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How fast does it go!
Adapted (Glencoe Earth Science student edition copyright 2002)

Analyze a magnetic polarity map.
Use legends and scales of the map properly.
Calculate the rate of seafloor spreading using magnetic clues.
magnetic polarity map
metric ruler
1. Study the magnetic polarity map. You will be working only with normal polarity
readings, these are the peaks above the baseline on the top half of the graph.
2. Place the long edge of the ruler vertically on the graph. Align the ruler with the center
peak 1 of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
3. Determine and record the distance and age that line up with the center of peak 1
west. Repeat this process for peak 1 east of the ridge.
4. Calculate the average age and distance for this pair of peaks.
5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the remaining pairs of normal polarity peaks.
6. Calculate the rate of movement in centimeters per year using the formula
Rate = distance / time.
(Show your solutions)
Q1. How far do the plates move away from each other every year?
Q2. If Africa is approximately 2400 km away from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, how long ago
was it when Africa was directly at or near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?