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Cardinal Numbers Ordinal numbers

tell us how many/the amount tell us the rank/position

used for counting used for dates

1 one 1st first

2 2nd second
3 three 3rd third
4 4th fourth
5 five 5th fifth
6 6th sixth
7 7th seventh
8 eight 8th eighth
9 9th ninth
10 10th tenth
11 11th
12 12th
13 13th
14 fourteen 14th
15 15th
16 sixteen 16th sixteenth
17 17th
18 18th
19 19th
20 20th
21 21st twenty first
22 twenty two 22nd
23 23rd
24 24th twenty fourth
25 twenty five 25th
26 26th
27 27th
28 28th
29 29th
30 thirty 30th
31 31st

In the UK, we say the date like this: In the US, we say the date like this:
Its Monday, the second of Jaunary. Its Monday, January second.

When is your birthday? When is your best friends birthday? When is Christmas? When is Valentines Day?
How many stairs are in your house? How many kids are in your school? How many people are in your class? How many
people live in your town? Where did you come in the School Cross Country event?