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ArnCralian Reaiew

No. 5 JU tY 1 986

Au g tra l ian F ly ing Sa u c e r R e v i a w (Vi c to ri an E di ti on) i s a non-proti t

e i l u ce t'i onal publica ti o n p ro d u c e d b y th e vi ctori an fl yi ng saucer
Ra d se rch S oc iet y , P.0 . 8 o x 4 3 , M o o ra b b in, V i ctorl a. Ths tuncti on
o I th e s oc iat y is to c o l l a te a n d d i e g e mi nata i ntormeti on about tha
au b j e ct ol F ly ing Sa u c a rs o r U n i d e n t i l i ed P l yi nS 0b,scts. (U .f.0.

V . F.S.R. S . O F F I CE B EA R E R S

P e te r E . Nor r is L L .B. prasi rl snt

tu d i th M . M agee Tal. SZ -Z S O Z V i ce-praei dent & program 0l l i cer
Syl vi a S ut t on Tel. 3 5 -l 6 5 9 S ecratary
I l o ro th y F ar m er Treesurar
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P a u l Nor m an publ i c B s tat i ona 0t I i cer
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V.F.S.R . S . Fu l l M e m b a rs h i p - (l q .ZO) p" , ennum

wh i c h i n c l u d e s fre e i s s ua ol magazi na.

Pe ns ione! a & I unior s - (3Z.tO1 por annum

whic h inc luilas lr aa igs u e ol magazina.

Singl6 c opy ol m agaz ina ( {0 0 ) Aust. plus 40. posrags

Tha raview we lco maB ar t ic lee t or public at i o n , lattsre and newg clippings
in additio n to sig ht ing r s por t r . Addr eaa ell conurunications to -
V . P .S.R.S., P.0 . , Box 43, M oor ebbin, Victorie.

M atarial a pp ea ring in t his public at ion may be reproducad with appropriatE

c red. its.
C ontributio ns pu bli s hod do not n6c es s ar ily relloct tha policy of the
;, v . F . s . R .s.

S E CRE T A R YMrs : .Sy l v i oS u ti o ni o i n e dth e V .F.S .R .S .

in 1959on d b e c o mes e c re to ryi n 1 9 6 1 . I n 1965 she
wos oppointedsecreforyof the federotionCommon-
weolt h A e ri o l P h e n o m e nIn o v e s ti g o ti o n O rgoni soti on
( C. A . P . 1. 0 .).M rs . S u tto nw o s e d u c o te d o t U ni versi ty
High S c ho o o l n d o c i ty b u s i n e s s
c o l l e g e . Loter, she
worked in o city InsuronceCompony,on ledgers,
s t ot is t ic ol re c o rd so n d d i s s e c ti o no f s o me,unti l her
.| 9 4 1 .
m or r iogein S h ei s th e w i { e o { o BonkMonoger
ond hos o son ond o doughter. Other interestshove
been m us ic o ls tu d i e so n d o s h o rtc o u rs ei n free l once
jour no lis m .

At a recent public meeting, a ueteran Australian ufologist said that extra-
terrestrials, upon landing on earth, utill demonstrate to errant bumanity the lolly
ol contaminating earth's uater supply u.'ttb "that poison" lluoride, He utas prom-
inently reported in at least one national neuspaper.
Tbis ulologist uas, ol course, arguing irrationally.
The existence of extraterrestrials bas not been proued to tbe satisfaction ol
more tban a lraction ol tbis planet's inbabitants. Furtbermore, euen admitting
tbe existence ol life elsewhere, on uthat basis can it be assumed that the hypo-
thetical spaceman sbares our ufologist's strongly beld opinion on tbe uses of
I luoride ?
After all, spacemen may not euen baue teeth!
Tbis unfortunate case uiuidly demonstrates a menace tahicb bas beset ut'ology
from its earliest days: the person wbo is attracted to LIFO researcb not because
ol its intrinsic interest, but because be sees in the UFO's a uindication and a
justtfzcation ol bis ou,n preconceptions.
Certainly, the religious crank is tbe f<nemost example of this genus, but as
uith our fluoride-minded friend, tbere ane unlimited uariations to be lound.
The damage done to tbe UFO cause by its most leruent det'otees as a result
ol tbeir unualy and untbougbtlul utterances ts tncalculahle. Our subject is
slou'ly but surely gainfuq ground and tbe day must euentuully arriue when a size-
able proportion of populixtions in tbe u'estern uorld must accept at least the
possibility of uisilations by extralerrestrial s.
Tbe u;eird latiocinations of some ufologists can result only n tbe aduent ol
this day being lurtber postpctned.

A poloroid colour photogropho{ o UFO is now under investigotion by the V.F.S.R.S.

The phologropfiwos obtoined in Balwyn, Yictorio, ot 2,02 p.m. on Soturdoy, April 2nd,
6y o Society member,wfio hos reguesfed thot his nome 6e withheld for business reosons.
The member'sdescripfion ol the incident is os follows:-
"It was a warm, clear day, and suddenlythe whole gardenbecamelit up. It was like a re-
flection fiom somehugemitror being shoneon the garden.
"I looked up and saw an object bright and shining, comingtowards me. It would havebeen
20 feet to 25 feet in diameterand was about 120 feet up in the air.
"It seemedto float down towards me. It resembleda big mushroomwith a stalk pointing
towardsthe earth.
"Then it spun throughan 180 degreesangle on its rrertical axis to take up the position in
which I photographed it.
ttThen it turned slowly throughanother180 degreeson its horizontalaxis, to bring the stalk
facing me.
"From an almost stationaryposition it shot off northwardsat terrific speed, acceleratingto
what seemedto be hundredsof miles an hour in seconds.
t'I ran and got a carpenterwho was working on the house. Secondsafter it took off we heard
a boom, similar to the sound jets make when going through the sound barrier."
One interesting ospecl ol the photogrophis o sfioding ol pink discernible on lhe
bottom port ol the UFO. This oppeors fo 6e o re(lection ol the pink tiles ol the rool
over which the UFO wos opporently passing ot the lime the photogroph wos foften.
Vlhen detoils ol photogrophicexperls' onolyses ore to hond they.will be published in
on issue iorthcoming.

T H I S t S A E L A C I ( & t {H l r E
THE TULLY "NESI S"; How l r e o k i s h c o n w h i r l w i n d s 6 e ?

This ar t ic le was wr it t en by a m e m b e ro f V . F . S . R . S . w h o
has been c onnec t edwit h s t udi e s i n a t m o s p h e r i cs c i e n c e s .

A Guiding Principle.
T he Tu lly "ne sts" phenom enonis a good ex am p l e o f c u r i o s i t y e q u a l l y e x c i t e d i n t h e s c i e n t i s t
setting out to explore his immediate environment in terms of established laws, the research rvorker
endeavouring to extend the frontiers of knowledge and the Ufologist postulating the transcendencyof
cosmogonal law. Let us here examine whether we can explain the phenomenonin terms o[ atmospheric
processes that are known basically, although we should make allowance for the possibility of dev-
iations within the limits of probability. We shall therefore not exclude from consideration a freakish
event but shali reject fallacious notions regarding any event.
Observationsand lmpressions.
(i) Soil samples: Mr George Pedley's report* of having observed at about 9 a.m. (Eastern Standard
Time) on the 19th January 1966, a UFO rising at great speed and with an ear-piercing,hissing noise,
from Horseshoe Lagoon on his neighbor's (Mr Albert Pennisi) cane-farm near Tully, is in itself no
unusual event. Forsimilar sightings and sound sensations have been reported over the years in U.S.A.,
Australia and elsewhere. On such occasions there were frequently reports of impressions left on the
soil or in grass but where investigations by experts were made on samples for traces of radioactivity,
they turned out to be negative or inconclusive.
(ii) The major "nest": Although in the Tully "nests" case, too, "testing of samples taken from
around them . . . failed to reveal anything of significance",** photographstaken by Mr Vignale
presumably on the day following the discovery of the major nest measuring30 feet in diameter, should
be regardedas valuable and unique documents. One of these photographsis reproducedbelow.
According to Mr Pedley's statement, the reeds "were without exception bent below water level,
dead and swirled around in a clockwise manner,as if they had been subjected to some terrific rotary
force, Only the reeds within the perimeter of the circle were dead . when I passed the hole the
previous evening it was smotheredin green grass-like reeds protruding up to three feet above the
surface. The water hole is from four to five feet deep."
For the discussion that follows below, it is reievant to also quote from a statement made by Mr Alf
Macdonald. He is a Stock Routes Inspector for Northern Queenslandwho dived (as did Mr Pennisi and
a member of the local Police) into the waterhole to check on the impression that t'some force has
sucked the roots up cleanly into the floating'nest' . . ,". Mr Macdonaldsaid: "There was no stubblc
under this circle. The roots were sucked up whole and the lagoon floor was smooth."
He has lived in the district since 1933 and ruled out the possibility gained on first impressionthat
reed eating grubs might have caused the phenomenon. ttThey cause water grasses to collapse," he is
reported to have said, "but the roots and remnants stay, like stubble, on the lagoon bed." In any
case, the grubs would have neededto compiete their work in one single night, according to Mr Pedley's
observations on the previous evening.
With the exception of the photograph,the above evidence is mainly based on impressions gained
by a few persons whose trustworthinessneed be in no doubt. The evidence is also incomplete,since
more could have been added and more could have been obtained, by thorough investigation in the first
instance. The evidence presented is also biased toward an enquiry into atmospheric processes as a
feasible explanation of the ttnests".

Ref . : - * "Tu iiy Time s " Vol. 4 No. 7.

**Quoted from an official communication from the Secretary, Department of Air, Canberra,
d ate d 11 th Febr uar y 1966, t o t he Pr es ident, C . A . P . l . O . I n t h e f o l l o w i n g t h i s c o m m u n i c a t i o n
will be referred to as ODDA.


Of f icialdo mha s awo rd . . . and agues s ! !
The author of ODDA suggested the possibility of the phenomenonhaving been associated with,
t'downdraugfuts", ttwilly williest'or water spouts that are known to occur in the area.
or the result of,
The University of Queensland is quoted as having stated that "the nests could have been the result of
severe turbulence, which normally accompanies line squalls and thunderstorms in Notth Queensland at
that time of year. Enclosed with ODDA were photogaphs giving examples of the type and growth of a
cloud formation occurring with a sevete "downdraught". The following statement was added relating to
these photogaphs: "This whirling mass of tropical air associated with thunderstorm activity, on
reaching the earth's surface, rnay dissipate and subside or persist giving rise to dust eddies, water
spouts etc., leaving telltale circular patterns on the ground. Should it occur ovei a swampy reed bed,
the effect would be to flatten the reeds with a circular pattern . . .".
A relevant question regarding whirlwinds in relation to the Tlrlly "nests".
Small atmosphericvortices featured by clockwise rotation and associated with strong "updraughts"
are indeed known to occur in summer in the vicinity of powerful downdraughts accompanying heavy
rain, hail and thunderstorms. On occasions they appear to have occurred without deterioration of
weather in the region where they have been observed.
lVe should then enquire into the possibility that one or several such "wet" or "dry" whirlwinds
had occurred in the Tully region, during the night from 18th - 19th January 1966. More specifically,
we must ask the following questions: What are the probabilities, given. the atmospheric conditions pre-
ceding the morning of 19th January, that (1) there occurred during the late evening of the 18th January
or thefollowingnight, oneor several vortices which were accompanied by sufficiently strong updraughts
to cause suction effects of the tequired very high intensity; (2) contact with the ground or vegetation
cover occurred for merely a few instants in any one place, since no damage to shrubs, trees or ground
outside perimeter of circle was noticed in the case of the MaSornest (see photo) and none has been re.
ported in the vicinity of the other nest discovered soon afterwards; (3) the force was capable of
dissicating grass reeds as they were swirled around so that they appeared "dead" by the time the
phenomenonwas discovered?
Vital Statistics.
(i) Frequencyof severelocal wind stormsin tropical Australia.
To answertheabovequestionwe shall considerthe researchin wind structureand damagepatterns
of violent tornadoesoccurringwith great frequencyin the U.S.A. and of the local severewind storms
occurringin Australia, with less severity but comparablefrequency.
The frequencyof occurrenceof these local storms,accordingto estimatesfrom many years'stat-
istics for theAusttalianregionis to be consideredfirst. To cite a few figures taken from a publication
by II'lrR.H. Clarke (1962): Fromall available observationsdatingback to 1920and upwardsto the end
of 1957, the frequencyof occurrenceof severelocal wind stormsper 10,000sq. miles in the coastal
belt of Queenslandwas 5.9 which is the thitd highest for the whole of Australia. The highestfreE
uencies were found in the coastal plains of N.S.W.and the westernhighlandsof Victoria.
(ii) Time of year and time of day.
The monthwith the highestfrequencyof the consideredstormsin tropical Australia is December,
with Januaryfollowing close behindit. The preferredtime of day is from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. (55%of all
observations)but there is a distinct secondarymaximumbetweenmidnightand 2 a.m.
(iii ) Accompanying weather.
The likelihood of windstotmsnot accompanied by rain, thunder,hail etc., in their vicinity can be
judged from the following figures: Out of 51 cases in tropical Australia for which reliable weatherin-
formationwas available, 5 caseswere not connectedwith bad weather.
(iv) Width of path.
Another important feature is the "width of path" of windstorms. We shall see later that the path
need not necessarily be verifiable as a continuous trail in the soil, grass etc., ot as a continuous
swath of damage to trees or structures. In Australia, of 89 wind storms where this information was
available, 13 storms had a width of path 60 feet or less, 11 stoms had from 60 to 120 feet and 65
storms had paths wider than 120 feet. The major Tully nest had a diameter of 30 feet and the other
nests were smaller.
(v) Length of path.
Of 49 cases that could be included in the statistics, 13 had path lengths half a mile ot less; 8 had
half to one mile; 23 had from one to ten miles while the remaining five storms had path lengths ex-
ceeding 10 miles. However, research in the U.S.A. has also established that one and the same storm -
t'cloud" in those cases
tornado funnel - may establish contact with the ground, intermittently or else
it may vary in intensity of rotary motion and associated vertical air flow while it moves along, so that
for this reason damage at the surface can be intermittent.
(vi) Wind speed and vertical motion.
The most important distinctive features of these local windstorms are the high wind speeds,
rotation and vertical motion. The air flow relative to the moving vortex is nearly in circles, an in-
draug[rt at the bottom being necessary to maintain the updraug]rt in the core. The velocity and direction
of the air motion as observed by a stationary observer accounts for the rotary motion, the indraught and
the movement of the storm. In the present case, only such ranges of windspeed are important as can be
feasibly connectedwithintense upward motion. A meteorologist with the U.S. Weather Bureau (Hoecker,
1%0) has reconstructed the distribution of horizontal (tangential) and of upward components of the air
flow in the famous, or rather infamous, Dallas tornado of 2nd April 1957, by tracing particles of debris
and cloud tag movements in scaled movies. The greatest measured wind speed was 170 m.p.h. in anti-
clockwise rotation, and the greatest upward speed was 150 m.p.h. These very high speeds occurred at
the heights from 100 to 200 ft. ab<i',egound. At, or very close to the surface and near the centre of the
storm, wind speeds were about 90 m.p.h. with upward motions from 20 to 30 m.p.h. Thus an idea of the
strength of the vertical upward force near the gound connected with severe local storms in Australia
may be obtained ftom the Table below, which lists the frequency of wind speeds in 62 cases. (Clarke,
Miles per hour 51-60 $-74 71-80 81-90 91-100 101-110 111-120 above 120
Numberof storms 13 18 13 2 12 0 3 1
(ln the Northern Hemisphere cyclonic rotation is anti-clockwise, in the Southern Hemisphere it is
There are numerous but mostly unverified reports of small dams, ponds and large pools d water
having been subjected to a suction effect from a whirlwind passing directly over them, watet being
thrown in considerable heights into the air in fountainlike fashion. This phenomenonwas seen in the
wake of a tornado that struck Numurkah (Victoria) on September24th 1960.
A tornado which produced damage to sod and soil in pasture by suction, occurred near Marion,
Miss., U.S.A. at 8.40 p.m. C.S.T. Sth April 1964. For two days it had remained unreportedto the
regional Weather Bureau office. The two photographs shown here are reproduced ftom a btief note by
one of its staff (Gray, 1tb4). We quote here the following from this note: ". . . . the tomado reached
the surface for a total distance of about half a mile. The initial contact broke off a pine tree 18 inches
in diameter about 15 feet above gound . the tornado pulled the sod up and exerted such fotce
that huge cracks were forced open in the sod in an area about 1.0feet in diameter. These cracks were
all semi-circular in shape . the force of the small vortex ripped huge chunks of soil and gass
down to a depth of about 8 inches in an area 20 feet wide and 50 feet long. It appears that the soil
was pulled out down to clay depth which resisted the suction more than the topsoil. Huge chunks of
this soil were thrown in all directions around the hole for a distance of about 100 feet".
In regard to the sound phenomenonreported by I\4rPedley, this would not be difficult to explain in
terms of effects produced by a powerful whirlu'ind, since in actual fact, similar noise has been ex-
perienced by many persons who have been rather close to the lath of a destructive windstorm: "like
an approachingexpress train"; t'a noise like a chain saw"; ttlike a jet plane before taking offt'.
To date, no meteorological process is known which could account for the dead appearance of the
flattened reeds on the morning of the 19th January; for the sun had been up only a few hours and there
had been no searing winds with century temperatures that might have feasibly accomplished this re'
markable transformation of vegetation within the span of one night,or a few minutes,if what l\tlrPedley
saw was an atmospheric vortex.
Were atmospheric conditions conducive to the formation of a severe local storm of the kind we
discussed above? To answer this question it was necessary to examine all available meteorological
observations and weather maps on the air flow in the lowest layers and upward to 20,000 ft., and on
horizontal and vertical distribution of temperature and humidity over Queensland during the 24 hours
preceding 9 a.m. on the 19th January.
The writer examined all the relevant Weather Bureau maps and data including vertical soundings
at Townsville. During the LSth January a cold front had moved up along the eastern seaboard of the
continent and approached the North Queensland coast. In his investigation, Clarke found that in the
northern tracts of Australia 60% of. severe local storms occurred q! a cold front and l0% ahead of a
cold front. However, according to his findings and those of others in the U.S.A., the rnere presence of
a cold front was not a sufficient condition for the formation of such storms. Othet, equally important
factors werethe circulation of the air at the 20,000 ft. level and thevertical distribution of temperature
and humidity of the air below that level which determine the stability of the air in upward motion at,
or ahead of, a cold front and through other lifting mechanisms. In the 24 hours preceding 9 a.m. on the
19th January, all these factors were highly unfavourable for the formation of local sevete storms.
It should be finally mentioned that on the morning of the 19th January, no tainfall in the preceding
24 hours was recorded northeast of a line connecting Rockhampton on the east coast with Normanton
on the Gulf coast. This, too, is indicative of the absence of weather patterns in the region concerned,
which might have been conducive to the formation of a local windstorm.
Fine weather was reported from all Bureau of Meteorology stations in the general region. However,
these stations and for that matter any inhabited localities are far apart, sufficiently so for a local wind
storm to slip thtough unnoticed.
Of the various pieces of evidence presented above, as many are in support of, as are in conflict
with, the hypothesis that the phenomenonwas caused by the action of a whirlwind. It is therefore not
justifiable to state that it could not be feasibly explained by such action. Nevertheless, there were
certain aspects which induce the writer 6ilf,F"rti"le to come down rather heavily on the other side,
i.e. to eliminate the atmospheric vortex hypothesis as untenable. These aspects are:
1. The dead appearanceof the swirled-around reeds within the perimeter of the "nest".
2. The absence of any kind of close outside the perimeter.
So far, no explanation of the phenomenon in question has been given. But this question might
still be asked: "How freakish can whirlwinds be?".
R. H . C l a r k e , ( 1 9 6 2) - Se ve r e lo ca l win d sto r m s in A ustral i a - D i vi si on of Meteorol ogi cal P hysi cs
T e ch n ica l Pa p e r No , 1 3 , C.S .I.R .O., Mel bourne.
C. R . G t a y , ( 1 9 6 4 ) - Gr o u n d d a m a g e b y to r n a d o - Monthl y V eather R evi ew ,Y ol .92, N o. 10,p.476.
W . H . H o e c k e r , ( 1 9 60 ) - Vin d sp e e d a n d a ir flo w p a ttei ns i n the D al l as tornado of A pri l 2nd, 1957 -
M o n th ly Ve a th e r Re vie w, Vol . 88, N o. 5, p.p. 167-180.

Co m m o n w e a l t h B u re a u o f M e te o r o lo g y: Ve a th e r m aps, upper fl ow charts, and rai nfal l records for
lSth - l9 th Jaauary, l )66.
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'ricaD eDd Russr.'n I
(Tronsloted by Govin Gibbon. Price 2l/')

F e w r o p i c s h a v e th e p o we r to e xcite u n ive r sa l i magi nati on more than that of U ni denti fi ed A eri al

P hen o m e n a . W h e t h e r th e m a ss o f r e a d e r s is co n vinced about the exi stence of fl yi ng saucers i s not
nec e s s a r i l y r e l e v a n t, fo r e ve n wh e r e d o u b t p e tsists, i nterest i s more l i kel y to be sustai ned.
B u t w h a t m u s r b e r e g a r d e d a s im p o r ta n t is th e s tandard of i ntel l ectual i nqui ry that i s publ i shed on
t he s u b j e c t . S o m e a r ticle s a n d b o o ks ca n b e cla im ed as useful i nstruments i n the pursuance of truth;
orhe r s d o l i t t l e b u t h in d e r a n d co n fu se . "F lyin g S aucers Through the A ges" i s one of these. The
c onr e n r s b e a r l i t t l e r e la tio n to th e title . An yo n e searchi ng for l ogi cal di scussi on w i l l fi nd thi s w ork
inc o m p r e h e n s i b l e , an d fo r th e r e a d e r a cq u a in te d wi th theol ogy (and greater part i s cri ti cal of B i bl i cal
s c ho l a r s h i p ) i t i s a p r iva te vie wp o in t p u n ctu a te d b y i sol ated quotati oos, apparentl y chosen by method
of ra n d o m s e l e c t i o n .
W r i t i n g u n d e r a n o m - d e - p lu m e , Pa u l M isr a ki seems to have draw n i nspi rati on from tecent veri -
f ic at i o n b y s c i e n c e th a t th e o r ig in o f o r g a n ic m a teri al may be outer space. From thi s assumpti on a
c hal l e n g e i s a t t e m p te d a n d d ir e cte d m a in ly a g a in st doctri nes of D i vi ne R evel ati on through S cri pture -
a c h a l l e n g e q u i t e l eg itim a te if d o n e with so m e d e g ree of competence. The manner of attack here i s by
mea n s o n l y o f i n a d e q u a te e xp r e ssio n o f su p e r ficial observati ons, remi ni scent of the emoti ons of an
ev an g e l i s t p r o p o u n din g a g a in st th e th e o r y o f e vo lu t i on. C oul d be, thatevangel i stsand w ti ters ofpop-
ular m u s i c l i k e M i s r a ki p o sse ss o n e co m m o n tr a it - the tendency i n the modern w orl d of w anti ng to
deny m e n t h e i r r i g hts to o b je ctive cr itica l fa cu lty. There are ti mes w hen thi s art of hoodw i nki ng i s
legi t i m a t e l y p r a c t i ce d a n d u n d o u b te d ly we lco m e d ; but here the reacti on i s one of i rri tati on.
A t t h e o u r s e r , it is e xtr a o r d in a r y th a t a b o o k beari ng thi s ti tl e shoul d, w i thi n the total space of
les s t h a n 2 0 0 p a g e s b e twe e n its co ve r s, d e vo te w hol e chapters i n qui te redundantl y i nformi ng the
read e r t h a t A n g e l o s is d e r ive d fr o m th e Gte e k "m e ssage", remi ndi ng hi m that the end of the w orl d has
nor y e t r a k e n p l a c e . A h a lf ch a p te r g o e s to a fa b le ; another tw o chapters to Fati ma and to the V ati can
res p e c t i v e l y . T h e au th o r se e m s e ith e r r e lu cta n t o r qui te i nadequate to tel l us much about "the ages".
T o b e f a i r . a n c ie n t civiliza tio n s d o e a r n m e n tio n. C hal dea, for i nst4Joce, has a coupl e of sentences
wort h . R e i e c t i n g h i s to r ica lo p in io n sco n ce r n in g m ysteri es surroundi ng B abyl oni an mathemati cal geni us,
he o f f e r s n o o p p o rtu n ity to m e d ita te th e wo r th o f hi s ow n al ternati ve vi ew . N o rnenti on i s made of
poio t s i n s e c u l a r histo r y th a t o n e m ig h t e xp e ct to be presented as advantageous to hi s cause. S ome
of t h e s e c o u l d i n c l u d e th e a p p a r e n t p r e - o ccu p a tio n i n.sci ence general l y, and for astronomy i n parti c-
ular , a m o n g t h o s e a n cie n r p e o p le s; th e wo n d e r s a nd begi nni ngs of Mesopotani ao Zi ggw ats, E gypti an
ttlig h t" cul ts, sky-chari ot bel i efs, and geometri cs, w hi ch
Py ra m i d s t o g e t h e r with th e ir a sso cia te d
inv o l v e d s o m u c h tim e a n d e n e r g ie s a lo n g a wh o le chai n of ci vi l i zed communi ti es of the peri od. On
t' fi t the pi eces of a j i gsaw together, to exami ne the
pag e 1 6 , t h e a u t h or a n n o u n ce d a n in te n tio n o f
f ac t s " , b u t t h e p i ece s a r e n e ve r p r o d u ce d , th e fa cts never menti oned.
I n t h e l i g h t o f m o d e r n sch o la r sh ip a n d o f se r io us research, opi ni ons cannot be expounded l rom an
ac a d e m i c v a c u u m . "If e vid e n ce o f th e visita tio n sism ore numerous than w as at fi rst thought", he says,
" it i s e s s e n t i a l t o a lte r o u r vie wp o in t".De sp ite th at grammati cal error contai ned w i thi n thi s sentence
(t he t r a n s l a t o r ' s f a u lt, n o d o u b t) th e tr u th o f it r e mai ns, neverthel ess - i t onl y remai ns for someone
orh e r t h a n M i s r a k i to p r o d u ce th e e vid e n ce . F o r th rough hi m, even B i bl i cal cornmentary i s mi shandl ed,
Lik e a g r a s s h o p p e r in a p a d d y- fie ld , h e h o p s h ith e r and thi ther attempti ng ni bbl es at vari ous grai ns of
s c ri p t u a l i n f o r m a t i on - th e r e su lt b e in g co n fu sio n and the progress ai ml ess, as one endeavours to
reas o n o u t t h e c o n ne ctio n b e twe e o Co sm o a a n d An gel os, of the l ogi c i n attempti og to equate the Greek
lan g u a g e w i t h p r i m itive He b r a ic r e lig io u s n a tio n a l devel opment through a thousand or so years bei ore
t he p r o c e s s o f H e l le n iza tio n . An d tim e le a p s a b out the book - back and fo(th - starti ng at the be-
ginn i n g s o f t h i n g s , th e n la n d in g o n th e p o st M a ccabean peri od before returni ng to Moses vi a the
c irc u n s t a n c e o f E ze kia l' s wh e e ls; th e n m o r e te m p ti ng, but oft abuses, N ew Testameot quotati oos.
A p a r t f r o m t h e b e wild e r in g se q u e n ce s o f e vents, Mi sraki 's B i bl i cal know l edge appears shaky,
f rag m e n t e d a n d s up e r ficia l, a n d cu lm in a te s in a n i nterpretati on of Messi aoi c tradi ti on w i thout fi rst
c on s i d e r a t i o n f o r g r o wth o f He b r e w id e o lo g y, e xa mi nati on of the rol e of the prophets,.or the reasons
und e r l y i n g P a l e s t i a n r e je ctio n o f He r o d ia n in flu e n ces for a l i fe of Messi ani c purpose.

V h a t e v e r t h e a u th o r ' s in te n tio n s a n d vie ws. h e has fai l ed to communi cate them.

V /. B . GILL

T h e r e h a s l o n g b e e n n e e d o f a g e n e r a l wo r k o n UF O's,detai l i ng the pri nci pal A ustral i an si ghti ngs,
rec ord i n g t h e h i s t o r y o f Au str a lia n UF O in ve stig a tio n and servi ng as an i ntroducti on to readers new to
t he s ub j e c t .
" U F O ' s o v e r A u s tr a lia " b y Ja m e s Ho lle d g e to so me extent ful fi l l s thi s need, S o far as i t purports
t o be t ' a c o m p i l a t i o n " o f sig h tin g s a n d e ve n ts it is reasonabl y successful i n i ts ai ms. H ow ever, i n
v ent ur i n g i n t o s o m e of th e m o r e co n tr o ve r sia l fie ld s of ufol ogy the book i s often both i rrel evant and
irrat ion a l .
T h e f i r s t c h a p t e r s o f th e b o o k d e a l co n cise ly wi th many of the earl y A ustral i an si ghti ngs, and
wit h t h e e v a l u a t i o n s m a d e b y b o th o fficia l a n d civilian U FO i nvesti gati ve bodi es. The chapters on
t he G il l , B r o w n i n g a n d Br e w in cid e n ts a r e p a r ticu lilly w el l presented.
Vh e n t h e a u t h o r ve n tu r e s in to th e d o m a in o f th e contactee he i s on l ess secure ground.
Sin c e i t i s o b v i o u s th a t UF O' s a r e sp a ce sh ip s "it i s real l y not very di ffi cul t to go a l i ttl e further
and be l i e v e e x p e r i e n c es su ch a s a r e cla im e d b y Ad a m ski and A l l i ngham" the reader i s assured.
Fu r t h e r , " m o s t A u str a lia n u fo lo g ists we r e r e a d y to accept the (fact). . . that A damski had real l y
made t h e h i s t o r i c m e e tin g with a b e io g fr o m o u te r space", an assumpti on that i s as gl i b as i t i s un-
No l e s s t h a n 2 4 p a g e s a r e d e vo te d to r e co u n tin g A damski 's al l eged experi ences, rehashi ng ground
t hat h a s b e e n c o v e r e d m o r e co te n tly in n u m e r o u s o ther U FO books and publ i cati ons.
M o r e s e r i o u s l y , t h e a u th o r .is g u ilty o f co n sid e r a bl e parti al i ty tow ards A damski . For exampl e, no
meot io n i s m a d e o f t h e fo r m id a b le NICAP in ve stig a tio n i nto the K ansas C i ty trai n i nci dent w hi ch bl ew
A damsk i ' s c r e d i b i l i t y to r ib b o n s. T h is p a r tia lity is the more seri ous si nce the book i s more l i kel y to
be read by the general reader than by the informed expert.
Fo l l o w i n g A d a m s ki is a se ctio n o n th e Allin g h a m contact cl ai m, the evi denti al val ue of w hi ch i s
as t en u o u s a s i t s r e l e va o ce to th e su b je ct o f flyin g sa ucers over A ustral i a.



From a letter by our member in tbat area, Mr. Dan Haylock

BAIRNSDALE-3rd May-Light as bright as ao arc light reported to North East of Bairnsdale at 3 a.m.

Similar reF)rts came ftom Paynesville and otlpr areas-dates not recorded by witnesses.

Other sightings of lights low over the town, just above telephone or electric light wires were re-
ported. Qr representative stated he expected more relrcrts at this time of year, as fog banks in
the area reflected neon signs, car headlights, etc. Utrfortuately, some of the reports which defied
veritication dealt with pulsating green lights about twenty feet above power lines.

Mrs. Martin of Bairnsdale was driying home alone about 1.20 a.m., when she saw a light about 100
feet up in the air. The car she was driving was an automatic Holden which did not appear to be
running properly. As the 'light' cune overhead, the car slowed down. Mrs. lllartin selected low
gear and pushed the acceleratc to the floor but barely made 12 mph all the way home. Next day
the car was checked and found to be trcrforming perfectly. The object appeared to be about 6 feet
in diameter and emitted light.
Apparently white the object was hovering near the car it affected the normal functioning of the


A car ran off tbe Bendigo-St.Arnaud (Victoria) Road onTbutsday nigbt, the TtbApil,
killing its 19 year old driuer.
Police uent to tbe spot at tbe uteekend utith a local businessman ubo told tbem of a
strange thing tbat bappened to bim at tbe same place on tbe ltlonday after tbe t'atal accident.
Mr. Ronald Sulliuan, 38, builder, ol Maryborougb, Victoria, said: "Tbe beadligbts of my
car were suddenly diuerted to tbe rigbt lor no apparent reason - and bad I lolloued tbem I
uould baue rwz oll tbe straigbt stretcb of road.

"Just tben I sana a display ol gaseous ligbts in all tbe colours ol tbe spectrum in a near
by paddock. Tbe obiect rose about ten feet in the air. lt later disappeared.
"Tbe coloured gaseous lights seemed to be going tbrougb 2" to 3" diameter tubes wbicb
led into a brigbt phospborous looking ligbt on tbe ground Tbe ligbts tuere stretching up-
utards all tbe time until tbey disappeared alter leauing tbe tubite pbospborous looking ligbt
on the ground."
Mr. Sulliuan said be bad bis beadligbts cbecked on reacbing Wycbeprool and they utere
fotmd to be in perfect order.
ln a letter to the. V.n'.S.n.S., ltlr. .sulliuan said he later inspected tbe area utbere be bad
seen tbe UFO and lound a circular depression in tbe ground, approximately lour feet in
diameter and six incbes deep in a plougbed and barrotaed field.
Aspects ol Mr. Sulliuan's account are most extraordinary. In tbeory, it is considered
impossible to diuert
ligbt uaues in the utay described. Houtever, y.F.S.R.S. inuestigators
baue been as'sured that Ronald Sulliuan is a bighly respected citizen in tbe ltlaryborougb
area, and neitber tbe ac cutacy ol bis description, nor bis sincerity, are being doubted,

o tn EcTl d s TR l vEt

6 ilAAq A $CTM
In r u ss

i l r r t$ l tg t il mD
^ Si l XED l

I o,* a.r ,- oF ! r qr s
t srnErGtNG

I otREcTtq of Ltqrs

A. HElel STARIEOAl AfnOX- 5'O'

t srnElqEo TO 20.O"
B. Lrf,E OF Vtstd fFq stTTtre
c. D l sT^ N C E APPR OX. tOOr O'


Producedby pupilsof Grade6C-5C. S.S.4?4?. Brown'sRd.. Clayton.


I w o s in c los s wheno d i s tu rb o n coec c u rre do u ts i d e . I di dn' t toke ony noti ceondw henthe bel l w ent
fo r mor ningr ec es sm y c l o s s mo i e so n d I w e n t to o u r l ockersond then w ol kedout i nto the yord. W e
w eregothered
n o ti ce dt hot oll t he gir l s w h ow e red o i n gP h y s i c c lEd ucoti on ri ghtdow nneorthe endof
o u r p l oy ing f ield.
Su d d enly begonrunni ngdow ntow ordsw herethe
t he s c hoolc o meo l i v e w i th e x c i te m e notn d e verybody
g i rl s wer e. I wosom o n gth e s u rg i n gmo b . I l i b d s e e nsomethi ngthot l ookedveryunusuoli n the sky.
As I look edup I s ow o d o z z l i n g ,s i l v e ry o b j e c t{ l y i ng oroundsomepi netrees w hi chgrewon o ri dge
o b o u to quor ierof o m i l e d i re c tl yb e h i n dth e s c h o o l . l t then{ l ew ocrosssomeopenpoddocks ol sobe-
h i n d the s c hoolond r e tu rn e d to th e p i n e s . 0 n th e o thersi de of the ri dgetherei s o smol lfi el d. The
th i n g hov er edov ert he p i n e so n d d e s c e n d ebde h i n dthemond musi hovebeendi rectl yover thq fi el d.
I th e nlos t s ightof it b e c o u s eo f th e p i n e s .
As th e t hingwos out o { s i g h t I b e g o nl o n o ti c emo nypri voteoi rcroft,moi nl yC essno,fl yi ngi ow ords
fh e p ines .lt wos t henth e th i n gre o p p e o reodn d ro s eto the l evelo{ the opproochi ng oi rcroft.Thi s en-
o b l e d m e t o gel o r ou g hi d e oo f i i s s i z e . l t w o s o s il veryobi ectos l ongos oneof the C essnos,but
ve ryth in.
As th e oir c r of toppr o o c h eth d e th i n g ti l te d o n o b o u to 45 degreeongl eond stortedto movei nto the
d i sto n c e,gr oduollygo i n i n gh e i g h t. T h e p l o n e si n c reosed thei r speedond begonto { ol l ow i t, bui the
o b i e c t s t r eok edowoy l e o v i n gth e p l o n e sfo r, fo r b e h i nd. The pl onesturnedbock, but w e ol l stood
h o p i ng it would r et u rn b u t i t d i d n ' t, s o w e o l l w ent i ni o school ,{i { teen mi nutesl ote'
A { t er scho ol two frie nds ond I went t o t he f ield wher e t h e o b i e c t h o d d e s c e n d e d . I n o {e w m i n u r e sw e
w ere crowlin g un de r o bor b- wir e f enc e whic h s ur r oun d e dt h e f i e l d o t o h e i g h t o f o b o u t f o u r {e e t . We
w oded th rou gh the wo is t - high gr os s m ok ing f or o go p i n i t . S u d d e n l y w e w e r e t h e r e . We f o u n o o u r -
selves sto nd ing in o s pot wher e t he gr os s hod been u t t e r l y c r u s h e d o g o i n s t t h e e o r t h . l t w o s o n o r e o
o{ obo ut 25 -30 fe et in diom et er . Cows c ould not hov e d o n e i t b e c o u s e t h e {e n c e w o s b o r b e d ,o n d o l s o
cows wou ld ho ve le f t o t r oc k t hr ought he gr os s . The r e w o s n o t r o c k . T h e o b i e c t h o d d e s c e n d e do v e r
the field; cou ld it ho v e done t his ? lt oll leods boc k t o t h e s o n r eq u e s t i o n . Wh o t w o s t h e o b i e c t ? S o m e
people so y it wo s o w eot her bolloon, but do weot her b o l l o o n s g o u p o n d d o w n q u i c k l y , c r u s h g r o s s o n d
fly ocro ss th e skie s fos t er t hon r eos onoblys peedyoir c r o f t ? 0 t h e r w i s e , y o u r g u e s s i s o s g o o d o s m i n e .
(T be au tbo r u,isbcs lo r c r r r t t in r t ilollf l/ lous . I t au g b t h i m s o r n e y e a r s a g o a n d
f o u n d 'h t m t n -
t elligen t an d u teli-h ult nc r : d, ar t d c er t ui. nly not giu e n t o m a k i n g i r r e s p o n s i b l e s t a l e m e n t s .
A , G , W, )
Tbe aboue story uttt,su,ritl<'n by a boy from the Westall Higb School uthicb is situated in
the Melb ottrn e rtelr('p olildn ilr eo. Thc s ight ing oc c u r r e d o n A p r i l 6 t h , a n d a s t b e r e s u l t o f a n
aduertiseme nt p laced in u f r lelbour ne daily neuls p a p e r , a n d o u r o u 'n i n u e s t i g d t i o n s , u t e p i e c e d
toget be r a jig sa u, pr . t z z le r as c nbling llt e s lor y ab o u e . O n l y s o m e m i n o r d e t a i l s u e r e o m i t t e d ,
namely tba t the he adnos t ar ol t he s c bool s t at ed s e u e r a l o r g a n i s a t i o n s b a d i n u e s t i g a t e d t h e
sigbting-lro mtbe Air f ' or r - c t o t be Vic t or ian Fly ing S a u c e r R e s e a r c b S o c i e t y . P e r b a p s t h i . s a c -
counted for the unlrrgortislic (.tttilude uthen we made our inquiries and t'or tbe detaining ol
sorne ol the child rcn uiler s c hool lor bor . ing s pr : k e n t o t b e p r e s s . I t i s c o m r n o n k n o u l e d g e
that Ai.r Fo rce Intcllig< ' nc c ! r ' r t , lc c s alm os t t be u 'o r l d o u e r , p r e t 'e r p e o p l e t o r e m a i n s i l e n t o n
the sub ject ol L i.F.O. ' . s . i\ ai ar t helc s s t ls e "s au c e r s " r e n a i n t t , i t b u s a n d a r e b e c o m i n g a n
increasing sou r(<, rtl nt lt r t ' s l.
luditb Magee.

In Novemberof last vear a gap was filled in the circle of U.F,O. Groups in Australia. Tasmania,
long absent from the scene, got off to a good start with the formation of T.U.F.O,I.C, - Tasmanian
Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Centre. At a preliminar]' meeting, held at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Bigwood, thirty three persons attended. A brief outline of the aims of the Centre was pre-
sented by Mr. Robert Burge, who together with Mrs. Bigwood, his sister, was responsible for the form-
ation of the group. A second meeting was held a month later and the election of office bearerstook
place. Officers elected are as follows:

President Mr. I. Mclaren , Public Relations Officer Mr. T, Ling

Secretary Mr. R,A. Burge , Recordings and Photography Mr. J. Eastwood
Assistant Secretary Mrs. J. Bigwood , Librarian Mr. P. Lawler
Treasurer Mr. J. Bigwood , Committee-man Rev. L. Browning

The first major project of the Centre was a public Meeting held at the Y.M,C.A. Social Centre,
Hobart, at which a talk was presented by Mr, Colin Norris, Vice President of the Adelaide Society.
This meeting was quite successful, there being well over 200 people in attendance. Good coverage
was provided by the Press, Radio and Television. Since then, and with the aid of a few good sightings
in different parts of the State, there has been an increase in public attention toward U.F.O.,s. A total
of twenty three sighting reports (fifteen of them relating to a very good one in October of last year)
have been filed as reliable.
It is hoped that thc setting up of the Tasmanian Centre will produce a greater numberof these
re!'orts; there is still reluctance on the part of many people to openly associate themselves with the
U . F . O , mvste rv.
Tasmanian Unidentified Flying Objects Ian Mclaren,
t InvestigatiorrCentre, President.
Post 0ffrt-r: Box i62, T.U .F.O.I.C .
o lv
u F 0 c oNvENr f re In
WIL L B E H E LD IN A D E LA ID E t\ I Ittr\t l ul .l .
Etro rlJ.rrr kttg m ad
sr!l 1a
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tlr sacr ets
his a r T H E g th A N D gth OF TH IS
rp ed stAtii l t o. llr s s t udy
o bfrlrlo ry will h opeD k
r h pu blic at I pn. oD Fr ida YE AR ,
ind Srtrrd ry and t la As t r ono
Socity hrrites anyon In
{. .specllllv tho$ visitilr
I clt tor rh? BegoDid &s. 10-6-66
al to see the telescopes. ctc
on saru rdiv lhe em phr s ls I
* on u nid Pnr r Rd f lv lr g

Reader's Sna
ie ds. Slide s will be s hos n
r.ilrsl p ho losraphs ol ny lng $u
.er.r rnd lhe speaker {t
5e llr Prul Nor nr . n. who t
.otrducllng resarcD Intc
Mr Petcr N,rrrrs
ele((ficnl .trects ol il)es
l, hcrr wc are, 94

T}VO r,O''S
0f Wilcannia
Saucer di r y s i nto 1966 atr d
tllc scasoll alrcady
ul)on us.
l l r ', sr r "r r ct
s.a so r l l r r l
p 0 fl \
l l \l l tg si l l xe r

l i l l cr n l r
N o fth
ts. sttl t r c-
tl r r o u g h
Qu ce l sh [d
r ,l r l l r 'A sr ttr .r "n csl s!
* r r r !o r q l h c b i l l r u i l r .s of

i l l l l h 's\xn r p . r D d tl r c
t,r r i cn t Acn l l .tr r e n o l th c
Ii AAF a l l sct to tn ve sti -
:r r r r !h i r l l 'c p i l sl l l
r xr r l l '\ llrc Ar r Fo r ( e
-. 1 lrrs
s.u r cr
l i l vo str r r l r d
sr g h l u r Fs doubl.

l h r L o f a r r v o t l h . p n st
lire roars i r 'r l 'r d 'i l g
( i l x'b v llrrec cn r i l r n t
Nll. $lronrlo {sl r o r n i l r -
cr s l l r i l l lurled i i l r t to
bc (rr. o l th e n AAtss

oonest'o 0 \n Vr r r tr r c
r 'r sl r t l l i sh l

)l r r \o u
r l r l 1 cn l .
o \ cr

l cl s In r a

r '( r t:r d o r
l ( { ,{ t,n i l cd sl i 'l .s
Fi ,r ( r . $ h i ,t.

l h xl !
I tr t
Ar r
l {r 4 ? .
\ l r cD l l r . sl g h'u r .e
l l i l [s l i l \t
b ccxn . l r a s str r \l r .d 0 ? 8 6
r e Pr l s df U i l i d .l i i l i .d
A "FLYINC cquter nert" hot b4 FIyr r g Ob l cl s
" tountl in t uwmp a mile ntl
lhc l r sl ] .r cn
h u n ch .d h l r {a l l r o xn
Bonkstoun Airport. Iro.i.(t
In r .sti r i tr
"Rlu. Bool' to
3 h . l 'l ( ts -
It h .lnst iJ.iticol b th. fii. .n d l a s i tr t.r .i d n r io
li rromD LnJ i6r Tllly ii Ndh r.fld thNt li:i? ot ah.
thints rre stlll .hisificil
lc.d |!rl hhth. .\ "u n i d .n l i l i .d .'
Tho Ernl.lown n?{. ?n almn i r n r r sc. l .l i c U ,i l d fn l i l i cd
:0fr.dirm.tcr cicl. oi flrrt.n.J r.d'. sr' l\ Fl r i r B Ob j e .l lh.
htt ilondry wcel bI t$o Yag@na sch@lbri rriln). by N l r kl )'\
Rob.n Denni! rnd Larry St.wad di\cove Our feoture story yesterdoy - "Flying SoucersHove sf,urors arc correclly,
el sr y ralc o fl i ci d l l y.
thc ndt ar thcy tok a ghon cut thrrugh
rwamp on 6cir sly
High School.
homd frDnr C(hd.ll P Londed Here And Locols Hove PhotogrophedThem"
All shapes
It lml.d
huJe dis.
a! if it hrd bccn flrilneJ hY
- brought o prompt reoction from o reoder. l r i ch i s ij u
u st
st r s Ycl l ,. fd
th . fn st L h h r g l o b sa i d
alDut thonl Ls thal rafcly
"PUTIGENTSIilELL" Tb. dory hrd
nl cruslog ora r.d.a
I did nol lcll rhe RAAF oflilcf I undar lhc crrft w.'re nrr
- a | *ho canrc io $c hi0r thrt hal withdrt*n whr'n ht sap
do tlrc observers dcsrrrbc
thenr as struccrs. We va
Td n.G i6. h(.d ft dd h! ol o$ rnd olld had a scconJ film. h o vcr i n g i m n r cd i .r tcl y o va r had cggs,'
i, by c. hn.od6 tm. .d Jl -h garding ''w e tcr n r cl o n s,'ci q a r s,'
'..r - lo rcY.rl r I I herd.
even ddlv anolgh,
.F{d ffi'kFdh .
Fcrcl lG b.a lrlt fG l0 I Orrr informnnt said lhal.l
h. rnd
SL'*!rt I'C'F' I when h;s f.ind rightrJ rhc I INEXPIANEDCNAF| )c Tullv roport is tlrc
Yrpnr, I saucer s.en in thc rbovr I orst re vc hcilrd ol
hrd ffd mticd th nd{ l!'t Nlondir $*t Thc matr, likc Artist No. l. pholo, hc had shoured t0 hi.l SIGIIIED tbcnr haviilB nc:.ts. But
"Stun s. 6r!r found rhc m{ w. trdiccd . in ycstarday's slory. dcs nol I rou r ti l e r kn o w in
p.niculrr punFot chenrr.l rmtll, sh'.h *.md *ish his nam. divulged, al- l*ifc: I I\l cr n * h i l c'. ''EPE Ih c \i g h l i n g qlu.?nsland.
to h.q io rh. .ir. hc sJid. 'O"i"r, tct my canrcrr." I l \l o n Jr \ ()t rn l Sl . fo r cxa n r D l c.6 0
"lt w.r d litc thc 6ual nrurl! rmdl
lhoulh hc is \nown lo thc | !n c\p l r i n c,
nmpl at Milln| Mill...
'BDT ' manatcmcnl. 'l hc Ul:O *ar hovr'ring cr a [t i n th c \l \ hr\ h ce n r c r .a r i l r cl 'r d r n t
md eh6 e. bffk ro thc n$l lh. n.rt &t | I Ir 'r i sfr i l ,
th. ndl wrr 8om. Aftar rcadinS our slory Ihc I slationilry in thc rty rs hcl p o r tcd h ) !n o th !'f h ,ca l m i n I lr c ldal c.n sta b l c.
{r.friiir. f f ir . f t nt man brougbt to thc'BDT" phologrrphc,l il. hr'1. {in!e lhc sa tch .d a n vi r r c i a u u e t
b r F
I I t hi\ man wr\ lrr rrlorln ecroklics in a
L t$d.l lh d h.*d offcc . pholo of r i) in_I bo\ canriril rhcd hrrj r vcrt I
'R clcrr *y tor 3,.. h@n.
tdv cttlt nF.
*r.rc .t$ bil .r rh. br* fd
sarrccr - or an un;lentiaic(l | \bw \hullcr aetrrn - unr.lriso I a l t'n g l h ( So r tth cr [- o fl ( It dispfard tust b
"fhc rdr near lhe llhrc l \l cl e l om
iying objccl, if you prcf.r- I no dolrbl the man'\ hrn{li I p r n l 's q tta r ti tr
torc ih MAF h)vstr-
w h cn hc rar sebrs arrivcd.
'll hrrc dic.d dtrlvR th.l if 1ou lry lhai hxd bc.n trlcn b!, a I scre w,th c\(ircilr..nt I
rd oDly l&st a gtb-
b ll.n.n th r.d. rky h..t oll rt rh \tcm. tricnd of his ncrr Wilcennia in | - lhe rnrp,' n0l purli(r'iilrl) I a cr r r h c.r L l D r 'l l .'J i n r l l i ca i l cl e i n r ? d e tvr [?
'Th ffir Gm3 ro hrvc b fdc!'d bv w :i \l c ol th c r ,r r \l nrrl
1956. clar. sruccr tyE nrachtna
h uF.lowd rlft ol ! i. m lint in. c ir o l r
Tb. la.y{.-old pho, I I nren rt lhe ror(l \ eJgr' hxrk

| "ns.ntrs n"
"bu?rcd' his hotcl n ir
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.bov.. rlll bG
lo rDy lalcrr$l.l EDl l:rtc. .ho$r'l lhc \naF I
Lorr(itrx In. lm, tc srr
tor r g@d 0

*lDT' I rt many lepla do taka

,m.n 3h. .nd DC@E by ab. $hi lo ltlr John Crcgorl, adrr- .o ohiccl lrrv.llitrf lhrNrh flyitrg *uc.E *riously.
A Pumhborl
rbouB hd Gn oy{.tb
rd ldbr
thil. "f
liihl! .8h dtdrg buriml Lom loary. I li\in8 man.gcr al Brnia[rin'sl|
I lhc sl.r rl s(h r fal Blc
lr Rbru.ry lest Fr,
| ilar Brnlrtwn
MB M.wGm
CluE, of Lum.h A@
gNnscAtw | (*ho sar inadvcrt.nll! .bllcdl lhd il appclacl ool,r
a! |
Plying Saucct
SeFtiB et-
I r shop ils\islant in !.\lcrdr! tl blrr- tract.d morc tlr.D lm
lid rhc h.d tud lh. lirht! td
tr tn FncE | !tor' ), .nd lrlr Grcaorl.' sair.lI p.oDle, includlng .n
A rirt vho rclcphocrl "Th. Sun- lhb |rEc I in\tantlr: I 'l h c o h j ccl sa \ e n ti tt;n g RAAF Epr!*ntetiva, to
For l0 ycarr, our rcadcr a !.minar or UIOS rl
dd th hd Gr . vfry hlht li3hl ffi hed lcpt sccral his grs.crrion | "V... rtrr', i - rhrr i.I i n l ( 'n \r ' w h i tc l i Fh l , w h i ch Ba l l a r a t.
Erntldr l.a nighr. mnn d c\cr i h .d .s 'l i k.
of thc photo bccau*, as in thc I thc shiD I raw, or one prac.l phdlo?raphcr's hc DrcsidcDt ot th. Vtc-
Thc airl, wlo rcfBd to ivc k ilil Eld ffalhtrrlb Bo torian si.ty ls ltt
rh. liShrt Mriacd dhld in th iy .ld ffi cr* of Kcvin Poecr in 1951,I tically idcnticcl.' I Peter Norrls. 35. slici-
irg oll'.
thc Air Forcc confisatcd film I M. ct.go,u said that ycs. I tor. Chcl*a C@rrcillor
"Th. bov wto liv trrr ds, R.t b?4 and pro.cs*d snalshots from ll.rday's sl.tch by t "BDf"l arrd tounder ol thc
A\ lhc fo(r mcn valchcd
m lE ha! w{chcd rh. lidrlr lq rtqr .
his fricnd. Seiatv ln 195? - oDly
.,- M6 Clunm ed. I rrtist of rh. ,,biccr h. hal d.- [ thc li8ht *as soddenly cxlin- two vears rltct Aultralla
-Hc lid h. h.t sn rt mrry a thrc lithla Ho$cvct, thc friend had i scrib.d vai ft)t cractlt cor-l gui\hcJ rnd lh. simll-! s$ ffrst visllcd by t&o
trLcn TWO trricturct lnd hc I rcct, as thc "$hcclj of 'tDdt"l DIsAPPIAREDI sn!l

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No. 2, Jo6.
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two mm intcrvicwcd by SDl thft t*o mm h.d to tcll rd wh.t rt fiilt Al n trAs F.ra.a rs H'x .r.r rd..i. '5ft-
I | 9at, .F.rcd Ih@ u.ili of fhmc tsrrin! - - |
lurncd out to b. Hh lh. f.irly frcq@Dt "liShlinF b bc a eholc "flccf' ol ir cl* tr.'. .L ffi, | 4.* in Adillr"
tsil.I I ovcrh.rd li*-.brcd 'is
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sblf - usrlly rl o'!bt bG . flht of mitntory bird! aq $m.thior hovd;n! cla I l- Gqry lLrt
Orc !r ;d fot rc!s. .i I 'strc I At lhc !.m tim thcy hcrrd
pr;vrcy h. would prcfcr lhrtl - by ltrrl I f,rin! Sroulh thc uFct r.yL . loud hirsins sund, :b:. j.h.. rhcy ldcd. rrrr rr d lrtr r
which -upl duptE.t.
lo se lhc euc.r rbout Itfiy
hir w.. not mrtbn.d I I of tbc r.rellirbB. kd this m& I Fut of lb ;b-
lo th.l f..t up.
Thc scond mm r Mr John I sG'nrct I i;
i o6cr sishrinr!rcrc *k. thc UI]O! whcc rhatss could
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rd shols lhroulh thc ycrrt ! f,ar idletly tollowd uF I itian plinc levc riir,n; nachl, o. th UFG
Now, thcrc i3 a slidt dis-l rd frh Cobll StrEt lot I lidt')- picl.d ie sp.d

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of rbc sEr
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nilEns ! m. of tho* old-sry.c dom.d I R! - .nd il ra of thc
, 'Our commanding officcr
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and ruoUlcl
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of rhc
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it ri I brll-lifc obkck $lFndd
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'All ri8hl, m.n. b.crt
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illqc I 9l&'uth th s.Gr' ad
6 it s probtbly mt@n
it up.
or sma-
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rouna pnUks.
* si n s fr o m Wm m cr a ." -.-rq"

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"Bu t r d i d n r b cl i e vc i t w a !
cilber of th.r. thirgs,' d of *h ht
\bou;dcr, a6.l I U | rt I
Th i s m a n , w h o w a s a fr a i d hnv'r.d
hovcred moriools ^ -o*riI I,. I| tdc
a. d r| acH
oa 6u &dl
his mates at work would br.' rcrc prnr r"' . * | t lFc. b.B" fra I
rccl him, and who bclon8s to Imt i qu;ir i,r ii.; - -- | tb tbbm Ftror
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th c Vi cb r i r n U FO Asse i a . 'mr |.t..tutdlrt@
l i o n !s a n r si a tc m cm h r . SInEArc, lwlf | , 9ERE tic.BouiliiBau, tlr
sail he hrd scn a flyiDe tohnsr Ball ard thc 6c
sa u ce r i n d a yl i 8 h t a t $ m c sa i d ,o h n C r cp r y.l fo u n d .;r w c.ts r l o d Mt
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ilrc an acror. t.rrn8

hcight on anothr ecasion. ,r be I Std $1116 prsurcJucl
r n d cr i l 'n g , rn.
lh. uru
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!u d - l co r r a i n cB ltrm
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ddgl fr.i ot la lo b $(on6 it ral
:::"1, T,.-",.. or rhre ihcy rhc ben_
!b. lo r *Gich o{ *i,.,T.'"ill
A "BDT"ortirt's impressionof the flying soucer 'lrrr
r b r ( h w d ,L i tt6 .. ru rir- a.".r-lihffi" sd;ccrs
rl9.wll'k *rIb!.tql
seen by John Gregory ond Kevin Pover on thc Wil- WEND 9.ry
yi Im w(,*r_lwniat
Adr; Admrti, I otrt'G
(ilurc ,bo rourcd rh
Nr, ld! wLa lL lT,:.)t'-.
connio Rood. EH t n .w b !
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Ind rl. I ttm ir r tlyins oiur md
Dur,_tlrc dap, n r! !l bcbr rb6.d ib -dta
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Fctuc otl rliD- thousnd5 of milcr
to'-":ry|_.- r:nt shoftd pbdo
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slil'-liAztills p"J"ffi :;"l""'$?"lr,IIfl",:{*.:;t"d'"r*i:
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hrd r o .ffi,lsxd
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DttrsT B'||irtT .nd lrh t@ b

b Atrl Thcr *dc lioih Fsh
'"'iii. ir [, .tf 'xli,i*ff"ilii
ly Poulire Leo
E r..c d f;;;J.t-. lia r,"".3
cffiBcAtE obi(s o
lIEl-BOtIRNE'S sky-gazinq horr\,'\\ ifp l'#'J:'l**'

explained rrhy she arrd llct lr!,nris did d t rlE DNEAMS
te lo fight lh{' govctrrrrrclll ;t'r(l ritr.

Sa(l Mrs Judilb lila

30 U,F.Osseen
g(? r i n a \ '. '\ rlo\vtr

El\/ ll- lUrJr lo rarth

'''f h r \ 'r c
mannor r:
q u i l {. r k l i ( u l o u s . '

[, I " W. '
of lho \tllorian
InA Sau(c!
ar o membrrs

in Tasmania
Thc Pentogon is investigoting Stricty a n d l h e i r WA

photogrophs oI on Austmlion Thoir grouse is tho

THIRW sightingr hod been mode of un-
"flying souccr" tokcn by o Nev- wav olfr.ial rulhori
identitied flying obiectr in Tornonio in sir
lirs are po,,h hooing mont'lrs, Mr, l. D. lAcloren sid jn Hobori lort
tovn mon corlicr this yeoa urid.nrilr,rl il)ing ni9ht. , l 't '( l rrrr
The Unlted st&tes Scn- I sightinqs, Mr. Mclaren, president of Mr. Nonir rerd to tha meer
at Armed Forc6 Comblt- -horl tEss
ins thrm off as het lhc Tasmanian brancb ol Un-ling evidencc ot many oveRa
tee called tor the photo- kDns. \al.lljles and identified Flying Obiect! ln- I li8btinp. rnd showed a numbe
graphs during an lnvestl- vestiSation Centre, wu oDeniDgl of phorograph3 end sletches c
lnto uidentilied . M R S M AGfT
Sation "I tek on 6hot $ M r s t r l a {o e . a s m a r i , the second public heetiot hcldlu F.Os.. botb iD AsE.lia !n
llying objectr. idulhful l.)okiIg 4G by the cenire rince it ma f@-l@@ai
Wh y l h {'so cf{r c\'?
The FIAAF rnd Dcfcncc \ oar okl. is vic. prcsi- about rir hoDrh! rto .
"l m su |( ' lhi \ re I Mr. Nooi" sid rme of
Department ln a fr a i d th a l prni. ,ctin8 wN addcred I phoiognph h.d ben tek
Canbre hav dBdy wuuld broak .r r , il relident_ of, the CoD- i but syenl ost be .cccpted
xamin.d the shok phich e !e r yo n e b o l r c!c/l se h Aerirl PhnobenoDlautbeDtia
vere tahen by Mr. I4sUc s '{, r D s \ ! j l h unof fic;al
are tx i n l t \ r \r r Pd h v ru u v rE l n r$ rru r r-4 r-
EcDedck, r NewtoeD . o n l c t {. , r ( s with
D fr r r ts Ito m o ['r 'r
',olMelboumq I oo . ..
handbag muuletwC. Ilalh LIFO eDthus-
Mr. Mchien nid U.F.O, off-
"l t a l l b o r l s ( l o w n r
Mr. Bnedek, 42, sald cirls wera convitrced thlt eirhl
''S e t c a l l m o s t a n x . Ie a r o I l h c u n kn o r vn
todey he ws trllng color ''Bu t, fr a D kl y,
of the pople who remrtcd lhe
photo$aph! roils lo qi{ thraueh I tc( 'l 30 TashsniaD sithtilaa
lrom KinSr w e vc Ao t n r ,th i l r g lo
all lhis {o u c r n m d ; t tellinA thc truth.
Pdk, Pcrth, ebout 103) Ica r fr o m r h r 'sc \r si
ptn when he sw s blulsh- rfd laf aftl {'c r c c v .
Many s.;cntrsts a;; tors. Noreof thc ciSht
Noreol cicht slehtinps
gren ll8ht com. lDt! his could M rcconciled pith ev
ti.n re@lved a tso-' astronomers beloDg to
quEtiouairc trom a ouf sqtotv but lhcy lnoFn pheDomenon.
brr to f,ll in .bout femarn anonymous "Jn the crss we have invca
Feus they are
alraid of ridicule,.' ed by the sincerity of the wit
nsses," Mr. Mckren sid.
R.cedt rurcya hrd rral-.
Bei.g the Scien.eof Mon
by Horoldw, Percivo t.

T his ex r r o o rd i i d ri l o
y m o z i n sb o o k ,w h i c h reveol sl t{ e' s mysl eri es,i s
o gr eotc o .tri b u ti o nto th i s o g e , b y o n o u thorw ho experl enced C osmi .
Cons c iou s n e s sN. e v e rb e { o reo b o o ko f i rs ki ndt H ui d,edso{ subi ecrs
o{ ex hem ei n te re s to n d i frp o * o n c ero e very r[i nki ng person. Th s
inc or por e osl i d e o l m o n , T h e w o rl d s ,s p heresond pl ones: S omerhi ng
new on t ih e , s p o c e ,d i h e n s i o n s /c o n s c iousness; P ost ci vi l i roi i ons
ln t he oir , w o te r,i n s i d eth e e o rth : W o rki ngo{ desri ny:R e-extsten.e,
P s y c hicph e n o o e n oYo : u r p o te n ti o p l o w e rond beoury: D eothr E veF
I on. n9 r r u rh s w rtfi l re s h e m p h o s i se, r< ., erc.
No s eek e ro { s e l { -k n o w l e d gceo n o fl o rdro mi ss thi s uni quebook. l r
is def iiit e l y o 9 !i d e to th e N e wAs e th i n k insondocti on.
1, 000 pos e sp o c l e d w i th Io s c i n o ti n sre o di ng,vol uobl e,ti nel y i nfor
m diiondnd k n o w te d eto e u i d n o w h e ree ts e. 0nty 97.50(o, $10.00{o,
2 v olum es e t)p o s rp o i d . \l l th y o u ro rd e ry o u moyhoveo 93.00copyot
M on ond Y i o mo no n d C h i l d b y P e rc i v o l(u sel ulmerophysi col book)for
only $1. 00 .

I0 N , l N C .,D e p r.VS 33 W ., 42nd5r., N ew Y ork,

Your life poliies.onrinue FREE,if you ore rehpo-
rory or Pernotrenrly, disabld?
THAT Your preniuns witl nor be increored,shoutdyou
.hong your occupotion?
THAT You con expe.r rripte, sertlmenr in cose of
dentol deoth?
THAT The prhiu|rrs poid on eoch fe|r|dte Doticv, o,e
calculoted wirh her oge reduced ai,e ieors?
THAT Your lile ossuroncewitl, corr your fomily needs
rrhen yo-ur incone <eoser, oi when prob.te
is colled?
THAT Yos obroin mdrimunr Toxorion Rebores?
THAT Your generol irsuroncsguorontefu volue {or
th prehiums you poyt
Th.n have a profcsslonal adviser TELEpHONE:
! ror vou.
O N JI]NE 5 IH. , I 9 6 6 II]E I' L ' IT N S U ID A Y I MFl :
iHAT T IlE R.A' A' f'A N D IH L L \TE R E
N E } lS REF OF T ED -S 'A 'F' ltl
\ cr'3 .
. th , , r' r
iin.-. rs".-, o' .o" o o\i r\ ' .:
i ar I nrnr ore \0, o
" M - 4OF' 0 O
DL ; o\ o\' o\v\ \'o \
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. , o r- o , I
rm ir r . o, "o o' , ^ar 'a 0 F\v \r
q; . r , , . D .o:" "'
^ ;,
LNLR! - "' 8. 0o
i' , ". . nar r B, FL . o\ ' o o\'
ir' o r- r'.0
,:.,l:"' .'."; , . 1;."""11^'" . ;-1 ^1"",
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"io "ron, .^ "
r,ai .ro \ oav.r

printirg omisslon, {e ate

Table Ill lndet of UFO

V aLl ec ' The A nal Y si s of U .F O.

A cti vi ty' . Thi s a i cl e
our Dccedber 1965