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A. Read the following book review and complete the table that follows.

The book, The Life of Mahatma Gandhi is written by Louis Fischer and has been hailed as the
best biography of Gandhi. It narrates the life of Gandhi who led the fight for Indias independence
from British rule and the many issues that led to his assassination by a Hindu fanatic a few
months after freedom was won.

The biography shows Gandhi as a great human being a leader who was gentle,
conscientious and honest. He stood for righteousness. Gandhi gave up all his desires and
sacrificed his life for the sake of the country. He went through many fasts, demonstrated against
colonial powers in a peaceful manner and went to jail so that his country could be free.

Reading the book, reminds me of what Enstein said of Gandhi. Generations to come will
scarce believe that such a person ever walked in flash and blood upon this earth.

It is a real pleasure to read about Gandhi. This book is very relevant in todays world of
corruption and greed. It is a must-read for those interested in reading biographies.

Reviewed by Karen Grant

Questions 1-10

Using the information from the book review, write short answers in the spaces provided.

Title: 1 ______________________________________________________

Author: 2 ______________________________________________________

Type of book: 3 ______________________________________________________

Gandhis life: He fought agains the 4 _____________________________________

He was killed by a 5 _______________________________________
Qualities of Gandhi: 6 ______________________________________
7 ______________________________________________________

Gandhi sacrifice his life so that his country could be 8 _____________________________

Einstein said that people will not believe that someone like Gandhi ever lived on 9 ______
Reviewers opinion of the book:
10 _____________________________________________________________________

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B. Read the following information and answer the questions that follow.


Many famous writers worked in different fields before venturing into writing, and had numerous
unsuccessful attempts before the made it in the world.

Robert Ludlum

Robert Ludlum started his life as an actor. As a teenager, he left home to take part in a play by
the age of sixteen, landed his first Broadway role. Over the next two decades, Ludlum appeared
in some 200 television roles and in the late sixties, he turned his creative energies to writing
books. His first novel The Scarlatti Inheritance was an immediate hit. He followed it up with a
new blockbuster every year thereafter. Ludlum wrote over two dozen books, mainly dealing with
strong tighly-plotted action-packed thrillers that were received well internationally. He and his
actress wife, Mary had successful theatrical careers too.

Henning Mankell

Henning Mankell was taught to read and write by his father who was a judge and his
grandmother. At sixteen, he left school to join the merchant navy and returned to work as a
stagehand and wrote plays. He has been an actor, theatre director and manager. His first novel
The Stone Blaster was published in 1972 when he was twenty-four. He writes crime novels and
childrens books. Mankell is married to Eva Bergman, and they both live off and on in various
destinations throughout the world.

Read more about the colourful lives of famous writer. You will be truly inspired.

Questions 1-6

Based on the information given, complete the table below.

Categories Robert Ludlum Henning Mankell

1 ____________________ 2 ____________________
At age 16
_____________________ _____________________

Differences Name of first book 3 ____________________ 4 ____________________

_____________________ _____________________

Name of wife 5 ____________________ 6 ____________________

_____________________ _____________________

Questions 7-10

Complete the sentences below based on the information given.

7 At first Ludlum worked as an _______________________________________________.

8 Ludlum wrote books that were received well by fans ____________________________.

9 Mankell took on many roles in life as an actor, director and _______________________.

10 Besides crime novels, Mankell also wrote ____________________________________.

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C. Read the following information and answer the questions that follow.

Handy Helpers

To prepare for any eventuality in the home, here are some must-haves to keep near.


These masks can be used to

protect your nose and mouth Disposable gloves are helpful for sorting out
when you are cleaning dusty or plastics from paper and removing food residue
dirty areas in your house. Use stuck in your sink. You can even use them to keep
them to avoid catching the hands from getting strained when you dye your
SARS and H1N1 bug. hair.
Price: RM2.40 [3 pieces] (Price: RM4.20 [100 pieces]

Seven-Day Pill Organiser

Sterile Plastic ZIPPY KIDS HAND

These water- Children may not like to

resistant plasters wash their hands but with
have a highly the help of Goofy and this
absorbent non- zesty smelling hand
stick pad to sanitiser, they can still keep
protect your their hands clean and germ-
Each compartment of this handy pill wounds. They are free. This sanitiser has an
organizer holds up to 10 tablets and medicated to heal orange fragrance.
helps you keep track of your the wounds faster.
Price: RM2.70 for 50ml
medication for the entire week. Also
Price: RM1.40 [10
comes in white. pieces]
Price: RM6.90

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Questions 1-5

Using the information given, write the name of the most appropriate handy helper in the
boxes below.
No. Description Name of Handy Helper
1 Alices children always dirty
their hands while playing.

2 Aznils mother often forgets to

take her medicenes.

3 Sara cleans her house but is

allergic to dust.

4 Mary Pin wants to colour her


5 Andy had a fall and has cuts

on his knees.

Questions 6-10

Complete the sentences below using the information given.

6 The disposable gloves are useful for anyone having to do _________________________.

7 We should use the 3 ply masks to avoid _______________________________________.

8 Using the pill organiser helps to keep track of our medication for ___________________.

9 The plasters help wounds to heal faster as they are _____________________________.

10 Zippy Kids Hand Sanitiser will have an orange ________________________________.

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