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Fast Forward

Your pathway back to school and a diploma

A Cause For Action
A Dropout Problem If Nothing Changes…
In the Tri-Cities, during the 2008-09 school year, there The research is clear that dropping out of school is
were: detrimental not only to the youth, but to our community as
• Approximately 11,500 students in grades 9-12 well.
• 683, or 6%, dropped out of school Dropping out can:
‒ This is slightly above the state’s annual dropout rate • Lead to under employment
of 5.6% • Drain community resources
• Of the approximately 4,750 potential graduates, less than • Initiate a high level of involvement in the court system
half graduated on time • Reduce the number of people in trained workforce
• Just over 2,000 students “stopped out” or took additional
time to earn their diploma

The Research Partnering For A Solution

Models for Change staff, in cooperation with local school • Unfortunately, our present system does not provide a
leaders, has researched highly acclaimed alternative clear pathway back to school and a diploma.
education programs. Below are the common best practices
• This is a community problem. We need multiple
across these programs:
agencies to come together to work to address it.
• Open entry (students may enter at anytime)
• Enter the Fast Forward Program…
• Strong CTE (Voc. Ed.) component
• Community partnerships
• Local community college involvement
• Diploma & passing state test is the goal
• Digital curriculum delivery
• Best combined with individual instruction and support
• First rate facilities
About Fast Forward
Fast Forward empowers out-of-school
youth to reclaim their education.
• Launches in September 2010
• Free program designed to support
Tri-Cities area youth, ages 16-21, who
have previously dropped out of high
school, to re-engage in their education

Our goal is to support out-of-school

youth in:
• Returning to high school
• Achieving proficiency
• Earning a diploma
• Upon graduation, placement in a college,
vocational/technical school, or other
career training
Partnering For Success

Fast Forward
Models For Administered through
the Boys & Girls Club United Way

1 Community
Area School Local Alternative College Community and
Districts Schools Nonprofit Agencies

Legacy High Legacy Online River’s Edge High New Horizons High
School School School
(Kennewick) (Kennewick)
(Richland) (Pasco)
Our Mission & Key Goals

Mission: To serve as a student advocate providing support, initial

assessment, collaboration, and placement in the learning
environment that best meets the needs of the individual student

• Establish a single contact point for youth wishing to re-engage in their
• Partner with community organizations, agencies, and public schools to
identify and pursue youth, ages 16-21, who have left school without
• Provide initial assessment, case management, and innovative solutions
that meet the needs of out-of-school youth in the Tri-Cities area
• Maintain regular contact with and accurate records of students enrolled
in the program
To Apply
Applying to the Fast Forward program is
quick and simple.
• Apply. The first step is to apply to the program.
The Fast Forward application will be posted online,
and available for pick-up at the Boys & Girls Club.
When applicants reach us via phone, we fill out the
form for them, answer any questions that they
have, and then set up an initial meeting.

• Initial Meeting & Assessments. Next, we will

contact applicants to come in for an initial meeting,
at which we will review their school transcripts,
discuss their academic goals, and answer any
questions that they have. In addition, students will
take placement assessments that will be used to
determine their academic standing.

• Academic Planning. Next, we will schedule a

meeting with the student (and their family) to
create/review a plan of study that meets their needs
and goals.

• Placement. We will contact the program that best

meets the student’s needs and arrange for
enrollment. Once enrolled, we will maintain regular
contact with the student to support and encourage
him/her as needed.
Spread The Word Donate
Help us get the word out about Support from individuals,
this new program – tell a organizations, and foundations
neighbor, co-worker, family will be used to fund our
member, etc. programs and events.

How You
Can Help!
Volunteer Partner With Us
We need volunteers Contact us to see how you
throughout the year to help and/or your organization can
with special events and partner with us.
Contact Us
We are committed to providing students the support and scaffolding
that they need to achieve academic success!

Program participants, parents, schools, and other interested community

members can reach us via:

Phone E-mail Online In-Person

(509)416-0304 Boys & Girls Club
fastforward 801 N. 18th Ave.
Pasco, WA 99301