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SCHOOL Mid-term test 1 : 7th form

Name: . Class: 7B ..
Monday, November 2 2009
Mrs Hanene B.

I) LANGUAGE (14 pts)

1. Complete the dialogue with the right utterances from the box. Be careful! There are 2
extra utterances! (2.5 pts)
I love reading stories. / Nice to meet you / lets go to the library, then. / My name is Lisa.
Im twelve years old. / No, I havent / I go to school everyday.

Peter: Good morning, Im Peter.

Lisa: Hi, Peter. ______________________________
Peter: Nice to meet you.
Lisa: __________________________________, too.
Peter: Have you got brothers and sisters?
Lisa: ______________________________. And you?
Peter: Ive got one brother only.
Lisa: ________________________________________
Peter: I love reading stories, too.
Lisa: ________________________________________
Peter: Thats a good idea!

2. Complete the paragraph with 6 words from the list (3 pts)

Breakfast / dinner / At / On / early / homework /p.m. / usually

Mick and Tom are brothers. Every morning they get up . They have

then they go to school. .. 12 o clock they have their lunch

at the school canteen. In the evening, they do their After that, they

watch their favourite cartoons. Tom and Mick go to bed at nine

3. Circle the correct alternative (3.5 pts)

This is David Beckham. (He / She / It) is a famous football player. He (love / loves / do

not love) playing football very much. (These / This / They) is his wife Victoria. She (am / is

/are) a singer. The Beckhams (have / havent / has) got two (son / sons / sons). Now they

(does not live / do not live / live not) in England. They are in the United States of America.
4. Match the underlined utterances to their functions. Be careful! There is one extra
function(3 pts)

(1) Hello! (2) I m Sandra. Im ten years old. (3) Ive got two
brothers. (4) I love singing and dancing.
What about you? (5) How old are you? And (6) how many brothers
and sisters have you got?

A) expressing likes
B) number
C) greeting
D) daily routines
E) possession 1 2 3 4 5 6
F) introducing
G) age

5. Look at the pictures and tick the correct time. (2 pts)

six oclock.
(7:00) Jack gets up at : seven oclock.
eight oclock.

a quarter past seven.

(7:15) He brushes his teeth at : a quarter to seven.
half past seven

a quarter to seven.
(7:30) He has breakfast at : half past six.
half past seven.
a quarter past eight.
(7:45) Then he goes to school at a quarter to eight.
a quarter to seven.

SPELLING (6 pts)

1. Circle the correct spelling of the words (2 pts)

This is Mrs Smith. She is an English (titcher / teacher / teatcher). She

goes to work everyday but on (Sanday / Sundey / Sunday), she stays at

home. She goes (cycling / saycling / sycling) in the morning and visits her

(frends / friends / freinds) in the afternoon.

2. Correct the mistakes (2 pts)

Look, Betty. Here is a photo of my (1) familly

(2) Thise are my parents. They are doctors.

This is Sam, my (3) brather. He is a (4) piupil in a prep. school.

(1) .. (2) ..

(3) (4) ..

3. Listen and complete (2 pts)

Isabel: Tell me, James, what is your (1). ?

James: I (2) listening to music.

Isabel: Is it your only (3). ?

James: No, it isnt. I like (4)., too.

Spelling / Activity 3 key: (1) pastime / (2) enjoy / (3) hobby / (4) drawing

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