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Small Chem Biz

Division of Small Chemical Businesses

American Chemical Society
August 2017 Volume 47, Issue 2


Peter C. Lauro

Dear Division Members:

October 18, 2017 I am Chair-Elect of the Division of
Midwest Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB) of
Regional Meeting the American Chemical Society (ACS),
Lawrence, KS and will assume the position of Chair
on January 1, 2018. I am delighted to
October 25, 2017 provide this brief message at the end
Rocky Mountain of my tenure as Chair-Elect to all the
Regional Meeting members of the Division. And, on behalf
Loveland, CO of the SCHB Executive Committee, I
would like to welcome those of you
October 29, 2017 who are attending the 254th National
Southwest Meeting of the ACS in Washington, DC.
Regional Meeting
Lubbock, TX Small chemical businesses are the lifeblood of innovation
in chemistry and chemistry-based (e.g., biopharma/biotech)
industries in the United States. Indeed, ACS President
Allison Campbell has recognized that if we are to remain
CONTENTS at the forefront of innovation, we must engage in a national
conversation about the important role of science in our society.

Chair Message........1 SCHB in collaboration with the Office of President Campbell

and the Division of Professional Relations, the SCHB is proud
Programming.....2-5 to be a co-sponsor of the first Innovation Fair to be held at an
ACS National Meeting. Please read on below for more details.
Regional...............5 SCHB has put together an interesting and informative program of
presentations and is hosting a reception on Monday evening, August
Innovation...............6 21, 2017. I encourage you to attend as many of the SCHB sessions
as you are able and hope you are able to stop by our reception.
Exec Committee....7
I look forward to working with you and serving you in 2018.
Membership............9 Sincerely,
Resources..............10 Peter C. Lauro, Esq.
Future Meetings..11

August 2017 Page 1

and financially supported by ACS President-
SCHB Program Committee Elect Peter Dorhout and Young & Thompson.

SCHB has a great meeting for you in Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. is Working
Washington! Full details are in the on-line in the Public Sector: Running for Elected
program and mobile app at Office, Marriott Marquis, Magnolia Room.
dc2017, including technical session locator, This symposium was organized by Dale
shuttle map/schedule, and property floor plans. Orth, cosponsored by CCPA, CPRC,
and PRES, and financially supported
by ACS President-Elect Peter Dorhout.
The SCHB Executive Committee will hold
an open meeting Saturday, August 19 at 5:00
p.m. in Marriott Marquis, Liberty Salon N and SCHB and CHAS will host a Reception,
all are welcome to attend. Learn about SCHB Monday evening 5:30-7:30 p.m. at District
programs and discuss issues facing SCHB, Distilling Co., 1414 U Street NW (map/
including meeting the candidates for ACS directions shown elsewhere.) The Reception
President-Elect. The agenda is being formed is financially supported by BIORAFT, CANN,
and if you have an item to the EC to discuss, Osha Liang LLP, Perkin Elmer, PID Analyzers,
send your comments to LLC, Saul Ewing LLP, and Workrite FR.

SCHBs program will be in Marriott Marquis, Dont forget SCHB at Sci-Mix, Monday 8:00-
10:00 p.m. in the Convention Center Halls D/E.
Magnolia Room and begins Sunday at 1:00
p.m. with Chemical Intellectual Property
Protection & Enforcement in the Global Tuesday is the all-day symposium Innovations
Economy, organized by Tom Siepmann. This in Healthcare in the Global Economy, Marriott
symposium is cosponsored by CPRM and Marquis, Magnolia Room, organized by
financially supported by Osha Liang LLP. Mukund Chorghade. Coffee and discussion
will be at 7:45 a.m. and the morning session
Sunday 6:00-8:30 p.m. is SCHBs poster will start at 8:30 a.m. and the afternoon
session, Chemical Entrepreneurs Impact on the session at 1:00 p.m. This symposium is
Global Economy, in the Walter E. Washington cosponsored by MEDI and PROF, and
Convention Center, Halls A/B, organized by financially supported by ACS President-
George Ruger and cosponsored by PROF. Elect Peter Dorhout and Saul Ewing LLP.

Be sure to stop by SCHB Expo Booth 526, in Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. will be Cannabis in the
the Convention Center, Halls A/B, and discuss Global Economy, Marriott Marquis, Magnolia
business with SCHB members. The Expo Room, organized by Erika Oltermann.
is open Sunday 6:00-8:30 p.m., and Monday
and Tuesday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The SCHB Well, thats it for SCHB at the Washington
booth is around the corner from the inaugural meeting. See you in New Orleans in 2018!
Innovation Fair Booths 420 - 427, featuring
chemistry-related start-up companies. SCHB
is pleased to partner with ACS President PARTNER WITH SCHB
Allison Campbell and PROF to support these
companies to network and grow in our industry. Contact Anis Rahman at to partner on en-
Monday morning is coffee and discussion trepreneurial local section events and/
at 7:45 a.m., followed by 8:30 a.m. Social
Media for Science Advocacy in Public Policy, or to collaborate with us on symposia at
Marriott Marquis, Magnolia Room. This National/Regional Meetings.
symposium was organized by Joe Sabol, is
Page 2 August 2017
SCHB Technical Programming
The official program can be found at
1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M.- 8:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M.- 4:50 P.M.
Chemical Intellectual Chemical Working in the Public Sector:
Property Protection & Entrepreneurs Impact Running for Elected Office
Enforcement in the Global on the Global Economy Marriott Marquis,
Economy, Convention Center, Halls A/B Magnolia
Marriott Marquis, 1. SCHB helps you connect 1:00 P.M. Introductory
Magnolia with entrepreneurs in the
Remarks. J. Sabol
1:00 P.M. Introductory chemistry community.
Remarks. T. Siepman C. Burton 1:05 Withdrawn
1:05 Boning up on patent 2. Chemical Angel Network: 1:35 Running for and
basics: A boon for startups. Chemical professionals winning a local political
S. Hasford investing in chemistry based office. R. Phifer
deals. S. White. 2:05 Chemistry of governing.
1:35 Patent filing strategies
for small chemical 3. Academic and industry J. Martin
collaborations bring valuable 2:35 Withdrawn.
businesses. C. Burton
benefits to the community.
2:05 Advantages of the global 3:05 Intermission.
J. Berk
patent prosecution highway. 3:20 Its not what you know,
T. Thomas its what you can do: Tools
8:30 A.M.- 11:50 A.M. to succeed in public office.
2:35 Intermission.
Social Media for Science D. Orth
2:50 Managing a global Advocacy in Public
patent portfolio on a budget. Policy, Marriott Marquis, 3:50 Elective Office: Always
J. Contrera Magnolia more losers than winners,
3:20 Strategies for 8:30 A.M. Introductory but thats only the beginning.
challenging US patent rights. remarks. J. Sabol P. Bonk
K. Laurence 8:35 Lessons learned from 4:20 Out of the lab, into
3:50 Withdrawn the 2016 election campaign. public office. S. Naughton
J. Johnson 4:50 Concluding remarks.
4:20 Discussion 9:05 ACS social media tool- P. Kearney
T. Siepman kit. C. McCarthy
9:35 Redesigned
Act4Chemistry website
with enhanced functionality. 8:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.
SCHB Presenters Benefit K. Garcia Sci-Mix
10:05 Intermission. Convention Center, Halls D/E
One Day Free 10:20 Science in 140 1. SCHB helps you connect
Registration characters: a scientists guide with entrepreneurs in the
Contact Program to communicating for impact chemisty community.
on Twitter. N. Milanovich C. Burton, et al.
Chair Joe Sabol
10:50 Express your passion 2. Chemical Angel Network: Chemical professionals
for science advocacy using
Free Newsletter Ad Linked-In and Facebook. investing in chemistry based
J. Maclachlan deals. S. White
Contact Newsletter Editor
11:20 Tweet-up and 3. Academic and industry
Rajeev Chorghade collaborations bring valuable
Facebook share for public policy.
benefits to the community.
J. Berk, et al.

August 2017 Page 3



8:30 A.M.- 11:55 A.M 1:00 P.M. - 4:55 P.M. 1:00 P.M. - 4:55 P.M.
Innovations in Healthcare in Innovations in Healthcare in Cannabis in the Global
the Global Economy, the Global Economy, Economy,
Marriott Marquis, Marriott Marquis, Marriott Marquis,
Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia

8:30 A.M. Introductory 1:00 P.M. Translation of 1:00 P.M. Introductory

remarks. M. Chorghade academic research. Remarks.
8:40 Chemistry career R. Grubbs E. Oltermann
interfaces with surprising 1:40 Creating the 1:05 Navigating the cannabis
startups. M. Schott quantified skin category: space: Empowerment
9:10 Industrializing neglected An entrepreneurs journey.
through deconstruction.
and rare disease drug R. Mehendale
J. Bramante
discovery and development. 2:10 Expanding the
perspective of drug 1:30 Women in cannabis:
M. Lingerfelt
development: Understanding Opportunities and challenges
9:40 Journey of
entrepreneurship through real world medicine in a rapidly emerging
STEM outreach. C. Monroe and real world patients. industry. M. Wilcox
10:10 Intermission. M. Liebman 1:55 Experiences in
10:25 Entrepreneur-scientist 2:40 Intermission. cannabis: Analytical testing.
in the emerging field of 2:55 Challenging H. Despres
lithium ion batteries. conventional wisdom in 2:20 Intermission.
A. Abraham pursuit of entrepreneurial
2:35 Extraction
10:55 Translation of dreams. R. Barbhaiya
methodologies of canadian
innovation from academia to 3:25 Massively collaborative
drug development: A new medical cannabis.
the marketplace. K. Kumar
antimalarial emerges from M. Leis
11:25 Gig and silver
academia. S. Knapp 3:00 Intellectual property
economy: The changing
dynamic in employment. 3:55 Opportunities of issues (and solutions)
M. Lewis evidenced TCM in the for cannabis companies.
11:20 Panel discussion. 21st century: A reverse M. Micheletti
pharmacological approach 3:25 Gender gap in a nascent
11:50 Concluding remarks.
for re-discovery of ancient cannabis subdivision from
E. Olterman
remedy. D. Lee
the chairs perspective.
Withdrawn. Will be replaced
E. Pryor
by A. Fliri
3:50 Panel discussion.
Advertise your business 4:25 Building international
businesses based on 4:20 P.M. Concluding
in front of thousands of
integration of basic and Remarks.
chemical professionals! applied research:Value E. Oltermann
Contact Booth Chair creation by collaboration.
Niteen Vaidya at expo- M. Chorghade for
a special introductory
rate for SCHB members!

August 2017 Page 4

REGIONAL MEETING REPORT 2017 2017/2018 ACS Regional Meetings
SCHB Program Committee
SCHB continues its support for ACS Regional
Meetings in 2017. MWRM October 18 - 20, Lawrence, KS
SWRM October 29 - 31, Lubbock, TX
MARM was June 4-6 in Hershey PA and SERMACS November 7 - 11 Charlotte, NC
Mukund Chorghade organized Small Chemical
Business. 2018
CERM was June 7-10 in Dearborn MI and CERM June 13- 16, Toledo, OH
Joe Sabol organized Entrepreneurs Tool Kit:
NORM June 24 - 27, Richland, WA
Resources and Success Stories.
MWRM October 21 - 23, Ames, IA

NORM was June 25-28 in Corvallis OR and SERMACS October 31 - November 3,

Janet Bryant and Judy Giordan organized Augusta, GA
Lens of Science: Creating Market Required SWRM November 7 - 10, Little Rock, AR
Innovation and Solutions, Lens of Business:
Commercializing Market Required STEM
Innovations and Solutions, Lens of Funding:
Wheres the $$? Funding for Ventures, and
Innovation Fair. NORM photos are at http://

GLRM was June 27-30 in Fargo ND and Joe

Sabol represented SCHB with a presentation
SCHB Member Benefits and Opportunities.

MWRM will be October 18-20 in Lawrence SCHB at CERM 2017. From left:
KS, with Entrepreneurship: Starting Christine Budurow, ACS Director, with
Companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry, speakers Emilio Esposito and Louis Pignotti.
organized by Cory Berkland and Joe Heppert.
The full program, registration, and housing are

SCHB will begin planning its 2018 Regional

Meeting schedule at the Washington DC
Executive Committee meeting, Saturday,
August 19. If you are interested in organizing SCHB at the Canadian Chemistry
a symposium, please contact program@acs- Conference. From left: James Pan, Chad Joshi, Beth Bosley, David Ma-
nuta, Matt Heuft, and Joe Sabol.

Page 5 August 2017


Under the umbrella of 2017 President Allison Campbells Innovation Initiative, led by Dr. Judy
Giordan, an Innovation Fair was piloted at NORM 2017 in June 2017 where each approved start-
up/proto-venture company was given a sponsored booth, located in the Innovation area of the Vendor
Exposition, and advertised as part of NORM 2017. A major Innovation Initiative goal is to expand and
support the Innovation Fair pilot to full scale at theACS Fall 2017 National Meeting in Washington, DC.
SCHB is excited report that we are working with President Campbells Innovation Initiative Team
(Judy Giordan and Janet Bryant), PROF and Meeting and Expositions (M&E) to host approved
1st-time start-up/proto-venture companies within Small Chemical Business Row. With sponsors
help, 13 booths will be designated Innovation Fair booths and reside in Booths 223-227 and
Booths 420-427. The Opening Reception is Sunday, 6 8:30 PM and coincides with SCHBs
Poster Session, Entrepreneurs Impact on the Global Economy in Halls A/B of the expo.

Page 6 August 2017



Anis Rahman

Peter C. Lauro

Past Chair/ Alternate

Mukund S. Chorghade

Abhishek A. Kantak
SCHB Executive Committee

None of SCHBs valuable benefits and activi-
Program Chair/ Councilor ties would have been possible without volun-
Joseph E. Sabol teers like you. If you want to expand your profes- sional network, enhance your leadership skills, or
shape the future of SCHB, consider volunteering
in a more active role to further SCHBs mission.
Public Relations Chair
Jennifer Maclachlan Potential roles include Webmaster Assistant, Spon- sors Development, Membership Support, Graphic De-
signer, Assistant Newsletter Editor, or any other ideas
Membership Chair you have. Contact any SCHB officer to learn more.
Erika Lee Olterman

Booth Chair
Niteen Vaidya

Newsletter Editor
Rajeev Chorghade

Newsletter Editor, Emeritus

Sharon V. Vercellotti

August 2017 Page 7

Discounted rate for SCHB Members Free National Meeting Registration
Do you want to be featured in front of and interact with over 12,000 chemical professionals? Ex-
perience the promotional opportunities of a professional trade show booth at a special introductory
rate with a fully furnished 10x10 ft. booth, including a technical meeting registration to the ACS
meeting ($420 value). Obtain a booth at the special rate of $500 for SCHB members who are first
time participants. Contact Booth Chair, Niteen Vaidya
Visit SCHB officers and volunteers at Booth #526 at the Expo from Sunday to Tuesday!
Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Halls A & B.
Sunday: 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
Monday: 9:00 A.M-5:00 P.M.
Tuesday: 9:00 A.M-5:00 P.M
The small business booth row in Washington DC will feature (booth number):
213 Andor Technology 321 Horizon Technologies
215 Microphotonics 322 Molecular Vista, LLC
218 Omicron Biochemicals 323 Japan Analytical Industries
219 Scitegrity 324 PolyK Technology
312 Hamby Law Patents 325 Luknova, Inc.
313 IOP Publishing 326 Aldlab Chemicals
314 Optigate Corporation 327 Alliance
315 ChemLogic 412 Gale, a cengage co.
318 ChemMaster Int. 414 Chemistry at your fingertip
319 Temple University School of Pharmacy 418 Hypha Discover Ltd.
320 Chem 101 419 Advance Polymer Materials, Inc.

Innovation Fair:
223 SioTex 422 Spectra Plasmonics
224 Tribotex 423 Infratrac
225 Kalion 424 SkyNano Technologies
226 Nanofibre Solutions 425 Tethis, Inc.
227 Sironix Renewables 426 Poly 6 Technologies
420 Viridischem 427 Chicago Discovery
421 ecosVC, Inc.


Amazing Networking Opportunities: ACS Meetings, Social Media (ACS Network, LinkedIn,
Twitter, Facebook), Discounted SOCMA listing

Business Listing on SCHB website

Outstanding Programming at National, Regional, and Local
Section Meetings
Deeply-Discounted Booth at National ACS Meeting Expo
Receive Monthly e-Blast Newsletter
Receive and/or Be Featured in Semi-Annual Newsletter Small Chem Biz
Eligible for Scholarships at ACS
Leadership Institute Courses
To join SCHB, contact ACS Member Services ( or contact SCHB Member-
ship Chair ( Join todayMembership is FREE for the first year
for ACS Members!

August 2017 Page 8

Thank you to all of the SCHB Patrons, who as corporate CURRENT SCHB
members wish to foster the Divisions objectives to aid in PATRON MEMBERS
the formation, development, and growth of small chemical (further details at: http://
Special thanks go to our Patron Members, who are also Spon- bership/)
sors of SCHB events. In Washington, Osha Liang, LLP is Osha Liang LLP
sponsoring Sundays Afternoon Break at the Chemical Intel- (
lectual Property Protection and Enforcement in the Global Liaison Member:
Economy session; Young & Thompson is supporting Mon-
Carlyn A. Burton
days Breakfast Break prior to the Social Mdia for Science
Advocacy in Public Policy session; and Saul Ewing LLP PID Analyzers LLC
is backing Mondays Afternoon Break at the Working in the (,
Public Sector: Running for Elected Office session, as well as Blog: http://analyzersource.
Tuesdays Breakfast Break before the Innovations in Health-
care in the Global Economy session. All three of these Pa- Liaison Member:
trons have been long-time supporters of SCHB activities over Jennifer Maclachlan
the years.
Saul Ewing LLP
Also in Washington, we added a new Patron and Sponsor
PID Analyzers, who is one of the co-sponsors of the Mon-
day evening Social Reception at District Distilling, which is Liaison Member:
also co-sponsored by our other Patrons and CHAS (Chemi- Peter C. Lauro, Esq.
cal Health & Safety Division). We also added a new Patron Young & Thompson
Member: Purdue Research Foundation, with Liaison Mem- (
ber, Dipak Narula, Business Development Manager. Liaison Member:
In addition, we received strong support for our Monday and Dr. Robert Goozner
Tuesday sessions from ACS President-Elect Dr. Peter K.
Purdue Research
Dorhout. Thank you.
Hats off to our Patrons and Sponsors of SCHB events, and
their Liaison Members. (
Liaison Member:
Interested in becoming an SCHB Patron? Dipak Narula

Annual Dues: Patron $200. SHARE YOUR

Sponsorship Opportunities: $500 $1,000 $1,500 ACHIEVEMENTS
Notify Newsletter Editor
Annual dues for Patron Members are $200. An alternate way Rajeev Chorghade at
to be a Patron Member is to Sponsor an event at an upcom-
ing ACS National Meeting at the $500, $1,000, or $1,500 for recognition of your
level. Ask any SCHB Officer on how your organization accomplishments in an
can qualify for Patron Membership. Pay Now via Credit upcoming issue. Please
Card (, or (prefer- send any content to be
ably) ask for an invoice by emailing SCHB Treasurer Da- included in the Spring
vid Deutach (at, and pay via check. 2018 newsletter by
January 15th, 2018.

August 2017 Page 9

Stay up-to-date and network by interacting with SCHB via, and through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
(@ACSSCHB and @ACSNatlMtg). Be sure to use #ACSDC! SCHB has over 1,800 likes on Face-
book! If you have SCHB-related news you would like to share, contact PR Chair Jennifer Maclach-
lan at with your request.

100 Canadian Chemistry Conference & Expo

Joe Sabol
The Canadian Society for Chemistry held its 100th Annual Meeting in Toronto, May 28-
June 2, 2017. SCHB was a cosponsor of the meeting, hosting Sustaining Business Devel-
opment in the Chemical Sector symposium, organized by Joe Sabol, which was held on
Industry Day, Tuesday, May 30 and intended to forge Canada-USA technical and business
connections. More than 3,500 chemical professionals attended the centennial conference.

The 101st Canadian Chemistry Conference & Expo is scheduled for May 27-31, 2018 in
Edmonton, AB. For more information, see


Single Issue Rates

$25 Business Card 2 x 3.5 in.

$75 page 3.5 x 4.5 in.

$130 page 7 x 4.5 in.

$210 Whole page 7 x 9 in.

Contact Newsletter Editor Rajeev Chorghade at

Interested in Networking?
Join the SCHB & CHAS Reception
Monday, August 21st, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
District Distilling Co., 1414-1418 U St. NW
Page 10 August 2017
SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL machemicaldirectory.
MANUFACTURERS AND com for $500 upfront
AFFILIATES (SOCMA) for the first year and
assistance in creating a
CSD profile.
SOCMAs Marketplace and Renewal requests
Chemical Services Directory the available services provided must be made
(CSD) is a searchable database by SOCMA discussions were by contacting SOCMA,
which contains over 200 com- held with the Executive Com- but a 30-day notice will precede
panies that use specialty and mittee. SCHB is now pleased a price change before the
fine chemicals or custom chem- to announce the following op- completion of the one-year
ical services. In addition to pro- portunity exclusively for SCHB subscription cycle.
viding another venue for net- members offered by SOCMA:
working, it also includes shared To learn more, visit the website
resources for subscribers. Discounted subscription at www.socmachemicaldirecto-
profile on its online Market- or contact Ben Jones at
After realizing the potential for place and Chemical Services
SCHB members to benefit from Directory located at www.soc-


SCHB at ACS 255 th Meetings
National Meeting
New Orleans, LA, March 18-22, 2018 Plan now for participating at
SCHB Program Committee an upcoming ACS National
The New Orleans National Meeting has theme Food, Energy, Meetings. If you would like
Water Nexus and the MPPG organizer is Jerry Schnoor. to organize a symposium, con-
The SCHB Program Committee has approved the following tact SCHB Program Commit-
symposia for the ACS New Orleans meeting: tee at
Chemists and Writing for Fun and Profit: Write Your Own
Career - Lisa Balbes
Science and Ethics: the Path Toward Global Security in FUTURE NATIONAL
Chemicals, Energy, Food, and Water - Kabrena Rodda, Janet
Intellectual Property Strategies in the Food, Energy, and Water 256th ACS Meeting
Sectors - Tom Siepmann Boston, MA
August 19-23, 2018
Working in the Public Sector: Running for Elected Office - Nanotechnology
Joe Sabol
257th ACS Meeting
Career Stories from Senior Chemists - Gerry Meyer Orlando, FL
March 31-April 4, 2019
Student Business Plan Competition - Joe Sabol Chemistry for New Frontiers
Entrepreneurs Poster Session - George Ruger
258th ACS Meeting
Additional symposia may be proposed at anytime up to the close San Diego, CA
of abstract submission, but the above will be listed in the online August 25-29, 2019
and C&EN Call for Papers on August 21, 2017. Please send Chemistry of Water
additional suggestions to no later than 259th ACS Meeting
October 16, 2017. Philadelphia, PA
The New Orleans preliminary program will publish in C&EN March 22-26, 2020
and online on January 22, 2018 and the final program on Macromolecular Chemistry:
The Second Century
February 26, 2018.

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