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1-After Wednesday. Im sick

2-The 1st day of the week. I go to work very lazy.

3-After January. Work, work, work

4-The 4th month. Theatre season.

5-The last day of the weekend. I relax.

6-Christmas month. Go ice skating.

7-The 5th day of the week. Im tired.

8-Similar to Julie. Were on vacation.

9- The month after Christmas. Im sad.

10-It has only 3 letters. The weather is nice.

11-The 3rd day. I have a big dinner.

12-The 7 th month. I paint my house.

13- Begin the weekend.

14-Before August. The weather changes.

15-The 10 th month. My birthday.

16-Before April. Go shopping, sales in town.

17-The month before Christmas. Try new recipes.

18- Before Wednesday. Go to the gym.

19-Half year. Summer season.

1 2 3
7 8
9 1


1 1
5 6

1 1
7 8


Across Down
4. The month after September 1. The month after May
6. The last month of the year. 2. The eleventh month of the year
8. The month with the shortest name 3. The day after Thursday
9. The first day of the week 5. The day after Tuesday
12. The month before October 7. The eighth month
13. The sixth day of the week 10. The month after January
14. The first month of the year 11. The day after Monday
15. The fourth day of the week 16. The last day of the week
19. The fourth month of the year 17. The month after February
18. The month before August