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We look after
your crops!

The crops on our fields form the basis

of our food. As a farmer, your success
therefore depends on healthy crops,
and this is why you implement sustain-
able, efficient and environmentally
friendly crop cultivation practices.
LEMKEN supports you in cultivating
and protecting your crops optimally all
around. Our range of powerful field
sprayers is specially designed for the
needs of your crops and farm to ensure
that it is not only your crops but also
your profits that yield healthy growth.

LEMKEN Primus optimal care for

any requirements

With its large capacity and outstand-

ing quality in all the assemblies the
Primus trailed field sprayer from LEM-
KEN addresses, in particular, the mar-
ket grain companys need for an excel-
lent combination of professional plant
protection with greater area capacity
and maximum efficiency. This is
achieved through a conscious concen-
tration on the necessary functions re-
quired for spraying, and the thereby
reduced variety of versions. The
spreading of liquid fertilizer and mix-
tures of plant protection agents and
liquid fertilizer is part of the LEMKEN
Primus performance spectrum.

Practical and economic

The Primus from LEMKEN now has a The heart of the Primus is the smooth conditions. The lines and partial width
new and attractive appearance. A grey inner and outer easy-to-clean tank valves are housed and protected in the
frame and a blue tank give the LEMKEN which is made of GRP and has a volume boom frame.
classic a facelift. of 2,400 to 4,400 litres and a separate
external clean water tank. The boom transport height can easily
With its practical equipment options be adjusted using an innovative trans-
the Primus trailed field sprayer com- Stable boom with Z-profile struts in port stowage system which in turn
plies in the majority of cases with regard working widths ranging from 15 to 33 means it can be adapted to different
to the requirements for professional metres and diverse folding variants, tyres and wheel sizes. This guarantees
and efficient plant protection. along with partial width variants allow an ideal boom centre-of-gravity loca-
it to be used in all agricultural tion.

Range of models at a glance

Primus 25

GRP tank 2,400 litre actual volume

250 litre external clean water tank
1 x 250 litre piston diaphragm pump
Boom 15 to 30 metres

Primus 35

GRP tank 3,300 litre actual volume

250 litre external clean water tank
1 x 250 litre piston diaphragm pump
Boom 15 to 30 metres

Primus 45

GRP tank 4,400 litre actual volume

250 litre external clean water tank
2 x 250 litre piston diaphragm pumps
Boom 15 to 33 metres

Comfort and reliable function

Absolutely leakproof

When the Primus tank is closed it is

absolutely leakproof but a breather
allows air to enter and leave as the tank
volume changes.

Tank as smooth as a mirror and easy to clean This increases the useful capacity of
the tank and liquid cannot escape
The LEMKEN Primus tank consists of a Extremely smooth inner surfaces re- when the brakes are applied.
highly tear-resistant and dimensionally duce the deposition of spray agents
stable glass fibre reinforced plastic and enable the interior to be cleaned The main tank can be filled via the
(GRP). It is easily accessible via a wide quickly and easily suction connection without opening
ladder. the cover, as the air can escape
The shape and location of the tank fa- upwards out of the tank.
vours optimum weight distribution in
all filling states.

Low amounts of residue Efficient agitator Powerful induction hopper

A unique feature of the LEMKEN Primus A powerful agitator inside the tank in- The large-volume induction hopper of
is the bypass collector which collects all tensively mixes the spray agent and the Primus can be filled quickly with
the liquid from the return lines and prevents the deposit of any residue. pesticides by simply folding it down.
then feeds it back into the tank from The bypass collector line is connected
above, via a single line. directly to the agitator line installed in The hopper rinse, without fog effect,
a longitudinal direction in the bottom and a powerful agitator nozzle en-
The number of hoses and supply of the tank. sure that the spraying agents are dis-
lines and therefore also the number solved thoroughly and flushed in free
of required tank connections are re- This system enables the entire pump of residue.
duced to a minimum. capacity to be concentrated on the
agitator. An effective canister rinse is also
Technical residue is thereby reduced integrated.
considerably. The powerful hydraulic return agita-
tor has a foam-reducing effect and The controls are clearly arranged and
guarantees a homogeneous spray are easy to understand.
agent throughout the spraying pro-
cess. The connection for external cleaning
(option) is located on the induction

Operation made easy

2 1 Teejet 844 E spray computer

The Primus is equipped as standard

with the Teejet 844 E computer.

The compact control box enables the

tractor driver to enjoy convenient op-
eration of all the important functions
The Primus controls on the left-side of Selection valve (2) for drawing in in the tractor cab.
the implement are clearly arranged spray agent or clean water.
and easily accessible for operation. All the relevant data such as specified
Distributor valve (3) for washing-in or quantity, speed, pressure, sprayed
Selection valve (1) for drawing in ex- spraying area and spread quantity are perma-
ternal liquids or spray agent. nently shown on the display.
Switching valve (4) for internal
cleaning The Teejet 844 E computer regulates
the application rate proportional to
travel. Even at changing speeds the
same quantity of liquid is applied
over each square meter of area

Comfort-Terminal LEMKEN CCI-200 Terminal

Spraydos ISOBUS technology

The Spraydos spray computer controls ISOBUS technology extends the possi- GSM modem. All work can be pre-
the Primus with circulation line (op- bilities of the Primus field sprayer. A so- cisely documented in terms of time
tion). The central, section width and called job computer on the machine and location.
quantity control valves can be elec- and an operating unit (COMFORT Termi-
tronically operated form the comfort of nal or LEMKEN CCI-200 terminal) in the Easy handling by user-controlled dis-
the drivers seat. tractor cab are interconnected via the play.
standardised ISOBUS interface. ISOBUS
The operator selects the required ap- technology supports numerous func- Reliable operation of the device func-
plication quantity in litres per hec- tions, e.g.: tions by ergonomically shaped joy-
tare. The flowmeter is used by the stick with 3 switch levels.
Spraydos computer to regulate the Coupling with satellite receiver for
spray rate being spread over each parallel driving systems, partial-area- Additional devices for displaying or
square meter so that it remains con- specific processing and road and field operating different functions can be
stant even when speeds are chang- navigation. integrated without difficulty.
ing (travel proportional).
Automatic satellite-supported partial The same terminal can be used for
Relevant data, e.g. speed, flow rate, width switching. several machines, e.g. field sprayer,
processed area, time or application seed drill, fertiliser spreader, etc.
amount, is recorded and can be re- Job processing in conjunction with
trieved at any time. different field record systems is possi-
ble. Data is exchanged via USB stick or

and driving

Variable hitch Spring-mounted drawbar

end pieces

The Primus is equipped with a rigid A spring-mounted drawbar for the

upper hitch. A lower hitch is optionally LEMKEN Primus is optionally available.
It reduces impacts between sprayer
The towing ring can be replaced and and tractor mainly during transporta-
it enables a variety of different tion. In conjunction with large-volume
hitches to be connected. wheels, the spring-mounted drawbar
frequently replaces the considerably
This means that the Primus hitch more expensive air-sprung axle.
height can be easily and quickly
adapted to suit any tractor. If the brakes are suddenly applied at
a high transport speed and with a
A drawbar extension of 30 cm is op- filled tank, the frame and drawbar
tionally available for the upper hitch. are protected enormously from dam-

Axles for every track width Large ground clearance and Compact and safe en route
and optimum convenience a wide selection of tyres

The Primus field sprayer features an un- The smooth underside of the LEMKEN The compact dimensions of the Primus
sprung rigid axle as standard. Depend- Primus favours work in tall-standing render transportation easier, even on
ing on size and version, fixed track crops. overgrown tracks and in confined
widths are possible between 1.50 m areas.
and 2.25 m. Diverse, large tyres and mud guards
with adjustable holders enable ad- The spraying boom is folded close to
Optionally air-sprung axles are availa- justment to all individual conditions. the tank so that even overhanging
ble from a track width of 1.80 m. The trees do not constitute an obstacle.
load-dependent suspension guaran- Sufficient ground clearance prevents
tees maximum driving comfort. Even crop damage. The boom transport height can be
the air brake is controlled on this axle adjusted to different tyre sizes by
depending on the load. means of slots at the front and rear.
The boom is therefore stowed at the
Perfect soil protection and efficient lowest possible centre of gravity for
plant protection are guaranteed by transportation by road, thereby
the large number of available tyre greatly increasing driving stability.

Boom with
Z profile

Z-profile torsion optimised and protective

The design of the Z-profile boom en- The Z-profile enables corrosion-re-
sures optimum torsional capability and sistant spray lines to be routed inside
protection against damage. the boom structure.

All supply lines as well as the section All parts are connected using contin-
width valves (option) are protected in uous bolts with nuts.
the boom frame.

Designation - Working width/symmetrically reduced- Number of section widths - Weight (kg) Partial width distribution *

6 6 6 6 6
B - 15m - 5- 670 3/3/3/3/3 m
6 6 6 6 6 6
B - 18/15m- 6- 720 3/3/3/3/3/3 m
6 6 6 6 6 6
B - 18m - 6- 705 3/3/3/3/3/3 m
6 6 6 6 6 6 6
B - 21/15m- 7- 755 3/3/3/3/3/3 /3 m
6 6 6 6 6 6 6
B - 21m - 7- 740 3/3/3/3/3/3 /3 m
6 9 6 6 6 9 6
B - 24/18m- 7- 775 3/4,5/3/3/3/4,5/3 m
7 7 7 6 7 7 7
B - 24/20m- 7- 795 3,5/3,5/3,5/3/3,5/3,5/3,5 m
6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
B - 27/18m- 9- 810 3/3/3/3/3/3 /3/3/3 m

Boom with nozzle distribution and flap positions * Other section width distributions are optionally available
Central pendulum Working on a slope
The boom is attached in the centre To ensure parallel adjustment to the ter- The slope adjustment responds to a
with pendulum suspension. It is auto- rain, each spraying boom features a shift in the centre of gravity of the
matically aligned horizontally, irrespec- slope balancer which is actuated from boom. Even in this adjusted position
tive of the position of the running gear. the operator console in the tractor cab. the boom retains its full pendulum
An automatic boom guide is optionally range.
On slopes spring stabilisers support available.
the adjustment of the boom to the The centre of gravity shift is con-
gradient. For boom B21 B30 the slope balancer trolled via an electric rocker switch or
is controlled electrically, for boom B33 optionally via a rotary potentiometer
They also prevent the boom from and for automatic boom control (op- or distance control.
plunging inwards on the headland. tional) the slope balancer is controlled

Designation - Working width/symmetrically reduced- Number of section widths - Weight (kg) Partial width distribution

6 6 5 7 6 7 5 6 6
B - 27/20m- 9- 830 3/3/2,5/3,5/3/3,5/2,5/3/3 m
6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
B - 27/21m- 9- 1.387 3/3/3/3/3/3 /3/3/3 m
7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7
B - 28/18m- 9- 825 3,5/3/3/3/3/3 /3/3/3,5 m
6 6 6 7 6 7 6 6 6
B - 28/20m- 9- 845 3/3/3/3,5/3/3,5 /3/3/3 m

7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7
B - 28/21m- 9- 1.390 3,5/3/3/3/3/3 /3/3/3,5 m
6 7 7 7 6 7 7 7 6
B - 30/20m- 9- 890 3 /3,5/3,5/3,5/3/3,5/3,5/3,5/3 m

6 6 6 8 8 8 6 6 6
B - 30/21m- 9- 1.424 3/3/3/4/4/4/3/3/3 m

6 6 9 8 8 8 9 6 6
B - 33/21m- 9- 1.545 3/3/4,5/4/4/4/4,5/3/3 m
Boom with nozzle distribution and flap positions * Other section width distributions are optionally available
From filling to cleaning
1 Pumps
2 Selection valve on
suction side 4 6 7
3 Distributor valve on 5
pressure side
4 Main tap
5 Spray pressure control 9 8 3
valve 8
6 Pressure filter flow 13 13
12 8
7 Flowmeter 14
8 Filling
8 Section width valves
9 Bypass collector 10
10 Agitator 3
11 Washing-in sluice
12 Clear water tank
13 Cleaning nozzles 15
1 1
14 Cleaning nozzles 11
15 Pressure safety valve
16 Interior cleaning valve 2

Spraying Internal cleaning

Spraying line Before and after spraying

The optimised liquid route for the Pri- A nozzle pipe made of V2A steel with 2 The high pump capacity guarantees
mus trailed field sprayer from LEMKEN mm wall thickness ensures that the that the filling process is quick, that the
guarantees efficient spreading of all nozzle holder has a secure seating. spray agent is mixed well and that the
plant protection agents. device is cleaned thoroughly.
A circulation line is optionally availa-
Large-size lines also enable larger ble, which - after switching on the The tanks are completely filled at
spreading rates or high travel speeds. nozzles - enables a homogeneous maximum 540 rpm within approx. 10
spray agent to be available across the to 15 minutes.
The quantity control valve has a wide entire working width.
control range. This enables the quan- The two rotating cleaning nozzles in-
tity to be spread to be varied. side the tank ensure that the tank is
The valves are all ball valves and they
ensure that response times are fast Fittings, lines, partial width valves
and uniform. and pumps can be cleaned even if a
tank is partly filled.

Pumps Filters Internal cleaning

The piston diaphragm pumps are re- The Primus filters are easily accessible. The Primus trailed field sprayer is ex-
sistant to liquid fertilisers by the use of tremely smooth on the inside and
corrosion-resistant materials. Primus 25 and 35 are equipped with therefore ideally equipped for residue-
one suction filter, Primus 45 has two free internal cleaning.
As standard, the pump is driven via a 50-mesh (meshes per inch) suction
540rpm power take off. filters. A non-return valve integrated Two stainless-steel rotational nozzles
in the suction filters enables the fil- at the top of the tank are used to
Hydraulic pump drive is available as ters to be cleaned, even if the main clean every part of the tank interior.
an option. tank is filled, without spray agent es-
caping. Clever line routing inside guarantees
an excellent cleaning performance.
The filter in the pressure line is self-
cleaning and features an 80-mesh in- Internal cleaning can be switched
sert which eliminates the need for electrically from the tractor cab as an
nozzle prefilters when nozzles option.
greater or equal to bore 025 are


Indirect level indicator

The indirect level indicator is very easy The float guide can be flushed free of
to read during the filling process and residue when the tank interior is
when spraying from the tractor cab. cleaned.

Because the level is recorded in the The Tank Control electronic level in-
middle of the tank, the indicator dicator costs can therefore often be
hardly ever gives an incorrect reading reduced.
when the sprayer is at an incline.

Bumper Electrohydraulic operation DISTANCE - Control

To prevent damage to the nozzles and Electrohydraulic operation is available The DISTANCE-Control automatic
the boom, the Primus is equipped with for tractors with too few control units boom height control makes spraying in
a bumper. or, e.g. for additional functions such as hilly and very hilly terrain substantially
automatic boom control. easier.
The last piece of the boom is en-
closed by a hoop guard. If contact is The tractor requires only one single- In very hilly terrain and in case of
made with the ground or an obsta- acting control unit and a depressur- widely spaced rows it is recom-
cle, the last piece of the boom moves ised return line. mended to use 2 distance sensors
forwards or backwards by almost 90 per boom side.
and then returns automatically to its The hydraulic functions are con-
original position. trolled electrically from the control When using double flat jet spray noz-
box. zles, it is useful to have the distance
sensors attached to extended brack-
ets in front of the boom, as this mini-
mises the effect of spray mist.

Technical data
Main tank Clean water tank Hand-wash tank Weight Basic equipment:
Primus Rated volume Actual (Liter) (Litres) (kg, without ) Electronic operation and automatic control with Tee-
25 2,200 2,400 250 18 1,800 Jet 844 E computer; piston diaphragm pump 1 x 250
35 3,100 3,300 250 18 2,000 litres for Primus 25 and 35, 2 x 250 litres for Primus
45; tyres 300/95 R 46 for Primus 25 and 35, 340/85 R
45 4,200 4,400 250 18 2,200
48 for Primus 45; dual-line pneumatic brake system;
*figures rounded down V2A spray line; indirect fluid-level indicator; electrical
slope balancer control, as of hydraulic spraying boom
B 33; stabiliser for spraying boom; 2 rotating internal
container cleaning nozzles made of stainless steel;
Transport dimensions (mm) spring-assisted washing-in sluice; Kamlok suction
connection 2; external clean water tank 1 x 250 litre;
Length (L) Width (W) Height (H) roof ladder with platform; rigid drawbar, upper hitch
Primus with boom Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. in coupling jaw; replaceable and height-adjustable
B21 5,200 5,700 2,600 2,800 3,250 3,600 tow lug, 40 mm; illumination; single nozzle holder.
25 B27 5,300 5,800 2,600 2,700 3,250 3,600
B30* 5,600 6,100 2,600 2,700 3,250 3,600
B21 5,200 5,700 2,600 2,800 3,350 3,600
35 B27 5,300 5,800 2,600 2,700 3,350 3,600
B30* 5,600 6,100 2,600 2,700 3,350 3,600
B21 5,500 6,000 2,600 2,800 3,350 3,900
B27 5,700 6,200 2,600 2,700 3,350 3,900
B30 5,700 6,200 2,600 2,700 3,350 3,900
B33 5,700 6,200 2,600 2,700 3,350 3,900

* Only available with upper hitch and drawbar extension

All specifications, dimensions and weights are subject to continuous technical development and are therefore not binding. The
weight specifications always refer to the basic equipment. Subject to change.

Service decides

When you have bought a machine If a part is not in stock, it can be deliv- machinery for the first time, as well as
from LEMKEN, the well-known, almost ered to the customer within 24 hours for professional maintenance and re-
proverbial LEMKEN service starts. 18 via the LEMKEN logistics centre which pairs. Thanks to regular training
customer-oriented factory branches is manned round-the-clock 365 days a courses, LEMKEN customer service is al-
and outdoor storage areas in Germany year. ways up to date with the latest LEMKEN
as well as our own sales companies and technology.
Knowledge from the LEMKEN
importers in more than 40 countries,
and a strong dealer network, ensure
that machines and spare parts are sup- Well trained customer service techni-
plied quickly. cians are available to farmers, contrac-
tors and trade, who are using

Original spare parts from LEMKEN

LEMKEN wearing parts are designed for
a maximum service life. High-quality
materials, the latest production meth-
ods, and an intensive quality control
ensure a long service life. Therefore, all
original spare parts bear a unique iden-
tification with the registered LEMKEN
trademark. Original spare parts can be

ordered at any time online on the Inter-

net via the LEMKEN information and or-
dering system.

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Phone +49 2802 81-0
46519 Alpen, Germany
LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG Your LEMKEN dealer:

LEMKEN . 02/17 . 175 10064/en All specifications, dimensions and weights are subject to continuous technical development and are therefore not binding. The
weight specifications always refer to the basic equipment. Subject to change.