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for a healthier life
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Psychology Today is devoted to

everyones favorite subject:

For over 50 years,
Psychology Today has
dedicated itself to exploring the connections
between mind, body, and spirit!

In every issue,
Psychology Today addresses why we
behave the way we do and how we engage
with the world around us; as well as how we
react to life stages, including birth, career
choices, marriage, adversity, and success.

Psychology Today assists our readers with

making healthy lifestyle decisions by embracing
positive behavioral changes that influence not
only themselves but the world around them!
for a healthier life

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10 Physical Health
for a healthier life

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34% male 63% Employed

61% Professional/

Education Circulation
Attended/ Guaranteed Rate Base 260,000
77.7% Graduated Readers Per Copy 15.39
College+ Total Audience 4,001,400

Median Age 48
1849 53.5%

2554 51.4%

3549 43.5%

Income HHI $86,612 Social Media

$40,000+ 75.5% 7.2M likes
$50,000+ 67.3%
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for a healthier life

A Healthy Editorial Mix

editorial breakdown

Psychology Today embraces the fact that wellness is as much about self-awareness
and self-care as it is physical health. Every issue offers trusted advice from experts
in the fields of relationships and self-esteem, sexual health, nutrition, and everyday
health issues.

By putting into perspective the latest research and trends, Psychology Today
provides useful advice thats balanced and inspirational, offering a step-by-step
plan for healthy living on topics that are designed to help readers take immediate
action in their lives.

Food &
Health &
Nutrition Medical

Trends & Self-Help
for a healthier life

editorial features

A first-person essay on a highly

News & Tips charged topic that is front and center
We explore fresh and helpful research on the cultural stage.
on topics like relationships, habits, and
planning for the future, breaking down Solutions
new findings into bite-sized lessons. From loving well to understanding
addiction, a rotating cast of writers
Unconventional Wisdom addresses contemporary issues with
A sassy advice column by Editor unusual insight.
at Large Hara Estroff Marano that
addresses sexual, emotional, and Two-Minute Memoir
familial quandaries with humor and First-person narratives that capture
verve. life-changing moments and revelations.

Scientists, artists, philosophers, and
other bright minds speak with us about SOLUTIONS

their work and offer new perspectives THE MIRACLE ON YORK AVENUE
After high school, I went to
Queens College, the $34-a-semester
commuter schoolmy parents could

on human behavior.
afford. At night, I drove a taxicab to
make some money.
One day, my girlfriend told me
that there was a secret university
in Manhattan that had the worlds
highest concentration of science
Nobel Prize-winners: The Rockefeller
University. That night, I drove by
the university, on York Avenue, to
see whether anyone was hailing a
cab. Three times, I drove around the
block. No luck. But the fourth time, a
man hailed me. I asked if he worked
at Rockefeller. Not only did he work
there, he was a professor there: Neal
Miller, who was trying to prove that
biofeedback worked (this was 1970). I
said, jokingly, Im not letting you out
pick me, pp910: Politics meets perception cONSULTATiON, of this cab until you give me a job.

pp1415: The lessons of profanity expLOrATiONS, pp1819: Fortunately, he laughed and said,
How happily coupled people see attractive singles BUrNiNg Send me a letter of inquiry. After

The Accidental
QUeSTiON, p20: The mystery of adult coloring books OpTicS, my shift ended at midnight, I raced
p21: Loneliness across the lifespan UNcONveNTiONAL home to type the letter and put it in

Career Coach
WiSdOm, p22: Finding your way in life means making a plan the mail.
While not always the case, persis-
tence and assertiveness helped. Even
though I was a lowly cabbie, I was bold
How to find a calling (Hint: with pluck and a penchant
enough to ask an eminent researcher
for action) BY MARTY NEMKO
for a joband I immediately followed
through with a letter.

WAS BORN in a Bronx tenement to two uneducated immigrants
straight off the boat from the Holocaust. My father and mother could FAST FAILURES
get only minimum-wage jobs as factory workers. All they spoke was I ended up working at Rockefeller
Polish and very broken English. And I was beaten with Ze Strap almost daily. as a research assistant for six months.
Fortunately, I was born smart. Of course, I deserve no credit for that. My For the first time in my life, however,
mother told me that I was reading, although not understanding, the newspaper when my supervisor tried to teach me
by the time I was 3. I somehow had taught myself to read by watching the 5-inch how to design a computer, I encoun-
DuMont television that my parents had bought used. tered something that was too difficult

Although I rarely practiced the $50 piano my parents acquired, by age 12 I was for me. Embarrassed, I quit.
perhaps the worlds youngest barroom piano player, leading a bunch of drunks in Not having finished my bach-
a Bronx saloon singing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. By the time I was 22, I had elors degree yet, I wanted to try to
played over 2,000 union gigs, including with the famed Peter Duchin Orchestra. get some course credit for my work


PT0916_Solutions_r1.indd 48 19/7/2016 4:30 PM

Composite image: pan and hillary Clinton headshot: alamy, all other headshots and baCkground: shutterstoCk

Person of Interest
the hot seAt death penalty? Dukakiss response, in
which he dryly reiterated anticapital pun-
radical shifts in voters appraisals of the
candidates are unlikely.
Can an 11th-hour slip tarnish ishment talking points, was widely panned. The public has gotten quite a long look at
a Candidates image? He had the most bland, bureaucratic Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. People
answer, and it revealed a lot about him, who are paying attention to politics have
During A presiDentiAl debate in 1988, says Michael A. Genovese, a leadership evaluated them thousands of times, so for

Celebrities and unknowns alike

Democratic candidate Michael Duka- scholar at Loyola Marymount University. them to change their opinion, its going to
kis received a question about his wife. He As the 2016 candidates enter the white- take something colossal, says Stony Brook
responded calmly, evenly, and with a facial hot light of the debate stage, could such a University political scientist Milton Lodge.
expression youd expect someone to wear moment rock voters opinions enough to An unflattering remark is more likely to
when discussing the national budget. The make a difference? In an election season shape a candidates image early in his or her
question: If Kitty Dukakis were raped and with more than its share of controversial introduction to the electorateas in 2008,
murdered, would you favor an irrevocable comments, there are reasons to believe that when Katie Couric appeared to baffle vice

september/oCtober I 2016 I psyChology today I 9

receive in-depth profiles that offer
AM0916_Insights_Opener_r1.indd 9 25/7/16 11:51 am

lessons for everyone.

We analyze and compare new releases
on topics ranging from the secrets of
spies to the quest for immortality.
for a healthier life

Eccentrics Corner Mind Your Body

editorial features

A probing conversation with zany, Tips for improved mood and optimal
mysterious, and brilliant artists, health, from ways to get the most out
ground-breaking scientists, and of your doctor visits to physical and
other unconventional types. emotional pick-me-ups.

Natures Bounty
personality l q+a
From a top chefs focus on nutrition
eccentrics corner
and taste to a growers dedication to the
functional properties of his crops, this
obsession pays off
its not so crazy that
rachel bloom mines
her emotional history
for material: being
in love and creativity

feature takes a look at every stage of our

have always been
synonymous for me.

food, from cultivation to consumption.

Crazy Like an Ex SINGle Female BehaVIoR: Go-

maN. WhY DID YoU TaKe ThaT
Rachel Bloom turned her struggles with depression,
oN? When Aline Brosh McKenna, the
anxiety, and romantic obsessionnot to mention her love
series cocreator, made the original
of musical theaterinto one of the most unlikely television
pitch, her idea was that everyone has
successes of recent years. by Lisa a. PhiLLiPs
either been a crazy ex or had one. That

Romance, family, friendship, and more:

really resonated with me because for

achel Bloom, the Gold- seems like any womans nightmare, a lot of my life I was very boy crazy
en Globewinning star and but the result is a funny, unflinchingly boy crazy being a lighter term for
cocreator of the CW musi- honest look at mental illness, roman- being heavily obsessed, with really in-
Smallz & raSkind/the cW netWOrk, llc 2015

We illuminate the ties that bind us and

cal sitcom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is open tic obsession, and, as Bloom puts it, tense mood swings and my self-worth
about her own lifelong struggles with the truth behind stereotypes. The wrapped up in my crushes.
depression and anxietyburdens she show, recently nominated for four
shares with Rebecca Bunch, her TV Emmys, returns for its second season aND ReBecca haS The Same
alter ego. Rebecca abandons her high- on October 21. ISSUeS? It never occurred to us to

the pathways to a happier coexistence.

powered job as a Manhattan attorney make Rebecca a laughed-at character,
to chase her ex-boyfriend, Josh, to a CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND TacKleS someone looked at with a male gaze
bland California suburb. The premise oNe oF The BIGGeST TaBooS oF from the outside in. We wanted to

September/OctOber I 2016 I pSychOlOgy tOday I 27

PT0916_Eccentric_r1.indd 27 15/7/16 10:51 am

Supplemental Science

The freshest knowledge about the

vitamins and nutrients that enrich our
physical and mental well-being.
UDDING ROMANTIC relationships are often
laced with as much anxiety as excitement:
Theres the pounding heart before a first kiss,
the internal calculation to share confidences and inti-
mate revelations, the nervousness about meeting a new
partners family.
Perhaps no early relationship milestone is as imbued

with meaningand trepidationas the first utterance
of I love you. The fear of nonreciprocation after saying
it is enough to prompt many people to hold back, says
Art Markman, a psychologist at the University of Texas,
Supplemental Science Austin. If one person is feeling an intense emotion and
the other is not, then declaring love can create a moment
of truth for a relationship, where reservations have to be
discussed. And because saying it flags not only an intense
emotion but also ones level of commitment to a relation-

Time for
ship, experts find that the phrase is loaded with different
signifiers, depending on who says it first and when, as well

a Brake
as how one reacts to hearing it.
In heterosexual relationships, its commonly assumed
that the woman is the one who says I love you first. Yet
studies show that its actually men most of the time, and

Magic Words
GABA is a neurotransmitter one reason for that may be that they feel love first. In a
that slows brain activity 2011 study published in The Journal of Social Psychology,
but may speed relief from Marissa Harrison, an associate professor of psychology at

depression and gure in Theres more to saying I love you than sharing Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, found that men
other mental disorders. a powerful emotion. BY JENNA BIRCH reported feeling and confessing love as early as a few weeks


UR BRAINS, like race car
drivers straining for the
starting signal, are gener-

ally raring to go. Given a trigger, our

PT0916_Relationships_r1.indd 40 7/14/16 12:59 PM

neurons spring into action, relaying

information to their neighbors. And

like those drivers, wed quickly run
into trouble without a sturdy brake.
Thats the role of GABA, or gamma-
aminobutyric acid: It keeps neurons
from firing after their mission is

Based on new research with a health/

GABA, chemically distinct from
such neurotransmitters as serotonin
and dopamine, has only one chemi-
cal peer in the brainglutamate. The

biology twist. What do your sexual

two are widely distributed and work
together like a gas pedal and brake to
regulate neuronal activ-
GABA GONE ity. The gas pedal gluta-
WRONG mate binds to neuronal

fantasies reveal about your personality?

GABA DEFICIT IS LINKED TO: receptors, stimulating
ANXIETY the cells to fire. Their
DEPRESSION work done, GABA takes
SCHIZOPHRENIA excitability.
BIPOLAR DISORDER When functioning
EPILEPSY properly, the system
helps regulate brain cell
activity. But new research suggests

that GABA, especially through its

balancing act with glutamate, plays

September/OctOber I 2016 I pSychOlOgy tOday I 31

PT0916_SupplementalScience_r1.indd 31 15/7/16 11:06 am
for a healthier life

2017 editorial calendar

Cover: Intimacy: Building Unbreakable Bonds Beauty: Mind Your Body: The Number of Sex
+ How to Connect with Anyone Partners
Perverse Incentives: Why Cant We Just Do the Right Food: Berries for Your Brain
Thing? Health: Why You Need to Know About Short-Chain
How the Body Can Fool the Mindand Vice Versa Fatty Acids
Female Leaders: What Does It Mean When Women Relationships: How Children Reshape Love
Are at the Top?

Cover: Off the Charts: How Many Genes in Genius? Mind Your Body: Pain as Signal
The Changing Face of Love Food: Flavor: The Taste of a Culture
Driven by Data: How High-Tech Psychiatry Turns Health: Vitamin D: It Goes to Your Head
Lives Around Relationships: After Infidelity
Double Agents: The Mindset of Master Spies

Cover: No Kidding: The Benefits of a Rough Mind Your Body: Understanding the Impulse for
Childhood Self-Harm
The Bully Culture Food: How Your Gut Knows What You Eat
Psychedelic Treatment for Alcohol Abuse Health: Vitamin E: The Underrated Antioxidant
When Friendship Becomes Romance Relationships: The Power of Im Sorry

Cover: Calm Under Fire Mind Your Body: Can You Live in the Moment?
The Lone Wolf: Loneliness vs Solitude Food: The Future of Food
Hit by Wit: The Sex Appeal of Humor Health: Omega-3 fatty acids
What Are Fathers For? Relationships: Responding to Sarcasm

Cover: The Truth About Gender Differences Mind Your Body: When to Trust Your Gut
Thrills That Kill: Crime as Entertainment and When Not
A Radical New View of Depression Food: The Palate as Healer
Profiles in Creativity Health: The Probiotic Story Gets Bigger
Relationships: Building a Good Relationship
with Yourself
Cover: The Value of Play: Not Just for Kids Mind Your Body: How Others See Usand What
Whats Marriage For Anyway? They Look At
Animal Intelligence Food: The Shifting Role of Chefs
Male Sexuality: Myth vs Reality Health: The Power of Choline
Relationships: Facing the Shortcomings of
Those We Love

*All editorial content subject to change
for a healthier life
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January/February 11/04/16 11/11/16 01/03/17

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Our specialized product awareness pageoffering clients a 19 page of bonus

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Wakunaga Becoming Brilliant Help Me!

Kyo-Dophilus is formulated with three

specially cultured, non-dairy, heat-stable, This exciting new book provides a science- In Help Me!, Dr. Richard B. Joelson, DSW,
beneficial human strain probiotics to support based framework for how parents become LCSW presents real-life challenges and the
digestive and immune health. For information agents of change for childrens success when practical solutions that have worked for his
and a free sample, call 1-800-421-2998. they nurture six critical skills. Find out more patients over the past 40 years. at

Newport Academy Solgar Chicago School

Newport Academy is a gender-specific,

comprehensive treatment program for Exclusively brought to you by Solgar: A nonprofit, regionally accredited institution,
adolescents with mental health, behavioral ohso delicious Belgian chocolate bars with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
health, trauma, and substance abuse issues. probiotics to help keep your digestive offers over 20 degree programs in psychology
To learn more, call 877.628.3367or visit system healthy. Available in Classic Chocolate and related behavioral and health sciences. and Orange flavors. Visit to learn more.

Evolve Treatments Centers Wakunaga Centered Health

Centered Healths tranquil Malibu Beachside

facility for adolescents struggling with
Evolve Treatments Centers provides innovative Kyolic Curcumin is a unique combination that substance abuse and co-occurring mental
and cutting edge treatment tailored specifically specifically targets the inflammatory response health disorders, embodies evidenced-based
for teens, ages 13 to 18, struggling with to safely and effectively support healthy care along with the key principles of mind-
addiction and mental health issues. tissues and organs throughout the body. body health. 1-800-200-1455
866-810-2504 800-421-2998

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Second 23,065
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Fourth 24,065

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1/6 Page 1,995 1,890 1,785
1/9 Page 1,470 1,365 1,260

Fantastic Finds
1x 3x 6x
1/9 Page 1,470 1,365 1,260

Standard BRC (Supplied)*

BRC (75# stock) 13,125

Inserts (Supplied)**
Single leaf (75# stock) 20,055
Double leaf (75# stock) 36,100
* Must be accompanied by full or 1/2 page ad, bind-in & postage costs are additional.
** For additional page insert costs, please contact your sales representative. ALL RATES ARE GROSS
for a healthier life

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Proof: A SWOP contract proof that matches the supplied digital ad for content and color at 100% with
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