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My name is Anifaturrohmy 18 years old a student from SMAN 5

MATARAM.I want to presnt my opinion to the government about sharks.

The Shark is a group of (fish porcelo Selachimorpha) with a complete

cartilage skeleton and a slender body. They breathe by using five gills
(sometimes six or seven, depending on the species) on the side, or starting
slightly behind, his head. Sharks have dermal-coated skin denticles to
protect their skin from damage, from parasites, and to increase water
dynamics They have several replacement rows of teeth.

Sharks include species the size of a palm. The pygmy shark,

Euprotomicrus bispinatus, a species of deep sea only 22 cm long, to whale
sharks, Rhincodon typus, the largest fish capable of growing up to about 12
meters and which, like a whale, only takes plankton through a filter in his
mouth. The bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, is the most famous of several
species that swim in both seawater and fresh water (this species is found in
Lake Nicaragua, in Central America) and in deltas.
The first myth is the most common among humans. Most people
believe that sharks prey on humans. In fact, that is simply not true. The
majority of sharks eat fish and invertebrates such as squid. Shark attacks
usually occur because the distance of the animal's vision is not so good.
That is the reason why in most cases people are more often bitten by
sharks than killed by water predators. On average there are about 30 cases
of shark attacks reported each year, but only 5 to 10 cases are really fatal.
According to a shark expert at Southern Cross University, Daniel Bucher,
human flesh is not really a delicacy for sharks.

. Sharks Stupid and Have 'Peanut' Brains Shark is one of the water
creatures with high intelligence. The evolution of more than 400 million
years makes the development of animal intelligence increased. Formerly,
the predator was not smart. But in recent years research shows that sharks
display complex social behavior. A study in 1996 by Wesley Strong found
some sharks would "research" first a box, before approaching the object
out of curiosity. Another shark expert, Aidan Martin, stated that some
sharks can even communicate with their flock using body language.
The hunting of shark fins is the removal or cutting of the fin from living
sharks. The sharks are then released back into the sea. Some countries
have banned this practice and only permit the whole body of the shark to
be brought to port before its fins are cut. Sharks that are returned to the
sea in a fineless condition are unable to move effectively, and they will sink
to the seafloor and die from shortness of breath due to high seawater
pressure, or be eaten by other predators.
The hunting of shark fins is an alternative source of income for fishing
vessels because shark fins are light, small, but have a very high price. In
addition, sharks also sometimes become accidental by-catch.

The hunting of shark fins has increased over the decade due to
increased demand for shark fins for shark fin soup and traditional Chinese
medicines. Shark specialists from the International Union for Conservation
of Nature claim that shark fin hunting has widened and expanded rapidly,
especially as shark fin trade is not regulated, making it a serious problem
for shark populations in the world.It is estimated that shark fin trade each
year is worth between US $ 540 million to US $ 1.2 billion. Shark fin is one
of the most expensive marine caterers in the world, valued at about US $
400 per kg.

I think this is not worth doing, considering the shark population is getting
more and more declining. We should be able to keep the same animal
animal preservation step. We should be able to utilize the hearing
resources is true.