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=J]W]E [V_^[ YROX] \T ae`WX LTb E]F_ E]F_ E]F_
L[_ =V^YX =Y_l y[[ [[V]N, NIOS UE 60% X^ Due to unavoidable Circum- LTb C Tm[ %J^ GG[L GST. Tally LX _E JO* G[V Flex C DTP Operator J O * `_mQT [~[ EL[ LX K_
[V_^ YS AERO aeTE MP, HS Ya AE]y %]V [ stances the advertisement Pub- ` 2 UE 6 `_mQ EXLH \Q[, [X[cRO JYU* M- Bhagat Offset, Cooch Behar. M- Cook JO* [c[GT %GGS* (M)
%XX %^LT c_* AVX[ ROYaO a$[* AYVTI `_mQ* lished on 02/08/17 for Short ROQ^][ 4 No. GRO[ [Y[T 9933435028/9635626353. (BE) 8373052941. (C/69252) 7797371234. (C/69260)
%X X aeGT, X T O T V [ [[[ za[ LX `lE/`lE J *O Term lien vacancy in XL J[* 98320-60428. ! ! !
Y[[`T c^* (M) 70316-78417. (C/69262) Phansidewa High School (H.S.) (C/69218) Wanted Diploma Engineer in [_ YJ[T AERO [e_ YyE[ aX[ aU L_\wE \V `lT
is hereby cancelled till further ! Mechanical/Civil for Engineer- [pYX aeGc[ LX M/F Y^ LX* Y[b[ Extra Income E[T E_
B.ed-D.ed notice. Secretary. (C/69048) ]c_ LT[V c [ F [`[V `]T ing Workshop in Siliguri. Mail `_mQ [ Y U %G G S* M - E[X* 7440058757. (C/69222)
aX C [Y[ V[ (NCTE & WBBPE Recognised G^y V[* 1-10 [aKX [\[ your CV to 8371990340. (C/692621) !
FgRO aX 10 G] (24 Ef) 29045
GX aX 10 G] (22 Ef) 27555 College 2017-19) \T J_TK* ae`WX L ^ _a * M-90070-82327/ ! !
Wanted an A/T in deputation `_mQT aE=[RO GQ JO*
Required one Experienced Civil
Engineer. Our Mobile no-
10 G] (22 Ef) 27970 M : 8617877906. (C/69256) 4/8/2017 A Y E `T Bhutni 90512-02577.
[Y ([RO) 1 EL 38300 ! vacancy upto 30.06.2018 in En- [O[[ _E cT c[* [^a 40 8670751083-Pankaj Agarwal.
[Y (FJ[) 1 EL 38400 400 K_ ]^[ Xae Chandipur High School A [ ` at^ (yXU) ]X a]WX c[O glish B.A (Pass) unreserve (UR) >W[* UE Z + F[[ [[* M- (C/69261)
Yf [f [ _^X ]JROa %Q L^ _a
Deputation Vacancy A[ [pYX f-[[a^ Vr, JE[, aX, Y[[[ pref B.Ed. Apply within 10 (ten) 98324-67898. (C/69260) !
%aa^`X[ [L[ V[* Xe V^ JE[ Vacancy upto 30/6/2017 A[ [Vb Y\T[* `_mQ- 98320- days from the date of publica- ! c_U Za_RO EQ-A[ ][ aeGc-
(]_^N E[ %_V) GNM \T Z @ 3800/-, B.Sc \T Y[[T 30/6/2018 c[* 64135. tion of adv. to the Secretary, ]cV %Q ]cV %X]VT k[ A[ LX A_E\wE ALRO JO*
Z @ 8450/- Xae Ea a[a[ (M-102881) ! Barobisha Balika Vidyalaya, Q_[, V XU[_ %G a\a, Ph : 96092-96824, 0353-
\T J_K* Govt. INC (Indian [V, [[c, Y], [`E[ S- a[ a]a[ P.O. Barobisha, Dist-Alipurduar aRO [ , YQYQ E_[Q , 2431544. (C/69240)
Nursing Council) ET E_L G^V ae a]WX ]y 1 HRO^ G[RO ac* T along with two (2) sets self at- L_YmO Q AFX EL[ LX %\p !
Education loan ac ^ T ac* YJ X G^V ae (1981) ^ EX E LTb "[[ \[X' ]_V^-6/ tested all testimonials. (PS) a_a ]XL[ Y^LX* 2.5 Lakh `_mQ-T RO_E_e (Insurance)-
[ [T TU[ LX NIHSCS (ISO- TV/TUXaX/%OX ac^T[ 8* (M)-9609192498. (Kol) ! P.A ^G^G-8348692289. A[ LX ]c_ Y^LX* 3000
9001 : 2008 aROZ^Q YTX) LX- (M) 7076840020 (`_mQ), ! Wanted two Asstt. Teachers (C/69317) (fixed) + Ince. (M) 9836006066.
^G^G E [ X f `_mQ 9836760358, 9038070007 LTb ` C Tm[-E_ET[ pref. trained 1) B.Sc (H) Math ! (C/69053)
(E_LYQ) (M) 7076533207/ (E_ET)* %V ` \m-V{ UE `_mQ[ OBC-'A' 2) B.A (Pass) English QYRO`X \EaT 30.06.2018 !
9547338471. (C/103701) [WX]ERO C HGX ]Q XL UR. against two deputation va- T[F Y^ 2 LX Q `lE JO* Water Purifier/Kitchen Chim-
J [ * ZX a]a LX X - cancies upto 30/06/18. Apply to (1) [.A Y` (Oe[L) S.T, A[e ney Sales A[e Service-[ LX
[. AQ. \T a\/a]T 8444838387. the Secretary, within 10 days (2) [.A (Y`) [e_ (UR)* 10 K _/] ^ J O `_mQ C
E[m [ [ [V X U E_L %Z ! with two sets of xerox copies of VX[ ]W %[VX E[X* T.I.C. L_YO m Q T* [TX+E]`X-
%G] 6O %GRO a 7RO^ X^ E [J[, c[F [J[, YQ`X, all testimonials. Secretary- QYQ a]y cO_ (=f]f) Y 10,000/-+UE, Z * (M)-
AQE`X, Yf Ga[O cR O [V[, L_ Y]O [ _ [H^T X YE a[[L XX %U, [[a, ]]_, aea[E %` Gadong High School (H.S), f MQ[Q, L_-=f VXLY[* ] f 7384971222, 8346013237.
f EJ[c[* 2017-19 `l[b VGda[ E]RO[ [bE aW[S a\ ac ^ EX a]a a]WX Y[X Vill-Kajipara, P.O.-Kathapara, 9593962734. (T/K/B) (C/69261)
Ea Z-T B.Ed Ea \T %XT c[* %YXV[ aE_[ ay^ TLTb ` V[@bE, T[ XL P.S.-Dhupguri, Dist-Jalpaiguri, ! !
J_TK* ^G^G-9851401724/ =YT AE E]* YL E]RO* G c % [ [VY{, `_mQ * Pin-735210. (BE) ''Agricultural Machinery Com- Urgently required for the post of
9932856347. (SM) (C/103703) ^G^Gf- 9434498343, VlS pany requires Graduate Office Computer Teacher (male-1),
B.Ed. \T `b a^G RO=`X 501/-. (C/69253) Wanted Assistant at Siliguri with Com-
puter Knowledge, Experience in
Lab Assistant (Female-1), De-
velopment Manager-1. Youth
=w[^S E_L %Z AQE`X, Yf- EJ[c[ G_[GX [QT Aa =w[[ AaKX [Ea Wanted two A.T in Deputation Tally, Busy Software perferred.
Vacancy up to 30.06.2018.1. Office Time 10.30 A.M. To 6.30
Computer Shaksharta Mission,
[L[cRO, L_ EJ[c[* NCTE [e_ ]W] (Y C^X) K yE YQX[ LTb V[^X Alipurduar. Interview Date &
[ ET A[e WBUTTEPA [ B.A. in English (Pass) pref. P.M. Local Candidate only. (M)- Time : 9-8-17 (12 P.M. to 2 P.M)
%X ]VT 2017-19 `l[b =Y^ N `lE J O * (M) %L C E_ `_mQ cRO_ XU- B.Ed. unreserved. 2. M.A in 9 4 3 4 1 6 4 0 5 8 . (M) 7679887189. (UD)
%Z_O X a[E[ Ea Z-T B.Ed. 9614155041. (a/69101) Y^RO* [Ee Xe-9830192259. Sanskrit Pref. B.Ed. OBC - B''. !
\T [ `b a ^G* ^G^G- Apply to the Secretary Sarala QYRO`X \EaT B.A/B.Sc
9733140090/9832506512. (SM) %^/a[E TaWE m[]T LXX FX B.N. Sarkar High School (H.S), !
(Pass), SC, \G_ `lE JO
[J C [G[ VF`X[ LX VX C E]l C YT _ T [`E[ S* Y`J P.O- Sarala, D/Dinajpur, Pin- Wanted A.T i) M.A. in Sanskrit, 30.06.18 Y^* B.Ed %GGS*
B.Ed. ADMISSION [ y[ LX %^ YC^ ^^* a[^X 733132
T [KV, ]]_, [X, RO X, E_LV, publication within 10 days from the unreserved ii) B.Sc. in Bio Sc. V`VX[ ]W `lGT ^GT[ 2
(2017-19) EV (M) 7384860975- Gc Vb, a[ a]a[ a]WX ]y 1,700/ timonials etc.with two sets(M-SR) of tes- (Pass), S.C. both preferably aRO L[j ac %[VX E[X*
7063055609. (C/103704) - R O E^ E[ c^ * `_mQ 11/8, ]_V B.Ed in deputation vacancy upto a+VE, [E_[]P G_a LX^[
Dhupguri College of Education- 12/8* QE^G YTE[* (M) Wanted 2 A.T! in Deputation 30.06.2018. Apply to the cO_, Yf [E_[]P, L_-
A aeFE %aX B,Ed. Admis-
sion J_TK* Contact Mumbers
[[a/[SL 96748-48637. (C/69262) Vacancy up to 30.06.2018.1. in Secretary, Betna Ramkrishnapur EJ[c[, YX-736133.
NOTICE %W [ Link ]X Bank [_ a] High School (H.S), P.O. & P.S. !
NIT No. WBJALRMC/09-SEC/JAL/2017-18, Dated : 03/08/2017 : 9434198023, 8617659604,
9434318704. (BE) GQ [ O X a [a* PAN MPOS VYST [`E[S c[O Math, PG,. unreserved (EC). 2. : Harirampur, Dist Dakshin
M.Com unreserved Apply to the Dinajpur, Pin-733125 within 10
QY R `O X \EaT VLO X ac `lE
(1) ae T (%Xa / YL)
Sealed Tenders are here by invited by Secretary Jalpaiguri ]`X A[ ALa X^ %^ E[X* a[y [U ? T[O %aX* A to Z President Harirampur ASDM days with self attested (%ae[lT), (2) Oe[L [ A (Y`)
Zilla RMC for 3(Three) nos. Yearly Maintenance work of
Sanitary & Plumbing and Electrical at different places of
B.Ed. \T `b a^G (M) 7384015456. (C/69261) a]a[ a]WX* _FT EROk EL High School, Harirampur, D/ Testimonials. (Aa., a) JO* VROO 30.06.2018
]X[tX ac ]][^_ B.Ed. ""[OX[ EXa_ROa c[O* X c_ ]_ Z[T* [fV (1) Dinajpur, Pin-733125 within 10 ! Y^ * [. AQ %G G X* [p
Jalpaiguri Zilla RMC notified area like P.M. yard, Sub-Market
E_L* ]^XmQ, L_YOmQ* [X DbW ^EX X` UE ]N days. (M-SR) Wanted an Asst. Teacher in Phi- YE`[ V`VX[ ]W `lGT
yards, Office, Checking point etc. Details may be seen from B.Ed. Ea \T J _ T K * "AX' a\aa'' (2) QE^G Y TE [ * %L ! losophy (Hons/PG) Pref. Trd.
EJ[c[ 6/8 L_YOmQ, `_mQ Wanted Asst. Teacher in Depu- UR category in deputation va-
^GT[ XE_ ac %[VX E[X*
the office of the undersigned during office hour except holiday. ^G^G f-9932209369, ^ EX L] aey a]a, ^ EX a+VE, V_XU cO_ (=.]) Yf-
Sd/- 9832602958. (S/C) YE[ _X YVX, [Qe YX C 7/8 Oa_]Y[ (M) 84207-33763/ tation Vacancy in the following cancy upto 30.06.2018. Apply to [QGY_Y[, UX-]U\, L_-
Secretary 83358-30322. (C/69254) posts up to 30.06.2018 (i) Hons./ the Secretary, Bhutanirghat EJ[c[, YX-735303* (BS)
Jalpaiguri Zilla RMC B.Ed. ADMISSION EX E`X, %EbS^ QaE=RO
^EX Oa[a YX A[ LX 21 HRO^ [`E[S P.G in Urdu (SC) (ii) B.A (Pass) High School (H.S.), P.O.:- !
Silpasamitypara, Jalpaiguri. B L. Educational Teachers ^G^G E[X f T^ T_, YE in Bengali (General) Person with Bhutanirghat, Dist:- Alipuduar, Wanted two Assistant Teachers
Training College- F_[ ]P, Y_a, A.a. ]ERO, `_mQ* (M) V+TE_c, [V, J E[ C [ ac disabilities both Preferably Pin no. 735211 within ten days preferably B.Ed. for the follow-
ROX][, EJ[c[ B.Ed-A \T 94750-59289, 94321-14405. LR_O a]a[ G[RO a]WX* ]cE_ trained. Apply to the Secretary, along with xerox attested cop- ing posts : (i) Hons/M.A. in En-
J_K* ^G^G-9474519764/ \[ [ C ]TaWE "` `[ %J^' Vf Toryal High School (H.S), At + ies of all testimonials. (B/S) glish U/R and (ii) B.A. in
(C/69255) 251/- M- 8017717169. P.O- Toryal, Dist- Uttar !
Cooch Behar Zilla Parishad 9434483672. (C/68487) Bengali (Pass) U/R against
Cooch Behar FRANCHISE L_YmO Q-5/8, `_mQ-6/8. (Kol) Dinajpur, Pin-733208 within 10 Wanted a post graduate lady deputation vacancy upto 30/06/
E-Notice Inviting Tender (in brief) `l/Vl YCSM-Complete IT Learning LTb C %WET^ days from the publication of this teacher (OBC-A) preferably B.Ed
advertisement. (M-TR) in vacancy created due to lien in
2018. Apply to the Secretary.
Fulbari High School (H.S). Vill.
Following E-Tender is hereby invited on behalf of Cooch Behar Basic C Advance [= R O ` ^ X
Zilla Parishad for various work vide NIT No. WBZP/81/DE-ET/ `F^ aRO_ G\f aROZERO, Job
Institute providing free of cost
Franchise. Hurry Up. Offer valid
` a[\ ! Geography for Lataguri Girls'
Wanted an A.T in Hist. having High School, P.O. Lataguri, Dt.
& P.O. Fulbari, Via Dhupguri,
Dist : Coochbehar Pin : 735210,
COB/2017-18 (3rd Call) for which last date of Technical &
Financial bid submission-22.08.2017 (upto 6.00 P.M.). For
C _X VC ^ c ^ * (M):- till 31 August 2017. (M) [Ee-9593754010/7479308440 qualification B.A (Pass), Unre- Jalpaiguri. Appear on interview within 10 days from the date of
details the website may be
9832308639. (C/69253) 7679887189. (UD) 1/8, 15/8-EJ[c[, 3/8-%_Y[, served and an A.T in Geo hav- with all testimonials on 22.08.17 advertisement with two sets of
accessed. 5/8-Z_ERO, 7/8-WYmQ, 9/8- ing qualification in B.A/ B.Sc at 12 noon. Ignore the add on self attested all testimonials. (BS)
GNM & B.Sc NURSING [y^ L_YOmQ, 11/8-]_[L[, 13/8- (Pass), Reserved for OBC - A 03.08.17. (C/69318) !

Addl. Executive Officer B.Ed, D.Ed, M.Ed, B,Tech EJ[c[ V[[Q ]OX [Q 5RO ]U\ * `X, E_aY, ]_E Vb Preferebly B.T/ B.Ed in deputa- ! Apply to the Secretary,
Cooch Behar Zilla Parishad B/D Pharm, M.A, M.Sc Ea \T YRO a[ [y^* (L] EX[ _X/ X^ \^ Y[X X* AO Vbm_ cC^ tion vacancy upto 30.06.18. Wanted two Assistant Teachers Kuktikata D. K. High School,
Cooch Behar. J _K* [_ aL`X aRO[ * M- [=Q[/QX %][ E[ V[) [Q %T acL [b^ X^* (C/68466) Apply to the Secretary, Dehuchi preferably trained for Vill- Kuktikata, P.O-Kanfata,
9002883174/9635430947. (Kol) T[[ Contact X^ YKVaO [Q High School, Vill-Dehuchi, P.O- Kushiarbari Haleswar High P.S.-Mathabhanga. Dist-Cooch
T[ E[* (M) 9614155041. [`E[S ]y 1 VX Samaspur, Dist-Uttar Dinajpur, School, P.O: Kushiarbari, Via : Behar within 10 days from the
AZQ\RO (C/68489) Pin-733134
YtE, YY[, RO \[ FTX] LTb the date of Advt. within 10 days from
Pin.: 735211
Dist.: Cooch Behar,
against deputation
date of advertisement for the
post of an Asstt. Teacher in B.A.
Cooch Behar Zilla Parishad GT 6.7.17 T[F `_mQ, E.M. ! C TE m[V[ "%]T `'* vacancy upto 30.06.2018. i)
! (Pass), English, Preferably
Cooch Behar ERO AZQ\RO [_ %] Badal 3 BHK Flat, 1100 Sq,ft. 3Rd [V, J E[ , m `y, ]]_, GcVb Wanted A.T in deputation va- MCA-Unreserved
E-Notice Inviting Tender (in brief) Das C SUBRATA DAS AEO Floor at Lake town Siliguri for ac [\~ LRO_ a]a[ a]WX- cancy up to 30.06.2018 Hons/ Geo-OBC-A Applyii)toBA the
trained, reserved for OBC-A,
against deputation vacancy upto
Following e-Tenders are hereby invited on behalf of Cooch [N [ Y Y[J T c_]* (C/69046) Sale. M-9474587468. E_LV, [SRO X m[V[ ]W] E[ dent with self attested two cop-
Behar Zilla Parishad for Electrical works vide NIT No. WBZP/ (C/69032) c^ * ]_V-5/8* (M) 9051469970. P.G in Hist. Pref. trained U.R. 30.06.2018. The Interview will
! Apply with all testimonials ies of all certificates along with be held on 12.09.2017. (BS)
10/DE-ET/COB/2017-18 (2nd Call) for which last date of GT 20.07.17 EJ [c[ aV[ E.M. (QE^GC YTE[ c^ )* (Kol)
Technical & Financial bid submission-14.08.2017 (upto 6.00 ROC^[ within 10 days of this Adv. to Bio-Data within 10 days from !
P.M.). For details the website may
ER[O AZQ\R O [_ %] Megen
Ray A[e Meghin Roy, YT QLRO_ ROC^[ E+X 4 L-[
J[^ [`E[S ` the Secretary of Solpara High advertisement.
School (H.S), P.o-Solpara, P.S-
(C/69252) 1. An Asstt. Teacher in Sans
(B.A Pass, Pref, Trained), U.R
be accessed. Khagendra Roy, Khagen Ray A[e LX L]/KV Y^ LX* %G] 80 _F LX C ]^[T [T E][` T[ Goalpokhar, Dist- U/Dinajpur, FACULTY REQUIRED category. 2. An Asstt. Teacher
Sd/- Khagendra Nath Ray AE A[e + 80000 Y T]a + J E [ [`E[S, [V, [[c ac ^ EX Pin-733210. (M-TR) in Math (Hons, Pref. Trained),
Secretary %\~ [N ca[ Y[J T c_]* 8377865093, 8376019577. LR_O Y[ TX a]a[ J[ ^ a]WX ! 6 Nos. of M.Sc (Pure/Bio), B.Ed S.C eategory. 3. An Asstt.
Cooch Behar Zilla Parishad E_LX, EJ [c[ * (a/69103) (DHL) TE [ [V %WYE A. `* (M) Wanted all subject teachers and with NET/SET, please mail your Teacher in Bio. Sc (B.Sc Pass,
Cooch Behar. ! !
8981181541. %L ]_V* (Kol) Principal as per NCTE norms- cv to or visit Pref Trained), OBC-A (E.C)
03.08.2017 APD Ex-Magistrate- R O C^[[ LX L], K V, YR O Y ^ LX* 3 ]XRO [`E[S 2014 apply to the SECRETARY, (C/69253) category. For short term
[ XER O AZQ\R O [_ GY_ G^_ %G] 80 _F, 70000 \Q, JE[ FUNDAMENTAL INSTITUTE (Deputation) vacancy upto
UE GY_ %G[C^_ c^K* + Y T]a-30000 (a [ E [ [UY], V+TE_c, [V, `yV]X OF TEACHERS TRAINING, OFFICE JOB 30.06.18. Apply to the President
GY_ %G[C_, YT gY[]`[
%G[C^_ C GY_ G^_, YT
[ L E T) 09716526702, ac ^ EX a]a^ TE LTb P.O. BANSHIHARI, D/
"X]O %J^'* VlS ]y 101/-* DINAJPUR 733121, and Mob- Govt. Regd L.No-250631 a+S
Y[b Y^LX Sukdevpur S.C High School P.O-
09716526990. (DHL) Sukdevpur. Dt. D/Dinajpur, Pin-
a]LE X^[J[ C l]T^X [\G Yg [ ]`[ G^_ AEO [N* [ ]RO [aKX f EJ [c[ -10/8 `_mQ-11/ 9434181565 within 16.08.2017, [X QX`X ^ EL* YTE 733124, within 10 days of adver-
(a]LE X^[J[ C l]T^X ]E) [Q, E_JX* (C/68643) _X 8 ]_V-12/8. (M) 9679366596. See website Re- E]YU XL[ L_^ %Za^_ C tisement along with two sets of
Y[[ LX %[VX EX ZO_ JL, EX G[RO[ E]lT quired D.Ed & B.Ed Principal %XX YV X^N c[* zE, OXJL, attested testimonials. (SA)
a]LE X^[J[ C l]T^X [\G `b 22` %GRO, 2017-A[ ]W and Teacher. (M-PR) %Za[^, ATM GQ, YCX
KQO 10 _F Y^ a] [E] _X[
"]VE %Y[[c[ YT[W C [WE VF`X[ ly AX%OAaQ-[
E^E[T[ Z_Z_ C Y\['-A[ CY[ ]_^X [J[a+~ E[[ LX [[ ]y 2 VX* 2% aV, 50% T[ m [`E[S Wanted an A.T! B.A(Hons.)/ S.V, ASV, Jio 4G, [ (DSA), GITANJOLI
^G aem_[ UE O-ROQ[ %X E[K* [[T LXT %XGc E[ K Q* Aggarwal Finance Pvt. Ltd. 100% G[RO ac _FT JNT M.A in English Pref. trained `Ye]_ MNC Pvt. Co-T a[a[ L[ \Ea (=f [) 8]-B.A.
aYY-[ C^[aORO C ]E[ 9115954102, 9115954017. EL* V+T E_c, [[a, [V ac (S.C) in deputation Vacancy YU X^G J_K* ^GT JTU- %Z`^_/%XX YV M/F XL
C^[aOROm_ f,, C (Kol) ^EX a]a^ TE LTb "` upto 30/06/2018 for Kapasia GL^RO, [TX 10200/- - 26500/- ald 12,750-38500-O.T ac VFX* cT E[ EX V[ GcT c[ X* ! E`XU `'* VlS-301/-, (M) A.M High School, P.O-Kapasia, , PF, ESI, OT, [Xa ac UE C ESI, [Xa, KRO* [L + Z] 201/
davp 38101/11/0040/1718 YaX_, ]ROGL, c=a[Qe, L], 9830296650. `_mQ - 5/8, Dist. U/ Dinajpur, Pin-733128. FC^[ a[[ %K* ^G^G[ -* L[ G [ RO 100%, (Bank
[Q, ZRO EX A[e F_ L] C [^Gt-6/8, ]_V-7/8* (Kol) Eligible candidates may apply to aU E]YUE &RO L^Xe, QRO DSA), Co., MNC-T X ^ G,
RO X[ [Q ]RO GL _X E[ c^ * (M)
[Ea LTb the president within 10 (ten) CVCYRO
^ c
e A[^ _FT\[ LX^
[* M-7029259381.
ald GTt_- 9593133456.
97751-37242, `_mQ* days from publication of Adver- (Kol)
1) Sealed Quotation in contractor pad are invited by the Chairman,
(C/68978) ` V[LT ` tisement. (M-TR) (C/69253)
! !
Jalpaiguri Municipality, Jalpaiguri for Supplying and fitting-fixing of Office of the Y A] ]V ^LX[ %WX L A] Q E_ET TU =w[ [[ YFT LTb Wanted an A.T.
16th Gold Medalist, E]F C vacancy (upto 30.06.18) in deputation Deputation Vacancy YJ][[ [FT ]RO[ X[V[
different articles like Furniture's, Water Purifiers, Utensils etc. of approved MALDA ZILLA REGULATED ZXa ([Lf) [Q UE a[ W[ X[ T[YP aT, [[a, JE[, [[c, (Pass) with English, B.Ed (SC). B.A Wanted five asstt. Teachers for [ GST C %XX ROj[ [b^m_
quality in connection with the work of Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH) MARKET COMMITTEE @S VC^ c^* Y%[/Y A_ 1% [`E[S, YQ`X, ZgQ ^EX deputation vacancies in different `F L[X aYTT cX* za [
at Jalpaiguri under NULM Part 1. Particulars below which will be received PM Yard, Mokdumpur, Malda aV, 40% \[ T E* %Y[J TV[ UE a]a a]WX ac* YT Oe ]a Apply within 10 days from the groups i.e. i) One PG in Physics, 05/08/17* \T J_K* 'TIES',
by him upto the time specified herein at his office. NIT. NO-1157/MZRMC/2017 Dated-02/08/2017 a[WX* 09355853872, `_mQ -6-7, L_YO m Q -8, date of Advertisement to the B.Ed (Unreserved) (2) One H/ `_mQ-9474764635.
PG in Mathematics (B.Ed) (S.C)
i) Last date of time limit of Sealed tender is hereby invited 09355543168 (EX)* (Kol) ]_[L[-9, ]^XmQ-10, WYmQ- Secretary,
High School
(H.S), P.O-
Barkol, 3) One B.A (Pass) English, B.Ed Walk-in-Interview
Submission of quotation : 16/08/2017 at 12.00 PM by the undersigned for ! 11, Z_ERO-12, %_Y[V^[-13.
YT Oe ]a C.C.N Binodan Live Dist- Malda, Pin-732128. (Unreserved) (4) One PG in
ii) Date and time for opening 3(Three) Nos electrical work ` [] ZOXa [LROQ E+X (M-102881) English, B.Ed (OBC-A), 5) One Date : 09/08/2017, Venue :
of quotation : 16/08/2017 at 12.30 PM under Malda Zilla RMC. For PM. ^LX %GT PR/PL ]E`RO, %XX Te 5-6 [T 8-9 RO^ VFX* College Campus, Time : 12
2) Sealed Quotation in contractor pad are invited by the Chairman, YY
R ,O BPL, YaX_ a[ _X 1% [f Xe - 9547370937. (S/M) ! PG in Geography, B.Ed Noon Alipurduar Ashutosh
any details information, the aV 40% Wanted 3 Pass graduates A.T, (Unreserved) up to 30.06.2018.
Jalpaiguri Municipality, Jalpaiguri for Supplying and fitting-fixing of interested persons are re- E]V[, [K`b Q, ]c_, aX, a[E[
preferably trained in part time Apply within 10 days from the B.Ed College Recog. By NCTE
different articles like Furniture's, Water Purifiers, Utensils etc. of approved quested to contract the under- 9555519665. KQ* 7503053892, (C/69220) vacancy upto 30-06-2018 in date of Publication to the and Affi. to WBUTTEPA
Salsalabari (Mahakal
quality in connection with the work of Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH) signed any office day within ! Beng-UR, Geo-OBC-A & Eng- President, Okrabari Alabakash Chowpathi) Alipurduar.
at Jalpaiguri under NULM Part 2. Particulars below which will be received the scheduled time & date or "Aj_ %XV ZXa' UE _X, UR respectively. Apply with High School (H.S) P.O.
by him upto the time specified herein at his office. visit the web site ALRO[ LX E+XT ZX E[ X* biodata to the president, Balakandi, P.S. Dinhata, Dist- Required : 1. Principal, 2. Asst.
i) Last date of time limit of Raniganj K.C. High School, Cooch Behar, Pin-736135 Prof. in Beng, Eng, Hist, Phy. (M) 7055194194/7088002274, Edu. Fine Arts, Science, Math.
Submission of quotation : 16/08/2017 at 3.00 PM Last date for submission of E J [ c [ - 7409777730, Kamaldanga, Malda, 732138 Along with Testimonials
ii) Date and time for opening within 10 days. (M-PG) (2 Sets) (AA) Qualifications as per NCTE
application-15/08/2017 up to L_YmO Q-9675599989, `_mQ- norms. Bring 2 sets of Xerox of
of quotation : 16/08/2017 at 3.30 PM 2-30PM. Date for submission 7617603131,
Details of which are available in the web portal &
]_V- all Documents. Ph:
of sealed tender on : 22/08/ 7088088844, W[ Q-7409123401, aTEE[S f =w[[ ae[V %U[ YyE[ EX ALRO YyE^ 9735244975/9475480678/ & in the office of the undersigned during 2017 at 2-30PM. EE[MQ-8395810777, %_Y[- YE`T EX [pYX[ aTT, ^UUT[ LX V^ X^* EX 7 7 9 7 9 4 9 2 6 7
the office hours. Sd/- 8171770770, =f VXLY [ -
Chairman Secretary 7617600707, Vf VXLY [ - YE[ [pYX [ Y\[T cC^[ %G [pYX[ ^UUT ^JO www.alipurduarashutoshbed
Jalpaiguri Municipality Malda Zilla RMC 7088088855. (C/68983) E[ XT YPEV[ %X[W E[ cK* (C/68644)