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Woodworking 1

(Semester Class)
Disclosure Document
Skyridge High School
Instructor: Joe Karlsven

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Course Description:
This course is a basic introduction to woodworking. Throughout this course students will
learn the proper use of hand and power tools. Woodworking 1 is designed to teach students the
basic fundamentals of the woodworking process. This course will focus on hands-on
experiences and increase woodworking skill by using and operating a variety of power machines
and tools. Students will be instructed in the safe operation of each tool and will also be expected
to follow all safety rules outlined by the instructor.
Students will learn about safety, measuring, tool and machine identification, wood joints,
wood characteristics, and other woodworking related things and will be assessed on each of

Due to the fact that this class involves machines that can be very dangerous, the
students will be required to pass a safety test with 100% accuracy before they are allowed to
work in the shop. Students will be thoroughly instructed on the safe use of all hand and power
tools that will be using in the shop. No machinery will be used by the students unless adequate
testing has been passed off by the instructor. In addition, proper eye protection is required by
state law to be worn at all times while in the wood shop.
Please help your son or daughter understand the importance of safety in a shop class.

Class Fee (Semester class = $15) Due _________________________

There is a $15 class fee that will cover the cost of materials used in this class (screws,
glue, sandpaper, lacquer, etc.). All fee money should be turned in to the office secretary. The
class fee does NOT cover the cost of wood used by the student.

Main Project Fee (Semester class = $35-$65) Due _______________________

All students will be able to make their own project, but students will not be permitted to
take their projects home until they have paid the woods fee and for all wood used. Students will
be responsible for paying for all the wood used throughout the course. The cost will depend on
the type of wood used. The main project that students will be building this semester is an END

End Table Cost: Alder - $35 Oak - $50 Maple - $50 Cherry - $60 Walnut - $65
If there is any problem with the ability to pay any of the fees, please contact me and I
would be happy to work something out so that the student can take home a project. Fee Waiver
will only cover the Class Fee but not the Main Project Fee. ALL PROJECTS MUST BE
STORAGE UNIT. Any projects left behind are not guaranteed to be there after the class ends.

This class will follow the school-wide attendance policy. It is very important that
students come to class each day on time and prepared. The biggest reason for doing poorly in
this class is due to missing class. Students who need more time should take advantage of the
open shop time during Sky Time as well as before or after school.

Electronic Devices:
Although students are allowed to bring electronic devices with them to school, students
will not be allowed to use cell phones or other electronic devices in this class unless the teacher
gives permission for educational purposes.

Required Materials:
Students will need the following items for this class: Pencil, note paper, and
folder/binder. Safety glasses and tape measures will be provided, but students may bring their
own safety glasses as long as the teacher approves them.

Assessments (30% of grade)
Tests, quizzes, and other assessments will be given throughout
this course. Students are allowed to retake any test or quiz if needed.
The safety test will need to be passed with 100% accuracy before the
student is allowed to use the equipment in the shop.

Participation (20% of grade)

Students are expected to make good use of class time. The
projects will require the student to be diligently working the entire time
in order to finish the main projects on time. Students will not be allowed
to waste time by not working in the shop. Students will receive daily
work points for staying on task and participating.

Projects (50% of grade)

Students will be graded mostly on the projects that they build. Each semester the student
will build a main project. The project will be graded at different times throughout the semester.
Students will be expected to stay up to date on their progress of their main projects. Students
will be allowed to build additional side projects as long as the main project is finished or is
caught up to the current progress point.

Class can be used to access assignments, quizzes, project

information, etc. Students and parents are also encouraged to check skyward often to stay up to
date on student progress.
Crescent End Table
(Woodworking 1 Main Project)

End Table Cost: Alder - $35 Oak - $50 Maple - $50 Cherry - $60 Walnut - $65

Thank you for your support. Please acknowledge that you understand what is required in this
class by signing this letter and have your son or daughter return it to me.


Joseph Karlsven
Skyridge High School

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