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Summer 2017 Volume 36 Number 1
2017 The Wilds Christian Association, Inc.

Mr. Bigball Hardly a Windbag!

All rights reserved.
The Wilds and CampsAbroad are registered
trademarks of The Wilds ChristianAssociation, Inc.
North Carolina Campsite:
The Wilds
1000 Wilds Ridge Road
What group game has been played more than any other in the
Brevard, NC 28712-7273
Phone: (828) 884-7811
history of TheWilds? By far, it has to be The Bigball Game!
Fax: (828) 862-4813
New England Campsite:
The Wilds of New England
1181 Deering Center Road
Without interruption for 48 years,
Deering, NH 03244-6529 Mr. Bigball and his generational cousins
Phone/Fax: (603) 529-0001
have rolled ceremoniously onto the
The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. is an
independent, nondenominational, nonprofit, 501(c) Ballfield at TheWilds. For 48 years, on
(3) organization created for the purpose of operating Monday nights, campers anticipate that
Christian camps and conference centers. We are
fundamental in our beliefs, Bible-centered in our something big is about to happen! They
philosophy, and evangelistic in our outreach. are right!
The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. presently It is our privilege to interview the
operates a Christian camp and conference center in
the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina latest Bigball generation which gets
that is open year-round. The camp has a carefully
selected and trained staff and averages nearly
up close and personal with campers
20,000 campers per year. In 2009 The Wilds of New at TheWilds. Mr. Bigball invited us on
England began ministry at our campsite in Deering,
New Hampshire. In this peaceful, rural setting we a stroll-and-a-roll on the grounds of engineer from Newton, Massachusetts,
experienced good growth in attendance at our TheWilds on his day off between camps. in 1894. Those are round numbers of
summer camps as well as in our limited fall schedule
programs. We anticipate a continuing steady growth Ken: Mr. Bigball course. Although Moses three sons
and expansion of the ministry at this New England BB: uh, my friends just call me BB. played a different game you might have
In addition to providing a God-honoring music
Ken: Okay then, BB. You are heard of called American football at
publication service as an integral part of our certifiably famous around here; can you Harvard, he was never in love with that
ministry, The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. has
also established the CampsAbroad program to assist
give me a little history of your family? game. Moses Crane thought: Why not
others in the formation and operation of Christian BB: My pleasure, Ken. We were make the ball so big the spectators cant
camp ministries around the world.
invented by Moses Crane, an electrical miss it? Pushball was born!

2 newsletter summer 2017

Ken: He accomplished his purpose! Its hard to miss! By There were about 100 campers in attendance, and they
the way, football is still is still quite popular in our country. loved the Bigball! Boys and girls played in the same game.
BB: Okay, but it pales in comparison to Bigball! Anyway, The Kats (boys) and the Birds (girls) played the Rats (boys)
Moses made the first Pushball out of rubber and leather, and the Bugs (girls.) To this day it is still unclear which
and it cost him about $175 (about $4,800 in todays team won. However, one thing is for sure, almost every
dollars). It measured 6 feet, 3 inches in diameter, and camper at TheWilds has played Bigball!
weighed right at 70 pounds. BB: So, has the Bigball game remained the first game
Ken: When did people play the first game of Pushball? every week for all those years?
Ken: Yes, BB. Unless there is lightning or torrential
rain, Bigball is our one and only on the first night of camp.
BB: Hey, you guys are okay. Ill bet youve never even
considered changing having us as your lead game, have
Ken: Well, to tell you the truth, we discuss it every year,
but its kind of a joke. We always go back to The Bigball
Game. At TheWilds, we have not just used you and
others like you, weve used your younger brothers (4-foot
Bigballs) and your smaller cousins (3-foot Bigballs) in a
BB: The first informal games took place in Newton, huge variety of games.
Massachusetts, after Thanksgiving in 1894. It attracted a BB: What do you mean? Theres only one Bigball game.
huge group of spectators! Everyone wanted to try it. The You just get in the middle of the field, tell campers to push
participants worked on the rules throughout the next it over the goal over there, blow the whistle, and the game
year, and they played an exhibition game at halftime of is on!
the Harvard-Brown football game! The Pushball game
was better than the football game, according to my great,
great, great (you get the idea) grandfather. An American
Pushball team even traveled to England to The Crystal
Palace for an exhibition game. It should be their national
sport by now!
Ken: Was that the day that a New York Times sports
reporter remarked, The game appeared very much a
game for strong, active men, but was very amusing to the
spectators,"? Weve found that boys and girls at TheWilds
love a tough and challenging Bigball game, just as those
men did.
BB: I know. These are fingernail gouges right here
on my cover! Anyway, it became a favorite on college
campuses. In 1906, it became part of the training regimen
for the New York Giants football team! Of course, there
were always those who tried to corrupt the simplicity of
the game. Some played the game on horseback, with the
horses knees advancing the ball. Several men even used
carsthree cars to a teamin an attempt to change a
perfect game.
Now, Ken, youve been here at TheWilds for a long
time. What do you know about my familys history with
Ken: The first Bigball was rolled out as the first game in
the very first camp held at TheWilds on August 4, 1969. 3
Ken: BB, TheWilds has used your family to super size about every common game
in America. For instance:

Bigball Bowling: Bigball Foosball:

This goes by a number of names This game goes by its more common
besides bowling. Players propel name, Feetball. A Wilds original game
the Bigball down the huge hills at which mimics foosball on a much
TheWilds and knock down pins or grander scale, with as many as 750+
objects just like at the old bowling campers participating.
alleyexcept the ball return is an Bigball Ping Pong:
uphill speed battle. We tried, but never got that one
Bigball Basketball: figured out.
Thats right! Teams dribble the
Bigball not on the ground, but in the
Bigball Volleyball: air to score in the ginormous baskets!
Probably one of the most This is a Wilds original game.
continuously popular games we play at Bigball Baseball:
TheWilds. In fact, weve found that Instead of a two-legged runner,
in the girls opinion, this is probably the ball is pushed around the ball
the most anticipated game using the diamond by teams of 2 or 3 campers.
Bigball. We play 2 courts, 4 courts, It moves quite fast.
and a triple court for 3 teams. Bigball Steal the
Bigball Hot Potato: Bacon:
For younger ones we use smaller balls One of the items a team must fetch
and allow them to catch it, hit it, or in and bring back to their own side is
any way they are able, get it across the (what else?) a Bigball. This means a
line or into the other teams courts one-on-one or two-on-two battle in
before the randomly timed music an open field in order to bring home
stops playing. the bacon.

newsletter summer 2017
BB: I had no idea my family was
that talented! I feel light-headed all of
a sudden. I need to sit down. Oh, wait
a minute
Ken: BB, of course, we have Tim Meals
JBC Director The Wilds
many, many games and inventions at Brevard, North Carolina
TheWilds, but the Bigball has been
the one object we cannot imagine not
having around for nearly 50 years of
fun. Thanks to you and your family,
BB, We have even been able to take The banner over the entrance to JBC reads,
the Bigball all over the world through
our CampsAbroad program, so young
Welcome to Junior Boot Camp,
and from the moment a junior camper comes running in under
people all over the world can know
that banner, we mean itWelcome to the best week of your
the fun you bring to camp. A Bigball
summer! The GHQ (General Headquarters) area is always set for
can run over anyone in 20 different
fun and excitement! Tetherball, basketball,
giant checkers, carpetball, basic training
(low level rope and wire activities), the
bouldering wall, and other unique camp
games and activities wait for enthusiastic
workouts, and the JBC counselors are ready
to play and explore right alongside the JBC
It doesnt happen often, but occasionally
a camper will beat Big Bob (Roberts) in
a game of carpetball. Then the real fun
begins! The camper gets to claim a prize
from the now infamous bag of much stuff.
Even as the church leaders and parents
are upstairs completing the registration
process, they can be at ease knowing that
the campers are enjoying the room that will
quickly become one of their favorite spots
on the campsite, the GHQ Gameroom! It
comes highly recommended by none other
than Mr. Bigball and his family! 5
Shawn Alexander
Program The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina

Want to stay connected

with The Wilds even when
you are not at camp?
Remember riding that 65 Giant Swing and brand new
700 two-way zip line last summer and want to show your
friends and family? How about when you really cant put
into words how to describe to your friends who this guy
Willie is, so you find this picture on Instagram and no
further comment is needed?! or @wildscamp

There are many reasons to stay minutes and scrolled through the want to miss out on announcements
connected with The Wilds on social pictures on Facebook of the falls or about the newest CDs, current
media through Facebook, Twitter, the Lake? In addition, each week camps, or #tbt pictures from waaaay
Instagram, and The Wilds Blog. during the summer we post daily back. We would love for you to
One of the special things about pictures of juniors and teen campers follow, tweet, like, share, and stay
The Wilds is the location God has so moms and dads are able to see connected with The Wilds on social
provided. Have you ever taken a few whats going on. Plus, you wouldnt media!

6 newsletter summer 2017

Joe Fant
Program Director The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina

1.Stay faithful in the Word. Your

actions center on what you love. Get to
know God better through His Word, and
your love for Him will grow. As your love
for the Truth grows, your love for sin will
start to diminish.
2.Surround yourself with
godly influencesincluding friends,
entertainment, hobbies, you name it!
Radically remove anything in your life
that is helping you desire the things of the
3.Be active in your local church.

Hey camper! I hear it from you The Christian life was never meant to be
lived alone. Be actively involved in your
guys all the time: How do I practically live local community of believers. Work out
for God when I get home? I mean, it seems so your gifts and be a blessing to your local
easy to live for God here at camp, but when congregation.
I go home, I fall right back into the same 4. Share what you are learning
sins. Help! Paul gives us the answer to this Come back and see us, give us the
question in his letter to the Galatians:walk opportunity to encourage you again, and
in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the share with other campers how you are
flesh.(Galatians5:16) So what does walking in taking the next steps in your spiritual
the Spirit look like when you go home? journey!

I have known Ken Collier since he was a junior in

high school as he has been on our staff in some capacity
for 48 years.He is like a son to me. However, never
would I have thought that the journey of these years
would lead him to have a conversation with Mr. Bigball.
Has he gone out of his mind?The answer is: No. He is
utilizing his experience and God-given creative skills
that have helped make The Wilds special.
God called 3 men to incorporate an institution
called The Wilds Christian Camp and Conference
Center, but God has put His hand on a great number
of talented men and women to provide out of
the box ideas for the camps and programs for
The Wilds!
Thank you, Ken Collier, for interviewing
Mr. Bigball! And thank all of you idea people
Ken Hay
Chairman of the Board The Wilds
for keeping The Wilds balanced between
Taylors, South Carolina seriousness, sincerity, silliness, and godliness!
You have demonstrated the theme verse of
TheWilds: 1 Corinthians 10:31 by doing all to the
glory of God. 7
Matt Herbster
Director The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina


It happens multiple times a day food and clothing. That is all we technically need. If we
think this way, everything else is bonus. Do I NEED a
billboards, radio, television, websites, restaurants, stores,
new phone? Do I NEED the latest fashions? There may
and credit card companies prey upon our bent to be
be times that we have more than we need. There may be
discontent. You know you really NEED the newest phone.
times that we only have what we need. Be content with
You NEED a new pair of shoes. You NEED a latte! You
either scenario.
need, you Need, you NEED! It is our human nature to not
be satisfied with what we have. We want more. We want 3) Lean on Christs strength!
something different. We want what someone else has. Paul Philippians 4:13 is a verse that speaks in general of
deals with this temptation in Philippians 4:11-13. How can leaning on Christs strength, but it is specifically talking
we battle this bent to be discontent? about leaning on His strength in order to be content. In
Christ, we have all we NEED for life and godliness. Lean
1) Learn contentment.
on Him.
Paul says in 4:11b, I have learned, in whatsoever state I
The sooner in life that you learn to be content/satisfied,
am, therewith to be content. It is not natural to be content,
the sooner you will be a joyful Christian (or the sooner
so we must learn it. Learning contentment happens when
your life will take on joyfulness). Our churches are full of
our thinking is properly informed by Gods Word. Is God
Christians who are discouraged and depressed because
good? Is He enough? Does He care for me? The answer
they dont have as much as the person next to them.
is yes! I can know that what I have in Him is enough. I
Psalm 84:11 promises that God will not withhold what is
dont need anything else.
good from us. Trust His plan. If we need it, God will give
2) Discern between needs and wants. it. Otherwise, ask God for complete satisfaction in what
God has promised to supply all your need He has given you. He is more than enough! With His help,
(Philippians4:19). Be content with that! What are your lets push back against our natural bent to be discontent!
needs? According to 1 Timothy 6:8, we can be content with

8 newsletter summer 2017

Matt Collier
Director CampsAbroad
Brevard, North Carolina

My most memorable town, a sort of rag-tag parade forms

so that by the time you arrive at the
Bigball experience spot of dirt we have christened a field,
ironically involves the loss of one you discover that most of the village
in Mexico while playing Feetball has turned out to see what is going
(a game that involves lying flat on to happen next. All that remains is
your back and kicking a Bigball into one look at the massive object coming to roll it out and let the fun begin.
the air). The only field available at him and ran the other way. The ball From Ghana to Brazil to Mongolia to
to us was the concrete floor of an descended gracefully onto the rebar Korea to Peru to India and yes, even
unfinished church building. There with a loud pop, completely impaled. to our own United StatesBigballs
were no other options. To complicate Game over. are part of the Bible-centered camp
things, the field was surrounded by So if even the smaller variety experience that young people the
concrete posts with rebar sticking of Bigballs that we export can be a world over will never forget.
straight up out of them. Trying to bit intimidating, why do we keep
make the best of it, we covered most hauling them all over the world?
of them with all the buckets we could Because they break down barriers.
find. I then positioned the biggest You really havent lived until youve
and strongest looking counselors in rolled a Bigball through an African
front of the remaining rebar posts village. Think National Geographic
with strict orders to protect the type images: dusty footpaths winding
Bigball at all costs. The game was through mud huts with hollow-eyed
going great until the teens kicked a children looking out from doorways.
ball high in the air toward one of my They are drawn to the bright colors
appointed counselor guards. He took of the massive ball like metal to a
magnet. As you roll the ball through 9
Rand Hummel
Director The Wilds of New England
Deering, New Hampshire

There is something unforgettable about the

humongous, gigantic, colossal Bigball
at The Wilds and The Wilds of New England. camp? What are your biggest friend memories
How many of us have personally been impacted about camp? What are your biggest spiritual
by camps massive ball knocking us to the ground memories about camp? Camp is a place to make
as we attempted to hit it over the volleyball big life-long friendships and big life-long
net? Bigball Volleyball. Bigball Pinball. Bigball decisions. Gaining a true friend that prays and
Basketball. Feetball. Bigball Steal the Bacon. Big encourages you to live for our Lord is big. Laughing
fun is what camp is all about. Although it would be with your friends at a crazy skit or an exciting game
impossible to carry such a ginormous camp Bigball years after it happened is big. Thanking God for
around with us everywhere that message that changed the direction of your life
we go, it is not impossible is big. Getting so excited about your God & I Time
to carry "BIG" memories all that it has become a life-long habit is big. Learning
through life. to pray at a camp C.P.R. service is big. (C.P.R. =
So...what are your Confession, Praise, Request.) For many, trusting
biggest fun Christ as personal Lord and Savior after hearing
memories about a clear, gospel message is a bigger memory than I
could ever write about.
A Bigball is certainly big. Memories can be truly
big. But never forget that our wonderful, all-
powerful God is bigger than any fear! Bigger than
any problem! Bigger than any habit! Bigger than
any trial! I hope we will never get too big to sing,
My God is so big! So strong and so mighty! Theres
nothing my God cannot do!
Your friend,

10 newsletter summer 2017

it mean
to be Biblical salvation results in believers being in Christtruly a joy
unspeakable. Biblical sanctification results in believers becoming

in Christ?
like Christa progressive journey that will not end until we stand
before the presence of the very One we seek to imitateour Lord
Jesus Christ.

In this study of Ephesians 1-3, we will focus on our life in Christ.

In very visual and practical ways, Paul walks us through a number of
questions about our Christian lives.

Why is forgiveness so important?

Rand Hummel is the Director of The Wilds of New England Where do we get the power to live a life that honors God?
located in Deering, New Hampshire. Prior to this position, How important is my love for God and others?
Rand was the Assistant Director of TheWilds in Brevard, What is the key to biblical and real change?
North Carolina, and served as the Program Director for 20 How can I really become an imitator of God?
years. Each year he ministers to thousands of teenagers What does a Spirit-filled Christian look like?
and their families. He has dedicated his life to Why does living a godly life seem like a battle?
encourage all ages to hate sin and love God more. Why is sincere love for Christ essential?

For more information or to place an order,

visit 11
For nearly 50 years we have been These friends donated almost
blessed with campers, supporters, and $80,000 to fund The Thrill, The
like-minded friends who are really on Chill of the Hill project at TheWilds.
the ball with the work God is doing This involved updating one of our
at and through the various ministries campers longtime, favorite activities
of TheWilds. These friends and at The Wilds the Superslide;
campers have hearts "bigger than a constructing new restrooms near
bigball." We could say, "with hearts the Superslide and Activity Center;
as big as the outdoors," but with this and, tying all of that together with a
NewsLetter theme, we couldn't resist. comfortable, relaxing patio area.
Our staff, subcontractors, and
volunteer construction crews were
on the ball in a huge way, as well.
Dick Reid
Director of Development The Wilds They have completed this wonderful
Taylors, South Carolina project which turned out far better
than we had imagined!
Now our campers will have a
beautifully updated Superslide to
enjoy and a brand new patio area
in which to relax (when they arent
involved in the multitude of Bigball
activities). In addition, the new, greatly
needed and convenient restrooms
have expanded our facilities near the
Activity Center.

12 newsletter summer 2017


Needs Corner
Would you prayerfully consider continuing A
to push us over the goal by getting on the Items received:
4' Step Ladder
ball in one of these ways? Amish Poly Furniture Stool
Amish Poly Furniture Table
Be a camper. Firehouse Nozzle
Come join us yourself or send campers; we have programs Hand Seamer 6" Jaw
for all ages throughout the year. God is working in this
beautiful place that is set apart from the busyness and Needs:
Dura Rakes (3) - $60 each
distractions of this world.
Extendable Tree Pruning Saw - $350
Be a volunteer. Fire Hose Cabinets (3) $150 each
Groundskeeper Rakes (3) - $35 each
We have many projects in which we need assistance and
Hand Seamer 3 1/2 Jaw - $85
would love for you to utilize your special skills to co-labor Large Live Animal Trap - $220
with us for the Lord. Oily Rag Disposal Can for Auto Shop - $65
Random Orbital Sander - $125
Be a donor. Rubber Boots (4) - $30 each
The needs are great, but the opportunities are even Soil Probe (2) - $25 each
greater. We always strive to be faithful stewards of
your investment. By Gods grace it will result in eternal

Pray for us.

Items received:
Those who regularly lift us up in prayer are truly our Camera Lens
friends and an answer to our prayers. Gift Bibles for Campers
Kitchen Tools
I TRUST that each of you will continue to Speakers Microphone
Upright String Bass
stay on the ball by supporting The Wilds in Needs:
one or more of these gracious ways! Bedding sets for Speakers Suite (2) - $25 each
Bosch Hammer Drill - $260
Comforter for the Speakers Suite - $35
Dunn Rite Aqua-Volley Volleyball Net - $95
Outdoor Inflatable Soccer Dart Board - $999
Stihl MS 261C Chainsaw - $560
Welding Helmet - $45

I want to help
A or N
Enclosed is a gift toward the cost of the indicated need.
City____________________ State _________ Zip
Mail to: The Wilds PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 13 - they import coffee - we export camping!
Purchase delectable coffee, and you can support CampsAbroad! Simply
go to their home page, select a camp (CampsAbroad), choose your
coffee, and order. It's that easy!


Melissa Petersen (09,13,14,15,16)
and David Hainsworth, 6/4/17.
Jaynie Joyner (12,14,15) and Bryce

Hamilton (09,15-16), 12/30/16.
CAREERS: Laurie Winslow (12,13) and Gerald
Philip and Katherine [Morris] Presson, 1/7/17.
Larson (02,04,06,07) live near
Denver, Colorado. Philip is an BIRTHS:
assistant pastor and works as a Nathan and Rachael [Anglea]
mechanic at the post office. Katherine Benge (06,07,08,09-17), William
Shawn and Susanna
is the pianist for their church and David, 4/15/17.
Alexander are happy to
takes care of their three daughters:
Ben and Marie [Craven] Condra announce the arrival of their
Anna-5, Michelle-3, and Victoria-born
(03,04,05,06,07,08,09-10,11), daughter, Paisley Eden. She was
in 2016.
Hosanna Marie, 11/29/16. born on April 5, 2017, weighed
Billy (11,12) and Grace 8 pounds 6 ounces, and was 21
Jesse (07,08-10) and Anne
[Williquette] Peters (11,12) inches long. She is welcomed
Richardson, Zane Marshall, 4/4/17.
serve at Wausau Bible Church in home by her big sister, Piper.
Wausau, Wisconsin, where Billy is the
associate pastor. Grace is a freelance Former Staff, Shelly Renner and Bob
writer and editor. Their son, Michael help keep us updated on your career Wetterlund were married
Joseph, was born 12/6/16. moves, marriage, and children! on July 1, 2017. Shelly and Bob
Send announcements to: both worked summers at the
Sam and Mary Beth The Wilds, North Carolina campsite.
[Meyerhoeffer] Snyder (05) are Where Are They Now? Shelly handles all of our
missionaries to Papua New Guinea. PO Box 509 product sales and works out of
They also have a daughter, Bethany Taylors, SC 29687-0009 our Taylors office. Bob is now
Ann, who was born 1/12/16. or e-mail working in the Greenville area.

14 newsletter summer 2017

Given by: Mrs. Jeanette Annand Mr. & Mrs. Willard Bennett Given by: Miss Janice Diehl Given by: Miss Janice Diehl
Mr. & Mrs. John Burtner Ms. Anna Marie Carmean GIL JOHNSON JACKIE WAHL
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Fowler Mr. & Mrs. Frank Godbey Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ervin Dr. Rachel Larson Given by: Ashland Street Baptist Church, Archdale, NC
Mrs. Myra Gorsline Ms. Andrea Krier Ms. Arlene Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Homer Larson Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair RICHARD KELTNER Fellowship Baptist Church, Jacksonville, NC
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. John Blackburn
BRENDA BALL Ms. Donna Brown Mr. & Mrs. Frank Buetow Mrs. Trudy Fremont Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline
Given by: Dr. Rachel Larson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Funnell Mr. Eugene Fuqua Ms. Delores Hogsed Ms. Ginger Icenhour
JOYCE BIERMAN Mesa Hills Bible Church, Colorado Springs, CO Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Langford Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Ms. Phyllis Murta Mr. & Mrs. David Pilkington Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Putnam Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Richardson Mr. & Mrs. James Wince Trinity Baptist Church, Williston, VT
JOHN EARL BRANUM Mr. & Mrs. Mark VanSteenVoort Ms. Elsie Wall
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Hal Raw SALLY KIDD
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner DON WARD
FREDA BRENNEMAN Given by: Mr. & Mrs. James Clark
Given by: Mrs. Mary Barr Dr. & Mrs. Roy Barton BARBARA LEATHERWOOD

Memorial gifts received as of July 27, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bauder Mrs. Kathie Brenneman Given by: Mrs. Barbara Brooks Mr. & Mrs. J. David Hine LYLE & EVELYN WELDY
Mr. & Mrs. David Cleary Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Rev. & Mrs. Lawrence Kaneshiro Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Billy Baugham
Rev. & Mrs. Matt Collier Dr. & Mrs. Ron DeGarmo Mr. & Mrs. Chris Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pack JOHN WHITE
Miss Janice Diehl Mr. & Mrs. Richard Erb Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Reeder Dr. & Mrs. Philip Smith Given by: Miss Janice Diehl
Mrs. Lucille Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Frank Good Mr. & Mrs. Mark Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Dana Thompson JOE WOOD, SR.
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mrs. Myra Gorsline JEANNE MANION Given by: Dr. Rachel Larson Mr. & Mrs. George Thornton
Ms. Delores Hogsed Mr. & Mrs. TJ Langford Given by: Miss Janice Diehl
Dr. Rachel Larson Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair CLINGMAN WOOLARD
Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams The McClymonds Family DORIS MORGAN Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Waldron
Mrs. Edie Riffe Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Given by: Ropak Manufacturing Company, Inc. DAVID YEARICK
Mr. & Mrs. David Weller Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer SHIRLEY OQUINN Given by: Neighbors on Kendal Green Dr., Greenville, SC
RON BROOKS Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Dr. & Mrs. Roy Barton Mr. George Brock
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. J. David Hine PEGGY OLDHAM Mr. Robert Brooks Ms. Anna Marie Carmean
Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Jacques Cheloudtchenko
LEONARD PAUL BURNS Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Waldron
Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Rev. Matt & Kelly Collier
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews DR. LUTHER LEON PENINGER Mrs. Barbara Corey Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cropsey
JACK BUTTRAM Given by: Mrs. Glenda Peninger Mr. & Mrs. David Cropsey Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crum
Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ron DeGarmo Miss Janice Diehl JUSTIN JOHN RIDLEY Mr. & Mrs. Monty Dupuy Mr. & Mrs. David Floyd
Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Given by: Mr. Carl Boone Fowler & Company, Inc., Greenville, SC
MARTHA CANADAY Mrs. Trudy Fremont Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Gass
BARBARA RUMMINGER Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mrs. Myra Gorsline
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Given by: Clinton County Right to Life, St. Johns, MI Mr. & Mrs. Gary Guthrie Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Henderson
JACQUELINE CAPPS Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cropsey Mrs. Ethel Hinrichs Mrs. Inez Koenke
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. David Rader Carolyn Cropsey-Toomey Mr. & Mrs. Monty Dupuy Dr. Rachel Larson
Ms. Lindsay Eddy Mrs. Trudy Fremont
KITTY COOPER Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mrs. Myra Gorsline
Lighthouse Baptist Mission, Taylors, SC
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hanna Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Neal
RHETT CORBETT Rev. & Mrs. Ken Jensen Dr. Rachel Larson Mr. Robert Nergard Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nestor
Given by: Miss Janice Diehl Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams Mr. & Mrs. Chris Nissley Dr. & Mrs. Ed Panosian
HUGH & IRMA COTTER Ms. Shirley Merritt Dr. & Mrs. Ed Panosian Dr. & Mrs. Michael Privett Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Reimers
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tolbert Mr. Emile Roth Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wadell
ROBERT HUGH COTTER Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Tim Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout
Mr. & Mrs. George Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Dan Warlick
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Phil Adams GIFTS GIVEN IN HONOR OF:
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Stan Schenkel
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Given by: South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
Given by: Dr. Rachel Larson Given by: Mr. & Mrs. J. David Hine Mr. & Mrs. Allen Hodges Given By: Ms. Frannie Whitten
BLAINE FARLEY Ms. Beth Trotter
Mr. & Mrs. Capers Dixon
Given by: Mrs. Trudy Fremont BOB & ANN STONER Given by: Mr. & Mrs. John McCoy
GENE FISHER Given by: Dr. Rachel Larson Mr. & Mrs. Hal Raw
Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier
Finishing By Faith Sunday School Class,
JOE SWAIN Given by: Ms. Frannie Whitten
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hall
Faith Baptist Church, Taylors, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Fisher Mrs. Trudy Fremont
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mrs. Myra Gorsline
Dr. Sonia Johnson Mrs. Inez Koenke Honor a loved one or friend with a Living Memorial gift to The Wilds.

Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair Dr. & Mrs. Ed Panosian
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner In Memory Of:
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Please send card to:
JOANN NEAL GARRETT Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss________________________________________________________
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. John Boyte Mr. & Mrs. Jim Coley Address_____________________________________________________________________
Mr. Jeff Duncan Ms. Jacqueline Halbloom
Mr. Scott Murphy Ms. Anne Sandison City_____________________________________________State________Zip_______________
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Settle Mr. & Mrs. Terry Temples
Ms. Claudine C. Williams Given by:
BONNIE SPROUT GRAHAM Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss_________________________________________________________
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Address______________________________________________________________________
RICHARD LAMAR GERSTMAN City_____________________________________________State_______ Zip_______________
Given by: Ropak Manufacturing Company, Inc.
VIRGINIA GULDEN Phone________________________________________________________________________
Given by: Miss Janice Diehl The Wilds Living Memorials PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009
S u m m e r 2 017 NON-PROFIT ORG.
PO Box 509
Taylors, SC 29687-0009
Address Service Requested

THis is my

Matt & Christy Taylor

The believers heart has many reasons to explode in

constant praise to God. We should not question His
ways but instead claim His promises! We dont need to
be paralyzed by fear; we are empowered by assurance!
We must not conceal His greatness but proclaim His
glory! We shouldnt live in defeat; we can stand in
victory! This collection of songs will continually bring
these great truths before our hearts and minds. May
God give us grace to declare daily this is my story,
this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long!
This CD features vocal solos and duets by Matt and
Christy Taylor.

For more information or to place an order,