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Band Handbook
6th-8th Grade

After reading through the Band Handbook with your child, please sign and
return the form below.

*Return by Friday, September 1st, 2017*


TMS Band Handbook 2017-2018

Due Friday, September 1st, 2017

We have read and understand the contents of the Trimpe Middle School Band Handbook.

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Class Syllabus
Middle School Band
Mr. Steven Brame

Course Description:
Trimpe Middle School Band is an instrumental ensemble that provides students with both learning and
performance opportunities. This course focuses on developing and extending students musical knowledge and
playing abilities through full ensemble rehearsals and performances. Full Band Class meets daily. Students are also
required to participate in two concerts within the school year. Please see the Performance Attendance section of
this handbook for more information.

Supplies Needed:
Supplies needed for students at each grade level are listed below. Please see the Instrument Accessory
Checklist on the following page for all instrument-specific needs as well.

6th Grade:
-Method Book (We will finish Standard of Excellence Book 1 from last year.)
-Foundations for Superior Performance (The order form is attached.)
-1 3-ring Binder
-30 Clear Sheet Protectors
-Pencil (No Ink!)
-Dry Erase Markers for Sheet Protector Writing (optional)

7th Grade:
-Standard of Excellence Book 2 (The order form is attached.)
-Foundations for Superior Performance (The order form is attached.)
-1 3-ring Binder
-30 Clear Sheet Protectors
-Pencil (No Ink!)
-Dry Erase Markers for Sheet Protector Writing (optional)

8th Grade:
-Technique and Musicianship (The order form is attached.)
-Foundations for Superior Performance (The order form is attached.)
-1 3-ring Binder
-30 Clear Sheet Protectors
-Pencil (No Ink!)
-Dry Erase Markers for Sheet Protector Writing (optional)

Instrument Accessory Checklist:

The following items should be kept in student instrument cases.

-Cleaning Rod
-Key Oil
-Screwdriver (The same size as used for eyeglasses)

Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, and Saxophone:

-Reeds (Must have at least 4 extras at all times)
-Reed Case
-Cleaning Swab (Silk for Oboe/Bassoon)
-Cork Grease
-Bore Oil (Only for wooden instruments-Not plastic!)

Trumpet, French Horn, Baritone, and Tuba:

-Valve Oil
-Slide Grease
-Snake Cleaning Rod

-Tuning Slide Grease
-Slide Cream/Oil
-Slide Sprayer (1 oz. plastic spray bottle)
-Snake Cleaning Rod

-Bell Mallets
-Concert Snare Sticks (5B, Wood Tip)
-Mallet Bag for Sticks (Not necessary, but its a great gift idea)
-Practice Pad/Silly Putty/Thick Phone Book (Not required to bring to class, but necessary for home practice)

Classroom Management:
Behavioral Expectations:
M - Make good choices.
U - Use equipment properly.
S - Speak when the time is right. (Using the appropriate voice level 1=whispering or 2=group work)
I - Involve yourself in all activities.
C - Cooperate with others.

Pride Skills:
1. Take PRIDE in yourself and all that you do.
2. Take PRIDE in the music room. Keep it neat and organized!
3. Take PRIDE in your instrument. Someone has spent a large amount of money on it for you. If it is a
school-owned instrument, take care of it so it can eventually be passed on to younger students.
4. PRACTICE to be successful! High levels of practice lead to HIGH LEVELS of performance.
5. Take PRIDE in learning. Lets have fun!

Behavior Management:
1st Incident: Student is issued a verbal warning; Correct behavior will be enforced
2nd Incident: Student loses daily participation points
3rd Incident: Student receives a Lunch Detention
4th Incident: Student receives an Office Referral

Band is a graded class, and students earn grades through full band attendance, sectional attendance,
performance attendance, and skill assessments. Each grade category is explained below.

Full Band Attendance:

Each student can earn a total of 5 points every day during full band rehearsal. Student grades will be
based upon behavior, attitude, and attention using the following scale:

5 points: Student is prepared, focused, actively participating, and respectful

4 points: Student is issued a verbal warning due to behavior
3 points: Student forgets pencil and/or music
2 points: Student forgets instrument/sticks
1 point: Student is distracting others
0 points: Student loses daily points due to behavior

Performance Attendance:
Performances are the most valuable experiences for musicians. Without performances, the band
experience is incomplete. Therefore, students are required to attend both the Christmas Concert and the Spring
Concert. All performances are worth 100 points, and students are required to stay for the entire concert/contest in
order to receive full credit. Students who fail to display proper concert etiquette will only receive partial credit for
their performance. If students do not attend a performance, they will not earn any points for performing. The band
director must approve all missed concerts or contests in advance, and Parent(s)/Guardians must call or send a note
BEFOREHAND. In case of emergencies/death in the family, please contact the director at the earliest possible
convenience. Concert attire for all students is listed below.

-White Blouse (tucked in or tailored)
-Black Slacks or Long Skirt (must reach ankles)
-Black Socks/Hose
-Black Dress Shoes (low heel)

-White Dress Shirt (tucked in)
-Black tie
-Black Slacks
-Black Socks
-Black Dress Shoes

Our annual Christmas Concert will be on Tuesday, December 12th, at 7:00pm in the CMHS Gym.
Our annual Spring Concert will be on Tuesday, May 8th, at 7:30pm in the CMHS Gym.

-Basketball Games
We have the opportunity to perform as a Pep Band for two Boys Basketball games and two Girls Basketball
games this year! These performance dates will be sent home as soon as they become available.

Skill Assessments:
Students are evaluated on their increasing musical knowledge and technical abilities throughout the school
year. Both playing and written tests are used to formally assess student knowledge and technical ability. The types
of each assessment are listed below.

-Playing Tests
Playing passages will be learned in class and will be recorded on Mr. Brames computer. Students will be given
at least two weeks to prepare for the playing test.

-Vocabulary Tests
A list of vocabulary terms will be kept in students music binders. All terms will be discussed in class, and
students will be notified in advance before each test.

-Rhythm Tests
Rhythm sheets will be given to students and learned in class together. Students will be given at least two weeks
to learn the rhythms, and will then play them individually for a grade.

-Theory Test
Information and concepts learned in students Theory Workbooks will be assessed through written theory tests.
Students will be notified at least one week prior to each test.

-Theory Workbook
Students will be given time to complete sections of their Theory Workbook in class. These workbooks will be
submitted for a grade.

-Pop Instrument Checks

The band director will perform random instrument checks throughout the school year to verify that students are
taking their instruments home to practice. Students whose instruments are left in the band room during these
random checks will not earn their points.
-Music Binder
Students will be given specific guidelines for organizing their music binders. Following these guidelines will
allow them to quickly find music and reference information both during class and while practicing at home.
Students must keep their binders organized at all times, and they will be graded periodically.