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Page 144 - Chapter 5 - Concerning the composition of the Aurum Potabile of Grimaldy.

Preparation of the vitriolic earth or the astral magnet

Have good vitriol of angelterre, participating in the iron, which you will put in a great oak
ship. Pour six parts of distilled rain water against one of vitriol; Let the vitriol dissolve,
and, after the dissolution, add calcined pebbles, reduced to a fine powder, by weight
equal to that of your vitriol; Let digest debt dissolve has a soft heat as in an oven, for the
space of forty days.
During this digestion, two kinds of feces will be separated from matter, some heavy, and
the other light and luxurious (or golden) in the form of foam. This foam ought to be
removed, or crushed, with a wooden skimmer as it is formed, and after the forty days of
digestion, pour the solution dissolve gently into gray bowls, and reject as useless all
Which is amassed at the bottom of the vessel.
Filter well your solution, and evaporate it very gently to dryness; Calcines has a very
soft heat your matter up to whiteness; Add then to the same weight of good regime of
martial antimony, reduced to an impalable powder, and as much pure nitre very dry,
fixed by sulfur or charcoal, and purified by dissolution and filtration; Mix these three
substances, or powders exactly, by filtering them together; And having placed them in a
good and strong retort, give it by degrees in such a manner as to make the retort turn
white, which you will maintain for four hours. The strong water passing through the
receptacle, or balloon, may be kept for any other purpose, for example, to reduce your
gold in lime, as will be described hereafter. Moreover, it is useless in the present
operation. Allow the retort to cool; Take the matter, and expose it for five days and five
nights in a place covered and permeable to the air, and not to the sun; Dissolve it in
distilled rainwater; Filter, evaporate, dry, and calcine as before; After having added,
before the calcination to the dried matter, half the weight of the same nitre which you
have employed in the preceding operation; Again repeat the whole five times in the
same manner, exposing the matter to the air after each calcination, so that in all there
are seven preceding calcinations of dissolution, filtration, desiccation, and addition of
nitre. It is to be observed that, at each calcination, the weight of the nitre is decreased:
for example, if at the first calcination ten pounds of nitre have been put, and at the
second five, only four pounds To the third, three to the fourth, two to the fifth, one to the
sixth, and point (???) from all to the seventh.
These seven calcinations being made, and your matter reduced to fine powder, you will
have your vitriolic earth, which has been prepared and magnetized.
Your magnet thus prepared, you must have an instrument of tinplate like a funnel, which
must be placed half full of your magnet, and exposed to the air in the manner which
It is necessary to place and accommodate your funnel, so that it may be sheltered from
the injuries of time, and consequently from rain, in the time of the equinoxes, putting it,
for example, at a window, neck, or pipe , Within the room.
You will adapt a receptacle which you will read at the joints; after a certain time, there
will be more than two pints of universal spirit. This spirit must be distilled seven times,
taking care at each distillation to separate its insipid water. Each time there is an
inanimate earth at the bottom of the vessel, which must be carefully calcined to extract
a salt whiter than snow, as transparent as a crystal. Having circulated it in a pelican for
a month with its own mind, the solvent will be perfect. Keep it in a well-capped glass
bottle for use when needed. It is with this solvent that gold is made.
Take an ounce of lime gold; Put it in a cucurbit; Make three different lotions with the
above water or spirit, leaving for twenty-four hours each lotion to carry off the acrimony
which there might be in the gold, on account of its reduction in lime; Then pour these
lotions by inclination, and reject them as useless; Distilled the fourth lotion in a bath of
sand, ash, or in a bain marie, at a regulated and methodical discharge, a citrine liqueur
must be placed in the receptacle, which must be preserved in a crystal bottle. This is an
excellent remedy, which may be called universal medicine, a name which M. de
Grimaldy had given him.


We have above spoken of the work of the white Elixir, now we will say red. Thou shalt
take the white compost, as whitened as above, and spread thy gold in fine and small
leaves, and spread them on the white matter, and cover thy vessel, and leave it in
continual fire, and turn in red powders which are clamored Elixir. So, if you have a
double miner, and if you did not administer red sulfur, and the fire were continued,
everything would turn into white powders, then yellow, which would be the Elixir of
Silver, from which if a weight falls on a thousand Copper, or any of the other corrupt
metals, it will turn them into gold or silver, depending on whether the matter is white or
red; For the metal which is to transmute itself, draws and sucks from it all the spirituality
of the said medicine, which heals and bottles it in the depths of its heart, which suffered
the erosion, separating all the phlegm and the earthly fat, It is stripped of its first form
and figure, and receives a new form; That is, gold or silver, depending on whether the
compost is white or red; Which metal, whether lead, iron, copper, or tin, is better
resistant against cement than natural gold and silver better than minerals; And for this
we say to all that they refrain from using the Gold of Alchemy without calling Nature.
For there is no truth in it but that which Nature does, or that of our Master, which is
better for the Virtues which he has acquired in our so-called Mastery; And is not such as
the Sophist Or, full of impurities, which many naive sophists compose by foreign
powders, and do not believe that there is any other naive alchemy. And when they see
their gold in color by the application of foreign powders, they say that it is greatly
multiplied, and it is much diminished from all its virtues: and for this the gold and silver
of such workmen does not support The fire, but burns and returns to the earth, for that
they did not know how to integrate the course of Nature; And so that they have the art of
extracting the Mercury, yet they have not reached their purification, and remain the pure
parts with the impure; And when they feel the fire they corrupt themselves with all their
substance, for all the foreign Sulfur which has consumed them all.
And for this, let us let us know to the doctors who use condimental medicines, that they
keep as they will use Gold of Alchemy; For that sophist's gold is all infected and full of
corrosive, for that they have not known how to strip it of fire against nature. [This is
absolutely correct. The so-called drinkable gold of the alchemists could only be a violent
poison; Alone in the twentieth century, doctors have found the formula of gold salts
commonly used in chronic inflammatory rheumatism such as rheumatoid arthritis; But
since then doctors have done even better and use certain medicines that the alchemists
could never have dreamed of ... All that is said alchemists about the pseudo panacea
was worth only for the care to bring to the elements Minerals and metallics of their
Stone, or were worth only for the fables related to the virtues attributed at all times to
precious stones.) And for this in conscience, Natural Gold is that of our Master by
examinations in own Cement; For that the other would solve the spirits of the heart of
him who would use and die of it.
Son, I have done this practice to you in an abridged recipe, without any clausure, except
materials and projection, which is difficult to know without knowing Theoric, which
contains the proper name of the materials. So that in this present writing they have
appointed you, yet there is a difference of matter: for several matters are named by a
name for the similarity which they have in each other; And if you want to know, if you
study the books of Raymond Lulle, namely Theoretical, Practical, and Codiculum, which
is called Vademecum de mercurio philosophorum; For in it is Science and Art complete,
and so that I have put it to the true and in short, and without any addition of
sublimations, distillations, or rustic calcinations, as is the other Books of this Science;
But already for what it will not be able to practice, if by the first Theorem did not hear
them, and know that in what I have told you on it is contained whatever they said never,
nor put on language above, To cover it and hide it.
And for that, let us name the Element of the Sermon of Art, for it can not be too high, for
if it were not placed under the cover and shadow of Philosophy, it would be as mad as
the wise, but to you I tell you that you abandon all sublimations, calcinations, solutions,
which are and will find the Books of this Art; For there is no use but great and great pain
And great expenses and dangers for smoke and loss of materials, and being mocked
and finding nothing.
And in this you could use all the time of your life, that thou canst find no profit, but
hearken to that which I have told thee, which is not to rise high, so is a vile thing to do
And by physical separation separate the pure from the unclean, and not from the force
of fire, like those which sublimate the Orpin, the quick silver, and the salt armoniac, and
dissolve them and mix with the lime of the imperfect metals , Calcine, sublime, distill,
dissolve and freeze, then melt and nothing finds the metals above, more impure than
before; Thus they remain mocked and despairing of Science, and say that it is
impossible, and make us liars; And they ought to have recovered their ignorance; And
by this neglect and neglect Science as desperate people and of little knowledge. And for
this purpose do not bore you if you miss one or several times, taking care of what it
held; And never will you know if you are true Theorizing and believing, if you do not
want to be mad and removed from the true path, which you have opened, if your fault
does not hold.


From Projection

And when thou hast accomplished thy medicines, white or red, thou shalt take a weight
of them, and cast it upon a hundred of quick silver heated in a crucible, and then let it
cool, for thou shalt find it in powder. Secondly, thou shalt cast a weight of this powder,
and throw it upon another hundred of them, and all will be converted into true medicine;
But it will not be of such great virtue as was the former, for what it has already
accomplished a part of its effect. Thirdly, thou shalt take a part of thy medicine, and
make a projection thereof out of another hundred of quick silver as before, and all shall
be converted into perfect white or red metal, according as the medicine shall have been
paired white or red. And if the matter on which you have made your projection is found
to be frangible, it is a sign that it still has the virtue of converting another silver fast into
metal, and when it shows itself non-frangible, it is a sign that its virtue is finite , And it is
more than metal accomplished.


Fusion Tests

When your projections are completed, and you will try whether your metal is perfect or
not, you will take a little of it, and put it in a crucible, and let it anneal until it is reddened,
and then begin To blow from your bellows, looking at matter; For if it melts together
without making small, smoke-free spots, it is a good sign and shows that this metal is
altered with firm alteration, and if it does the contrary, it is a sign that matter is not Not
fixed; And when all is melted, looks if it is clear, without bubbling over and without
smoking, it is a sign of perfection as to the degree of fusion. And if it does the opposite,
it is a sign of bad fixation and purgation, and your medicine has not had the virtue of
digesting the material nature of the imperfect metal, or that it had already lost its
strength by the first projections Or that you had put too little of your medicine on your
metal; And to amend your fault, help it by new medicine, As I presuppose that you will
know how to do it, if we have heard in Theoretical.


From the Ashes Exam

After that you have seen that your matter will undergo the examination of fusion and you
will want to leave with your metal, if no foulness has remained there, or if you want to
leave no other metal if it is mixed with Gold or Silver , You will do So. Thou shalt take a
good quantity of ashes of vineyards, or of the bones of crushed and pulverized beasts,
and sift them, as long as there is a thin powder; Otherwise take the common ashes and
sift and sift, but better the ashes of the bones or vines than the others; And when they
are well sifted, water them with fresh water, as long as the ashes are not moist, and
place them in some vessel of earth, which is made in the manner of a crucible or a
cofining bowl, and will put the ashes As long as he can in your ship, until it is full, and
tread them down and pound with a pestle so long as they are tight and hard as stone;
Then, in the middle, make a hollow, which is hardly deep, and let it dry in the sun or at a
slow heat; And when it is well sown, you will put it in the furnace and make a small fire,
as long as it is well annealed and it blushes.
Then increase your fire, and put in the lead, which contains no tin, and heat it so
strongly that it turns clear without making a blister, and refrains from putting anything in
it to refine if your lead turns clear ; For otherwise you would spoil your examination, and
could not know for certain the quantity of your Gold or Silver, and would be detrimental,
and all for Tin, when it is with mixed lead.
And know that each ounce of lead carries a bulk of copper or other metal, like iron or
steel. And when your lead runs clean on the ashes, bang it in what you want to refine,
and then the Lead will drink it and blacken over it. So increase your fire, and blow softly
as long as everything turns, when you see the Mallets running over your Ash. So let thy
fire continue gently, so long as thou seest that there is nothing more clear of white light,
and that it does not boil, and that it be as clear as the sun; And if it lets it turn and it
blackens, it is a sign of little lead; Then put the lead back on a little bit as long as it
turns, and continue your fire as long as the aforesaid sign appears there, throw water on
it and let cool, and take the Silver or Gold that you Find it on your ashes, and put it in a
crucible of earth and blow it, and then throw it into a hot ingot mold, to which there is fat
or wax spread.


From the Cement Examination

Now let us say of the Cement Examination, and say that it is the noblest of all the
others; For there is no metal that he does not corrupt, except gold. And for this when
you want to dismantle all metals from gold you will remove them by the cement, and so
is done. You will take old shells which are found in rivers or on the shores of the sea, or
fields; But those of the sea are better, and put them in powder, and mix with your
powders as much common salt as your powders, or a little less, and sprinkle them with
vertices of apples, as long as they become moist in manner Hard dough; And then have
the gold, which you wish to cement into pieces or narrow laminae, and have a large
crucible to which you will place a bed of these powders on the bottom, and above it will
place a bed of your laminae or pieces; And above these laminae put another bed of
your powders, and then a bed, and made bed on bed, as long as your crucible is full, or
your gold will stretch, and strongly grip the mouth of the said crucible with a lid And clay
with salt, and put your crucible to the furnace, where there is a continuous fire of flame,
and not so strong as the material melts, and leaves it 24 hours to the said fire, When it
is allowed to cool and break your crucible, and you will find your Gold separated from all
filth and other metal; For no metal is not combustible, except gold. But there are other
ways of distributing gold from Silver, if like Strong Water and Sulfur, and Antimony; Of
which we shall not speak at present, for what it would be long, and that it suffices for
what I have said in this present abridgment for the necessity of the Artist, to which God
must use it so much that he makes it Thanks to God; Who compiled and wrote, and was
perfect on the twenty-ninth day of Decem- ber, in the year one thousand four hundred
and forty nine.


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ROGER GUASCO The Rose Burns the Salt

(NB In this chapter there is some figure in color but i dont know what i must do to put it?
This also applies to my photo of the salts obtained from various fusions. ?)

Alchemical Salt

Let us now evoke the Salt.

- SAL - the nitre of the ancients, the strong water, the universal solvent, the celestial
dew, the eternal snow of the wise, the hollow tree, the cave fairy, what else do I know?

The definitions of philosophical salt are not lacking. It is the binder which unites the
sulfur, materia prima, with the mercury philosophical and that is why we give its
composition after the sulfur and before the mercury.

- It is the work on the scale of man, without him, nothing and it is nothing.
The origin of the salt is modest, but with the same source as the other materials, that is
to say mineral: it can be obtained in two ways, either with marine salt (sodium) or with
stone salt (potassium).

This nitre is a very powerful solvent when it is worked with precaution and intelligence.

The books of Alchemy say that it is found everywhere, in the earth, in air, in water, in
urine, in plants. It is the food of the Kings, of our two Kings .
We will talk about the manufacture of salt, from the sea salt, but, it is the same from the
nitre. Natron of the wise, stone salt.

A magic square little known and yet well spoken gives the key.
Drer represents the magic square of 16 in strong water titled, "Melancholia". This
engraving is the symbol of the alchemical salt like that of Rembrandt, the sulfur.

In reality, it is not the Melancholy but the waiting because the time of preparation is long
and tedious.
The magic square, read horizontally, gives:

The Dew





The magic square, read vertically, gives:






Red earth

We find again the word SIL, Adam, the Red Earth, that is to say the clay.

RUS, the campaign wet with dew, the only operant.

ORA, invocation of prayer, which allows the operation to be realized, to perfect itself, for
piety and faith allow us to realize this communion between our principles and matter.

"The dew of the meadows burns the salt, prays the matter."

Although this magic square gives the way to make the salt, we will talk about this salt
more thoroughly and its preparation.

It is necessary first to harvest the dew of the spring: 20 to 30 liters and to put it in the
shelter in earthenware urns, stored in cellars preferably to ensure a better conservation.
Use pure sea salt. Melt it in a crucible to remove any foreign and volatile matter. Once
melted, pour it into a terracotta vase so that the cooling is done imperceptibly. Cover the
container to avoid leakage. Then, dissolve with dew until no trace of salt is visible.
The preparation is filtered off and allowed to evaporate until crystals appear and the
operation is repeated until this salt is meltable at 40 .

This requires three months of constant dissolution and evaporation in a very clean room
so that the impurities do not come to sully the preparation.
Keep this salt in a crystal container because it dissolves the silica. It will be of silver-
white color with small refracting crystals, it is the leafy earth of the sages.
You then obtained the Philosophic Salt.

Like sulfur, you will be able to work alone: it is good for many things, both in mineral and
vegetable matter.
It can be used in medicine for the preparation of medicinal plants.
This salt has been over the centuries, an object of covetousness of all alchemists and
some have worked a lifetime, without finding it: it is at once simple but so long.
A contemporary, without knowing it, obtained alchemical salt by his assiduous work
using leafy earth; Called heathland, the residue of plant rot, and he watered his soil with
dew-evaporation-watering -mixing without a truce for a thousand days: his result was
not negative, for it was alchemical salt, It had finally produced and, by adding gold
powder to its composition, it arrived at a liquor of gold salts (because the alchemical salt
attacks the gold) but the ashes of its plants can be , Depending on where they are
harvested, toxic or beneficial - hence the uncertainty of the results, especially with
regard to their curative use: drinking water is not produced in this way.
The decay of selected plants, or the ashes of selected plants, can be usefully used as
sea salt and the result obtained will be a solvent for working other plants.

The salt obtained is not to be despised and the way of working to obtain it is essential
and must be retained: it is an alchemical rule.
- ROS - URI - SAL -
"Blessed is he who knows and understands why he works salt."

This binder, (without it the philosophical sulfur would not be usable for the Great Work)
will serve as bath to the King and the Queen.

The properties of this salt are immense.

We are in possession of Sulfur and Philosophical Salt.

The third element is missing: the Mercury.