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Sekolah : SMA Negeri 14 Palembang

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas/Semester : XI IPS/Ganjil
Materi : Expressing Pleasure
Alokasi Waktu : 1 x 45 menit

Standar Kompetensi :

1. Memahami makna dalam percakapan transaksional/interpersonal resmi

dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari.
2. Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks percakapan transaksional resmi dan
percakapan berlanjut (sustained) secara akurat, lancar, dan berterima dalam
konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan mengakses ilmu pengetahuan.

Kompetensi Dasar :

1.1 Merespon makna dalam percakapan transaksional (to get things done) dan
interpersonal (bersosialisasi) resmi dan tak resmi secara akurat, lancar, dan
berterima menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan yang melibatkan tindak tutur:
menyatakan perasaan (expressing:pleasure).

2.1 Mengungkapkan makna dalam percakapan transaksional (to get things done)
dan interpersonal (bersosialisasi) resmi dan tak resmi dalam ragam lisan
secara akurat, lancar dan berterima yang melibatkan tindak tutur: menyatakan
perasaan (expressing:pleasure).

Indikator :

1. Siswa dapat memahami arti dari expressing pleasure

2. Siswa dapat mengetahui ekspresi dan respon pleasure
3. Siswa dapat mengetahui kosa kata baru yang berhubungan dengan expressing
4. Siswa dapat menggunakan expressing pleasure dalam kegiatan sehari-hari
5. Siswa dapat menjawab soal yang berkaitan dengan expressing pleasure

Tujuan Pembelajaran:
Pada akhir pembelajaran siswa dapat :

Memahami expressing pleasure

Memahami dan mengetahui struktur dari expressing pleasure
Mengidentifikasi kosa kata yang berhubungan dengan expressing pleasure
Menjawab soal yang berhubungan dengan expressing pleasure
Percaya diri dalam mengungkapkan expressing pleasure
Materi Pembelajaran :

Expressing Pleasure means expressing enjoyment , happiness or satisfaction. It is used

to express pleasure, showing ones feeling of happiness.

is an expression that is used to show that someone or people are glad/pleasure have
excited feelings.

We show this expression when we are pleasure or glad as the experiencer or as the

Expressing pleasure Response

Im so pleased Im glad you like it
It was a joyful time! Yes, we can experience it again later
Thats wonderful! Really ?
Fantastic! Yeah
What a great idea! Im so exited!
It sounds good. Agree!
It was great! Yes, it was.
Im delighted about it Me too. Lets go!

Expressing pleasure

Im so pleased (aku sangat senang)

it was a joyful time! (itu waktu yang menyenangkan)
thats wonderful (itu sangat bagus)
Fantastic (luar biasa)
what a great idea (ide yang bagus)
it sounds good (kedengarannya bagus)
it was great (itu sangat menyenangkan)
Im delighted about that (aku gembira tentang itu)

Response expressing pleasure

Im glad you like it (aku senang kau menyukainya)
Yes, we can experience it again later (ya, kita bisa mengalaminya lagi nanti)
Really? (benarkah)
Yeah (iya)
Im so excited (saya sangat gembira)
Agree! (setuju)
Yes, it was. (ya, itu)
Me too. Lets go! (aku juga. Ayo!)

Example expression pleasure in the video:

Dialog 1 (Going home for the holidays)

Man 1: you look quite happy today, have you won a prize or something?
Man 2: No. Im actually going to my hometown for the summer holidays this year.
Man 1: Really? Thats great news.
Man 2: it is indeed. Ill be seeing my family after 3 long years. You cant even imagine
how thrilled I am. I miss my family so much!
Man 1: When are you leaving?
Man 2: Tomorrow. The flight takes off at 6 pm.
Man 1: have a nice trip, huey!

Dialog 2 (Getting a new car)

Man : hey Avira. I heard youre buying a new car. Is that right?
Avira : yes. Im finally buying my first new car!
Man : so which one will it be?
Avira : Im bit confused right now. As iam so excited about it, Ive test driven almost every
car that fits my budget.
Man : Really? Wow. Youre really enjoying this, arent you?
Avira : obviously! After all, its the first car that Ill be buying with my own hard earned
Man : you have all the rights to feel this way. Its a big thing. Congratulations!
Avira : Thank you!

Dialog 3 (Won a ticket to your favorite play)

Man 1 : Hey dude. Are you going somewhere?
Man 2 : yeah. Do you remember I was talking to you about a play?
Man 1: The play which you wanted to see, but couldnt afford the tickets?
Man 2: Correct! You know what? I won a free ticket for tonight!
Man 1: what are you saying, man? How did you win it?
Man 2: I was zapping last night and there was this TV game show on. They asked a question
and the prize was a surprise. I texted them the answer and as it was correct, I won the
Man 1: thats terrific! Youre such a lucky guy.

Dialog 4 (Getting a promotion)

Woman : someone looks very happy today!
Man : Oh, I am jumping for joy! I finally got the promotion I was long waiting for.
Woman : You mean youre the general manager now?
Man : Right on the spot! Im the new general manager and Ill be based in Gneva.
Woman : Thats wonderful news! Well finally be able to settle down!
Man : Yup. And on top of that, theyll be providing me with living accommodation.
Woman : I couldnt have asked for more Huey. Im so happy for you!
Man : This calls for a celebration! Get your coat honey, were going out!

Repeat these phrases

You look quite happy today

(kamu terlihat sangat senang hari ini)
You cant even imagine how thrilled I am.
( kamu tidak bisa membayangkan betapa senangnya saya)
Youre really enjoying this, arent you?
(kamu sangat menikmati ini, bukan?)
Thats terrific! Youre such a lucky guy
(itu hebat! Kamu pria yang beruntung)
Someone looks very happy today!
(seseorang kelihatan sangat senang hari ini)
Oh, I am jumping for joy
(oh, saya melompat kegirangan)
Thats wonderful news!
(Itu berita yang sangat bagus)
Im so happy for you!
(Aku sangat senang untukmu)
This calls for a celebration (ini panggilan untuk perayaan)

Metode Pembelajaran/Teknik: Mendengarkan, penguasaan individu dan kelompok.

Langkah-langkah Kegiatan :

Kegiatan Awal Pendahuluan:

Mengucapkan salam dan menanyakan keadaan siswa.
Mengabsen siswa.
Menanyakan tentang pelajaran sebelumnya.

Kegiatan Inti
Dalam kegiatan eksplorasi guru:

Menanyakan kepada siswa tentang expressing pleasure.

Menampilkan expressing pleasure beserta respon melalui media
pembelajaran (infokus).
meminta siswa untuk membaca materi yang berhubungan dengan
expressing pleasure.
menampilkan video yang berkaitan dengan expressing pleasure

Dalam kegiatan elaborasi guru:

Meminta siswa untuk membuat dialog secara berpasangan yang

berhubungan dengan expressing pleasure.
Meminta siswa berpasangan mempraktekkan dialog untuk
menyatakan perasaan (expressing feeling: pleasure) yang dipilih
secara acak oleh guru

Dalam kegiatan konfirmasi guru:

Guru memberikan kesempatan kepada siswa untuk bertanya

tentang hal-hal yang belum diketahui siswa.
Meminta siswa untuk menjawab soal yang berkaitan tentang
expressing pleasure.
Kegiatan Penutup
Mengulang kembali materi tentang expressing pleasure.
Guru memberikan tugas individu berkaitan tentang expressing
Guru menginformasikan kepada siswa tentang materi berikutnya.


1. Afif : do you enjoy this place?

Bustomi : Yes, ________. This place is gorgeous.
A. I like it D. Im not satisfied
B. Iam bored E. Im fine
C. I dont mind

2. Edgar : Mr. Nathan said to me that he loves our performance.

Lilo : Really? Im happy ________
A. I got an achievement D. you tell him our hardwork
B. We could make it bigger E. I choose to study at this school
C. everything is running well

3. Kurnia : hows your feeling, Iroh?

Iroh : ________
Kurnia : Oh, dont be sad.
A. It is weird D. its so relieving
B. I feel alright E. Im feeling blue
C. it tastes bitter

4. Sheryl : sorry, Im late to come here. Hows your leg? Is it okay?

Dana : it is okay. But _______. Its hard to walk.
A. its getting better D. its very painful
B. Im not okay E. my hands hurt so much
C. I feel good

5. Febi : Im sorry for what _______.

Indy : thanks. I feel so terrible.
febi : you mustnt say that.
A. Happen D. Has happened
B. Happened E. being Happened
C. Happening
6. Merry : _________
Jonas : should I take you home?
Merry : yes, please. I need to take a rest.
A. I feel fine recently D. I dont want to go home
B. Im not feeling well E. I feel so good today.
C. Im not ready to see you

7. Dika : how was your reunion?

Bembi : it was ________! Im really happy to meet them again.
A. a joyful time D. it is awful
B. nice memory E. I hope so
C. dissatisfied

8. Boy : what do you think about novel?

Eza : ___________. Its very imaginative. I hope theres director who can make a
based on this novel.
A. I dont like reading D. It is awful
B. I havent read it E. I hope so
C. Its so fantastic

9. Tori : Do you know about our study tour plan to Bandung?

Ahmad : Yes, I do. _________ I have ever heard today.
A. its the better thing D. Its the best thing
B. Its the good thing E. I dont care
C. Its sound nothing

10. Acung : thanks a lot for teaching me English vocabulary.

Kokom: ________. We can practice together again if you want to.
A. thats very kind of you D. its the best thing
B. I have no idea about it E. My pleasure
C. no, thanks.


1. A. I like it
2. C. everything is running well
3. E. Im feeling blue
4. D. its very painful
5. A. happen
6. B. Im not feeling well
7. A. a joyful time
8. C. its so fantastic
9. D. its the best thing
10. E. my pleasure
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Untuk jawaban benar = 10

Jumlah soal = 10
Jumlah skor maksimal= 10 x 10 = 100
Nilai maksimal = 100

Nilai Siswa = x100

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