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Test Procedure Description + sign Indication Pitfalls
Pain elicited
Extend pts neck & Cervical disc dx/
rotate/sidebend it to one nerve root
Spurlings side with axial (caudad)

(same side)
compression on pts head Neurologic issues
arm from neck

1)Palpate radial pulse on
affected arm at pts side, and Subclavian a. NOT performing test
Marked compression
move pts arm into 90 aBd in pt with UE
diminution/ (vascular
Adsons and ER. etiology, orig in paresthesias
loss of pulse; (=numbness,
2)Pt takes deep breath and neck area: from
turns head toward raised scalene m. or tingling)
arm. cervical rib)

Passively ADd pts arm

Pain in AC Not directing elbow
Cross arm across chest wall toward AC joint
joint at end toward opposite AC
test opposite shoulder with pathology joint
humerus parallel to floor range

Observe scapular motion as Not raising arms in
Scapulo- pt raises both arms. Note Pain with coronal plane
thoraic painful arcs. Note scapular ABduction throughout ROM (no
elev, depresn, retraxn,
impingement ant/post movt)
Motion btw 80-120
protraxn, or rotation.
Subscap- Napoleon: Have pt put hand
on abdomen and push
Nap: elbow Subscapularis
drops None indicated
ularis posteriorly weakness/injury (not common in
Liftoff (Gerbers): Have pt
Napoleon Liftoff: pt. (cannot clinical practice)
put hand behind back and unable internally rotate)
and Liftoff attempt to lift off the back
Apleys Inability to
Asymmetry in externally rotate,
scratch test ABduct and flex
either upper or Inability to
Upper lower internally rotate,
Lower ADduct and extend
Full: Pt. aBducts arm
superior 90, medially 30, Supraspinatous Full: Arm must be
Full can & thumbs up, and resists tendinitis or tear 30 aDxn, check both
downward pressure by pain, or arms simult. w/pres.
Empty can (degree of
examiner dropping of at wrists
test Empty: same, but thumbs weakness corr. Empty: not as
the arm
down w/tear severity) sensitive as Full.

Pt holds arms overhead, Pt cant hold

Rotator cuff tear;
Drop arm hands back2back. Ask pt to ABdarm up;
(prob full None indicated
test slowly lower arms to 90 or If +, call
thickness tear)
vertical ABdxn and hold. orthopedist!

Have pt lift arm in front of
them to shoulder height, Pain in Bicipital
Speeds palms up. Pt elevates arm
None indicated
bicipital goove tendonitis
against resistance

Pain that Pain in AC= AC
Pt flexes arm to 90 and aDd improves with pathology; Pain
OBriens 10-15 w/ IR (thumb dn). Pt 2nd maneuver; NOT in AC= deep, Arm not aDd 10-15
resists Drs downwd F. Pain is deep in post in GH, Misinterpreting pain
test Repeat w/arm supinated shoulder joint incicates labral in GH joint as +
(palm up) rather than AC pathology
joint (v.sensitive test)
Pt supine, Drs hand is post. To Humeral head. Dr
clunk or
applies ant F to Hum head while opp hand holds
Clunk Test distal Hum and rotates it. Pts arm then brought to
grinding in Labral pathology None indicated
shoulder joint
full aBdxn (overhead)
Stabilize pts shoulder on Injection test:
Pain Rotator cuff Repeat test after
top, then passively forward
Neers provoked; impingement; lidocaine injexn; if no
flex pronated arm above pain produced,
painful arc 80-
impinge- shoulder til fully extended Good for using pathology is in
(Nazi salute) 120 suggests after mildly + Full subacromial (not
ment test subacromial
Hawkins test: painful w/o adhesive cap or AC
Can Test
improving impingement joint)

Pt is sitting or supine, with Pt becomes GH instability, Hx

arm vertically aBd to 90. apprehensive of GH
Forearm with elbow flexed of a dislocation/
hension 90 is forced into ER (from subsequent subluxation;
horiz to vert) past 90 dislocation labral pathology

Space Inferior GH
Pts elbow is grasped and below instability,
Sulcus sign inferior traction is applied acromion None indicated
(where NL
Humerus is) instability

Pain or
increased laxity
Valgus Medial collateral
compared to
stress test contralateral
Test Procedure Description Pos + finding Indication Pitfalls
Elbow/Radial head

Mills test Pain

Palpate median n. at wrist

Ulnar nerve
sensation, pain
Tinels sign in distribution
carpal tunnel
of median

Ulnar Nerve Pinch action of
Weakness of ulnar
motor thumb lacks
function strength

LE Tests
Test Lower Extremity Tests Positive finding Interpretation of
Patricks test Restriction Somatic

Thomas Loss of extension Psoas syndrome
maneuver in contralateral

necessarily a
test, but Dr.
hinted in PTR
that this and
Q-angle from
readings might
be on the
Apleys test Crepitus Meniscus tear

McMurrays Crepiitus, pain Meniscus tear

Anterior If you can glide Damaged
Drawer more than cruciate ligament

Posterior Damaged
Drawer test cruciate ligament

Knee Effusion Extend bent knee from supine position passively falls Failure to fully Increased joint
into extension extend/knee fluid
Patella Crepitus and Possibly
Femoral pain chondromalacia
of the patella
Grinding test
Ankle drawer Increased laxity Complete tear of
test talofibular