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Service Schedule

Software Maintenance

Services Agreement
1. Definitions
The following words have these meanings in this Schedule:
ASP means the AIRCOM ServerPlatform and the ASP Applications
ASPO means the AIRCOM ServerPlatform Online and the ASP Applications
ASP/O means either ASP or ASPO
Documentation means, in relation to the ASP/O, the operating manuals, administration guides
and user instructions supplied to the Customer by SITAONAIR as part of the Service
Specification means the functional specification document describing the ASP/O and
applications selected by the customer (i.e. FlightMessenger, FlightTracker, FlightPlanner), which
is included in the Documentation

2. Software maintenance services

2.1. AIRCOM ServerPlatform:
2.2. Error Correction
2.2.1. Should Customer discover that ASP/O fails to fulfil any part of the
Specification, on Customers request, SITAONAIR will work on correcting
the defect or error with the urgency corresponding to the severity of such
defect or error.
2.2.2. Following diagnostics SITAONAIR may: recommend a workaround and/or install a Software Fix and provide to Customer the instructions for
the proper use of the corrected version of ASP/O or; and/or make the correction in a subsequent Release of ASP/O.
2.2.3. The foregoing defect or error correction service shall not include service in
respect of: defects or errors resulting from any modifications of ASP/O made
by any person other than SITAONAIR and/or its authorised agents,
employees and representatives; any version of the Software other than the latest release or the
prior two releases. incorrect use of ASP/O or modifications to databases and
configurations used by ASP/O through equipment facilities and
functions other than those described in the Specification or
operator error; any fault in the Customer equipment or in any programs used in
conjunction with ASP/O; any modification or combination of ASP/O by the Customer if such
modification or combination would result in a departure from the
2.2.4. Should Customer discover that the Documentation does not provide
adequate or correct instruction for the proper use of any facility or function
of ASP/O set out in the Specification, on Customers request, SITAONAIR
shall use all reasonable efforts to provide Customer with appropriate
amendments to the Documentation.

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2.3. New Releases
2.3.1. From time to time, approximately once or twice a year but entirely at its discretion,
SITAONAIR issues a new Release of ASP/O revised to reflect any previous patches,
updates, revisions or enhancements.

2.3.2. SITAONAIR shall deliver to the Customer the new Release in machine-readable
form together with any updated Documentation.
2.3.3. The Customer shall be responsible for installing new Releases on the equipment on
which the Application is running. SITAONAIR shall provide such reasonable
assistance by telephone or email (as notified by SITAONAIR from time to time) that
Customer may request in this regard at no additional charge.
2.3.4. Should Customer request that SITAONAIR perform the installation itself, whether on
site or via remote access, SITAONAIR shall do so, but will charge the Customer as
specified in the Pricing Schedule for consultancy in respect of ASP.
2.3.5. If required by Customer, SITAONAIR will provide training for the Customers staff in
the use of a new Release as soon as possible after the delivery of the new Release,
but will charge Customer as specified in the Pricing Schedule for consultancy in
respect of ASP/O.

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