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1 Madhab Kandel 171047

Submitted to: Dr. Teena Gautam

QUESTION.1 Prepare the notes on the following essay.


The essay depicts various stages of a person as he or she grows from birth till (s)he
completes his formal education and then works in some profession for his own safe & good
life and becomes a tool in the progress of his or her country.

The education starts from the childhood when the small children learn from their parents
as they grow.

They pick up the habits of their parents and also the parents teach them good things, which
become the culture and the personal traits of the person for his life.

As the child reaches the age of 4 or 5 years,

(S)he goes to the school for the formal education and keeps learning from the teachers,
friends, schoolmates and the parents. As the years pass the child grows and qualifies for
higher classes in the school and them completes his pre-professional qualification.

After completing 11to 12 years in the school the child has to decide to which profession ne
or she wants to go and accordingly selects the education stream.

The essay also focusses on the importance of education in our lives and the issues that the
poor and people living in remote countries face in getting education, in India.

The situation, in the country is improving very fast as the awareness of the people towards
the importance of education and also because of the Government programs, the schools
and colleges are now opened even in the most remote areas.

Government further through various policies is providing loans and scholarship to people in
rural areas to get the education, to whatever levels they want. This should help in higher
literacy rates and more awareness towards education.