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Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 • Vol X, Edition 307

Conflict sparking over former school site

South San Francisco and San Bruno stake claim to tax revenue and students
By Heather Murtagh Carl Sandburg Elementary served Francisco Unified School District Elected officials in both districts are was previously located on the site,
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF students in the San Bruno Park boundaries. Both San Bruno Park scheduled to weigh in on the topic he said.
Elementary School District until it Elementary and South San later this week. Kevin Martinez, San Bruno Park
A nine-acre parcel formerly used was closed in 1978 due to declining Francisco Unified school districts School district boundaries were School District board president,
as an elementary school is the cen- enrollment. Within the last 10 years, see the land as being within its drawn in the 1800s, said Phil Weise, sees it as a map clarification that
ter of a conflict between South San the land was sold and houses were boundaries. Currently, San Bruno South San Francisco Unified School never occurred.
Francisco and San Bruno over who built which brought families to the claims approximately 30 children District trustee. Since that time, the When built, the land was in unin-
gets tax revenue from recently con- area. While the land is located with are attending its schools. However, land in question was part of the corporated San Mateo County. In
the San Bruno city limits, it is also property tax money is going to the South San Francisco district. That 1977, the Local Agency Formation
structed homes and where children
who live there should be educated. located within the South San South San Francisco district. doesn’t change because a school See SCHOOL, Page 20

State Senate
wants water
bond shelved
Leaders want $11.1 billion measure
off November ballot,aiming for 2012
By Robin Hindrey the full
floor vote
SACRAMENTO — The state M o n d a y
Senate voted Monday to grant Gov. evening. They
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s request to require two-
pull California’s $11.1 billion water thirds approval
bond from the November ballot and by both houses.
shelve it until 2012. Schwarzeneg-
Lawmakers passed two bills that Arnold ger and other
would delay the water bond vote as Schwarzenegger supporters in the
well as the terms of the nine mem- Legislature are
bers of the California Water pushing for the delay out of concern
Commission, which is tasked with that voters will reject the bond while
TOM JUNG allocating some of the bond funds. the state is grappling with a $19 bil-
Grandpa Rick Tom coaxes a smile from granddaughters Kiara and Makena Nitao,who performed in the Obon The bills, AB1260 and AB1265, lion budget deficit. They also argue
Festival Aug. 7 at the San Mateo Buddhist Temple at 2 S. Claremont St. Obon, a Japanese Buddhist custom were later approved by the it will give lawmakers time to
honoring the spirits of one’s ancestors, has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years.The temple is Assembly Committee on Water,
in the midst of a year-long celebration for its 100-year anniversary. Parks and Wildlife and then sent to See WATER, Page 8

Three vie for Assembly District 21 seat City may oppose rail project
By Bill Silverfarb Bell Jr.
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF Gordon, a San Belmont will discuss resolution on high-speed rail
Mateo County By Bill Silverfarb city of Orange did two weeks ago.
With the primaries behind them, the three supervisor, held DAILY JOURNAL STAFF The council will discuss a poten-
candidates for the Assembly District 21 seat back two strong tial resolution outlining Belmont’s
now have their sights set on November’s elec- candidates in Josh Belmont is ready to take strong position on high-speed rail at its
tion. Becker and action following a California High- meeting tonight and will use a res-
The three now must convince voters they Yoriko Kishimoto Speed Rail Authority meeting in San olution passed by Orange as a pos-
are the best person for the job to replace to secure the Democratic nomination in June Francisco last week where it was sible template.
termed-out state Assemblyman Ira Ruskin, D- while Conlon and Bell faced no competition. revealed underground solutions are off Orange officially opposes the con-
Redwood City. Gordon spent more than $200,000 to win the the table for most cities on the Peninsula. struction of high-speed rail based on
The race features Democrat Rich Gordon, Belmont’s City Council may oppose the
Republican Greg Conlon and Libertarian Ray See ELECTION, Page 20 project outright as the Southern California See HSR, Page 20
2 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 FOR THE RECORD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Quote of the Day Snapshot Inside

“I think we need Bad crab
to have guts and stand Oil tainting
up to the bureaucrats. ... Gulf food web
This is a real divisive thing for our town.” See page 7
— Councilwoman Coralin Feierbach
“City may oppose rail project,” see page 1

Local Weather Forecast

Tuesday: Areas of low clouds and fog in
the morning then sunny. Highs in the upper Wall Street
70s to mid 80s. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Stocks rise as
Tuesday night: Clear in the evening then investors await
areas of low clouds and fog. Lows in the Fed meeting
lower to mid 50s. West winds 10 to 20 outcome
mph...Becoming southwest 5 to 10 mph
after midnight. See page 10
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming
sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs near 80. West winds REUTERS
5 to 10 mph. A devotee takes part in the annual Hindu religious festival of Bonalu in the
Wednesday night: Clear in the evening then becoming most- southern Indian city of Hyderabad.
ly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight.

Lotto This Day in History Thought for the Day

President James K. Polk signed a meas- “A man may fulfill the object of
Aug. 7 Super Lotto Plus
8 9 36 38 45 17
Mega number
Daily Four
9 0 4 2 1846 ure establishing the Smithsonian

In 1680, Pueblo Indians launched a successful revolt against

his existence by asking a question he cannot
answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes, American author (1809-1894)
Aug. 6 Mega Millions Daily three midday
7 13 30 33 54 30 1 5 5
Spanish colonists in present-day New Mexico.
In 1792, during the French Revolution, mobs in Paris attacked
Mega number the Tuileries Palace, where King Louis XVI resided. (The king
Daily three evening was later arrested, put on trial for treason, and executed the fol-
Fantasy Five
8 9 2 lowing January.)
8 9 13 19 39 In 1809, Ecuador struck its initial blow for independence from
Spain. (Ecuador achieved independence in 1822.)
The Daily Derby race winners are No. 12 Lucky In 1821, Missouri became the 24th state.
Charms in first place; No. 7 Eureka in second In 1874, Herbert Clark Hoover, the 31st president of the
place; and No. 10 Solid Gold in third place. The United States, was born in West Branch, Iowa.
race time was clocked at 1:44:43. In 1885, Leo Daft opened America’s first commercially oper-
ated electric streetcar, in Baltimore. Actor Antonio Actress Rosanna Actress Angie
In 1921, Franklin D. Roosevelt was stricken with polio at his Banderas is 50. Arquette is 51. Harmon is 38.
State. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,8
Nation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-8 summer home on the Canadian island of Campobello.
Actress Rhonda Fleming is 87. Singer Eddie Fisher is 82.
Opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 In 1949, the National Military Establishment was renamed the Singer Ronnie Spector is 67. Actor James Reynolds is 64.
Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Department of Defense. Rock singer-musician Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) is 63. Singer
World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 In 1969, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were murdered in their Patti Austin is 62. Country musician Gene Johnson (Diamond
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-15 Los Angeles home by members of Charles Manson’s cult, one Rio) is 61. Actor Daniel Hugh Kelly is 58. Folk singer-song-
Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-19 day after actress Sharon Tate and four other people were slain. writer Sam Baker is 56. Rock musician Jon Farriss (INXS) is
Datebook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 In 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn in as the second 49. Singer Julia Fordham is 48. Journalist-blogger Andrew
Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Sullivan is 47. Singer Neneh Cherry is 46. Singer Aaron Hall
Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-27 Ten years ago: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez met with is 46. Boxer Riddick Bowe is 43. Rhythm-and-blues singer
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, defying the United States by Lorraine Pearson (Five Star) is 43. Singer-producer Michael
Publisher Editor in Chief being the first head of state to visit Iraq since the Gulf War. Bivins is 42. Actor-writer Justin Theroux is 39. Country singer
Jerry Lee Jon Mays Five years ago: A defiant Iran resumed full operations at its Jennifer Hanson is 37. Actress JoAnna Garcia is 31. Rhythm- uranium conversion plant. President George W. Bush signed a and-blues singer Nikki Bratcher (Divine) is 30. Actor Ryan
$286 billion transportation bill. Eggold is 26. Actor Lucas Till is 20.
Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290
To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Classifieds: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Strange but True
Events: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Court rejects candidate’s of Kingdom Builders Church of Jesus Store manager throws
Delivery: . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christ, says his son attends the school
appeal over expletive and he doesn’t want him exposed to the hot coffee in intruder’s face
Career: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
800 S. Claremont St., Ste. 210, San Mateo, Ca. 94402 MADISON, Wis. — A candidate for name’s devilish connotations. CRESCENT CITY — An attempted
the Wisconsin Legislature who wants to Crosby was charged with picketing burglary at a California supply store was
use an expletive and a racially charged without a license and disorderly conduct. thwarted when the manager threw hot
THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME phrase to describe herself on the ballot He was released on bond. He did not coffee in the face of a masked intruder.
by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek
has lost an appeal of a federal judge’s immediately return a telephone call seek- Chris Hegnes, manager of the Englund
Unscramble these four Jumbles, order dismissing her lawsuit. ing comment. Marine and Industrial Supply, was going
one letter to each square,
Ieshuh Griffin appealed U.S. District School officials say the mascot honors into work early Monday morning when
NEW BIBLE Jumble Books Go To:

to form four ordinary words.

Judge Rudolph Randa’s decision reject- a World War II fighter squadron nick- he encountered a man in a mask charging
CASEE ing her lawsuit on Thursday. She wants named the “Screamin’ Demons.” at him with a hammer.
to describe herself on the ballot as “NOT Hegnes says he hurled his hot mocha
©2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
the ’whiteman’s b----.” Man gets drug case at the man’s face and ran for it.
The judge on Friday dismissed her hearing, then wedding The man came after him for a few
appeal, saying no matter how creatively steps, then ran to a vehicle parked behind
she argues the issue, she can’t file her EASTON, Pa. — The bride wore a the store.
lawsuit as a habeas corpus action. Randa gray suit. The groom wore a prison
BEMFUL says those are reserved for people in cus- jumpsuit - and handcuffs. Iowa City couple to wed
tody, which Griffin is not. And a Pennsylvania judge was doing
Griffin said Monday she will attempt double-duty after having just handled at junior high 50 years later
to appeal the order directly to the U.S. proceedings in the groom’s drug case. IOWA CITY, Iowa — An Iowa City
ELBARR Supreme Court. Northampton County prison inmate couple is getting married at South East
Now arrange the circled letters Franklin Barndt and Takesha Piazza Junior High nearly 50 years after they
to form the surprise answer, as
suggested by the above cartoon. Pastor arrested were married Friday after he tried to met there as seventh graders.
have evidence against him dismissed in a Karen Wilcox and Mike Wilson were
A: protesting ‘Demon’mascot cocaine case. brought together in 1962 by an alphabet-
(Answers tomorrow) WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Police Defense attorney Gary Asteak said he ized homeroom seating arrangement.
Answer: When the race car driver kept losing, he — have arrested a pastor in Georgia for hatched the idea after seeing Piazza in They dated in eighth grade, but broke up
HIT THE “SKIDS” protesting outside a high school against the courtroom. by high school. They stayed in touch on
its demon mascot. Judge Leonard Zito said he had never and off as each went on to two unsuc-
Police spokeswoman Tabitha Pugh gotten such a request before, but “we’re a cessful marriages.
said 36-year-old Donald Crosby was full-service court.” The two started dating again in
arrested Monday in the central Georgia And when Zito asked whether anyone January after Wilson moved back to Iowa
city of Warner Robins. knew any reason why the marriage City from Florida, where he’d lived after
Crosby and supporters picked the shouldn’t proceed, the three-year manda- retiring as a surgeon. They’ll get married
opening day of classes to protest against tory minimum sentence that Barndt faces in the same room where they shared their
the pitchfork-wielding mascot. Crosby, if convicted didn’t come up. first dance.
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 3
Victim group: Reinstate molestation case Police reports
Unlike this post
Marc Klaas, others say district attorney violated law with dismissal A woman received a threatening message
By Michelle Durand on her Facebook page from a former
classmate who “wished the worse” for her
Facts about and “will make it happen” on the 200
block of Linden Avenue in San Bruno
A statewide victim’s group and well-known
advocate Mark Klaas yesterday called on the
Marsy’s Law before 10:40 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 5.
local courts to set aside the dismissal of a
child molestation case, saying prosecutors • When it passed in November 2008,
violated the victims’ constitutional rights by Proposition 9,The Victims’Bill of Rights BURLINGAME
not informing them of the planned resolution, Act of 2008:Marsy’s Law,became the Fraud. Two former employees were suspected
not allowing them to be at the final court hear- strongest and most comprehensive of buying six vehicles with false IDs on the
ing and lying about whether the young girl Constitutional victims’rights law in the 200 block of California Drive before 12:33
involved was willing to testify. United States and put California at the p.m. Thursday, Aug. 5.
“Abuse is abuse and it must be prosecuted to forefront of the national victims’rights
Counterfeit money. Someone tried to pass a
the fullest extent of the law,” said Klaas, wear- movement.
fake $100 bill at a Goodwill store at the 1200
ing a button bearing the face of his murdered
daughter, Polly. • Dr.Henry T.Nicholas,the co-founder of block of California Avenue before 1:23 p.m.
Klaas said he and the others were there to Broadcom Corp.,was the key backer and Thursday, Aug. 5.
hold San Mateo County accountable. proponent of Marsy’s Law.Dr.Nicholas is Theft. A burglar broke into a backyard and
Although the call for action by Crime now lending his support to an effort to stole some wind chimes valued at more than
Victims United was spurred by the now- amend victims’rights into the U.S. $200 on the 1500 block of Cabrillo Avenue
closed molestation case filed then dropped Constitution. before 4:50 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 5.
against Anthony John Sadek, the news confer- Disturbance. Four men were drinking in a
ence assembled in front of the Redwood City • Marsy’s Law was named after Dr. vehicle and throwing the bottles into some
court branch kept its focus on the handling of ANDREW SCHEINER/DAILY JOURNAL Nicholas’sister,Marsalee (Marsy) nearby ivy at the intersection of Bayswater
the situation rather than the alleged specifics Marc Klass and CVU President Harriet Salarno Nicholas,a University of California Santa Avenue and Myrtle Road before 6:40 p.m.
of the charges. spoke at a news conference in front of the Barbara student,who was stalked and Thursday, Aug. 5.
The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Redwood City court Monday. killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983.Only a
Office and prosecutor Melissa McKowan did- week after Marsy was murdered,Dr. FOSTER CITY
n’t tell Sadek’s estranged wife — who claims 2008 bill that established victims’ rights, Nicholas’and Marsy’s mother,Marcella Theft. A bicycle was stolen on Rock Harbor
he drugged her with GHB in 2006 to gain Salarno-Ashford said. Leach,walked into a grocery store after
access to their young daughter — about the Lane before 9:35 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 4.
Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve visiting her daughter’s grave and was Burglary. A laptop was stolen from a vehicle
proceedings and got the case dismissed by Wagstaffe said he, McKowan and others in the confronted by the accused murderer.
lying to a judge that the girl’s mother would- on Vintage Park Drive before 7:37 p.m.
office are “absolutely stunned” by the accusa- She had no idea that he had been
n’t allow her to testify, said Nina Salarno- tion that the wife was not informed. He said released on bail. Wednesday, Aug. 4.
Ashford, the CVU advocate and attorney rep- the wife had a civil attorney present at a meet- Burglary. A checkbook and Ray Ban sun-
resenting them. ing in which McKowan spoke with her for * Source: Marsy’s Law for All, glasses were stolen at Costco Wholesale on
The dismissal based on fraud and lack of California Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights Metro Center Boulevard before 5:11 p.m.
information are violations of Marsy’s Law, the See MARSY, Page 8 Sunday, Aug. 1.
4 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

More than $16,300 in

jewelry reported stolen
Local briefs Sticky-fingered housekeeper jailed
Specifically, funds will support
About $16,385 worth of jewelry DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT In July, Diaz $70 checks written from their bank
development of 3,000 home charg- avoided trial on to Diaz over the three-year span,
was stolen from a South San ing stations, 2,000 public charging
Francisco home, police said. A housekeeper who cleaned her 111 felonies by totaling approximately $3,640.
stations and 50 charging stations San Carlos employers out of more pleading no At the time, Diaz had a 2008
Someone stole miscellaneous near highways. than $3,000 by writing herself contest in return conviction for similar check fraud
men’s and women’s jewelry from The Air District, the regional checks was sentenced to nine for no more case while working as a house-
the master bedroom of the single- agency chartered with protecting months in jail on charges of felony than 16 months keeper in Half Moon Bay. In that
family home at 600 Del Monte air quality in the nine-county Bay grand theft, commercial burglary in prison. case, Diaz wrote and altered
Ave. in the city’s Buri Buri neigh- Area, is working to establish a net- and forgery. Diaz cleaned checks to take $1,180. Diaz was
borhood, police said. work of accessible charging sites Eloisa Diaz, 58, does not have to Eloisa Diaz the home of a sentenced to 60 days jail and three
The burglary occurred July 29, where electric vehicle owners can surrender to the women’s jail until years probation, during which she
San Carlos cou-
but the victims didn’t file a police conveniently recharge while con- Sept. 18. She has credit for one day ple weekly between Jan. 10, 2007 began working for the San Carlos
report until Saturday after a friend ducting normal business, running served against her term and when and Sept. 4, 2009 for the sum of couple.
advised them to do so. errands or shopping. complete will follow with three $70 each visit. In September 2009, Diaz is out of custody on a
No one has been arrested. The electronic vehicle charging years supervised probation. the couple noticed 52 additional $50,000 bail bond.
Anyone with information regard- stations and home chargers are part
ing the burglary is asked to contact of the Air District’s Spare the Air
Officer Delos Santos at 877-8900. program.
“The past several years have
German tourist killed in San Francisco crossfire
seen exciting progress in the devel- By Terry Collins Schroeer was an unintended victim Investigators are looking into
Air district approves $5M opment of electric vehicle technol- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS who was caught in an altercation out- whether it was gang-related.
for vehicle charging stations ogy,” Air District Executive side between two groups of mostly “On behalf of our entire city, I offer
Officer Jack Broadbent said in a A German tourist was killed late teenagers that began inside a party, my deepest condolences to the family
Electronic car owners in the Bay
prepared statement. “Crating a use- Sunday when she was caught in the Assistant Chief Jeff Godown said. and friends of Mechthild Schroeer,
Area may soon have easier access
ful charging network will make it crossfire between two teen rival fac- Schroeer’s husband, Stefan, who who died needlessly from this sense-
to charging stations as the Bay
easier for Bay Area residents to tions in one of San Francisco’s main was standing beside her, was less violence,” Mayor Gavin
Area Air Quality Management unharmed. The couple was apparent- Newsom said in a statement on
Spare the Air every day by going tourism hubs.
District approved $5 million in ly headed back to their hotel. A Monday.
electric.” Mechthild Schroeer, 50, of
funding last week to go toward weapon was recovered as three adults Two other people also shot with
In the Bay Area, transportation Minden, Germany was fatally shot
developing a regional electric vehi- while walking with her husband and two juveniles were later taken Schroeer suffered non-life-threaten-
cle charging infrastructure pro- accounts for more than 50 percent
of air pollution, according to the around 9 p.m. near the popular Union into custody for questioning, ing injuries and were treated and
gram. Square area downtown, police said. Godown said. released from a hospital.
Air District.
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 5
n Saturday, March 6, St. Raymond watch them grow and thrive,” Sullivan said.
School beat all but one of its com- The competition encompassed logic, sci- STATE
petitors in the 14th annual ence, math, history, fine arts, literature, social GOVERNMENT
Academic Decathlon held at St. Pius School studies, religion and current events. St.
• State Sen.
in Redwood City. Raymond eighth grade co-captains, Mollie Leland Yee, D-San
In a sea of com- Quinton and Colleen Hamilton, brought Francisco/San
petitive academic home the gold and bronze medals in social Mateo, was given the
teams, the team studies and science, respectively. R e s o u r c e
from Menlo Park The finale of the day was unquestionably the Conservation Award
took first place “Super Quiz.” After nearly an hour and a half by the California Resource Recovery
over 16 schools of head-to-head questions in a raucous game Association which cited his commitment to
in the 50-ques- show-like atmosphere, St. Raymond and St. the environment and waste reduction.
tion Super Quiz Gabriel, winner 10 years in a row, emerged • Legislation that would allow courts to
battle, and sec- ahead of all their rivals. That led to the over- seize any property, such as house or automo-
ond place overall. On March 6, St.Raymond School beat all but time tiebreaker between St. Raymond and St. bile, used in the commission of human traf-
The St. Raymond team included James one of its competitors in the 14th annual ficking was unanimously approved Monday
Gabriel with St. Raymond securing the victory
Albera, Sarah Banks, Joseph Diaz, Academic Decathlon held at St. Pius School by the California Assembly. In addition to
and taking first place.
Colleen Hamilton, Lucas Lonergan, in Redwood City the courts seizing property, the bill authored
Cecilia Marshall, Molly Quinton, by Yee would add civil penalties of up to
Yasmine El-Hage, Fiona Jackson, Celia demic coaches, teachers and parents from
Class notes is a twice weekly column dedicated to $25,000. SB 677 will now receive a proce-
Kelly, Caoimhe MacRunnels, Sarah St. Raymond, worked for the last five
school news. It is compiled by education reporter dural concurrence vote in the Senate before
Scannell, Katherine Yancey and Marifer months to prepare this team. “It was my Heather Murtagh. You can contact her at (650) 344- consideration by the governor.
McCavitt. Patrick Sullivan and his aca- honor to work with these great children and 5200, ext. 105 or at
6 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 LOCAL/NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Obituaries She is survived by her husband of 54

Nun’s death rallies Carmelita Frances Waechter

Carmelita Frances Waechter,
1923-2010, died peacefully Aug. 7,
2010 at the home of her daughter
Madeline Bottari in Redwood City.
Foundation, 585 N. Mary Ave.,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-2905.
years Earl Fulk and numerous nieces
and nephews. She is preceded in
death by her parents Anthony and
Eva Angelo, her son Grant Fulk,
Judy Picetti
three brothers and three sisters.
She was devoted to her family and She was born in Grand Forks,
lived a rich, full and active life. Judy Picetti died peaceful Aug. 7 N.D., graduated high school there
Carmelita was born Sept. 3, 1923, with her husband John Picetti by her and worked at General Mills in
in San Francisco. She was the daugh- side, after a courageous battle with Minneapolis, Minn. After moving to
By Suzanne Gamboa ter of William and Madeline Clancy cancer.
and Kathleen Miller California, she married Earl and had
and the sister of William, Madeline Judy is survived by her husband of one son who preceded her in death
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 43 years John Picetti, her son Jason
and Thomas Clancy. She married her this year. She worked with Earl as
beloved husband Andrew L. Picetti (wife Fehmeen), adored secretary/treasurer at Dittmann
WASHINGTON — In Arizona, granddaughter Emma and father
Waechter in 1948, they were married Plumbing until her retirement.
the shooting death of a rancher blew Frank Bishop, siblings John
the lid off simmering anger over bor- for 41 years until he died in 1989. Friends may visit on Wednesday,
Also preceding her in death were her (Valerie), Bill (Danelle) and Mike Aug.11 6 p.m. and are invited to
der security and helped solidify sup- (Nancy) Bishop. Judy was a passion-
port for a tough new immigration parents and two brothers, William attend a vigil service at 7 p.m. at
law. A similar eruption threatens in and Tom. ate Giants fan enjoying season tick- Crippen & Flynn Woodside Chapel,
Virginia following the death of a She is survived by her sister, ets for 20 years and was a retired 400 Woodside Road, Redwood City.
Catholic nun in a car accident involv- Madeline Clancy; her five children, teacher’s aid from Taylor Middle A funeral mass will be held 10 a.m.
ing a man in the country illegally and Madeline, Andrew, Joseph, David School in Millbrae where her 27- Thursday, Aug. 12 at St. Raymond’s
accused of drunken driving. and James; daughter-in-law’s, Linda, year career allowed her caring nature Catholic Church, 1100 Santa Cruz
The Benedictine Sisters of Virginia Annie and Sharon Waechter; son-in- and sense of humor to impact many Ave., Menlo Park with interment fol-
tried to discourage using the death of law, Steve Bottari; grandchildren, children. She will be greatly missed. lowing at Alta Mesa Memorial Park,
Sister Denise Mosier was killed in a The visitation was Monday, Aug. 9
Sister Denise Mosier as a “forum of car accident involving a man in the Michael, Christine, Andrea, Elisse, Palo Alto.
the illegal immigration agenda” and Melinda, John, Bianca, Alexa, beginning at 4 p.m. with a vigil serv- In lieu of flowers, the family asks
country illegally and accused of ice at 7 p.m. at the Chapel of the
pleaded for a focus on “Christ’s com- drunken driving,according to police. David, Christopher, Natalie, for donations to the Menlo Park
mand to forgive.” Camille, Kevin and Patrick; three Highlands, El Camino Real at 194 Lions Club “Project Read.”
“The sisters’ mission is peace and Stewart rushed back into the immi- great grandchildren, Andrew, Millwood Drive in Millbrae. The
love,” said Corey Stewart, chairman gration debate after the Aug. 1 acci- Madeline and Ava Raye. funeral mass is 10:30 a.m. Tuesday,
dent, firing off a statement that As a public service, the Daily
of Prince William County’s Board of Friends may visit after 5 p.m. Aug. 10 at St. Robert’s Catholic Journal prints obituaries of approxi-
Supervisors. “My mission is law President Barack Obama, Homeland Tuesday, Aug. 10 and are invited to Church, 1380 Crystal Springs Road
Security Secretary Janet Napolitano mately 250 words or less with a
enforcement and the protection of attend a 7 p.m. vigil service at in San Bruno where services will photo one time on the date of the
public safety.” and members of Congress “all have Crippen & Flynn Woodside Chapel, conclude. Following mass, a recep-
blood on their hands.” family’s choosing. To submit obituar-
Prince William County, about 25 400 Woodside Road, Redwood City. tion will be held at the Picetti home
miles southwest of Washington, “What I’m hoping is that this situ- ies e-mail information along with a
A funeral mass and celebration of in San Carlos. In lieu of flowers, jpeg photo to news@smdailyjour-
D.C., stepped up its immigration ation, which because it involves a donations in Judy’s memory may be
her life will be held 10:30 a.m. Free obituaries are edited
enforcement in 2007 amid explosive nun has drawn the nation’s attention, made to the American Cancer
can serve as a catalyst for change and Wednesday, Aug. 11 at St. Pius for style, clarity, length and gram-
growth of its Hispanic and immigrant Catholic Church, 1100 Woodside Society (800) 227-2345.
populations. Under Stewart’s leader- force the administration to come mar. If you would like to have an
clean about its catch-and-release Road, Redwood City with interment obituary printed more than once,
ship, the county implemented a local
policies,” Stewart said. He also says following at Holy Cross Catholic Elizabeth Madeline Fulk longer than 250 words or without
policy requiring police to determine
the immigration status of all people that the tragedy illustrates the need Cemetery, Colma. Elizabeth Madeline Fulk, 1920- editing, please submit an inquiry to
arrested on suspicion of violating for Virginia to toughen its drunken Donations in Carmelita’s name 2010, died peacefully at her home in our advertising department at
state or local laws. driving laws. can be made to Pathways Hospice Menlo Park Friday, Aug. 6, 2010.
THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 7
First woman to head
Crabs provide evidence oil tainting Gulf food web intelligence agency
By John Flesher “Something likely will eat those in an earlier interview with Science
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS oiled larvae ... and then that animal magazine. By Kimberly Dozier
will be eaten by something bigger She told the magazine there are THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
BARATARIA, La. — To assess and so on.” two encouraging signs for the wild
how heavy a blow the BP oil spill has Tiny creatures might take in such larvae — they are alive when collect- WASHINGTON — The United
dealt the Gulf of Mexico, researchers low amounts of oil that they could ed and may lose oil droplets when States has had three female secre-
are closely watching a staple of the survive, Thomas said. But those at the they molt. taries of state —
seafood industry and primary indica- top of the chain, such as dolphins and Tulane University researchers are but until now has
tor of the ecosystem’s health: The tuna, could get fatal “megadoses.” investigating whether the splotches never had a
blue crab. Marine biologists routinely gather also contain toxic chemical disper- woman lead one
Weeks ago, before engineers shellfish for study. Since the spill sants that were spread to break up the of its 16 major
pumped in mud and cement to plug began, many of the crab larvae col- oil but have reached no conclusions, intelligence
the gusher, scientists began finding lected have had the distinctive biologist Caz Taylor said. agencies.
specks of oil in crab larvae plucked orange oil droplets, said Harriet If large numbers of blue crab lar- Letitia A.
from waters across the Gulf coast. Perry, a biologist with the University vae are tainted, their population is Long is being
The government said last week of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast virtually certain to take a hit over the e l e v a t e d
that three-quarters of the spilled oil Research Laboratory. next year and perhaps longer, scien- Letitia Long
Monday to
has been removed or naturally dissi- “In my 42 years of studying crabs tists say. The spawning season director of the National Geospatial-
pated from the water. But the crab I’ve never seen this,” Perry said. occurs between April and October, Intelligence Agency in a ceremony
larvae discovery was an ominous She wouldn’t estimate how much but the peak months are in July and at the agency’s half-built, high-tech
sign that crude had already infiltrated of the crab larvae are contaminated August. campus in Springfield, Va.
the Gulf’s vast food web — and overall, but said about 40 percent of How large the die-off would be is The “Jetsons”-style rounded
could affect it for years to come. the area they are known to inhabit unclear, Perry said. An estimated 207
has been affected by oil from the million gallons of oil have spewed wedge of buildings is rising from a
“It would suggest the oil has
spill. into the Gulf since an April 20 vast construction site near Fort
reached a position where it can start REUTERS
moving up the food chain instead of While fish can metabolize disper- drilling rig explosion triggered the Crabber Larry Tew looks at his Belvoir. The NGA’s staff, now
just hanging in the water,” said Bob sant and oil, crabs may accumulate spill, and thousands of gallons of dis- morning’s haul of blue crab, which spread across the Washington met-
Thomas, a biologist at Loyola the hydrocarbons, which could harm persant chemicals have been will fetch as high as $2.25 per pound ropolitan area, is slated to relocate
University in New Orleans. their ability to reproduce, Perry said dumped. in the market in Buras,La. there by fall 2011.

Around the nation

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Critics rain on Spain getaway for first lady
WASHINGTON — It sounded simple enough: a mother-

The Community
daughter getaway during the dogs days of August.
But it’s not so simple when Mom is the
first lady of the United States. And the trip
is to a luxury resort on Spain’s Costa del
Sol. During tough economic times at home.
Michelle Obama’s five-day trip to the
south of Spain with daughter Sasha
touched off a mini-firestorm stoked by
questions about the wisdom of such a
glamorous trip and over-the-top specula-
tion about who was footing the bill and As your local San Mateo County newspaper it is important to the Daily Journal to be involved
how many friends were along for the ride.
Obama Suddenly, the popular first lady was in the community, support local charitable organizations, fundraising events and local events.
being compared to Marie Antoinette and labeled a “material
girl” sponging off taxpayers.
A day after her Air Force plane returned home, the White
House and its defenders still were trying to tamp down the
flames Monday.
Obama aides scurried to fact-check over-the-top speculation
Events supported by the Daily Journal in 2009
about trip: The first lady traveled with a “minimal” number of
Jan. 24, Health & Wellness Faire, Millbrae July 25, Bluesfest, Redwood City
friends, not 40, though no exact number was given. The friends
got to Spain on their own, not flying on government aircraft. Feb. 7, San Mateo Library Health Resource Fair, San Mateo July 25, Cars in the Park, Burlingame
Mrs. Obama and her friends paid for their own meals and hotel Feb. 13, Nine Lives Foundation Valentine Event, Redwood City July 26, Festa Italiana, San Mateo
rooms. She did not attend a fancy gala. And so on. Feb. 15, Wedding Faire, Foster City Aug. 2, Tour de Peninsula Bike Ride, San Mateo
Feb. 28, Miss Redwood City pageant, Redwood City Aug. 15, Mutt Strutt, San Mateo
Doctor convicted in bomb attack on board head March 1, Peninsula Humane Society Fashion for Compassion, Burlingame Aug. 23, Paint Burlingame, Burlingame
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A federal jury on Monday convict- March 6, Burlingame High School Taste of the Town, Burlingame Aug. 29, Chili Cookoff, San Mateo
ed an Arkansas doctor of masterminding a bombing attack
March 14, SSF Senior Health Fair, South San Francisco Sept. 5-6, Millbrae Art & Wine, Millbrae
against the head of the state medical board last year, despite the
absence of forensic evidence tying the defendant to the crime. March 15, NAACP Dinner, Burlingame Sept. 12, Disaster Preparedness Day, South San Francisco
Dr. Randeep Mann could be sentenced to life in prison for March 28, Daraja Academy Fundraiser, Los Altos Sept. 14, Community Gatepath Golf Tournament, Palo Alto
his role in the attack on Dr. Trent Pierce outside of Pierce’s April 1, Foster City Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, Foster City Sept. 19, SSF Day in the Park, South San Francisco
West Memphis home on Feb. 4, 2009. April 4, Downtown San Mateo Assn. Spring Fling, San Mateo Sept. 23, Business Expo and Mega-Mixer, San Mateo
Prosecutors say Mann was bitter at the board for repeatedly
April 11, Eggstravaganza, San Mateo Sept. 25, Gary Yates Golf Tournament, San Mateo
sanctioning him for over-prescribing prescription pain medica-
tion, so he decided to exact revenge on Pierce. They told jurors April 11, Millbrae Easter Hunt, MIllbrae Sept. 26, Burlingame Pet Parade, Burlingame
they don’t believe Mann planted the bomb in Pierce’s drive- April 25, Peninsula Arts Council Forum, Redwood City Oct. 4, Strides for Life, San Francisco
way, disfiguring and partially blinding Pierce, but that they April 25, San Carlos Rotary Spring Fundraiser, San Carlos Oct. 10, CRUSH Aids, San Carlos
believe Mann put someone else up to it. They haven’t charged April 26, Pacific Coast Dream Machines, Half Moon Bay Oct. 10, Hoskins Black History Museum Fundraiser, Belmont
anyone with planting the bomb.
April 27, Mills Peninsula Women’s Luncheon, San Mateo Oct. 10-11, San Carlos Art & Wine Faire, San Carlos
Prosecutors admitted during the trial that extensive testing of
materials taken from the crime scene — a spare tire, a hand May 1-3, Millbrae Spring Faire, Millbrae Oct. 18, New Mom Fair, San Mateo
grenade, duct tape and a piece of string used to pull the pin — May 7, Yan Can Cook Library Foundation Fundraiser, San Mateo Oct. 22, Operation Save Manila, South San Francisco
showed no match to materials found in and around Mann’s May 8, Hiller Aviation Museum Golf Tournament, San Mateo Oct. 24, Halloween Fun Fest, San Mateo
Pope County home some 200 miles away. So they relied on May 9, Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration, San Mateo Oct. 30, Community Gatepath Breakfast, Foster City
witness testimony about Mann’s anger toward the board and
May 15, Henry Ford School Pasta Dinner & Carnival, Redwood City Nov. 6-8, Library Book Sale, San Mateo
his propensity for collecting military-grade weaponry to con-
vince jurors Mann planned the attack. May 17, San Carlos Rotary Fun Run, San Carlos Nov. 13-15, Harvest Festival, San Mateo
May 17, Green Street Fair, Burlingame Nov. 13, JackAces Band benefitting CORA, San Carlos
Pentagon belt-tightening will cut jobs May 30, Redwood City Pet Parade, Redwood City Nov.14, SSF Police Activities League Fundraiser, South San Francisco
WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Robert Gates said May 30-31, Foster City Art & Wine Festival, Foster City Nov. 15, San Mateo Rotary Fun Run, San Mateo
Monday that tough economic times require that he shutter a June 6, Green Car Show, Redwood City Nov. 21, Turkey Fun Run, South San Francisco
major command that employs some 5,000 people around June 7, Posy Parade, San Bruno Nov. 28-29 & Dec. 5-6 Peninsula Youth Ballet Nutcracker
Norfolk, Va., and begin to eliminate other jobs throughout the
June 12, HIP Housing Luncheon, Redwood City Dec. 4, Night of Lights, Half Moon Bay
The announcement was the first major step by Gates to find June 13-14, Burlingame Art in the Park, Burlingame Dec. 5, Hometown Holidays, Redwood City
$100 billion in savings in the next five years. Gates says that June 15, Peninsula Humane Society Golf Tournament, San Mateo Dec. 5-6, Caltrain Holiday Train
money is needed elsewhere within the Defense Department to June 25, SSF Adult Ed. Golf Tournament, San Mateo
repair a force ravaged by years of war and to prepare troops for June 26, Wine Walk, San Mateo To inquire about Daily Journal event
the next fight. Gates and other Pentagon officials would not put
June 28, Burlingame Criterium &Ryan's Ride, Burlingame sponsorship call (650)344-5200 x114
a dollar figure on cuts outlined Monday, but the savings is
expected to be less than what the individual military services
are trying to trim on their own.
Big cuts are essential considering the straitened economy
and the likelihood that Congress no longer will give the
Pentagon the sizable budget increases it has enjoyed since the
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Gates said.
8 Tuesday Aug. 10, 2010

California AG: Bell officials Ethics panel outlines Waters’charges

must disclose pay records By Jim Abrams former
Ways Williams, served as a member of
Means OneUnited’s board of directors
By Robert Jablon depositions to THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS state lawyers Committee from January 2004 until April
beginning Aug. WASHINGTON — The House Chairman 2008, and was a stockholder in the
LOS ANGELES — California’s 19, according to a ethics committee on Monday Charles Rangel, bank.
attorney general subpoenaed nine statement from announced three counts of alleged faces 13 counts, The report says Waters asked the
present and past Bell city officials Brown’s office. ethics violations against California including fail- Treasury Department to meet rep-
Monday, ordering them to turn over In addition, the Democrat Maxine Waters, includ- ing to disclose resentatives from the National
their financial records and undergo city itself was ing a charge that she requested fed- assets and Bankers Association, a trade group
questioning under oath in a widening told to produce eral help for a bank where her hus- Maxine Waters income and representing minority-owned and
investigation into a salary scandal. records relating band owned stock and had served delayed pay- women-owned banks. The discus-
Jerry Brown to a law firm that
“When city employees of a tiny on its board. ment of federal taxes. With the sion at that September 2008 meet-
suburb of L.A. make as much as or formerly handled Waters, a 10-term representative election just three months away, ing centered on OneUnited Bank.
nearly double the salary of the presi- city business. from Los Angeles, has denied any Republicans have pounced on the Waters, who chairs the Financial
dent of the United States, things are The identities of the officials under two cases as indications of
wrongdoing and had urged the Services subcommittee on housing
out of control,” Attorney General scrutiny were not disclosed but were Democrats failing to live up to
likely to include highly paid City committee to come forth with and community opportunity, con-
Jerry Brown said in a statement. promises to end corruption in
Council members and several offi- details of the charges so that she tends that the National Bankers
Brown’s office ordered the officials Washington.
to turn over records related to their pay cials who left after details surfaced can defend herself in a trial expect- Association requested the meeting,
ed to take place this fall. The Waters case revolves around which was held on behalf of the
and pension benefits, gifts they regarding the sizable salaries they
That trial would be the second whether she helped OneUnited association, not OneUnited.
received or gave, tax returns, bank earned to govern Bell, a city of about
handled by the ethics committee Bank obtain federal bailout funds OneUnited eventually received $12
accounts and outside business interests. 40,000 people that is one of the poor-
est in Los Angeles County. this fall. Another senior Democrat, in late 2008. Her husband, Sidney million in bailout money.
They also were ordered to give

In February, Sadek’s case was dis- and wouldn’t have stood up in court, said although she advised Sadek’s aren’t always enforced.

Continued from page 3
missed just days before trial after
McKowan discovered a previously
undisclosed test of his wife’s hair
he said.
“A prosecutor has no choice when
the evidence is not sufficient. You
former wife that she needed an
attorney for the legal issues, her
organization’s board of directors
Even though the San Mateo
County District Attorney’s Office
“had the sense to file charges” it
that tested negative for GHB, or ethically cannot go forward,” he offered its complete support. After later became “too busy or possibly
gammahydroxybutrate. The finding said. reading up on the case, the board too inept” to follow through,
several hours about the case and flew in the face of positive tests by a At yesterday’s press conference, was “emotionally appalled,” Salarno said.
wants him to attend an upcoming Houston-based forensic toxicologist Salarno-Ashford said that could Salarno said. Implementing Marsy’s Wagstaffe said he couldn’t speak
court hearing to tell a judge exactly that prosecutors had planned to sub- very well be but that the problem — Law has been a struggle since its for other prosecutors statewide but
what was said. mit as evidence. When McKowan and the basis for the re-instate passage, Salarno said. that he and the office are “extremely
Salarno-Ashford filed a motion asked that doctor for further docu- motion — was a fraudulent dis- She believes the court and prose- supportive” of Marsy’s law and “big
with San Mateo County Superior mentation, he couldn’t provide it. missal and the exclusion of the cutors prefer when victims don’t believers in victims’ rights.”
Court seeking to set aside the dis- The discrepancy of the tests, both women and her daughter from the have any power because they get to The office has never before been
missal. The hearing is scheduled for solicited by the civil attorney han- process. be in charge of what happens. served with a motion to set aside a
Sept. 2. If granted, the motion dling the divorce for Sadek’s wife, Salarno-Ashford also filed a claim Victims can’t hire their own attor- dismissal. Judge Barbara Mallach,
wouldn’t automatically reinstate all led to the case’s dismissal. for damages against San Mateo neys, are superseded by “the peo- the judge who handled previous
of the molestation, domestic vio- Without the poisoning aspect, County. The Board of Supervisors ple” in criminal filings and, before criminal proceedings in the Sadek
lence and poisoning charges against Wagstaffe said it would be difficult Tuesday is scheduled to reject the Marsy’s Law, weren’t given any case, will preside and all parties
Sadek but “resets it to the status to prove to jurors how Sadek claim as part of its consent agenda. guarantee of participation. involved have the right to partici-
quo” and lets the District Attorney’s allegedly was able to abuse his child Once that happens, Salarno-Ashford Of course, she said, the San pate, Wagstaffe said.
Office then decide which to file, she while her mother was nearby. The anticipates filing suit. Mateo County case shows that even Sadek’s attorneys could not be
said. child’s statements were inconsistent CVU President Harriet Salarno with Marsy’s Law in place, its tenets reached for comment.

Continued from page 1
Merced, said of the bond. “I’m
willing to support this today to
give us more time to amend some
of the things out of it that we dis-
“This won’t get any better in two
years,” said Sen. Lois Wolk, D-
Davis, one of a half-dozen senators
— mainly Democrats — who
up our sleeves and work on a bond
with more chance of success,” said
Assemblyman Jared Huffman, D-
San Rafael, one of three dissenting
half its current size of 38.5 million
people. Funds would be devoted to
cleaning up contaminated ground-
water, boosting conservation
agree on.” voted against AB1260 and votes within the Assembly com-
efforts, updating sewage systems
Critics say the bond is too AB1265. “What’s really wrong mittee.
resolve some of their lingering dis- expensive and loaded with pork- with this bond right now is it’s fis- The bond is intended to upgrade and researching the possibility of
putes over the bond’s content. barrel projects. They had wanted it cally irresponsible.” California’s vast water system, building at least two dams sought
“Voters in the state see right to stay on the ballot in the hope it by farming interests to increase
“If the message is it can’t pass as which was built decades ago when
through it,” Sen. Jeff Denham, R-
would fail. structured, maybe we need to roll the state’s population was about their water supply.
THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 9
Only yourself to blame Contact Us
ey, you men and boys
crashing cars in these last ‘Women are to blame
few summer months.
Convince your insurance agent for the uptick in accidents but hurry
that it was a no-fault accident. Stop now because this excuse will run out once the
telling your wife, girlfriend, moth- leaves turn color and the wind turns blustery.’
er, sister or whoever that you don’t
know what caused the fender-ben- Daily Journal e-mail:
to those pesky red lights and So again, you men who find
der. Don’t even stress over the annoying pedestrians crossing the yourselves overwhelmed by misog-
accuracy of telling an officer you Tel: 344-5200
road when there is a member of the yny and stupidity, don’t worry. If a Fax: 344-5298
only had one drink — three hours fairer sex daring to show off a little law enforcement head says you’re
ago. Mail: 800 S. Claremont St., #210
more than the obligatory ankle and off the hook, why bother worrying women with no one,” she said. San Mateo 94402
In short, stop apologizing knee. Women are nothing more if the greater public believes “no
because none of it was your fault. This adds a new caveat to the
than summer dress-clad sirens, means no.” Besides, the gals were adage that with age men get distin- Newsroom
Instead, blame the real culprits. leading men with wandering eyes likely wearing short skirts and guished and women get replaced. E-mail:
Women. into wandering off the road. we’ve already established what that Fax: 344-5298
Oh, yes. Women are to blame for Who knew they also got an urge
Is there any doubt every country causes men to do. for same-sex affection?
the uptick in accidents but hurry should enact a pro-burqa stance? It Score one for the Y chromosome.
now because this excuse will run At least the younger men aban- Letters to the Editor
is a matter of public safety. But women, remember when you doned when their female counter- should be no longer than 250 words.
out once the leaves turn color and Speaking of the ladies and safety, booze you lose — your credibility,
the wind turns blustery. parts look for the December to
don’t go crying over a little sexual that is. their May are safe from a lifetime Perspective Columns
For those who were too busy, oh assault, at least not if you dare The challenge now, though, is
I don’t know, watching the road of International Male catalogs and should be no longer than 600 words.
drink in Dallas. Certainly, those figuring out how to catch a man hair products. All the discarded
instead of reading the latest in bril- cold frosty mugs and dainty cos- without skimpy attire and a tray • Illegibly handwritten letters and
liant reasoning, a British insurance first wives make great cougars.
mos are good, but are they really full of lemon drop shots. The bottom line is, as long sus-
anonymous letters will not be accepted.
company contends male drivers worth causing the rape rate to This hurdle is no small feat, par-
have more accidents than women pected, recent headlines confirm • Please include a city of residence and
spike? According to Police Chief ticularly since the clock women it’s a man’s world. Women who
during summer months because phone number where we can reach you.
David Brown, who compiled yearly hear isn’t counting down the days can’t figure out how to live in it
they are distracted by short skirts statistics through last month, sexual till babies anymore. Instead, it’s have nobody but themselves to • E-mailed documents are preferred. No
and cleavage. Specifically, while 17 assault is up more than 25 percent ticking off the precious moments blame. attachments please.
percent of women reported an acci- in that lovely city because women until frustrated, single women
dent or near-accident in the sum- refuse to stop drinking without a embrace all things rainbow and • Letter writers are limited to two
mer months during the last five baby-sitter to ensure they behave forgo men all together. Elisabeth Michelle Durand’s column “Off the submissions a month.
years, a full quarter of men claimed themselves. Hasselbeck, the sage wisewoman Beat” runs every Tuesday and
the same. Yep, drinking and date rape go masquerading as a morning televi- Thursday. She can be reached by e- Opinions expressed in letters, columns and
Is this proof that men really do hand-in-hand. But don’t take it perspectives are those of the individual
sion co-host on “The View,” mail: writer and do not necessarily represent the
think with something other than from a silly girl like myself. Hear it explained recently that older les-
their brains — or proof that insur- or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. views of the Daily Journal staff.
from Brown himself who suggested bians would be heterosexual if they
ance company workers aren’t during a city public safety meeting could only snag a guy. 102. What do you think of this
Editorials represent the viewpoint
thinking at all? in August that women “have your “All the older women are going column? Send a letter to the editor: of the Daily Journal editorial board
But they’re probably right. Men friends watch you” if you intend to for young women, leaving the and not any one individual.
can’t be expected to pay attention drink in front of a man. OUR MISSION
It is the mission of the Daily
Journal to be the most
accurate, fair and relevant

Letters to the editor local news source for those

who live, work or play on
the MidPeninsula.
By combining local news and sports
coverage, analysis and insight with the latest
The truth about the headline ing in an aggressive campaign to for a long time. However, there is ‘Incompence in business, lifestyle, state, national and world news,
alter the landscape of marriage. now a disturbing trend starting to we seek to provide our readers with the highest
Editor, The battle to redefine marriage is become all too familiar in this local government’ quality information resource in San Mateo County.
I would like to comment on what being waged in both the political state. What can be said about us as Editor, Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we
I see as the Daily Journal’s attempt and legal arenas. a society when it becomes accept- Once again the ostrich misspoke choose to reflect the diverse character of this
at sensationalism. I’m a regular It is also clear that a majority of able to allow the highest office in (“The ostrich speaks,” column by dynamic and ever-changing community.
reader of the Journal and especially Publisher
Americans do not favor redefining California to possibly be controlled Keith Kreitman in the July 31 edi- Jerry Lee
enjoy the local news and lack of marriage to include same-sex cou- by a candidate who has done noth- tion of the Daily Journal). The budg- Editor in Chief
sensationalist type news reporting ples. They believe that marriage ing more than outspend the compe- et deficits that we have at all levels Jon Mays
that we get far too much of from remains a core societal institution tition? What is it that us citizens of government are an indication not Sports Editor
other sources. A front page article that is not redefined to include any- look for in a true leader? From only of the genuine needs that peo- Nathan Mollat
is headlined, “Murder at school” in thing more than a union between what I see, true leadership does not ple have, but of the utter incompe- Copy Editor/Page Designer
tence, powerlessness and lack of Erik Oeverndiek
the Aug. 6 edition of The Daily one man and one woman. Unions need to embody anything more
Journal. than the ability to spend large sums vision of our politicians. Production Manager
of a man and a woman produce the Nicola Zeuzem
Anyone’s initial reaction to this future generations on whom the of ones own money and to some- Our politicians have only one area
Production Assistant
is that a student was killed while fate of the whole society depends. how fool the people into thinking of competence: Identify a need, run Julio Lara
school was in session; a great way that not voting for many years is an a poll for a tax to match it and suck-
Society has something to say about Marketing & Events
to attract our attention. The truth is acceptable example of civic duty. er a swath of the population to vote Kerry McArdle
that future. for that tax. Let’s take a few exam-
someone who is not a student, who Does society have the right to Regardless of political affiliation, Senior Reporter
was barely on the school grounds, how can the citizens of California ples. The city of San Jose needs Michelle Durand
insist that brothers and sisters not more firefighters. The local politi-
while the school is at summer marry, that people cannot be mar- find these traits in a candidate Reporters
recess, was killed. The headline acceptable as prerequisites for the cians only know how to go to the Emanuel Lee, Heather Murtagh, Bill Silverfarb
ried to an animal, that polygamy is local firefighters’ union and negoti-
does little justice to the truth. I possible election into the office of Senior Correspondent: Events
unlawful? Up to now, we certainly ate on their inflated terms. No local Susan E. Cohn
have two children who attended the governor?
have had this right. politician would have the power and
Mills High School and know many We are a society that governs the the vision to think for solutions out-
Business Staff
Charlotte Andersen Anthony Aspillera
families whose children currently populist around us with rules and side the box set by the unions or to Mark Aspillera Jennifer Bishop
Dave Heckman
attend Mills. The families and stu- laws of conduct that is acceptable reset their pay scale given the cur- Keith Blake Gloria Brickman
dents have a lot of pride in the El Granada Gale Divver Robert O’Leary
to the majority; for we are the gov- rent high unemployment and wide Jeff Palter Kris Skarston
school as does the entire communi- ernment. We are not judges or availability of military personnel that
ty. I believe the Daily Journal owes
it to the entire Mills High School
those we have elected to represent Bibliophile support can be easily trained for that job. Interns • Correspondents • Contractors
us. Our founding fathers knew that Let’s look at Oakland whose Michael Almonte Diana Clock
community to report this type of laws needed to be made by the Editor, Democratic leadership only knows
Michael Costa Philip Dimaano
Darold Fredricks Miles Freeborn
news more honestly. Regarding Dorothy Dimitre’s how to ask for more highly paid Brian Grabianowski William Jeske
people and not by judges who have
column, “Confessions of a biblio- policemen, but have no long-term Cheri Lucas April May
personal political and social agen- Nick Rose Theresa Seiger
phile,” in the Aug. 2 edition of The plan to deal with the general social Andrew Scheiner Alex Shamis
John Gieseker das that they wish society to abide
Daily Journal, I welcome her degeneration that festers in that city. Eliot Storch Jeremy Venook
Burlingame by. These activist judges like many
“coming out of the closet” as a fel- Otherwise put, all these politicians
of our politicians who have their low bibliophile. However, there is know how to do is to ask for more Correction Policy
own agendas need to be removed. another advantage to being a bib- The Daily Journal corrects its errors.
money for even more policemen, but
We the people liophile which Dimitre’s column have no clue, will or long-term plan
If you question the accuracy of any article in
the Daily Journal, please contact the editor at
have the power John Kennedy
did not mention. Unlike other to attack the fundamental social
“philes,” one can not be arrested problems such that less policemen or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107
Editor, San Mateo and put in prison for being one (not are gradually necessary.
For over a thousand centuries, yet anyway). You cannot even be Otherwise put, the Democrats are SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM
marriage has been defined as a condemned for reading a “banned” not converging on genuine solutions,
union between one man and one How are we choosing Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:
book. Well, except if you are but diverging through sheer incom-
woman. Efforts are underway Catholic. petence into bankruptcy.
across America to redefine mar- our next governor?
riage to include same-sex couples. Editor,
It is clear that activist courts and The process by which we choose
Don Havis Virgil Stevens Visit our community forum at:
zealous political leaders are engag- our next governor has been around San Mateo San Carlos
10 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Dow 10,698.75 +45.19

Nasdaq 2,305.69 +17.22
S&P 500 1,127.79 +6.15
10-Yr Bond 2.8220% -0.0200
Oil (per barrel) 81.53
Gold 1,200.60
Stocks close higher
By Stephen Bernard
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wall Street Friday. The Dow rose 45.19, or 0.4 per-
cent, to 10,698.75. On Friday, the Dow
fell 21 after investors were disappointed
NEW YORK — Investors are getting could signal plans to restart some pro- by the government’s weak July jobs
optimistic that the Federal Reserve will grams such as its purchase of mortgage- report.
restart some of its economic stimulus backed securities or buy Treasury bonds. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose
programs. The central bank’s programs ended ear- 6.15, or 0.6 percent, to 1,127.79, and the
Stocks closed moderately higher lier this year when it appeared the recov- Nasdaq composite index rose 17.22, or
Monday, a sign that many traders expect ery was proceeding well. 0.8 percent, to 2,305.69.
the Fed to take steps to put some energy “The Fed has a lot of tools in its tool Advancing stocks were ahead of losers
back into the recovery. The Dow Jones shed,” said Larry Rosenthal, president of by almost 3 to 1 on New York Stock
industrial average rose 45 points, more Financial Planning Services in Exchange, where consolidated volume,
than making back its loss from Friday. Manassas, Va. “They have to bring buy- which includes shares traded on other
Volume on the New York Stock ers back into the market; they have to exchanges, came in at 3.3 billion shares.
Exchange fell to its lowest level of the bring consumption back into the mar- On Friday, volume was an already
year as many investors stayed out of the ket.” extremely light 3.9 billion shares.
market while they waited for the Fed’s The recovery has stalled as consumers, Bond prices traded in a narrow range
decision. Many have been avoiding big watching the labor market stagnate, have Monday. The yield on the benchmark
investment decisions for much of the been reluctant to spend. Meanwhile, 10-year Treasury note, which moves
summer because they have no sense of bank lending levels have remained low, opposite its price, rose to 2.83 percent
where the economy is headed. the result of caution on the part of bor- from 2.82 percent late Friday.
The Fed’s assessment of the economy, rowers as well as bankers. Hank Smith, chief investment officer
and any plans to resume its stimulus Still, Rosenthal said any moves would at Haverford Investments in Radnor, Pa.,
measures, will be issued after its meeting also have to ensure that inflation doesn’t said the Fed has to be careful with how it
ends Tuesday afternoon. become a problem too quickly. The Fed phrases its assessment of the economy
“The market loves stimulus. The mar- could say Tuesday that it is ready to start and any plans to restart stimulus pro-
ket wants stimulus,” said Joe Saluzzi, co- new programs to encourage bank lend- grams. While investors know that the
head of equity trading at Themis Trading ing even if it doesn’t implement them economy is weaker than it was earlier
LLC in Chatham, N.J. immediately. this year, bad news from the Fed could
The Fed will likely leave its federal Hewlett-Packard Co. shares tumbled lead to further problems, starting with a
funds rate near zero, but the central bank after its CEO was forced to resign drop in the stock market.

Hurd reaps HP payday undisclosed sum, and ardship of Carly Fiorina. Fiorina, the
By Jordan Reobertson
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS both parties have said Republican nominee for Senate in
the relationship was California, got a severance package
SAN FRANCISCO — Whatever not sexual. Hurd said worth $21.1 million after she was oust-
Mark Hurd did that cost him his job as an assistant prepared ed from HP in 2005.
CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the world’s all of his expenses. “It tells you how important people
largest technology company, it wasn’t He has offered to think he is to HP,” said Jayson Noland,
enough to cost him a payday that could reimburse HP for the an analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co.
top $40 million. errors. “It gives you a sense for how valuable a
Mark Hurd The company has really good CEO can be.”
Meanwhile, with little still known
offered no further He noted the severance is a tiny frac-
about why an actress and HP contractor
details and says it is focused on finding tion of the $125 billion HP expects to
threatened Hurd with a sexual-harass- a successor. record in revenue this year.
ment lawsuit, stockholders took a $9 Hurd gets $12.2 million in severance, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a professor at the
billion hit Monday, and HP’s 300,000 plus stock and options that could bring Yale School of Management and an
workers were left to wonder about its the total value of the package to more expert on CEO leadership and corpo-
future. than $40 million, based on calculations rate governance issues, called Hurd’s
HP insisted that the problems it by the Associated Press using HP’s pay package a “damning indictment” of
Hiring budget a bit tight uncovered with the CEO’s behavior stock price Friday, before HP disclosed the way CEO hiring contracts are set
were limited to falsified expense reports the resignation.
right now? for his dinners and other meetings with Analysts said the generous package
Sonnenfeld said the contracts are
Give it a stretch Jodie Fisher, who helped organize HP
events from 2007 to 2009 and greeted
shows Hurd was highly valued for
restoring steady results to the company,
“overly lawyered” and make it essen-
tially impossible to fire executives for
with stimulus dollars. executives at the gatherings. a Silicon Valley institution, after a peri- cause and therefore stop any severance
Hurd has settled with Fisher for an od of upheaval that followed the stew- payment.
Manpower has partnered with the County of San Mateo
to put stimulus dollars to work for you – and keep your
company productive with the talent you need. Under this
subsidized employment program, you can add skilled
individuals to your team.
Build your workforce to better meet demands and benefit
Website drops fee to review abusive comments
from more than 50% cost savings. Contact Julia Brown today.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Alto, Calif., company to eliminate the what’s right by the consumer,” Tolles
fee and to try to review all complaints said. The website’s previous policy had
480 S. Ellsworth Ave. OMAHA, Neb. — The online news within three working days. been to review comments within seven
San Mateo collecting company Topix has tweaked “I am pleased that we’ve reached an to 14 days unless a fee was paid,
650.342.2700 its website and dropped a $19.99 fee it agreement to put a stop to the ’pay-to- although Tolles has said most com- charged for faster reviews of inappro- police’ policy,” Nebraska Attorney plaints were reviewed within four days.
priate posts as part of a settlement with
General Jon Bruning said in announc- It gets about 40,000 feedback e-mails
34 states announced Monday. collects news from thou- ing the deal. each month.
sands of sources and allows users to Topix CEO Chris Tolles said agree- The website also eliminated an
comment on the stories or other topics ing to the settlement was the easiest option to flag posts that confused some
in its forums. Before last week, the site way to resolve the dispute and elimi- users. Previously, users could flag an
had charged them to speed up reviews nate concerns about fairness. He said it objectionable item on the website, but
of complaints they made about inap- wasn’t worth it for his small company the item wouldn’t be reviewed until
propriate posts. to fight. several different people flagged it. That
The settlement calls for the Palo “At the end of the day, we want to do process wasn’t clear to everyone.

Cold smoothies, hot Business briefs Sara Lee CEO Brenda Barnes
July spike McDonald’s sales tion from customers.
steps down permanently
CHICAGO — McDonald’s lesson The increase shows just how much the NEW YORK — Sara Lee Corp.
from July: If you want to start selling behemoth is outpacing its competitors as Chairman and CEO Brenda Barnes will
cold, fruity drinks, pick one of the customers keep flocking to the world’s step down permanently to focus on
hottest months in U.S. history. largest hamburger chain while competi- improving her health following a stroke,
The fast-food giant posted its biggest tors post anemic U.S. sales. Shares the food maker said Monday.
monthly increase in more than a year in touched an all-time high Monday morn- Barnes, 56, had been on temporary
an important U.S. sales figure as U.S. as ing. “They were pretty impressive medical leave since May 14. She will
the fast-food chain’s new fruit smoothies results,” said Morningstar restaurant also leave her position on Sara Lee’s
and ice-cold frappes got a warm recep- analyst R.J. Hottovy. board of directors.
Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010

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• Lewis’ longevity separates him from the rest, page 13

Broken-bat injuries lead to lawsuit against Mets, MLB

By Jennifer Peltz James G. Falzon’s lawsuits follow August 2007 fractures, including a broken palate, according to the lawsuits.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS years of discussion of the safety of Atlanta Braves as his traumatized 11-year-old son The team, the league and Rye,
maple baseball bats, which have game at the looked on, the lawsuits said. N.Y.-based Jarden declined to com-
NEW YORK — A New York Mets become increasingly popular but have Mets’ former Falzon is seeking unspecified dam- ment Monday. Castillo is still with the
fan who says a shattered bat smashed been shown to break apart more read- home, according ages from the team, the league, Mets, who were off Monday. Castro
him in the face in the Shea Stadium ily than traditional ash bats. to lawsuits he Rawlings-brand bat maker the Jarden now plays for the Chicago White Sox
stands is suing the team and Major Falzon was in a box seat along the filed Friday in Corp. and two players: Mets second and couldn’t immediately be reached
League Baseball, claiming they didn’t third-base line, watching a fly ball Manhattan. baseman Luis Castillo, who was by telephone for comment.
do enough to protect fans from break- soar, when the barrel of a broken He suffered wielding the bat, and then-Mets
prone maple bats. maple bat flew into his face during an James G.Falzon multiple facial catcher Ramon Castro, who owned it, See BATS, Page 12

The right
Career year at 51
By Emanuel Lee
way to run
a program
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF he College of San Mateo football
program has thrust itself into the
At the spry age of 51, Randy Haag is enjoying conversation of must-see facilities
one of the best seasons of his illustrious golf if you are a high school graduate looking to
career. take your game — and your life — to the
In the last three weeks alone, the Burlingame next level.
resident played in the Senior British Open and Thanks in large part to an administration
eight days ago, qualified for his 11th U.S. who places a high value on athletics, the
Amateur Championship after earning co-medalist facilities just keep getting better. The latest
honors with a 4-under par 138 at Peninsula Golf upgrade was a re-designed and re-vamped
and Country Club. weight room specifically for CSM athletes.
This year’s Amateur will be played at “It’s all done well.
Chambers Bay Golf Club in the state of All top-notch,” said
Washington from Aug. 23-29. CSM head football
“It’s hard for me to explain what’s happened coach Bret Pollack.
this year,” said Haag, who is in prime position to “It’s for athletic train-
capture a record-breaking fifth Northern ing. It’s set up for
California Golf Association Player of the Year athletes.”
award. “But I could not be happier. I’m absolute- In the past, Pollack
ly thrilled having one of my most consistent and said CSM athletic
productive years ever at age 51.” teams would have to
Chambers Bay plays at 7,700 yards, which share the weight
sounds intimidating until you talk to Haag. room with physical
“You would think yardage like that would scare education classes. But
someone 51-years-old, but it doesn’t,” he said. with the opening of
“Casey Boyns (friend and also an elite amateur the school’s multi-
player) has played Chambers Bay, and said it’s a million dollar fitness center, the school
thinking man’s course. I think those type of cours- decided to make space for the athletic
es suit me well, because the bigger the challenge, teams as well.
the better.” “[San Mateo County Community College
Despite having plenty of experience making District Chancellor] Ron Galatolo and
the U.S. Amateur field, Haag’s latest attempt to [CSM President] Mike Claire, both those
qualify was anything but a given. Haag arrived guys support athletics, believe in athletics,”
back home just two days before last Monday’s Pollack said. “They support it with money,
36-hole qualifier at Peninsula after spending 10 time, effort.”
days in Scotland qualifying for and playing in the In this day and age when programs are
Senior British Open, then going straight to being cut from elementary to the college
Oregon to play in the Pacific Coast Amateur for level, some may wonder why bother with
four days. athletics? Wouldn’t it be more sensible to
“I was thinking I bit off a little more than I spend the money on something other than a
would have liked to,” Haag remembers telling weight room?
himself on the eve of the Peninsula qualifier. “I That would be a shortsighted view
was really jet-lagged and tired, and I did not play RANDYHAAG.COM because there are many programs that are
well in Eugene. That’s why it was such a thrill Burlingame resident Randy Haag shot a 4-under 138 at Peninsula Golf and Country Club to dead because of a lack of interest, not a
(making the U.S. Amateur again) because I didn’t qualify for his 11th U.S.Amateur.It’s been quite a year for Haag,who was the top amateur at
See HAAG, Page 15 the Senior British Open. See LOUNGE, Page 14

Rookies named starters Running back a work

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Davis, the No. 11 over-

in progress at Stanford
SANTA CLARA — Mike Singletary made
it official Monday morning: He already has
seen enough of first-round draft picks
Anthony Davis and Mike
all pick in the draft, will
now work exclusively
with the first-team offense
at right tackle. Iupati,
drafted six picks after THE ASSOCIATED PRESS win, who is the biggest threat and who brings
Iupati. Davis, has moved to first the most to the table.”
The San Francisco on the depth chart at left STANFORD — Tyler Gaffney essentially Gaffney figures he’s learned a great deal
49ers coach said the two guard. took Toby Gerhart’s spot on the Stanford from balancing two sports and school.
rookies have won starting Mike Iupati “Those guys showed us baseball team last spring. He wouldn’t mind “It leads to more organization in putting
jobs along the team’s that they have the ability repeating that in football. forth the effort to know both sports,” he said.
offensive line just nine to step in and be able to do it,” Singletary said. Stanford hit the practice field for the first “Baseball is more mental and football is phys-
days into training camp. “If that’s the case, we have to give them all the time without their Heisman Trophy runner-up ical and you have to keep flipping back and
The 49ers also will have reps that we can possibly give them in order to on Monday. Gaffney is one of several candi- forth. Last year I learned what I had to do in
a new starter at center do the job and be ready.” dates for the starting job. baseball and I can bring that back here and see
Anthony Davis after Eric Heitmann broke The 49ers this year became the third team where it goes. This is like starting a new life.”
“We’re pretty solid at running back. We all
his left leg during practice in NFL history to draft two offensive linemen have our own strengths,” said Gaffney, who hit Gaffney rushed for 87 yards last year and
Monday morning. Heitmann is expected to .328 and was a Pac-10 honorable mention in
miss up to two months.
See NINERS, Page 14 baseball. “We’re looking for who can help us See STANFORD, Page 14
12 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Last-place Mariners beat A’s Seattle

By Gregg Bell
Wakamatsu Mariners 3, A’s 1 Sean White, Brandon League and David
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Aardsma all the runs they needed.
arrived in Seattle hours before the Mariners’ Aardsma was perfect in the ninth for his 21st
save in 25 chances — and sent Oakland back By Gregg Bell
SEATTLE — Last-place Seattle welcomed game. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
new interim manager Daren Brown by get- He looked tired while hanging on the to eight games behind idle and first-place
ting its first triple play in 15 years in a 3-1 padded dugout railing early in the game. But Texas in the AL West.
SEATTLE — Instead of leading Seattle to its
win over the Oakland Athletics on Monday he and the rest of the 19,943 attended were Seattle’s insurance run came after Mazzaro
first postseason spot since 2001, Don
night. awakened in the top of the fourth by Seattle’s walked Gutierrez leading off the fourth.
Wakamatsu lost games at a stunning rate.
Brown moved up from Triple-A Tacoma first triple play since July 13, 1995, against Gutierrez came around and scored on Josh Then, the Mariners manager lost his team —
earlier Monday when Seattle fired first-time Toronto. Wilson’s sacrifice fly. first franchise icon Ken Griffey Jr., then Chone
manager Don Wakamatsu after 1 1/2 seasons. Jose Lopez took a chopper by Oakland’s Fister won for the first time in eight deci- Figgins.
Brown became the 10th of Seattle’s 17 Mark Ellis and immediately stepped on third sions and 12 starts, since May 14. He allowed Now, he’s lost his job.
managers to win their first game. base for a forceout. Lopez then threw to sec- seven hits and one run in six innings. He The last-place Mariners fired Wakamatsu on
Only one of the other 16 finished their ond base for a forceout there and Chone walked one and struck out five. Oakland’s only Monday, more than
Mariners tenure with a winning record: Lou Figgins’ throw to first baseman Casey damage off him was a single by Coco Crisp halfway through a season
Piniella. The only manager to take Seattle to Kotchman appeared to arrive at the same time and a double by Rajai Davis to begin the sixth. that began with a boosted
the postseason left after the 2002 season with as Ellis’ foot hit the bag, but first base umpire Seattle pitchers retired the final 12 A’s bat- roster and high hopes.
a year left on his contract. Cory Blaser called Ellis out. ters to end it. “I would like to thank the
Brown, a 10-year veteran of Seattle’s sys- Ellis argued the call to no avail. Seattle’s Mazzaro (6-4) allowed only three other hits city of Seattle and all the
tem, is the team’s sixth manager in the eight lead remained 2-0. and two early runs in his seven innings. baseball fans here in the
The 5-4-3 play was the 10th triple putout for Touted outfielder Chris Carter became the Northwest for the great
seasons since. He said he got word the
the Mariners, who began play in 1977. support offered to me dur-
Mariners were promoting him at 11:30 last of Oakland’s haul of six prospects received
RBI singles by Lopez and Franklin ing my time as Mariners
Central time Sunday night, following in the Dan Haren trade a couple of years ago to
Gutierrez with two out in the first off Vin Don manager,” Wakamatsu said
Tacoma’s 12-inning win at Omaha. He board- Mazzaro gave Doug Fister (4-8) and relievers reach the major leagues. Carter went 0 for 3
ed a plane there at 6:30 Monday morning and with two strikeouts in his debut. Wakamatsu Monday night in statement
released by the team. “My
single biggest disappointment is that we were

Giants put away Cubs in 11th not able to finish what we wanted to finish here,
bringing a championship club to the fans.
“I cannot tell you how great the fans were to
me, and to my family. The support I received
By Janie McCauley Derrek Lee. Zambrano made three relief
Giants 4, Cubs 3 appearances since coming off the restricted
here will always mean a great deal to me.”
The Mariners started the day at 42-70, the sec-
list late last month after undergoing anger
Chris Ray (5-0) recorded the final out of the ond-worst record in the American League.
SAN FRANCISCO — Carlos Zambrano 11th for the win. management therapy during his month away. They started the night with their fifth manag-
matched his career-high with seven walks in Burrell had his first game-ending RBI of the Alfonso Soriano hit a first-inning RBI dou- er in three years plus one month. Daren Brown,
his first start since a June 25 dugout blowup season and the 10th of his career. It was his ble and Marlon Byrd singled in a run that the manager of Triple-A Tacoma for the last four
and ensuing banishment, and his short-handed first ever via sacrifice fly. inning as the Cubs gave Zambrano an early seasons, took over on an interim basis hours
Chicago Cubs lost to the San Francisco Giants San Francisco’s Travis Ishikawa was thrown boost. Posey hit an RBI double in the fifth for before a game against Oakland.
4-3 in 11 innings Monday night long after he out at the plate in the 10th trying to score from the Giants, who also pushed across another “It’s frustrating,” Mariners perennial All-Star
left the game. first on Andres Torres’ double to the deep cor- run on a wild pitch by Zambrano. and cornerstone Ichiro Suzuki said, through his
Pat Burrell hit a game-ending sacrifice fly ner in right. Zambrano was in position to win after Tyler interpreter. “It’s not just his responsibility (that
off loser Marcos Mateo (0-1), who made his The Cubs lost their fourth straight and sea- Colvin gave the Cubs a 3-2 lead on a sixth- we’re losing). It’s the whole team’s responsibil-
major league debut after being called up earli- son-high sixth in a row on the road. They last inning single, but the Giants tied it in the bot- ity.
er in the day. dropped six straight away from Wrigley Field tom half on an RBI single by Torres. “I don’t think it’s fair to say the manager’s
Edgar Renteria led off the 11th with a single from June 10-25, 2009. Zambrano was suspended June 26, a day responsible to take the blame, because he’s not.”
and Aubrey Huff’s single moved him to third. Zambrano returned to the rotation for the after he got into a verbal altercation with Lee. Seattle also fired bench coach Ty Van Burkleo
Mateo then intentionally walked standout first time in six weeks since exploding in the The two exchanged words in the Cubs dugout and pitching coach Rick Adair. The team also
rookie Buster Posey to bring up Burrell. dugout and getting into it with teammate after Zambrano was pulled from his start. released performance coach Steve Hecht.

Aaron’s career home run record in 2007. The league set new bat production standards keep spectators “reasonably safe from hazards

Continued from page 11
But an MLB committee found in 2008 that
maple bats were three times as likely to break in
multiple places as ash bats.
after the 2008 season, including requirements
that manufacturers track the breakage rates of
different models and outfit bats with dots that
they had actual knowledge of, including the
increased danger posed by shattering maple
show how straight the wood’s grain is. The The suits also accuse the players of not being
The ruptures sometimes send pieces hurtling
straighter the grain, the more durable the bat. careful enough in inspecting and maintaining
Baseball bats have traditionally been made into fans, umpires and players. Boston Red Sox The broken-bat rate has since dropped from 1 the bat and accuse the manufacturer of produc-
from ash trees, but maple bats have gained shortstop Nick Green had to deflect a maple bat per game to 0.55, the league says. ing an “inherently dangerous” bat.
ground in recent years, particularly after Barry barrel with his forearm while the ball rolled Pointing to MLB-commissioned studies of MLB says on tickets that fans assume risk for
Bonds used them to break Mark McGwire’s sin- between his legs during a game against the maple bats that went back to 2005, Falzon’s law- accidents incidental to the game, such as getting
gle-season home run record in 2001 and Hank Washington Nationals last year. suits argue that the league and the Mets failed to hit by foul balls and broken bats.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 13

Durability separates Ray Lewis from the greats

By David Ginsburg his 14 seasons. fierce tackling, passion for the game, outstand- “The guy is unbelievable. He really is,” out-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “Nobody in the history ing lateral movement and ability to lead has side linebacker Jarret Johnson said. “To play
of the league at his position been part of his repertoire since his rookie sea- that long at that position, and as physical as
WESTMINSTER, Md. — There is no way has done what he’s done. son. he’s played — whatever water he’s got linked
to determine for sure if Ray Lewis is the best It’s incredible. It’s not even “Like Day 1, that’s how I feel in the 15th to his house, I’ve got to get some.
middle linebacker in NFL history. close,” Ravens coach John year,” Lewis said. “It’s the same thing. The bot- “It’s not just the physical side, but the mental
Many would argue in his favor. Others might Harbaugh said. “Some of tom line is, football isn’t going to change. side,” Johnson added. “He’s always got a chip
suggest Hall of Fame stars Ray Nitschke, Mike those guys played nine, 10, Football is always going to be football. The on his shoulder, he’s always hungry, never con-
Singletary, Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert and 11, 12 years at the most. integrity of the game is built by coming to help tent, never satisfied.”
Ray Lewis Here he is in his 15th sea- your team win a championship.” Said wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who
Willie Lanier were more talented and fear-
son.” That, as much as his affection for the game, signed as a free agent during the offseason:
Singletary made it through 12 years, keeps Lewis coming back year after year. It’s “Everybody in the league knows what kind of
This much is certain: No one has played the Lambert and Lanier hung on for 11 seasons, been a decade since Lewis and the Ravens won respect Ray gets for what he’s put into the
position as effectively for so long as Ray and Butkus quit with bad knees after nine sea- their only Super Bowl, and he’s thinking it’s game.”
Anthony Lewis. sons. Nitschke survived 15 years, but back in about time it happened again. After all these years, Lewis hasn’t changed.
The Baltimore Ravens are preparing for their those days the NFL had a 14-game schedule. “When I won it, (safety) Rod Woodson made “He’s just as excited, he’s just as enthusiastic
15th NFL season, and so too is Lewis. He has Nitschke played in 190 games; Lewis is at 194 it special for me. (Tight end) Shannon Sharpe about football, he’s just as into it. He wants to
been their starting middle linebacker since their and still going strong. made it special for me,” Lewis said. “And now, have an impact on all the young players, he
opener against the Oakland Raiders, when he And the 35-year-old Lewis has given no the chemistry that I’ve built with Ray Rice or wants to have an impact on the team,”
had nine tackles and an interception to earn indication that he’s even close to wrapping up Michael Oher or Joe Flacco, to win one with Harbaugh said. “All he can think about is this
AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors. his sensational career. them would be a very special thing. Then season. Maybe that’s what has made him so
Lewis has since been invited to 11 Pro “The love of the game keeps me going,” he they’ll talk about the same thing, when Ray good. He thinks about one practice, one week
Bowls, was named Super Bowl MVP in 2001, said. “It’s just the 1-on-1 battle, man, and the was special. It always comes around.” at a time, one season at a time.”
twice was voted NFL Defensive Player of the love for me will never stop.” Heck, his teammates are already talking There’s no telling how long the cycle will
Year and has led the Ravens in tackles in 12 of That’s how it’s always been for Lewis. His about Lewis with reverence. continue.

ing, explaining why he would have tested pos- that he expects the NFL to place Gill in a ros- Monday about the pitfalls of social media
NFL Notes itive for a fertility drug last September — a ter category that would keep him inactive this sites after Browns cornerback Brandon
drug he said he never took. season. McDonald recently posted a vulgar message
Texans’ Cushing blames “I think that’s the final diagnosis we came Gill was arrested early Sunday after directed at Cincinnati wide receiver Terrell
positive test on overtraining up with,” he said, “and a lot of doctors have Indianapolis police found him passed out in a Owens on his Twitter account.
HOUSTON — The Houston Texans asked supported why this has happened.” ditch. A police report said Gill tried to stand McDonald posted his trash-talking tweet
the NFL to reduce or rescind the four-game Texans owner Bob McNair met with com- but kept falling over. shortly after Owens signed with the Bengals.
suspension given to star missioner Roger Goodell in New York to The 23-year-old Gill was released from jail He said he regrets sending it on the site, which
linebacker Brian Cushing plead his case. The league denied Cushing’s after the charge was dropped. Gill played in has become popular with pro athletes.
on Monday, saying he has appeal of the suspension in February. two games as a rookie with the Colts last sea-
a unique medical condi- “It started out as a joke and it escalated to
tion stemming from some- what it is now,” McDonald said. “I really did-
Colts DL Gill likely n’t mean anything by it. It was a bad decision
thing called overtrained Mangini cautions Browns
athlete syndrome. benched after arrest on my part to put that up. One of the things I
Cushing described the ANDERSON, Ind. — Indianapolis Colts about social networking don’t want to do is cause a distraction to this
condition after Monday reserve defensive lineman John Gill isn’t BEREA, Ohio — The only loud tweets team. The way it’s being taken is not how it
Brian Cushing morning’s practice. He expected to play for the team this season after Browns coach Eric Mangini wants to hear was meant. I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone
said the syndrome can a public intoxication arrest over the weekend. about are the ones coming out of his whistle. or cause a distraction to this team. That’s the
trigger hormonal spikes after breaks in train- Team president Bill Polian said Monday Mangini talked to Cleveland’s players on last thing I wanted to do right now.”
injury and could lose a few promising young

Masoli meets the NCAA Notes

Expectations high at
Florida despite uncertainty
defensive backs if they’re not cleared by the
Once perennial contenders in the
Southeastern Conference’s East Division,

press at Ole Miss By the time he spoke

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Florida have a new
quarterback, four new assistant coaches, a
revamped defense and few proven playmak-
ers. They lost stars Tim Tebow, Brandon
Tennessee has been picked to finish fourth in
the East behind Florida, Georgia and South
Carolina. The Vols finished 7-6 last season
with a loss to Virginia Tech in the Chick-fil-A
By Chris Talbott Bowl.
with reporters, he had Spikes, Aaron Hernandez and Joe Haden,
practiced just once. But nearly lost coach Urban Meyer, and entered Oregon RB James moves
Nutt liked what he saw in fall practice without a clear-cut identity for the
New Mississippi quarterback Jeremiah on from troubled offseason
Masoli’s presence. first time in years.
Masoli knows this is his last chance.
“You’re talking about a Meyer compared this season to 2007, the EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon running back
Masoli met with reporters Monday for the
brand new playbook, year after Florida won its second national title LaMichael James said he has learned the
first time since joining the Rebels late last and the year Tebow took over as the starting
week and made clear he understands the brand new terminology, responsibility that comes with playing foot-
brand new snap count — quarterback. Expectations were high back ball.
remainder of his college career hangs on his then, but the Gators didn’t have enough talent
ability to stay out of trouble. Jeremiah didn’t phase him,” Nutt James spoke Monday as the Ducks opened
said. “It didn’t phase him or experience to avoid four losses. fall camp with high expectations tempered by
“I was just happy to have that opportunity Masoli But Meyer and his players don’t expect
and to get this chance, and thankful to Ole at all. He steps right in the offseason trouble. The rusher who set a Pac-
huddle, commands respect, talks with author- another rebuilding year. Not even close, real- 10 freshman record last season pleaded guilty
Miss, the athletics director and the chancellor ly. Following several strong recruiting classes,
for giving me my last chance,” Masoli told ity. You could see how smooth he was with his in February to misdemeanor harassment stem-
ball-handling skills and taking a brand new they believe this is a reloading year that could ming from an altercation with a former girl-
reporters during media day. “I understand that include another trip to Atlanta for the confer-
and I’m determined to do everything with it.” playbook. He jumped right in and you could friend.
tell that he’s played in the Rose Bowl.” ence title game. The Gators begin play Sept. 4 James, who admits his mistake, said he can-
The former Oregon player was once against Miami (Ohio).
thought to be a Heisman Trophy candidate, Masoli’s new teammates say they are excit- not measure the lessons he took from the
ed about his arrival too. Florida has represented the Eastern Division experience.
but he fumbled that away after two brushes three times in the last four years, with the lone
with the law led to his dismissal. Ole Miss The Rebels, who lost then-junior quarter- “You have to fly straight and narrow —
back Jevan Snead to the NFL after last season, loss coming last year against Alabama. That
coach Houston Nutt brought Masoli in under that’s just what you have to do,” he said.
were picked to finish at or near the bottom of 32-13 drubbing still resonates with players
a zero-tolerance contract after the departure of and coaches. Oregon went 10-3 last season, knocking
backup Raymond Cotton on the eve of pre- the Southeastern Conference Western . Southern California from its seven-year-perch
That was before Masoli joined the group. as Pac-10 champions and advancing to the
season practice left the Rebels with just two
“You have a Heisman-caliber quarterback, a
Turnover leaves Vols’ Rose Bowl for the first time since 1995.
scholarship quarterbacks.
Masoli said he had inquiries from about six Rose Bowl quarterback, so he’s been at that ’zero depth anywhere’ But the Ducks’ offseason was marred with
Football Bowl Subdivision schools, but that top level of competition,” defensive end KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee’s depth misdeeds by several players. Most notable
Nutt sold him on Ole Miss. Kentrell Lockett said. “He can bring that chart isn’t very deep. among them were James and quarterback
“Coach Nutt is the main reason I came here, poise and attitude to our team, something that And first-year coach Derek Dooley is more Jeremiah Masoli, who was dismissed from the
first and foremost,” Masoli said. “Just him as we might need when we’re in big-time games than just slightly concerned. team and is now a walk-on at Ole Miss.
a person, that’s what really caught my atten- against LSU and Alabama.” “I’m petrified of our depth,” first-year coach James was sentenced to 10 days in jail and
tion. I could hear the genuineness in his voice. Stanley, who expected to be in a battle for Derek Dooley said. “We have zero depth any- 24 months of probation. His ex-girlfriend
There’s just something about him that made the starting job anyway, said he supported where, except on our training staff.” claims he grabbed her neck and pushed her to
me feel comfortable.” bringing in Masoli when Nutt first told him Attrition from two coaching turnovers in the ground during an argument.
How quickly Masoli can become comfort- about the possibility. two years, offseason discipline and academic James apologized to the woman in writing
able with his new teammates and playbook “I’m interested in doing what’s best for the issues and injuries to probable starters has left and accepted responsibility for his actions.
will likely determine how much he’ll play. team,” Stanley said. “We were thin at quarter- the Volunteers’ depth chart in dire straits. Coach Chip Kelly suspended him for the sea-
back and bringing him in is definitely going to Tennessee lost 12 starters from last season son opener against New Mexico on Sept. 4
Masoli was a two-year starter at Oregon
help us out at quarterback.” and entered fall camp needing a starting quar-
who last season led the Ducks to their first James rushed for 1,546 yards last season,
That doesn’t mean Stanley’s stepping aside. terback, more depth on both the offensive and
Pac-10 title since 2001 and their first Rose the ninth-highest total in the nation. He had
“I’m going to keep continuing to do what I defensive lines, and more experience in the
Bowl since 1995. He was a dual threat in seven consecutive 100-yard games before
do and what I’ve done the last two years,” defensive secondary. Since then, the team has
2009, passing for 15 touchdowns and rushing Ohio State limited him to 70 in Oregon’s 26-
Stanley said. “Whatever happens happens.” lost two potential defensive line starters to
for another 13. 17 loss in the Rose Bowl.
14 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

schools. In all, CSM transferred 24 players out have a legitimate shot at playing for a been completed in the last few years, as well

Continued from page 11
from last year’s NorCal championship team
on to four-year schools.
“We don’t pay attention to eligibility, we
state championship. Last year, it was CSM’s
turn to have a crack at it. They won their first
NorCal Conference championship, as well as
as the baseball and softball facilities, along
with the upgrades to the team house, brand-
new fitness and world-class aquatic center,
pay attention to transferability. We set the bar the Northern California championship, beat- along with a re-vamping of the entire cam-
higher,” Pollack said. “[We’re] not a football ing Reedley. The Bulldogs made their first pus, CSM has some of the best overall athlet-
lack of money. In fact, it can be argued, why program that transfers players. We’re not a appearance in the state title game, dropping a ic facilities in the state. Pollack said many
throw money at something that isn’t success- football factory. [We’re] a transfer program disappointing 7-6 decision to Mt. San coaches from smaller four-year schools are
ful and build up the programs that are? that plays football. And it’s a minority trans- Antonio College. in awe when they arrive at the CSM campus.
Are athletics no less a program at a college fer program. Eighty percent of guys moving As a program, the Bulldogs have steadily
of university than drama, astronomy or nurs- Because just like any other product, a
on are minority.” moved onward and upward for the better part school has to sell itself to perspective stu-
ing? Pollack said the new facilities have been a of a decade. Now, with an upgrade in facili-
“You water the plants that grow,” Pollack dents. And there is plenty to like at CSM.
boon to recruiting — as has social network- ties, they have even more ammunition to
said. “It’s not hard to put a bow on a great pack-
ing site Facebook. Assistant head coach and recruit players.
Because, believe it or not, athletics at the age,” Pollack said.
defensive coordinator Tim Tulloch is con- While the program’s core will always be
junior college level — at good programs — stantly updating the football team’s Facebook local kids, the word is getting out around the ***
send many student-athletes to four-year site, letting “friends” know how the team is greater Bay Area. At the quarterback position High school coaches are encouraged to fax
schools. In fact, Pollack and the CSM foot- doing, what alumni are up to, as well show alone, CSM has players from Pacifica, or e-mail your schedules for the fall season,
ball coaching staff don’t even focus on a off the school’s facilities. Petaluma, Vallejo and Nevada competing for along with rosters, if available. Information
player’s eligibility. That’s too shortsighted. “Tim Tulloch, he’s our Facebook guru,” the starting job. can be faxed to 344-5298 or e-mailed to
The goal of the football program at CSM is Pollack said. “It’s great for recruiting. It “[Our recent success] definitely coincided and
to set students up to transfer to four-year keeps people involved.” with the facilities improvement, and that’s a
schools to complete their college education. big help,” Pollack said. “At the same time,
Just as good for recruiting has been the
Pollack said of 15 players that delayed the there has been a lot of work in the develop-
Bulldogs’ success on the field. They’ve
start of their football eligibility for a year — ment of the program. They merged together
played in Northern California top conference
gray shirted a year — 14 earned their associ- well at the same time.”
Nathan Mollat can be reached by e-mail:
— the NorCal Conference — since 2004, or by phone: (650)
ates of arts degree and moved on to four-year
playing against teams that year in and year With the stadium and field projects having 344-5200 ext. 117.

got to put everything into perspective,” Davis backup to Iupati and challenge veteran Tony whatever position you can, so that’s what I’m

Continued from page 11
said. “That’s just the first step. That’s not my
main goal. I want to be the best player I can
possibly be.”
Wragge for starting center duties. Wragge
started two games at center for the 49ers after
Heitmann was injured in 2006.
doing. I just want to play.”
The 49ers also conducted most of Monday’s
morning practice without starting left tackle
The 49ers experienced even more shuffling Baas played center as a senior at Michigan Joe Staley, who left the session early because
along the offensive line after David Baas in 2004, when he was named Big Ten offen- of neck spasms. Staley’s status is day-to-day.
in the first round, and both will make their
moved to center in place of Heitmann, San sive lineman of the year.
debuts in Sunday’s preseason opener at NOTES: LB Martail Burnett suffered a
Francisco’s most effective and consistent “We just have to give Baas a chance to real-
Indianapolis. knee injury during the morning session and
offensive lineman in recent seasons. ly see what he can do at the position,”
Davis, who doesn’t turn 21 until October, was taken to the locker room on a cart. ... WR
Heitmann fractured his left fibula while Singletary said.
would become one of the youngest 49ers ever Josh Morgan suffered a jammed neck late in
pulling out on a running play. Baas, who has 38 career starts at both guard
to start a regular-season opener if he remains practice after he was hit by safety Dashon
in the lineup for San Francisco’s Sept. 12 Heitmann has started every game at center positions, said he is focused on his new oppor- Goldson. ... Singletary pulled the plug on
game at Seattle. the past three seasons. He started the first 14 tunity at center. Monday’s morning practice at least 20 min-
While Iupati has been running primarily games of 2006 before breaking his left tibia. “I want to win just like everybody else,” utes early because of injuries and sloppy play.
with the first team since the first day of Baas, who started all 16 games last season Baas said. “So I’m coming out here and com- “I’ve been anticipating this day,” Singletary
padded practices, Davis didn’t move ahead of at left guard, suffered a concussion on Aug. 2 peting, and if they want me to compete at cen- said. “This is a wall day, hump day. And
incumbent Adam Snyder until taking all the and missed several days of practice. Iupati ter, that’s what I’m gonna do. I can’t sit here you’ve got to work your way through that
first-team reps Saturday. took his place and hasn’t budged since. and complain about it. You have to move on, wall. And we didn’t handle that very well
“This is a confidence booster, but you’ve Singletary said Baas will now be the top you have to be the best football player at today.”

Harbaugh, who led Stanford to its first bowl “The biggest thing I learned from him was spot while also working as a free safety.
Continued from page 11
game in eight years last fall. “A lot of guys
were impressive. They are all equal today,
every single guy. It’s going to be who prac-
watching him. You could tell he was having
Sophomores Stephan Taylor and Usua
Loukas, who missed last season with a torn
ACL, was the backup quarterback two years
ago and has seen time as a wide receiver.
tices hard, who picks up the position and who Amanam and freshmen Anthony Wilkerson, “Owen is the perfect football player,”
holds on to the ball. We’ll start to see that this Ricky Seale and Andrew Stutz will also be Harbaugh said. “He does so many things right
then won a starting job for the baseball team in camp.” given an opportunity. and he’s trained himself for this. Alex will
the spring. Senior Jeremy Stewart, who missed seven Two players — seniors Owen Marecic and play offense one day and defense the next.
Cardinal coach Jim Harbaugh said there are games due to injury last year, is the front-run- Alex Loukas — are working out on both sides We’ll make sure he doesn’t lose a day in
four returning running backs and three new- ner but he’s had limited success. He rushed for of the ball. either.”
comers intent on establishing their own identi- 343 yards as a freshman and has accumulated Marecic will be on the field as both a full- The Cardinal (8-5 last year) host
ty. a combined 183 yards the past two years. back and inside linebacker. Loukas will be Sacramento State in their season opener on
“There were a ton of good things,” said “Gerhart is a great runner,” Stewart said. given a chance to win the No. 2 quarterback Sept. 4.






THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 15
hole cut, and in the awards ceremony national event, winning it was probably Country Club. golfer sent in an application to try to

Continued from page 11
was able to strike up a conversation
with champion Bernhard Langer, who
won his first senior major and is also a
the most dearest to my heart because I
grew up idolizing guys who won the
San Francisco City Championship.”
He spent many days and nights hon-
ing his game at the range or on the
course. It’s often said that success
qualify for the Tour, he would lose his
amateur status. So Haag decided it was
best to keep his amateur status, which
two-time Masters champion. Also high up on Haag’s list of great comes at a price, and no one knows that would allow him to balance a competi-
“Being on the 18th green (in the moments came in 2007 when he quali- better than Haag, who tore a ligament tive golf career along with one that pays
think I would be able to play at the high awards ceremony) with Bernhard fied to play in the U.S. Amateur, which in his right wrist and suffered damage the bills.
level I did.” Langer and (runner-up) Corey Pavin was held at the Olympic Club that year. to his L4 and L5 discs in his back in a Haag is currently the vice president
Haag even managed to overcome a was certainly something I won’t ever The qualifier was at Peninsula, making freak weight-training accident five for a hedge fund company and has had
first in his career — three-putting three forget,” said Haag, a longtime member the result all the more rewarding. Safe years ago.
times in a four hole stretch, on Nos. 2, success as a venture capital entrepre-
at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. to say Haag is somewhat of a legend in One day, Haag will have to get sur- neur ever since graduating from col-
4 and 5 during his first round. But Haag “To get that Silver Medal went well the San Mateo County and Bay Area gery on his wrist — “It’s a three to six
displayed his usual mental toughness lege. The fact that Haag is enjoying one
beyond my dreams and is an experi- amateur golfing world. month recovery period and right now I of the best years of his golf career at a
the rest of the day, carding 11 birdies ence that will resonate for a long, long “That was one of the greatest days of don’t have three months (to spare),” he
and four bogeys after his rough stretch time when he’s involved in the start-up
time.” my life, qualifying for the U.S. said — while continuing to receive phase of his hedge fund company
en route to a 4-under finish. Haag wouldn’t go as far as to say Amateur on my home course,” he said. epidural shots into his spine to relieve
“It was pretty much a roller coaster speaks volumes of his work ethic and
earning the Silver Medal was the Other achievements that rank among back pain, which still flares up from
of an experience,” he said. “It was real- ability to balance things and excel at the
biggest accomplishment in his career, the best in Haag’s career include win- time to time.
ly emotional, never easy, there was a lot but it obviously ranks among the high- ning the Santa Clara County and For a time, Haag thought his com- same time.
of trepidation and it was probably the lights of his best golfing moments. Oakland City Championships this sea- petitive playing days were over. The Haag also has his own golf blog
best qualifying field I’ve ever seen.” That’s because he’s had a number of son for the first time, becoming only the severity of his injuries prevented him ( Getting older has
Of course, Haag’s experience play- breakthroughs along the way, with each third golfer to win the Olympic Club’s from getting his game back up to a high actually helped Haag’s game. He pos-
ing in the Senior British Open was one representing a milestone. One of the coveted Olympian award for athletic level. Eventually, the pain became tol- sesses intangibles that only come with
of the great moments of his career. seminal moments of Haag’s career achievement in ’08 and beating out erable and Haag has come back better years of experience, allowing him to
Haag earned a berth in the Open play- came when he won the San Francisco Tiger Woods for the 1993 California than ever, enjoying a rebirth in his make sound decisions on the course.
ing a qualifier in the days leading up to City Championship in 1999, beating Amateur Player of the Year award. career at 51. “I can play well or better right now
the tournament. His four rounds at six-time champion Gary Vanier in the That season, Woods won the U.S. Haag plays in 20 to 25 tournaments a than when I was younger because of
Carnoustie were literally a dream come match-play final. Junior Amateur but Haag won the year, which would be a full slate for the all the little things you gain through
true. “No one had ever beaten Gary in the Northern California Amateur and even the busiest touring pros. In his playing year after year,” Haag said. “It’s
Haag not only made the field, but finals,” Haag said. “He’s been the king reached the quarterfinals of the Mid- early 20s, Haag thought about trying to one of the things I love about this game.
earned the prestigious Silver Medal for of that event so to beat him in the finals Amateur. A Campolindo High-Moraga earn his PGA Tour Card, but then It’s a bit ageless. You can be a little
being the low amateur. Haag was actu- that day at Harding Park was a huge and San Diego State graduate, Haag thought better of it. older and still compete at a high level.”
ally the only amateur to make the 36- day in my life. Even though it’s not a got his start as a caddy at Orinda Back then, Haag said, the second a Haag is living proof.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16
vs.Cubs vs.Cubs vs.Cubs vs.Padres vs.Padres vs.Padres OFF
7:15 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
12:45 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
1:10 p.m.
1:05 p.m.
W L Pct GB
East Division
W L Pct GB
W L T Pts GF GA New York 69 42 .622 — Atlanta 64 48 .571 —
@Seattle @Seattle @Minnesota vs.Toronto Columbus 11 4 4 37 28 17 Tampa Bay 68 44 .607 1 1/2 Philadelphia 62 49 .559 1 1/2
@Minnesota @Minnesota New York 55 56 .495 8 1/2
7:10 p.m. 12:40 p.m. OFF 5:10 p.m. 7:05 p.m. New York 8 6 4 28 20 21 Boston 64 49 .566 6
4:10 p.m. 11:10 a.m.
CSN-CAL CSN-CAL CSN-CAL Florida 54 56 .491 9
CSN-CAL CSN-CAL Toronto FC 7 6 5 26 21 20 Toronto 59 52 .532 10
Washington 49 63 .438 15
Chicago 5 5 6 21 21 21 Baltimore 38 74 .339 31 1/2
Aug. 14 Aug. 21 Aug. 28 Sept. 5 Sept. 11 Sept. 15 Sept. 25
vs.Kansas City vs.LA Galaxy @ N.Y. @ Houston vs. Dallas vs.Philly @Toronto FC Kansas City 5 8 5 20 15 21 Central Division
7 p.m. 1 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 1 p.m. Central Division
CSN-CAL CSN-CAL CSN+ CSN-CAL New England 5 9 3 18 17 27 W L Pct GB
W L Pct GB Cincinnati 64 49 .566 —
Philadelphia 4 10 3 15 21 32
Aug. 14 Aug. 22 Aug. 28 Sept. 1 Sept. 5 Sept. 11 Chicago 63 49 .563 — St.Louis 62 49 .559 1
D.C. 3 13 3 12 12 32
vs.Washington @ Chicago @Atlanta vs.Boston
Minnesota 63 49 .563 — Milwaukee 53 60 .469 11
@Sky Blue FC vs.Philly Playoffs TBA
7 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 4 p.m. 6:05 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Detroit 54 58 .482 9 Houston 48 63 .432 15
FSC FSC WESTERN CONFERENCE Kansas City 47 65 .420 16 Chicago 47 65 .423 16
W L T Pts GF GA Cleveland 47 65 .420 16 Pittsburgh 39 72 .351 24


Real Salt Lake
12 3 4 40 31 13
10 4 5 35 33 15 West Division West Division
BASEBALL Wright to Round Rock (PCL). Called up RHP Mark Seattle 8 8 4 28 23 25 W L Pct GB W L Pct GB
BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Recalled C Craig Tatum Melancon from Round Rock. FC Dallas 7 2 9 30 24 16 Texas 64 47 .577 — San Diego 64 46 .582 —
from Norfolk (IL). PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES — Announced INF Cody Colorado 7 5 6 27 20 17 Oakland 56 55 .505 8 San Francisco 64 49 .566 1 1/2
SEATTLE MARINERS — Fired manager Don Waka- Ransom has cleared waivers and accepted outright San Jose 6 6 5 23 20 20 Colorado 58 53 .523 6 1/2
matsu, bench coach Ty Van Burkleo and pitching assignment to Lehigh Valley (IL). Los Angeles 57 57 .500 8 1/2
Houston 5 9 5 20 23 29 Los Angeles 58 54 .518 7
coach Rick Adair.Named Daren Brown interim man- PITTSBURGH PIRATES — Agreed to terms with Seattle 43 70 .381 22
ager.Promoted minor league pitching coordinator RHP Nick Kingham, RHP Brandon Cumpton and Chivas USA 5 10 3 18 22 25 Arizona 44 69 .389 21 1/2
Carl Willis to pitching coach and minor league RHP Ryan Hafner. Assigned Kingham and Hafner NOTE:Three points for victory,one point for tie.
catching coordinaor Roger Hansen to bench coach. to the Pirates (GCL) and Cumpton to State College Monday’s results
Monday’s results
Released performance coach Steve Hecht from his (NYP). Boston 2,N.Y.Yankees 1
Wednesday’s games St.Louis 7,Cincinnati 3
contract. BASKETBALL Baltimore 3,Chicago White Sox 2,10 innings
TORONTO BLUE JAYS — Agreed to terms with MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES — Signed F An- Toronto FC at New York,4:30 p.m. Houston 10,Atlanta 4
LHP Justin Nicolino, LHP Mitchell Taylor and 2B thony Tolliver. Real Salt Lake at Philadelphia,4:30 p.m. Tampa Bay 6,Detroit 3 Arizona 7,Milwaukee 4,10 innings
Brandon Mims and assigned them to the Blue Jays NEW JERSEY NETS — Signed F Sean May. Saturday’s games L.A.Angels 6,Kansas City 4 San Francisco 4,Chicago 3,11 innings
(GCL). FOOTBALL Colorado at Philadelphia,1 p.m. Seattle 3,Oakland 1 Tuesday’s games
CINCINNATI REDS — Traded OF Chris Dickerson CAROLINA PANTHERS — Signed OT Jason
to Milwaukee for OF Jim Edmonds.Optioned LHP Los Angeles at New York,3 p.m. Tuesday’s games Florida (Ani.Sanchez 8-7) at Washington (Strasburg
Capizzi. Claimed G Andrew Crummey off waivers
Travis Wood to Louisville (IL). from Jacksonville. Waived G Noah Franklin and G FC Dallas at D.C.United,5 p.m. Oakland (Bre.Anderson 3-2) at Seattle (F.Hernan- 5-2), 4:05 p.m.; Chicago Cubs (Dempster 9-8) at
HOUSTON ASTROS — Optioned LHP Wesley Kurtis Gregory. Houston at New England,5 p.m. dez 7-9),7:10 p.m. San Francisco (Lincecum 11-5),7:15 p.m.
16 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Israel threatens to quit

U.N. probe into flotilla
Charity will stay in Afghanistan
By Robert H. Ried
By Mark Lavie Israeli officials said the agreement
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS to take part in the U.N. probe was KABUL, Afghanistan — A
conditional on the panel relying on Christian charity said Monday it had
JERUSALEM — Israel threat- reports from Israel’s own military no plans to leave Afghanistan
ened Monday to pull out of a U.N. inquiry, not testimony from soldiers. despite the brutal murders last week
inquiry into a deadly raid on a But at a Monday news conference of 10 members of its medical aid
Turkish flotilla heading for Gaza, at U.N. headquarters, Secretary- team, six of them Americans.
after the U.N. chief said there is no General Ban Ki-moon was asked Police were holding the lone
agreement that the panel would whether he had agreed not to sum- Afghan survivor for questioning,
refrain from calling Israeli soldiers mon Israeli soldiers before the panel. insisting he is not a suspect although
to testify. “No, there was no such agreement authorities have lingering questions
Last week Israel agreed to partici- behind the scenes,” Ban said, adding about his account of the horrific
pate in the U.N. probe into the May that the panel is supposed to work massacre in northern Afghanistan.
31 raid, when nine pro-Palestinian with the Israeli and Turkish The attack, far from the main the-
activists were killed after Israeli inquiries. “And whatever is needed aters of the war in the east and
naval commandos boarded a beyond that, they will have to dis- south, underscored the growing
Turkish vessel aiming to break cuss among themselves, in close insecurity in the region. REUTERS
Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza. coordination with the national gov- It was also the biggest assault on This combination picture shows eight of the 10 members of a medical
The surprise development came ernment authorities, that they can foreign Christians since the 2007 team who were killed in Afghanistan.Pictured are (top row,from left) Tom
just hours after Israeli Prime take their own future steps,” he said. kidnapping of 23 South Korean mis- Little of the U.S.,Cheryl Beckett of the U.S.,Daniela Beyer of Germany,Dan
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu testi- In response, the Israeli Prime sionaries by the Taliban in Ghazni Terry of the U.S.,(bottom row,from left) Glen Lapp of the U.S.,Brian Carderelli
fied before his country’s own Minister’s office issued a harsh province. Two male hostages were of the U.S.,Mahram Ali of Afghanistan and Jawed of Afghanistan.
inquiry into the raid. He charged statement. “Prime Minister slain before the South Korean gov-
that Turkey had an interest in the Benjamin Netanyahu makes it ernment negotiated their release the for four years, was flown to Kabul and a German who were gunned
violent confrontation, refusing to absolutely clear that Israel will not following month. on Sunday from Badakhshan down after finishing a two-week
exert its influence to stop the flotilla. cooperate with and will not take part The survivor of last week’s attack, province. Also taken to the capital medical mission treating Afghan
A Turkish official rejected that as in any panel that seeks to interrogate a driver named Saifullah who had were the bodies of the six villagers in the remote Parun valley
“ridiculous.” Israeli soldiers,” it said. worked for the humanitarian group Americans, two Afghans, a Briton of Nuristan province.

More than 1,100 missing in Korea fired about 110 rounds of South Korean Joint Chief of Staff
Around the world artillery Monday near its disputed officer said on condition of
China as flood misery rises country’s worst-ever floods exceed- landslides in the northwestern sea border with South Korea, the anonymity, citing department policy.
ZHOUQU, China — Rescuers ed the combined total of three recent province of Gansu — the deadliest South’s military said, amid high ten- South Korea considered the firing
lifted muddy bodies into trucks, and megadisasters — the 2004 Indian incident so far in the country’s worst sion over the deadly sinking of a to be part of a military drill by North
aid convoys choked the road into the Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir flooding in a decade. A debris- South Korean warship blamed on Korea but still bolstered its military
remote Chinese town where hun- earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earth- blocked swollen river burst, swamp- North Korea. readiness against further provoca-
dreds died and more than 1,100 were quake. ing entire mountain villages in the The firing came shortly after tion, the officer said. The South also
missing Monday from landslides Rescuers in mountainous Indian- county seat of Zhouqu and ripping South Korea ended five-day naval warned Pyongyang over the firing
caused by heavy rain that has flood- controlled Kashmir raced to rescue homes from their foundations. drills off the west coast that the by naval radio, he said.
ed swaths of Asia and spread misery dozens of stranded foreign trekkers North called a rehearsal for an inva- “This was their way of saying
to millions. and find 500 people still missing in North Korea fires artillery sion, vowing to retaliate. ’We’ll respond to military drills with
In Pakistan, the United Nations flash floods that have killed 140. near disputed border All the artillery shells harmlessly military drills,”’ said Yang Moo-jin,
said the government’s estimate of In China, the death toll jumped to landed into the North’s waters and a professor at Seoul’s University of
337 late Monday after Sunday’s SEOUL, South Korea — North
13.8 million people affected by the caused no damage to the South, a North Korean studies.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL HEALTH Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 17

Eaten alive
Woman’s five-year battle
with flesh-eating bacteria
By Marilynn Machione
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “When I looked down at
BALTIMORE — Waking from a
my belly,basically all the
fog of anesthesia, Sandy Wilson skin was gone and I could
found she was a patient in one of the see my internal organs....I
hospitals where she worked as a
nurse. She remembered having a
remember seeing my
baby, and being told she had gotten intestines.I thought,
an infection. But nothing could pre- ‘There’s no way I can live
pare her for what lurked beneath the
sheets. like this ...This is a death
Flesh-eating bacteria were eating sentence.”’
her alive.
“When I looked down at my belly, — Sandy Wilson
basically all the skin was gone and I
could see my internal organs,” she organ transplant. For much of that
said. “I remember seeing my intes- time, she lived in hospitals and reha-
bilitation centers, fed by tubes and

Report: Dog food harming kids

By Lindsey Tanner
tines. I thought, ‘There’s no way I
can live like this ... This is a death
In all of medicine, few infections
are as feared as this one. It strikes
unable to give her young son a bath,
to read him a bedtime story, to tuck
him in at night. She lost her mar-
riage and endured unimaginable
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Reduce infection risks out of the blue, especially obese
people, diabetics, cancer patients,
“It was like I was rotting from the
inside out,” she said.
CHICAGO — Fido’s food may be • Washing hands after contact feeding areas. transplant recipients and others with “It was like something out of a
making kids sick, a government with pets, pet food and pet • Cleaning pets’ food and water weak immune systems — a growing very strange science fiction movie,”
report warns, detailing the first bowls. dishes in a separate sink or group of Americans. It kills 20 per- said her mother, Dottie Howarth of
known salmonella outbreak in • Routinely cleaning pet food tub, not in the kitchen or cent of its victims and horribly dis- Columbia, Md., also a nurse. “I was
humans, mostly young children, bowls and feeding areas. bathtub. figures others. very afraid that she would not make
linked to pet food.
• Keeping children younger than • avoiding bathing infants in the It used to be caused almost exclu- it through this.”
age 5 away from pet food and kitchen sink. sively by one type of strep bacteria. No one knows how Wilson got
The outbreak sickened 79 people
Now there’s a scary trend: drug- necrotizing fasciitis the infection’s
in 21 mostly eastern states, between
manufacturers because of possible brands of dry dog and cat food pro- resistant superbugs like the staph formal name. The ordeal began after
2006 and 2008. Almost half of the salmonella contamination, Food and duced at a Mars Petcare US plant in germ MRSA increasingly are able
victims were children aged 2 and her son, Christopher, was born by
Drug Administration data show. Everson, Pa., including Pedigree to make “flesh-eating” toxins and cesarean section on April 1, 2005.
younger. FDA spokesman Ira Allen said there and Special Kitty. cause nightmarish infections like
Dry pet foods are an under-recog- She developed a clotting problem
have been no reported salmonella While young children were most Wilson’s. and was given blood components
nized source of salmonella infec- illnesses linked to pet food since the often affected, there’s no evidence To treat it, doctors cut away dead pooled from hundreds of donors.
tions in humans, and it’s likely other 2006-08 outbreak. that they got sick by eating pet food, tissue, but the infection often After several weeks, she went
illnesses since then were unknow- A report about the outbreak was Behravesh said. They probably advances after they think they’ve home but lasted only two days.
ingly caused by tainted pet food, published online Monday by the became infected by touching affect- gotten it all. Fluid built up around her C-section
said Casey Barton Behravesh, the medical journal Pediatrics. ed animals or dirty pet food dishes, Inch by inch, it devoured the 34- and her blood pressure plunged. She
report’s lead author and a researcher There have been no known cases and then putting their hands in their year-old Wilson. Spleen, gall blad- sought emergency care at an
at the federal Centers for Disease of human salmonella linked with mouths, she said. der, appendix. Part of her stomach Annapolis hospital and was rushed
Control and Prevention. wet pet food. Symptoms included bloody diar- and ultimately, all of her intestines. into surgery, but doctors quickly
At least six unrelated pet food The outbreak was blamed on sal- rhea and fever. At least 11 people Over five years, she had countless
recalls have been issued this year by monella bacteria found in several were hospitalized; none died. surgeries, including an unusual See GERM, Page 19
18 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 HEALTH THE DAILY JOURNAL

Weight-loss pitfalls fitness-seekers can avoid By Eric Heiden University of California at Davis or cranberries laden with sugar);
TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES Sports Medicine Program, finds yogurt (sweetened with more sugar
that many fitness-seekers benefit than ice cream); or "energy" bars
Quite a buzz was generated this from eating the right things before drizzled with chocolate, frosting or
spring by a Harvard study showing and during their workout. "It helps caramel. Even bona fide sports
that losing weight via exercise is you avoid eating the wrong things drinks can sabotage your efforts to
more difficult than previously afterward," she says. lower your caloric intake. Sports
thought. "To prepare for the demands of a drinks are designed to provide
One of the pitfalls was an insuf- hard workout, two to four hours carbs with your water and often
ficient amount of exercise. The beforehand have a meal or snack contain upwards of 300 calories in
study, published in the Journal of with a good source of carbohy- 12 fluid ounces, compared with
the American Medical Association, drate," says Braun. "And consume 195 calories in an average 16-
found that the government-recom- 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate ounce soft drink.
mended seven hours of moderate every hour while you work out." Keep in mind that a pre-
exercise per week didn't trigger a Braun also recommends staving menopausal woman or a man in his
drop in weight. Instead, the study off fatigue by staying well hydrat- early 50s can gain 15 to 20 pounds
found that those who were able to ed. "Drink 16 fluid ounces one to quite suddenly, in about a year,
lose weight exercised more than two hours before and 5 to 11 fluid even with exercise and without a
seven hours a week at a moderate ounces for every 20 minutes of change in diet. To counteract this,
pace (or half that time at a vigorous exercise," says Braun. "And start Braun suggests eliminating empty
pace). drinking and eating early. Avoid calories such as cocktails and wine.
Exercise does not invariably having to respond to hunger and A glass of wine contains about 100
cause weight loss. Variation is key. thirst. Keep ahead of them." calories, a beer or vodka tonic 150,
If you don't challenge yourself, She also recommends that ath- a margarita from 185 to 1,000, and
your body will stop adapting letes who want to lose weight avoid creamy specialty drinks, particular-
because it no longer perceives the overeating in the evening. "You ly those containing coconut milk,
exercise as overload and you won't want to fuel your day, not your about 350. "Consuming alcohol is
see the progress you want. sleep," says Braun. Evening hunger also dehydrating, which can impact
An increase your caloric intake may indicate you are not eating the quality of your workouts,"
that outpaces your exercise can enough during the day to fuel your Braun said.
also derail weight loss. Many peo- increase in physical activity. "To To safely jump-start weight loss
ple cut themselves too much slack avoid a large evening meal or without compromising the quality
with food or drink once they start evening bingeing, try adding a of your food intake, try Max's
to exercise. This phenomenon is healthy snack or increasing your Jumpstart Weight-Loss Diet, a
fondly referred to as the "entitle- portions during the day," she said. healthy and effective diet devel-
ment meal," and it consists of Be on the lookout for high-calo- oped especially for people who are
everything you want, because you rie foods disguised as healthy working out, by exercise physiolo-
A glass of wine contains about 100 calories, a beer or vodka tonic 150, a deserve it. options tailored to fitness-seekers: gy physician Max Testa, M.D. (see
margarita from 185 to 1,000,and creamy specialty drinks,particularly those Marlia Braun, a nutritional biolo- Salads with high-fat, high-sugar our Web site at www.fasterbetter-
containing coconut milk,about 350. gist and registered dietitian at the dressing (or cheese, croutons, nuts
THE DAILY JOURNAL HEALTH Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 19
do to prove a captive is alive. She She found comfort from Reiki,
Bulging belly can be GERM remained unconvinced.
Finally, when he was several months
old, they put her in isolation gowns and
acupuncture and guided visual imagery
— alternative therapies that she said gave
her a sense of control when she was so
deadly for older adults Continued from page 17

closed her up once they realized what she

brought him to a conference room. A tiny
arm poked out of his blanket.
“I have a freckle on my right arm and
But her health worsened. By
December 2006, only inches remained of
By Carla K. Johnson had. he has one on his left in the same spot. I her small intestine and she developed
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS They sent her to Baltimore’s Shock remembered that,” Wilson said. “That’s liver problems. The only solution was
Trauma Center, a state-of-the-art hospital when I thought, ’OK, he’s here, he’s real. risky: a small bowel transplant.
CHICAGO — If your pants are feeling a bit tight around the specializing in the most dire, life-threat- I’ve got to get back home to him, to get Dr. Cal Matsumoto evaluated Wilson
waistline, take note: Belly bulge can be deadly for older adults, ening cases. It is part of the University of better now.”’ for one at Georgetown University
even those who aren’t overweight or obese by other measures. Maryland Medical Center where Wilson But the germs had only just begun to Medical Center.
One of the largest studies to examine the dangers of abdom- worked as a pediatric emergency nurse. ravage her. “I remember taking the dressing off.
inal fat suggests men and women with the biggest waistlines “I remember vividly” how sick she That fall, as she was being discharged All you see is bowel with holes in it, like
have twice the risk of dying over a decade compared to those was, said Dr. Thomas Scalea, Shock from a rehabilitation hospital, she fell ill a bunch of worms coming out of your
with the smallest tummies. Trauma’s physician-in-chief. “Some peo- again. She had developed fistulas — abdominal wall,” he said. “It was pretty
Surprisingly, bigger waists carry a greater risk of death even ple don’t live. Sometimes you do the best holes in her bowel that let its contents bad.”
for people whose weight is “normal” by the body mass index, you can do and the disease is bigger than leak out to her skin. She spent the next The transplant came on Dec. 16, 2007.
or BMI, a standard measure based on weight and height. the medical care. The fact that she was a two years in Shock Trauma or the rehab Doctors wound up transplanting a large
“Even if you haven’t had a noticeable weight gain, if you nurse at our place, that she had just had a hospital, trying to heal those open intestine, too, because the damage was so
notice your waist size increasing that’s an important sign,” said baby, all of that made it very, very hard.” wounds. Her family brought Christopher extensive, Wilson said. A month later,
lead author Eric Jacobs of the American Cancer Society, which For two weeks, Wilson was kept sedat- to visit a couple times a week. she devoured her first meal since May
funded the study. “It’s time to eat better and start exercising ed while surgeons sliced away rotten tis- “It was so incredibly hard,” Wilson 2005: lasagna, zucchini, salad and cake.
more.” sue and drained vile fluid. said. “I wanted to feed him and bathe “I loved that salad. I shared it with
Other research has linked waist size to dementia, heart dis- “I can’t tell you the number of times I him and clothe him, and walk him when Christopher. It was so amazing when he
ease, asthma and breast cancer. operated on her; probably 40, 50 times,” he cried. I worked in the pediatric emer- came into that room and saw me eating,”
Bulging bellies are a problem for most Americans older than Scalea said. “Every time we went back, gency room for 11 years. I had waited all she said. “It was amazing to actually be
50. It’s estimated that more than half of older men and more we just hadn’t gotten control.” my life to do this for my own child, to able to chew something and to have dif-
than 70 percent of older women have bigger waistlines than Once Wilson was stable, the doctors take care of him, and I couldn’t.” ferent flavors in your mouth.”
recommended. And it’s a growing problem: Average waist- gathered her family to wake her and Christopher’s first birthday party was But there were more setbacks before
lines have expanded by about an inch per decade since the break the news. in the rehab hospital. For his second, Wilson went home for good at the end of
1960s. Wilson remembers peering under her Wilson was in a medically induced coma January 2008. She’s been hospitalized a
To check your girth, wrap a tape measure around your waist hospital gown and seeing what looked and didn’t even see him. The little boy few times since then to make sure fevers
at the navel. No fair sucking in your bulge. Men should have a like yellow Saran Wrap over her intes- took it all in stride and never seemed were not a sign of organ rejection.
waist circumference no larger than 40 inches. For women, the tines. Loopy from the painkillers, she afraid, said Lori Walden-Vetters, another She has had surgeries to graft skin and
limit is 35 inches. thought she was in a sci-fi movie “and nurse and family friend. to connect the transplanted bowel to what
The new study, appearing in Monday’s Archives of Internal that they were turning me into a robot.” “He didn’t know any different. She remains of her colon so she would no
Medicine, is the first to analyze waist size and deaths for peo- She feared her baby was dead, that it was his mother, and she was always in longer need to wear a bag to collect
ple in three BMI categories: Normal, overweight and obese. In was somehow her fault, and that she was the hospital. For all he knew, that’s how waste. The last of these operations,
all three groups, waist size was linked to higher risk. being punished. Her family brought him everybody’s mother was,” Walden- everyone hopes, was in February.
About 2 percent of people in the study had normal BMI to see her through a window, but she Vetters said. Wilson estimates that her care cost
numbers but larger than recommended waists. Jacobs said the accused them of borrowing a baby from For Wilson, though, life was bleak. around $5 million, paid at first by the
risk increased progressively with increasing waist size, even at the hospital. They took pictures of “I was in pain all the time” and nause- couple’s insurance plans and then by
waist sizes well below what might be considered too large. Christopher at home with newspapers ated from the pain medicine, Wilson Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security
The study used data from more than 100,000 people who showing the current date, like kidnappers said. disability.
were followed from 1997 to 2006. Nearly 15,000 people died
during that time.
The researchers crunched numbers on waist circumference,
height and weight to draw conclusions about who was more
likely to die. Study participants measured their own waists, so
some honest mistakes and wishful fudging could have been
included, the authors acknowledged.
20 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 DATEBOOK THE DAILY JOURNAL

“State voters reject-

as usual. They are there to appease special

Calendar ed new taxes two

years ago. Voters
don’t want a tax
interests,” said Bell, who also supports the
state contracting out for services as a way
to reduce pension cost.
TUESDAY, AUG. 10 to work with artists and art organiza- Continued from page 1 increase. But Gordon Conlon said creating jobs should be the
Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle at tions to find opportunities for
Little House. 9 a.m. to noon. Little exhibiting, networking, sharing of is not adhering to that. state’s top priority and said it can be done
House Wood Shop, 800 Middle Ave., ideas, teaching and more. $7 per ses- primary while his opponents this He voted for a sales through tax incentives. He wants to bal-
Menlo Park. Learn how to use wood- sion, $20 for all workshops in November virtually spent nothing to tax increase,” Conlon ance the budget without new taxes and
working tools and complete your August (held every Thursday). For
own jigsaw puzzle. For more infor- more information call 326-2025. secure their nominations. said. The San Mateo said the state’s pension system needs to be
mation call 326-2025. Gordon is the most politically experi- County Board of reformed.
Kaiser Permenente Clothing enced of the three candidates, having Rich Gordon Supervisors voted He has also been a vocal opponent of
Animals in Action. 10:30 a.m. Drive. 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Kaiser
Coyote Point Museum, 1651 Coyote Permenente South Francisco served on the San Mateo County Board of down a sales tax the California High-Speed Rail
Point Drive, San Mateo. Join us to Medical Center Cafeteria, 1200 El Supervisors for the past 12 years. increase ballot meas- Authority’s intention to use the Caltrain
catch our Wildlife Keepers doing Camino Real. Donate your new or
animal enrichment activities, taking gently-used sweats, jackets or any Conlon, a retired Atherton resident, ran ure proposal last week corridor for the line.
animals for walks and even leading warm, stretchy pants or tops. For for Congress two years ago against U.S. on a 3-2 vote. Gordon Conlon would prefer high-speed trains
training sessions. Free with admis- more information call Joe Fragola at Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, and also and Supervisor Rose to come up either Highway 101 or
sion. For more information call 342- (415) 674-7149.
7755. ran for state treasurer in 2002. He lost Jacobs Gibson, how- Interstate 280.
Sustainability for Positive Change both contests. ever, voted for the Gordon said the state should pay for
Tuesday Tales: Story time at Art Auction. 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Menlo Bell ran for the District 21 Assembly increase.
Coyote Point Museum. 11 a.m. College, 1000 El Camino Real, construction which is sensitive to local
Coyote Point Museum, 1651 Coyote Atherton. Join us for an evening of seat in 2002, when he finished third As a Libertarian, communities including any costs associat-
Point Drive, San Mateo. Enjoy an art, food, wine and entertainment at behind Democrat Joe Simitian, now a Bell naturally opposes ed with tunneling. The authority revealed
enriching story, animal presentation the first annual silent art auction fea-
and exploration activity. Free. For turing local artists. $20. state senator, and Republican candidate Greg Conlon raising taxes although last week, however, tunneling is primarily
more information call 342-7755. Jim Russell. Bell received less than 4 per- he said tax revenue not an option on the Peninsula.
Meditation: For Stress-Free cent of the vote in that race. could be raised in the While Gordon touts his experience as a
Soroptimist of Burlingame, San Living. 6 p.m. East Palo Alto
Mateo Lunch. 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 Library, 2415 University Ave., East Funding education is Gordon’s top pri- state by reducing lawmaker, neither Conlon nor Bell have
p.m. Luceti’s, 109 W. 25th Ave., San Palo Alto. Learn how to meditate ority, if elected. He also intends to intro- taxes on employees as any experience in elected office but not for
Mateo. Featuring speaker Lynelle from psychiatrist and author an incentive to keep
Bilsey talking about the Shelter Marshall Zaslove. Free. For more duce legislation to reform the state’s budg- a lack of trying.
Network’s programs to help home- information call 321-7712. et process. companies from flee- Bell also ran for a Sequoia Union High
less individuals and families return It is also key, Gordon said, to eliminate ing California. School District seat in 1999 and again in
to self-sufficiency. Cost of lunch is FRIDAY, AUG. 13
$20. For more information e-mail Stories from the Past: ‘How the two-thirds majority needed to pass a Bell supports 2001. He lost both those races. He is an Baseball Saved Us.’ 11 a.m. San state budget, a proposal that Conlon said vouchers for charter aerospace engineer at Lockheed-Martin
Mateo County History Museum, is irresponsible. schools and wants and lives in Redwood City.
Savy Business Woman and 2200 Broadway, Redwood City. $5
adults, $3 seniors and students, “The two-thirds majority is our only public university stu- District 21 includes San Carlos, discussion. 6:30 p.m. to Ray Bell Jr dents to pay more in
8:30 p.m. 285 Hamilton Ave., fourth members and children under 5 free. restraint or else taxes will rise,” Conlon Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park,
floor, Palo Alto. Join us for an inti- For more information call Diane tuition costs to keep
mate Round Table Discussion on 299-0104. said. East Palo Alto, Woodside, and Portola
how companies are successfully Education is also a priority for Conlon, the system from going into decay. Valley in San Mateo County and Palo
implementing social media to grow Zorba the Greek birthday lunch. although he thinks the problem could be Bell wants to see the Legislature Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Monte
their business. Must RSVP at meet- Noon. Twin Pines Senior and Community Center, 20 Twin Pines solved by not “throwing more money at reduced to part-time hours and said the Sereno, Los Gatos and South San Jose
Free. For more information e-mail Lane, Belmont. Pietie, Laura and it.” He also opposes raising taxes to solve state payroll is “dramatically too big.” Almaden Valley in Santa Clara County. Diana are cooking marinated lamb, the state’s $20 billion deficit. “My opponents will continue business The election is Nov. 2.
moussaka, Greek salad and more. $6.
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 11 For more information call 595-7444.
Movies at Little House. 1:30 p.m. Councilman Warren Lieberman has Highway 101 and not on the Caltrain cor-
Little House Auditorium, 800
Middle Ave., Menlo Park. Featuring
‘Mostly Martha.’ $2 members, $3
non-members. For more information
Paws and Claws Wildlife Show.
1:30 p.m. Coyote Point Museum,
1651 Coyote Point Drive, San
Mateo. Come join us in our Wildlife
Theater and learn about Coyote
Continued from page 1
concerns about what the elevated option
might look like but said the council has
yet to have any real meaningful discus-
The rail authority is planning a route
with electrified bullet trains traveling
Point Museum’s non-releasable sions on the topic. from Los Angeles to San Francisco and
Paws and Claws Wildlife Show. animals. Free with admission. For He anticipates the council having an has been criticized for speedily getting
1:30 p.m. Coyote Point Museum, more information 342-7755. the project shovel-ready to secure more
1651 Coyote Point Drive, San inflated ridership and revenue projections extended discussion before it considers a
Mateo. Come join us in our Wildlife SATURDAY, AUG. 14 and the potential for property takings. resolution stating the city’s position on federal funding. The project was awarded
Theater and learn about Coyote Point ‘Mystery Castle’ Tours. 9:45 a.m. Councilwoman Coralin Feierbach is the project. $2.5 billion in federal funding in May and
Museum’s non-releasable animals. to 3:15 p.m. 900 Mirador Terrace, state voters approved a nearly $10 billion
Free with admission. For informa- Pacifica. Come and participate in ready to follow Orange’s lead. While the aesthetics of an elevated
tion call 342-7755. our 90 minute self-guided tours of “I think we need to have guts and stand option is a serious concern for the city, bond in a November 2008 election to
the castle. Adults $25 Children up to the bureaucrats,” said Feierbach, Councilman Dave Warden also has con- build the project. The estimated cost is
Free Energy Smart Homes under 12 $10. For more informa- expected to be more than $40 billion,
Symposium. 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. tion call 359-5462. who put the item on tonight’s agenda. cerns about how the project will impact
Crown Plaza, 1221 Chess Drive, She hopes other cities will be prompted the city economically. although critics say that number could
Foster City. Presented by the Foster Auditions at Hillbarn Theatre. 10
by Belmont’s action, too. “Is it going to destroy the transportation double.
City Ad Hoc Environmental a.m. to 2 p.m. Foster City Parks
Sustainability Task Force. Light and Rec., 650 Shell Blvd., Foster “This is a real divisive thing for our corridor in the heart of the city? People The authority also applied for a $1bil-
refreshments will be served. City. Come try out for Hillbarn town,” she said. should see the scope and how it is going lion federal grant Friday for electrifica-
Registration required by Aug. 6. For Theatre’s production of ‘Dial M
The authority revealed Thursday that tion of the Caltrain line and the construc-
more information and to register For Murder.’ Prepare one serious to change the character of the city,” tion of a new train station in Millbrae.
contact and one comic monologue. alignment options for Belmont do not Warden said.
Callbacks to be held on Aug. 16 Judge Quentin Kopp, who sits on the
Birds in the Garden. 7 p.m. San from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. By appoint- include any underground alternatives and He also expects the authority to pay the authority’s nine-member board, said if
Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San ment only; for appointment call that the line will run above ground, likely city if it suffers financially because of the Belmont does pass a resolution opposing
Carlos. Learn about making your 349-6411. For more information on an elevated viaduct.
garden sustainable and ‘green’ by visit
project. the project, it would have no legal effect.
planting California native plants to Wozniak attended the rail meeting last “If they are going to cram this down “We have a legal duty to continue until
beautify your garden and provide Millbrae Historical Society week and urged the board to keep the tun- our throats, then they are going to pay for
habitats for birds and butterflies. For Rummage Sale. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
and unless the Legislature or governor
more information visit Millbrae Library, 1 Library Ave.
neling option alive in Belmont. The coun- the economic damages to the city. It is say otherwise,” Kopp said. “I’m not criti-
Come for the Millbrae Library bar- cil may also direct staff tonight to posi- essentially eminent domain,” Warden cal of the City Council, though, because I
THURSDAY, AUG. 12 gain books/media sale. For more tion “story poles” near the tracks to show said.
Animals in Action. 10:30 p.m. information call 697-7607. understand the politics and earnestness
Coyote Point Museum, 1651 Coyote the potential height of the rail project in Lieberman still has reservations as to behind it.”
Point Drive, San Mateo. Join us to Filoli Improv Workshops. 11:30 the city. whether the line will actually run to San Feierbach understands the city adopt-
catch our Wildlife Keepers doing a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Filoli, 86
animal enrichment activities, taking Cañada Road, Woodside. Two free
Story poles are used in planning and Francisco. ing a resolution opposing the project will
animals for walks and even leading half-hour comedy improv workshops development to show the height and vol- “I wouldn’t say it is inevitable. There be largely ceremonial.
training sessions. Free with admis- for kids of all ages. Free for kids ume of proposed structures in relation to are still challenges to overcome,” “It will probably have no effect,”
sion. For more information call 342- under 18. For more information call
7755. 364-8300. their surroundings, according to Lieberman said. Feierbach said. “But maybe other cities
Wozniak. Warden said the trains should run up will follow.”
Wrongful Termination of Third Sunday Ballroom Tea
Employment (Private sector). Dance. 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. San
Noon. San Mateo County Law in the South San Francisco Unified school assignments first, noting that

Bruno Senior Center, 1555 Crystal
Library, 710 Hamilton St., Redwood Springs Road. $5. For more informa-
City. Discussion will include tion call 616-7150. District. school starts later this month.
employees’ limited rights to keep Cohen doesn’t see it as a change of If the property is in the San Bruno Park
their jobs, what is a ‘wrongful termi-
nation’ and what wrongfully termi- Continued from page 1 heart. Instead, he explained he signed the Elementary School District, students
nated employees can do. Free. For letter believing it was the best thing to do would attend Rollingwood Elementary
more information call 363-4913.
for the working relationship of the two School. If the property is in the South San
End of Life Decisions seminar. Commission annexed the land to the city organizations. At the same time, he said Francisco Unified School District, stu-
Noon to 1 p.m. 1528 S. El Camino of San Bruno. he doesn’t believe the decision is his. dents would attend Monte Verde
Real, Suite No. 301, San Mateo. In Martinez’s opinion, the county maps
Come receive expert information on The resolution before both boards Elementary School. Academically the
‘How to save on Cemetery Property were changed in regards to the city but not describes the situation as an unintentional schools are comparable. Both score over
Costs’ and other end of life deci- the school district. Both changes should mapping error. 800 in the most recent Academic
sions. Free. For more information
call372-0795. have been made, he said. Changing the boundaries could also Performance Index, which shows the level
Weise, on the other hand, pointed out
Stroke Lecture Series. 1 p.m. to create revenue questions. Property hous- of understanding students from an indi-
that city and school district boundaries
2:30 p.m. Redwood City Downtown ing a school does not pay property taxes. vidual school has for state academic stan-
Library, 1044 Middlefield Road. rarely match. South San Francisco
Speaker Nancy Houst Miller. Free. Unified, for example, has schools in both In August 2005, the San Bruno District dards. On the scale ranging from 200 to
For more information and to RSVP
San Bruno and Daly City. sold the site for $30.5 million. Plans to 1,000 points, 800 is the statewide target
call 565-8485. build 70 single-family homes on the site and 875 is considered proficient. Most
Outside opinions on the issue are also
John Ward’s Flower and Garden being collected. County Superintendent of was approved the following year. In 2007, recently, Rollingwood scored 814 and
Show. 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. 792 property tax revenue from the site began Monte Verde scored 856.
Willborough Road, Burlingame. See Schools Jean Holbrook, in a Feb. 4 letter
John’s 1930s English village garden. to San Bruno Superintendent David Hutt, to be collected and forwarded to the South Any boundary changes would need to
Open garden with self-guided tours
wrote she believes the property to be with- San Francisco Unified School District. If be approved by the San Mateo County
all afternoon; instructional tours at
1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. in the San Bruno Park District boundaries. the school district boundaries are Board of Supervisors.
Tax-deductible donations of any An interesting opinion comes from changed, future tax revenue would go to
amount will be accepted as admis-
sion to the garden show; all proceeds South San Francisco Superintendent San Bruno Park Elementary and San The San Bruno Park Elementary School
will support the local Master Howard Cohen. In a Feb. 10 letter, Cohen Mateo Union High school districts District Board of Trustees meets 7 p.m.
Gardener program. For more infor- instead. Wednesday, Aug. 11 at the District Office,
mation contact Kathy Switky at agreed children living on the land should attend San Bruno Park and continue on to That plan does not account for the over 500 Acacia Ave. in San Bruno. The South
A Month for Artists at Little
San Mateo Union High School District. $200,000 already collected. Neither dis- San Francisco Unified School District
House. 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Little On Monday, Cohen changed his opin- trict had a plan for dealing with the previ- meets 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 12 at the
House, 800 Middle Ave., Menlo ion during a phone interview to match ously-assessed tax revenue. District Office, 398 B St. in South San
Park. Workshop for individual artists
Weise’s — the land has always been with- Martinez was hoping to deal with Francisco.
THE DAILY JOURNAL COMICS/GAMES Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 21

Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010 to benefit you in the long run. Flow with events, and you’ll
end up enjoying where they take you.
Much more than you might realize, past experiences have
brought far more knowledge than you would have gotten AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) - Fortunately, because you
otherwise. The wisdom you’ve acquired will be used to your actually prefer being an independent operator, when those
advantage in multiple ways in the year ahead. who were supposed to help you fall through, you’ll be able to
deal with it just fine.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Being the type of person you are,
you’re likely to go out of your way tto make sure those in your PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - Although problems in the a.m.
presence are treated fairly, even if you have to give up part of might get you behind a bit, keep plugging forward. You’ll be
your share to equal things out. surprised at how quickly you’ll catch up, and you’ll end up
never missing a beat.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - Anticipating negative conditions
can generate them, so try to keep a positive attitude. This is ARIES (March 21-April 19) - At a small gathering, you might
not likely to be the trying day you thought it could be, unless have to deal with someone who is not a pleasant person.
you make it so. Ignore him/her the best that you can, because this individual
is known for trying to spoil everyone else’s fun.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Try to make amends as promptly
as possible if you inadvertently hurt another’s feelings. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - An associate might silently be
Everything can be rectified when you explain your intentions thanking you for drawing attention away from a problem s/
and apologize for any misunderstanding. he has that is quite noticeable once it is pointed out or recog-
nized. Good for you.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - Don’t let a negative-thinking
individual discourage you from doing what you think is right. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - Since your diplomatic attributes
You’re on a good track, and you should be able to generate are so well honed, it enables you to enter an environment
the kinds of results you envision. where bickering is usually quite persistent. You’ll do and say
what is needed to bring about peace.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) - Even if early morning Previous
disturbances frustrate you a bit, don’t let them influence your CANCER (June 21-July 22) - Because a positive attitude
attitude for the rest of the day. If you retain your lighthearted is quite prevalent in you, you believe you can control your Sudoku
composure, all will be well again. destiny, and you will. You’ll set your sights high, and not allow

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - Even though you might

anything to intimidate you. answers
initially find it hard to believe, early morning challenges tend Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

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“Only Sixteen”
group (2 wds.) R E P S E R A A L E E
4 City grove 51 Passed the word I R A Q H A Y F E V E R
8 Knuckle under 53 Feng — B L U R R Y E L A T E
12 “The Closer” channel 55 Sorority letter I C U J A I
13 Lick an envelope 56 Absent I N F R A F OR C E D
14 Shoestring 57 Crafted T I L E K A Y S K O A
15 I, for Wolfgang 58 Lamprey A P E P A C S R E E L
16 Handel contemporary 59 Gulls’ cries S E C U R E M I D S T
17 Desktop symbol 60 Arena level A MO G I N
18 Spanish town 61 Insect killer P O P U P B E A K E R
20 Jedi ally H I L L S I D E R A I L
22 Monorail DOWN I S A K A R S A S T I
23 Part of NBA 1 Handy swab (hyph.) L E N S MM E T E A L
25 Weekend wear 2 Not censored
08-10-10 ©2010, United Features Syndicate
(hyph.) 3 Significant —
29 “Snow” veggie 4 Church readings
31 Pipe 5 Flying prefix 27 Club type 46 — and aahed
34 Rage 6 Hightailed it 28 Smell strongly 48 Cellar, briefly
35 Sci. course 7 “Red Balloon” painter 30 Pacino and Hirt 49 Type of ranch
36 Self-esteems 8 Mixed bags 31 Kiki or Joey 50 Plaid garment
37 Enemy 9 Golf term 32 Unbecoming 51 Jaunty lid
38 Lodging places 10 Environmental prefix 33 Side order 52 Have to pay
39 Angular annex 11 Craving 35 Canoe wood 54 Yes, in Tokyo
40 Putter with 19 Quilt stuffing 40 Play about Capote
42 Single earth orbit 21 Thai temple 41 Weirder
44 Canyon reply 24 Flashy sign 43 Rooney and Warhol
47 Ignore 26 Stereo (hyph.) 45 Took heart
22 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

110 Employment 110 Employment

104 Training 110 Employment 110 Employment 203 Public Notices

The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi- in San Mateo, CA - At a senior level ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
fieds will not be responsible for more complete full life cycle dsgn & dvlpmt of CHANGE OF NAME
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia- s/ware applics that ensure integrity of SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,
bility shall be limited to the price of one computer systems & applics. Rqmts incl. COUNTY OF SAN MATEO,
insertion. No allowance will be made for Masters (or equiv) in Comp Sci or related 400 COUNTY CENTER RD,
errors not materially affecting the value field & working knowl of Multi-threading, REDWOOD CITY CA 94063
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- Visual C++, Win32 SDK, ATL & COM. PETITION OF
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- Resume to: HR, Webroot Software, Inc., Jill Lee Byrne
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate 2560 55th St., Boulder, CO 80301. Ref TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
Card. job JG. Petitioner, Jill Lee Byrne filed a petition
with this court for a decree changing
name as follows:
106 Tutoring 127 Elderly Care
Present name: Jill Lee Byrne
Proposed name: Jill Lee Jane
110 Employment 110 Employment THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
interested in this matter shall appear be-
fore this court at the hearing indicated
below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
tition for change of name should not be
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s granted. Any person objecting to the
Spanish, French, twice-a-week resource guide for name changes described above must file
children and families. a written objection that includes the rea-
Italian Every Tuesday & Weekend sons for the objection at least two court
days before the matter is scheduled to
Certificated Local be heard and must appear at the hearing
Look for it in today’s paper to to show cause why the petition should
Teacher find information on family not be granted. If no written objection is
resources in the local area, timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
All Ages! including childcare. tion without a hearing.
A HEARING on the petition shall be held
on September 21, 2010, at 9 a.m., Dept.
(650)573-9718 INFORMATICA CORPORATION has an
employment opportunity in Redwood
City, CA for a Professional Services Se-
PJ, Room 2C, at 400 County Center,
Redwood City, CA 94063.
nior Consultant (RC10OCH): Responsi- 180 Businesses For Sale A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall
ble for software consulting project activi- be published at least once each week for
ties including client management and BURLINGAME & SAN MATEO HAIR four successive weeks prior to the date
STATION for rent. Free 1st Month! Call
110 Employment solution delivery. Send your resume
Hellen @(650)520-4474
set for hearing on the petition in the fol-
lowing newspaper of general circulation:
(must reference job title and job code) to
Informatica Corporation, Attn: M/S The Daily Journal, San Mateo County
AVON KM024, 100 Cardinal Way, Redwood 201 Personals Filed: July 22, 2010
City, CA 94063 /s/ Stephen Hall /
SELL OR BUY Judge of the Superior Court
Earn up 50% + bonuses FUN WOMAN WAITS! Dated: 07/19/2010
Hablamos Espanol (Published 08/03/10, 08/10/10, 08/17/10,
romantic dinners, sweet 08/24/10)
1(866)440-5795 JOURNALISM talk & flowers.
Independent Sales Rep The Daily Journal is looking for in- Affectionate guy a +.
terns to do entry level reporting, re- Lets talk soon.
search, updates of our ongoing fea- Call me NOW!
tures and interviews. Photo interns al- 650.288.4271 CASE# CIV 497209
Must be 18+.
2 years We expect a commitment of four to
eight hours a week for at least four
110 Employment 110 Employment experience months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented in- 203 Public Notices
required. terns have progressed in time into
paid correspondents and full-time re- CASE# CIV 496621
Justyn Michael Peter Scerri
Immediate porters. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
Petitioner, filed a petition with this court
Placement College students or recent graduates
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,
for a decree changing name as follows:
Present name: Justyn Michael Peter
on all assignments experience is preferred but not neces-
sarily required. 400 COUNTY CENTER RD,
Proposed name: Justyn Peter Zachariou
CALL (650)777-9000 Please send a cover letter describing
REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
interested in this matter shall appear be-
your interest in newspapers, a resume fore this court at the hearing indicated
and three recent clips. Before you ap- Torrey Quentin Lewis below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
ply, you should familiarize yourself TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: tition for change of name should not be
Petitioner, Torrey Quentin Lewis filed a
CAREGIVERS with our publication. Our Web site: petition with this court for a decree
granted. Any person objecting to the
name changes described above must file
Elder Care Aides, CNA's live in. changing name as follows: a written objection that includes the rea-
Great Jobs, competitive pay. Send your information via e-mail to sons for the objection at least two court or by reg- Present name: Torrey Quentin Lewis days before the matter is scheduled to
Hourly and live in available. Two Proposed name: Quentin Torrey Lewis
ular mail to 800 S. Claremont St #210, be heard and must appear at the hearing
years experience with excellent San Mateo CA 94402. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons to show cause why the petition should
references. Great Benefits! interested in this matter shall appear be- not be granted. If no written objection is
Home Sweet Home Care fore this court at the hearing indicated timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
tion without a hearing.
(650)556-9906 below to show cause, if any, why the pe- A HEARING on the petition shall be held NOW HIRING for Live-in Caregiver tition for change of name should not be on October 5, 2010, at 9 a.m., Dept. 24,
SIGN ON BONUS!!! granted. Any person objecting to the Room 2C, at 400 County Center, Red-
Recruiting for San Mateo, San Francisco name changes described above must file wood City, CA 94063.
and Santa Clara areas. We offer excel- a written objection that includes the rea- A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall
110 Employment 110 Employment lent benefits! sons for the objection at least two court be published at least once each week for
CAREGIVERS *Medical / Vision / Dental / Life Ins.
* 401K/Credit Union * Direct Deposit days before the matter is scheduled to
four successive weeks prior to the date
set for hearing on the petition in the fol-
OR REQUIREMENTS: be heard and must appear at the hearing lowing newspaper of general circulation:
ACTIVITY LEADERS * 1 yrs experience * Own Vehicle to show cause why the petition should The Daily Journal, San Mateo County
* Car Insurance * Valid Drivers not be granted. If no written objection is Filed: August 5, 2010
needed for our medically * Good Communication skills. timely filed, the court may grant the peti- /s/ Stephen Hall /
based day program in Bur- Call today to set up an interview:
tion without a hearing.
Judge of the Superior Court
1-800-417-1897 or 650-558-8848 Dated: 08/03/2010
lingame serving individuals or send Resume to A HEARING on the petition shall be held (Published 08/10/10, 08/17/10, 08/24/10,
with developmental disabili- on September 2, 2010, at 9 a.m., Dept. 08/31/10)
ties. Previous experience PJ, at 400 County Center, Redwood City,
required. Monday-Friday, CA 94063.
day shift only. SALES - A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall
be published at least once each week for
FAX Resume to Putnam Auto Group four successive weeks prior to the date
(650)692-2412. Buick Pontiac GMC
$50,000 Average Expectation
set for hearing on the petition in the fol-
lowing newspaper of general circulation:
The following person is doing business
as: Yrtek Materials, 2022 Trousdale
a must… The Daily Journal, San Mateo County Drive, #7, BURLINGAME, CA 94010 is
Filed: July 14, 2010 hereby registered by the following owner:
5 Men or Women for Yvonne Reed, same address. The busi-
Career Sales Position /s/ Stephen Hall / ness is conducted by an Individual. The
DELIVERY DRIVER Judge of the Superior Court registrants commenced to transact busi-
• Car Allowance Dated: 07/13/2010 ness under the FBN on 07/06/2010.
Wanted: Independent Contractor • Paid insurance w/life & dental (Published 07/20/10, 07/27/10, 08/03/10, /s/ Yvonne Reed /
to provide service of delivery of • 401k plan 08/10/10) This statement was filed with the Asses-
the Daily Journal six days per • Five day work week sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
County on 07/14/10. (Published in the
week, Monday through Satur- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10,
day. Experience with newspa- Top Performers earn $100k Plus!!
STATEMENT #239909 07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10).
Bilingual a plus
per delivery required. Must Paid training included The following persons are doing busi-
have valid licenses and appro- Call Mr. Olson ness as: R & R Properties, 155 Jeffer-
son, Menlo Park, CA 94572 is hereby
priate insurance coverage to 1-866-788-6267
registered by the following owners: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
provide this service in order to James Robert Sharp Wheatley, 3225 STATEMENT #239750
be eligible. Ash Street, PALO ALTO, CA 94306, and The following person is doing business
Roger A. Fields, 644 Menlo Avenue, Ste. as: GTSCG, 777 Shell Blvd., Foster
SALES/MARKETING 201, MENLO PARK, CA 94025. The City, CA 94002 is hereby registered by
Papers are available for pickup INTERNSHIPS business is conducted by Unincorporated the following owner: TZGT SCG, LP, CA.
in San Mateo at 3:00 a.m. The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking Associates. The registrants commenced The business is conducted by a Limited
for ambitious interns who are eager to to transact business under the FBN on Partnership. The registrants commenced
Please apply in person Monday- jump into the business arena with both 05/27/1999. to transact business under the FBN on
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs /s/ J. Robert S. Wheatley / /s/ Kenneth L. Marciano /
Friday only, 10am to 4pm at The of the newspaper and media industries. This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses-
Daily Journal, 800 S. Claremont This position will provide valuable sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
St #210, San Mateo. experience for your bright future. County on 07/14/10. (Published in the County on 07/02/10. (Published in the
Fax resume (650)344-5290 San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10,
email 07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). 07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10).
There are currently no openings,
but we will store your application
on file for the next opening.


Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great
pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273,
(408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273
THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 23
Drabble Drabble Drabble Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge

203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 296 Appliances 303 Electronics
STATEMENT #239749 STATEMENT #239855 STATEMENT #240268 ADMINISTER ESTATE OF works fine $5. (650)345-1111 dition. Sold!
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business The following person is doing business BESS F. BROWNELL
as: TSCG, 777 Shell Blvd., Foster City, as:, 1015 Cadillac Way, as: Primrose Aesthetic Skin Care, 409 Case Number 120286 UPRIGHT FREEZER - like new, $100 ., 27" PHILLIPS standard tv with wooden
CA 94002 is hereby registered by the fol- Apt. 108, Burlingame, CA 94010 is here- So. B St., SAN MATEO, CA 94401 is To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- (650)257-7562 stand with glass doors--30"X17X19
lowing owner: Taube SCG, LP, CA. The by registered by the following owner: hereby registered by the following own- tingent creditors, and persons who may $99 barely used. Any questions, call 650
business is conducted by a Limited Part- Frederick W. Peeler, same address. The ers: Rossana Sanzogni, 131 Vera Ave., otherwise be interested in the will or es- VACUUM CLEANER heavy duty like 697-6443
nership. The registrants commenced to business is conducted by an Individual. REDWOOD CITY, CA 94061. The busi- tate, or both, of: Bess F. Brownell. A Pe- new $45. (650)878-9542
transact business under the FBN on The registrants commenced to transact ness is conducted by an Individual. The tition for Probate has been filed by: Rob- 46” MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great
ert D. Brownell in the Superior Court of WEBER GRILL - Never used! Porcelain condition. $400. (650)261-1541.
/s/ Kenneth L. Marciano / business under the FBN on registrants commenced to transact busi- enamel bowl and lid, 22-1/2” with ash
This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/ Frederick W. Peeler / ness under the FBN on N/A. California, County of San Mateo. The
Petition of Probate requests that Robert catcher. $50. (650)588-5991
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/ Rossana Sanzogni / CELL PHONE, Older AT&T phone,
County on 07/02/10. (Published in the sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo This statement was filed with the Asses- D. Brownell be appointed as personal home charger and car charger, $10 all,
representative to administer the estate of WHIRPOOL FRIDGE side by side $100.,
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, County on 07/13/10. (Published in the sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo SOLD! 650-595-3933
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, County on 08/03/10. (Published in the the decedent.
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/10/10, The petition requests the decedent’s will
GPS ANGEL red light and speed camera
08/17/10, 08/24/10, 08/31/10). and codicils, if any, be admitted to pro- 297 Bicycles detector new, SOLD!
bate. The will and any codicils are availa-
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME ble for examination in the file kept by the BICYCLE - womens, made in Austria INTELLIVISION CONTROLLER with 13
STATEMENT #239748 court. $50., (650)483-3693 game cartridges $50., (650)592-5591
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME The petition requests authority to admin-
The following person is doing business STATEMENT #240094 STATEMENT #240265
as: FSCG, 777 Shell Blvd., Foster City, ister the estate under the Independent BICYCLE WICKER BASKET -quality JVC DVD cd player - $25.,
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business Administration of Estates Act. (This au-
CA 94002 is hereby registered by the fol- as: Sphinx Cab, 969G Edgewater as: Timeless Metal, 641 Ash Ave., thick weave, never used, $25. obo, (650)834-4926
lowing owner: FRIEND SCG, LP, CA. thority will allow the personal representa- (650)260-2664
Blvd., #102, Foster City, CA 94404 is SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94080 is tive to take many actions without obtain-
The business is conducted by a Limited hereby registered by the following owner: hereby registered by the following owner: JVC VHS recorder - Like new, $15.,
Partnership. The registrants commenced ing court approval. Before taking certain MENS MOUNTAIN bike 26 inch new 18 (650)367-8949
Ahmed Elgendy, 565 S. 11 St, #4, San Nicholas Pester, same address. The very important actions, however, the per-
to transact business under the FBN on Jose, CA 95112. The business is con- business is conducted by an Individual. speed $99
/s/ Donald A. Friend / sonal representative will be required to 919-740-4336 San Mateo MAGNOVOX 32” TV - excellent condi-
ducted by an Individual. The registrants The registrants commenced to transact give notice to interested persons unless tion, refurbished, $100.obo., (650)260-
This statement was filed with the Asses- commenced to transact business under business under the FBN on N/A.
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo they have waived notice or consented to 2664
the FBN on /s/ Nicholas Pester / the proposed action.) The independent 298 Collectibles
County on 07/02/10. (Published in the /s/ Ahmed Elgendy / This statement was filed with the Asses-
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, administration authority will be granted MICRO TEK SCANNER/COPIER - ex-
This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo unless an interested person files an ob- 49ER REPORT issues '85-'87 $35/all, cellent condition, $25., (650)368-0748
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 08/03/10. (Published in the jection of the petition and shows good (650)592-2648
County on 07/26/10. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/10/10, cause why the court should not grant the PANASONIC COLOR tv with Vhs combo
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/27/10, 08/17/10, 08/24/10, 08/31/10). authority. 20 inches like new $70. 650-347-9920
08/03/10, 08/10/10, 08/17/10). A hearing on the petition will be held in
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME 5 COLORIZED territorial quarters uncir- PHILLIPS VCR plus vhs-hu 4 head Hi-Fi
STATEMENT #239747 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME this court as follows: August 30, 2010 at culated $7/all. (408)249-3858
9:00 a.m., Dept: 28, Superior Court of like new, San Mateo. $35. (650)341-
The following person is doing business STATEMENT #240105 5347
as: KSCG, 777 Shell Blvd., Foster City, The following person is doing business California, County of San Mateo, 400 BASEBALL CARDS - 50-100 cards,
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME $25., (408)420-5646
CA 94002 is hereby registered by the fol- STATEMENT #240011 as: Original Nick’s Pizzeria, 1214 S. El County Center, Redwood City, CA
94063. If you object to the granting of SAMSUNG COLOR tv 27 inches good
lowing owner: KORET SCG, LP, CA. The The following person is doing business Camino Real, SAN MATEO, CA 94402 is condition $90. 650-347-9920
business is conducted by a Limited Part- the petition, you should appear at the BAY MEADOW coffee mug in box $15.
as: Press On Cleaners, 1464 Cary hereby registered by the following owner: (650)345-1111
nership. The registrants commenced to Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401 is hereby Mark Sean Tarling, 2920 Juniper St., hearing and state your objections or file SANIO CASETTE/RECORDER 2 way
transact business under the FBN on registered by the following owner: JHR SAN MATEO, CA 94403. The business written objections with the court before Radio - $95.obo, call for more details,
the hearing. Your appearance may be in CARNIVAL GLASS WATER PITCHER -
/s/ Claudia J. Hardin / Global, Inc., CA. The business is con- is conducted by an Individual. The regis- beautiful design, $25., leave message (650)290-1960
This statement was filed with the Asses- ducted by a Corporation. The registrants trants commenced to transact business person or by your attorney. If you are a
creditor or a contingent creditor of the (650)365-1797
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo commenced to transact business under under the FBN on N/A. SILVER TONE stereo and phonograph
County on 07/02/10. (Published in the the FBN on 07/17/2006. /s/ Mark Tarling / decedent, you must file your claim with player inside wood cabinet $60.,
the court and mail a copy to the personal DANCING FIGURINE by Bradley Dolls -
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, /s/ Julianna Y. Mo / This statement was filed with the Asses- Musical, plays “If You Love Me”, 8 1/2 “ (650)483-3693
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo representative appointed by the court
within four months from the date of first tall, $20., (650)518-0813
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 08/26/10. (Published in the SONY RADIO cassette recorder $20
County on 07/20/10. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/10/10, issuance of letters as provided in Pro- black good condition. (650)345-1111
bate Code section 9100. The time for fil- DJ RECORDS all different types also
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/27/10, 08/17/10, 08/24/10, 08/31/10). have lighting $1 & up, (650)367-8949
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME 08/03/10, 08/10/10, 08/17/10). ing claims will not expire before four TV - Big Screen, $70., ok
STATEMENT #239746 months from the hearing date noticed condition,(650)367-1350
The following person is doing business FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME above. You may examine the file kept by
the court. If you are a person interested HISTORY BOOK in color of "Superbowls
as: NGTSCG, 777 Shell Blvd., Foster STATEMENT #240342
The following person is doing business in the estate, you may file with the court by the bay" game 1-18, $35., (650)592- 304 Furniture
City, CA 94002 is hereby registered by FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME 2648
STATEMENT #240030 as: Glamour Girl Shopping Tours, 865 a Request for Special Notice (form DE-
the following owner: TZNGT SCG, LP, 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- 3 PIECE COFFEE TABLE SET: $100.
The following person is doing business Cabot Lane, SAN MATEO, CA 94404 is (650)787-8219
CA. The business is conducted by a Lim- hereby registered by the following owner: praisal of estate assets or of any petition
ited Partnership. The registrants com- as: Peninsula Organics, 217 S. Clare- JACK TASHNER signed ball $25. Ri-
mont St., San Mateo, CA 94401 is here- Jill Anne Garibaldi, same address. The or account as provided in Probate Code
menced to transact business under the section 1250. A Request for Special No- chard (650)834-4926 3 TIERED stainless rolling cart gently
by registered by the following owner: business is conducted by an Individual. used $100 firm, (650)341-0418
FBN on Daniel S. Ramos, 3091 Bay Road, Red- The registrants commenced to transact tice form is available from the court clerk. JOE MONTANA cover photo, '85 "in
/s/ Kenneth L. Marciano / wood City, CA 94063. The business is business under the FBN on N/A. Attorney for Petitioner: flight" magazine, $30, (650)341-8342
Darin Donovan, SBN 178726 46" ROUND dining table $90. Call
This statement was filed with the Asses- conducted by an Individual. The regis- /s/ Jill Anne Garibaldi / (650)430-4884
This statement was filed with the Asses- Hopkins & Carley, A Law Corporation POSTAL JAPANESE stamp album col-
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo trants commenced to transact business
435 Tasso Street, Palo Alto CA 94301
County on 07/02/10. (Published in the under the FBN on 08/01/10. sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo lection $50., (415)272-7644 ANTIQUE SOLID oak end table
/s/ Daniel S. Ramos / County on 08/09/10. (Published in the (650) 804-7600 marble top, carved door $50. (650)342-
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/10/10, Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal POSTER - framed photo of President
This statement was filed with the Asses- 7568
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo 08/17/10, 08/24/10, 08/31/10). on August 3, 10 and 17, 2010. Wilson and Chinese Junk $25 cash,
County on 07/20/10. (Published in the (650)755-8238 BANQUET TABLE - 3’ x 8’, $25.,
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/27/10, (650)368-0748
08/03/10, 08/10/10, 08/17/10). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME PRECIOUS MOMENTS DOLLS -15 inch
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #240344 vinyl 3 sets of 2 for $33/set, (650)518- CABINET - Real wood, $70.,
The following person is doing business 0813 (650)367-1350
STATEMENT #239745 as: Rossi Interiors, 740 El Cerrito Ave.,
The following person is doing business BURLINGAME, CA 94010 is hereby reg- SALEM CHINA - 119 pieces from 50’s. CAPTAIN BED - with mattress, solid
as: Sand Cove G Apartments, 777 Shell FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
STATEMENT #239774 istered by the following owner: Rossi 210 Lost & Found Good condition, $225., appraised at wood head & foot board, 4 door chest,
Blvd., Foster City, CA 94002 is hereby The following person is doing business Knapp, same address. The business is $800., (650)345-3450. storage under bed, $200 or best offer,
registered by the following owner: Red- as: A+ Plumbing, 95 E. 21st Ave., San conducted by an Individual. The regis- FOUND SONY Power Shot digital cam- (650)728-8415
wood Real Estate Management Inc., CA. Mateo, CA 94403 is hereby registered by trants commenced to transact business era, July 14th at Fox School in Belmont. SWATCH WATCH '86 Worlds Fair.
The business is conducted by a Limited the following owner: Lynton Esquivel, under the FBN on N/A. (650)593-9294 Like New w/receipt $85.00, (650)591- CHAIR WITH matching automan good
Partnership. The registrants commenced 430 Hillcrest Ave., Millbrae, CA 94030. /s/ Rossi Knapp / 6596 condition $50., (650)573-6981
to transact business under the FBN on The business is conducted by an Individ- This statement was filed with the Asses- LOST SMALL white female dog Shih
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo TWO FIGURINES, European men, one CHAIR, IKEA. Very Good cond. Recliner
/s/ Jeff Bosshard / ual. The registrants commenced to trans- Tzu mix. Last seen July 18th Crystal shaped, flexible. Lt brown wood on can-
act business under the FBN on County on 08/09/10. (Published in the Springs Road Senior Center. Wearing a Bavarian, one English or French, $19 for
This statement was filed with the Asses- San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/10/10, both, 650-595-3933 vas 26-1/2"x38”x29" $15. 650-704-2497.
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo 06/01/2010. red/pink collar that has the phone num-
/s/ Lynton Esquivel / 08/17/10, 08/24/10, 08/31/10). bers 415-609-3333 and 415-279-5127
County on 07/02/10. (Published in the and the name “Moe” on tag. She an- VASE - with tray, grey with red flowers,
This statement was filed with the Asses- CHAIR: BLUE upholstered swivel rocker
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo swers to the name “Mattie.” We are offer- perfect condition, $30., (650)345-1111
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). NOTICE OF APPLICATION w/matching footstool. SOLD!
County on 07/06/2010. (Published in the ing a $500.00 reward for her safe return, VICTORIAN VICTON talking machine-
TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES no questions asked. Thanks, Duncan.
San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/03/10, Date of Filing Application: 07/21/2010 1910, works and looks fine, $650., CHANDELIER WITH 5 lights/ candela-
08/10/10, 08/17/10, 08/24/10). FOUND! (650)579-7020 bre base with glass shades $20.
To Whom It May Concern:
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: (650)504-3621
The following person is doing business FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME LORI LYNN LOCHTEFELD Avenue / Washington Park area. Lost 299 Computers COFFEE TABLE - $60., (650)367-1350
STATEMENT #240241 Saturday, July 31 around 1pm. Bummed
as: M & M Recyclery, 1454 E. 3rd Ave- The following person is doing business The applicant(s) listed above are apply-
PORTABLE EXTERNAL hard drive COFFEE TABLE - Square, oak Coffee
nue, San Mateo, CA 94401 is hereby ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage about losing camera; mostly bummed
as: Partlan Group, 768 Edgewood Road, about losing family photos in camera. If small light 40GB $25. (650)219-7836 Table with leather top, $30., (650)771-
registered by the following owner: Joctan Control to sell alcoholic beverages at:
San Mateo, CA 94402 is hereby regis- found, please call Joe, (650) 867-6652 1888
Ramon, 2301 Carlmont Dr., #24, Bel- 2209 BROADWAY ST.
mont, CA 94002. The business is con-
tered by the following owner: Martin Par-
tlan, same address. The business is con- REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 300 Toys
Type of license applied for:
ducted by an Individual. The registrants ducted by an Individual. The registrants 48 - On-Sale General Public Premises 294 Baby Stuff GIRLS PINK Corvette life size runs good COFFEE TABLE light brown lots of stor-
commenced to transact business under commenced to transact business under $75. (650)583-2767 age good condition $75. (650)867-2720
San Mateo Daily Journal
the FBN on N/A. the FBN on 08/02/10. DELUXE BABY STROLLER - good con-
August 3, 10, 17, 2010.
/s/ Joctan Ramon / /s/ Martin Partlan / dition & ready to use, $25., (650)278-
This statement was filed with the Asses- 2702 RADIO CONTROLLED Beetle car buggy COFFEE TABLE SQUARE shaped.
This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo $10. (408)249-3858 Lightweight, 28”x28x19" includes large
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo NOTICE OF APPLICATION
County on 08/02/2010. (Published in the TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES storage space, $11 650-704-2497
County on 07/12/10. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/03/10, Date of Filing Application: August 5,
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, 08/10/10, 08/17/10, 08/24/10). 2010 obo never used, (650)349-6059
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). PICTURE PAINTING "jack vettriano" COMPUTER DESK - $70., (650)367-
To Whom It May Concern: Portland gallery 26 x 33. $65. (650)345-
The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: 1350
1111. 302 Antiques
STATEMENT #240307 CURIO CABINET, Hand tooled lighted
STATEMENT #239905 The applicant(s) listed above are apply- Curio cabinet Blonde. 5.5" X 23" X 1.5"
The following person is doing business PICTURE WITH Frame Jack Vettriano
The following persons are doing busi- ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage ANTIQUE SOLID mahogany knick-knack $98. San Mateo. 650-619-9932
as: Mighty 4 Arts Foundation, 2715 S. with light attached $100. (650)867-2720
ness as: Fluke & Flounder Enterprises, Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: or bookshelf with 4 small drawers, good
Norfolk St., SAN MATEO, CA 94403 is 139 S. B ST. condition, $95., (650)726-2443
564 Alhambra Rd., San Mateo, CA hereby registered by the following own- DESK 60 inches w 28 inches h 30 inches
94402 is hereby registered by the follow- ers: Jonathan Naugle, 1792 Finch Ct., SAN MATEo, CA, 94401-3908 296 Appliances d two shelf extension 4 drawers $60
Type of license applied for: (650)364-7777.
ing owners: John Hines & Roxana Bra- HAYWARD, CA 94545; Paul Ruma, 47 - On-Sale General Eating Place FOOD PROCESSOR, Sumbeam, dual ANTIQUE STROMBERG – Carlson ra-
descu, same address. The business is 1792 FInch Ct., HAYWARD; Rob Sugui- San Mateo Daily Journal head. slices, chops, grinds, liquifies, etc. dio Floor modelm $75., needs new tubs, DESK, EXTRA LONG. LIKE new. Brown
conducted by Husband & Wife. The reg- tan, 1090 Siler Pl., BERKELEY, CA August 10, 2010 perfect condition, $19 650-595-3933 RWC, Photo by email:, wood .5 drawers; 2 sliding doors.
istrants commenced to transact business 94705; and Regginal Curry, 1090 Siler
Pl., BERKELEY. The business is con- (650)592-5591 18"x28"x72"$18. 650-704-2497
under the FBN on ducted by Unincorporated Associates. KENMORE DISHWASHER, almond,
/s/ John Hines / NOTICE OF SALE
The registrants commenced to transact works great. $ 50. Please call 650-961- CHINA CABINET - Vintage, 6 foot,
/s/ Roxana Bradescu / business under the FBN on03/01/1998. 9652 DINING TABLE with 4 chairs 2 leafs
This statement was filed with the Asses- In accordance with the provisions of solid mahogany. $300/obo.
/s/ Jonathan Naugle / commercial code 7209, with these be- (650)867-0379 $95. (650)483-3693
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo This statement was filed with the Asses- MAYTAG WASHER & DRYER - $350.,
County on 07/14/10. (Published in the ing unpaid storage charges, notice is DINING TABLE with 4 chairs with leaf
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo hereby given that the household and (650)341-2813
San Mateo Daily Journal, 07/20/10, County on 08/05/10. (Published in the EDISON MODEL B STANDARD + 20 light wood 42 x 34 $99. (650)341-1645
personal effects and/or business ef-
07/27/10, 08/03/10, 08/10/10). San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/10/10, CYLINDERS OAK CASE - Serviced
08/17/10, 08/24/10, 08/31/10). fects of: Roger Benke. MINI FRIDGE - 34 inches high, runs well,
$85., (650)355-2996 yearly, beautiful, $550.00 obo, DIRECTORS TYPE CHAIR with leather
Will be sold at auction on September (650)344-6565 seat, $35., (650)355-2996
3, 2010 at 10:00 am at AMS Reloca-
tion, Inc., 1873 Rollins Road, Burlin- MINI-FRIDGE - 32" tall; White Kenmore
game, CA 94010. $70. Call (650)229-4735 ENGLISH ARMOIRE with stand. Bought ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - Oak
for $415. Sacrifice for $330. wood, great condition, glass doors, fits
Michael Foster (650)771-1888 large TV, 2 drawers, shelves , $100/obo.
General Manager (650)261-9681
PORTABLE GE Dishwasher, excellent
condition $75 OBO, (650)583-0245 PERSIAN RUG - Mashad 10ft 8in X 8ft.,
Published in the San Mateo Daily
Journal, August 10 and 17, 2010. blue floral borders. Center medallion FANCY COCKTAIL SIDE TABLE - 2
RADIATOR HEATER, oil filled, electric, with beige feraghan design field, $2000, door, 1 drawer, excellent condition, anti-
1500 watts $25. (650)504-3621 (650)726-4651. que, $95. obo, (650)349-6059.
24 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

610 Crossword Puzzle 610 Crossword Puzzle 610 Crossword Puzzle 306 Housewares 381 Homes for Sale 381 Homes for Sale
Oasis water cooler Hot N Cold, Durable

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle & excellent condition,$86, (650)278-2702

ELECTRIC BBQ - nonstick, $40.,

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis (650)592-2648
LUIGI BORMIOLI "Strauss" 9 oz. drink-
ACROSS DOWN 34 Impulsiveness 56 Liability offset ing glasses, set of 10 for $25. Matches
1 Hayseed 36 Critter on a hill 57 Zodiacal "Strauss" 13.5 oz. Call (650)630-2329.
1 Box-office smash
4 Hug and smooch 2 “Terrible” 16th- 38 Snapshot, briefly border NON-STICK TOP over pan, $3., SM,
8 Robbins’s partner century leader 41 Lively Cuban 58 One may be
14 Wrigley Field 3 Goof for good, dance dipped in milk OVEN ROASTING PAN WITH RACK.
feature e.g.? 42 Old geezer 59 Lab gel New, non stick, large, never used $55.,
15 “No lie!” 4 Utmost degree 43 NBC offering 60 Paddy product
16 It can be formal 5 Jagged, as a 48 Strong 62 Lead-in for cloth REVEREWARE, 1,3.4 qt. pots, 5",7"
or informal leaf’s edge 49 Decorative wall or kick pans, stainless steel w/copper bottoms,
excellent cond., $60/all. (650)577-0604
17 Southernmost tip 6 Respectful bow light fixture 63 Challenge
of South America 7 Numbers game 51 Source of oater 64 Brit’s bit of tea ROASTER OVEN up to 22lb Turkey -
NEW in Box - $30 SOLD
19 Jolly-good mates 8 Biblical tower site drumming 67 Super Bowl
VASE - beautiful butterfly design, gold
20 Fort with billions 9 Finally 54 Later than highlights? color, perfect condition, $25., (650)867-
in bullion 10 Furnace room 2720


307 Jewelry & Clothing
someone when 11 Singer __ Dee
MURANO GLASS bracelet from Italy
they least 12 Tees off various shades of red and blue artfully
expected it? 13 Suffix with kind or designed $100. (650)991-2353

23 Gender-neutral fond SMALL JEWELRY cabinet - 17” H, 12”

possessive 18 Like some W, 2 glass doors, plus 2 drawers, very
pretty, $35., (650)592-2648
25 Besides dancers
26 Sew with loose 22 King Julien XIII in & blue cultured, blue pearl collar, 10
stitches “Madagascar” strands, 18”, $40., (650)834-2804

29 Thanksgiving 24 Verne captain 308 Tools

veggie 26 Innocents
31 It’s plighted in 27 Floating on high 10", 8" and 6", softgrip handles,
marriage 28 Country division metric/SAE markings, $25 650-595-3933
35 Midsize Nissan 30 N.L. Central CRAFTSMAN 16” SCROLL SAW -
37 Have dinner player good condition, $85., (650)591-4710
39 Arthur of “The 32 Bassoon HAND SAWS - $5/each 4 total. Daly
City, call for details, (415)333-8540
Golden Girls” relatives
40 Deadly 33 Country singer condition, $350., (650)926-9841
squeezers Gibbs 08/10/10 ROYBI 8-1/4 inch Radial Arm Saw, with
44 Young newt portable stand. Mitor cuts, 0 degrees to
310 Misc. For Sale 317 Building Materials
90 degrees. $78. (650)588-8926
45 La Brea goo
46 Like many CIA with stand and guards. SOLD! Western Series (gunsmith) $30/all, various sizes, half moon, like new, $10.
ops (650)592-2648 and up, (650)756-6778
TABLE SAW 10", very good condition
47 Dance $85. (650) 787-8219 PICTURE FRAME - Large, $25., DOUBLE SINK - white porcelain cast
components (650)367-1350 iron, 32 3/4” wide X 22 3/4” deep, $75.,
50 Building site 309 Office Equipment PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER -
$300., (650)344-9783
52 Actor Davis CALCULATOR - Casio, still in box, new, 318 Sports Equipment
$25., (650)867-2720 SALON CHAIR - hydrolic, works per-
53 Edible Andean fectly, black base, black leather, 2 GOLF CLUBS - Ladies, right handed,
tubers CORNER OFFICE DESK with hutch $90.obo, (650)290-1960 putter & driver $5/each (650)755-8238
$90/obo, (415)271-7602
55 Reason to swear LADIES SWIVEL ADJUSTABLE office
SCALE - Ohaus 2,610g troy capacity BROWN LEATHER GOLF BAG with 11
57 Family crest $65., (650)344-8549 golf clubs, $65/all, (650)592-2648
desk chair, burgundy upholstery with
black frame, never used, $35/obo, exc.
61 Track figures cond. ,(650)260-2664
dar $10/all. (408)249-3858
GOLD'S GYM - GT2000Power Tower +
Instructions as new, asking $225.00
65 Pressing obo, (650)344-6565
66 Director’s shout, OFFICE LAMP - new in box, $35/obo, (650)367-1350 KAYAK - Necky Looksha 4 model, 17 ft.,
and hint to the 53 lbs, $1,250., (650)394-4243
starts of 17-, 21-, OFFICE LAMP brand new $8. (650)345-
WALKER - fold up, like new, has two MITZU JR. tour kids set 7 clubs & bag
wheels, $20. (650)342-7568 $15/all obo. (650)952-0620
40- and 57-
Across 310 Misc. For Sale WEIGHT BENCH - Free, you haul.
PUNCHING BAG $50. (650)638-1739

68 Ghostly gathering 2 LIGHT fixture shades - vintage, 1960’s, WETSUIT - Barefoot, like new, $40.,
ROLLER BLADES - GLX bravo blade
square ceiling glass shades, 11”X11”x1”, size 7-8 purple, great condition $6.,
69 Like some dorms original beauty, $15. (650)347-5104
(650)367-8949 (650)578-9208
70 Gold, south of WORLD CUP memorabilia '94 USA Bear
the border ALUMINUM FOLDING fabric camping mascot, 2 sport cups unused and collec- SNOW SHOES - Men’s, new, Atlas #7
chair, new, $15., SM, (650)343-7250 tors pins $55/all. (650)591-6596 Series includes poles, gaiters and tote
71 Luggage lugger BAG OF CRAFT ITEMS - $30., ask for
bag, $125. all, (650)368-7975.
72 CPR experts Denise, (650)589-2893 311 Musical Instruments TITLIST GOLF club 983k driver 9.5 de-
73 Stroke lovingly, BALANCING DISC for back by "Body 2 ORGANS, antique tramp, $500 for gree grafaloy stiff/ $75 obo. (650)952-
Sport" $15. (408)249-3858 both. (650)342-4537 0620
or the object of a
loving stroke By C.W. Stewart BARBIE DOLL - 36 inch "my size" Bar- TRIATHLON WETSUIT - Quintanaroo,
(c)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
08/10/10 bie doll, fully dressed, $35., (650)583-
GLOCKENSPIEL- very beautiful, $100.,
ladies, medium, good condition, $45.,
5233 (650)728-5978
KEYBOARD CASIO 3 ft long $50.
315 Wanted to Buy 315 Wanted to Buy 304 Furniture size, wrist, fast reading, used only a few older "C"Hemold $25., (650)868-0436
times, $25/obo, (650)223-7187 ORGAN GOOD condition. Call for details
ROCKING CHAIR white with gold trim
excel cond $100. 650-755-9833
$100. SOLD! 322 Garage Sales
BOOKS (150+) - Ency,novels, etc.,
great condition, 1960-70’s, $30. for all, 312 Pets & Animals
ROLL-A-WAY SUPERB, wood book-
case/entertainment center $70.
SSF, (650)583-8069 THE THRIFT SHOP
ROYAL CANINE Vet. Diet misc. dry food Closed during month of August
(415)585-3622 BOOKS- TRAVEL, art, nutrition and for old or ailing, $25/ea. 2-Calorie Con-
classics. FREE - $3, cash only. Reopening Sat. 9/11
trol CC 5lbs. or Urinary SO 5.5 lbs., ea. Thanks for your support - see you
SHELVING - 2000 square foot of shelv- (650)755-8238 $10. All 5 bags for $50. (650)630-2329.
ing, $950. obo, (650)212-6666 after Labor Day
BUSINESS COMPUTER BAG - black, Episcopal Church
TABLE & CHAIR SET - new, perfect new, 17 inch , $49., SM, (650)343-7250 1 South El Camino Real
condition, $475., (650)638-1285 316 Clothes San Mateo 94401
COOKBOOK "HOW to cook everything" (650)344-0921
TV STAND beige color good condition $10. (408)249-3858 BLACK LEATHER MOTORCYCLE
$25. (650)867-2720 JACKET - Large, water proof, new,
DOG CAGE/GORILLA - folding $35., (650)342-7568
TWO END tables: $35 or $20 each. large dog cage good condition, 2 door
(650)787-8219 with tray, $75.,(650)355-8949
GARDENING GLOVES - 12 white large
WICKER FURNITURE, 5 pieces, $100 ETAGER over the toilet water tank - wal- work gardening gloves, $5/dozen, SM, GARAGE SALES
or best offer. (650)588-5991 nut, $25., San Mateo, (650)341-5347 ESTATE SALES
WOODEN BOOKCASE with doors, $20., GAS BBQ- complete, like new, bought LADIES BLACK leather boots, size 9W, Make money, make room!
(650)771-1888 for $400, sacrifice $100, top of the line, $50/obo., (650)347-9681
(818)970-1815, San Mateo. List your upcoming garage
LEATHER CHAPS - extra large, worn
WOODEN DINING ROOM TABLE & once, $75., (650)638-1739 sale, moving sale, estate
CHAIRS - 42” x 42”, 4 padded arm
chairs, 18” extension to enlarge table, HENRY THE BOTTLE HOLDER -perfect MENS "BASS" black loafers like new sale, yard sale, rummage
condition from Bombay store discontin-
$99., (650)364-7777
ued, $100., (650)867-2720
size 12D $35. (650)868-0436 sale, clearance sale, or
MENS GLOVES - 3 pair black mens win- whatever sale you have...
WOODEN KITCHEN China Cabinet: $99
(great condition!), (650)367-1350
ter gloves, Medium size, $5/pair, SM, in the Daily Journal.
Learning System for ages 8-12,(Grades
306 Housewares 3-6) - NEW - $50.,SOLD MENS SLACKS - 8 pairs, $50., Size Reach over 82,500 readers
36/32, (408)420-5646 from South San Francisco
"PRINCESS HOUSE" decorator urn JANET EVANOVICH hardback books - to Palo Alto.
"Vase" cream with blue flower 13 inch H (3) @ $3.00 each, (650)341-1861 PINK LADIES hospital volunteer jacket
$25., (650)868-0436 like new washed once Medium $10 in your local newspaper.
304 Furniture 304 Furniture KARASTAN AREA RUG - 5’ X 3’, 100% RWC. (650)868-0436
all wool, thick pile with fringe, solid color Call (650)344-5200
FRAMED MIRRORS - Pair of dark wal- OTTOMAN/ FOOTREST Clean. Like BISSEL STEAM CLEANER - easy to beige, very clean, $60., (650)347-5104 SCRUBS - Medical, woman’s, Size L,
nut, simple framed mirrors, 29” X 22”, new. Circular. Light brown 'felt like' mate- use, used 3 times, cleans great, pretty prints, excellent condition, $9. ea,
perfect, each $25., pair $44., (650)344- rial. $6.Call cell: 650-704-2497 $35.obo, (650)260-2664 LAUNDRY OR SHOPPING CART folds 5 pairs of pants $6. ea.(650)290-1960
6565 with 4 wheels, $19., SM, (650)343-7250
SHOES - 6 pair ladies flat shoes, new
FRENCH END TABLE - exquisite inlaid PATIO TABLE with 4 chairs includes BOWL - light green heavy glass swirl de-
6.5 size, $3/each, tan color, SM. 335 Rugs
LOUNGE CHAIRS - 2 new, with cover & (650)343-7250
rich mahogany wood, custom glass tray, umbrella with stand all metal $80/all sign bowl, great centerpiece, $25.,
20” x 27” X 19”H, $100., (650)347-5104 OBO, (650)367-8949 plastic carring case & headrest, $35. NEW KASHAN 9’ X13’8” rug from
(650)834-2804 each, (650)592-7483 India,multicolor, ornamental, lovely to
SOCCER CLEATS - 3 pair, size 6,7 & 8, look at, silky to touch, $3,000 Cash,
HUTCH - maple finish, 4 shelves, 52 PATIO TABLE: 40-inch diameter round CANDLEHOLDER - Gold, angel on it, $10. each, (650)679-9359
inch W, $75., (650)341-1645 MERCHANT MARINE, framed forecastle (650)573-0716.
glass-top table w/2 chairs. SOLD! tall, purchased from Brueners, originally
$100., selling for $20.,(650)867-2720 card, signed by Captain Angrick '70. 13 x WOMEN'S SHOES size 10 $3 each.
MAHOGANY BEDROOM DRESSER - PEDESTAL TABLE beautiful, round, 17 inches $35 cash. (650)755-8238 (650)638-1739
37 L x 19 W 9 drawers and attached mir- wood inlay, $90/obo, (415)271-7602
335 Garden Equipment
ror 37 H x 36 W , $75., (650)341-1645 CHOPSTICKS- 7 sets, unopened, deco- MIRROR OCTAGON GOLD FRAME WOMENS’ CLOTHING 1x, 2x, Size 18.
RECLINER - Brown leather, slightly rative, variety of colors and designs, beveled edge new never hung 30 inches New and almost new. Name-brand la- TABLE - for plant, $20, perfect condi-
RECLINER - Beige, $40., (650)771-1888 worn. SOLD! $10., (650)578-9208 x 22 inches $40., (650)868-0436 bels. (650)345-9909 tion, (650)345-1111
THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 25
335 Garden Equipment 440 Apartments 620 Automobiles 620 Automobiles 630 Trucks & SUV’s 650 RVs
TABLE - for plant, $20, perfect condi- SCION ‘07 tC, Spec, gray, #9915P, CHEVROLET ‘03 Silverado SS- low REXHALL ‘00 VISION - 53K mi., Ford
tion, (650)345-1111 Don’t lose money $14,998. Toyota 101. Please mention miles, leather, CD, AWD. Excellent con- Triton V-10 engine. 29 feet long, no pop

345 Medical Equipment

REDWOOD on a trade-in or the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 dition. $19,000, (510)684-0187 outs. Excellent condition.
$28,000 OBO, (650)670-7545
ADULT ALUMINUM crutches for tall per-
CITY SUBARU '06 Legacy - #310033, Auto,
Leather, ABS, power seat. Low Mi. DLR
$13,998, (866)772-7716
FORD SUV ‘99 XLT - 110K highway
miles, Top of the line! Very good condi-
tion! $3,600., (650)631-1955
new, 100 PSI 12 volt 2 GPM $70.,
son adjustable $30. 650-341-1861
1 bedroom, 1 bath Sell your vehicle in the (650)347-5104
Daily Journal’s TOYOTA ‘06 Matrix, STD, silver, GMC “00 MOVING TRUCK - over 68K
ALUMINUM CRUTCHES for adults ad- in senior complex Auto Classifieds. #9767T, $12,588 Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
mi., 14FT Box with automated liftgate,
$9,000. SOLD! 670 Auto Service
justable $30. (650)341-1861
(over 55). 5000
LEXUS '08 RX400H - #51211, Nav, au-
379 Open Houses Close to Just $3 per day.
TOYOTA ‘07 Camry Hybrid, basci, grey, to. Only 24k mi. DLR, Moon roof,
$33,998, (866)772-7716
#9758P, $21,588 Toyota 101. Please
downtown. Reach 82,500 drivers mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Repair • Restore • Sales
5000 LEXUS '08 Sport Is250 - #064136, Mercedes-Benz Specialists
OPEN HOUSE Gated entry. from South SF to Luxury Package Back up camera, leving-
2165 Palm Ave.
Palo Alto ston sound, DLR, only 24,750 mi.
LISTINGS TOYOTA ‘07 Camry Solara, SLE, silver,
$25,888, (866)772-7716 San Mateo
List your Open House
Move in Call (650)344-5200
#9548P, $22,999 Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
5000 NISSAN ‘07 FRONTIER, SE, gray, (650)349-2744
in the Daily Journal. Special. TOYOTA ‘07 Corolla CE, green, 9794T
$13,588. Toyota 101. Please mention
#9911P, $17,588. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Reach over 82,500
potential home buyers & 830 Main Street, RWC
ACURA '08 T.L - #039997, Automatic,
only 27,491 mi. DLR, $25,887, 866-772-
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
RANGE '07 Rover - #118015, Nav, SMART CARE
renters a day, (650)367-0177 7716 moon roof, power seats, DLR, $34,998, 400 El Camino Real
TOYOTA ‘07 Prius, basic, silver,
(866)772-7716 (1 block north of Holly St.)
from South San Francisco BMW '05 325I -#W78924, Prem. Pack-
#9801P, $17,588. Toyota 101. Please
to Palo Alto. age, Sport Package DLR, $13,998,
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- San Carlos
5000 TOYOTA ‘06 Highlander hybrid,
in your local newspaper.
REDWOOD CITY 1 bedroom, 1 bath, all
(866)772-7716 #9751T, $29,888. Toyota 101. Please (650)593-7873
TOYOTA ‘08 Highlander, base, gray, mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- Hours: M-F, 8a-4p, Sat. 8a-5p
appliances included, $950/mo. $600 de- BMW '07 X5- #Z38485 Nav, MP3, back 5000
Call (650)344-5200 posit. Includes credit check. Close to up camera, 3rd seat, running board, DLR #9679P, $21,885 Toyota 101. Please See Our Coupons & Save!
downtown, shopping & transportation $41,998, (866)772-7716 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Call Jean, (650)361-1200. 5000 TOYOTA ‘06 Tacoma, basic, #9800T,
BMW ‘06 325i - low miles, very clean, $7,999 Toyota 101. Please mention the
loaded, leather interior, $20,000 obo., TOYOTA ‘08 Prius, gray, #9691P, Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 670 Auto Parts
380 Real Estate Services 450 Homes for Rent (650)368-6674 $17995. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 TOYOTA ‘07 FJ Crusier, basic, blue, CHEVY TAHOE 3rd row seats like new
REDWOOD CITY- 2421 Harding, cute BUICK ‘87 REGAL - one owner, low #9799T, $24,988. Toyota 101. Please $75 obo, (650)367-8949

DISTRESS 2/1 home, fireplace, garage, no

pet/smoking. $1850/mo. + security de-
posit. (650)365-3507
miles, $2,500. obo, (650)341-2813
FORD ‘07 Ranger, low miles, very clean,
TOYOTA ‘08 Yaris, Base, gray,
#9720P. $14,588. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-

SALES 470 Rooms

roof rack, bed-liner & tool box. 5-speed
Trans, 2-door pickup. $10k OBO.

TOYOTA ‘08, Corolla CE, silver,

TOYOTA ‘07 Tacoma, basic, white,
#9609P $15,988. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
used $800. (650)921-1033
FORD ‘73 Maverick/Mercury GT Comet,
Bank Foreclosures. FORD ‘09 Focus, SE, Blue, #9942P,
#9763T, $12,988, Toyota 101. Please 5000
Drive Train 302 V8, C4 Auto Trans.
Complete, needs assembly, includes ra-
GARDEN MOTEL mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
$400,000+ 1690 Broadway $12,988. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
TOYOTA ‘08 Tundra 2WD truck, white,
diator and drive line, call for details,
$1250., (650)726-9733.
Free list with Redwood City, CA 94063
TOYOTA ‘09 CAmry, basic, gray,
#9774T, $26,988, AND TOYOTA ‘08
Tundra 2WD truck, blue, #9727T,
(650)366-4724 FORD ‘85 VICTORIA - Original owner, 672 Auto Stereos
pictures. Low Daily & Weekly Rooms 43K miles, automatic, all powered. Very
#9805P, $17,888 Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
$27,588. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 Free HBO + Spanish+Sports+Movie good condition. $4K, (650)515-5023. 5000
Free recorded message
Channels, Free Internet MONNEY CAR AUDIO
Daily $45+tax Nite & up FORD ‘95 Mustang Convertible - V6, TOYOTA ‘09 Venza V6, white, $26,988, We Repair All Brands of Car
TOYOTA ‘09 Prius, STD, green,
1(800)754-0569 Weekly $250+tax & up automatic. Make offer. (650)697-0596
#9606P, $18,588 Toyota 101. Please
#9536P. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 Stereos! iPod & iPhone Wired
ID# 2042 INFINITI ‘08 G35 sedan, blue, #9881P mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- to Any Car for Music! Quieter
$25,888. Toyota 101. Please mention 5000 Car Ride! Sound Proof Your
Dolphin RE HIP HOUSING the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 TOYOTA ‘10 Venza V6, white, $29,588,
Car! 31 Years Experience!
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program TOYOTA ‘09 RAV4 basic, black, #9743P. Toyota 101. Please mention
San Mateo County the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 2001 Middlefield Road
KIA ‘09 Rondo, LX Base, White, #9806P, $19,5888. Toyota 101. Please
(650)348-6660 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- Redwood City
#9695P, $11,795. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- 5000 TOYOTA ‘10, Tundra 2WD truck, grade, (650)299-9991
HOMES & PROPERTIES MILLBRAE ROOM to share. Newly re- 5000 silver, #9493T, $24,580. Toyota 101.
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s modeled, $550./mo. (650)697-4758 TOYOTA ‘10 Camry Hybrid, basic, Please mention the Daily Journal.
weekly Real Estate Section. white, #9535P, $24,988. Toyota 101. (650)365-5000
MAZDA ‘09 Mazda3, Sport silver,
REDWOOD CITY #9895P, $14,988 Toyota 101. Please Please mention the Daily Journal.
680 Autos Wanted
Look for it mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- 635 Vans
every Friday and Weekend Sequoia Hotel 5000
to find information on fine homes 800 Main St., TOYOTA ‘10 Corolla, basis, white,
and properties throughout $160. & up per week. #9575P, $15,488 Toyota 101. Please
NISSAN ‘01 Quest - GLE, leather seats,
sun roof, TV/DVR equipment. Looks
Don’t lose money
MAZDA ‘09 Mazda3, Sport white,
the local area. No pets. #9941P, $15,988 Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
new, $15,500. (650)219-6008 on a trade-in or
(650)366-9501 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- consignment!
(650)279-9811 5000 TOYOTA ‘09 Sienna CE, blue, #9804P,
TOYOTA ‘10 Matrix, basic, white, $20,998 and , TOYOTA ‘09 Sienna CE,
#9599P, $16,988 Toyota 101. Please
INVESTORS WANTED MUSTANG '09 Coupe - #140415, Auto,
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
blue, #9807P, $22,998 Toyota 101. Sell your vehicle in
power seat, shaker sound system, DLR Please mention the Daily Journal.
for Private Loans. Room For Rent $16,888, (866)772-7716 5000 (650)365-5000 the
9-11% Secure Return. Travel Inn, San Carlos Daily Journal’s
NISSAN ‘06, Murano, white, #9934T, TOYOTA ‘10 Prius I, white, #9810P,
Call Solomon $49 daily + tax $27,888 and , TOYOTA ‘10 Prius I, TOYOTA ‘09 Tacoma basic, white,
$280 weekly + tax
$19,588. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 gray, #9813P, $24,888 Toyota 101. #9752P, $19,888 and TOYOTA ‘09 Ta- Auto Classifieds.
(415) 377-1284 broker. Clean Quiet Convenient Please mention the Daily Journal. coma basic, silver, #9809T, $21,995.
Toyota 101. Please mention the Daily
Red Tower Funding, Inc. Cable TV, WiFi & Private Bathroom NISSAN ‘08 SENTRA, 2.0, gray,
Journal. (650)365-5000 Just $3 per day.
Microwave and Refrigerator #9936P, $14,588.Toyota 101. Please
950 El Camino Real San Carlos mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- TOYOTA ‘10 Yaris, basic, black,
(650) 593-3136 #9734T, $14,588. Toyota 101. Please TOYOTA ‘09 Tacoma Prerunner, white,
SAVE ON mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- #9512T, $22,998. Toyota 101. Please Reach 82,500 drivers
5000 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
NISSAN ‘08, Altima S, grey, $17,288. 5000 from South SF to
BUYING OR SAN MATEO - Close to Hillsdale #9776P. Toyota 101. Please mention
Palo Alto
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 625 Classic Cars
SELLING Mall, Utilities included, $735/mo.,
640 Motorcycles/Scooters
A HOME! NISSAN ‘08, Altima, 2.5, white, #9956P,
$16,998. Toyota 101. Please mention
CHEVY ‘85 EL CAMINO - $3,200.
(650)345-0663 HARLEY DAVIDSON ‘83 Shovelhead - Call
Personal Service
620 Automobiles
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
DATSUN ‘72 - 240Z with Chevy 350, au-
special construction, 1340 cc’s, Awe-
some!, $5,950.obo. (650)344-5200
Call Rob (415)602-4535.
Margaret Dowd NISSAN ‘08, Versa 1.8S black,
tomatic, custom, $6200 or trade.
Bus: (650)794-9858 BMW '09 325I -#m32530, $28,998, low $12,588. #9940P. Toyota 101. Please
mi., (866)772-7716 HONDA ‘01 Reflex Scooter - Silver,
Cell: (650)400-9714 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
PINTO ‘73 V8 AUTOMATIC, CUSTOM. $1,999., Call Jesse (650)593-6763 DONATE YOUR CAR
Lic# 01250058 $2250. New. (415)412-7030. Tax Deduction, We do the Paperwork,
CHEVROLET ‘09, Malibu, LS with ILS, NISSAN ‘09 MAXIMA, 3.5S, gray, 645 Boats Free Pickup, Running or Not - in most
white, #9892P $14,588. Toyota 101. #9955P, $27,888. Toyota 101. Please
630 Trucks & SUV’s cases. Help yourself and the Polly Klaas
Please mention the Daily Journal. Foundation. Call (800)380-5257.
440 Apartments (650)365-5000
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- CADILLAC '07 Escalade ESV - EVINRUDE MOTOR, for Boat, 25
5000 #266447, Moon roof, Navigation, power horsepower, $1,500. (415)337-6364. Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
BELMONT - prime, quiet location, view, seats, running boards, DLR, $33,998, Novas, running or not
1 bedroom $1275, 2 bedrooms $1375. CHRYSLER ‘05 ‘PT Cruiser GT, beige, SCION ‘06 tC, Basic, dark gray, (866)772-7716 Parts collection etc.
New carpets, dishwasher, balcony, cov- $9,488. #9837T, Toyota 101. Please #9919P, $15,588. Toyota 101. Please PROSPORT ‘97 - 17 ft. CC 80 Yamaha
Pacific, loaded, like new, $9,500 or trade, So clean out that garage
ered carports, storage, pool, no pets. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- CHEVROLET ‘74 Stepside Pickup - Half Give me a call
(650)344-8418 or (650)595-0805. 5000 5000 (650)583-7946.
ton, 350 engine, automatic. SOLD! Joe 650 342-2483

Bath Cabinetry Cleaning

Wholesale cabinets
Since 1966
Large Showroom
151 Old County Rd.,
San Carlos
Bath Bath Bath (650)593-1888

RENOVATIONS 30 Years Experience
1 Day Bath Remodel! Free Design Assistance
Bay Area’s exclusive installer of and Estimates * BLANCA’S CLEANING
Excellent References
Luxury Bath Systems products
with Microban. $25 OFF First Cleaning
(888)270-0007 Call • Commercial - Residential
650-652-9664 (we also clean windows)
• Good References • 15 Years Exp.
CA Lic # 839815 • FREE Estimates

E. L. SHORT (650) 867-9969

Bath Remodeler
California law requires that contractors
Free Design taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
Assistance tor’s State License Board. State law also RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL
requires that contractors include their li- MOVE INS / OUTS
Serving Locally 30+ cense number in their advertising. You WINDOW CLEANING
Years can check the status of your licensed
contractor at or 800-
BBB Honor Roll 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking (650)906-7064
jobs that total less than $500 must state
(650)591-8378 in their advertisements that they are not
CABINET OAK, fits over toilet water licensed by the Contractors State Li-
tank, like new $25. (650)341-5347 cense Board.
26 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Cleaning Hardwood Floors Hardwood Floors Handy Help Hauling Painting


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels Since 1975
Electrical, All types of Roofs. Commercial & Residential
Fences, Tile, Concrete, Painting, Excellent References
Plumbing, Decks
All Work Guaranteed Free Estimates
(408) 979-9665 (650)771-2432 (415)722-9281
Lic #321586

Construction Decks & Fences RDS HOME REPAIRS

Quality, Dependable
Handyman Service
• General Home Repairs
• Improvements
• Routine Maintenance

“Specializing in Any Size Projects”
•Painting •Electrical
•Carpentry •Dry Rot
40 Yrs. Experience
Retired Licensed Contractor
Concrete (650)871-2900 Interior Design


& DECK CO. Steve’s
State License #377047 Handyman Service
Licensed • Insured • Bonded Prompt, Tidy, Friendly
Fences - Gates - Decks
Stairs - Retaining Walls Stephen Pizzi
10-year guarantee (650)533-3737
Quality work with reasonable prices Lic.#888484
Call for free estimate (650)571-1500
Insured & Bonded JON LA MOTTE
MORALES Hardwood Floors Interior & Exterior
Pressure Washing
Free Estimates
Fences • Decks • Arbors
•Retaining Walls • Concrete Work Lic #514269
• French Drains • Concrete Walls •Hardwood & Laminate
•Any damaged wood repair Installation & Repair
•Powerwash • Driveways • Patios •Refinish
• Sidewalk • Stairs •High Quality @ Low Prices
• $25. Hr./Min. 2 hrs. Call 24/7 for Free Estimate
Free Estimates 800-300-3218
20 Years Experience
(650)921-3341 408-979-9665
Lic. #794899
Hunter Douglas Gallery
NORTH FENCE CO. - Specializing in:
Redwood Fences, Decks & Retaining AM PM HAULING Free Measuring & Install.
Walls. Bay Area Local Hauler 1115 California Dr. #A
Haul Any Kind of Junk
(650)756-0694. Lic.#733213
Residential & Commercial Burlingame
• Yard & Garage Clean Up (650)348-1268
Electricians • Furniture, Appliances, etc.
$75 off on any truck load
Call Joe: (650)722-3925
SERVICE Kitchens
650-322-9288 CHEAP HAULING BRAND NEW Chinese Wok Non-stick
surface with aluminum lid and cooking
for all your electrical needs and demo impliments, $10, 650-595-3933


$70 and up! Landscaping
Call Mike @
In Business Since 1976 Call Carlos (650)576-1991
•Patios •French drains • Recessed Lighting
• Panels, Jacuzzie, A/C
• Residential in general
•Retaining Walls •Stone
Free Est. & Affordable Rates
• Troubleshooting
All services Up To Code HAULING!
Lic. #598762 (650)871-5308 Lic.#874972 Light moving!
Haul Debris!
KEITH A. DAVEY 650-583-6700
Driveways, Patio, Walkways,
Retaining Walls, Pavers, Stamped & (Your Current Connection)
More! 30 Yrs Experience! Free Est., Two Man Operation, Specializing
Affordable Rates, Liability Insurance, in Recessed Lighting.
Bonded, Lic.#917401 All Phases of Electrical
Lic.#767463 & Bonded
(650)270-8549 (650)759-0440

Construction Gardening Window Washing

TREE PRUNER 5ft long good condition
$10. (408)249-3858

Handy Help


Carpentry, Cabinets, Wainscot
Paneling, Moulding, Painting, Drywall
Repair, Dry Rot, Minor Plumbing &
Electrical & More!
Small jobs OK!
Contractors Lic.# 931633/Insured

CALL DAVE (650)302-0379

• Carpentry • Plumbing BROKEN GLASS
LEAVER • Kitchens • Bathrooms SAME DAY SERVICE
CONSTRUCTION Refuse Removal Specializing in: RICH’S GLASS & WINDOW
• Remodeling Priced for You! Free estimates Homes, Apts., Storages Broken Glass•Window Repair
• New Construction• Additions Call John Reasonable rates Professional, friendly, careful. Window Replacement
All window types!
• Bathrooms • Kitchens • Decks Peninsula’s Personal Mover
Free Estimates/Lic. Since 1986 (650)296-0568 No job too large or small Commercial/Residential
Wood, Vinyl, Aluminium
No Job too small Free Estimates Call Rob Free Estimates
Fully Lic. & Bonded CAL -T190632
(650)465-0796 Lic.#834170 (650)995-3064 Call Armando (650) 630-0424 (650)583-0245
THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 27

Attorneys Dental Services Food Food Jewelers Real Estate Loans


Huge credit card debt? ORTHODONICS RESTAURANT Direct Private Lender
Job loss? Foreclosure? Suresmile Technology Early Bird Special 14 large screen HD TVs Exceptional Prices Common Sense Underwriting
Medical bills? Full Bar & Restaurant EMKAY DIAMONDS
Benson Wong, DDS Prime Rib Complete Dinner Based primarily on equity
YOU HAVE OPTIONS 649 Laurel Street, San Carlos
931 W. San Bruno Ave., #3 Mon-Thu 1819 El Camino, in Homes• Mixed-Use
Call for a free consultation San Bruno (650)595-2223 Commercial
(650)363-2600 1699 Old Bayshore Blvd. Burlingame Burlingame Plaza
This law firm is a debt relief agency (650)588-7936 (650)692-6060 (650)652-4908 All Credit Accepted • Owner or
Non-Owner Occupied
Salaried, Self-Emp, or Retired
Beauty THE FOUNDER of Legal Services Investors welcome since 1979
General Dentistry for KOREA GARDEN BBQ
Cook at your own table Roti Indian Bistro has 650-348-7191
KAY’S Adults & Children (wooden charcoal) done it again! LEGAL DOCUMENTS Wachter Investments, Inc.
All You Can Eat Buffet! It’s the Grand Opening of Affordable non-attorney Real Estate Broker #746683
HEALTH & BEAUTY DR. ANNA P. LIVIZ, Kashi Bistro document preparation service CA Dept. of Real Estate
Facials, Waxing, Fitness 528 San Mateo Ave. Registered & Bonded
DDS @ Hillsdale Mall Food Court Divorces, Living Trusts,
Body Fat Reduction 324 N. San Mateo Drive, #2 San Bruno Our special... Corporations, Notary Public
Pure Organic Facial $48. San Mateo 94401 (650)873-8000 Buy 1 Combo, Get The 2nd At (650)574-2087
1/2 Off!
1 Hillcrest Blvd, Millbrae (650)343-5555 Retirement
“I am not an attorney. I can only pro-
(650)697-6868 --------------------------------------------------- vide self help services at your specific
$65.Exam/Cleaning LA CORNETA Fitness
direction” MARYMOUNT
Cemetery $65. Exam/FMX We offer more than just tacos! RETIREMENT CENTER

SAN MATEO - 2 Veteran Cemetery

(Reg. $228.) 11617 San Carlos Ave., SC DOJO USA Marketing Independent & Assisted Living
Studio & 1 Bedroom Suites
Plots for $2500 each in Skylawn Memori-
New Patients without Insurance (650)551-1400 World Training Center Easy Month to Month Rentals
al Park. (209)480-7268 1123 Burlingame Ave., Burl Martial Arts & Tae Bo Training No Security Deposits
(650)340-1300 Pet Friendly with Guerrilla Marketing 1201 Broadway, Millbrae
Collectibles Coaching. (650)742-9150
Food 731 Kains Ave, San Bruno
The Growth Coach
BUYING COINS AND SIXTEEN MILE HOUSE (650)589-9148 can help you 1on1.
Millbrae’s Finest Dining Restaurant
JEWELRY BROADWAY GRILL First consultation always free Seniors
Come Sing Karaoke
Instant Cash for Gold & Silver 650.373.2022
Coins, SINCE 1963 Sat. Night 9 pm-12 am
Free Roundtrip Limo Pickup Closed Mondays! Glasswares
Numis International, Inc. (94010 zipcode) AEGIS LIVING
301 Broadway Ave. Live, Ride, Dine in Style 448 Broadway CUT CRYSTAL Glasses, Set of six, per-
Millbrae fect, no chips/cracks or imperfections,
1400 Broadway, Burlingame (650)697-6118 only $15 650-595-3933 Massage Therapy of South San Francisco
(650)697-6570 (650)343-9333
WINE GLASSES, Two hourglass shaped 2280 Gellert Blvd.
SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE sets, one plain (6), one etched (5), $15
each 650-595-3933
ASIAN MASSAGE (650)952-6100
Computer Open 7 days, 10 am -10 pm
Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner
Crowne Plaza Health & Medical Walk-ins welcome!
2009 1st Place Winner
Best Crepes 1221 Chess Dr., Hwy. 92 at 633 Veterans Blvd., #C
MacPC Solutions 851 Cherry Ave., #16 Foster City Blvd. Exit BALDNESS IS One Option... Redwood City BAY VIEW VILLA
Affordable Foster City Or Consider Modern Hair Assisted Living &
on-site computer services San Bruno Transplantation Surgery (650)556-9888
(650)589-3778 (650)570-5700 Guaranteed Results Dementia Care
Desktop, Laptop, Printers, Hospice. 24-Hour care, incredi-
Wireless, Installation/Repair Highest Patient Satisfaction
Easy Financing ble facility located in San Carlos
We fix any PC issues Schedule your free consultation PROFESSIONAL Hills. See our monthly specials!
(650)477-2927 SWEET MEMORIES (650)551-1100 MASSAGE THERAPY 777 Bayview Drive,
GOT BEER? CONFECTIONERY Gorrin Surgical Tranquil Massage San Carlos (650)596-3489
Candy • Ice Cream Clean and Nice Environment
Dental Services We Do! Fudge • Pastry • Gifts
1395 El Camino Real
Open 7 days 9am-10pm
Join us for Happy FOOT PAIN? 951 Old County Rd., Ste #1
Millbrae Belmont
$3. Pints M-F,
We offer
(650) 637-8047 Burlingame
Consultation 4-6 pm
San Carlos podiatrist has
solutions for pain-free walking after
surgery. SUNFLOWER
Dental Lab Technician On- Steelhead THAI TIME
Restaurant & Bar Call (650)595-4148 MASSAGE
Site Brewing Co.
Grand Opening! Caring for Seniors with
Dentures Made In One Day
333 California Dr. Try Our Lunch Special $10. Off 1-Hour Session! dementia & memory
Free Follow-up Advisement loss since 1988.
Burlingame Just $7.95! REDWOOD CITY 1482 Laurel St.
(650)366-3812 1240 El Camino Real San Carlos 1117 Rhinette Ave.
(650)344-6050 San Carlos LOTUS SPA (Behind Trader Joe’s)
Roos Dental Care (650)596-8400 You Can Lose 6-20 Inches in Burlingame
1-Hour! Go to www.baybody- Open 7 Days/Week, For Your $300. 10am-10pm
Off Coupon!
903 Main Street, RWC
Graphics Graphics Graphics (650)368-9727 (650)508-8758
SAN MATEO Needlework
New San Mateo Address: SF, 22 yrs. Pretty blonde.
117 N. San Mateo Dr. I love a guy with a cute smile,
San Mateo 94401 CITY NEEDLEWORK great sense of humour
(650)342-2420 and warm heart.
Are YOU the one?
1828 El Camino Real #405 61 East 4th Avenue Call me NOW!
Burlingame 94010 (Same Location) Downtown San Mateo 650.288.4271
(650) 259-8090 Must be 18+.

Hypnosis Makes it Easy LUV2
Guaranteed STITCH.COM
Call now for an appoint-
ment or consultation Needlepoint!
888-659-7766 Fiesta Shopping Center
747 Bermuda Dr., San Mateo
INSURANCE SCANNER with 4 extra ink cartridges,
$40. obo., (650)290-1960
Eric L. Barrett,
President Video Video
Barrett Insurance Services
Lic. 0737226



CA insurance lic. 0561021
28 Tuesday • Aug. 10, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

4 Gold
Instant Cash for
We make loans
on Jewelry & Coins
l y & Diamonds
We buy all diamonds lla r
and jewelry items regard r all antique
Every Day We Are
can offer you top do
of their condition. We experts

d jew elr y. Br ing yo ur items in to one of our
and perio
sh offer.
for an appraisal and ca

Inst ant Cash f
u y & S e l l
BullionvBer, & Platinum ,
Gold, Si af, American Eag
ple L e
Gold: Ma Krugerrand.
n u m : A ll Sizes
at i
v e r : A ll Sizes Pl

Instant Cash for

Gold Coins
............................... $150 to $7,
$1.00 ................. $75 & Up..... $5, 000
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............................. $1000 to
$3.00 ............... $350 & Up..... $8, 000
............................... $310 to
$5.00 ............... $275 & Up..... $10 ,00 0
.............................. $625to
$10.00 ............. $575 & Up..... $10 ,00 0
........................... $1200 to
$20.00 ........... $1150 & Up.....

Instant Cash for

U.S. Silver Coins
We buy all c oins for their c
Dimes ............... ollector value
........... $1.10 & .
Quarter ............... up .....................
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Halves ............... ....... $2.75 & up ........................
.......... $5.50 & .................. $$
Dollars ............... up .....................
........ $12.00 & ... ... ............... $$
up .....................

To Our Customers:
Numis International Inc.

Foreign Coins
is a second
generation, local
& family owned
of coins!
Paying more for pro business here in
Millbrae since 1963.
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