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Hi-Tech Layer Farms Ltd.

Supply Report, Problems and Solutions

Problems and Observation:

1. Warehouse condition is very bad, no office space, Security and safety of
products and product handling at warehouse is very poor that causes damage
and other losses.
2. No one is there at warehouse to monitor and to manage inward and outward
flow of product from warehouse and no such record found earlier.
3. Improper record of replacement and damages of product.
4. Vehicle used for supply is inefficiently loaded without any prior planning
which causes shortage of stock at delivery point and in that case cost of supply
increases as you have to visit again same store to fill product stock or it may
cause stock out in stores.
5. Many stores asked for ID card as vendor or employee of Hi-Tech Company.
6. Supply person is having no information about marginal rate, store address and
(PO) purchase order at some places.
7. Lack of Human Resource, information and co-ordination between members.
8. Orders from the stores is not centralized and fixed to one person, or contact
number, our clients give orders and call directly to supply persons and because
of that it totally depends on supplier to supply which is not good for the
9. No fixed time to visit each stores and solve their problems.
10. Lot of bills are pending at stores.
11.PO (purchase Order) gets expired because of inefficient supply which is the
big loss for the company.
As mentioned in this PO Sheet: PO Issue Date-16/1/2017
PO Expiry Date-2/2/2017

This PO is already expired and still we are giving supply for the same PO and
till now also the demand of the store is not fulfilled.
Last supply given on this PO was 8/2/2017 and only half of the demand was
full filled as there was no stock in the vehicle went for supply.
This all leads to inefficient supply and improper planning and loss for the
Temporary Solution:

Objective of supply team is that to supply right product at right place at

right time efficiently.
As we dont have proper warehouse and office space so listed below will
be the temporary solution to improve supply chain.
Mr. Afzal will be present at warehouse in morning and evening and all
the vehicles will be loaded and unloaded in his presence.
All vehicles will be loaded fully with all Products or as per the (PO)
Purchase order and all other order, so that every order, emergency order
and urgent order can be fulfilled.
Whole supply and marketing team will make a list of store, marginal
rate, and product and replacement quantity as defined in Excel table.
This sheet will be provided to each and every person and a hard copy
will be kept in every vehicle.
Hard copy of PO will be provided to every supply person on daily basis.
Provide store visit form to everyone so that one can give an idea about
the stock left in the store and packing date which will help in efficient
supply and planning.
Send hard copy of PO and all forms from Shamli plant to warehouse
with the help of supply person.
Every Supply person will maintain the record of damage and
replacement of products.
Account department should provide list of pending bills in advance to
all supply person and marketing person.
Every bill should be collected on time and not older than one month.
Conclusion: If we implement all above points in to our supply chain then it will
Supply on time
Market Demand for our product will increase.
One vehicle can give supply to more no. of stores in one day, almost supply
rate will be double.
Payment of bills will be on time.
Image of the company will improve in the market and to our existing business
So, we can give tough competition to our competitors.
It will reduce replacement rate and damages of our products.
The profit of the company will increase ultimately.

Points discussed above will be checked and monitor by Mr. Ashutosh Sinha so that
all can be implemented properly.
This is to request from the top management that please share all information, bills
and future plan and PO (Purchase Order) to me also just for my learning and
Important Note:
This is the time when egg market will be low due to off season and
as egg is highly perishable item.
So total focus will be on supply, business development, customer
relationship management, Store visit of existing stores and new
No Promotional activity is required till July 2017 as our supply is
lagging behind in comparison to our competitors.
Promotional activity month will be August, September October
when season for egg market starts.
In this off season time we will focus on those stores which are not
doing well and sell is low.
We will totally focus on supply of already existing stores only.

Request to the Top Management:

As this is my training period in supply and marketing and to manage all
activities in the same.
Introduce myself officially as trainee to this Delhi team so that they can co-
operate with me and help me to learn, improve my knowledge about existing
situation of the company.
I will discuss all the existing issues and problems with my team members and
we will solve those problems through our knowledge and skills and new
So that we as a team work efficiently, help company to grow fast and I will
report directly to the M.D. sir.
Please share and discuss all the requests like promotional activity etc. with me
also before giving approval to them, So that I can also contribute efficiently
and with proper planning and make the plan or activity more successful.

Ashutosh Sinha
Management trainee
Hi-Tech Layer Farms Ltd.
Date: 9/2/2017