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Customer Case

Wastewater treatment plant, Csepel


Key Figures Customer Profile

15% design cost reduction Genesis of the project
Today in Budapest, Hungary, 600 000 m3/day of wastewater is discharged into the Danube. 46 % of this water is not
treated at all.
95% of wastewater treated instead
In 2002, Hungarian Program for Treatment of Waste Water specified that Budapest City has to comply in 2010 with the
of 54%
objectives of the 1994 Sophia Convention, which aimed at the protection of the Danube. The treated water has to comply
with EU standards.

Customer objectives
Customer objective

The two objectives of the city involve the construction of a plant capable of treating effluents generated by a population of
1,5 millions habitants.
Veolia and Suez are leading the consortium designing this wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 350000 m3/ day,
the largest of the European Union. For this, the consortium needs a unique partner taking the full responsibility of the
process and energy management solution completion: Schneider Electric.

Customer benefits
+ By reaching 95% of wastewater treated instead of 54%, Budapest City will comply with European Union regulation
+ The new wastewater treatment plant will allow Energy efficiency
+ Schneider Electric allowed 15% design cost reduction

Solution overview

A turnkey solution

Complete study and design of the architecture.

Project management
Standardization and objects library creation
Full delivery and commissioning of motor control, process automation and energy efficiency from medium voltage to
low voltage.

The upstream collaboration with Schneider Electric at the design stage allows standardisation and minimizes the risks all
along the project.

Schneider Electric's added value

Schneider Electric is a global company well implanted in Hungary. Furthermore, Schneider Electric is a key and
regular partner for Veolia and Suez.
Schneider Electric has a Customer Interface. By fully managing the key steps of the project (provides a turnkey ED
and Automation Scope for the project), Schneider Electric insures a single point of contact for the customer.
Deep technical involvement - not only limited to products but mainly focused on applications and projects.

Products & Systems

Global Supervision
Vijeo Citect SCADA

Process Systems, Machine Control Data Centre Systems

Pumping Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Pumping (UPS) 1 /1