'II()11
ldl""lllIcctIlC .hh},I,I\\,,,h"I\cd 111""11
lSi III1\.' Il{lll arc
... ~
,\')I1l 11,,1 II II,,' I ad 1)('01IIfCI'('1 1111111
I hat ':"1111 "" I hI I he :11.-11111'<: I. he
sh ,II 11"'11,1(11,'111th",lIl1ll1J1II1I'S
In ,011" (',I\~),1 \\ II,1111.1the the h",I.,,", I' !!IIIII~ uut of
"1\11,'1 III
OIlh I,hll 11,,'111, Ituc ct 0111011\ ,1111,II' ,til 1:11he vonxtn I(' 11(1l1lu the C\I':I\I
IItlt It II IllIl.! tc 1.110' brcac h 111',1\\ !lIC 1'1\" ,dill\: \ 1111sl'l IIIIt! f"I1.,\\ III
..urn ,II ise , ,,"1.1 III.'I, I mtorm III \\ nung (I) 11I"I)I\I)I:r bu.Idcr Ih.'llh.:
alll.J .11t(' 1I1011111'1'II'U'U, lion OMI .1I1111111111l'breach III
bye 1.111and
tb I h: s'lI,"ld 11,11 do '0 "",'h .. letter ~h,11Ih<:del vercdto the (1311)
\I lit a rf<'1','1 ,1(."(.. 1111\1
Ird,!'11I,'111 inllllll1l' party III,"I'C' ,I Mltlll!( acnon
l,tlI;('II[\llh('IlUlh"IlI1(,' 'Im>llh"O\\II,'1 builder youas anurchitcci
can 1",1\ " tliJI \ 1111\I ,'h' 111'1,11',111, to the dcthult ,111.1,,1\':) oursclt
IIIlIlIlil,' kg,lllI' IIlHIn}',IIIl'1 ) "11 (II IIII' ""'II~1 h,' "'ll01l,,III<:lIlh.:
,lIdlll,'t'l ,11,111 111,111..d "III') III' hiS klt"1 til I1WII\:1 builder, hI the
,1111111111111" ,II II 11.11..,' OIlI ,I,'"11"1\ "'dg"'III':I1I, )

I lahilill , Oil" tel ( 1I1111 :I~tc)..', \,'Iiuu,

"" I,,"t.!~ ,IS III,' ""llll,I,'lvl h,l'" :1<:1," JS 1','1 the "raw III!;, and
'l'YIIi,"UI,1I1S '"1'1'11,'.1 ": Ih,' ,11\'1111,":1, Ill,' ,tn:hllC\:1 shall be re-ponsibtc
Illr!h,' ~, ..," ,'I b,ld rc-ult ...,.flh,' ""l1slnl.:lioll, But the nrchuect shall
n(ll be 11.11>1.- f,'r .111\ .I,IIII:I1.!I.' "I [l,ld I rsnh \ILIII) ;'1,1 "fIll.: contractor.
1\ hll'lt b 11.,1,I' 1"'1 IIt" "'I;~hll"I1' ,,1' till' tll"l\llngs and
Sj.\'l:lii'~'11l'", '"1'1'11\'.1 11\111,' architect. '1111 ,h",lIti have enough proof
on 1'''1','1 til 1'1,1\ ,'111\' CI.'t
r vtimate IIf (11'1

Arch I,'CI h s 10 give !U1 Idea 10 er ,10 hOI\ m

cxpendnurc he wtll mcuror ho \ muc lould mm e a
pro eel P e se remember the 0\\ "<7 0
pro rn } h be mlddk
"lass pe n ora hiS mdustna! house, \\ II Ii d I dll I U 110 arran e
addiuonal funus ifthc cost exceeds me bud 100 much (1'1~;e
detailed discu lIlO 0" upproxunatc esnrnate In next chapter j
II In lhc 111111
tI stJgc \\ luk IIIlol1l1'"g!hi: ,'SIII113tcdcost of I COllStnli:W1
10 the 0\\ ner, \\ hich S \\ orked out 011 cubic comems 0 square
bast )0 Jlna) 111)1kno 11IlIy\\dllhc I) I1eOlloundu
of e 'V~1I011th lilt: \ be fC(juired id he Ii 1 ~ requ xl
o \ ncr TIle Ii IT(' t I I bleto e Ir k JDllUt I
mpu made \ III
on ub or
I\C 11 t. bl

I IInl (J befor 11) I II

\ IIh .l1rune Ihe.;pc Ihe assum

"r "bOO'1) 'J":,~~,
.:/11<)( lI."-':'I
'd k. II ~ -..
c co-t Ofl1oo; 'I. ~ "'-~.c
\)f '1.k:ll ~er-
'" .,,:-.
( ,~" ,ho.'lU: oe we 1lO!;:<::md :nIOC"::d'" the 0\\= n, \\ e L 'Il:!
..~,~,~n1.1~......,ha."=~t:'e1'lIllihe- ,..__ " " .~_ ....~. ....~.
.. "'.
., - . UWi iJ ~ ~"~"'''''''''"lIOr,\\ 1.Ui;h

h .", L"~ ti= b ILArdi ,__ "l311bn.! ,_ ~_ .:.._ ...

- ....
I~'" ~ \...~..... "'foJ UUln c..,--!, (0 cme,
A,fJr .1.' 1'0"-" b c, \ 'Ot: o!J..~dh:3",",;,;1:" \\ hJe tlkmi:
IJ nOIIClr~-':i.lZ1\
::=Ol\\'ork., To _, l'_._ - our
~ .G'..::3n.."lle;
}OUn13~ :1' \\ 't'lIly~ J note oc the bill ofqu:m: ~l"S -Q,.ull\U ~'are
3rpro"mate'. the' nem rates qu",edS:-.al11lOl"131'1;<."" ~!!I\. it rs a
l1(l!e fora oomr.l":I0_r.b~t in the timeofdliT:'uit).411 arctuleet';n':1> \\ ell
U) 10 uke slneld 01 III! ih"'O\\l1cr tries to hold him hable lormcre-.!.,'e m
coslofl'roJo:cl Let me \\'~'\) O~1.iluSI, nOI!!h in!! a licence lobe
m3CCUlnh:111) our \\ ork of '1tan;I!~SL'l'\~Il'g. burn rs to be used as a
',;afel) ~:IP<-.

ni Often dunng the course oj COllSl.rU, owner mcrease,

construcnon \\ ork or ~h:lnge;; the det.llh, \\ hl.:b may re-ult uno
1IlC'!'C:bl'IIICO"l An archuecr \\ ru;e confirmmz tJ..1> ctnnze Q;'~-il
or \ anauon should make a small ~hJrkofpo,'!bk increase In
cost of projecr by certain ;!I110unLTlus amoun: to be Informed to
thl! owner could be appro.\t.IllJle and ,!:clu"
~. on the hl!!hcr
- side.
Such record created from time to nmc n13\. come handv. for an
archuecu fhc IS required to explain cos. overrun (0 the owner
Ill) Recording' leusuremenrs of\' 'or" Done: \n architect through
an able 'clerk, of works should evercrsc ;1 stnct control on
recording efrneasuremems of'the work done on '"c. Slight])
inJlallngmeasurements or by recording ovcrlappmg measurements,
the qua-nlltie> can be considerably increased b} the contractor,
\\ hrch could be the reason of cost 0\ ~'I11IIl,Often owner IS reluctant
10 appoint a clerk of works on the project, But an able clerk of
works i~ real" an asset 10 the owner and not an addiuonal
expcnduurc b)' \\'a~ of his salaries. There should nOI be ~y
dillcrencc between the measurements or dimensions and quanunes
worked out accurately from \\ orkmg draw m, and those recorded
011the sue, prov ided no van.allons are sane
- ~tllmcd The clerk of
"'ll'I,nnmln<,n;mlrocIOp,')0 I rc h"c'C,,:1g .mJ recordin 'I 1'\1[1C'
"II r "" f" . K (( r:lC
IOhlll:sof\\ork Jonc, Tbe dimensrons ot ' shoUld
;~:"IlI.J be slnell) .1' per the draw '"5 Increased d,lmenSlOI1l
\\ nhoul II nucn m'tnlC110n, from the structurul L'fl.unccr an:hl(cq
arc 10 b cr(ln-Ilkrcd:b
v ,. maccuracy of tile COI1Ir:l<IOr
,I I
and boule!
-crtI fie
11(11 Il~ t:C It:\ j 1:'1'
On tile other hand esser SU-COr
ulll11.'1I'll1ll I'I'C'C nlcnlOcr[han"I1.J1 "reqUlmJaspcrdra\\lllo .or;
~1 ".
If iii' \\uhm thc tolerable linllh (or the:suuctur .11dl'<lgn, should be 1113)'
feet))"( IC d : Ic,;:",
.cnrutclv as actual and ~1l~IJbe used fill work In!! (jut
l~"'. (loJ ~ ..... tile 0':
'II 1I"<"'I'quanl1[lcs ofRCC should be certified.

lIWIIl!hICS,. I l '",-
U1) ",.tll!
Slll11clll11es.111spite of request by the arclntect. owner IS unw lilang done
10 nppmnt a proper person as clerk of works and tnes 10 manage \1 lib conlr-
the person \I ho IS already in hrs sen ICCand may 1101 be sUllably II!!>I"
cxpcnenccd or qualified, The architect should bnl1~ thrs fact on rCL'Ord Tbe
skilful!) at the beginnmg ofconstrucuon on sue ~on-app()lntn1entof
suuablc clerk of II orks by the owner, may also be a defence, In ca~
the 0'1 ner tries 10 hold the archuect hablc dI1)

Tlme IJ\ crrun

In filet 10complete tbc project on lime ISthe responsibility ortht
contractor, Responsibility of the architect for the timely completion oi
the project is restricted 10'
i) Iwue of all working draw ings and details to the: contractor lIeU
in thue l-or Ihis. the architect's office should hal C il proper l\'\.~nI
of dat!.' of Issue of the drawrngs 10 the: contractor lind II) tbe oomp 1:110
~rcclali\t~, such as consultants. sub-coruracuns, etc IIwouldbe
an cI11h.,na,s1I1g suuatton for an archuect u a contractor comes up , IJ:lh
\I IIhl! complaint that there wasa delay In rcccJI illS dm\\ log:. and

dC~lgn' from the architect Obviously this could be a, .1use fl'll

non-complcuon ofwork ou ume, Ihercforc, make IIa point 10
plep,lIe: the W (JI"kIll!; drn\l'1I1gs before 1l0.lIll1g lenders lid 1SUr
ihe II til k III!; drawings Jollie- Conti actl'l 1111at one 1I111eand \\ elhn
atll alice. I qua lIy lI11P(ll't:tnIIS [0 keep il Il"\:ord 01 .11)1tl(jl of Issue
ufdl dWIII!!, lu the contractor and lI[her ,
lurAI Pr.1cCic. and Procedure

\r.-llil",'I', J)"l'i<ion" ( enJln deCision," d
J bl th,' ,,,d,,'e,'r at rllne, In con.ulralJOIl \1 II". ole
,''. ma eon Ih C"Ie .
.h,lU"r Il., rnllnpl In 10;1.I IIlg"I' lus miod and "1I'C e 01\
.J ncr,ArchllCcl
'. .

m. WI1II1l,!! \\'11 IHI propel dale On It. A {;Opy .~hould1

~. ueCISIOIISlnl'Uy
,1\1ncr, J",,cpmg. one '.as a Unite
- cop\ II) Ihe Job file If I 10 Ihe

d~b\' trorn I owner, Ill'
Ill' 1 archul'"C(
. - shoul b In .
Ilerc be
u r g U ontl record
rna} be by are-olindeI' leneno Iheo\\ nuror
Uleardutl'l:t( must create a rCCoruwitboul hUrling the ' 0\ 0 len\ . 'I: IS':~
maybe II,C II'I to I'urnro de t'end hllnselfm
. case Ilc is qu \'tICI,\\
I dflie"
IhedelJ} In. C0111pJcIloob) Iheo\\ner, '.:s 10lle ior
wi prog:e~~ Chart: It IS the duly of the archlle'el (0 gCllbe work
done Irom the contraclor \\ uhrn (he ume IimJ( ~I"\ Inn'S II
5 I >uet 11e
contractor all the dra\'lIlg., and detaIls Ol1llm~, he also hus to

msrst upon a Bill' chan 0 f work prOgrlllllll1C fi'oll1t!,c contraclor.

The archuect must pay penodical visits to Ihe work site. Dunng
se IheSHe \ ISlt, be should check \\hetherlht' work I~ gomg on as per
theumclablc, r.e the barch3J1. Arcbitecl mu'l brlllg It on record
il'any lien! 01'\\ ork is observed beb ind the rune sch~dule. This I~
done by wnung a remark in the 'site instructions book.'
Moreover, (he Ilrchilect should write a fetlcr 10 the eOlltraclor
lromume and olllJrging him 10 n!ake up the prqgrcss of work ifit i~
fIIhngbehmd considerably. YOIlshould nOI forgcllO PO~Ia copy ofthc
r.:!I~rtothe owner lor Ius informa[lon, Thus a proofls created that YOu
h;1Ie taken cl1ol1, lor t il1lCly C01l1pJct101l0 rthe work. This record will
hdr you defend iJ'thc owner tries to hold youlinbk for the delay in
wmplellon of work.

7, Liability, Period

The liability ofthe architects shall commence with the beginning of'
COl1stluclionwork on site and shall continue lor a pcnod orrwo YEARS,
aJicrcompletiol1 of the project. Date of'complcuon of the projeei,
tl!crelon:, assume, a great deal of importance. This date is ascenamed
bytllcdate ofv(RTlIALCOMPlETrON CERTtPrCA11,10be Issued by the
archucct on completion ofthe construction work.

II. (', iminall i"hilil, . 'II(

III sue. "llhel dUnn"
~ e
111tJ,,-~.._.\cut 01 a ' accidcnr at l Ie
011,1"" '11()n 1:"10(1\
the habd" }'

1',\., cour-c \,fCt"l~lnl('lIOrl ora filet'l I'ic <Oll,t""

. I~ 10rl11 0 r dalnagc 10lhc
rna, .In't II the accident result' onl) I" '.I~'hl). Bnt If II rcsllh~ 1010
COlh!nl':ll<lJ1.mJproperty. then It I> 3 ',ofhIl Cf\ II h:l
01 C
'. ng
.111111)111) 111111,'human bemgs or 10:': 'II lblhly The pohce mlghl
1,,('.olnls'llcly thCl1itgJ\e"nse.toC nlnlnel IU Illns hllllasmc h arge
~ ". ~ rchllc<:f. 1() t.
111("(\"'nc ~nd may reach up [0 dIe a . h 'I' cOl1lplClCdrecently,"
01consrrncuon In a school III 1I o d f.III I'n" whic IV.
onlhc helleIies " In the
1'01'1100o r cc "ing plaster en me off ani C.:ned at n igllt when the
~ h thiS lAPP .
C l.rssronm. Fonunately ellollg, f .t ngel'lng perSona I SHlety.
. case 0 enna . .
cl.rssroom was empty ThIS ISa l , 'II would have Injured
I Ind iII b ecn dunng rhc day. yo II cat1IJ1laglll~ be c$fablishcd. Forthai, tile
srudems. The cau-c of the l1CCldenfIS 10 I ncror and others for
I I enainecr. COil I,
,,0 ICC may arrest f Iie arc IIhCC, ". 'SOnnllirc and also a
, ,I I .. be I J..'UlO event in yOUTJ>CI
mqul!). " uc IlltJ) as IOC " will to establish who is
bad name til your personal career. The la\\ try If sl cs
dlrocll) responsible for the manner 0 f eonsrrucucn.
, ra In s or
negligent act on the part of'an mdl\1dual U1chargc 01 COIISlnJCllon or an
mdl\'lduul who ISdirectly responstibl e lor
" Ihe manner
, of coustrucuon ,
be the cause of accident, is to be investigated and established, When
there arc no agreements in wriung between the archuect, consulting
engmccr and between the owner and the contractor, the matter Will
become more complicated. (therefore warn you aga'in that you J11USI
have a written agreement wuh everyone, defining the area of
responsrbllny mustconu
Let us consider one more incident A malty-stories build i I1g " as shall nOI g
under construction and thc contractor was putung up R.C,C, slabs one tiJespecffi
above the other 10 achieve the targeted dale of C0J11plcII0J1. While a
slab at the upper level was being cast, there was a collapse. A few
fora rash
workers Wen! seriously IlIJured and one was killed. Now, this became
a police case. police swung into action. The first step taken by the ~cghgcl1
police was 10 arrest the contracm-, the architect and the ow ncr for a"'3!\.'lle,,~as 10
oft:lliure 10 ex
1Uf.11 prwlcllc. and Proc.edure
,u<h". 0

tlqUII). SUI'llCl'C on ~tlIJ) Illg the facts, It \\',,\,\" l.lll~\IIh;u the Ilfl)P
~f(h'("l'f11t:llI1g\\ ere removed Il~lhl.'contracu 'I 1,111 , I "..11111.: ten till:
,..( ,II lhl.. CC:lllc.'rl'tg .tl l'ftpl.:l' 1("\ cl 3s he \\ ", ...h~tll(11 1c'\\ (If 111('111,
\\'hl,h \\'." h,,lnj.' construe ted, 111C COllI rucror 1.,iIY 1,lcae' t) la 1 pilIp'"
\\t,;I'c!' rclll{l\ ed Il~
hll'.l \\ 11h I he llCrI111~SIOlll)r.It II,,: U ,.,'111t..:11\11'\ (It 111(.~
s rei')' L'sel:ulll\fC as ihc conn \1(1(" \V.I~o,'ljlPI'SCl-1
:tI\.IIIII.:{'1 ()" ill t.:h't,l.CI
1\1\I ork USpCI tI~c ,,"II ucuons of II~Carchucci and ii' such Ihe l'OllllaCIUI
\1':1' IIlIlm'enl. Second Iy.thc architect was pr~sMln/lllSthe C,jllll.lcl'IJr
I\lInl'I\"l'C I he
speed 0 f progress of work Oil sue :111l1Ihal WiI' the
rc,,,OllIIIeuS! Ihe next upper slab on timl i1i1ll1culm clute. withoul
JII(1\\lII~ .'!lollgh uruc for the previousslab to gam the strengfh.
needle POInIS out toward. the archucct lor the aCI 01
1\0\\ the
,..,hnc" "lItlncghgcncc If you were the archucct III Ih" case how
"ould )IlU ",tcguard yourselves? For that, you should be particular In
(ollo'\lng certam procedures In your practice.
~ There must be a memorandum of understanding (\'1 0 u.) or a
lener of agreement SIgned between the archu cct and COilSUl13111S
dcfiOingthe areas ofresponsibilines. Thccoun may as well examme
w hC~lcr the cause offhilure was msufficicnt rcn rforcemeru
ti) You IllU~1 have bel ween the owner and the
<I contract signed
COl1lraCtOiusing the standard articles ofugrcen lelll prcscuhcd by
the lndum Institute of'Archuects and good and JlI Opel spcCliiCUh\1ll.'i
of wor~l11am.llIp included in the C(ll1lrJCI. The couuuct docum~nt
of rnu-t conunn spccrticauons ofwork, sp.!ClrYlllg dew IyIh~ periodof
n~lintlintng props IIIthe slabcentenng, ,1I\:llIlc":II~ hI' "'1"I\",,'ltlll\e
shall not gh e llralll1,tnlCtlOIl-S about the "urk and ,hall 11<11tllhu,-
tbesp:clticaUOl~,.lf](llI lUI!mCIi.lodll:allll )<\Uf""ll),"II_ln IJn)ll'\Cl
yourselves and prove that you as an ardillcd \\ c'I C 11111the c lIbC
fOI1II",h (II' ncgll!!elll act, w hich t:aus c <! ihc ,"'"d,'111
Nc!,ligcncc pre. ~IlPPO'CS a negatIve ~latllllnlllld ll"cl1c,'ll'
aWalelll'" as to what should he done or ,hnuld 11111 be ,hllle.llll aCCOliOI
for On~llllI~'ln cxcrCI'C cuut ron, In cnnunal cast',. even \111<:11 IIll' ntkncl'
1iI.~'il)'1 .;tl"d\ IljOlnlcfioo( llme~:,.
for am\ln "I conclu I

:::_*_I_,.h I~[llhty II" III "'""_

Iadividual. so: andthe c\ "leI

Be ... _ dleadlarfOrmsofenmlllul (I1T('n~"C't;'.,I> wh I

lIdIItect sIuIU keeP:younetvcs away nrc
i) FOIJCI)r.
Capyina 5181"'Un: ofochers or allenns lex lUI' ""(,IIIHem
I) Fraud:
.) Mia ........ 1!CJft:
Givirwwnlll8inbn .. utharutd
agent ofdicnl WI....... praper aurhonlV 10 do so
, Paj1IIy. Tdl... IiICIUIIIh.
RauClllbcr III ardIiIa;t m Ihc SOCICl)' must be looked Uponas
Flllcmall,. ~ baoclllllld law - abiding person \
"uldkeep up)'Clt ...... 1bis.
9. ~AplDIf.Pnl'lllf
A...... _I,., _... 1Llllbilhy
II!8UrlIIIaO provide a "PrOfcS}IO

Ihe a"'ltlle':l She reqtll"tro me 10 l<~-UC

a ICl1er";JlIng the bUlldm)!
under con-trucnon \\ as ~ullabl~ de>lgne<llor handlcal'J'l:d -tudems,
l:pon a'KIIl!; the reason lor such a lelterlro01 all archuect she -ard that
It \\ <I, the rcqurrcmenr of the goVcnlmcm dCl'anmenllor obt3lntng a
jinallclal help. Bcmg tlancrcd wuh such a reque't one would hal e
I""cd ,I kiter II nh a pude Instead I asked the 1m" to come uncr two
days In I he mean II me, r COntacled the ,eCI'I'I:1I vnl I he 'Oe1('IY. My
contentIon \Va~thallh~ ,,,crew), ofthe society hCIl1~the cwcuuvc.the
,lrehll"CI shonk! receive Ulsrruelions only fromlhc secretary and 1101
(inm any Oll,:,' Tlus ISUsImple rule of'good management. The secretary
Ihtu)kctl me lor nul acung on the request ofthc I'nlle)pal and mformed
me that some poluics a-, usual was going on IIIthe ;,oCIClyagaln,1 the
m"nag.:ment commutcc. and the lad) pnncrpnt was from the
JI"llnll'l1lcd group. The fal'iChood in the request ofthc principal was
obI rous. 1'01 financial help. gov emmern office. more logically may ask
lorcertllical<: of'cost ofconSlruclIon. In any case the reques; should
be Irom the secretary ot'the soc IeI)'.
The inferences you should draw from Ihis episode IS a Principle
ofGClod l\1'lnuI(Clllenl.
I he archncct sha II receive mstrucuons on Iy from til" client. One
rcsponsrblc person such as uie secretary or a person properly authorized
10dcal wuh IIIC archuecr. Others may discuss and express thcirvicws.
But architect shall not take lhal as all insnucuon and need not act on II.
lie shall dISCUSSthe matter with the secretary and ask for mstrucuons,
Similar] y, u rclutcct 01 lus representative or <tructural engineer alone
shall rn,lnlCI a contractor regarding construction work thaI 100 In wnnng,
and nOI C\ en the 0\\ ncr or.secretary, commntce member or 01\ ncr's
consulung engineer ere shall instruct the contractor dir ...ctly, All
instructions to contractor shall be routed through the Archucct. It IS
everybody 's re,poIl.~lbililY to aCI only at the mstrucuons unite' aurhonsed
person. If you act carelessly at others instrucuon- . you mcur :1Iiabt hry .

I,"'" 1I f Il'lIlh'" :llId ( unrrucr

A) This" a '1,IIlJarJ and slIJlable

ml!lhod I'll' . I luuoIS\\
. II'
.... ,1Slora
~ smJII bmldmg PJ'OJc'Cl.

B) Ratc ofan uerm- th~conunjuneut in thl~'01111

ot'h:ndCI Contraci,
Cl This 81\':' n treedom m theollner and blS ar.:hlleCIIO change the
deuuls of "or" dunng rhe cOnstrucliOIl. us he h;l~ a Ilbe~'lY10
increase or decrease the quantiues of any item OfWOlk, without
\ ;t..111118 the conuact,
The only disndvnmage in this 101111 OfcolltnlcllS the unccnaimy of
the linal alll0UI11 0 rlhe cost ofconstrucuon, Usu~II), u rs observed that
there 15 a til ffcrence In the COntract amount. i.e. csumate and the linal
blU ofthc contractor. I r the final biil is much more than the contract
amount, i.e. esumatc. then it may sometimes. pose difficulty for the
0\\ ner to arranuc ~ for the addrtional funds. Thrs creates displeasures
between the 0\\ ncr and the archirect. To keep till' possibility to the
mlRllnum, you as an archueci should take 3t most precauuon, i) You
should work out quantities and estimate prefer ahly from working
d!31\ rngs, as accurate as possible. ri) During the course of'construcuon
lffhen:rsa change 111 the work, which would increase the cost of work,
JI should be nouficd In writing (0 the owner 1'1'0111 rime to lime.
Inc:lscofpl1\atechcnts. that the "',
'1\' 'J1Cf p.1I' t I,ll..
11\:~ v"lle,
I ...... acccplin,,!he hkdy ,",'I''ClbC In CO'I "I'I..._
JiC"", f1\,'} ....ln C
t "0-' e . "''U\l
1ft \\ hell puttogC!hc. such chan;:c, make a Slzl..'ablcII1Cttas.
n. t
In I form of contr:lct.IIISa!sO cxpt.'Clcd of an ar<:hnccl\office
('en'"" 10 check the me35urClnel1t, of work done
or <upcl'\ ISO!) if" OJ I . . On
lie I;"lin rune III ume If a clerk of works is aprouucc .111nrehuect can
cen ... nl} uuhzc 111'!-el'\ ICes for recording and ch e.:k the II1CasurcrnenlS
(1 r "'01 I: dOlle 1111 sue, ~'I)U may iota lly rei), upon the pcrfolll1ance of a
clerk 01\\ '" lI.kd ),ou are sure that he I~ honest, kno\\'Icdge3ble
mil I"~~"I" )"IJ ;IIIJ to the client who pa)', lurn the salanes. Otherwise,
a smart Gilt: engineer ot'a contractor rna) make the sU(JI!r.lslon of a
~krk ofw orks IlIctTCClI\e It I' advisable. therefore. for an archlle'lto
crosscheck Ihe pcrfom13nCl! ofa clerk of \\ orks. \,Iost of the IIm""'.3
clerk of works IS nOI 5PPOUllCd for some reason by the OII"Ct;
,");lfIu:ul.uly IIIcase ofan InJl\ldual client.In such a case, your \\ ondoad Plans.
ISmCIl~Is..'d Your oflice has 10check measurements on sue, and make ;chedulcof
c. kulatulIl' ,I, well I hough tedIOUS. this IS an important funcllon. drawtngs In
(Jtlt,'J'\\ I' l' 1contractor may inflate quannues and prov c yourCShmate workIng dra
wrong. '(lUI duty I~1(1protect the interest ofthc 0\\ ncr, You should nOI cost ofconstli
fiul 1111 Itdl. I rnny ,ugg.'sl here, while engaging a structural engineer, you Ulcluded in
shuuld Inak!.: 111111agree 10 check the measurements of R.C.C items, coastruction
such ,IS CUl1Cn:11'.uu! rem forcernent steel or structural steel. An engineer Please r
b.:tng f;III1IIr<l1IClIl. docs II fast and your work IS reduced to that extes,
r Ire structural engineer can work out quanuues of concrete and 1.1) In
renforcement slcd from the detaitcd R.C.C. drawings. For that, he has a
One has (0 check on site whether the sizcsoi
not to spend IIn1C on sue. fo
R.C.C nX1n!Jcr"areaspc:rdrn',ingsandscbedule,lfthesi.zeofamember th
ISmore than the designed size, then the payment is only as per the design 1.2)
SIIe: Hthe sile ofa member is less than the design size, it shall be noted 0
caJcfully and payment shall be as per the Jesser quantity as per the aClual g


"'. 20$

.:.1"'11,_ "1.,11 't"I"t'r ~Intl ('#1"lrOll:1

TIll' ""'thod " more 'UlI~!:>lewhere the owner requires Iixed

, mmnmeru ofm\ ~""elll fon,onstructlon of a proJ~ To overcome
il1C pruhle-II' 01CO;.I0\ errun, which ,,(: find In an nem J1Uec~"l.thl~
method 01 'O'llf 1(1 shall be usefuL 1111515 suuable fo,!he construcnon
ofbullclln~. of" ~lInplc uatun, and wth no posssbihues of "dultlon, or
,111,'1,1111III, d,ulJIg the ()UI'l>C
of con"rucU(Jn One may lind ,I suuable
"" n rcpcnuvc w urk, such as CCm'!ruCllon of qll,lncrs otthc same
III'''~'' "" lIw vune SHC, ur an Illdividuill shed "If the (,rcen l luuscs 1)[
,111 III< h"tl"d ,hcd (,f 'I "mple design,

"\"'111 j 111Pili "" I" he Ob\cr\ ed \\ h ile Calli"!!,, I.u mp SII In


l. \\ur(.. fl. h(' carried (JUI ,hould be verv de~rh \h.,\\n b\

flll';II.\ f~1r>f"!1\\iI12\ ..

Plans, dc\ anons, l>CCIiOnS and all relevant details, mcluding a

.\dll~Jllknlrclnli ucemcm IIIcase ofR.C C, structure and a fahricauon ."
dl,l" lUgs III.,I'C ofa structural steel work, m short, a cOm(lICIC~CIor
1\ 01 ~"1!! dl,IIVII1!l' should be supplied 10 a contractor to \\ ork ounbe

,osl (JI ,III1,ltllCIIllI1 Minor details of rmling, grille, ell', should also be
,""'"ded III I Ill' ','I (ltum\\ 1J1-" ifthey arc required to be included In the
consu lICIlll11 CII't.

Pit-liS,' 110t~ hcrcthe di ffcrence

I. J lIn of <111 Item rate tender, an mdicau \C drawing and not
u \I 01 klllg drawing is required 10 be given along" uh a tender
fonn. Lxcept forthc Items thai are not clear enough m words.
the sketches arc required to supplement descripuon.
1,21 Ihc othcrdrflereoce IS, mcascofan IICOlrate rendcr.quannucs
of each and CVC!) item of work has to be \\ orkcd OUI and
~l\ en III Ihe schedule of quannues. But 111case of II lump sum
the contractor will work out for hunsclf ihcquannues
lor working out his quotation oflcr For ihnt.u rs essential to
give the contractor all the working details
Arc;hHOC1urllf Practice and PrOCect

!."pI'dlka 1inll'
-' \\ ork '''''C,ficallon5 ,hall be included 10 the IPn..
\1 ,len .I I'1U ,-- . I Jad -''''C!:
\ I .1 "'lImshc, such a, Iloor finish. pla';I".- finis 1. . 0, ,olou",. Ilatllll
etc C' crvtluog sh;llI be ckarl) IOdic'aICdon dra\\ II1g and 'lIPpkllll'IUed
III \\ .. rd~ So thnt the comractor \\,111be able out
10 \\ 011 cOlTetl
IJWIIIIII rc", II" conv erucnt to give a Ia,( of appro, cd material;

J. PIllrllbinl-: and Sanitary Fittings

I rille services are also to be included In the 11111111
SlIIlllel1(ler, dl~na
plnu log<'lhcl \\ ith tile spcci ficauons shall describe Ihe plumbing and the
sanunry work. One should specifically mention the ~I/C, colour and l11ake
(1rtl,,' sanunry fi It IIIgs. the diameter of a material and (he make etc. of
\\ ;hlC lmcs und sewage lme, underground 11I1~s.It IS proper 10 give a plaJ1
of drainage hne mcluding mspecnon chambers and up to the d,scol1l1ectUlg
chamber [uucrcepting chamber] and to include tlus work Ul the lump sum
tendc r,
Where mumcipal sew age lines are not available 10 a site. it septic
tank s!tall be constructed, and it shall be included III the lump sum tender.
Howcvcr.rhc architect should not forget (0 give a workmg drdwmgof Cncert:liO'
a scpuc tank, ifi( I:' nOI ready-made 10 be used." 11le UI
mdctalls in
4. Elcctrtcul Installntlcn
sum tcnde
Ifllte lump SlIl11 cost is to include an clccrrical rustallauou, you could be a
should uulicarc.the outlet position ..the control switch board positions, acontract
tile positions 01'1) 13M r.a .. the electrical meter position, etc. clearly on the O\\,I1.:r
the drawmg. Thc specifications should give details of'wire. switches contractor
and acccssones, control panel etc. You should also specify whether n
shall be a concealed wmng ora surface wiring. It IS con, ement to mclude \1) .
III the IUlnp sum tender. an elecrncaLinstallallon up to and mcluding ina lump
M!o\\n 0
for students. Please note carefully the tcnnmology used DI fferent supply fr
method, of calhng tenders refers 10method of c~lImg like 1111lied lender. public lIork, an
tender. pre-regtstruuon of contractors, while. dlffcrcntlYI'Cs of tender/contract
refers 10 item rule, lump SUI1), c9ii plus percentage, ere.
'" aboutthe

('nrcrl:lill il('llI\ III 1101'1..

lhc IIl1l'l'l I,1I11111111~ mean the ucms, 11111<'11,';11111111(",,,"I ked \)\11

III Ikl,ul, rn I I 1111S "I' quin uuies (111d cosi al the 11Il1l' (lllll'al "I~ ,I hunp
sun I tender II will 11(11he Ih" 10 uicludc Mid, ill.'lII' IlIlh,' 1,'lhlel 11
could he II I C: IS' III lor drsputc am I d1Splc:lS1U'C, I (11'(11 Cl all uncena 1111),
.colilraclOi 1I111Y cOII~Hlcr .r lughcr cust li.1' a Will k, Ih,'1\ Ills" II'" 1"
the owner On rhc other hand, Ii ;1goes bl'yolldlhc "\P,'lI:IIU'II,If.l
contractor 111 ('\IX:lldi(lIrc, I( nla~ have a lxul cll~,'1 on lus portonnancc.
\'y '1lggC,111I1I II III he mcludc cu" uf(_d ,11111.'Ii\1.',11" blu(,!mg
ma lump MUll lender 1I111~IIJl 10 a pornt from luuldmg, II IU"h can PI!
shown on a plan with it detinue length and a rIlC<1,IUI' I" "nug II ater
upply firun the source (tl (hal pornt should he 111'011,'<1 a, ,I '1.'1',)r,JI~
II/.rk. and should he ":I101rale from the IUI1I)I SIIIIII,'l1lkr quouuon.
Ihe 1t'o",1I11 I ., all ill' I nne o I' nOli IllIg a it:lldcl, you 111.1\ 1101 he ,'1.'11,1111
:tbcJUIIh~<I": IIIIIIICSI)"IICIII~ involved 111 hllll~'lilt' ",;!kl Ih'lIl;1 ~l'\II~':

. ~nl'" d,tr..:n:Ill.1Jr.mI.""""-_
.1 l .
uic ',ultlll1g
. It" hkcly that vou
./ llt:l} "'... .. ,.'.-Ittotllu.
- ll;lf~,),,,"~"'I~'" to Luc---..~'"
ofw at~,stlppl)' torthecoosuucnoe- sun "11.:<,nn':ClIon and dr.I1Il:l"~
the other 1\\'1'1-CC\ ices namely, el.:c(ll ....((151ofa IClllpornry el~
connection to a municipal drain.1ge Ime. a OlklnC"lltone, 'ilould
,uppl) (1'1(he site and (hen conv ~r1iJ)g IImlO I'" f :<lllll<.'Clmg 3 <Ira ll1age
k"'1'1out orlllc tenderquotanoa, SimIlarly t!teC(l!;tO ".j amb or ho Id
. I' 'c",'IUlg' I "", > II be J
10 a mumcrpal sewage line beyond the In Cl -I
ru e l,u111'sum,tend cr.

scpanne job and should not be a part 0 tn

\Vork below ground level

To be sincuy theoretical. the lisr Qfuncert811111cms cf'wor], WIll
include. the foundations ora building orWorJ...belo\\ the ground level
The depth o(":XCav3110n cannot be prediCted .. \ mal pu cannot be a1w3h
representauv Col'all the area of a butliling. Th<.' depth of ,:xC3\ 300n tOlally
depends upon meeting desired strata. Therefore. the depth of excav 1I1lon
vanes from column pu to pit, If the \anation 10depth I, nOI much :m<IYei
well wuhin the specified depih, thensuch a C~ may be suitable mrthe
lump sumtcndcr; Sites \\ ith slope or with challglOg suata are really IlO!
suitable for including foundanon work in the lump sum quotauon, 'Thert
may be a big difference between assunlPtJon~ and actual, It rna) prove
unfair [0 eithcrof'ihe parties [0 contract.
In such a case, it would be advisable to call the lump sum quotanon
fora work above the plinth level ora work in the super structure and 10
make it an item rate contract for a work below the plinth level. a
combination ofthc two.
The documents fora lump sum tender and contract include all
papers Similar to those in an Item rarecontract shall find place III a lump
sum contract, except for the following changes-
A) A bill of quantities need not be included.
B) Indicative drawing shall be replaced by a set of working drawings.
C) Articles of Agrecment.and General Condiuons ofContracts,lhe:.e
documents SIIALL BE included, with a note pruned under General
ArcJ1ltttctUt .,' Proctlc ,'. p toceduto 2Q9

( '""dUIUlh "!"('''RlTa"'' "only relevant clauses shal apply", Thi

'niln}' ot the clause-, Incant for ..m ucm rate contract
IIl"Y nut be .ele\ an, 10 a lump sum contract Ilowe, cr. these
(' c ncr al ("andUlons of Conrract alone grvc an allthont) to an
'" chuccr to 1II1plcIllCnI the contract Therefo re. th" ,,311 essenual
document to he included onthe contract
The ' Append,' shull be filled 111 by the archucct WIth a mutual
consent be lore "gl1l11 the contract. Clause 0 r"Vnlui.' or work for
uneurn cern ficatc" shall be replaced by a 'Schedule 1(11'
certuicatc 10J'payment' as explained below. The ownerand the
com ractor shnll sign the "Appendix" when fi lied 111
2. KlIl1llUlgAccount 13ills:The total amounuo be paid (the contract
amount) tS written to Articles or
Agreement However, the
conu actor shall require paj mcnt dunng the course of work. These
mstahncuts should be Iixed before entering an10the contract. The
amount could bc more or less as under,

~r. Lev el of" ork completed \1110un1 Iln~ able it'

'1o pcrrenl:lj!" ('I(to131 cost

I 1'1'1 \VOl k m foundation. and up (0.

mcluding plinth I ()'X, (0 I S%

2. Completion ofbnck work 30'X, (0 35/0

3. Roof work 20~Io,

4. Flooring 6%

5. Doors i1I1Uwindows 16IJ,o

6. Plasrenng & painung 10".

7 White wash, colour wash 2~.

Sanuary work and water supply 5~{'10 go~

9 Elecrrical instnllutron excluding firungs

like tube lights, fans, etc. 5~'tlto 8C'1/11


PI(, lSC "01<'

,"'" u...:(I<"II) '" gUldanee
T ese are (lppfO\ mate rc-rcC:01.lgc..: .. I(
> '1<1,.fR l ( II ork IIIchldlllg
I" C".lSC.' ofR c <. frame structure, ~<". 111'. de he rdled ,h,"""
K C( IOOllllgs.columns and all ,Ial>" bea
about ,I:s" .. 1<' 510 of total CO,I. 3' per ,,;1"-\.'
lUI I",I.IIITlclIl Ht 11lI<'I1nJpavmerus ,h<>u '"
ld t 'lIlll ,"oJ.. out wuh In!ulllal
' I '1'1 " .. I'
. . 'I'ISOII IlU ;.. , , C.~11 aillC
3gll'ClI1cllI. II here:an architect ha., In ,Il . . .
) "" shulIld not therefore. aarce 10 gel. ll'n'I" 1':1\,111':111;..
. . 111carltcr
Il1slall1lCIll. A cuntracror Inc~ to uke oulllllll Cmoney II( an cnrhcr
slilgc '" ", In reduce Ill, II1~esll11~nllll the I" OIC~1
1\) \\ ,h"nlh<: WOI k nn sue reaches ii' a r.1 rt tc.ular .'llll~C.
~ the ,ommetor
shouk! IIrue a lcucr (BIll) The ar.:hllCd ~hollid check the w(lrk
and I'sue .1cernfic.ue for payment 10 t Iie II. muu, ~'101 . Wlule .101112_
"'. the architect should deduct the amllunts ",10111'\\'
1\) Retention percentage as agreed upon anti entered to the
H) t ",t nf BUIlding material ifsuprhed by th c 0\\ ncr,

3 ('(lst I'll" I'cl'ccnta~ c Basi, A third method of contract called I,

Conti .ict 011Super; ision BaSIS. The S3111eIb rc lerrcd to [IS' (' OSI
plus pcrccntnge basts contract'.
111this t) pc 0 COI1II1lCLIhc contractor 1Il1i1,t works a~ (I 'viANAt,ER
ol'thc construcuon work. H~ organizes for labour and material and the
Oil ner pays fOI labour and material from 11l11C 10 umc. There is no
tn\ cstment ofthe Cl)IlII1ICIOr in the work. The contractor IS paid cenam
percentage on the actual COSI of labour and the matcnal as hIS If the \\
commission or carmngs ....0111<:11111,,.a fixed amounus agreed upon as other r
comrmssion or earmngs ofthe conu.ictor on Ih c project. In this S) stem payrue
of contract. the owner has 10 spend separalely lor the construction (II compr
stores for cement and other marcrul, The 01l11cr has to pay the salanes ,
of the watchmen. TOIl I; and equipmem requllI:d for the construction
.' . The Iii
such as bamboos. ghamela, phawada arc rcqUI1'ed h) be supplied by know I
left hl!
" , <lIOn, II ""m "'''I;rn,.,..tIh )rough,,, rent \\hl,'lcmncrlu,
II I' r
c 1\\ I'e h S 1('1 arranee for cor-crete 1111:\IUrc centenng
ter '" ircr I(Jr. e tank 00 ':)tlC clcctr C"JI \\..11c" pump ere \\ 111;,;11

L ~ ill\ JII c or Jllll!'IJl'Ct.IUl!"'ed,C'('rot:l'-~t\\O

1\T" O'C(Ir:~ "'''' IJtJ1C"""~prU\J""I(Jl ~ IJ~nlS0I.:h) ihc conu ..u'tcu ~t..,
lOJlrr II.: (lJ ~c'labJI!tllI11cn'on site .u his own CO:,>t
"~JIJr!' Ilu, r ItL'tI'(kll~ '1111""k ,111iub. \\ her ...II "JI nil"" II III \\ Ilrk out the
'''"k ,,,,,,,klatlcJ c,'''n,l(~"~I'''''' han" In c .. ,c ofhe.ivv
'I"P""' '"'' hUlldlllJ:( 1111101>1101 be I'"s"bl ...I" p,ed'lllh c ,k,t"ll. ,;,.
~('" \\ Ilrk I II "111.1111111.:5 1)1' wo: k because elf sheer u.uure of \\ (Irk. r:or
~ e~,"lI"lc rcp.urs h'<,eJ' .~".n IllH" slab. m \\ all due III Ic.kage III a
f(},f ..'I, or ,I rCllgtJ 1l."Jfrl'" (It old hu Ildlng etc.
111.1\C seen ners uJopting
11\\ Ii",
type of'contracr They forrn a
d,I" hy themselves nw'<?own~~, have, I) Llkmg fnrCI\1I.:on,tnu:uon
II ",k. II) I he) fill' C SP;lrC 11l11~ev eryday out of their busme-, 'c hedolc,
II ,,,,,,,11,') ork 'lie, ,1'1C3!>ur ...of 1:1"''''1011') 11lCYmay nOI
"II)l') OIl \\
1t.IIl'" "dilill" ,,1,111,
hili -omc vague ideas about the b.IIIdll1).! II I, , L'I)'
dillil'"h 10 "Ill' J""fi:ssillnal scrv IC':S 10 such pcoplo.:, '" Ihey do 1101
ill'~"l'll'lI"l'''"ln''l"I'" Iphnc Many OWJlcfSconsider 1111''SUllt!IV"II)11
Ims;s con Ir dl"I' ;is un cconunucal mel hod or construe 111111BUl i l is a
nouon, \'011 should nOI overlook 111Cfolloll ing pomb _
I. BuilulIlg11I.II,'ri.11 squandered on sue ISa drrect loss to theowner.
Ihc conn actor Is nOI 111-;.:1) 10 be careful, as he has 1I0t invested in
Ihe bUIlding n uucria I,.
2. 1(lhl' \\ ork ha, 10 be d e mohshed for sub-standard quahty Orsome
other reason. It .s a los" 10 the owner In terms ofloss oflabour
ra) menr and material \\ aste. Then the natural tendency is 10
compromise Wllh the siruauon.
J. Ihe Iinal cost of'rhc project is Dol known before hand. as ilis
kno n IIIcase ora IUITIp sum contract. Often the construction is
Idl'mlfwDY lor' wnnt offends.
~12 lural PrllctiCO and Proce<h;'t,!

\th nl1l"l!C~a~ Ihe 0\\ ners lind in it

. freedom
0\\ ner enjovs . 10 make a num
. I th th 8n
dunng the Course of constnlclion. [ThiS IS ag~:,:~ e I~k ng
proccs-, of a formally trained archilccl, who wi - 'I a nUm"", or
ahC"I1LIII\<'S' all paper

\\ 'hen fInally ms conccp l> ill": C car and ,~"'-
on ".Iper. he would hardly make change, dunng con'in.Cllon.;
-, The U\\ ncr can suspend COn,lnlCIIOn \\ ork ,any urrtc w l!huul onY

Ilfa (.'Olllruciur

I. C0I1II'flClorsh<l11 collect ihe comparauvc I'JI~' ~fthe bUlldlOg

l1)atcn<Jllo be purchased as well as labour rates Irom the labour
<'ontraclors for the owner to make hIS choice [In re.:alily ihe
COnllaclor hunselfputs forth a schedule oflabour ratcosofhl>OWIl.j
2. \\1Iil<:111akmgpurchase ofbuildmgmatenal iflhc"I1:be ,mydi<;cOI.Q
or rebate, II shall be passed on 10 the owner,
J. The succc-,-, or IllS method of contrnct entirely depends on Ill<: Tbed ..-m
hOIlC'IYand Sin""" oftbe connacrorto the \\ ork and 10Iheowfll.T.
Tender 1'01'demolitioll \I ",I-. 1l"0 real 0
bi3 old binldin
In cines and towns. the old buildings have to give way I() the new Ol.:rcomc ihrs
bui IeliO$. as m naturc, old cells give WIly to new, The r cason could be
sndthe lender
tile CC0J10111ic Iife ora building gets over, or a bUilding is 1101 suitable to
rhc needs oi'prescl1I gcnclnllon.l11creforc,lhcl'c could be an occasion wsether. The
for an architect's office to invite tenders forthcdcl11o"trOIl ora burldmg. ~IO the tend
brgger off! ..r Ii
Business of dcmolition contracter 15IIIKontra
A contractor undertakes 10 del1lolish a buildln~' By employmg
labours, all the building etementsare scpar.llcd cardully. Old bncks,
even bnck bats, stones from masonry. fr.tl11cs ofdoo r~ and windows. "",rk:
floor-nics, rough shahbad, polished stone hies, umber, proofing sheets, V,'ork to
stecl or timber trusses etc. all the ekmclIIs have a resell value. l.ven maybe
metal from electrical wiring that is rrppcd olTold (J I <lilt I C.I pipes can be at til t
"'<Irk J c

feldllllon.:) Occa"onally, the debris rs sold to a needv person fur

filhnggruu~d. ~hu, all the buildmg rnatcnal ,,'CO\ cred ,~,sold by the
. ion conn
dclnohl .'elnr. 111" "th c. mcorne side
fl. I - for a,.,
dl- ..,,}
II t10Jl C01'tr::~tor.
"lule c",1 0 ., lour, cquircd tor demolition and co I t
ide ' 0 trnnspon are
DillCOlll!!'. C OIlS! cnng lu profit margm the d"111)11
~ ... I ' ... l I IOt1 contractor
",\ e, Ill' ol1(;r 10[lure lase ;1bu!ldmg for i ISd'sinIC!,'TIlI.on

I'rocrdurr 1'(11' Calling Tender lor I)e,nolition \Vork

I. A nonce in a newspaper shall be '"aiven inviungzme the c1cmo I'iuon

con tr;t~IOII'SrOl' g Ivll~g th:;r \)!fcr~ on prj nted fa I'll". wmcn arc
rr~par\!d 'Y the architect s of IIce, This blank tender 10.1111, sold
10 the conrructors The fi lied in tender along wuhthe Earnest tvlonc}
Dcpostt " to be subrmncd on the prescribed date and lime to the
arclut ext's office.

, AltemallndJi, a lender for demohnon work is included III the tender

for the new consrrucnon work, prov ided the new construcuonrs
10 come lip rmmediatcly.

The demolition COI1U'aCIOrsin a 10\\'11are comparauv ely a f~\\III

numbers. Therefore, IllS likely that they form a clan, and II is said there
IS f','C) rca I open COIll pel 111011. The owner may 1101 gcn he I'C~ I price lor
hrsold buildmg. Hccausc the demolition contractors ng the biddmg. To
overcome I tns elirlicul Iy 10 some extent, the tendei forthe dcrnoliuon
and the lender for the new construction arc rUI together and considered
together. Tile lenders arc sold to the building contractors. In order h)
wm the lender Il) construction. the contractor tnes 111, best III gl\ c
biggeroffer fur demolition work, The dernohuon contractor work 3,
a sub-contractor of the general contractor

Precautiunv (0 bl' taken \\ hile drafting u tender fur dClllulilion

L Work 10 be dcmohshvd should be clcai ly tk,Cllbl'll "hlllldll1!,t
may be required 10 he riC111111I shed rotally lip IlIth~ glllllnd \11 may
beat tunex, II I~ Ieq uircd 10 be dernol ish c d p,1I11Y 'I he dCl110hllnil
work required 10 be carried out must be stated Vc l) clearl)
Archl!.C: ,ural Practl,o and ee

, - ed o or allJlChed loa hUllJmglSIQ
II iI IJlllcdthale>L-rytIu:1g I:X, ~ h del1l0lillOn conlraCI
h d d d 3'''' I e Or,
e r'd'mol",' an ea .....C a\\,' .... :cam
ed3\\'a) 0) IhCCOnlraclor <;~pe.
~'bioll 0
Bull III' C ements thal.:r~ no! :.J L~ lend!:r fom' 1.II1"r If oVl'ller
- Super"ISI
t ,III he spc.;llicall} mentioned Ul We r;o UII\'''flIO purchase Ih
be .<1
II lilts to n:' un certam Ilnngs, Ie II 111 em .'31 nnilll

nom the dcmoh non contractor I" ually unp

,;eq , 1
At tunes, Ihe owner has scnnmefJl5, anac rachcd 10 clecmcal fans 0 r ' I1)C\lOI1,
1 COil> 1 ,ha 11
ul Iicr I"If!dmg clements such as d resse d , IOlle, etc. and doc, 1101 lhell yOU. ,
\I OIIIf I{. I'W1 , thJngss hou 11beexpn:"I)
with. Such I . nlenuul1cd 10 well \'CI-scd 111
h:Jld,," departrllcnt, e:
I Ire ClIl1lr.lclor rnspccts Ih.: bUlldmg and taking InIO accouru the 1l1er~art: eng
~a" age I allll! of'thc buildina that he could recov cr. give, hISbid, practIce. ius II
I JcJlluhUUI1l1pto the ground kId has to be sp<.'Cllically Illentlonc~ tf fora project:
It'SM)(CqIlIlCd, rllcderllohuonconlJ'3tlol'ohardl) ra:o,eran)1hmg
lIullllh, phnth and are reluctant to demolish the plmth up 10the .\s per code
gnuuid. I hen: has 10 be .1 clear meruion In the rcnder abouut.
The eo
5. I )ISI.'Ollllc'\:lIoll ofthc Sen Ices to the BUlldrng.; Clear Il1sq;pclions
\Iwager" as
~h,,11he gl\ en regardmg the disconnecnon of electrical supply. water
asepanlle a
xuppl y .uul til;! mage.
more nUJ11bc
6, I ;!nlL'sl money dcposn of'sufficienr value shall be asked trom every II is not suita
hnkler, iolollg', flit hIS tilled in tender, The selected contractorshall
the construe
[1,1) tIll: Iioilamouru of his bid 10 the owner before commcnci ng Ole
assistthe arcl
d':llIohl I( >II work.
achieved. J\
7, I he cnncsr ruoney deposit shall be returned 10 the unsuccessful prescribed b
lcndeicrs soon ntlerthe selectcdcontractor has paid the full amount an archucc
of hid
S, I he earn cst moncy of the selected contractor sh;11Ibe returned
only aflcr tho contractor has demolished the buildinu and has Architect
cleared the sill! 10 the sausfacnon oft lie o\Vner'archiwc~,
;\ specimen ofGeneral Condillon:.mcludcd In a dcrnolinon tender' project for
(.'011lract is given ill Appendix. It is recommel1ded 10study II carefully. beinglhe 0
executed u

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