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Performance Review

Employee: Wallace, Samantha

Job Title: Sr. Accounts Manager - Paper Division
Review period start: 1/1/05
Review period end: 12/31/05
Reviewer: Mark Johnston


Job Knowledge Exceeds requirements

Sam reads and researches extensively, staying on top of current developments that might
impact her field. She ingeniously puts the resources and tools available to her to maximum use.
She demonstrates a high level of competency in the skills and knowledge required. Sam learns
and applies new skills quickly. She needs a minimal amount of supervision to fulfill her
responsibilities. She displays a better than usual understanding of the interrelationship between
her job and the jobs of others.

Communications Outstanding performance

Sam demonstrates outstanding written communications skills. She listens carefully, asks
perceptive questions, and quickly comprehends new or highly complex matters. She implements
highly effective and often innovative communication methods. Sam displays very good verbal
skills, communicating clearly and concisely. She is careful to keep others informed in a timely

Judgment Exceeds requirements

Sam does not hesitate to make decisions on very challenging matters and has confidence in her
decision making abilities. She always ensures that the appropriate people are included in the
decision-making process. Her decisions are on target and reflect her reliable, sound judgment
skills. She can clearly explain the reasoning and provide good support for her decisions. Sam can
usually make decisions even under tight time frames.

Adaptability Exceeds requirements

Sam incurs no problems in immediately adapting to changes in her job and the work
environment as needed. She easily balances competing demands on her time, and she accepts
criticism and feedback well. When a different approach or method is needed, Sam adjusts her
style of working to fit most situations.

Cost Consciousness Outstanding performance

Sam not only easily operates within her approved budget but also makes maximum use of her
budget allocation. She has developed and implemented many ideas that have resulted in
significant cost savings. Her outstanding efforts have resulted in substantial contributions to the
organization's profits and revenues. She gets excellent results from her efforts to conserve
organizational resources.

Business Ethics Outstanding performance

Sam invariably contributes to the general good and avoids consequences that might hurt others.
Her promises are always kept and her commitments are always honored. She earns the unfailing
respect and trust of her colleagues and clients because of her uncompromising fairness and
decency. By carefully displaying ethical business conduct, she models good behavior. Sam
successfully upholds the values and integrity of the organization.

This review indicates that Sam has become an outstanding performer in certain areas of her job.
While she was always a good contributor, her recent strides show great progress and effort on
her part.

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