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Statement of Cash flows

As of January June 2017
Operating Activities
Cash Inflows:
Service Income PHP 1,156,830.00
Sale of Auto Parts/ Accessories 330,200.00
Commission 137,600.00
Total 1,624,630.00
Cash Outflows:
Purchase of Auto parts/ Accessories 233,620.00
Purchase of Shop supplies 131,200.00
Purchase of food supplies 108,500.00
Paid of Taxes and License 5,940.00
Payment of Electricity Expense 20,000.00
Paid Travel expenses 180,000.00
Paid Registration of Vehicles 23,900.00
Paid Accountant fee 2,500.00
Total 705,660.00

Cash Provided from Operating Activities PHP 918,970.00

Investment Activities
Cash Inflows:
Sale of Delica Automatic PHP 250,000.00
Sale of Toyota Van 350,000.00
Total 600,000.00
Cash Outflows:
Purchase of Innova 1,021,000.00
Purchase of Delica (green) 175,000.00
Purchase of Delica (white) 180,000.00
Purchase of Delica (Silver) 180,000.00
Purchase of Delica (Orange- sold) 210,000.00
Purchase of Equipment 260,000.00
Purchase of Materials (building) 100,000.00
Total 2,126,000.00
Cash Use in Investing Activities (1,526,000.00)
Financing Activities
Cash Inflow:
Proceed from loan in Bank 700,000.00
Increase in Cash inflow PHP 92,970.00
Add: Cash Beginning 42,030.00
Cash Balance PHP 135,000.00

Prepared by:
Donald E. Bugtong, CPA
License # 0120820