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Features Steris Bioquell

Data logging/Ethernet Connectivity Standard (Battery back-up Add-On

protects Allen-Bradley
System Data for a minimum
of two years, while Siemens
System retains data via Flash
Memory) USB point, data can
be retrieved from USB
Cycle reprint after completion Standard Not Available
Audit trail capability Add-on software package PLC software is proprietary
with A/B, std. with Siemens
Ink-on-paper impact printer Standard Not Available (only thermal
Re-print capability Last performed Cycle None
Capable of operating as a Standard Standard
standalone unit or integrated with
another control system via
Ethernet, Profinet, and/or discrete
Operator, Supervisor, and Service Standard standard
user levels with password
H2O2 supply 950mL 500ml, 1000ml and 5 litre
Humidity control 10-30% (control humidity per Does not control humidity
H2O2 Injection Rate 1-12gm/min 1.5-8 gm/min
H2O2 Sensor Standard Add-On
Pi-Connectivity/SCADA Standard Add-on
GAMP compliant Standard Not known

Criteria Steris VHP Process BioQuell VHP Process

Sterilization process Dry Wet (condensation)
Repeatable process, easily Yes No, larger fluctuations in H2O2
validated concentration due to
Reach low humidity levels Yes No
Control of H2O2 concentration Yes Yes, harder to control compared
to dry process
Typical use concentrations 0.1-2 mg/l Unknown, variable
Aeration time Short (3hrs for the entire cycle) Very long (current 10 hrs.)
Condensation No condensation, dry gas May get condensed on HEPA
filter, causing lower
Cost Comparison:
BioQuell Steris
Steris VHP 1000ED Biodecontamination
Bioquell L-4 Opti bio-decontamination System $ 83900
system $57524

Packing and Delivery $1500 Start-up - VHP 1000ED Generator $1620

Required Accessories $845+$2150 IQ/OQ - VHP 1000ED Generator (Part 1 -
Document) $9410
Portasens C16 sensitive handheld hydrogen IQ/OQ - VHP 1000ED Generator (Part 2 -
peroxide vapor detector $3510 Execution) $6300
Bioquell L-4 Package-4 $22750 SHIPPING & HANDLING $720
Total $ 88279 Total $ 101950 (CD/PQ not included)