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K-12 progam has reached its peak where the first wave
learners is now on senior high. The researchers heard
subjective cues that the student may feel the classifications of
struggles but mostly the pressure of having additional activities
and experiences of the students. This leads to the decision of
the researchers to choose this topic to know the insights.
The Iligan City East National High School (ICENHS) is
located at Barangay Sta. Filomena Iligan City. It was
established in the year 1985 and it is formerly called Regional
Science High School. It has three (3) curriculums: Science,
Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), Basic
Education Curriculum (BEC), and Special Program in the Arts
(SPA) and now the school offers Senior High School
TECHVOC and academic track: STEM, and GAS.
This research study needs the time and the senior high
students but at the same time, the experience because k-12
program is indeed pressure as a senior high student even
though it has a lot of advantages. The reserchers want to
have the insights of the students based on their experiences.
The exploration of this topic also needs time, both the
researchers and the students to conduct interviews without
bothering the students with their schedules as they may have
prior arrangements that are already lined up.
The key terms used in the study are defined conceptually
and operationally for a better comprehension of the objectives
of the study.

K-12 Curriculum
It is a program that covers kindergarten and 12 years of
basic education (six years of primary education, four years of
junior high school, and two years of senior high school [SHS])
to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills,
develop lifelong learners and prepare graduates for tertiary
education, middle-level skills development, employment and
entrepreneurship. In this study it only focuses to the first
batch of the senior high school in their experience as a

It is one who is enrolled or attends classes at a school,
college, or university. In this study, it refers to the learners of
the first year in senior high S.Y: 2016-2017 from Iligan City
East National High School (ICENHS) homogenous STEM


It covers the last two years of the k-12 program and
includes grade 11 and 12. It is also where the students will
go through a core curriculum subjects under a track of their
choice. In this study, it specifically refers to the 11th grade
under Science and Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
(STEM) strand.

It is the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject
gained through involvement in or exposure to it.