Anda di halaman 1dari 2


Look at the pictures and answer

1. Is he riding a car? __________________________

2. Is she eating a hot dog? ______________________

3. Is he playing? __________________________

4. Are they playing and having fun? _______________________

5. Is he drinking wter? ____________________________

Read, find and circle. Where is Lizzy?

Amy: Where are you Lizzy?

Lizzy: Im at the garden.
Amy: Are you wearing shorts?
Lizzy: No, Im not. Im wearing black shoes.
Amy: Are you wearing a dress?
Lizzy: Yes, Im wearing a pink dress.
Look and write

1. _______________

2. _________________

3. __________________

4. ______________

Answer the questions

1. What is he wearing?

2. What is she wearing?

3. What is he wearing?

4. What is she wearing?

5. What are you wearing?
Look at the picture and match

1. Hes wearing an orange shirt.

2. Shes wearing yellow shoes.
3. Shes wearing a red skirt.
4. Hes wearing a blue shirt.