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The Philippine National Hero:

Dr. Jose Rizal

The Great Plebian: Andres Bonifacio

The Father of the Katipunan: Andres Bonifacio

Hero of the Tirad Pass Battle: Gregorio Del Pilar

President of the First Philippine Republic:

General Emilio Aguinaldo

Brains of the Philippine Revolution: Apolinario


Martyred Priests in 1872: GOMBURZA

Brain of the Katipunan: Emilio Jacinto

Co-founder of La Independencia: General

Antonio Luna

Mother of Balintawak: Melchora Aquino

Tandang Sora: Melchora Aquino

Greatest Filipino Orator of the Propaganda

Movement: Graciano Lopez- Jaena

First Filipino Cannon-maker: Pandar Pira

Managing Editor of La Solidaridad: Mariano


Lakambini of Katipunan: Gregoria de Jesus

Poet of the Revolution: Fernando Ma. Guerrero

Outstanding Diplomat of the First Philippine

Republic: Felipe Agoncillo

First University of the Philippines President:

Rafael Palma

Greatest Filipino Painter: Juan Luna

Greatest Journalist of the Propaganda

Movement: Marcelo H. del Pilar

First Filipino Poetess: Leona Florentino

Peace of the Revolution: Pedro Paterno

Founder of Philippine Socialism: Isabelo Delos


Viborra: Artemio Ricarte

Author of the Spanish lyrics of the Philippine

National Anthem: Jose Palma

Chief of Tondo: Lakandola

The Last Rajah of Manila: Rajah Soliman

Fiance of Jose Rizal: Leonor Rivera

Maker of the First Filipino Flag: Marcela


Co-founder of Katipunan: Galicano Apacible

Leader of the Ilocano Revolt: Diego Silang

First Filipino Hero: Lapu-lapu

Leader of the Longest Revolt in Bohol: Francisco


The Man of Many Talents: Epifanio Delos Santos

Prince of Tagalog Poets: Francisco Baltazar

Visayan Joan of Arc: Teresa Magbanua

Mother of Biak-na-Bato: Trinidad Tecson

Wife of Artemio Ricarte: Agueda Esteban

Leader of the Tarlac Revolt: Gen. Francisco


Composer of the Philippine National Anthem:

Julian Felipe

Spaniards born in the Philippines: Insulares

Leader of Magdalo: Baldomero Aguinaldo

Leader of Magdiwang: Mariano Alvarez

Founder of La Liga Filipina: Jose Rizal

Painter of the Spolarium: Juan Luna

Professional Education
1. Welhelm Wundt=Father of modern psychology

2. Sigmund Freud=Father of psychoanalysis,

psycho sexual Theory

3. Johann Heinrich=Father of education and


4. Ivan Pavlov=classical conditioning

5. Burrhus F. Skinner=operant conditioning(in


6. Edward Lee Thorndike=Law of learning (law of

readiness, law of exercise & law of effect)

7. Albert Bandura=social cognitive learning


8. David Ausubel=meaningful learning

9. Jerome Bruner=Discovery Learning,Spiral


10. Wolfgang,Kohler, Kurt Kuffka,Max

Wertheimer=Gestalt Theory

11. Kurt Levin=life space concept

12. Kohler=problem solving by Insight

13. Urie Brofenbrenner=Ecological Theory

14. Sandra Bem=Gender Schema Theory

15. Howard Gardner=Theory of multiple


16. Elliot Turriel=Social Domain Theory

17. Robert Sternberg=TriarchicTheory


18. Lawrence Kohlberg=Moral Development


19. Erik Erikson=Psychosocial Development


20. Ma. Montessori= Transfer of Learning

21. Edward Paul Torrance=Creative Problem


22. Chomsky=Linguistic Aquisition Development


23. Jean Piaget=Cognitive Learning Theory

24. John Watson=Behavioral Theory

25. Edward Tolman=Purposive Behaviorism

26. Bernard Weiner=Attribution Theory

27. Daniel Goleman=Emotional Intelligence

28. Ebbinghaus = law of forgetting
29. John locke = association
30. Thorndike = belongingness
31. Peterson = intent to know
32. Weiner = attribution theory
33. David McClelland = need achievement theory
34. Murray = need achievement
35. Victor Vroom = expectancy theory
36. Vygotsky = sociocultural theory/ ZPD
Filipinos Heroes

Andres Bonifacio-- the great plebian and father of katipunan

General Gregorio del Pilar--Hero of the Battle of Tirad Pass
Apolinario Mabini-- Sublime Paralytic and Brains of the Revolution
Mariano Ponce-- Propagandist,Historian,Diplomat and Managing Editor of La Solidaridad
Gregorio de Jesus-- Lakambini of Katipunan and Wife of Andres Bonifacio
GOMBURZA-- martyred Priest of 1872
Emilio Jacinto-- Brains of the Katipunan
General Antonio Luna-- cofounder of La Independencia
Melchora Aquino-- (Tandang Sora) Mother of Balintawak
Juan Luna-- Greatest Filipino Painter
Pedro Paterno-- Peacemaker of the Revolution
Isabelo delos Reyes-- Founder of Philippines Socialism
Jose Palma-- Wrote the Spanish Lyrics of the Philippines National Anthem
Leonor Rivera-- Vousin and Fiancee of Jose Rizal
Julian Felipe-- Composer of the Philippine National Anthem
Marcela Agoncillo-- Maker of the Filipino Flag
Galicano Apacible-- One of the founder of Katipunan
Jose Ma.Panganiban-- Bicolandias Greatest
Diego Silang-- Leader of the Ilocano Revolt.
Rizal and other Heroes
Mi ultimo adios--ang huling paalam
Sa aking Mga Kabata--8 yrs old-- urging love of native language
A La Juventud Filipina--18yrs old/ to the Filipino Youth
Mi Retiro( My Retreat)--response to a request from his mother
Mi Primera Inspiraccion-- My first inspiration; dedicated to his mother
A Las Flores de Heidelberg-- attended lecture courses in the University of Heidelberg.
Decree of Dec 20,1898-- Emilio Aguinaldo devlared Dec.30, of every year a day of National
Mourning in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal and other victims of the Philippines Revolt.
Rizal Law or R.A. 1425-- all public schools and private schools ,colkeges and universities courses on
life works and writings of Jose Rizal particularly his novels Noli Mw Tangere and El Felibusterismo
Noli Me Tangere-- Socio- historical novel but not fiction; Dedicated to his Inang Bayan,the
Philippines; Romantic Novel" work of the heart";
Passionate expose about evils of the Spanish friars in the Philippine; Crisostomo Ibarra -- for
El Felibusterismo-- A political novel; Book of thought,work of the head
Rizal dedicated this book to Gonburza,the three martyr priest; Rizal predicted the coming of the
revolution; Simon-- for "revolution"
opy paste.

Father of Biology : Aristole

Father of Modern Biology: Linnaeus
Father of Antibiotics : Alexander Fleming
Father of Taxonomy : Carolus Linnaeus
Father of Immunology : Edward Jenner
Father of Microbiology : Anton van Leenuwenhoek
Father of Modern Microbiology : Louis Pasteur
Father of Medical Microbiology : Robert Koch
Father of Pathology : Rudolph Virchow
Father of Bacteriology : Robert Koch
Father of Virology : W.M.Stanley
Father of Embryology : Aristotle
Father of Modern Embryology : Ernst Von Baer
Father of Physiology : Stephan Hales
Father of Modern experimental physiology : Calude Bernard
Father of Genetics : Rev. Gregor Mendel
Father of Modern Genetics : Bateson
Father of Human Genetics/ Biochemical genetics : Arachibald Garrod
Father of Experimental Genetics : T.H. Morgan
Father of Haploid Genetics / Neurospora Genetics : Dodge
Father of Ecology : Theophrastus
Father of Cloning : Ian Willmut
Father of Plant anatomy : Grew
Father of Histology (Microscopic anatomy) : Malpighi
Father of Cytology : Robert Hooke
Father of modern Cytology : Swanson
Father of Paleontology : Leonard da Vinci
Father of modern Paleontology : Cuvier
Father of Concept of Evolution: Empedocles
Father of Botany: Theophrastus
Father of Modern Botany : Bauhin
Father of Zoology : Aristotle
Father of Biochemistry : Liebig
Father of Epidemiology : John Snow
Father of Plant Pathology : de Bary
Father of Modern Pathology : Rudolf Virchow
Father of Genetic Engineering : Paul Berg
Father of Gene therapy : Anderson
Father of Ethology : Konard Lorentz
Father of Endocrinology : Thomas Addison
Father of Eugenics : Galton
Father of Gerantology : Korenchevsk
Father of Palynology : Erdtman
Father of Stress physiology : Hans Selye
Father of Electrocardiography : Einthoven
Father of DNA Fingerprinting : Alec Jeffery
Father of Mycology : Micheli
Father of Bryology : Hedwig
Father of Phycology:Father of ATP cycle: Lipmann
Father of Chemotherapy :Father of Anatomy : Herophilus
Father of Modern Anatomy : Andreas Vesalius
Father of actinobiology / radiation biology : HJVS Muller
Father of Homeopathy : Hahnemann
Father of Ayurveda : Charka
Father of Surgery and Plastic Surgery : Susruta
Father of Blood circulation : William Harvey
Father of Medicine : Hippocrates
Father of Blood Group : Landsteiner
Father of Polio Vaccine : Jonas Salk
Father of Green Revolution: Norman Borlaug
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