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Solanco grads represent Lock
Haven at NCAA tournament
TM n Sports, page C1

Winter takes last long shot; cold temps,
more snow expected in next few days
Top row: Four photos by staff photographer Blaine T. Shahan; second row, from left: photo by Visual Editor Patrick Kirchner; two photos by staff photographer Richard Hertzler;
third row, from left: photo by Hertzler; two photos by Kirchner; photo by staff photographer Dan Marschka; bottom row: two photos by Marschka.

Schools add
makeup days
Late-season storm gets
variety of reactions.
Page A7

TKNAPP@LNPNEWS.COM More than 80 cars
towed for violating citys
parking ban. Page A5
Nearly half of county districts
he spring equinox is less than a week away, but win- will lose time for spring break
ter is stubbornly refusing to loosen its grip. A powerful Check LancasterOnline
all day for the latest in ALEX GELI
noreaster, packing 40 mph wind gusts, sleet and freezing closings, cancellations AGELI@LNPNEWS.COM
rain, dumped a foot of snow in parts of Lancaster County, and delays.
The good news: Every public school dis-
closing public schools and bringing travel to a halt. LNP Media Group is
trict in Lancaster County, including Oc-
providing free unlimited torara Area, canceled school Tuesday in
Its going to be cold a while longer. sity, said Tuesday afternoon. Although, access to a digital replica preparation for the looming snowstorm,
And its going to be windy; the National I think this storm marks the end of the edition of the newspaper giving students at least one snow day this
Weather Service is warning of wide- worst of it. as its transportation staff week.
spread blowing snow today, and theres Its not necessarily the end of the snow, and independent carriers The bad news: For nearly half of all
a good chance of snow showers over the however. Horst said a jet stream distur- work to deliver LNP to you county school districts, spring break just
during the snowstorm.
weekend. bance on the heels of Tuesdays noreaster got shorter.
And that means there likely still will be could pass through the county this morn- You can read the digital Eight of the countys public school dis-
replica edition online at
snow on the ground Monday for the start ing, acting on residual moisture in the
tricts will make up Tuesdays snow day
of spring at 6:28 a.m. atmosphere to produce a snow shower or either April 13, the day before Good Fri-
I dont think we can completely close squall. Share your snow photos day, or the Monday or Tuesday following
the books on our winter snow season, I wouldnt be shocked if there were a on Facebook, Instagram Easter.
Eric Horst, director of the Weather In- couple of hours of steady snow midmorn- and Twitter using The remaining school districts will ei-
formation Center at Millersville Univer- STORM, page A4 #LancasterSnow. SCHOOLS, page A4

PinnacleHealth eyes hospitals Coffee With
Health system announces plans to buy Lancaster
Regional, Heart of Lancaster; affiliate with UPMC
LNP postponed
The Coffee With LNP planned for 6 p.m.
HEATHER STAUFFER PinnacleHealth also announced today at the Southern End Community As-
plans to affiliate with University of sociation in Quarryville has been postponed
Harrisburg-based PinnacleHealth Pittsburgh Medical Center. because of this weeks snowstorm. The
System on Tuesday afternoon an- Having PinnacleHealth affiliate FILE PHOTO
event is being rescheduled; the new date
nounced plans to buy four hospitals with UPMC is an exciting opportu- Lancaster Regional Medical Center is will be announced as soon as arrangements
owned by Community Health Sys- nity for the system and central Penn- one of two county hospitals involved in are finalized. Contact Denise Rodriguez.
tems Inc., including two in Lancaster sylvania, Philip W. Guarneschelli, a purchase by PinnacleHealth System, at 717-291-2996 or drodriguez@lnpnews.
County. HOSPITALS, page A4 which was announced Tuesday. com for more information .

DigiCode Data File Created on 11-11-99 at 16:12:42
ORDERED BY : RORY MACKISON Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414
P.O. NUMBER : 008508 612-331-6200
Start your morning off State representative The White House
right with a breakfast INVOICE NO. : 726848
seeks to provide
0% 5% 25%
releases 2005 Trump
50% 75% 95% 100%

fit for the Irish this support for (MAC

of V.3 EPS via EMAIL) tax information ahead
St. Patrick's Day. addicts, caregivers. of MSNBC report.
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SINCE 1794
77490 3


n An Indiana man who won last months $435.3 million Powerball jackpot has TUESDAY, MARCH 14
chosen to remain anonymous, collecting the 10th largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever Night
through a limited liability corporation, officials said Monday. Pick 2: 44
A lump sum of $189.1 million, after federal and state taxes are withheld, will be Pick 3: 705
Pick 4: 4132
paid to the LLC set up on behalf of the winner, Hoosier Lottery director Sarah
Pick 5: 30818
Taylor said at news conference. State law allows jackpot prizes to be claimed by a Wild Ball: 0
limited liability corporation or legal trust, enabling winners to remain anonymous. Cash 5: 0208123235
The winner bought five tickets at a convenience store in his hometown of Lafayette
on the day of the Feb. 22 drawing, said Jennifer Dzwonar, an Day
Indianapolis public relations official who spoke on behalf Pick 2: 39
of the winner. The winner plans to give some of Pick 3: 431
the money to his family to help pay for their Pick 4: 7772
education, Dzwonar said. Pick 5: 83394
Wild Ball: 6
n Because of an early press deadline, Treasure Hunt: 020711
Tuesdays Mega Millions numbers 2129
were not available for publication.
Those numbers can be found at
LancasterOnline today and will be
published in Thursdays LNP.


n March 15, 44 B.C.: Roman dictator Julius Caesar
The Who is taking up residency at Caesars Palace in Las
Vegas this summer. Caesars Entertainment announced
was assassinated by a group of nobles that included Aid for 921 escape from a straitjack-
Monday that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers
Brutus and Cassius. et while hanging upside
will become the first rock band to take up down. Angel lost con-
residence at the hotel-casinos Colosseum n 1917: Czar Nicholas II abdicated in favor of his sciousness and was low-
since the venue opened in 2003. The first run brother, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, who ered to the stage while
opens July 29 with six shows through Aug. declined the crown, marking the end of imperial rule the crowd watched. He
11. Tickets go on sale Friday at prices from in Russia.
told ABC News this was
$76 to $501. The Who have sold more
than 100 million records n 1937: Americas first hospital blood bank was the first time he lost
since forming in opened at Cook County Hospital in Illinois. consciousness during a
1964. Their hit Dolly Parton show. He explains that
albums include n 1956: The Lerner and Loewe musical play My Fair he hasnt been eating
My Generation, Lady, based on Bernard Shaws Pygmalion, opened Dolly Partons My properly, has only been
Tommy and on Broadway. People Fund has issued sleeping about two hours
Quadrophenia. monthly checks to 921 a night and wasnt hy-
n 1964: actress Elizabeth Taylor married actor people who lost their drated. Angel returned
Richard Burton in Montreal; it was her fifth marriage, homes in deadly wild- to the stage the next day
his second. (They divorced in 1974, remarried in 1975, fires that ravaged East and successfully com-
then divorced again in 1976.)
Tennessee last year. The pleted the trick.
Knoxville News Sentinel
n 1977: The U.S. House of Representatives
began a 90-day closed-circuit test to determine reported that the Dol-
the feasibility of showing its sessions on lywood Foundation re- Key reference
television. The situation comedy Threes ceived more than 80,000
Company, starring John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt and donations in December
Suzanne Somers, premiered on ABC-TV. and January, which has
Peter allowed it to issue the
Townshend n 1985: The first internet domain name, checks. The wildfires, was registered by the Symbolics struck in November,
Computer Corp. of Massachusetts.
ASSOCIATED PRESS killing 14 people in the
Gatlinburg area and de-
stroying or damaging Yara Shahidi
GOODYEAR RETIRES ITS LAST BLIMP thousands of buildings.
Parton said afterward Black-ish star Yara
n Goodyear has let the helium that she was heartbro- Shahidi says her college
out of the last of its fabled fleet of ken about wildfires that applications got a boost
blimps, but the companys flight tore through the county with a recommendation
program will continue. where she grew up. letter from former first
About two dozen employees were lady Michelle Obama.
on hand early Tuesday to witness Shahidi told W magazine
the deflation of California-based Trick fails that Obama also gave her
Spirit of Innovation, shown during a a go get em, tiger back-
landing in 2015. rub before Shahidi took
But shed no tears, blimp fans, youll her Advanced Placement
still see a familiar blue-and-gold exams. She says Obama
form floating over your favorite is very amazing and
sports event or awards show. such a supporter, which
Although the blimps replacement, is something very surreal
Wingfoot Two, will look about the to say. Obama and Sha-
same when it arrives at Goodyears hidi appeared on stage
Criss Angel
airship base in Carson later this year,
it will be a semi-rigid dirigible. together in Washington
Criss Angel is blam- in October for an Inter-
Such aircraft, one of which has
already replaced Goodyears Florida ASSOCIATED PRESS
ing a poor diet and lack national Day of the Girl
blimp, have a frame, which means of sleep for an on-stage event hosted by Glamour
they maintain their shape when the laughed company airship historian The quieter engines also will mishap that sent him to Magazine. Shahidi is set
helium is drained. Blimps, on the Eddie Ogden. provide an advantage in covering a hospital. The 49-year- to begin shooting a pilot
other hand, go flat. Wingfoot Two, Crew members Tuesday yanked a rip golf tournaments, Ogden said, by old magician was at- for a spinoff series featur-
currently operating in Ohio, will be line to open a section at the top of eliminating the racket that can tempting a trick at his ing her Black-ish char-
replaced by yet another dirigible the blimps big gas bag, known as an sometimes disrupt golfers lining Las Vegas show Friday acter, Zoey Johnson.
when it leaves there for Southern up their putts. The ability to hover
envelope. It took about two minutes during which he tries to Associated Press
for it to crumple to the ground. will allow a pilot to better position
Far more important to Goodyear the aircraft to capture NASCAR
The switch to dirigibles offers a race finishes and key moments in a
is that the new airships are faster, similar-looking, cigar-shaped flying
quieter, larger, easier to fly and more baseball game. BIRTHDAYS
machine but one thats 246 feet
maneuverable than the blimps it long, nearly the length of a football The Innovations historic gondola will
introduced more than 90 years ago. field and 50 feet longer than the old be shipped to Goodyears century- n Supreme Court Justice Ruth
Still, the company plans to keep blimps. With room for three engines old Ohio airship base to be put on Bader Ginsburg is 84. Actor Judd
calling the new models blimps. instead of two, it will be able to hit permanent display. Other parts are Hirsch is 82. Singer Mike Love (The
Because a Goodyear semi-rigid freeway speeds of over 70 miles per going to museums, and the envelope Beach Boys) is 76. Rock singer-
dirigible doesnt roll off the tongue, hour and turn on a dime. is being recycled. musician Sly Stone is 74. Actor
Joaquim de Almeida is 60. Actress
Park Overall is 60. Model Fabio
is 56. Rock singer Bret Michaels
(Poison) is 54. Rhythm-and-blues
singer Rockwell is 53. Actress Eva
LNP wants to correct substantive errors of fact. Longoria is 42. Rapper-musician
To request a correction or clarification, call the news desk at 717-291-8622 or email (Black Eyed Peas) is 42.


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totals on children
up for
deer of addicts
Seeks to provide support for those
11 percent more at-risk and caregivers who step in
bucks, 8 percent
more antlerless SUSAN BALDRIGE
deer were taken Right now, there is little support for the forgot-
ten victims of the opioid crisis the children and
AD CRABLE families of those struggling with addiction, state
Rep. Katherine Watson said, but she wants to form
Deer hunters in Lan- a state task force to change that.
caster County and parts This addiction, this disease overpowers com-
of four other surround- mon sense and decency, Watson, a Bucks County
ing counties killed 11.25 Republican, said. Or you wouldnt have people
percent more bucks and who sell their kids clothes and toys to get money
7.8 percent more antler- for drugs.
less deer during the vari- But what really bothers Watson are increasing
ous 2016-17 seasons than instances of:
a year ago. Newborns suffering through withdrawal from
Statewide, the Penn- opioids because theyve been exposed to drugs in
sylvania Game Commis- the womb.
sion announced the buck Fatalities and near fatalities of infants and
kill was up 9 percent CHILDREN, page A15
from last year and was
the largest harvest since
Some 149,460 bucks
were taken by gun, bow,
crossbow and muzzle-
loader across the state.
The statewide antler- KEN BARTON

less harvest was 183,794, Lancaster city fire crews battle a two-alarm blaze early Tuesday at 238 W. Mifflin St.
an increase of about 3
In the management Firefighters called out to two events JACK BRUBAKER
unit that includes al-

Another view of
most all of Lancaster HEATHER STAUFFER Total damage to 238 and 236 was
and York counties, and HSTAUFFER@LNPNEWS.COM, estimated at $65,000, Barton said.
parts of Dauphin, Leba- JTODD@LNPNEWS.COM As crews battled the two-alarm fire,

frontiers in early
non and Berks coun- Crews responded to two house a live power line burned through and
ties, hunters took 8,900 fires in Lancaster County during the fell onto a vehicle, causing a three-
bucks, compared to height of the snowstorm Tuesday inch burn, according to Barton.
8,000 the previous sea-
In all, 12,400 antlerless
Just before 1 a.m., Lancaster city
fire units were dispatched to 238 W.
Barton said the weather didnt have
much impact on the fire, other than
some slick spots on streets.
deer were killed, com- Mifflin St. for a report of a fire with In one case, when the engine slowed
pared to 11,500 the pre- possible entrapment. down to make the turn, there was a car The word frontier ordinarily designates an
vious season. Police arrived before fire crews and that had fishtailed sideways, Barton area open for expansion. For example, the Ameri-
Archery hunters state- saw at least two of the occupants at said. The car was blocking both lanes of can frontier moved ever westward as European
wide accounted for near- the second floor windows, city fire South Mulberry Street, just around the immigrants drove the natives they did not kill
ly 33 percent of the over- Battalion Chief Ken Barton said. corner from the fire. toward the Pacific.
all deer harvest. As flames blew from the third story The snow was coming down pretty But Patrick Speros new book, Frontier Coun-
The percentage of old- windows and a fourth floor dormer, good, which makes things a little more try: The Politics of War in Early Pennsylvania,
er bucks taken was high, firefighters began a search of the difficult to deal with, but overall there defines frontier as early Americans viewed it.
with 56 percent being at home. They quickly discovered the were no real issues, Barton said. Their frontiers (plural) were areas on the fringe
least 2 1/2 years old. residents had escaped from the rear Because of the bad weather, extra of colonial settlement that were contested by na-
Harvest estimates are of the home and had been taken in by personnel were on duty in the city tives or areas between colonies that were engaged
based on more than a neighbor, Barton said. and were able to immediately re- in boundary disputes.
24,000 deer checked by Five people also were evacuated spond to the fire, Barton said. Colonists used frontier to describe the world
the Game Commission from an adjacent home at 236 W. as they understood it, writes Spero, the librar-
and more than 100,000 Mifflin St. as fire spread to the upper Ridge Run Campground ian and director of the American Philosophical
harvest reports submit- floors of that house. Society in Philadelphia. Specifically, a frontier in
ted by hunters. Not all Barton said crews knocked down A second fire was reported at a Ridge early America was a zone that people considered
hunters report their the fire in about 15 minutes. Run Campground, 867 Schwanger vulnerable to invasion, one that was created when
kills, as required, so es- He said the fire started on the third Road in Mt. Joy Township, shortly SCRIBBLER, page A6
timates of the overall floor, but investigators were unable to before 6 a.m., Rheems Fire Co. Chief
HUNTING, page A6 determine the cause. FIRE, page A15

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Storm: Noreaster packs cold punch Schools: Days

Continued from A1 Continued from A1 school April 17. All
ing," he said. "Theres her make up the day other make-up days
probably a 50 percent later this month or in will be added to the
chance we could get a May, or tack on anoth- end of the school year,
coating to an inch of new er day at the end of the originally scheduled
snow." school year in June. for June 1.
A clipper system is ex- Heres how each of Manheim Central:
pected to follow on Fri- the 17 school districts Will make up school
day, Horst added, bring- schedules were im- April 17. All other
ing a little more snow pacted by Tuesdays make-up days will be
before turning into sleet storm. added to the end of
and rain. Cocalico: Will the school year, origi-
make up school April nally scheduled for
Treacherous 17. All other make-up June 9.
travel conditions days will be added to Manheim Town-
the end of the school ship: All make-up
Strengthening sun- year, originally sched- days will be added to
shine will begin a pattern uled to finish June 7. the end of the school
of melting by day, re- Columbia: Will year, originally sched-
freezing by night which make up school Mon- uled for June 6.
could create treacherous day and April 17, if Octorara Area:
travel conditions over the DAN MARSCHKA | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER necessary. Will make up school
next few days, Horst said. Traffic was light on Rt 283 between Manheim Pike and Fruitville Pike in Lancaster Tues- Conestoga Valley: March 23 and April 13,
"The sun is strong this day morning. WiIl make up school if necessary. Thursday
time of year, so even April 13 and 17, if nec- is now a full day for all
with continuing clouds day and a chance of rain varied widely, Horst said, back, when temperatures essary. students. March 23 is
and flurries out there, or snow Saturday. with 5 to 6 inches near surged to nearly 70. Donegal: Will make a half-day for kinder-
its melting quickly," he "There will be a daily cy- the Maryland border and Normal high tempera- up school March 17 garten through sixth
explained. "Its compact- cle of thaw, freeze, thaw, nearly 20 inches closer tures in mid-March are and April 13, if neces- grade.
ing and theres slush freeze," Horst said. "The to the Dauphin County in the low 50s, according sary. Penn Manor: Will
everywhere. But thats snow will melt and com- line. The middle portion to the Weather Informa- Eastern Lancaster make up school April
going to freeze solid after pact by day, freeze again of Lancaster County got tion Center. We wont County: All make-up 13 and May 26, if nec-
sunset." at night, so the snow pack 8 to 12 inches of snow. be hitting that mark this days will be added to essary.
Temperatures wont will get denser by the day, The National Weather week, however. the end of the school Pequea Valley: Will
get much above freez- even as its shrinking. So Service described the "Going forward, prob- year, originally sched- make up school April
ing for the next several the snow is going to stay storm as "life-threaten- ably by next Monday or uled for June 6. 18. All other make-up
days. According to Accu- on the ground for several ing" and warned people Tuesday, we have a shot Elizabethtown days will be added to
Weather, the high today days." to "shelter in place." Sev- at getting back in the Area: Will make up the end of the school
will be around 27, with eral Lancaster County 50s," Horst said. "But school March 17 and year, originally sched-
highs of 34 on Thursday, Historic ranking municipalities declared even next week, we might May 26, if necessary. uled for June 1.
39 on Friday and 46 on snow emergencies Mon- get another shot of chilly Ephrata Area: Will School District of
Saturday. Overnight lows The snowstorm youre day ahead of the storm, air. I dont think were make up school April Lancaster: Will make
through the weekend will still cleaning up today and many schools and going to get another 13 and May 26, if nec- up school March 17
range from the upper ranks fifth-largest among businesses closed in an- noreaster, but if we get essary. (April 12 also and April 13, if neces-
teens to low 30s. March storms since 1926, ticipation of bad weather. another clipper, we could will be in-session.) sary.
The National Weath- the earliest data available see a mixed bag of winter Hempfield: All Solanco: Will make
er Service is calling for at Millersville University. So, wheres precipitation. make-up days will be up school April 13 and
slightly cooler tempera- This storm, which start- spring? "We were so spoiled added to the end of May 12, if necessary.
tures. Wednesday and ed late Monday evening, in February," he added. the school year, origi- Warwick: All make-
Thursday will bring was pretty much over by Technically, Horst said, "Were kind of paying the nally scheduled for up days will be add-
blowing snow, accord- early afternoon Tuesday Lancaster County resi- price for that now. Moth- June 6. ed to the end of the
ing to its forecast, with a in Lancaster County. dents had their first taste er Nature likes to even Lampeter- Stras- school year, originally
chance of light snow Fri- Area snowfall totals of spring a few weeks things out." burg: Will make up scheduled for June 8.

Hospitals: PinnacleHealth to affiliate with UPMC

Continued from A1 complete, according to sister hospitals reported tutions. The plans with that UPMC has a long out Pennsylvania, he
PinnacleHealth presi- a news release from Lan- employing about 1,300 UPMC are in a letter of history of successful said.
dent and CEO, said in a caster Regional Medical people. intent and would need affiliations, most re- PinnacleHealth and its
news release. Affiliation Center and Heart of Lan- The other two Com- approval of final details cently UPMC Susque- Dauphin County neigh-
supports geographic ex- caster Regional Medical munity Health Systems from the boards of both hanna, UPMC Altoona bor, PennState Health
pansion and introduces Center. hospitals in the deal are organizations and then and UPMC Hamot in Milton S. Hershey Medi-
more choices for health Brooks Turkel, market Carlisle Regional Medi- regulatory approval. Erie, where UPMC af- cal Center, had sought
insurance through a pro- CEO for those hospi- cal Center in Cumber- UPMC, which includes filiations have meant sig- to merge but abandoned
vider-sponsored health tals, said in the release land County and Me- both provider and in- nificant investment and that attempt last year af-
plan. that PinnacleHealth morial Hospital in York surer offerings, includes growth in advanced spe- ter encountering oppo-
The deal includes a will help us maintain County. more than 25 hospitals, cialty care, primary care sition from the Federal
commitment from Pin- our critical positions as Financial details of the 600 doctors' offices and and community services Trade Commission.
nacleHealth to offer anchor institutions and proposed deals were not outpatient sites and is for local residents. Michael Young, a long-
employment to all em- employers in the com- disclosed. the largest medical and We are pleased about time leader of Lancaster
ployees in good standing munity. The deal with Com- behavioral health insur- PinnacleHealth's shared County's largest health
when the transaction is As of November, the munity Health Systems er in western Pennsylva- vision to expand evi- system who subsequent-
will require regulatory nia. dence-based, world- ly became president and
approval and is expected UPMC President class health care with CEO of PinnacleHealth

to close this summer, and CEO Jeffrey A. Ro- value-driven, low-cost close to six years ago, left
according to the insti- moff said in a release insurance products to the role without warning
Specialist benefit more residents earlier this month and

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More than 80 vehicles towed

from snow emergency routes
Owners hit with a $30 ticket and a $220 towing tab
Lancaster city officials ordered dozens EMERGENCY ROUTES
INSTAGRAM USER KYLE BOWEN of cars towed from the streets ahead of Lancaster citys snow emergency
the snowstorm Monday, and the own- routes include portions of:
ers are facing an unpleasant surprise: a n North/South Duke streets
couple hundred bucks in fines.
INSTAGRAM USER MELISSA WARDWELL More than 80 vehicles were towed n North/South Lime streets
for violating the citys snow emergency n North/South Prince streets
parking ban. The 85 vehicles that Lan- n North/South Queen streets
caster city police said were towed were n East/West Chestnut streets
given $30 tickets, but owners also are
on the hook for towing costs. n East/West King streets
The four towing companies the city n East/West Orange streets
contracts said they each charge about n East/West Walnut streets
$220. Vehicles had to be off the desig- n Columbia Avenue
nated snow emergency routes by 8 p.m.
n Highland Avenue
The Lancaster Parking Authority n Marietta Avenue
opened its city garages for free parking Source:
at 6 p.m. Monday, Executive Director map
Larry Cohen said.
After that, Lancaster police Sgt. Bill
Hickey said police attempted to con- Waynes Towing towed 27 cars, Mc-
tact the owners of all vehicles parked Dade said.
along the snow emergency routes. Each towing business has designated
Hickey did not know how many tick- streets from which they tow:
ets were written by police, but he said Waynes Towing: East Chestnut,
they were only written for those that East Orange and East King streets, and
were towed. South Queen Street
Cohen said the authority issued 119 Lancaster Fleet and Auto: East
tickets between 8:45 p.m. and midnight. Walnut, North Duke, North Lime,
If we can get them to move it, we do North Queen, South Duke and South
that, Hickey said. Well exhaust our Lime streets.
efforts. Patriot-St. Denis Towing: Manor,
Those that remained received tickets Marietta, South Prince, West Chestnut
and were towed. and West Orange streets.
At 7 oclock, there were a total of Absolute Towing: Columbia, North
320 cars on our route, Kim McDade, Prince, West King and West Walnut
owner of Waynes Towing, said. The streets.
PHOTO GALLERY police department was nice enough to Unfortunately, we have to tow,
See more photos from Winter Storm Stella online at
go around and to try to contact as many Lancaster city Mayor Rick Gray said. or on social media using the people as they could by running regis- We have to get the cars out of the way
hashtag #LancasterSnow. trations. so we can plow back to the curbs.

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8 OClock Apple Jacks 17 oz., Kelloggs Best Yet Sandwich
Coffee Bite Size Frosted Mini Wheats 24 oz.,
Corn Flakes 24 oz., Frosted Flakes 19 oz., Pop Tarts Cider Vinegar Crackers


388 318 1 1
11-12 oz. Raisin Bran 23.5 oz., Rice Krispies 18 oz. 10.5-14.7 oz. 11-11.04 oz.

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1050 Lititz Pike 301 Rohrerstown Rd. 1850 Oregon Pike DOUBLE
(717)627-7654 (717)397-4719 (717)569-2688 Manufacturers Money Ba
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Mon.-Sat. 7am - 11pm
Sun. 7am - 10pm
Mon.-Sat. 7am - 11pm
Sun. 7am - 10pm
Mon.-Fri. 7am - 9pm
Sat. 7am - 8pm Sun. 7am - 7pm
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Scribbler: Author discusses Pennsylvanias frontiers

Continued from A3 As a result, they continually peti- better-known urban revolts as the disputes such as Cresaps War (the
colonists feared an onslaught from tioned the government to provide Stamp Act protests and Boston Tea Lancaster-York county part of the
imperial rivals and other enemies. more aid to frontier settlers. They Party. boundary dispute between Pennsylva-
This interpretation allows for often did not receive that aid from Spero elaborates on the failure to nia and Maryland), the massacre of the
multiple frontiers. In fact, as Spero Pennsylvanias representatives, who punish anyone for killing the peace- Conestogas and other events in early
points out, the word frontiers was as represented the more secure settle- ful Conestogas: Far from inspiring America.
popular with early Americans as the ments. revulsion, the Paxton Boys spurred These events include the Lancaster
singular use of the term. Spero explains that the Paxton Rang- one of the largest political mobiliza- riot of 1775. A local militia objected
In this engagingly written and im- ers massacre of the last of the Con- tions in colonial American history. when the government allowed conscien-
pressively documented book, Spero estoga Indians in Lancaster County The Revolution, he says, was the tious objectors to avoid military service
discusses Pennsylvanias experience in 1763 was designed as a particularly ultimate result. by paying a fee. The militia stormed the
with frontiers, including the ongo- violent message to an unresponsive Speros ideas about what constituted town square and forced government
ing wars with American Indians, the government. The Revolution itself, a frontier in the 18th century are but- leaders to resign and reconsider their
early 18th century border war with he believes, was largely tressed by substantial reliance on data, defensive arrangements.
Maryland, and the late 18th century an outgrowth of frustra- especially from digitized Spero repeatedly emphasizes that
boundary wars with Connecticut and tion with the British publications of his thesis is based on the way colonists
Virginia. failure to fully defend its the period. He has viewed a frontier as a zone of potential
The author says people who lived on frontiers. counted the number attack and so continually lived in fear
frontiers, which included Lancaster Furthermore, he of times frontier of that possible fate. Only by seeing early
County for much of the 18th century, writes, the massacre and frontiers were America through the eyes of early Amer-
had a different view of life than those in of the Conestogas used at various times. icans, he concludes, can we understand
the settled regions in and around Phil- and other colonial He also has mapped the the real world in which they lived.
adelphia. Especially during the French protests in the 1760s boundaries of frontiers
and Indian War and Pontiacs Rebel- were just as impor- as they changed.
lion from the mid-1750s through the tant to the coming The result is an altered n Jack Brubaker, a retired LNP staff writer,
writes The Scribbler column twice a week.
mid-1760s frontier settlers lived in of the American framework for familiar He welcomes comments and contributions at
constant fear of Indian attack. Revolution as such stories about frontier

Hunting: Deer numbers increase Police log outside Bowmansvillle Park in

the 100 block of Church Street,
police said.
Eddie Gonzalez, 38, of 555
Continued from A3
kill are used. DEER HARVESTS IN THE WILDLIFE n MANHEIM TWP.: Counterfeit
$100 bills were used to
Avenue H, Columbia, was
charged with possession of
After a long period in which Pennsyl- MANAGEMENT UNIT THAT INCLUDES purchase $600 worth of drug paraphernalia after police
vanias deer population was managed to LANCASTER COUNTY Green Dot cards March 13 at
Walgreens, 1262 Lititz Pike,
responded to a reported
maximize numbers of deer, the Game overdose Dec. 28 at the Blue
24,000 22,200 police said. Note Motel, 1210 River Road,
Commission has sought since 2002 to ANTLERED ANTLERLESS TOTAL 21,300 police said.
limit the deer population to numbers
that allow forest and native plant regen- 20,000 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF
eration and that reduce deer-vehicle n STRASBURG TWP.: Police THEFT
collisions. 16,000 14,800 found seven street signs that n MANHEIM TWP.: $320
Antler restrictions seek to achieve a 12,400 had been shot after responding worth of personal items were
higher rate of trophy bucks. 12,000 to a report of gunfire in the 600 stolen from or damaged in
block of Bunker Hill Road about three unlocked vehicles parked
The plan has been controversial from 8,900
the beginning and many hunters have 7,400 11 p.m. March 11. on Hollywood Drive, Linden
8,000 Avenue and Oak Avenue
complained of a scarcity of deer, especial- overnight March 7, police said.
ly on public lands. DRUG CHARGES
In recent years, the Game Commission
4,000 n BRECKNOCK TWP.: A golf







cart was stolen from the 400

has eased the number of antlerless deer Aharonian, 21, of Narvon, was block of East Maple Grove Road
killed in some portions of the state to al- charged with possession of between Jan. 30 and Feb. 6,
low the herd to grow. SOURCE: PENNSYLVANIA GAME COMMISSION REPORTS ON WMU5B drug paraphernalia March 9 police said.

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 Frosted Mini Wheats 15.5 oz box 3/ 10
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Regular Cinnamon $
$ 99 Quaker Life Cereal
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Muellers Elbow Macaroni 12 oz box 5/ 5
Sweet Florida Strawberries $
Cutie's Clementines 3 lb bag 5
$ 99 Regular Thin
12 oz box 5/ 5
$ 99 Muellers Spaghetti
each 2
2 lb bag 1.99
Del Monte Pineapples 10 X Light Brown $
   Natures Finest Cut Peeled
Baby Carrots 1 lb bag 99
Domino Sugar
Bounty Basic Towels 6 Big Roll 5.49
Fresh Express Garden Salad 12 oz bag 99 Soft Strong
Charmin Essentials
sleeve 99 12 roll pkg 5.49
California Celery Bath Tissue


Late-season storm gets mix of reactions from residents

TOM KNAPP about, he said. It would be day off and the kids love it.
nice if it stopped now. It just Its been an odd week, Mah-
Lee Shoff, shoveling the keeps on coming. mood said.
steps in front of his Lancaster The late-season mass of Its surprising, to go from a
city home Tuesday morning, snow and sleet moved into the warm and sunny day to this,
had mixed feelings about the Lancaster County area late he said. Were having all four
snowstorm. Monday evening, blanketing seasons in two days.
I wasnt too happy about it the region in several inches of Anthony Torres, manning
when I heard it was coming, white. the cash register Tuesday
he said. But now that its here, Measurable snow has been morning at the Turkey Hill,
I kind of enjoy it. rare this winter, and a few re- 1503 Columbia Ave., said busi-
Besides, Shoff said, you can cent warm spells made it seem ness was coming in waves.
never count on good weather like spring was solidly on its Its been sporadic, he said.
in a mixed-up month. way. Nodding at his co-worker,
March can be pretty iffy, On a Tuesday morning walk Nora, he laughed and said,
he said. Weve been surprised through the city and suburbs, She didnt want to come in. I
in March before. But I kind of the neighborhoods were quiet, had to go pick her up.
like it one last winter blast with the soft crackle of sleet But customers were still
before spring sets in. hitting crisp snow banks and TOM KNAPP | STAFF WRITER
making their way through the
Further down on West King the muted sounds of birds. David Kelley of Lancaster takes a break from shoveling to flop in a snow, he said mostly for gas
Street, David Kelley also was Occasionally, there was the snowbank Tuesday morning. and coffee.
taking a positive view. crunch of a snow shovel or the Yesterday was crazy milk
I think its neat, he said, revving engine of a snowblow- Avenue in East Hempfield and I dont mind the snow as and bread, eggs and bacon,
pausing as he cleared his side- er, but most people seemed Township, wasnt bothered by long as its after Christmas. Torres said. Today well, of
walk. I love the snow. I like to content to wait out the storm the snow. Across the street, Mujtaba course you get your diehards
jump in it. before tackling their sidewalks I enjoy it, he said. Mahmood was watching his in the morning. You get your
After demonstrating in a and driveways. Traffic on the Besides, he added, ges- children play in the snow. essential personnel at the hos-
nearby snowbank, Kelley ad- roads was minimal, with cars turing at his snowblower, I I own a restaurant, so its pitals on their way to work.
mitted its not all good. struggling for traction and a wanted to empty the gas tank disappointing to lose a day of And third-shifters coming
Shoveling, for instance. few sliding in the icy slush. before spring. business, he said, brushing off work theyre grateful we
That part, Im not too crazy Jeremy Mays, of Ridgeview Mays said he drives for UPS, snow from his face. But its a were open.

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Mafia moves in on farm, food

Stk of Pay-

Organized crime groups doing $23B in business, prosecutors contend

Period Rate record able
Ashford Hosp Prime . ................................Q .16 3-31 4-17
Roper Tech Inc ..........................................Q .35 4-7 4-21
ROME (AP) Orga- ministers, lawmak- was really oil made from ples, despite con- Tiptree Class A ..........................................Q .03 3-27 4-3
nized crime has a seem- ers and police officials, the residue of olive oil tamination by toxic INITIAL
Adient PLC .................................................. .275 3-27 4-20
ingly insatiable appetite calculated the amount production purchased waste dumping run REGULAR
for farm and food busi- of business at 21.8 bil- from the Middle East. by the Camorra, were Astronova Inc . ..........................................Q
Blue Capital Rein . .....................................Q
nesses, one of the few lion euros ($23 billion), The report noted that cultivated regularly. DryShips Inc ..............................................Q .02 3-15 3-31
economic sectors expe- stressing the estimate the same ndrangheta Interior Minister Graphic Packaging ....................................Q
Institutional Fin ........................................Q
riencing growth during was likely low. clan also had controlled Marco Minniti said Inter Parfums Inc ......................................Q .17 3-31 4-14
Italys protracted eco- The bounty of Italys production and exports that the mobsters TechnoGlass . ............................................Q .125 3-31 4-28
Titan International ....................................Q .005 3-31 4-14
nomic crisis. renowned farm prod- of oranges, mandarin interests also reflect
Anti-mafia prosecu- ucts is so plentiful, each oranges and lemons to Mafia origins in the
tors and Italys farm lob- crime syndicate and the U.S. southern country-
by Coldiretti on Tuesday
expressed concern that
sometimes even specific
clans are specializing in
The Casalesi crime
clan of the Naples-area
side centuries ago
when local dons In brief
the countrys crime syn- certain items. Camorra syndicate con- manifested their
dicates have increased The most notorious trolled much of the sales power by letting their RETAIL
their infiltration or con-
trol of agriculture and
clans of organized crime
have divvied up the food
of locally made buffalo
mozzarella not only in
herds graze in others
field or stealing ani-
Bon-Tons Q4 net profits
food markets, ranging
from citrus exports to
Coldiretti the surrounding area,
but also to markets far-
So, organized
fall 11.6%, net loss for year
the U.S., Italian whole- National anti-Mafia ther south, in what is crimes heightened The Bon-Ton Stores on Tuesday reported an 11.6
sale produce markets Prosecutor Franco considered the territory recent interest in percent drop in net profits for the fourth quarter
and local supermarket Roberti cited the crack- of the ndrangheta, the farm businesses is ended Jan. 28 and a net loss for the sixth straight year.
chains. They urged new down earlier this year report noted. a cross between an- In the quarter, net profits were $44.7 million ($2.09
legislation to help law on what he called a Roberti emphasized cient crimes and a share), down from $50.6 million ($2.42 a share) in
enforcement combat colossal fraud in olive that unscrupulous fi- most modern ones, the fiscal 2015 quarter. Sales fell 5.5 percent to $877.3
mobsters involvement oil exports, perpetrated nancial companies not like the laundering million.
in farming and food pro- by the ndrangheta, the infrequently act in ca- the farm business Hurting the bottom line were the decline in sales
duction. southern-Italy based hoots with mobsters in profits through so- and $16.7 million in impairment charges, compared
A report estimated the crime organization that the agriculture busi- phisticated financial to $3.2 million in impairment charges in the fiscal
overall volume of busi- is considered one of the nesses. channels, Minniti 2015 quarter.
ness in what has been worlds most powerful He urged lawmakers to said. For the year, the York-based department store
called the agri-Mafia syndicates. enact laws more tailored The annual report chains net loss deepened to $63.4 million ($3.18 a
interests jumped by 30 Investigators alleged to fighting agri-Mafia was prepared by share) from a net loss of $57.1 million ($2.90 a share)
percent in 2016, com- the Piromalli crime clan crime, an approach used the farm lobby, the the prior year. Sales slid 4.1 percent to $2.67 billion.
pared to 2015s volume. in Reggio Calabria was to combat illegal traf- Eurispes think tank
The report, which was behind the export to ficking in toxic wastes and the Observatory ACCOUNTING
presented at Coldirettis
Rome headquarters to
major U.S. stores of what
was labeled extra vir-
more effectively that led
to convictions and harsh
Foundation, which
monitors crimes in
Lancasters RKL rises to
anti-Mafia investiga-
tors, law enforcement
gin olive oil the most
prized kind but what
sentences for offenders.
Farm fields near Na-
farm and food busi-
65th biggest CPA firm in US
Certified public accounting firm RKL has moved
up two spots on the annual Top 100 Firms list com-
piled by Accounting Today magazine.
Price and grade information is SLAUGHTER HOLSTEINS: Lancaster-based RKL rose to 65th on the 2017 list,
Farm markets presented by reported by QSA-USDA Market
News Service. While market
reports reflect the majority of
High Choice and Prime 2-3
1485-1675 lbs 86.00-87.00.
Choice 2-3 1675-1690 lbs
thanks to a 9.12 percent increase in 2016 revenue to
$62.2 million. It retained its ranking of 14th in the
Livestock sold at each sale, there 83.00-85.00. Select 2-3 mid-Atlantic region.

Lancaster Farming
are instances where animals do 1040-1400 lbs 74.00-78.00.
not fit reporting categories and FAMILY BUSINESS FORUM

Leadership expert, JetBlue

are not included in this report. SLAUGHTER HEIFERS:
High Choice and Prime 2-3
(USDA-PDA) Vintage Sales 1400-1500 lbs 121.00-123.50.


Stables - Paradise, PA, Slaughter
Cattle Auction Report for
Choice 2-3 1285-1500 lbs
118.00-121.00. co-founder to speak
Monday, March 13, 2017.
(USDA-PDA) New Holland SLAUGHTER HEIFERS: Not SLAUGHTER COWS: Breakers Leadership expert Henry Cloud and JetBlue co-
VINTAGE CATTLE 75-80 Percent Lean, Avg.
Sales Stables - New Holland, PA, tested.
Dressing 68.00-73.50, High
founder Ann Rhoades will be the featured keynote
Livestock Auction Report for
Monday, March 13, 2017 SLAUGHTER COWS: Premium *** Monthly Feeder Cattle Special Dressing ---, Low Dressing ---. speakers at The High Center Family Business Forum
White 65-75 Percent Lean,Avg. Friday, April 7 and 21, 2017 @ Boners 80-85 Percent Lean, Tuesday, March 21.
WEEK: 960, YEAR AGO: 741.
Dressing 66.00-68.50, High
Dressing ---, Low Dressing
6:00pm. *** Avg. Dressing 63.00-70.50,
High Dressing ---,Low
The event, which is open to the public, will be held
63.00-65.50. Breakers 75-80 The market information listed Dressing ---. Lean 85-90 from 3 to 8:30 p.m. at the Lancaster County Conven-
CALVES: THIS WEEK: 509, LAST Percent Lean, Avg. Dressing below is collected through the Percent Lean, Avg. Dressing tion Center.
WEEK: 391, YEAR AGO: 439. USDA Quality Systems
62.00-66.50, High Dressing
Assessment (QSA) Livestock
60.00-66.00, High Dressing Prior to joining JetBlue, Rhoades was vice presi-
67.00-72.00, Low Dressing 68.00-72.50, Low Dressing ---.
Compared to last week,
56.00-61.50. Boners 80-85 Auction Market Reporting dent of the people department at Southwest Airlines.
Slaughter steers sold 2.00-3.00
higher on good demand. High Percent Lean, Avg. Dressing (LAMR)Program under the SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield She is founder and president of People Ink, a busi-
Grade 1 1815 lbs 80.00.
dressing Lean steers sold 60.00-64.50, High Dressing supervision and oversight of ness consulting firm.
65.00-69.50, Low Dressing USDA Livestock and Grain
7.00-8.00 higher on very good
54.00-59.50. Lean 88-90 Percent Market News. RETURN TO FARM Cloud, who will be the evening keynote speaker, has
demand. Slaughter Holstein
Lean,Avg. Dressing 57.00-61.50,
HOLSTEIN CALVES: written or co-written 25 books. Attendees will receive
steers sold 3.00-4.00 higher CATTLE: THIS WEEK: 350, LAST Compared to last week
on good demand. Slaughter High Dressing 62.00-68.00, Low
WEEK: 195. Holstein bull calves sold a copy of his newest book, The Power of the Other.
heifers not tested. Slaughter Dressing 50.00-56.50. 5.00-10.00 higher. All prices Tickets and additional information about the event
cows sold 2.00-3.00 higher on SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield Grade
WEEK: 95.
per cwt. are available at
good demand. Slaughter bulls 1 870-2255 lbs avg dress 99.00-
sold 7.00-8.00 higher on good HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES:
105.00, high dress 109.00-118.00, When compared to last Number 1 95-120 lbs 100.00- NATURAL GAS
demand. Supply Included 182 very high dress 120.00-129.00,
Discovery in Mediterranean
Mondays sale, slaughter 115.00; 80-90 lbs 80.00-
slaughter steers; 96 heifers; 323 low dress 91.00-97.00, very low steers sold steady-1.00 higher. 100.00. Number 2 95-120
cows; 81 bulls and 130 feeder dress 82.00-91.00. Slaughter cows sold 2.00-3.00 lbs 80.00-90.00; 80-90 lbs
cattle. All prices quoted per cwt.
higher with instances of 75.00-85.00. Number 3 75- The discovery of a huge natural gas deposit in Egyp-
3.00-5.00 higher. Cattle supply
SLAUGHTER STEERS: High Choice CALVES: Compared to last week,
consisted of 202 steers, and heif-
115 lbs 50.00-70.00. Utility tian waters has boosted hopes of other such finds in
and Prime 3-4 1400-1650 lbs 60-110 lbs 10.00-50.00.
123.00-128.00. Choice 2-3 1350-
Holstein bull calves sold 40.00-
ers, 147 cows, 1 bull, and 0 feeder the eastern Mediterranean that could help meet Eu-
60.00 higher. Demand very good
1650 lbs 118.00-122.00. Select 1-2 as buyers tried to fill orders due
cattle. All prices per cwt. Price and grade information ropes energy needs, a senior official with Italian oil
is reported by QSA-USDA
1250-1650 lbs 110.00-117.00. High to winter storm warning. SLAUGHTER STEERS: High Market News Service. While
and gas company Eni said Tuesday.
dressing Lean steers 1200-1700 lbs
116.00-134.00, few 135.00-148.00. HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES:
Choice and Price 3-4 1350-1650 market reports reflect the Eni SpA Chief Exploration Officer Luca Bertelli
Number 1 80-125 lbs 130.00-
lbs 128.00-130.50. Choice 2-3 majority of Livestock sold at said his companys milestone discovery of Zohr,
1250-1650 lbs 124.00-128.00;
SLAUGHTER HOLSTEINS: High 177.00. Number 2 75-125 lbs
1700-1905 lbs 117.50-127.50.
each sale, there are instances estimated to hold 30 trillion cubic feet of gas, has
Choice and Prime 3-4 1500-1700 where animals do not fit
lbs 97.50-100.00. Choice 2-3
105.00-130.00. Number 3 70-115
Select 2-3 1250-1550 lbs reporting categories and are reinvigorated the interest of other major oil and gas
lbs 70.00-105.00. Utility 60-110
1300-1550 lbs 90.00-94.50. lbs 11.00-70.00.
121.00-125.00. not included in this report. companies in the region.
Select 1-2 1300-1600 lbs SOURCE: WIRE AND STAFF REPORTS

J O I N U S F O R A C O N V E R S A T I O N A B O U T T H E M E D I A 7 P. M . , M A R C H 2 0 G I B B L E A U D I T O R I U M , E L I Z A B E T H T O W N C O L L E G E


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The Caucus reporter

20,837.37 -44.11 q NASDAQ
5,856.82 -18.96 q S&P 500
2,365.45 -8.02 q 10-YR T-NOTE
2.60% -.03 q 30-YR T-BOND
3.18% -.03 q CRUDE OIL
$47.72 -.68 q GOLD
$1,201.90 -.50 q EURO
$1.0611 -.0049

Today Money&Markets Closing prices for Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Eye on consumers 2,440 S&P 500 21,200 Dow Jones industrials

Economists predict that a gauge Close: 2,365.45 Close: 20,837.37 Stock indexes sank Tuesday after yet another drop in the price of oil
2,380 20,980
Change: -8.02 (-0.3%) Change: -44.11 (-0.2%) dragged down shares across the energy industry. Other areas of the
of U.S. consumer prices edged
2,320 20,760 market saw modest losses as investors wait to hear from the Federal
higher last month. 10 DAYS 10 DAYS
Reserve, which began a two-day policy meeting on interest rates.
The Labor Departments 2,400 22,000 When the Fed finishes its meeting on Wednesday, most economists
consumer price index, due out expect it to raise interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point. It
today, is projected to show a gain 21,000 would be only the third increase since the Fed slashed rates to a re-
2,300 cord of nearly zero in 2008 during the financial crisis. Investors are
of 0.1 percent for February.
20,000 more interested to hear is what Fed Chair Janet Yellen says about the
Consumer prices rose 0.6 percent
2,200 pace of future increases.
in January, the fastest pace in
19,000 MoneyGram MGI Valeant Pharmaceuticals VRX
nearly four years. A sharp jump in
gasoline prices accounted for 2,100 Close: $15.77 3.11 or 24.6% Close: $10.89 -1.22 or -10.1%
18,000 Euronet Worldwide offered to buy Investor Bill Ackman said his Persh-
nearly half of the increase. In the
the money transfer services compa- ing Square fund will sell the rest of
12 months ended in January, 2,000 17,000 ny for $15.20 a share, or about its stake in the struggling drugmak-
S O N D J F M S O N D J F M $807 million. er.
overall prices rose 2.5 percent
from a year earlier, the most since $16 $20
March 2012. YTD 14
Consumer price index StocksRecap DOW
20874.00 20786.31
-44.11 -0.21% t s s
seasonally adjusted percent change 10 10
DOW Trans. 9231.21 9097.98 9123.06 -128.62 -1.39% t t t +0.88% D J F M D J F M
0.6% NYSE NASD DOW Util. 692.75 688.67 690.95 -0.68 -0.10% t s s +4.75% 52-week range 52-week range
$5.61 $16.41 $10.50 $53.90
Vol. (in mil.) 3,099 1,594 NYSE Comp. 11479.03 11428.73 11459.30 -60.14 -0.52% t t s +3.64%
0.5 NASDAQ 5860.50 5831.88 5856.82 -18.96 -0.32% s s s +8.80% Vol.: 10.3m (13.1x avg.) PE: 87.6 Vol.: 77.7m (4.2x avg.) PE: ...
Pvs. Volume 2,986 1,710
S&P 500 2368.55 2358.18 2365.45 -8.02 -0.34% t s s +5.66% Mkt. Cap: $832.14 m Yield: ... Mkt. Cap: $3.72 b Yield: ...
0.4 Advanced 983 898
Declined 1964 1869 S&P 400 1709.42 1697.89 1707.12 -6.68 -0.39% t t s +2.80%
Marathon Oil MRO CHS CYH
New Highs 55 62 Wilshire 5000 24582.93 24479.88 24564.78 -85.42 -0.35% t s s +4.86%
Close: $15.32 -0.52 or -3.3% Close: $9.18 -0.21 or -2.2%
New Lows 74 62 Russell 2000 1369.16 1353.46 1362.38 -7.90 -0.58% t t t +0.39%
0.2 Energy companies continued to Hospital operators fell after govern-
est. plunge as the price of oil fell further. ment accountants said the health
0.1 care bill would leave fewer people
covered by insurance and Medicaid.

A seven-year high
0.0 $20 $10
16 17 18 8

Source: FactSet
16 6
14 4
Nearly everyone knows about the unemploy- rate tells us what percentage of Americans 16
Focus on the Fed ment rate, which slipped last month to 4.7 and older have jobs.
52-week range 52-week range
$9.65 $19.28 $4.15 $21.38
The Federal Reserve seems all percent from 4.8 percent as employers ramped That figure is also improving: It reached a Vol.: 24.7m (2.1x avg.) PE: ... Vol.: 3.1m (0.8x avg.) PE: ...
but sure to raise interest rates Mkt. Cap: $12.98 b Yield: 1.3% Mkt. Cap: $1.05 b Yield: ...
up hiring. But the unemployment rate can fall for seven-year high in February of 60 percent. Still,
today for the third time in 15
reasons other than job gains. When those out of thats below its pre-recession level of 62.7 Kirby KEX Ruby Tuesday RT
work stop job-hunting, they percent. Close: $67.90 -0.10 or -0.1% Close: $2.16 0.42 or 24.1%
Fed Chair Janet Yellen and
will no longer be counted The employment rate Companies in transportation, includ- The restaurant chain said it will ex-
other officials at the central bank ing airlines, railroads and shipping plore strategic options including a
as unemployed, which also has its flaws. A big
have also signaled recently that companies, lagged the rest of the possible sale.
more hikes are probably coming artificially lowers the reason for its decline has market.
later this year, citing a strengthen- jobless rate. been the increasing $75 $4
ing job market and inflation. The For that reason, retirement of baby boomers, 70 3
Feds benchmark rate, after economists frequently look rather than economic 65 2
modest increases in December at the flip side of the factors. It also falls if 60 1
2015 and December 2016, now unemployment rate to get a someone leaves a job to 52-week range 52-week range
stands at a range of 0.5 percent to deeper sense of the job take care of children, and as $50.80 $73.40 $1.69 $5.48
0.75 percent, still quite low by markets health. The more young people stay in Vol.: 502.1k (1.0x avg.) PE: 25.9 Vol.: 8.1m (10.3x avg.) PE: ...
historical standards. so-called employment school rather than work. Mkt. Cap: $3.66 b Yield: ... Mkt. Cap: $130.84 m Yield: ...

Jan. 2007: 63.3 Feb. 2017: 60.0 FUELS CLOSE PVS. %CHG %YTD
Crude Oil (bbl) 47.72 48.40 -1.40 -11.2
Better, but U.S. crude oil Ethanol (gal) 1.52 1.53 -0.13 -5.5
still low: Employment-population ratio prices fell Heating Oil (gal) 1.49 1.50 -0.58 -12.5
60 percent of roughly 1.5 per- Natural Gas (mm btu) 2.94 3.04 -3.45 -21.1
those aged 16 cent while natu- Unleaded Gas (gal) 1.58 1.58 +0.18 -4.9
60 ral gas prices METALS CLOSE PVS. %CHG %YTD
and older now
fell more than 3 Gold (oz) 1201.90 1202.40 -0.04 +4.5
have jobs, percent. Gold Silver (oz) 16.89 16.93 -0.28 +6.0
still below the and silver pric- Platinum (oz) 938.90 941.20 -0.24 +4.1
Housing bellwether pre-recession es fell slightly. Copper (lb) 2.62 2.62 +0.29 +5.1
U.S. homebuilders confidence has level. Palladium (oz) 742.65 755.30 -1.67 +8.8
Nov. 2010: 58.2
been strong overall, but slipping AGRICULTURE CLOSE PVS. %CHG %YTD
somewhat heading into this years Cattle (lb) 1.16 1.18 -1.21 -2.3
55 Coffee (lb) 1.40 1.41 -0.64 +1.9
spring home-buying season. 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Corn (bu) 3.54 3.55 -0.21 +0.5
The National Association of Home
Cotton (lb) 0.77 0.77 +0.36 +9.2
Builders/Wells Fargo builder Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 346.20 345.00 +0.35 +9.4
sentiment index fell to 65 in February. Orange Juice (lb) 1.75 1.75 +1.43 -11.5
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Christopher S. Rugaber; J.Paschke AP
That was the second monthly decline Soybeans (bu) 9.87 9.96 -0.90 -0.9
in a row for the index, which reached Wheat (bu) 4.12 4.12 -0.06 +1.0
the highest level in 11 years in (Previous and change figures reflect current contract.)

Pandora changes its tune

December. Still, readings above 50
indicate more builders view sales Company Interestrates NET 1YR
conditions as good rather than poor. Spotlight WK MO QTR

This months snapshot of builder 3-month T-bill .75 0.75 ... s s s .32
sentiment is due out today. Streaming music company Pandora $10-a-month
$ premium service that will
6-month T-bill .92 0.90 +0.02 s s s .51
slumped Tuesday after a report compete
c more directly with Apple Music and
NAHB Housing market index suggested the company is less likely to Spotify.
S 52-wk T-bill 1.04 1.05 -0.01 s s s .68
seasonally adjusted
sell itself. The New York Post said Corvex Pandoras current service works more like 2-year T-note 1.38 1.38 ... s s s .96
70 The yield on the 5-year T-note 2.13 2.14 -0.01 s 1.48
69 Management, an investment firm that radio.
ra People listen to music on customizable s s
10-year Trea- 10-year T-note 2.60 2.63 -0.03 s 1.96
has pushed Pandora to explore a sale, is stations.
st Most people listen to Pandora sury fell to 2.60
s s
67 30-year T-bond 3.18 3.21 -0.03 s 2.73
unlikely to push for leadership changes. without
w paying; the company has 81 million percent on
s s
65 65 Pandora stock shed 79 cents, or 6.4 total
to active listeners but had just 4.4 million Tuesday. Yields NET 1YR
percent, to $11.59. subscribers
s at the end of 2016. Spotify has 50 affect rates on BONDS YEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO
63 63 That canceled out Mondays gains, million
m subscribers. mortgages and
other consumer AP Muni Bond Idx 2.80 2.78 +0.02 s s s ...
when Pandora said its launching a Pandora Media is down 11 percent in 2017.
loans. Barclays Glob Agg Bd 1.76 1.76 ... s s s ...
Pandora Media (P) Tuesdays
T d close:
l $11.59
$11 59 Price change 1-yr 3-yr* 5-yr*
Barclays USAggregate 2.79 2.77 +0.02 s s s 2.40
O N D J F M PRIME FED Barclays US Corp 3.50 3.48 +0.02 s s s 3.54
52-WEEK RANGE Price-earnings ratio: Lost money P 12.5% -31.1 1.7 RATE FUNDS
16 17 Barclays US High Yield 6.05 5.99 +0.06 s s t 8.31
$8 $15 (Based on last 12-month results) YEST 3.75 .63
Source: FactSet Moodys AAA Corp Idx 4.13 4.11 +0.02 s s s 3.89
6 MO AGO 3.50 .38
AP AP *annualized Source: FactSet 1 YR AGO 3.50 .38 10-Yr. TIPS .61 0.65 -0.04 s s s .42

30 Biggest Mutual Funds ASSETS TOTAL RETURN/RANK PCT GlobalMarkets

ASSETS TOTAL RETURN/RANK PCT Fidelity 500IdxPremium 66,054 83.15 +1.4 +19.6/B +13.5/A NL
FUND (Mlns) NAV 4-WK 1-YR 5-YR LOAD Dodge & Cox Stk 65,511 194.77 +0.8 +30.8/A +15.6/A NL S&P 500 2365.45 -8.02 -0.34% t s s +5.66%
Vanguard 500IdxAdmrl 195,224 219.22 +1.4 +19.6/B +13.5/A NL American Funds InvCAmrcA m 60,646 38.23 +1.0 +19.4/B +13.1/B 5.75 Buenos Aires Merval 19062.24 -126.01 -0.66% t t s +12.68%
Vanguard TtlSMIdxAdmrl 162,270 59.22 +0.9 +20.4/A +13.3/A NL American Funds AmrcnBalA m 57,703 25.69 +0.4 +12.2/B +9.9/A 5.75 Frankfurt DAX 11988.79 -1.24 -0.01% s s s +4.42%
Vanguard InsIdxIns 128,516 216.32 +1.4 +19.6/B +13.5/A NL Dodge & Cox IntlStk 57,070 40.88 +0.6 +21.2/A +7.0/A NL London FTSE 100 7357.85 -9.23 -0.13% s s s +3.01%
Vanguard TtlSMIdxInv 110,696 59.19 +0.9 +20.3/A +13.2/B NL American Funds WAMtInvsA m 54,597 42.84 +1.1 +18.6/C +12.7/B 5.75 Hong Kong Hang Seng 23827.95 -1.72 -0.01% s s s +8.31%
Vanguard TtInSIdxInv 97,541 15.61 +0.2 +12.3/A +4.2/D NL PIMCO TtlRetIns 52,559 10.00 -0.6 +2.3/B +2.8/B NL Paris CAC-40 4974.26 -25.34 -0.51% s s s +2.30%
Vanguard InsIdxInsPlus 96,397 216.34 +1.4 +19.6/B +13.6/A NL American Funds CptWldGrIncA m 52,338 46.52 +1.4 +14.5/B +9.0/B 5.75 Mexico City Bolsa 47087.97 -13.17 -0.03% t t s +3.17%
Vanguard TtlSMIdxIns 87,549 59.23 +0.9 +20.5/A +13.3/A NL Vanguard TtInSIdxAdmrl 50,167 26.12 +0.2 +12.5/A +4.3/D NL Tokyo Nikkei 225 19609.50 -24.25 -0.12% s s s +2.59%
Vanguard WlngtnAdmrl 79,020 69.68 +0.7 +14.3/A +9.8/A NL American Funds FdmtlInvsA m 49,524 57.69 +0.8 +20.7/A +13.3/A 5.75
Seoul Composite 2133.78 +16.21 +0.77% s s s +4.27%
American Funds GrfAmrcA m 78,283 45.18 +0.6 +21.9/A +13.8/A 5.75 Metropolitan West TtlRetBdI 49,084 10.46 -0.6 +0.8/D +3.6/A NL
Singapore Straits Times 3143.40 -3.75 -0.12% s s s +9.12%
Fidelity Contrafund 77,315 107.35 +1.8 +17.6/B +12.8/B NL Dodge & Cox Inc 47,811 13.62 -0.3 +4.9/A +3.3/A NL
Sao Paolo Bovespa 64699.47 -834.84 -1.27% t t s +7.43%
American Funds IncAmrcA m 75,992 22.23 -0.2 +12.0/D +8.9/A 5.75 Vanguard InTrTEAdmrl 47,084 13.86 -0.3 -0.3/B +2.7/B NL
Vanguard TtBMIdxAdmrl 74,509 10.56 -0.6 +0.5/D +2.1/D NL Franklin Templeton IncA m 46,506 2.33 -0.4 +17.1/A +7.1/A 4.25 Sydney All Ordinaries 5798.12 +3.48 +0.06% t t s +1.38%
Vanguard TtInSIdxInsPlus 72,994 104.46 +0.2 +12.5/A +4.4/C NL DoubleLine TtlRetBdI 44,456 10.55 -0.6 +1.2 +3.5 NL Toronto S&P/TSX 15379.61 -165.21 -1.06% t t t +0.60%
American Funds CptlIncBldrA m 69,929 59.47 +0.9 +7.9/C +7.0/A 5.75 Vanguard PrmCpAdmrl 43,744 117.63 +1.9 +24.8/A +16.6/A NL Shanghai Composite 3239.33 +2.31 +0.07% t s s +4.37%

AT&T Inc T 36.10 8 43.89 42.09 -.28 -0.7 t s t -1.0 +15.5 9312 16 1.96 PPL Corp PPL 32.08 6 39.92 36.43 -.02 -0.1 s s s +7.0 +3.9 1862 14 1.58f
Air Products APD 129.00 3157.84 136.18 -1.64 -1.2 t t t -5.3 +12.0 1726 21 3.80f Patterson Cos PDCO 36.46 7 50.40 45.18 -.07 -0.2 s s s +10.1 +4.2 613 22 0.96
Arconic Inc ARNC 16.75 8 30.69 26.67 -.13 -0.5 t t s +43.9 ... 1858 0.15p Penn Natl Gaming PENN 11.93 6 17.40 15.13 -.07 -0.5 s s s +9.7 +4.3 856 20 ...
Armstrong Flooring AFI 11.77 6 22.96 18.39 -.03 -0.2 t t t -7.6 ... 165 ...
Penney JC Co Inc JCP 5.87 1 11.73 6.01 +.02 +0.3 t t t -27.7 -46.6 17644 dd ...
Armstrong World Inds AWI 36.33 9 48.00 46.05 -.05 -0.1 t s s +10.2 +26.3 704 21 ...
BB&T Corp BBT 32.22 9 49.88 47.53 -.15 -0.3 t t s +1.1 +41.8 3225 17 1.20 Pfizer Inc PFE 29.41 7 37.39 34.22 +.11 +0.3 s s s +5.4 +15.8 13817 14 1.28f
Bco Santander SA SAN 3.60 0 5.85 5.66 -.11 -1.9 t s s +9.3 +21.7 4226 0.23e Rite Aid Corp RAD 4.61 1 8.77 4.87 +.14 +3.0 s t t -40.9 -40.7 28705 44 ...
Bon Ton Store BONT 1.04 1 2.75 1.07 -.01 -0.9 s t t -27.2 -58.3 456 dd 0.20 Sears Holdings Corp SHLD 5.50 3 19.12 8.80 -.42 -4.6 t s t -5.3 -45.0 1566 dd ...
CNH Indl NV CNHI 6.03 0 9.75 9.47 -.19 -2.0 t t s +9.0 +40.7 847 dd 0.12 Skyline Cp SKY 5.51 2 17.35 7.82 -.34 -4.1 t t t -49.4 +63.0 44 dd ...
Campbell Soup CPB 52.59 5 67.89 58.95 -.10 -0.2 t t t -2.5 -5.7 1113 20 1.40 Supervalu Inc SVU 3.28 1 6.02 3.26 -.03 -0.9 t t t -30.2 -41.5 2470 6 ...
Carpenter Tech CRS 28.74 4 45.34 35.29 -.03 -0.1 t t t -2.4 +11.8 196 33 0.72
TE Connectivity Ltd TEL 54.54 0 76.49 74.83 -.31 -0.4 s t s +8.0 +28.3 874 16 1.48
Costco Wholesale COST138.57 7178.71 165.24 +.69 +0.4 t t s +3.2 +8.9 1908 30 1.80
Donegal A DGICA 13.30 7 18.55 16.59 +.11 +0.7 s t t -5.1 +15.4 16 14 0.55 Tanger Factory SKT 30.98 1 42.20 31.70 +.30 +1.0 s t t -11.4 -5.9 958 15 1.30a
Donlley RRD 13.51 1 30.77 13.66 +.11 +0.8 t t t -16.3 -41.4 1639 7 0.56 Tyson Foods TSN 55.72 4 77.05 62.67 -.93 -1.5 t t s +1.6 -4.9 2029 14 0.90
Donnelley Finl Solu DFIN 18.03 2 29.00 19.90 +.04 +0.2 t t t -13.4 ... 250 ... UGI Corp UGI 39.20 9 48.71 47.46 -.15 -0.3 t s s +3.0 +25.3 508 11 0.95
Exelon Corp EXC 29.82 8 37.70 35.64 -.30 -0.8 t s s +0.4 +7.2 2701 14 1.31f Univrsl Corp UVV 52.26 5 83.35 66.90 -.40 -0.6 t t s +4.9 +25.1 161 16 2.12f
Frontier Comm FTR 2.42 1 5.75 2.41 -.12 -4.7 t t t -28.7 -45.2 45718 dd 0.42
Urban Outfitters URBN 22.87 1 40.80 23.86 -.35 -1.4 t t t -16.2 -26.9 3749 13 ...
Fulton Financial FULT 12.66 9 19.75 18.85 +.10 +0.5 s r s +0.3 +41.9 609 20 0.40
Verizon Comm VZ 46.01 4 56.95 49.36 -.11 -0.2 r s t -7.5 -1.5 8045 12 2.31
GlaxoSmithKline PLC GSK 37.20 6 45.58 41.73 +.08 +0.2 s s s +8.4 +8.2 2193 2.89e
Harley Davidson HOG 41.63 9 62.35 60.10 -.41 -0.7 s s s +3.0 +26.6 1308 16 1.45f WalMart Strs WMT 62.72 7 75.19 70.72 +.77 +1.1 s s s +2.3 +7.1 9749 16 2.04f
Henry Schein Inc HSIC 146.23 7183.00 171.25 -.97 -0.6 t s s +12.9 +1.5 266 27 ... Weis Mkts WMK 41.97 7 68.88 58.53 -.36 -0.6 t t t -12.4 +41.5 33 24 1.20
Hershey Company HSY 87.92 7117.79 108.52 -.18 -0.2 t s s +4.9 +19.9 658 26 2.47 Wells Fargo & Co WFC 43.55 0 59.99 58.76 +.06 +0.1 t s s +6.6 +20.3 10447 15 1.52
Intl Paper IP 39.24 6 58.86 50.68 -.01 ... r t t -4.5 +31.6 1814 17 1.85f Whole Foods WFM 27.67 2 35.58 28.86 -.09 -0.3 t t t -6.2 -10.7 3702 20 0.56
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 106.55 0126.95 127.05 +.37 +0.3 s s s +10.3 +20.6 7304 19 3.20
Windstream Hldgs WIN 6.22 1 10.46 6.07 -.27 -4.3 t t t -17.2 -15.6 4623 dd 0.60
Kellogg Co K 70.74 3 87.16 74.23 +.08 +0.1 s t s +0.7 +0.9 1794 19 2.08
YRC Worldwide Inc YRCW 7.91 4 16.97 11.46 -.18 -1.5 t t t -13.7 +22.9 381 96 ...
Kroger Co KR 28.53 1 39.22 28.70 +.01 ... t t t -16.8 -24.5 8112 14 0.48
Dividend Footnotes: a - Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b - Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. e - Amount declared or paid in
LSC Communicatio LKSD 17.00 4 37.40 23.82 -.51 -2.1 t t t -19.7 ... 187 0.25p last 12 months. f - Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i - Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate.
M&T Bank MTB 107.01 9173.72 165.96 +.48 +0.3 t t s +6.1 +50.5 518 21 3.00f j - Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferred. k - Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears.
m - Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p - Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r - Declared
Nwst Bancshares Inc NWBI 13.06 8 19.10 17.40 -.07 -0.4 t t t -3.5 +36.1 424 36 0.64f or paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes: q - Stock is a closed-end
PNC Financial PNC 77.40 9131.83 126.22 -.18 -0.1 t s s +7.9 +48.8 1562 18 2.20 fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc - P/E exceeds 99. dd - Loss in last 12 months.


In brief
Springtime in Paris
Woman charged
with 2001 bombing
A Jordanian woman has been charged
in connection with a 2001 bombing of a
Jerusalem pizza restaurant that killed
15 people and injured dozens of others.
The Justice Department on Tuesday
announced a criminal charge against
Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi for her
role in the attack.
The FBI has added her to its list of
Most Wanted Terrorists, and U.S. au-
thorities say theyre working to get
custody of her. The suicide bombing
killed two U.S. nationals.

Pelosi calls for Kings

The top Democrat in the House is
calling on Republican leaders to strip
Iowa Rep. Steve King of a chairman-
ship after his comments about immi-
Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that

Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP leaders ASSOCIATED PRESS

should immediately take the chair- t might have looked more like winter in Nome on Tuesday in Lancaster County, but as this photo shows, in
manship of a House Judiciary subcom- France the trees were flowering in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. If thats any comfort. Meanwhile, in Wash-
mittee from King. Pelosi said Kings ington, D.C., the National Park Service is concerned about the impact of cold weather on the capitals famous
racist statements must be called out cherry blossoms. National Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst said upcoming cold temperatures, predicted
as unacceptable, and complained that to reach the low 20s, could cause a 90 percent loss of blossoms that were expected to be at their peak in about a
the tepid, brush-off response from week.
leadership was disgraceful.
King said this weekend that Ameri-
ca cant restore our civilization with PRESIDENCY
somebody elses babies. He stood by
those comments in an interview with
CNN on Monday. Trump likely to invoke Jacksons legacy
JONATHAN MATTISE idency trying to accom- fold. paper. But by then, the
plish big things. Nicknamed Old Hick- revolutionary nature of
NASHVILLE, Tenn. Trump has echoed ory, the Democrat was the Jacksonian achieve-
In his first days in the Jacksons outsider mes- known for his advocacy ment would have been
White House, Donald sage to rural America for ordinary Americans. largely forgotten. De-
Trump hung a portrait by pledging to be a voice He was also a slave owner mocracy was taken for
of Andrew Jackson in the for forgotten men and who forced Native Amer- granted; it was seen as
Oval Office and likened women. The compari- icans off their ancestral historically inevitable.
his new administration to son aims to show that homelands in the South- Nothing special was owed
that of the snowy-haired anti-establishment lead- east. More than 4,000 to Jackson in the matter.
man pictured on the $20 ers can become trans- died as they fled west, Trump did not show
bill. formative presidents, a journey that became much interest in Jackson
Two ponies who broke out of their stables Trump is likely to re- said Jon Meacham, who known as the Trail of on the campaign trail.
cross a street Tuesday on Staten Island. visit Jacksons legacy to- wrote a 2008 biography Tears. Then chief strategist
day when he lays a wreath of Jackson titled Ameri- Stephen Bannon told re-
NEW YORK at Jacksons tomb at his can Lion. Ordinary people porters after Trumps in-
Police wrangle tiny historic home in Nash-
ville known as the Her-
Jackson first won fame
as a military commander Jacksons era is re-
augural address that the
nation had not heard a
horses in snow mitage. The president
also plans to speak at a
in the Battle of New Or-
leans in 1815, when he led
membered as the period
when the principle that
speech like that since An-
drew Jackson came to the
Two little ponies broke free from Nashville rally to replace an American force that political power in Amer- White House.
their New York City stables during the former President Barack prevented a much larger ica rested with ordinary There are fundamental
storm thats pounding the East Coast Obamas signature health British army from seizing people became firmly en- differences in the paths
with snow, sleet, rain and wind. care law. the city and threatening trenched, according to they took to the presiden-
An off-duty police officer saw the A top Jackson biogra- the rest of the Louisiana another Jackson biogra- cy. Trump is a New York
animals roaming the snowy streets of pher says the comparison Purchase. pher, H.W. Brands. real estate mogul who
Staten Island and wrangled them us- of Trump and Jackson is He was elected in 1828 In time, this prin- came from wealth. Jack-
ing straps for towing vehicles. He tied not the cleanest anal- as the right to vote was ciple would mandate son was born into pov-
the ponies to a lamppost and called for ogy, but the seventh expanded to all white the extension of the vote erty and rose to become a
backup. A police car arrived and the president offers the 45th men, not just property to women and blacks, wealthy lawyer and a na-
ponies were returned safely to their a convenient example of owners, and he brought Brands wrote in a column tional hero after the War
stables. an unconventional pres- new voter groups into the in the Tennessean news- of 1812.

Russian faces US TURKEY

malware charges Erdogan renews war of words with Europe

Federal prosecutors in Atlanta say ASSOCIATED PRESS
a Russian man appeared in court on
charges related to malicious software Turkish President Recep Tayyip
designed to steal personal financial in- Erdogan on Tuesday directed fresh
formation. verbal attacks at the Netherlands
Mark Vartanyan, known as Kolypto, amid their growing diplomatic
appeared in court Tuesday following spat, holding the country responsi-
extradition from Norway in Decem- ble for Europes worst mass killing
ber. Prosecutors say Vartanyan was since World War II.
involved in the development, improve- In a televised speech, Erdogan
ment, maintenance and distribution of referred to the massacre of some
Citadel, which infects computer sys- 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Sre-
tems and steals financial and personal brenica, eastern Bosnia, in 1995,
identification information. and blamed a Dutch battalion of
United Nations peacekeepers who
DALLAS failed to halt the slaughter by Bos-
Woman climbs tree nian Serb forces.
Erdogan said: We know the
to block trimming Netherlands and the Dutch from
the Srebrenica massacre. We know

People walk Tuesday in central Istanbuls Taksim Square, with a poster of Turk-
A sixty-seven-year-old Dallas woman how rotten their character is from ish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a backdrop
climbed a pecan tree on her property to their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians
protest a utility companys plan to trim there. on expanding Erdogans powers, ment Tuesday, the Turkish Foreign
the branches. Dutch Prime Minister Mark courting the votes of eligible Turks Ministry said the EUs stance on
It was the second time in six years Rutte condemned Erdogans com- in the Netherlands. Turkey was short-sighted.
that Jeri Huber has climbed the tree to ments, calling them a disgusting Around 400,000 people with ties German Chancellor Angela
prevent any limbs from being removed. distortion of history. to Turkey live in the Netherlands. Merkel also backed the Nether-
She says the utility company is en- It was the latest in Erdogans war The Turkish leader previously lands in its diplomatic fight with
croaching on her rights as a property of words on the Netherlands, which called the Netherlands Nazi rem- Turkey, pledging her full support
owner, but Oncor counters that it is re- prevented two Turkish ministers nants and also accused it of fas- and solidarity with the Dutch and
sponsible for keeping power lines free from holding campaign rallies in cism. saying the Nazi jibes were unac-
from branches so that service to cus- the country over the weekend. The Earlier, Turkey criticized the Eu- ceptable.
tomers isnt disrupted. two ministers had sought to cam- ropean Union for siding with the Erdogan responded angrily to
SOURCE: WIRE REPORTS paign for an April 16 referendum Netherlands in the row. In a state- Merkels support.


GOP leaders fight for health bill


The White House

and Republican
leaders in Congress
scrambled Tuesday
to shore up support
for their health care
bill as critics went on
the attack over new
estimates that 14 mil-
lion people would lose
insurance coverage in
the first year alone. ASSOCIATED PRESS
The findings from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks with reporters as
THE NEW YORK TIMES the Congressional Democrats criticize the Republican health care plan Tues-
From left: Sens. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Kirsten Gillibrand, Budget Office handed day at the Capitol in Washington.
D-N.Y., listen Tuesday during a Senate Armed Services hearing on the Marines United fresh ammunition
photo-sharing scandal on Capitol Hill in Washington. to Democratic op- ated a system that saves for by including penal-
ponents of the GOP money and allows more ties in the Affordable
MILITARY drive to repeal and people to get affordable Care Act for people who
Marine leaders vow to combat replace former Presi-
dent Barack Obamas
health care, Mick Mul-
vaney, the White House
werent covered.
Democrats, united

online sharing of photos health care law.

The new figures,
which estimated that
budget director, said
Tuesday morning on
against the GOP bill,
scoffed at such claims.
Trumpcare would be a
24 million people nightmare for the Amer-
and other means pos- rines came up in 2013, would lose insurance CBO numbers ican people, Senate
sible. He acknowledged and victims have come over a decade, also ap- Minority Leader Chuck
Declaring enough is the scandal may hurt fe- forward. peared to strengthen Mulvaney disputed the Schumer of New York
enough, the top U.S. male recruiting and that When you say to us pockets of conserva- CBO findings about how said at a news confer-
Marine on Tuesday told changes have to be made its got to be different, tive resistance to the many people would lose ence at the Capitol with
senators that he intends in the Marine Corps cul- that rings hollow, Gil- bill and rattle nerves coverage, while high- House Minority Leader
to fix the problem that ture, where some male librand said. If we cant among rank-and-file lighting the agencys Nancy Pelosi of Califor-
led to current and for- Marines dont accept crack Facebook, how Republicans. conclusions that the nia.
mer Corps members women in the ranks. are we supposed to be With Washington GOP bill would reduce Criticism also is com-
sharing nude photos To some senators, his able to confront Russian blanketed in snow, the deficit by $337 bil- ing from conservatives
of female Marines on- testimony rang hollow. aggression and cyber- congressional GOP lion over a decade and who threaten to foil GOP
line and making lewd or He faced a particularly hacking throughout our leaders and top aides lower insurance premi- leaders plans of swift
threatening comments fierce barrage of ques- military? It is a serious to President Donald ums by around 10 per- passage of the legisla-
about them. tions and criticism from problem when we have Trump got to work cent starting in 2020. tion before Easter, when
But angry and skep- the women members of members of our military trying to salvage the The premiums reduc- Congress is scheduled to
tical members of the the panel. denigrating female Ma- legislation, which tion would come only go on a two-week recess
Senate Armed Services This committee has rines who will give their they hope to push after they sharply rose in that could expose law-
Committee demanded heard these kinds of life for this country in through the House 2018 and 2019. makers to town hall fury.
more, saying the mili- statements before, said the way they have with next week and the The GOP legislation Ohio Republican Rep.
tary hasnt done enough Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a no response from lead- Senate the week after would use tax credits Jim Jordan, a member
to combat sexual assault New Hampshire Demo- ership. that. to help consumers buy of the Freedom Caucus
and harassment despite crat. So far, the Naval Crimi- Trump has prom- health coverage, expand and one of the most out-
years of complaints and Its hard to believe nal Investigative Service ised to sign the bill, health savings accounts, spoken critics of the bill,
problems. something is really go- has launched the only of- fulfilling seven years phase out an expansion reiterated Tuesday that
A House panel hearing ing to be done, she said. ficial investigation into of GOP promises to of Medicaid and cap that he and other conserva-
on the issue next week Why should we believe the Marine Corps online undo Obamacare, program for the future, tives have been working
will include representa- its going to be different photo matter. The House even though the leg- end some requirements with the White House on
tives from all the mili- this time than it has in Armed Services Sub- islation breaks the for health plans under changes to the Republi-
tary services. the past? committee on Military presidents own past Obamas law, and scrap a can health plan.
Gen. Robert Neller, Fellow Democratic Personnel will summon promises to safeguard number of taxes. They have dubbed the
the Marine Corps com- Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand the services March 21 to Medicaid and provide Republicans say they bill Obamacare Lite,
mandant, vowed to hold of New York said accusa- discuss their social me- health insurance for are not trying to achieve saying it doesnt fully re-
Marines accountable tions of online exploita- dia policies and possible all. the widespread coverage peal the Affordable Care
through whatever legal tion of women by Ma- changes. We think weve cre- that Democrats aimed Act.


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State official says Tillerson

used alias in emails on climate
DAVID KOENIG fossil fuels and climate cluding from outside the
change. company, and the Wayne
The New York attorney Schneiderman said Tracker account was
general says that while Exxon failed to disclose created for secure and
Secretary of State Rex that Tillerson used an quick communication
Tillerson was CEO of account named Wayne between Tillerson and
Exxon he used an alias in Tracker to send and re- senior executives over a
emails to talk about cli- ceive emails about issues broad range of topics.
mate change. including risk manage- Tillerson resigned as
The attorney general, ment related to climate chairman and CEO of
Eric Schneiderman, change. Wayne is Tiller- Exxon Mobil Corp. at
made the accusation in a sons middle name. The year end, after then-
A 2002 photo shows the retired Cunard ocean liner Queen Mary at its permanent letter from his office to a account was used from President-elect Donald
mooring in the harbor at Long Beach, Calif.
New York court Monday. at least 2008 through Trump picked him to be-
QUEEN MARY He is investigating 2015, he says. come the nations chief
whether the company Exxon Mobil spokes- diplomat.
Iconic liner badly corroded deceived investors and
the public by hiding for
man Alan Jeffers said
Tillersons regular email
The State Department
declined to comment on
decades what it knew address received a large Tillersons use of an alias
Survey says cost of fixes could near $300 million about the link between number of emails, in- for email while at Exxon.

LONG BEACH, Calif. proaching the point of current leaseholder,

(AP) The Queen Mary no return. Urban Commons, and GENDER
is so corroded that its
at urgent risk of flood-
The hull is severely
rusted and certain ar-
both sides are com-
mitted to preserving Bathroom bill gets first
thumbs-up from Texas Senate
ing or collapse, and the eas, including the engine the historic asset and
price tag for fixing up the room, could be prone to making sure it can
1930s ocean liner could flooding, according to safely remain open
near $300 million, ac- the newspaper report to the public. In No-
cording to a survey done published Monday. And vember, Long Beach LAUREN Mc GAUGHY
by experts. because the bilge sys- approved $23 million
It would likely take five tem is inoperable, large to address the ships AUSTIN, Texas The
years to rehab the ship, amounts of water cant most urgent repairs, Senate on Tuesday eas-
a tourist destination be pumped out and could and Urban Commons ily passed the so-called
docked permanently cause the ship to sink to is working to secure bathroom bill, a contro-
in Long Beach Harbor the lagoon floor. additional funding. versial piece of legisla-
south of Los Angeles, In addition, the pil- We have a time- tion that has divided
according to documents lar supports for a raised line in which the en- lawmakers and caused
obtained by the Long floor in an exhibition gineers believe they an uproar in the LGBT
Beach Press-Telegram. space are corroded can complete those community.
During its heyday, the throughout and could immediate projects, After more than 4 1/2
Queen Mary carried face immediate col- said John Keisler, hours of debate, the bill
Hollywood celebrities, lapse under the weight economic and prop- passed by a vote of 21-10
such as Bob Hope and of just a few people, the erty development along mostly partisan
Elizabeth Taylor, roy- survey said. director. These are lines. One Democrat, ASSOCIATED PRESS

alty, such as the Duke Roughly 75 percent of major challenges we Sen. Eddie Lucio, broke Texas Republican state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, author of the
bill prohibiting transgender-friendly bathrooms, holds
and Duchess of Windsor, the repairs were deemed can only address over with his party and voted a notebook of stories from people taken during her
and dignitaries, such as urgent. time; it cant all be in favor of the bill. Be- research as she presents the bill at the state capitol in
Winston Churchill. It The Queen Mary made done at once. cause of a procedural Austin.
also spent several years Long Beach its perma- The condition requirement, they must
ferrying 765,000 Allied nent home in 1967. Now has become so dire wait one more day to for- The people of Texas and public universities
troops during World a floating hotel with that politicians in mally pass the bathroom expect boundaries be- across the state.
War II, when it was nick- shops, restaurants and Scotland, where the bill to the House, which tween gender. It would also nix city
named the Gray Ghost. event spaces, the ship Queen Mary was is also dominated by Her legislation, Sen- ordinances that allow
But now, naval archi- attracts some 1.3 million built, have called Republicans but whose ate Bill 6, would require people to use the bath-
tects and marine engi- visitors annually. for an international members are far less ea- people to use bathrooms rooms, dressing rooms
neers who compiled the City officials said the fundraising campaign ger to take it up. in public schools, univer- and locker rooms that
survey warn that the findings are being dis- to restore the former Dont think I dont sities and government correspond to ones gen-
vessel is probably ap- cussed with the ships Cunard liner. pray about this and make buildings that match the der identity.
sure were making the biological sex noted on The bill would not ap-
right decision, said Sen. their birth certificates. ply to private businesses
Lois Kolkhorst, a Repub- The bill would apply or public buildings that
lican who is sponsoring to places like the state are leased out to private
inspire. nurture. the bill. I think it is in- Capitol in Austin, city entities, letting them
cultivate an opportunity. cumbent upon us to give halls, state agencies and set their own bathroom
guidance. the hundreds of schools policies.

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White House releases 2005 Trump info ahead of TV report

JILL COLVIN because Trump refused perate for ratings when them. But Trumps full
to release his returns you are willing to violate returns would contain
WASHINGTON The during the campaign, the law to push a story details about things like
White House said Tues- breaking a decadeslong about two pages of tax re- his charitable giving and
day that President Don- tradition. He claimed he turns from over a decade how much he made each
ald Trump made more was under audit by the ago, the White House year.
than $150 million in in- Internal Revenue Ser- said in a statement. The issue was a major
come in 2005 and paid vice and said his attor- The unauthorized point of attack from his
$38 million in income neys had advised against release of federal tax rival Hillary Clinton,
taxes that year. it though experts and returns is a criminal who suggested Trump
The acknowledgement IRS officials said such offense. But Maddow had something to hide.
came as MSNBC host audits dont bar taxpay- argued that MSNBC The White House has
Rachel Maddow said ers from releasing their was exercising its First not said whether or not
she has obtained part of returns. Amendment right to the president plans to
Trumps 2005 tax forms, The White House publish information in release his returns while
and prepared to discuss pushed back pre-emp- the public interest. hes in office. More than
President Donald Trump attends a lunch with Saudi De- the document on her tively Tuesday night, say- Trump long insisted the 1 million people have
fense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Tuesday night show. ing that publishing those public wasnt interested signed a White House
Salman, not shown, Tuesday in the State Dining Room of The records have be- returns would be illegal. in his returns and said lit- petition urging the presi-
the White House in Washington. come highly sought-after You know you are des- tle could be learned from dent to release them.


In Obamas final year US spent

$36M in records lawsuits
TED BRIDIS cision to impersonate
an AP journalist during
WASHINGTON The a criminal investigation
Obama administration and about who helped
in its final year in of- the FBI hack into a
fice spent a record $36.2 mass shooting suspects
million on legal costs iPhone and how much
defending its refusal to President the government paid to
turn over federal records Obama do it.
under the Freedom of In- Of the $36.2 million in
formation Act, according pledged to legal costs fighting such
to an Associated Press run the most lawsuits last year, the
analysis of new U.S. data Justice Department ac-
that also showed poor transparent counted for $12 million,
performance in other adminis- the Homeland Security
A woman holds her daughters as gunshots ring out in a neighborhood recently liber-

categories measuring Department for $6.3

transparency in govern- tration in million and the Penta-
ated by Iraqi security forces in Mosul, Iraq, on Tuesday.
ment. history, but gon for $4.8 million. The
For a second consecu- three departments ac-
had serious
East side of Mosul now free
tive year, the Obama counted for more than
administration set a re- problems half the governments to-
coping with
from IS, but far from secure
cord for times federal tal records requests last
employees told citizens, year.
journalists and others requests The figures reflect the
that despite searching under the final struggles of the
they couldnt find a sin- Obama administration passed. A young man The departments cars
gle page of files that were information during the 2016 elec-
LOS ANGELES TIMES approached, offering a and equipment come
requested. law. tion to meet President handful of identifica- from the Interior Min-
And it set records for Barack Obamas pledge MOSUL, Iraq To tion cards he had found: istry in Baghdad. The
outright denial of access that it was the most show how much this They belonged to Yazidi departments budget of
to files, refusing to quick- York Times, Center for transparent administra- embattled citys east women, who are an eth- $250 million also comes
ly consider requests Public Integrity and tion in history, despite side has recovered nic minority and were from the federal govern-
described as especially The Associated Press, wide recognition of se- since it was freed probably Islamic State ment, but is dedicated to
newsworthy, and forcing according to a litigation rious problems coping from the Islamic State captives. The police ac- paying officers $1,000
people to pay for records study by the Transac- with requests under the two months ago, the cepted the cards and monthly salaries.
who had asked the gov- tional Records Access information law. police chief set out promised to investigate. Some of the police who
ernment to waive search Clearinghouse at Syra- It received a record on a tour last week Next came an elderly fled when the Islamic
and copy fees. cuse University. 788,769 requests for with two dozen armed man in a checked head State arrived have re-
The government ac- files last year and spent guards, one toting a scarf who told the chief turned, while others are
knowledged when chal- Lawsuit settled a record $478 million rocket-propelled gre- he wanted to report new trainees. Hamdani
lenged that it had been answering them and em- nade. his two cars stolen by expects 1,000 more to ar-
wrong to initially refuse The AP on Monday ployed 4,263 full-time The reason I have thieves. rive this month. Most are
to turn over all or parts settled its 2015 lawsuit FOIA employees across all the security is I They were Daesh. motivated by the loss of
of records in more than against the State De- more than 100 federal was targeted by the They are on the west friends and family. Since
one-third of such cases, partment for files about departments and agen- terrorists, said Chief side, said Ahmed Abd the Mosul offensive be-
the highest rate in at Hillary Clintons time as cies. That was higher by Wathaq Hamdani, 56, Merah, 55, using the gan in October, 47 Mosul
least six years. secretary of state, at APs 142 such employees the conspicuous in his Arabic acronym for the police officers have been
In courtrooms, the request, and received previous year. uniform and buzz cut. Islamic State. The chief killed and 142 others
number of lawsuits filed $150,546 from the de- A spokesman for for- He glanced across nodded and walked on. wounded, he said.
by news organizations partment to cover part of mer President Obama the bustling street at He passed three black Everyone lost a rela-
under the Freedom of its legal fees. did not immediately the ruins of a restau- police Humvees, guns tive. So its motivating
Information Act surged The AP has pending respond to an email re- rant destroyed last mounted on top. Ham- them as police to get re-
during the past four lawsuits against the FBI quest for comment late month by a suicide car dani has 10,000 officers venge on Daesh, Ham-
years, led by the New for records about its de- Monday. bomb. A boom sound- roughly the size of dani said.
ed from somewhere the Los Angeles Police The Iraqi army is still
in the once wealthy Department patrol- securing the eastern
SAN FRANCISCO Zahour neighbor- ling east Mosul, with a edge of the Tigris River,
hood. population of more than but Hamdani hopes to
Tech workers celebrate Pi Day Dont be afraid,
Hamdani said as
400,000, along with
smaller cities in sur-
see the city fully pa-
trolled by police soon.
by protesting against Trump he continued last
Wednesday, unfazed,
rounding Nineveh prov-
Since the east side was
declared free in January,
insisting the noise The province had a police have caught more
TRACEY LIEN may need their help, and the four-hour rally. was from the Iraqi-led population of 3.5 mil- than 1,000 suspected
bridge the gap between The rally follows a coalitions artillery. lion and 28,000 police militants there, he said.
Hundreds of San Fran- Silicon Valley and those recent surge in politi- As Iraqi forces officers before the Is-
cisco Bay Area tech whose jobs have been cal activism in the tech fought street by street lamic State seized the
workers converged on disrupted by new tech- industry, which histori- for control of Mosuls area in 2014. Hamdani INKLES
Palo Altos King Plaza nologies. cally has been hesitant west side, authori- was working for the In- Restaurant
on Tuesday afternoon to weigh in on issues not ties on the east side terior Ministry then, SEE OUR FULL MENU
in a show of solidarity A responsibility pertaining to its business advanced to the next but the former soldier ON FACEBOOK
against the Trump ad- interests. Tech workers stage of battle: secur- had served as chief from
ministrations policies We believe that tech have loudly protested ing and holding areas 2006 to 2008.
and rhetoric, which the has a responsibility, Trumps executive or- recaptured from the Before, police had
industry believes are a Taylor wrote in a mani- ders on travel and mi- Islamic State. 3,000 cars. Now I have EARLY BIRD SPECIAL
Mon-Sat 7-9 am Sun 8-9 am
threat to the values that festo about the event. grants, pledged to never A steady stream of 200. Big problem. I need 2 Eggs, Homefries, Toast, Coffee $2.49

drive Silicon Valley. With its talents and help build a Muslim or shoppers stopped to more cars, Hamdani BREAKFAST SPECIALS
(available until 11:00 am)
The rally, organized by resources, tech has the immigrant database and greet the chief as he said. Mushroom & Swiss Omelette
w/ Toast $6.49
software engineer Brad duty to stand up and be developed apps to facili-
Taylor to coincide with a leader for progress, tate donations to non- Deep Fried Scallops $
March 14s mathemati- especially when there profits. Italian Sausage w/ Onions & Peppers $

cally themed Pi Day, was is a lack of leadership in There have been pro- AYCE* Chicken & Waffles & Slaw 9.50

used to urge company Washington. tests outside the office Roast Turkey w/Filling $
leaders to speak out for The rally featured a of secretive technol- Hamloaf w/Filling $
AYCE* Chicken Fingers, Fries & Slaw 8.50
employees and custom- lineup of about two doz- ogy firm Palantir and the

ers negatively affected en speakers, including home of its co-founder, Corned Beef & Cabbage $
by administration poli- executives from Linke- Peter Thiel, over con- Bangers & Mash $
AYCE* Hinkles Fish Fry, Fries & Slaw $10.99
cies (the tech industry dIn and Hipmunk, local cerns the company SATURDAY, MARCH 18
got its first taste of this in community activists and might assist the govern- AYCE* Chicken & Waffles & Slaw $
January when President janitors and food service ment in building data- AYCE* Hinkles Fish Fry, Fries & Slaw $10.99
AYCE* Spaghetti, Salad & Garlic Bread 8.99

Donald Trumps immi- staff from Facebook and bases to be used in the KIDS EAT FOR 99
gration travel ban left Cisco. deportation of undocu- Mon & Sat after 4 PM. Call for details.

hundreds of tech work- At least 1,700 people mented immigrants. SUNDAY, MARCH 19
Crab Stuffed Shrimp over White Rice $
ers stranded overseas). had indicated on the Some tech workers Coconut Shrimp $
Its other purpose was Facebook event page have organized hack- Roast Beef w/Filling 9.99

*AYCE Specials Mon-Fri 4-8 PM, Sat 2-6 PM

to connect tech workers that they would attend. athons to connect the 261 Locust St. Columbia
and organizations out- Tech workers came and industry with nonprofits 717-684-2888
side the industry that went over the course of in need. M-F: 7am - 8pm Sat: 7am - 6:30pm
Sun: 8am - 2pm


Ransom demanded for oil tanker

Crew held captive, EU Naval Force says email.
Somali pirates usually hijack
ABDI GULED AND Somali pirates possess the in- ships and crew for ransom.
ASSOCIATED PRESS tent and capability to resume They dont normally kill hos-
attacks. One expert said some tages unless they come under
MOGADISHU, Somalia in the region had let down their attack.
Armed men are demanding a guard as the situation calmed. Piracy off Somalias coast was
ransom for the release of an oil NATO ended its anti-piracy once a serious threat to the
tanker they have seized off the mission off Somalia in Decem- global shipping industry. It has
coast of Somalia and the crew ber. lessened in recent years after
is being held captive, the Euro- A Somali pirate who said he an international effort to patrol
pean Union anti-piracy opera- was in touch with the armed near the country. In that time,
tion in the region announced men aboard the tanker said the concerns about piracy off Af-
late Tuesday. amount of ransom to demand ricas coast have largely shifted
An EU Naval Force state- had not yet been decided. to the Gulf of Guinea.
ment said the operation had Bile Hussein told The Associ- ASSOCIATED PRESS
But frustrations have been
finally made contact with the ated Press that the armed men The Aris 13 oil tanker is seen from a helicopter in the harbor of Glad- rising among local fishermen,
stone, Australia on Oct. 27, 2014.
ships master, who confirmed have locked most of the crew including former pirates, at
that armed men were aboard in one room and cut off com- what they say are foreign fish-
the Comoros-flagged tanker munication lines. Their main An official in Somalias semi- ship is on the coast now and ermen illegally fishing in local
Aris 13. concern now is a possible res- autonomous state of Punt- more armed men boarded the waters.
Mondays hijacking was the cue attempt, so thats why all land said over two dozen men ship, he told the AP by phone. Nur, the local elder, told the
first such seizure of a large communications were cut off boarded the ship off the coun- The incident involving the AP that young fishermen, in-
commercial vessel off Somalia in the afternoon, he said. trys northern coast, an area Aris 13 represents the first cluding former pirates, have
since 2012. It came as a sur- The Aris 13, manned by eight known to be used by weapons commercial pirate attack off hijacked the ship.
prise to the global shipping in- Sri Lankan sailors, was carry- smugglers and members of Somalia since 2012, Steed of They have been sailing
dustry as patrols by the navies ing fuel from Djibouti to Soma- the al-Qaida-linked extremist Oceans Beyond Piracy said. through the ocean in search for
of NATO countries, as well as lias capital, Mogadishu, when group al-Shabab. The official The pirates never went a foreign ship to hijack since
China, India and Iran, had sup- it was approached by men in spoke on condition of anonym- away, they were just doing yesterday morning and found
pressed Somali pirate hijack- two skiffs, said John Steed, the ity because they were not au- other forms of crime and if any this ship and boarded it, he
ings for several years. director of Oceans Beyond Pi- thorized to speak to journalists. of the measures reduce (which said. Foreign fishermen de-
However, the United Nations racy. The EU statement said The ship was anchored Tues- they have, or ships take risks) stroyed their livelihoods and
warned in October that the the ships master issued a may- day off the town of Alula, said the pirates are poised to exploit deprived them of proper fish-
situation was fragile and that day alert. Salad Nur, a local elder. The the weakness, he said in an ing.


250 skulls found in mass burial ground Twitter,

Activist group seeks help in identifying remains, allegedly victims of drug cartel violence
face fines
over hate
PATRICK J. MCDONNELL Activists say the bodies were
likely the remains of victims
ties in Mexicos southern Ve-
murdered by drug cartels and
other criminal elements, often speech
racruz state are seeking inter- working in conjunction with
national aid in identifying the Mexican law enforcement au- MELISSA EDDY
remains of scores of people thorities. NEW YORK TIMES
who were likely murdered and Thousands of possible victims
dumped in common graves on of violence remain missing, ac- BERLIN Social me-
the outskirts of Veracruz city, tivists say. Some victims had no dia giants including
the state prosecutor said. known ties to criminal gangs Facebook and Twitter
On Tuesday, the prosecutor, and apparently were caught in are not doing enough
Jorge Winckler, told the Televi- the wrong place at the wrong to curb hate speech on
sa network that some 250 skulls time robbed or kidnapped for their platforms and face
had been found at the site. ransom. fines of up to $53 million
It is a terrible crime; it never Veracruz has become a battle- if they do not strengthen
should have happened, Winck- ASSOCIATED PRESS
ground among various criminal their efforts to delete il-
ler said in a Twitter message. In this March 8 photo, members of the Solecito search group carry the factions, including the ultravio- legal posts, a German
coffin of Pedro Huesca, a police detective who disappeared in 2013,
State officials were seeking as they walk to the cemetery in Palmas de Abajo, Veracruz, Mexico. lent Zetas cartel. government minister
international and national Huescas remains are part of a collection of more than 250 skulls found The Colectivo Solecito has said Tuesday.
help in identifying the remains, over the last several months in what appears to be a drug cartel mass been calling for an official re- The move by the coun-
he said. burial ground on the outskirts of Veracruz, prosecutors said Tuesday. sponse from Mexican President trys authorities comes
An activist group in Veracruz Enrique Pena Nieto, who has as technology compa-
consisting of relatives of the saparecidos, as they are known course of years, according to the yet to comment publicly on the nies face increasing
disappeared began digging to come forward and give DNA activist group, Colectivo Sole- grisly discovery. scrutiny worldwide over
last year at the site, in the Coli- samples for possible match- cito, which says the site may be Only two victims whose re- how they police online
nas de Santa Fe area, and now ing with remains discovered at the largest clandestine grave mains were found at the site material, including hate
says it has recovered thousands the site. Many of the remains in Mexico. The site consists have been identified, and that speech, potential terror-
of remains belonging to some unearthed are bone fragments, of dozens of common graves was because they carried identi- ist propaganda and fake
250 people. along with scraps of clothing. spread out in an area sprawling fication on their bodies, accord- news. The debate has
The group has been calling on The bodies were likely over several acres on the edge of ing to a report in Animalpoliti- been particularly acute
relatives of the missing or de- dumped in the area over the town. co, a Mexican news site. in Germany, which has
become a case study
for combating such
material because of its
EUROPEAN UNION stringent laws on what
can and cannot be pub-
Ban on headscarves at work is legal, court rules lished.
For tech companies
and free speech cam-
DAN BILEFSKY sions of Muslim identity Europe is beginning a cently we have seen the Few issues are more paigners, this global
on Tuesday, finding that critical election season, court being much more politically fraught in regulatory push could
LONDON The Eu- private employers can with races in the Neth- attentive to the political Europe than the issue limit how individuals
ropean Unions highest ban female workers from erlands, France and winds rather than being of the rights of obser- communicate online
court waded into the wearing headscarves on Germany, and with an- so legalistic, because of vant Muslim women by restricting peoples
politically explosive is- the job. ti-immigrant, anti-Is- the recognition that the to cover their faces digital activities and al-
sue of public expres- The ruling comes as lam populism rising in EU is at risk of collapse. and bodies. Last sum- lowing governments to
many countries. Dutch She characterized the mer, for instance, a few expand their control

voters go to the polls ruling as further evi- French municipalities over vast swaths of the
today, and the far-right dence that the Europe- generated global head- internet.
party of anti-Islam poli- an court has been pivot- lines and outrage Yet for a growing num-
Let us help you remain independent in your home. tician Geert Wilders is ing after years of rulings when Muslim women ber of policymakers
expected to fare well. that favored the rights were prohibited from across Europe, the Unit-
American-made lifts installed and In its ruling, the Eu- of minorities. This swimming in the sea ed States and elsewhere,
serviced by a local professional. ropean Court of Justice month, the court ruled while wearing a body the social media compa-
found that company that EU member states covering known as the nies have a responsibil-
regulations banning were not obliged to is- burkini. ity to block harmful con-
the visible wearing sue visas to people who Several countries tent from their digital
of any political, philo- planned to seek asylum including France, Bel- platforms, and must re-
sophical or religious in their countries, even gium, Austria and the spect national rules that
sign did not consti- if they were vulnerable Netherlands have often run counter to
tute direct discrimina- to inhuman treatment either passed laws that Silicon Valleys efforts to
tion so long as such or were threatened led to bans on full face- operate across borders.
prohibitions applied to with torture. covering veils in public, On Tuesday, Heiko
religious garb from all Far-right leaders or are considering leg- Maas, Germanys min-
Call us to faiths, a requirement surely would have islation that would do ister of justice and con-
that legal experts say pounced had the court so. Those laws, howev- sumer protection, said
schedule a could also encompass a ruled differently. Along er, apply to public and he would propose a law
FREE In-Home Sikh turban and a Jew- with Wilders, French government spaces. that would impose stiff
Evaluation ish skullcap, among far-right leader Ma- The ruling on Tues- fines on tech compa-
other religious symbols. rine Le Pen has stirred day, which experts said nies whose social media
Local and dependable. It is a very bold step, up anti-Islam anger was the first time the platforms did not re-
said Camino Mortera- by accusing Muslims court had issued a rul- spond swiftly enough to
100 OFF $200 OFF Martinez, a research of failing to integrate. ing on women wearing complaints about illegal
Straight Curved fellow at the Center for Europe has been strug- headscarves while on content. Maas has been
Stair Lift Stair Lift European Reform in gling to accommodate the job, applies only to a vocal critic of how such
Hurry, Offer Ends Soon! Brussels, describing the huge numbers of mi- the workplace and pro- companies treat online
ruling as a landmark de- grants, many from pre- vides a minimum legal content that violates his
1905 Olde Homestead Lane Lancaster cision, if also a political dominantly Muslim standard that member countrys strict rules on 888-837-4235 and pragmatic one. Re- countries. states must meet. hate speech.

In brief two women outside Root Restaurant, 223 W. Walnut
St., and grabbed the coat of one of the women.
As that woman ran inside for help, Vazquez-Ortiz
RAPHO TOWNSHIP struck the second woman, breaking her glasses, po-
EMT hurt when ambulance lice said. Vazquez-Ortiz then picked up a bag dropped Arthur D. ing time at his cabin,
Mountainside Lodge,
crashes during storm
by the first woman and ran away as the two women
and an unidentified male gave chase, police said. Kauffman and running his antique
sawmill. He continued
A Northwest EMS ambulance transporting multi- the family passion for
ple patients slid off the road about 2:20 a.m. Tuesday COLUMBIA steam and threshing
in Rapho Township, injuring an EMT.
The EMT suffered minor injuries and was trans- Police investigate shooting In addition to his
wife Rachel, Arthur is
ported to Lancaster General Hospital as a precau- Police are continuing to investigate a Sunday morn-
tion, Lori Shenk,Northwest EMS community out- ing shooting in Columbia. survived by their three
reach manager said. Officers were dispatched at 7:43 a.m. to a home at daughters, Pat, wife
The ambulance had responded to a car crash at 877 318 Avenue I and learned that a resident of the home of Mike Hamilton of
Hossler Road and was preparing to transport mul- suffered a gunshot wound earlier in the morning at Elizabethtown, Kay,
tiple patients to the hospital when its rear wheels another location in Columbia borough. wife of Ed Horst of
slipped down an embankment, Shenk said. Investigators said the shooting might have oc- Elizabethtown, and
The vehicle was attempting to turn around and the curred in the first block of South 4th Street. Sharon, wife of Bill
operator was unable to see where the embankment Detective Matthew Leddy said in an email that the Nissley of Mount Joy,
started, she said. wound is not believed to be life-threatening, and the son Todd Kauffman hus-
Arthur D. Kauffman, band of Holly (Cassell)
Shenk said that the initial injuries to the patients person was taken to a local hospital for treatment. 86, lifelong resident of
were minor and that they were not further injured No other information about the incident was released Kauffman of Manheim;
Mount Joy Twp., died seven grandchildren,
when the ambulance fell into the ditch. by police. Leddy said Monday that investigators were Saturday, March 11,
The paramedic driving the ambulance was not in- continuing to conduct interviews and collect evidence. four great-grandchil-
2017 at Masonic Village. dren, and eight siblings.
jured, she said. Further information on the initial No updates were available Tuesday. Police ask anyone He was the son of the
crash was not immediately available. with information to call 717-684-7735. Five siblings preceded
late John S. and Mary Arthur in death.
M. (Dupler) Kauffman. Arthurs family will
UPPER LEACOCK TOWNSHIP Arthur was married to receive friends from 3
Rachel Ann (Mummau) to 4 PM, followed by his
Salt truck overturns, Teen riding scooter Kauffman for 65 years
on February 24th.
memorial service at 4
rolls down embankment hurt in hit-run incident He was a heavy
PM, on Friday, March
17, 2017 at the Mount
equipment operator Joy Church of God.
A PennDOT truck overturned Tuesday morning in Police are searching for the driver of a vehicle that for Glen- Gery Brick
Upper Leacock Township, temporarily trapping its struck a 15-year-old Lebanon boy early Sunday in Private interment will
in York, then Rohrers be in Elizabethtown
driver inside the vehicle. West Cocalico Township. Quarry in Lititz, and D.
The crash at 330 Quarry Road was reported about The boy was riding a self-propelled scooter south in Mennonite Cemetery.
L. Burkett Excavating In lieu of flowers,
7:40 a.m., and the driver was extricated about 15 to the 100 block of Creek Road when he was struck from in Bainbridge. Along
20 minutes later, Upper Leacock Fire Co. Chief Jared behind by a southbound vehicle at 5:45 a.m., accord- memorial contribu-
with son Todd, Arthur tions may be made
Nolt said. ing to Ephrata police, who said the teen was wearing founded Kauffman Iron
The driver was taken by ambulance to Lancaster dark clothing. to Masonic Village
Works. Hospice, One Masonic
General Hospital, he said. The driver of the vehicle did not stop after striking Arthur was a member
He wasnt seriously injured, but he definitely had the boy. Police said the teen suffered multiple leg frac- Dr., Elizabethtown, PA
of Mount Joy Church 17022 or to Mount Joy
some loss of consciousness, Nolt said. tures, a broken arm and other non-life-threatening of God, Moose Lodge
PennDOT spokesman Mike Crochunis said the injuries. He remained hospitalized Sunday afternoon, Church of God, 30 East
596, Elizabethtown, Main St., Mount Joy, PA
agency is looking into the incident. according to Ephrata police Officer Jeremy Adams. and Milton Grove
Nolt was unsure how the single-vehicle crash un- The striking vehicle lost its antenna and part of the 17552.
Sportsmens Club. To place a condo-
folded. He said the truck rolled down a very deep passenger side plastic inner fender. Authorities said An outdoorsman,
embankment and a passerby reported it. The truck the vehicle is likely to have other damage on the front lence online, please visit
he loved hunting and
was half full of salt, he said. and passenger side. fishing, traveling,
The truck, which was lying on its side next to the Adams said that, while it was dark at the time of snowmobiling, and
road in a ditch, was removed about an hour later, Nolt the incident, the driver likely would have been aware spending time with his
said. that he or she hit something. family. Arthur enjoyed
Police have not released any other information remodeling and spend-
about the incident since Sunday. Anyone with in-
LANCASTER formation is asked to call Ephrata police at 717-738-
Mary Anne spending time with her
family. She also enjoyed
Incident yields robbery, Internicola spending time with her
friends, especially the
assault charges MARTIC TOWNSHIP Ya Yas. She was of the
Lutheran faith.
A Lancaster man is charged with rob-
bery and simple assault after a Friday
Pequea man charged Mary Anne is sur-
vived by her daughters,
night incident on North Water Street. with school arson both of Lancaster: Kelly
married to Doug Esh
Jose A. Vazquez-Ortiz, 47, of the
500 block of East Chestnut Street, is A Pequea man is accused of setting fire to a Martic and Heidi married to
held at Lancaster County Prison on Township school door early Monday morning. Adam Leed; her four
$30,000 bail. Kevin A. Dube, 24, was found about 3:20 a.m. at grandchildren, Jared,
About 9:30 p.m. Friday, Vazquez-Or- Marticville Middle School and taken into custody, Kaitlyn, Jordyn, and
Jose A. tiz was being chased by three people according to state police. Braden, and by her sis-
when police spotted him. When he saw Police say Dube entered the school, at 356 Frog- ter, Kay Botzumo of
Ortiz Lancaster. She was pre-
police, he dropped a bag he was carry- town Road, and intentionally pulled the fire alarm.
ing and yelled something about a gun, police said. He then set fire to a metal door at the rear of the ceded in death by her
After Vazquez-Ortiz refused to comply with verbal building. Dube is charged with burglary, arson and Mary Anne sister, Celene Stewart.
commands, he was subdued with an electronic con- institutional vandalism. Internicola, 73, of Friends will be re-
trol device, police said. He is held at Lancaster County Prison on $200,000 Lancaster, PA passed ceived on Friday, March
Upon speaking with the individuals who were chas- bail. away on Sunday, March 17, 2017 from 10-11AM
12, 2017 at her resi- at the Charles F. Snyder,
ing Vazquez-Ortiz, police learned that he approached SOURCE: STAFF REPORTS
dence. Jr. Funeral Home &
Born in Lancaster, Crematory, 3110 Lititz
she was the daughter of Pike, Lititz, PA with the

Fire: Fought two blazes

the late B. Edwin and Memorial Service to fol-
Stanford said. He was just stuck low at 11AM. Interment
in there and couldnt work his way Mary DeLancey Miller.
She had enjoyed a will be private.
out. To send an online
After freeing the man, he walked long career managing
several medical prac- condolence, please visit
Continued from A3 on it to put out the fire, Stanford out and refused medical atten-
Chuck Stanford said. said. tion, Stanford said. The fire was tices.
A homemade shanty built be- It was a structure that was made extinguished before they arrived, Mary Anne enjoyed
hind a mans mobile home had out of PVC piping and tarps, and Stanford said. crosswords, garden-
caught fire, and the man had be- when the gentleman was throwing Staff writer Jonas Fortune con- ing, and cooking. Her
come stuck after throwing snow snow on the fire, that collapsed, tributed to this report. greatest treasure was

,@[n @  n@ | ne #n
; [@ ne n @  n@

Children: Task force for families

@ @ k |
 |@ [@[a !, ne@ b [

Continued from A3 definition of child abuse protection for children, ing up with recommen-
young children who have and strengthened back- supports the idea of a dations and a report. I
been abused or neglect- ground checks. task force, as well. think youre going to get
ed because of parental For the first time, From what we know something that is really
substance abuse. we added crimes like about early brain devel- worthwhile.
Cases of children be- grooming that were opment, Palm said, we
ing removed from their unknown in the 1990s, want to have someone PREMIER PERSONAL CARE
homes and placed in
protective custody be-
Watson said.
Grooming is a term
watching out for these
kids, who are victims EYE & MEMORY SUPPORT

cause of a parents drug used to describe how sex of the opioid crisis, and
addiction. offenders slowly gain the make sure their experi-
Grandparents and trust of their victims be- ences are those of nur-
other relatives who step fore the abuse begins. ture and protection, not
in and care for children Watson has intro- of trauma, abuse, anxiety
without any support be- duced HB 235, which or uncertainty.
cause the parents are would put together a Both Watson and Palm
struggling with addic- task force to protect and envision a task force
tion. support the members of made up of nongovern-
Watson chairs the the families who are left mental stakeholders
House Children and in the wake of an opioid and experts in the field,
Youth Committee and addiction. including behavioral Davis Vision
wants to model a new The bill is scheduled to health treatment pro- Eyemed NVA
task force after the Task be voted on by her com- viders, obstetric and pe-
Force on Child Protec-
tion that was assembled
mittee this week. Wat-
son said she believes it
diatric physicians, early
by former Gov. Tom Cor-
bett in 2012.
will pass in the current
legislative session.
and providers of home-
visiting programs.
OPTICAL Since 1951
Offering Multiple Levels of Care
Watson said 23 bills Cathleen Palm, the I know that a task Lancaster 393-2020 NO ENTRANCE OR COMMUNITY FEES
came out of that task director of the Center force can work, she Willow Street 464-5695
force. The legislation for Childrens Justice, a said, if you fill it with Millersville | 872-9100 Landisville | 898-4663
updated child protec- statewide organization people who really care, Independent
tion laws, changed the that works for legislative and task them with com- Pr fessionals
15, 2017 26, 2016 LNP | LANCASTER, PA

Richard D. Beverley A.
Deaths Hollen Merkey
Fry, James H., Jr.
83, husband of Eliza- Sister Constance Ann Sophy SEE LISTINGS
Beth M. (Meisenbach) derful family was always INFORMATION
Fry, of Columbia. a comfort and inspira-
March 8, 2017. Clyde Fry, James H., Jr.
tion to her, especially
W. Kraft Funeral Rescheduled for Friday,
Home, Inc., 684-2370 during her last months
of illness. March 17. Clyde W.
Guzman, Teodoro Sister Connie is sur- Kraft Funeral Home,
Felix* vived by her sisters, Inc., 519 Walnut St.,
March 12, 2017. Elizabeth OMalley, Columbia, 11 AM.
Andrew T. Scheid Madelon Sophy, Mary
Funeral Home, 397- Lang, Catherine Nauman, Karen Marie
8298 Beverley A. Merkey, Chisholm and her hus- Rescheduled for Thurs-
67, of Stevens, PA, band Arthur, Patricia day, March 16. Hemp-
Hollen, Richard D. field United Methodist
80, husband of Nancy passed away and Sophy, her sister-in-law
Louisa Sophy, brother- Church, 3050 Marietta
A. (Masters) Hollen, of walked into Heaven on Ave., Lancaster, 11 AM.
Heidelberg Twp. Monday, March 13, 2017 Sister Constance Ann in-law Robert Morris,
DeBord Snyder Funeral
March 10, 2017. Bean at Wellspan Ephrata Sophy, RSM a mem- devoted nieces, neph- Home & Crematory,
Funeral Homes & Cre- Community Hospital. ber of the Mid-Atlantic ews, grand-nieces and Inc.
matory, 610-376-1120 She was the wife of Community of the nephews, all of whom
John Merkey. They Sisters of Mercy died were the light of her life, Rannels, Linda Lou
Internicola, Mary were married on May 5, at McAuley Convent and her Sisters of Mercy. Rescheduled for Thurs-
Anne 1973 in Wellsboro, PA. in Merion, PA on She was preceded in day, March 16. Hosanna
73, of Lancaster. Born in Wellsboro, Thursday, March 9, 2017 death by her parents,
March 12, 2017. Christian Fellowship,
Beverley was a daughter surrounded by her lov- her sisters Ann Marie 29 Green Acre Road,
Charles F. Snyder, Jr. of Betty (Tubbs) Rice ing family. Born July 10, Smith, Bernadette
Funeral Home & Cre- Lititz, 11 AM. Buch
Richard D. Hollen, Springman and the late 1936 in Pottsville, PA, Sophy, Margaret Morris, Funeral Home, Inc.
matory, 560-5100 she was the daughter and Judith Simpson,
80, of Heidelberg Albert Rice.
Kauffman, Arthur D. Twp., passed away on Beverley at- of Peter and Madelon her brother Anthony Rohrer, Nancy J.
86, husband of Rachel March 10, 2017 at Stone tended Trinity United Deghar Sophy. Sophy, her brothers-in Service date to be deter-
Ann (Mummau) Ridge Town Center of Methodist Church in Sister Constance law Thomas OMalley, mined. Charles F. Sny-
Kauffman, of Mount Myerstown. Kleinfeltersville. She (Sister Connie) Arthur Lang, and Robert der, Jr. Funeral Home &
Joy Twp. March 11, Born in Huff, PA, he enjoyed her grandchil- graduated from Smith, and her mater- Crematory
2017. Charles F. Sny- was the son of the late dren, walking, cooking, Pottsville Catholic nal Aunt Sister Mary
der, Jr. Funeral Home Edward E. and M. Ellen and scrapbooking. She High School and re- Aloysius Thomas, RSM. Umbenhauer, Judith
& Crematory, 560- (Pennington) Hollen. also knitted hats for ceived her Bachelor of The Celebration of A.
5100 Science Degree from her life will begin on Rescheduled for Thurs-
Richard, along with the Cancer Center in
his son R. Mark Hollen, Ephrata. Misericordia University, Thursday, March 16, day, March 16. Lebanon
Lozada, Efrian Area Evangelical Free
Figueroa* were cofounders of In addition to her and her Master of 2017 at Mercy Center
Denver Truck Painting. husband, Beverley is Science Degree from Chapel in Dallas, PA Church, 600 Shepherd
61, of Lancaster. March St., Jonestown, 11 AM.
12, 2017. Melanie B. Before going into busi- survived by two sons: Villanova University. at 9:00am followed by
Sister Connie entered Visitation until 10:15am. Kreamer & Lum Funer-
Scheid Funeral Direc- ness, he was employed Craig A. Merkey hus-
the Sisters of Mercy on The Mass of Christian al Home & Crematory
tors & Cremation for ten years at Krystal band of Samantha
Services, 872-1779 Klear Trout Hatchery (Smith) and Brad L. September 8, 1955 and Burial will be celebrated
Wise, Jacob G., Jr.
in Newmanstown. He Merkey significant professed her vows on at 10:30. Burial will be in Rescheduled for Friday,
Merkey, Beverley A. proudly served in the other of Jo Ann Martin; August 16, 1958 in Dallas, Pottsville, PA at Calvary
67, wife of John March 17. St Johns
Marine Corps. grandchildren: Aubrey PA.After teaching sci- Cemetery at the conve- Center UCC, 432 Read-
Merkey, of Stevens.
March 13, 2017. Paul L. He had a passion for M. Merkey, Abigail ence in high schools in nience of the family and ing Road, East Earl, 11
Gravenor Home For hunting and a real tal- J. Merkey, Victoria the Harrisburg Diocese, the Sisters of Mercy. AM. Groff-High Funer-
Funerals, Inc., 733- ent for painting acrylic R. Merkey, Owen Sister Connie became A memorial Mass al Homes, Inc., 354-
6181 oil landscapes. He will B. Merkey, John R. the Pastoral Assistant for Sister Connie 0444
be remembered for his Merkey, Leon J. Merkey, at St. Theresa Parish in will be celebrated on
Siegel, Philip L.* generosity to others, Brad L. Merkey, Jr., New Cumberland, PA, Saturday, March 25,
March 13, 2017. his humor that crossed Vidalia R. Merkey; and then Spiritual Life 2017 at 11:00am at St.
Andrew T. Scheid all ages, and his sincere brothers/sisters: Albert Counselor at Lancaster Elizabeth Church, Cedar
Funeral Home, 397-
love for his family and Rice (deceased) hus- Catholic High School. and Clayton Streets, ,@[n @
friends. band of Trudy, Cathy She then pursued stud- Wilmington, DE  n@
Sophy, Constance The family wishes to wife of Joe Patt (de- ies in Theology and The family of Sister
Ann acknowledge the spe- ceased), Diane wife of Spiritual Direction at Connie wish to express
| ne #n
80, of Merion. March 9, cial care, compassion, Charlie Plankenhorn Theological College in abiding gratitude to ; [@ ne n
2017. E. Blake Collins consideration, and pro- and Edward Rice. Washington, DC. With the Sisters of Mercy of @  n@
Funeral Home, 570- fessionalism of Gary Funeral Services will her new learnings, Dallas, and of Merion @ @ k |
822-3514 Kolva, MD; Dr. Kolvas be Friday, March 17 at 10 Sister Connie was asked Station, PA for their
humor and empathy a.m. at Gravenor Home to be part of a group loving care of their sis-  |@ [@[a
* No Obituary appears who directed young ter. They are deeply ap- !, ne@ b [
provided comfort along for Funerals, Ephrata
with expertise in his with Pastor Robert women in preparation preciative of the care- @[@nn[
care of Richard. The Nissly officiating. Burial for a life of service as a givers at McAuley, and
family would also like to will be in the Mt. Airy Sister of Mercy. In 1996, found comfort in the
sincerely thank caregiv- Cemetery. The viewing Sister Connie became expressions of love and
Today ers at Stone Ridge Town
Center, especially: Lori,
will be prior to the ser-
vice from 9-10 a.m.
Program Director at the
Precious Blood Spiritual
gratitude from friends
and extended family. TEREATHA
Barley, Douglas Linda, Sparkle, Smiley, In lieu of flow- Center in Columbia, PA. Memorial contribu- MCFADDEN
the Polynesian Princess, ers, donations can be Sister Connie continued tions in Sister Connies July 20, 1937-Mar. 14, 2007
Charles F. Snyder, Jr.
Funeral Home & Cre- and all direct care nurs- made to the Ephrata her ministry as a retreat memory may be made
matory, 3110 Lititz Pike, ing and therapy staff. Community Health and spiritual director in to the Sisters of Mercy,
Lititz, 2 PM He was predeceased Foundation, 772 West Millersville, PA until her Mercy Center, 301 Lake
by his sister, Evelyn Main Street, Ephrata, recent illness. St., Dallas, PA 18612 or
Bezzard, Robert S. Bennett and broth- PA 17522. Memo line Having shared the to the Sisters of Mercy,
St. Philip the Apostle ers, William, Harlan, on checks should read: spiritual journey with McAuley Convent,
Catholic Church, 2111 Robert, Dwayne, John, Ephrata Cancer Center many persons, Sister 517 Montgomery Ave.,
Millersville Pike, Lan- and Donald Hollen. in memory of Beverley Connie embraced her Merion, PA 19066.
caster, 11 AM. Charles F. He is survived by Merkey. own spiritual journey Condolences can be sent
Snyder Funeral Home his wife, Nancy A. To offer your con- with gratitude, courage, to: www.eblakecollins.
& Crematory (Masters) Hollen; chil- dolences please visit and acceptance of Gods com
Hauck, Catherine L. dren, R. Mark Hollen of gravenorhomeforfuner- plan for her. Her won-
Millersville Mennonite Denver and Cathleen
A. Hollen of Robesonia. Browse or leave a condolence from your
Cemetery, Routes 741 &
smart phone at
999, Millersville, 3 PM. Also surviving are his Its been 10 years
grandchildren, Heather and we miss you
Furman Home for
Funerals Strunk, wife of Kevin of CHANGE mom. We think of
Hoover, Ruth B.
Marietta, Leeza Hollen James H. Fry, Faithfully Serving Families you with love today.
Myerstown Mennonite
of Denver, Joshua and
Zebulon Sauber of Jr. For Over A Century We thought of you
yesterday and days
Church, 624 North Col- Robesonia; great-grand- Due to the upcoming before that too. We
lege St., Myerstown, 10 daughter, Kaelyn Wise weather forecast, ser- think of you in si-
AM. Eckenroth Home of Denver; brothers, vices for James H. Fry, lence, we often speak
for Funerals Kenneth and Theodore Jr. have been changed your name, but all we
Lahouchuc, Charles A. Hollen of New Florence, to Friday, March 17, 2017 have are memories
Workman Funeral PA, and Ronald Hollen, at 11:00AM. (VIEWING: Offering a real choice for affordable and your picture in a
Homes, Inc., 114 West husband of Barbara of 10:00AM 11:00AM) traditional and cremation service options. frame. Your memo-
Main St., Mountville 1 Newville. from the Clyde W. Kraft ries are our keepsake
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Group, Inc. 2:00PM. The family will M 3 grands & great-grand
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calling the Obituary Coordi-
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National Conversation


Americans often fail to defend

their right to personal liberty
Most Americans, whether lib- rights to speech and travel impose
eral or conservative, Democratic no obligations on another, except
or Republican, do not show much those of noninterference.
understanding or respect for the For Congress to guarantee a right
principles of personal liberty. to health care, food assistance or
We criticize our political leaders, any other good or service, whether
but we must recognize that their a person can afford it or not, does
behavior simply reflects the values diminish someone elses right
of people who elected them to of- namely, their right to their earn-
The best leaders become even more fice. That means we are all to blame ings. Congress has no resources of
for greater governmental control its very own. If Congress gives one
calm, deliberate and focused in over our lives and a decline in per- person something that he did not
moments of stress and emergency. sonal liberty. earn, it necessarily requires that
Trump lashes out. Let me outline some fundamental
principles of liberty.
Congress deprive somebody else of
something that he did earn.
My initial premise is that each Another area in which there is
of us owns himself. I am my pri- contempt for liberty, most notably
vate property, and you are yours. on many college campuses, is free
If we accept the notion of self- speech. The true test of ones com-
ownership, then certain acts can be mitment to free speech does not
deemed moral or immoral. Murder, come when one permits others to
rape and theft are immoral because say things with which one agrees.
those acts violate private property. Instead, the true test comes when
Most Americans accept that one permits others to say things
RUTH MARCUS murder and rape are immoral, but with which one disagrees.
THE WASHINGTON POST we are ambivalent about theft. Colleges lead the nation in at-
Theft can be defined as taking the tacks on free speech. Some surveys
rightful property of one American report that over 50 percent of col-
Trump and his administration and giving it to another, to whom it
does not belong. It is also theft to
lege students want restrictions on
speech they find offensive. Many
seem ill-prepared for calamity forcibly use one person to serve the
purposes of another.
colleges have complied with their
wishes through campus speech
At least two-thirds of federal codes.
What happens when theres a ers. This truism envisions both the spending can be described as Con- A very difficult liberty pill for
crisis? functioning part, as opposed to gress taking the rightful property many Americans to swallow is
When not if because that is the evident rivalries and schisms of one American and giving it to freedom of association. As with free
the nature of the presidency: Bad inside the Trump administration, another American to whom it does speech, the true test for ones com-
things happen often early on, and the team part, as opposed to not belong. mitment to freedom of association
sometimes anticipated, sometimes the virtual absence of key personnel. So-called mandatory spending does not come when one permits
out of nowhere. Who is available, in this home-alone totaled $2.45 trillion in 2015. Thus, people to voluntarily associate in
Consider the historical roster: administration, to ask the second- two-thirds of the federal budget ways that one deems acceptable.
Somali pirates holding an American and third-order questions about the goes toward Medicaid, Medicare, The true test is when one permits
captain hostage (Barack Obamas consequences of a particular course Social Security, food assistance, people to associate in ways one
administration), the Chinese forcing of action? unemployment and other pro- deems offensive.
down a Navy aircraft and detaining If anything, Trump has thrown grams and benefits that fall into the If a golf club, fraternity or restau-
its crew (George W. Bush), a siege additional sand in the gears of category of taking from some and rant were not to admit me because
and raid gone bad at a cult complex the existing institutional machin- giving to others. Im a black person, I would find it
in Waco, Texas (Bill Clinton). ery. His continuing feud with the To condemn legalized theft is offensive, but its every organiza-
For a new president, April is the intelligence community erodes not an argument against taxes tions right to associate freely. On
cruelest month; add John F. Ken- the rapport and trust essential for to finance the constitutionally the other hand, a public library,
nedys Bay of Pigs fiasco to that operating effectively during a crisis. mandated functions of the federal public utility or public university
litany of springtime woes. An unsea- His rocky start with key allies government; we are all obligated to does not have a right to refuse me
soned new president and a wobbly those phone calls with the leaders pay our share of those. service, because I am a taxpayer.
team still learning how to work the of Australia and Mexico and the Many say that government spend- The bottom line is that it takes
system and work together are going takeaways by other foreign lead- ing guarantees one right or another. a bold person to be for personal
to be more susceptible to blunders ers similarly augurs poorly for the Thats nonsense. True rights exist liberty, because you have to be able
than later on. kind of concerted action and united simultaneously among people. That to cope with people saying things
But a crisis under President front essential in an international means the exercise of a right by one and engaging in voluntary acts that
Donald Trump a real crisis, not emergency. person does not impose an obliga- you deem offensive. Liberty is not
the seemingly endless series of self- Third, Trumps predilection to as- tion on another. In other words, my for wimps.
inflicted wounds that have scarred sert and cling to untruths in the face
the new administration poses a of contrary evidence raises ques-
far scarier situation than with the tions about his capacity to absorb n Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. His column is
distributed by Creators Syndicate. Twitter: @WE_Williams.
usual fledgling presidency. Trumps and act on unwelcome information.
unforced errors have implications If the president cant accept that he
and ripple effects for when the real lost the popular vote, what happens
problems inevitably arrive. when advisers deliver bad news?
First, the best leaders become More disturbing, Trumps tenuous
even more calm, deliberate and connection to the truth dangerously
focused in moments of stress and undermines his credibility with
emergency. Trump lashes out everyone from the U.S. public to
before checking the facts, before foreign leaders.
considering the consequences. The sobering state of affairs was
Some people believe Trump underscored in a remarkable tweet At least two-thirds of federal spending can be
tweets strategically, as part of a plan
to distract. Perhaps, but even so, his
last week by the ranking Democrat
on the House Intelligence Commit-
described as Congress taking the rightful property
calculations have a propensity to tee, Adam Schiff, of California: We of one American and giving it to another American,
boomerang. must accept possibility that @PO- to whom it does not belong.
That danger has never been more TUS does not know fact from fiction,
clear than with his irresponsible ac- right from wrong. That wild claims
cusations of wiretapping by former are not strategic, but worse.
President Obama. Trump isnt play- Schiff is not a partisan hothead, so
ing chess hes playing checkers, his discussion of the sitting presi-
with an elementary schoolers urge dent in language more suited to a
to upend the board when the game commitment hearing was that much
isnt going his way. more striking.
What happens when the president The implications are quite ex-
is provoked by a real problem, not traordinary, Schiff said in a follow-
an unsupported report by a loud- up interview with NPR. In a crisis,
mouth talk radio host and a right- he asked, How much credibility
wing website? will the president have left to per-
Twitter is a risky enough tool suade the country of what has hap-
for making foreign policy, but the pened, what needs to be done? How
other tools at a presidents disposal much credibility will he have with
are even riskier. Trumps fury over our allies to get them to back us up?
everything from paltry inaugural So these have real-world repercus-
crowd counts to falling poll num- sions. ... Its the president losing the
bers does not portend a trusty hand credibility of the office.
when the challenge comes, whether Thats the most alarming part of
from China, Iran, North Korea, Rus- all. Because there is some hope,
sia or elsewhere. however scant, of a presidential
Second, the skill set of steady learning curve. But trust once
presidential leadership must be squandered is not easily, if ever, re-
augmented by a functioning team gained. And without it any president
of principals, deputies and advis- will remain severely hobbled.

n Ruth Marcus is a columnist for The Washington Post. Twitter: @RuthMarcu


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In our words

Open to possibilities

Some Lancaster County school districts are moving away from Apple
Trumps campaign promises
devices that run only Apple operating systems, as LNP reported Monday. not met in GOP health care bill
This follows a national trend: According to Futuresource Consulting, a
The battle in Congress Ryans plan.
research company, Apples MacBooks and iPads have lost ground in the over how to replace Members of the House
education field, and have fallen to third place behind more affordable former President Barack Freedom Caucus, heirs
Obamas health care law of the tea party, think the
Chromebooks and Windows-based devices. One district, Penn Manor, goes is about much more than bill is too expensive too
even further in its efforts to save taxpayer dollars. health insurance. Its the populist, in a sense. They
first legislative skirmish want to speed up the
in a larger struggle over process of cutting back
what Trumpism, Donald federal subsidies for state-
Of the 17 school districts (including launching a student technology appren- Trumps presidential run Medicaid programs.
Octorara) serving Lancaster County, tice program: Students help to staff the agenda, will turn out to be Trump said hes willing to
11 have one-to-one initiatives that lend 1:1 help desk and provide technical assis- in practice. negotiate with the hold-
students in certain grades a laptop or tance to other students. Can Trump succeed in outs, potentially moving
electronic tablet to be used for educa- Other districts have student tech teams. remaking the Republi- the bill even further from
tional purposes. But at Penn Manor, the apprentice pro- can Party in his populist his initial promises.
You can argue, as conservative New gram is an honors-level, independent image? Or will the more Trump has long boasted
York Times columnist Ross Douthat did study course. Given a lot of responsibil- traditional conservatives of his prowess as a ne-
in Tuesdays LNP, that children should ity, apprentices gain valuable experience who lead the GOP major- gotiator, but hes never
be required to learn from books for and self-confidence and save the dis- ity in Congress domes- negotiated with House
years before theyre asked to go online trict $100,000 a year in technology sup- ticate the president and Republicans before. If
for research. port costs. limit his agenda to the the Ryan bill gets stuck,
But such arguments dont really fly to- Thats in addition to the $1 million Penn parts they like? Trumps image as a man
day. Schoolchildren are so-called digi- Manor has saved since 2013 by using Trump ran for the of action will take a hit. If
tal natives, immersed in technology open-source software and Linux across White House with an it passes, he may still look
from an early age. This has some down- the district. ambitious list of promises like a man of action, but
sides, as any parent whos ever tried A million dollars over four years might that helped attract mil- certainly not like a man of
to get the attention of a texting child not seem like a lot of money in terms of lions of middle-income the people.
knows. school district budgets. But it adds up. voters who once support- And this is only the first
But technology also allows students to And were wondering why other school ed Democrats. legislative battle of many.
talk to their counterparts in classrooms districts arent following suit. He pledged to boost Trumps populism will
around the world; to not just look at pho- Charlie Reisinger, Penn Manors tech- economic growth with face a similar test when he
tographs of, say, the White House, but to nology director, notes that the districts tax cuts and deregulation; seeks a tax reform bill, the
take a virtual tour of 1600 Pennsylvania one-to-one program requires that trust revive manufacturing jobs centerpiece of his eco-
Ave. The world is theirs, with just a few be placed in students. with new trade restric- nomic agenda.
taps of a screen or keyboard. When you use an open-source oper- tions; end illegal immi- His treasury secretary,
And as they progress from elementary ating system like Linux, students can gration; replace Obam- Steven Mnuchin, has sug-
school to high school, computers be- download open-source software, which acare with something gested a big tax cut for the
come ever more essential. Homework anyone not just the softwares pro- better and cheaper; and middle class, with no net
assignments and research resources grammers can inspect, modify and do it all without cutting tax cut for the wealthy.
are online; term papers are written in enhance, as explains. Social Security, Medicare But thats not what most
Google Docs that both the student and That, Penn Manor officials decided, was or Medicaid. Republicans in Congress
teacher can edit. just fine. Some of those goals have in mind. Their draft
Its todays reality, and theres no turn- Students, in fact, are encouraged to dig were shared by traditional tax bills include big cuts
ing back. deep in the devices, to become assured conservatives, especially for the well-off and much
So 11 local school districts have de- and knowledgeable users of technology. tax cuts and deregulation. smaller cuts for low- and
cided its necessary to provide students Reisinger said the guiding principle is to Others were not; House middle-income earners.
with laptops or electronic tablets, to lev- make students full participants in their Speaker Paul Ryan and
Well see the same
el the playing field between those who education. most of his members have
dynamic again when
have the resources to buy such devices So the benefits have been much more long maintained that bal-
Trump produces his
and those who dont. Its an academi- than financial. ancing the federal budget
infrastructure plan, now
cally justifiable decision, but its also a We understand that school districts requires reining in spend-
postponed until next year.
pricey one. are faced with an insanely complex set of ing on Social Security and
Stephen K. Bannon, the
Which is why Penn Manor has sought choices on everything from food service Medicare.
ways to keep its costs down. supplies to gym equipment to technology Trump doesnt owe White House aide who
When launching its one-to-one lap- programs. Its probably much simpler to his election to the party has championed infra-
top program in 2013, that district didnt pay for prepackaged software and famil- establishment in Con- structure spending as
go with Apple computers; it chose rea- iar, known-brand operating systems. gress. He ran against it, a way to create jobs for
sonably priced laptops instead. And it But Penn Manor has taken another and sometimes described construction workers,
spurned costly software packages and route. Reisinger sees the districts tech- Ryan as part of the prob- has suggested a $1 trillion
opted to use free, open-source software. nology program as akin to a Lancaster lem. But the health care bill including hundreds of
Instead of buying laptops with expen- County barn raising: Using free and bill Ryan introduced last millions of dollars from
sive Windows licenses and software open-source software building blocks, week does not reflect that the federal coffers. Fiscal
packages, the district installed a free its built from the ground up, and with reality. conservatives in Con-
operating system called Linux on its lap- the help of students. It is the essence of a Based on the repeal- gress, however, would like
tops. learning community. and-replace bill Ryan to minimize those figures
Penn Manor also chose to use Libre- Penn Manors way might not work for drew up last year before and focus the plan on tax
Office, which is also free and offers pro- every district. But its innovative, it has Trump was elected, the incentives, not spending.
grams that are equivalent to Microsofts cut costs, and it has improved students proposed legislation is not In each case, will Trump
PowerPoint, Word and Excel. education in the process. Other districts at all populist. insist on getting his way
The district further cut costs by ought to consider the possibilities. It includes a big tax cut or settle for what the
for wealthy investors. It Ryan-led Congress gives
breaks several promises him, as hes done with the
Trump made in the cam- Obamacare replace-
FIND MORE ONLINE paign, including pledges ment? not to touch Medicaid Trump told his working-
and to expand treatment class voters that hed give
for opioid addiction. It them a new form of Re-
will reduce subsidies for publicanism an activist
older low-income work- government that would
ers, many of whom were deliver on manufactur-
Trump voters. ing jobs, infrastructure
If Trump really wanted projects and better health
to turn the GOP into a insurance.
workers party, as hes He can keep some of his
claimed, this might be promises without Con-
an obvious place to start. gress, through executive
Instead, eager to replace action. But much of his
Obamacare at any cost, agenda will need legisla-
the president endorsed tion to become real. So
the bill and even began far, the GOP in Congress
lobbying for it. isnt falling in line; and
Thats one signal that Trump isnt cracking the
GOP legislation under whip.
Trump wont always If thats the pattern
reflect Trumpist-populist for the next four years,
rhetoric. Heres another: Trumpism may not look
Its fiscal conservatives, much different from
not moderates, who are traditional conservatism
most vocally opposed to except for the tweets.

n Doyle McManus is the Washington columnist for the Los Ange-

les Times. Twitter: @DoyleMcManus

The dangers of
lead contamination
Letters to the editor this marketplace. This smaller
pool of older, sicker enrollees
mon Core was introduced into
elementary schools beginning
means only one thing even with first grade, many of us
As a citizen of Lancaster higher premiums. knew something bad was hap-
County and a registered nurse, LETTER POLICY This is an improvement? pening.
I am writing regarding the n Letters to the editor are welcome. All letters must include an Hardly. Fortunately, I am I watched my very young
Feb. 28 online article New address and telephone number for verification purposes. Letters healthy. I fear for others who grandchildren go from loving
law forces public water com- should be limited to 300 words and on topics that affect the public. are in poor health or difficult school and progressing at a
panies to alert customers of Writers are limited to one published letter every 14 days. Letters financial situations. great pace to becoming con-
lead contamination within 24 will be edited for grammar, clarity and length. Material that has Groups that understand the fused, stressed beyond imagi-
appeared elsewhere and form letters are discouraged, and any
hours. The purpose of my let- detected will not be published. challenges of health care have nation and so very tired every
ter is to commend the article all come out against this pro- day.
and agree with its message. HOW TO SUBMIT LETTERS posed legislation, including Many parents and grand-
As a nurse, I consider it part Email: the American Medical Asso- parents grew very angry to see
of my job to stay current with ciation and AARP. this happening and felt as if
Fax: 717-399-6507.
the health of the environment Our representatives in there were nothing we could
in which my patients live. Cur- Mail to: Letters, c/o LNP, P.O. Box 1328, Washington must reject this do to stop this.
rently, I attend Millersville Lancaster, PA 17608-1328. outrageous plan. Common Core contests
University as a Bachelors of Ellen Sloane common sense and thinking
Nursing Science student. I Lititz for yourself. I dont see dis-
often ask my patients about cernment between what is fic-
their lifestyle, occupation and is continuing to happen all public? Renewable energy tion and what is true.
living/working environment the time. Do you want to slow We all know that education should be priority I hope it is not too late for
because many illnesses can down or stop that progress? pays vast dividends of oppor- people to open their eyes and
be caused by the environment Do you want pharmaceutical tunity and self-worth. It is an Congratulations to Delaware become whole again. The
and certain lifestyle choices. companies to abandon their advantage that many coun- County Community College headlines seem to compel peo-
As mentioned in the article, hugely expensive research? tries lack. Modern industry on Sunoco Logistics $100,000 ple to stare at what? An idea
young children and pregnant Is there any other way to requires workers with solid grant to fund education in a influenced by others? I hope
women are at highest risk of control ever-escalating costs? study skills and basic academ- 20th-century fossil fuel tech- young children will have an
developing adverse effects Politicians promise to deliver ic knowledge. nology. This contributes to opportunity to realize the im-
from lead in drinking water. high-quality care to everyone Lets not sleep and allow the global warming and air and portance of critical thinking; it
Making the public aware of in need at an affordable price erosion of a free public edu- water contamination from all seems to be a dying art.
the health risks of lead-con- and, at the same time, reduce cation that has benefited us the pipeline leaks. Emily Ditzler
taminated drinking water is a the burden on us taxpayers. all. Simply put, lets honor our In 2017, we need education Manheim
necessity. Everyone will be ecstatic, forefathers vision and return to fill jobs in fast-growing re-
The World Health Organi- right? public education to the com- newable energy. With solar or Supports repeal
zation investigated the effects The mirage is extremely munity with vested interest, wind, the air and water remain of death penalty
of lead-contaminated drink- compelling to politicians be- allowing this great American clean. Schools and colleges
ing water and determined cause it translates into popu- experiment to flourish. need to get with the times and State Rep. Chris Rabb, of
that high blood pressure is the lar support (votes). That is, John Mattern look to the future. Philadelphia, has confirmed
largest, most consistent lead- until reality catches up with Retired Warwick JoAnn Williams the rumor that he is planning
associated adverse effect. High the ersatz solution. Thats teacher and coach Media to introduce a bill to repeal
blood pressure often results in what is happening to Obam- Sinking Spring Pennsylvanias death penalty
heart and kidney disease. acare. And thats what will City should stay law. I fully support his deci-
Per the Pennsylvania De- happen to the new solution away from broadband sion. I believe abolition of our
partment of Health Profile of being hatched by Republicans College students capital punishment system is
Lancaster County, it is evident in Washington. being indoctrinated Lancaster city government long overdue.
that throughout the county, Its doubtful that politicians should not be involved in My belief isnt unusual.
and throughout the United can ever deal with health care Thank you so much for the the broadband networking Philadelphia is the only major
States, cardiovascular disease effectively. The one cogent an- March 7 column by Walter business (City may loan $3 city in the Northeast covered
is already a leading cause of swer is something anathema Williams, The threat posed million to network builder, by a death penalty law. Even
death. In a meta-analysis of 61 to politicians as well as to com- by American colleges and uni- March 1). There are several in- in Philadelphia, it has been
prospective studies involving passionate voters rationing. versities. ternet providers in Lancaster sought and imposed less in re-
more than 1 million adults, in- Certainly, progress on cost Finally we hear from a col- County. The politicians want cent years.
creased blood pressure was as- control will not even begin un- lege professor who stands up to use money from the city wa- And at what cost? Accord-
sociated with increased mor- til Washington acknowledges against the myriad liberal- ter fund. They found this mon- ing to a 2016 Reading Eagle
tality rates for heart disease the real force behind the up- leaning colleges and universi- ey by refinancing the water study, the capital punishment
and stroke. ward cost spiral. ties in this country, many of fund. How do they refinance system has cost Pennsylvania
I appreciate that LNP is Dan Duda whose professors are trying money not received yet? taxpayers more than $816 mil-
making it a priority to inform Warwick Township to indoctrinate the minds of A while back we had a 20 per- lion for just three executions.
the public about health and young students in their class- cent increase. Im a disabled That $816 million doesnt even
environmental policy because rooms. senior, I have trouble paying include the additional costs of
they relate closely to one an- County prison The incidents he cited are the bill now, and I am afraid the more than 250 overturns
other. This allows the public food is inedible just a drop in the bucket of to drink the water. I hope city of sentences and convictions.
to make informed decisions what is being espoused at council will have the foresight Appeals and accompanying
about their health and advo- This is about Lancaster many institutions of higher to turn down this proposal for higher costs are unavoidable
cate for better policies and County Prison what a dump. learning in our country to- LanCity Connect or use pri- because we dont want to ex-
procedures. I know people are there to be day. As we have all seen, many vate financing to pay for it. ecute people for crimes they
Courtney Fox punished, but they still de- of these extreme, leftist- The city plans to use LanCity did not commit. Six men on
Elizabethtown serve a decent meal. I dare leaning ideas taught by these Connect for remote water me- death row have been exoner-
anyone to go and sample the professors can lead to hate- ter reading; how much more ated in Pennsylvania since the
food; you will be disgusted. mongering and even criminal will that cost, another $5 mil- reinstatement of the death
Not so crazy They have to use hot tap wa- behavior on campuses. lion to $7 million? Water will penalty.
after all ter when making coffee and I encourage any of your read- be so expensive. Can for once Gov. Tom Wolf placed a
soup, and the water is not even ers who missed this column to things be left alone? Or better moratorium on executions
I must agree with Gabrellen fit to drink! My guess about go online and read what pro- yet, sell the water department in Pennsylvania in 2015. Al-
Pfarr (Darwin was a crazy the water is it tastes so bad fessor Williams had to say. to the private sector; they al- though this was a step in the
scientist, March 2): Charles because the plumbing is more Joan H. Saunders ways do a better job. right direction, there are still
Darwin was a crazy scientist. than 100 years old. What they East Hempfield Township Henry Mogk more than 170 people on our
Same for Galileo. Who would need to do is tear the whole Manheim Township states death row.
believe this nutty story about place down. The announcement that
the Earth rotating and revolv- The authorities should be Health care bill Common Core Rabb will introduce a bill to
ing around the sun, when all ashamed of themselves, feed- must be rejected is a disaster abolish this flawed system
right-thinking people of faith ing what they call food to the entirely is welcome news. I
knew that it was the very op- inmates! The Republicans proposed What is happening in our challenge all of our elected
posite? Wayne Laukhuff Affordable Care Act alterna- country? Are people losing representatives to take a close
My point is that all scientists Martic Township tive, dubbed the American their minds? Have we come look at the myriad flaws in our
(and all people) are crazy in Health Care Act, should in- to the place where good is evil death penalty system. Im con-
one way or another, but some stead be called the America and evil is good? vinced that this closer exami-
of what they say contains an Stop the erosion We Dont Care Act. This plan, I asked myself, Wait a min- nation will cause them to join
element of truth, and this of public education if enacted, will end insur- ute, is everyone being fooled Rabb in calling for repeal.
eventually comes out. ance coverage for millions as by lies and half-truths? Lauren Milliken
Keep this in mind when Our Founding Fathers re- premiums rise substantially I realized that when Com- Glen Rock
reading the stories of a Naza- alized that a functioning de- higher.
rene zealot who says, Who- mocracy requires an educated The Affordable Care Act al-
soever shall smite thee on the populace. lowed me to retire at 60 after
right cheek, turn to him the Thomas Jefferson said, 30 years as a registered nurse.
other also, and later says, He Freedom depends on self- The stresses of the job were HOW TO CONTACT YOUR
that hath no sword, let him sell government, and education wearing on me, and I needed
his garment and buy one. contributes to both the knowl- more time to help care for my FEDERAL OFFICIALS
Would you trust a crazy per- edge and virtues that form a parents.
son? self-governing citizen. He My husband and I received a n President Donald Trump, Republican. Oval Office:
Stephen A. Kirsch recommended we teach all very substantial subsidy in or- The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW,
West Lampeter Township children of the state reading, der to pay our approximately Washington, DC 20500; phone: 1-202-456-1111. Email:
writing and common arithme- $2,000 per month premium.
tic. We dont have great cover-
Were avoiding hard Today, the concept of a free age for this exorbitant price. n Sen. Robert Casey, Democrat. Capitol office: 393
health care truths public education is under at- Our policy is a catastrophic, Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510;
tack, and rightfully so. The deductible-only plan, mean- phone: 1-202-224-6324. Harrisburg office: 22 S. Third
Like moths to a flame, an- Founding Fathers idea of pub- ing we pay for care until we St., Suite 6A, Harrisburg, PA 17101; phone: 231-7540.
other administration is fooled lic education has been mud- reach a threshold of more than Email: See
by the mirage that politicians dled. Our children are over- $10,000.
can solve our health care prob- tested while teachers spend This policys advantages are n Sen. Pat Toomey, Republican. Capitol office: 248
lems. It wont happen. precious time on unnecessary that it prevents financial ruin Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510;
First, our leaders focus on paperwork, all done in the in case of a major illness, and it phone: 1-202-224-4254. Harrisburg office: 228 Walnut
insurance when the basic mess name of supervision. Gov- also gives us insurer-contract- St., Suite 1104, Harrisburg, PA 17101; phone: 782-3951.
is the health care business ernments need to fund, not ed pricing. Email: See
model. Next, they ignore the dictate, policy. Local school Under the Republican plan,
core driver of ever-escalating boards should enhance and our subsidy would be cut to n Rep. Lloyd Smucker, R-16th District, Capitol office:
costs: a system that does more uplift communities with clear a tiny fraction of what it cur- 516 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC
to ease suffering and save lives fiscal goals. rently is. The amount we 20515; Phone: 202-225-2411; District office, 51 S. Duke
than we can afford. Today in some communities, would pay out of pocket in St., Suite 201, Lancaster, PA 17602; Phone: 717-393-
0667; website:
Think about all the major public education is better than premiums would rise by thou-
advances in diagnostics, sur- ever. Congratulations to all sands of dollars yearly. Our
gery, medical equipment and who work toward this end. bare-bones health policy will n Rep. Patrick Meehan, R-7th District, Capitol office:
pharmaceuticals weve wit- I fear, however, that special become unaffordable. 204 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC
nessed in recent decades. Do interests, some school choice And since the individual 20515; phone: 1-202-225-2011. District office: 940 W.
Sproul Road, Suite 202, Springfield, PA 19064; phone:
you imagine that these things options, and governmental mandate would disappear un- 1-610-690-7323. Email: See
dont carry significant cost in- overreach cloud the horizon. der the new plan, younger and
creases? Will these choices and ser- healthier people will not be
And the trend continues. vices in some way reduce edu- signing up, thereby leaving a
More and better health care cational opportunities for the pool of older, sicker people in
5 sofas ~ 20 fabrics

Build Your Own Sectional

Your furniture should always express your style and individuality. Make it as small or as large as you want,
add a sleeper or chaise or an ottoman you pick! Choose from our over 700+ fabrics.

16 Graybill Road, Leola PA 17540 717-656-2181 Mon, Thurs & Fri 9-8; Tue, 9-5; Wed & Sat 9-4

Spring treats
Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe among
businesses offering freebies Monday
n Food2, page B2



may eat

St. Patricks Day falls

on a Lenten Friday this
year, a day when Catho-
lics would normally be
required to abstain from
But they have received
a special dispensation
from the Diocese of Har-
risburg allowing them to
eat meat that day. Bishop
Ronald W. Gainer issued
the dispensation notice
This was done because
St. Patrick is the dioceses
patron saint, and Friday
is the patronal feast day
of the diocese, the Rev.
THINKSTOCK James OBlaney, pas-
This version of Irish colcannon is made with mashed potatoes, savoy cabbage and butter. tor of St. James Roman
Catholic Church in Lititz,
explained Monday. The
ST. PATRICKS DAY dioceses cathedral in

Isles natives recall coddle,

Harrisburg is named for
St. Patrick.
The dispensation was
granted in consideration

Sunday roasts, big breakfasts

of the tradition of eat-
ing meat dishes such as
corned beef and cabbage
on St. Patricks Day. And it
Tellus360, Brendees Irish Pub to open extends to Catholics from
outside the area who find
early Friday for the traditional morning meal themselves in the diocese
Friday, OBlaney said.
The diocese has tra-
things, baked togeth-
er so that all the fla-
Try Dublin ditionally granted such
dispensations when St.
coddle, trifle,
vors are together in a Patricks Day falls on Fri-
Approaching Fri-
days celebration of
casserole, Hackman
says. You dont have Guinness day, and they have been
very well received by area
St. Patricks Day, you
might consider ex-
to have ham in it, she
adds. cake Catholics, the pastor said.
The diocese is encour-
panding your Irish Dublin coddle, an- aging those who eat meat
culinary horizons be- other popular Irish Want to serve an Irish Friday to abstain from it
yond the traditional dish, is a melange dish that goes beyond the another day of the week
corned beef and cab- of sausage, potatoes, usual corned beef and cab- to compensate, OBlaney
bage, shepherds pie some onions and bage? Here are three such said. The bishop has
and green beer tradi- other ingredients recipes two of them for made the suggestion to
tionally served here. cooked together, and THINKSTOCK desserts submitted by transfer the penance to
Theres more to the its somewhere be- Dublin coddle, made with or without carrots. Gabrielle Hackman, of the another day, OBlaney
cuisine of the Em- tween a soup and a Lancaster Irish American noted. That would be
erald Isle than these stew, she says. staples. Thats how rant filling to add a Cultural Society. quite voluntary.
Irish-American holi- For Sundays event, they came up with little tartness. According to the U.S.
day staples. Hackman made the stews and that DUBLIN CODDLE Conference of Catholic
Gabrielle Hack- bangers and mash. kind of thing. But Roasts, big Ingredients:
Bishops, Fridays during
man, who helped co- She cooked up a light, now, Ireland is a very breakfasts Lent are obligatory days
ordinate the Lancast- mild sausage with advanced country, n 3 1/2 to 4 pounds of abstinence from meat
potatoes, peeled and
er Irish American fried onions and gra- and they have really Joe Devoy, owner quartered
for those ages 14 and
Cultural Societys an- vy, and served it with great cuisine, she of Lancasters Tel- older.
nual Taste of Ireland mashed potatoes. adds. They make the lus360 Irish pub and n 2 cups water, boiled (you
can dissolve a cube or two
event held Sunday, I also made a most of seafood and music venue on East of beef stock in the water)
encourages people cheesecake with shellfish. King Street, hails
to try such dishes as blackcurrant top- Though her hus- from Waterford, Ire- n 1 pound pork sausage
colcannon and Irish ping, Hackman says. band, Brandt Hack- land, near the coun- n 1 pound bacon
coddle. Blackcurrants are man, is not of Irish trys southeastern n 2 medium to large onions,
Hackman was common in Ireland, heritage, he has em- coast. sliced
born and raised in France and Germa- braced Irish culture When he was grow- n Salt and pepper, to taste
Charlestown, in ny. They have a very and cuisine. ing up, he recalls, n Parsley for garnish
County Mayo, about pungent kind of fla- My husband most Irish dishes
30 miles in from the vor, she says, and are makes a prize-win- were made with lo- Directions:
coast, in the north- used in pies and jams. ning Guinness cake, cal ingredients that Brown sausage and bacon
west part of Ireland. Back when I grew Hackman adds. Its came from very, very (bacon should not be
cooked until crisp); drain off
Colcannon is a up, Ireland was a rich and delicious. close to you. grease and chop into 1/2-inch
mixture of ham and much poorer coun- He uses Guinness as Seafood was never slices. FLICKR

cabbage and potatoes try, Hackman says. the liquid in the cake, big in our house, De- Detail of St. Patrick from a
and onions and other They ate a lot of and uses blackcur- CUISINE, page B6 RECIPES, page B6 stained glass window.

manded on the actual ratings on various youre looking at these


brew day. sites all agree. Beer- barrel-aged variants.

Karm, quoted in gives it Specialty B.O.R.I.S.
the beer blog Bobby 94 out of 100; Rate- options currently
Likes Beer, says all, 100 out of available in the area
this work makes it 100; and user-rated are the Rocky Moun-
feel as though theyre beer app Untappd tain and Rum Barrel-
AMBER DeGRACE hopping around the rates B.O.R.I.S. at Aged, both about as
CRAFT BEER AND BEYOND brewery, a natural 4.07 out of 5. sinfully luxurious as a
association with There have been stout can get.
B.O.R.I.S., good now, Karms longtime
nickname, Frog.
seemingly count-
less variations of
The brewerys
lineup also includes
grows old gracefully In fact, the brewery
logo a frog holding
B.O.R.I.S. to try over
the years.
D.O.R.I.S. the Destroy-
er, a double oatmeal
a beer was fash- Theres a reserve imperial stout, and
A brewery bearing thing to do in the ioned to represent label thats brewed T.O.R.I.S. the Tyrant, a
the nickname of owner brewhouse: Design a Karm. with high-quality triple oatmeal impe-
and brewmaster Fred new recipe or tweak One of Hoppin dark grains, a plain rial stout. Thats some
Karm Hoppin Frog an old one; clean and Frogs flagship ales is barrel-aged ver-
Brewery in Akron, Ohio sanitize all the equip- named B.O.R.I.S. the sion, one with added BEER, page B4
has been mashing ment; keep notes on Crusher, an oatmeal coffee, and quite a
massive amounts of important details such imperial stout. On its few aged in specialty n Contact Amber De-
grain for its signature as original gravity, final own, B.O.R.I.S. is a whiskey and rum Grace with comments or
questions at adegrace@
big beers for more than gravity, temperature superior stout, heavy barrels. If you see and find her
10 years. and time; plus doing on roast and creamy Royale, Van Wink, on Twitter and Instagram at
Theres always some- all the physical labor de- in mouthfeel, and the Bairille Aois, then @amberdegrace.


GET IT ON TAPE: Faced with mystery containers of leftovers

on the refrigerator shelves, how likely are you to remember
whats inside or when you put it there?
Adding labeling tape or plain masking tape and a
Sharpie marker to your kitchen collection makes it much
more likely that youll finish up that food (which you paid
for and prepared, after all!) before it turns into a science fair
experiment of mold.
The permanent marker wont run should the container get
wet or condensation form, and the tape and marker will pay
for themselves the first time you eat something instead of
pitching it.
Jennifer Kopf

In addition to Bird-
in-Hand Bakery and COOK IT LIGHT
Cafe, some other
Lancaster County
businesses are Great low-carb
offering free treats
on Monday, the first recipe made
day of spring.
n For the 25th year,
even better
Ritas Italian Ice is Dear Jeanne,
is giving away free This is really good and
Italian ice. Post a
photo to Instagram, pretty easy to make. I
Twitter or the would appreciate it if
Ritas Italian Ice you could lighten it for
Facebook page with me. Thank you.
#RitasFirst- Erin, Grand Junc-
DayofSpring for a tion, Colorado
chance to win prizes.
n Ritas locations
in Lancaster County ITALIAN
include: ZUCCHINI
Columbia, 3929 CASSEROLE
Columbia Ave.
East Hempfield
Township, 2000 n 1/2 teaspoon salt
Columbia Ave. n 4 cups shredded zucchini
East Lampeter n 2 eggs
Township, 1951 n 1/2 cup Parmesan
Lincoln Highway cheese, grated
E. and 2249 Lincoln
Highway E. n 2 cups shredded
mozzarella cheese,
Elizabethtown, 30 divided use
N. Market St.
n 1 cup shredded cheddar
Ephrata, 290 S. SUZETTE WENGER | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER cheese, divided use
Reading Road. Diana Weiler scoops ice cream at the Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe. n 2 tablespoons olive oil

Spring to start
Gap, 5351 Lincoln
Highway E. n 1 onion, chopped
Intercourse, 3526 n 1 red pepper, chopped
Old Philadelphia n 1 pound ground beef
n 1 can (15 ounces)

chilly and sweet

Lancaster city: 6 N. Italian tomato sauce
Prince St.
Lititz, 46 Peters
Road. In a colander, sprinkle
the salt over the zucchini.
Manheim, 85 Doe Leave it for 15 minutes,
Run Road, Manheim. then squeeze out the
Manheim Township, accumulated moisture. In
Granite Run Square, a large bowl, combine the
1585 Manheim Pike.
Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe welcomes the new season zucchini, eggs, Parmesan, 1
cup of the mozzarella and
with free ice cream for anyone who stops by
Mount Joy, 809 E. 1/2 cup of the cheddar.
Main St. Grease a 9-by-13-inch pan
and press the zucchini
n Participating mixture into the bottom.
non-mall Dairy JENNIFER KOPF to the area seem especially fond of nut chocolate chip flavor de- Bake at 400 F for 20
JKOPF@LNPNEWS.COM minutes. Heat the olive oil
Queen locations the whoopie pie ice cream, with velop? and add the onion and red
will host Free Cone Snowed in and yearning for bits of whoopie pie cake hand- We start with vanilla ice cream.
Day with free vanilla pepper; cook until soft. Add
spring? mixed in. Then we have a strawberry base the ground beef and brown.
soft-serve cones
while supplies last. On Monday, local businesses Some flavors are standard year- that we cook from fresh straw- Drain the excess fat. Add
Donations will have you covered. round, Bennett says: butter pecan, berries we go the natural, fresh the tomato sauce and cook
be accepted for To celebrate the first day of black raspberry, cherry vanilla, route. Then you have to decide for 3 more minutes. Evenly
Childrens Miracle spring, Bird-in-Hand Bakery & chocolate and Death by Choco- what size of coconut should be LIGHT, page B5
Network Hospitals. Cafe is giving out a free scoop of its late. But a brand-new, limited-run added, and we settled on a granu-
n Dairy Queen ice cream made in small batch- flavor, strawberry coconut choco- lar (coconut) combined with flake
locations in the es on-site, with fresh ingredients late chip, will debut Mondays. (coconut). We had to decide on n Jeanne Jones is the author
county include: from local sources whenever pos- John Smucker, chief executive size of chocolate chip, amount of of 33 cookbooks, most
Columbia, 1624 sible. officer of Bird-in-Hand Corp., coconut extract flavoring, how recently Cooking for the
Cupboard (Rodale Press).
Lancaster Ave. This is the third year Bird-in- heads up the ice cream venture, Q&A, page B5 For more information, go
East Hempfield Hand has been making ice cream, and he shared what the process to her website, jeannejones.
Township, 935 and 16 to 20 seasonal flavors usu- entails: com. Send your recipe for
Columbia Ave. ally are available at a time, says n Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe, 2715 revision to: Cook It Light, LNP
Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand, will Media Group, P.O. Box 1212,
Ephrata, 181 S. Kenn Bennett, Bird-in-Hand So, besides the free cone, you be serving the free ice cream scoops La Jolla, CA 92038. Please
Reading Road. Corp.s marketing specialist. In have a limited-edition flavor. during regular business hours, 6 a.m. to include a stamped (61 cents),
the summer, Bennett says, visitors How did the strawberry coco- 6 p.m., March 20. self-addressed envelope.

Top Down/Bott

NEED A SAFER for Duettes


A BLANK? Just call Ranck.
80% of bathroom accidents are due to slips and falls, and Window
many occur near the toilet. Safety precautions like grab
bars, raised toilets and easy-access tubs can reduce the risk Treatment
of injury. Ask the experts at
Ranck for ways to make
your bathroom safer. 888-99-RANCK
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   Stop in for all the details! Sale ends April 10, 2017
Well Take thee
   Worry Out off
 Measuring &
   2541 Marietta Ave. Installing Yourr
Lancaster, PA 17601
1064 East Main St. (Rt. 23) New Holland, PA 717-354-2233 Window PA1962
Mon-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-2 Treatments!

DEAR ABBY: My husband

wants to be with other
women. He has spent the
last 12 years asking for a
threesome. I love him and
dont want to share him
with the world, but he
JEANNE PHILLIPS doesnt love me the same. DRS. OZ & ROIZEN
DEAR ABBY We have been together MEDICAL ADVICE

Scare away scars by

more than 29 years. He says
One way to measure success he just wants to have fun.

helping wounds heal

Since Im not interested
is how your kids describe you in swinging with him and
others, should I just get a
divorce? I believe he wont Al Capone, the notorious Chicago bootlegger, hated his
DEAR ABBY: My son and success. be complete until he gets nickname Scarface (earned when, as a teenager, he was
his wife just gave us the You can measure it in fancy to enjoy his life the way he slashed after insulting a thugs sister in a bar in Brooklyn).
news that they are expect- home, wants, and Im tired of hav- But if hed been alive in 2020 instead of 1920, he might never
ing their first child. They Expensive car or dress. have had to deal with the disfiguring scar on his left cheek.
ing my feelings hurt each
have waited five years for But the measure of your Researchers at the University of Pennsylvanias Perlman
time he meets someone he
this wonderful milestone, real success School of Medicine have discovered how to stimulate hair fol-
and I am delighted. I know wants to be with.
Is the one you cannot Im a 51-year-old woman licles to re-bloom around a wound, triggering production of
they will be excellent par- spend. fat cells instead of scar tissue. Presto chango! Wound healing
ents. who is still very sexually
Its the way your kids de- active, yet I am not enough without any telltale after signs!
I remember seeing a scribe you This isnt yet available, but it shows great promise in revo-
short poem in your column for him. I have tried every-
When theyre talking to a thing. Im tired. Dear Abby, lutionizing wound healing. Until it is, the American Academy
called Success. Could friend. of Dermatology says that if you have a cut, abrasion or serious
you reprint it? Id like to please help. DOESNT
Keepers covers subjects WANT TO SHARE HIM surgical incision, heres what you can do to minimize scar-
clip it and give it to the ranging from temptation to ring:
forgiveness, animals, chil- SHARE HIM: Because your 1. Clean wounds well and keep them clean at all times.
IN DAYTON, OHIO 2. Apply petroleum jelly to skin around wound to keep it
dren and human nature. It husband wants an open mar-
DEAR MARIE: Im glad to moist and keep scar from getting too large, deep or itchy. For
can be ordered by sending riage and you dont, it appears
oblige, and I hope your son larger wounds, ask your doc about hydrating or silicone gel
your name and mailing ad- the two of you have reached
and daughter-in-law will sheets.
enjoy it. It was penned by dress, plus check or money an impasse. Your husband
order for $7 in U.S. funds 3. Cover the wound with a bandage; change it daily, reapply-
Martin Buxbaum, a noted craves the one thing no one
to: Dear Abby Keepers, P.O. ing petroleum jelly.
poet from Maryland who woman can give him variety.
Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 4. If you get stitches, follow all instructions and get the
passed away in 1991. Its It has nothing to do with your
61054-0447. Shipping and stitches removed on time.
included in my Keepers not being enough. For this
handling are included in the 5. Always apply broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen to sun-
booklet, which is a collec- reason you should consult an
tion of often-requested gems price. Filled with down-to- exposed wounds after healing.
attorney about your options. I
that have appeared in this earth nuggets of wisdom, 6. Focus on supportive nutrition, such as lean proteins,
am truly sorry for your pain.
column. Because so many both witty and philosophical, foods rich in vitamins C and E, and omega-3 fatty acids, and
readers asked for copies of Keepers is a quick and easy an overall healthy diet that promotes healthy wound healing.
them, they were turned into a read, and an inexpensive, n Dear Abby is written by Jeanne If you need the nutrition boost, use supplements.
booklet. Read on: welcome gift for newly mar- Phillips and was founded by her
mother, Pauline Phillips, also known
SUCCESS ried couples, pet lovers, new as Abigail Van Buren. Contact the n Dr. Mehmet Oz is host of The Dr. Oz Show, and Dr. Mike Roizen is
You can use any measure parents or anyone recovering columnist at or P.O. chief wellness officer and chairman of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland
When youre speaking of from an illness. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Clinic. To live your healthiest, visit

Births HORNING, Merle L. and

Louise F. (Lauver), Jackson
a son, at Heart of Lancaster
Regional Medical Center, Community calendar
Township, at Lebanon Valley Friday.
Birth Center, Saturday. PEREZ, Evelyn, and Filiberto
ARMENT, Justin and Abigail, n HISTORY LECTURE: Historic has a theme of Trees. For more
Lititz, a son, at Heart of KING, Elmer D. and Susan Bonilla, Quarryville, a son, at Schaefferstown Inc. will present information, call 717-413-6882.
Lancaster Regional Medical (Esh), Ronks, a daughter, at Women & Babies Hospital, Germany to America: 18th-Century
Center, Sunday. Women & Babies Hospital, Friday. Odyssey by James M. Beidler at 2 n VOLUNTEER TRAINING: Domestic
Saturday. p.m. Sunday at the Brendle Museum, Violence Services of Lancaster County
BLESSING, Nathan and SIMPSON, David and Abbey,
Jordan, Wrightsville, a son, KING, Henry and Martha Lancaster, a daughter, at 111 N. Market St., Schaefferstown. is seeking volunteers age 18 and
at Women & Babies Hospital, (Stoltzfus), 419 Mount Sidney Women & Babies Hospital, The free lecture uses the memoirs of older to answer its 24-hour hotline,
Sunday. Road, a daughter, at home, the immigrants themselves to dispel cover the front desk, speak in public,
Monday. myths about why they came, what the facilitate groups, raise funds and
BURKETT, Zachery A. and SMUCKER, Joseph and Annie voyage was like, and how they liked accompany clients to court and to
Maranda, Elizabethtown, a KING, James M. and Anita (Stoltzfus), Atglen, a son, at America. Childrens Services appointments. The
daughter, at Women & Babies (Stoltzfus), Narvon, a son, at Birth Care & Family Health 20 hours of classroom training will
Hospital, March 7. home, Sunday. Services, Tuesday. n MUSICAL: Landis Homes, 1001 E. be held Monday through Friday 24.
COPEWELL, Nicole, and Brian LAPP, Leroy and Malinda STOLTZFUS, Amos E. and Oregon Road, Lititz, will host a musical There is also an additional 20 hours
D. Hunter, Harrisburg, a son, at (Stoltzfus), Oxford, a Annie G. (Zook), Myerstown, at 7 p.m. Sunday in West Bethany of online training. Cost is $50 for
WellSpan Ephrata Community daughter, at home, Sunday. a son, at Heart of Lancaster Chapel. The 40-voice Landis Homes volunteers, $75 for professionals. For
Hospital, Sunday. LEID, Vernon R. and Regional Medical Center, Choir will present a program titled more information or to schedule an
RoseAnn (Garman), Sunday. Encouragement and Hope. For more interview, call Cathy Sofilka, 717-299-
Schuylkill Haven, a son, information, call 717-509-5844. 9677, ext. 3105.
and Nicole, Mount Joy, a son, SWEIGART, Jonathan P. and
at Women & Babies Hospital, at WellSpan Ephrata Kimberly (Marks), Ephrata,
Saturday. Community Hospital, a son, at WellSpan Ephrata n GROCERY STORE TOURS: n DISCOVER DANCE: GEARS, 70 S.
Monday. Community Hospital, WellSpan Ephrata Community Poplar St., Elizabethtown, will offer
DROEGE, Dustin K. and Megan Hospital will offer a grocery store classes for young children to develop
(Daku), Mount Wolf, a son, MARTIN, Jonathan E. Monday.
tour from 9-11 a.m. Monday at Weis creative movement, develop body
at Women & Babies Hospital, and Crystal D. (Esh), 847 THOMPSON, Benjamin L. Markets, 331 N. Reading Road, awareness and more, Mondays, March
Saturday. Pointview Ave., Ephrata, a and Rose, Sadsburyville, Ephrata. A dietitian will lead the tour, 20-May 1. Class times are 5-5:45
daughter, at home, Saturday. a daughter, at Womens &
ECKERT, Ken W. and Sonja, providing information on food labels p.m. for ages 3 and 4; 5:45-6:30 p.m.
Millersville, a son, at Women & MARTINEZ, Dennis, Babies Hospital, Friday. and comparison shopping. Cost is for ages 5-6. Fee is $35 for GEARS
Babies Hospital, Saturday. Lawrenceville, Ga., and WORYTKO, Kayla, and $5 and includes handouts. For more members, $42 for nonmembers.
Yanisse Abreu, Lancaster, Robert P. Donnelly, information or to register, call the For more information or to register,
GOOD, Caitlin (Knaub), a daughter, at Women & call GEARS, 717-367-0355 or visit
Lancaster, a daughter, at WellSpan Health Center, 717-721-8790.
and Jiovanni Maldonado, Babies Hospital, March 9.
Lancaster, a son, at Women & Women & Babies Hospital,
Babies Hospital, Friday. MAZZEO, Joe H. and Juliann Friday. n POSTCARD CLUB: The Lancaster
(Stoltzfus), Lancaster, a County Postcard Club will meet n MURDER MYSTERY: A murder
HACKMAN, Kyle R. and daughter, at Women & YODER, Joseph D. and Marie Monday at the Farm & Home Center, mystery will be examined at 7 p.m.
Kimberly (Gibbs), Ephrata, Babies Hospital, Friday. (Fisher), Honey Brook, a son, 1383 Arcadia Road. Members will Tuesday at Lifetree Cafe, 1886 Lincoln
a son, at Women & Babies at Women & Babies Hospital, buy and sell postcards at 5 p.m. A Highway E. An Unsolved Mystery: Living
Hospital, Thursday. MORANT, Kayla, Columbia, Sunday. short business meeting will be held With Lifes Unanswered Questions is a
and Tito J. Ford, Marietta,
HERNANDEZ, Kathryn, and ZIMMERMAN, Allen S. and at 7 p.m. Members Doug Miliken filmed interview with an eyewitness to a
a son, at Women & Babies
Marquise Brown, Lancaster, Diane M. (Horst), East Earl, and Leighton Stover will present the killing on the Colorado plains. Admission
Hospital, Saturday.
a son, at Women & Babies a son, at Reading Hospital, free, public program Trains. The is free. Call 717-473-9115 or email
Hospital, March 8. MYERS, Chad and Tara, Lititz, Thursday. nights single-postcard competition

Convert Stop
your Drafty and see
BEFORE to a Clean, the roses!
Insert YOUR
LEACOCK Coverage for all
COLEMAN Independent
of lifes challenges.

Ringon it
Pr fessionals
3029 Old Phila. Pike Bird-in-Hand 717-768-7174 29 Keller Ave. Lancaster 4229 Oregon Pike Brownstown
M-Th 9-5; F 9-8; Sat 9-4 Denver & East Earl
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Keeping clients safe at home for over 42 years.
your health care, Put a
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so you can keep
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prevent serious illness. *Some exclusions apply. Expires 3/31/17.

Columbia Elizabethtown 1818 Columbia Ave. 2016

Intercourse Lancaster Lancaster Favorite

717-291-6007 EOE Willow Street

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Beer: B.O.R.I.S is Hoppin Frog Brewerys flagship ale

Continued from B1 brews what he likes to moderate in bitterness keted by a hot and plush prunes and raisins.
heavy-hitting muscle. drink. at 60 international whiskey burn. The flavor is full of
With all the different Ive said it before bittering units. It pours Rum Barrel Aged roastiness, chocolate
barrel-aged beer op- in this column and inky black with a dark B.O.R.I.S. the Crusher notes, raisins and
tions that Hoppin Frog Ill likely say it again: tan head, mousselike hits the same ABV prunes; a subtle smoke
releases, it would be an This mentality is one where it hasnt quickly and IBU as the Rocky laces along dark-brown
exciting (albeit expen- I greatly respect and dissipated from the Mountain variant. sugar, bittersweet
sive) exploration to do a admire. bottle pour. (Both are the same as chocolate and a buttery
tasting of them all, side While Hoppin Frog Its aroma is full of the original B.O.R.I.S.) slickness that comes
by side. How would the keeps its production whiskey sweetness and It pours as deeply from the rum.
whiskey-barrel beers modest, its still pro- roasty malt. Dark fruit brown as brown can get Both of these
differ in aroma and ducing plenty of beer like dates and raisins before turning black. B.O.R.I.S. variants are
flavor? to distribute not only mix in with treacle in There is no head from outstanding sippers,
One thing that Karm in Pennsylvania but to the boozy nose. the bottle pour, and its especially if you appre-
states in interview after almost 20 countries Base B.O.R.I.S. shines visually quiet in terms ciate boozy drinks made
interview is that he has outside the U.S. through with roasty and of carbonation. AMBER DeGRACE | STAFF WRITER
with whiskey or rum.
no interest in getting Rocky Mountain toasty-dark malt and The aroma swells up Close-up of Hoppin Frogs These beers will age
rich with his brewing. B.O.R.I.S. the Crusher is chewy oats giving it full from the glass in a de- B.O.R.I.S ale. beautifully. Buy one to
Hes doing it because he a big beer at 9.4-percent body. Cherries, prunes cidedly rumlike fashion, and vanilla; this heavily enjoy now and one for
enjoys the work, and he alcohol by volume and and raisins are all blan- with sticky brown sugar rests on roasty malts, the cellar.


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Q&A grow and make than

making use of it in our ice
it be?
This past Christmas I
Light: Zucchini casserole
cream? was looking for some-
Continued from B2 thing new, and I came up Continued from B2 cheese 3. Meanwhile, brown the
ground turkey in a large
much vanilla. Whats your ice-cream- with candy cane pepper- spread the meat mixture
n 1 pound ground turkey
skillet. Remove the meat
I have been working on making experience? mint ice cream. Now, I over the zucchini layer. n 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil from the skillet and set
that for two months and It has to do with our dont do a lot of bragging. Cover the meat mixture n 1 medium onion, aside. Heat the olive oil
just got done with the vision of foods. Our mis- but it was fabulous. This with the remaining cheese. chopped over medium heat in the
final test last week. An sion statement says we year, Im going to have Bake for 15 more minutes.
n 1 red bell pepper, cored, same skillet, and saute
ounce or two of an ingre- aim to make delicious, it ready for customers Makes 8 servings. seeded and chopped the onion and bell pepper
dient one way or the oth- handcrafted food on-site by Dec. 1, and well sell until soft, adding broth
er makes a significant dif- from the freshest in- it through next January. n 1 can (15 ounces) no- if necessary to prevent
salt-added tomato sauce burning. Add the meat
ference in taste. So I test gredients. We concen- Im working on a Dixie- Dear Erin,
n 1 teaspoon dried basil back to the skillet, then
(batches) around here (at trate on foods that are cup size (so customers This is a great recipe add the tomato sauce,
leaves, crushed
the office); I test it with of superior taste, with can try out a smaller por- for diabetics and low- basil, oregano and
my wife (Myrna). She has an emphasis on healthy tion). carbohydrate dieters. I n 1 teaspoon dried
oregano leaves, crushed garlic. Bring to a boil
some good insight, and family and healthy envi- So, a close second reduced the amount of and simmer for 5 more
shes a wonderful cook. ronment. So making ice would be our maple wal- fat in this version, and n 1 garlic clove, pressed minutes.
cream this way fits our nut. Its my wifes favorite now it is even better! or minced
4. Spread the meat
How do you define mission. by a large margin. Right Directions: mixture over the cooked
small-batch ice now, theres a 3-gallon REDUCED- 1. Preheat the oven to zucchini, then top with
cream? If you had to choose container of maple wal- 400 F. Spray a 9-by-13- the remaining cheese.
We have an ice cream one of Bird-in-Hands nut that my wife and I FAT ITALIAN inch pan with nonstick Bake for 15 more minutes,
maker that makes batch- ice cream flavors to eat have been working on all ZUCCHINI cooking spray. until the cheese is melted
es 4 to 5 gallons a time. every day, what would winter. CASSEROLE 2. In a colander, sprinkle and the casserole is
heated through.
And thats important Ingredients:
the salt over the shredded
because some of our in- zucchini and allow to sit Makes 8 servings.
n 1/2 teaspoon salt
Have a tasting event?
gredients are mixed in by for 15 minutes. After 15
minutes, the zucchini will n Each serving contains
hand. Well (stop the ice- n 4 cups shredded approximately: original
zucchini have exuded moisture;
cream-making process) squeeze the moisture recipe: 427 calories, 33 g
partway through, and The advent of spring If you have an event n 2 eggs, beaten out of the zucchini. Add fat, 145 mg cholesterol,
well mix in our ingredi- marks the kickoff of coming up, send the n 1/2 cup Parmesan the beaten eggs, the 945 mg sodium, 9 g
ents, the special inclu- the season of food- details including the cheese, grated Parmesan, 1/2 cup of the carbohydrates, 24 g
mozzarella and 1/2 cup protein, 2 g fiber. Revised
sions you cant put into and beverage-tasting time, date, location n 1 1/2 cups shredded recipe: 251 calories, 12 g
of the cheddar. Press the
a mixer like birthday events. and ticket prices to reduced-fat mozzarella zucchini mixture into the fat, 108 mg cholesterol,
cake, some fruit like Some events are Mary Ellen Wright at cheese bottom of the prepared 500 mg sodium, 9 g
(with) our blackberry sponsored by business mwright@lnpnews. n 1 cup shredded pan and bake for 20 carbohydrates, 26 g
cobbler ice cream. development organiza- com; call 717-481-6131 reduced-fat cheddar minutes. protein, 2 g fiber.
tions in towns around or mail them to Food,
Why did Bird-in-Hand Lancaster County, and LNP Editorial , P.O.
go that route, rather others are fundraisers Box 1328, Lancaster PA
than just selling ice for nonprofit groups. 17608-1328. Enjoy The Outdoors... Rain or Shine!
cream someone else
When I think of ice
cream, I think of fresh
ingredients, all natural.
That (means we) concen-
trate on local sourcing
when we can cherries,
peaches strawberries,
blackberries, and we are More Durable Than
known for our whoopie
pies around the world. Retractable Awnings
Our roots are in farm-
ing; I still live on a farm
Save Up To 33% In Energy
today. As part of (keep- Powder Coated Frames
ing that farming con-
nection), we have for
decades grown our own
neck pumpkins for fresh
pumpkin pies. So what
better use for what we Awnings & Canopies
Handcrafted with Pride in Lancaster County 717.656.7387

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Monday-Wednesday, & Saturday 8am-5pm Thursday-Friday 8am-9pm PA6136 COOLING SERVICES Voted A Favorite

Cuisine tatoes.
The Irish immigrants
puffed pastry, Devoy
ers. The Irish burger is
topped with a serving of
Recipes: Irish
to America found corned And, of course, drink- mashed potatoes and the
Continued from B1 beef, a salt-cured type of ing a pint of Guinness Irish Dubliner cheese Continued from B1
n 1 1/3 cups sour cream
voy says. But you do see, beef, to be inexpensive is de rigueur in Ireland, melted on top of it, Av- Layer onions, bacon, Ingredients for icing:
along the coastal areas, and readily available Devoy says. Bulmers Ci- ery says. Its fabulous, sausage and potatoes in n 2 cups whipping cream
like in County Clare (in here, generating this der, a hard cider known and its a mess. You have a pan, and season with n 1 pound of semisweet
western Ireland), that Irish-American dish. as Magners cider in to try to squeeze it into salt and pepper. chocolate (you can use
smoked haddock is very Devoy says popular America, is very popu- your mouth. Add the boiled water chips or a bar or slab,
popular, with a white vegetables in his part lar in Ireland now, too. The Brendees burger and bring ingredients to broken up)
sauce. of Ireland included Many drink it, poured is topped with corned a boil; simmer for a few Additional ingredient for
Mackerel was a big root vegetables such as over ice, as a summer beef, Thousand Island minutes. preparing finished cake: 2
one where we were turnips, parsnips and thirst quencher. dressing, sauerkraut and Transfer to a tightly cups blackcurrant preserves
from, Devoy says, add- carrots. And Brus- At Brendees Irish Pub provolone. covered baking dish Directions for cake:
and bake in a 350 F
ing, with a laugh, the sels sprouts are huge at on West Lemon Street Brendees St.-Pat- oven for 3 hours or Preheat oven to 350 F.
most awful-tasting thing Christmas, he says. in Lancaster, co-owner ricks-Day-only offerings until all ingredients are Butter three 8-inch round
in the world. Devoy notes an Irish Jennifer Avery says sev- include Guinness stew; thoroughly cooked. pans, and line with buttered
And very traditional, breakfast is a huge meal, eral menu items have Irish omelets stuffed Check occasionally, and parchment paper.
on a Sunday, youd al- featuring a fried tomato, been given an unusual with ham, cheese and add water if necessary. Bring Guinness and butter
ways have a roast, De- a couple of fried eggs, Irish spin. potatoes; an Irish boxty to a simmer in heavy
Do not let ingredients
voy says. Pretty much black (or blood) pud- One of the things we (potato pancakes stuffed dry out in baking dish. saucepan over medium
every rural house, any- ding, white (meat) pud- decided, when Steve with bacon and cheese heat.
Garnish with parsley.
way. Leg of lamb and ding, Irish sausage, rash- (Gallo) and I bought or grilled vegetables); Add cocoa and whisk until
roast beef would have ers (similar to Canadian Brendees back in 2005 and an Irish wedge sal- mixture is smooth; then
been really big (dishes), bacon) and baked beans. and decided to renovate ad lettuce, Dubliner cool.
slow-cooked over a four- Its big and meaty, he was, if were going to cheese, bacon and hon- This next recipe Whisk flour, sugar, baking
or five-hour period, with says. be an Irish pub, theres ey-mustard dressing. comes from Hack- soda and salt in bowl.
gravies and roasted po- Then, pretty much ev- got to be Irish food on Both Tellus360 and mans husband, In a separate bowl, beat
tatoes, mashed potatoes ery day, what Americans the menu, Avery says. Brendees open at 7 a.m. Brandt Hackman. She eggs (with mixer) and
pretty much every know as dinner would So we always look for on St. Patricks Day an says it is an extremely sour cream. Add Guinness
mixture and blend with
type of potato, with globs be served around 1 p.m. ways to give the food an unusual occurrence for rich cake that will mixer.
of Irish butter thrown on A smaller evening meal Irish twist, or make it a both eateries to serve serve a lot of people.
for good measure and would be called tea. traditional Irish item. Irish breakfast. A small slice will be Add flour mixture and beat
briefly on slow speed.
veg. And then you might Take Brendees Skins, Avery notes that, while more than enough for
In our part of the have supper, right before potato skins stuffed with they might not be strict- one person because of With a spatula, blend
country, the lady of youd go to bed, which corned beef and Dub- ly an Irish food item, the cakes three-layer batter until it is thoroughly
the house, or my mom, would be a few slices of liner cheese an aged waffles will be made to height.
would have gotten up bread with butter and a cows milk cheese made order at Brendees on Pour equal amounts of
batter into three pans and
early to get that going, cup of tea, Devoy says. in Ireland. Friday morning only, by
Devoy says. Then youd When I was growing Brendees also makes a volunteer Bob Still. All
BRANDTS bake until tester comes
out clean, about 45 to 50
have gone off to Mass, up, the food in Ireland steak sauce using Guin- proceeds from the sale CHOCOLATE minutes. Cool on racks.
and youd have a family was meat and potatoes, ness beer thats served of those waffles that day GUINNESS Directions for icing:
dinner about 2 oclock, he says. The cuisine has with its wings. This will go to the Lancaster CAKE
and it was always spec- evolved since then, he sauce is also used to sau- Power Packs Project, Bring cream to simmer in
Ingredients: heavy saucepan.
tacular. notes. Now curry dishes te the beef sirloin tips in which provides school-
Your corned beef and and kebabs are popular Brendees Guinness tip children with recipes n 2 cups Guinness stout Remove from heat and add
chocolate chips; whisk until
cabbage would have throughout the country. sub, which also features and ingredients for n 4 sticks unsalted dissolved. Cool for about 2
been bacon and cabbage In addition to the fa- provolone cheese and healthful meals to make butter
hours in refrigerator.
in Ireland, he adds. Its miliar Irish dishes, Tel- optional mushrooms on weekends, when n 1 1/2 cups Preparing cake:
a lump of salty, salty ba- lus360s menu includes and onions, Avery says. school meals arent unsweetened cocoa
con, oven-cooked and Irish-style sausage rolls, Brendees also serves available. powder Stack the three cake layers,
served with cooked po- which are sausages in two Irish-themed burg- Asked what hell be putting 1 cup of preserves
n 4 cups flour on top of the bottom layer
having on St. Patricks n 4 cups sugar and 1 cup of preserves on
Day, Devoy answers: A the top of the middle layer.
n 1 tablespoon baking
lot of work. But I think at soda Then apply chocolate icing
the end of all that, a good to the entire cake.
Irish whiskey would be n 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
in order. n 4 large eggs

Featured Sandwich: SPICY ITALIAN PANINI Ingredients:
Sliced Ham, n 1 pound cake
spicy salami, We Offer or sponge cake
provolone cheese, Catering n 3 tablespoons
hot banana peppers, 717-517-8850 sweet sherry
roasted red peppers n Fresh strawberries
and basil pesto. n 1 pint strawberry or
raspberry Jell-O
n 1 pint of custard
(vanilla pudding)
n 2 cups of whipping
cream, whipped
n Toasted slivered almonds
for garnish, optional.
621 Harrisburg Ave Lancaster Directions:
Mon-Sat 7am-8pm | Sun 8am-5pm In a glass bowl, cut up
FRESHFARMSLANCASTER . COM BYOB pound or sponge cake into
pieces and place at bottom
Visit our Interior Design Studio of bowl
and Explore Two Floors of Unique Sprinkle with sweet sherry
Furniture and Home Accents in our and let soak.
Renovated Lancaster City Warehouse. is the color Cut up strawberries and
of the season! layer on top of cake.
241 North Prince Street 717.690.8477 FREE PARKING Make Jell-O according to
directions on box. Before it
is completely set, pour over
Clemintines cake mixture.
A Unique Refrigerate and let Jell-O
Youre invited to tour the cottages at Womens Boutique! set.
L anca
ashire Plus Sizes, too!
25 E. Main St., Lititz 626-6688
Make custard (or vanilla
pudding) according to
Retirement Village
Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat 10-5;
Thur & Fri 10-7; Sun 12-4;
2nd Friday 10-9
directions on box, and place
on top of Jell-O mixture.
Whip the cream and place
Please like us on Facebook on top; garnish with some
80% Off Winter Clearance
annce Fa
avorite cut-up strawberries and,
if desired, toasted slivered

At Lancashire Terrace Retirement Village, we offer the areas THE
best value and would be delighted to share the details with you!
Drop in between: 10am - 3pm Buffet Luncheon: 12noon - 1pm
Please RSVP to 717-569-3215 TRIAL ATTORNEYS
Michael V. Marinaro, Esq.
All of this, and more! Lorraine R. Hagy, Esq.
Independent Retirement Living Christopher M. Tallarico, Esq.
Cottage Neighborhood and Christopher A. Sarno, Esq.
Transportation, Housekeeping, CRIMINAL DEFENSE: All Felony, Misdemeanor,
Lawn Care & Snow Removal Provided
for a move in 2017!
Summary Crimes and Juvenile Cases; Prison Visit
Complimentary Meals Consultations within 24hrs
Pets Welcome! FAMILY LAW: Custody, Grandparents Rights,
Entry Fees begin at $38,919 Divorce, Child Support, Alimony, Protection
From Abuse (PFA), Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning
Inquire about our LEASE PROGRAM
Cottages Available FAIR HOUSING
53 N. Duke Street, Suite #1 and #203, Lancaster, PA
Located across from the Courthouse
6 Terrace Drive Lancaster, PA 17601
Call our Retirement Consultant at 1-800-343-9765 or 717-569-3215 for information. 717.397.7055


Season finales for both

Movie Kids

Blue Ridge


Sports News

Lethal Weapon, Star ( WGAL Ent. To-

7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00
Ac. Holly- The Voice Highlights of the blind auditions and a Chicago P.D. You Wish News 8 at Tonight Show-J. Fallon
NBC 5 13 2 8 8 night G wood PG sneak peek at upcoming battles. PG 14 11:00 G 14
248 136 248 - 248 MASH
Wheel G
MASH Maybry Maybry
Jeopardy! Survivor Survivor
MacGyver PG
Criminal Minds As-
News G Hogan G Burnt G Perry Mason PG
Criminal Minds: Be- CBS 21 The Late Show With
HIGHLIGHTS CBS 9 19 13 - 5 (N) G Jackpot (N) PG sistance Is Futile 14 yond Borders (N) 14 News Stephen Colbert PG
Tonight marks the first 21.2 WHP2 19 133 249 - 19 Dr. Phil 14 S.H.I.E.L.D. PG S.H.I.E.L.D. PG Law Order: CI 14 Law Order: CI 14 TMZ PG
season finales of Lethal n The Voice (8 p.m., 21.3 WHP3 Big Bang Big Bang Arrow Checkmate (N) The 100 We Will Rise CBS 21 King PG 2 Broke Mike & King PG
NBC, TV-PG) recaps blind CW 2 - 2 - 2 14 14 14 (N) 14 News Girls 14 Molly 14
Weapon (8 p.m., Fox, auditions.

; WHTM ABC27 Inside Ed. Goldbergs Speech- Mod Fam blackish Designated Survivor ABC27 (:35) Jimmy Kimmel
TV-14) and Star (9 ABC 7 12 5 - 12 News G PG PG less PG PG (N) PG (N) 14 News (N) Live (N) 14
n Urned but not saved on 246 152 246 - 246 Law & Order 14 Law & Order 14 Law & Order 14 Law & Order 14 Law & Order 14
p.m., Fox, TV-14). Modern Family (9 p.m.,
27.2 WHTM2 Law 14
Lethal Weapon has A WITF Sesame Daniel Nature Cats in Asia and Africa. PG Brit Floyd: The Worlds Greatest World Tavis Charlie
ABC, TV-PG). PBS 12 5 16 - 13 Street Y Tiger Y (DVS) Pink Floyd Show News G Smiley G Rose PG
broken a recent spell K WPMT Mod Fam Mod Fam Lethal Weapon (N) 14 (:01) Star Showtime Fox 43 News at Two/Half Two/Half Seinfeld
n Out on a limb on Major 10:00pm (N)
for series adapted from Crimes (9 p.m., TNT,
FOX 4 2 12 - 4 PG PG (DVS) (N) 14 (DVS) Men 14 Men 14 PG
movie franchises. Rush 43.2 WPMT2 247 126 244 - 244 Jeffer. Jeffer. 227 G 227 G 3 Co. PG 3 Co. PG Johnny Carson PG Wings Wings Beck.
TV-14). ^ WMAR - - - - - List PG Insider Goldbergs Speech Mod Fam blackish Designated Sur 14 News Jimmy Kimmel 14
Hour, Limitless and n The first games of the # KYW - 3 15 3 3 ET G March Survivor (N) PG Criminal Minds 14 Criminal Minds 14 News Late-Colbert PG
Training Day per- 2017 NCAA Basketball & WPVI 6 6 6 6 6 Jpardy! Wheel G Goldbergs Speech Mod Fam blackish Designated Sur 14 News Jimmy Kimmel 14
formed poorly for CBS. Tournament (6:30 p.m. and * WCAU 3 10 10 10 - Extra PG Hollywood The Voice Best of the Blind Auditions PG Chicago P.D. 14 News Tonight Show 14
Frequency failed on 9 p.m., TruTV). + WBAL - - 11 - - Inside Hollywood The Voice Best of the Blind Auditions PG Chicago P.D. 14 News Tonight Show 14
the CW. n Pieces of the conspiracy , WHYY - - - 12 - Business Age-Proof With Jean Chatzky G You Are the Universe G News PG Sessions
Lethal Weapon wins puzzle come together on ` WJZ - - - - - CBS ET G Survivor (N) PG Criminal Minds 14 Criminal Minds 14 News Late-Colbert PG
no points for original- Designated Survivor (10 1 WPHL Big Bang Mod Fam Marvels Agents of Marvels Agents of Action News at Ten on Mod Fam Friends Friends
MNT 11 4 7 9 7 14 PG S.H.I.E.L.D. PG S.H.I.E.L.D. PG PHL17 (N) PG PG PG
ity, but the breezy banter p.m., ABC, TV-14). = WTXF 23 16 - 11 - Dish Nat. TMZ PG Lethal Weapon 14 (:01) Star (N) 14 Fox 29 News at 10 News TMZ PG Dish Nat.
between Murtaugh (Da- n Rosalee has a new Q WGCB Munsters Munsters Robison Paid BISSELL Gaithers Joyce Paid Place G Larry King Paid
mon Wayans) and Riggs pursuer on Underground IND 10 8 9 - 10 G G PG Program G G Meyer G Program Report G Program
Y WPSG Family Family Arrow Checkmate (N) The 100 We Will Rise Eyewit- March- Mike & King PG Mike &
(Clayne Crawford) is of- (10 p.m., WGN, TV-MA). CW - 20 14 13 11 Feud PG Feud PG 14 (N) 14 ness Phoenix Molly 14 Molly 14
ten fun to watch. WPPX
The backstage diva
Law & Order Payback Law & Order Married Law & Order City Hall Law & Order Veterans Law & Order Can I Get Law &
- - - 61 - 14 With Children 14 14 Day 14 a Witness? 14 Order 14
n College decision day on C BR CE CC CL CABLE CHANNELS
melodrama Star may
The Goldbergs (8 p.m., A&E 28 33 26 34 39 Duck Dy- Duck Dy- Duck Dy- Duck Dy- Duck Dy- Jep PG Jep PG Duck Dy- Duck Dy- Duck Dy- Duck Dy-
be the worst new net- nasty PG nasty PG nasty PG nasty PG nasty PG nasty PG nasty PG nasty PG nasty PG
work series of the sea- AMC 36 39 36 138 26 (6:00) Movie Inception (2010) Leonardo Movie Avatar (2009, Science Fiction) Sam Worthington, Voice of Zoe Saldana,
DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Sigourney Weaver.
son. But it has a sloppy n Oliver confronts the My Cat Hell PG My Cat Hell PG My Cat Hell PG My Cat Hell PG My Cat Hell PG Animal
truth on Arrow (8 p.m., ANPL 72 46 71 14 55
audacity to its terrible- CW, TV-14). BBC 114 209 114 114 114 Star Trek: Voy. PG Movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Jeff Goldblum. Ripper Street (N) MA Lost
ness that makes it cat- BET 45 - 62 41 61 (6:00) Movie Addicted (2014) The Quad 14 The Quad (N) 14 Kalief Browder 14 Daily 14
nip for some viewers. A n A fender bender on BRV 55 73 37 55 68 Housewives/NYC 14 Housewives/NYC 14 NYC 14 NYC 14 Real Housewives 14 Watch NYC 14 Atlanta
Speechless (8:30 p.m.,
few days back, I cited the ABC, TV-PG).
CMTV 67 44 69 146 27 Last Man Last Man Movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) Steve Austins PG Movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Shark Tank PG Shark Tank PG Shark Tank PG Shark Tank PG
1995 megabomb Show- CNBC 39 43 44 39 42 The Deed (N) PG Shark
girls as a cult choice, n The bone crusher on CNN 27 49 24 31 44 Erin Burnett OutFront Cooper 360 PG CNN Twn Hall CNN Tonight CNN Tonight Town Hall
Criminal Minds (9 p.m., COM 49 51 68 56 38 South 14 South South 14 South Tosh 14 Tosh 14 Work. 14 Jeff 14 Daily 14 At Mid. High Crt
and I thought to myself, CBS, TV-14). CSN/PH 35 41 49 35 53 Red Bull Signature Series PG Quick Dan Patrick PG Philly Sports Talk Inside G Game 365 SportsNet
They just dont make CSPAN 21 15 21 99 23 U.S. House of Representatives Politics and Public Policy Today Politics
them this deliciously n Clarke and Roan K.C. Under. Good Luck Stuck/ Good Luck Liv-Mad. Liv-Mad. Bunkd Bunkd Movie Tangled Before Girl Meets
collaborate on The 100 DISN 37 54 46 33 63 G G
bad anymore. Then I (9 p.m., CW, TV-14).
Y7 G Middle G G G G Ever After Y7 World G
DSC 33 34 51 28 60 Alaskan Bush PG Alaskan Bush PG Alaskan Bush PG Bering Sea Gold 14 Alaskan Bush PG Sea Gold
thought of Star.
n Bow shows on black- E! 52 67 58 54 40 E! News (N) The Kardashians 14 So Cosmo (N) 14 So Cosmo 14 E! News (N)
ish (9:30 p.m., ABC, ESPN 25 25 31 37 45 NBA Countdown PG NBA Basketball: Trail Blazers at Spurs NBA Basketball: Bucks at Clippers
Sundance TV-PG). ESNP2 26 26 67 38 70 College Basketball: NIT Tournament College Basketball: NIT Tournament SportCtr SportCtr
Hap and Leonard: ESQTV 63 208 61 52 59 Bars-America 14 The Agent PG The Agent PG Brew Dogs PG Brew Dogs PG Car Match
Mucho Mojo (10 p.m., n Tourist terror on The First 100 Days The OReilly Factor Tucker Carlson Hannity (N) The OReilly Factor Tucker
Criminal Minds: Beyond FNC 48 59 45 51 52
Sundance, TV-MA) re- Borders (9 p.m., CBS, FOOD 78 60 60 57 56 Chopped Junior G Chopped Junior G Cooks vs. Cons G Bakers vs. Fakers G Spring Baking G Cook Con
turns for a second season. FREE 41 29 28 30 36 Movie Big Daddy (1999, Comedy) Movie Bedtime Stories (2008) The 700 Club G Bringing D
This over-the-top South- n A sex offenders death
FS1 77 70 57 78 28 NASCAR Race Hub UFC Tonight (N) UFC Main Event 14 UFC 14 UFC 14 UFC Tonight Speak
Reacher Movie The Maze Runner (2014) Dylan OBrien. Legion (N) MA (:09) Legion Chapter 6 MA
ern Gothic absurdist points to a vigilante squad
FX 51 62 53 48 57
GOLF 73 72 52 72 69 Golf G Learning PGA Tour PGA Tour Golf PGA Tour Golf
comic-drama is based on on Chicago P.D. (10 p.m., FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud Divided Divided FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud FamFeud Divided
GSN 64 79 72 179 74
a series of novels by Joe NBC, r, TV-14). HALL 62 74 56 65 48 Last Man Last Man Last Man Last Man Middle Middle Middle Middle Golden Golden Golden
R. Lansdale. Set in the
late 1980s, it concerns LATE NIGHT HGTV
Property Bros. PG
Amer. Pickers PG
Property Bro PG
Amer. Pickers PG
Property Bro PG
Amer. Pickers PG
Hunters Hunt Intl Property Bro PG
Amer. Pickers PG Amer. Pickers PG
the schemes and fevered n Jesse Williams is booked LIFE 42 30 29 36 37 Little Women 14 Little Women 14 Little Women 14 Bringing Up 14 Little Women 14 Little 14
dreams of its two unem- on The Daily Show With MASN 47 - 78 - 66 Nationals Classics Taylors pinch-hit home run lifts the Nationals. Bask. Inside G ESPNEWS MASports
ployable and improbably Trevor Noah (11 p.m., MASN2 65 - 20 - - Polaris Golf Life NHRA Drag Racing Arizona Nationals From Phoenix. World Poker Tour Soccer
Comedy Central)
lovable characters. MSNBC 53 63 63 17 21 Hardball Matthews All In With Chris Rachel Maddow The Last Word 11th Hour Hardball Maddow
n Adam Sandler, Dana NBCSN 60 68 64 60 62 NHL Live NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers NHL Hockey Detroit Red Wings at Colorado Avalanche
Leonard (Michael Ken-
White and Seaton Smith NICK 50 28 30 32 35 Hunter G Thunder Thunder Game G House G House G House G House G Friends Friends Friends
neth Williams, Board-
appear on Conan (11 OWN 74 55 65 67 22 Greenleaf 14 Greenleaf 14 Greenleaf 14 Greenleaf (N) 14 Greenleaf 14 Greenleaf
walk Empire) is an an- p.m., TBS). PCN 186 18 186 186 64 Weath -er High School Swimming G PCN Girls High School Diving Girls High School Swimming
gry, gay, black Vietnam SPIKE 38 47 27 29 30 Movie Fast Five (2011, Action) Vin Diesel, Paul Walker. Kalief Browder 14 Movie The Fast and the Furious
vet with a certain allergy n Jessica Lange, Bassem (:10) Movie Jonah Hex (2010, Action) The Magicians 14 The Expanse (N) 14 The Magicians 14 Expanse
Youssef and Todd Barry SYFY 59 40 54 42 71
for idealistic politics. Hap visit Late Night With TBS 32 52 25 40 24 Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Full Fron- Conan Actor Adam 2 Broke
(James Purefoy, The Stephen Colbert (11:35
(6:15) Angel Face Movie Annie Get Your Gun (1950)
PG 14 tal MA Sandler. (N) 14
Movie Blithe Spirit (1945)
Girls 14
Fallen Idol
TCM 71 57 169 71 72
Following) is a child- p.m., CBS). TLC 46 45 41 46 34 My 600-Lb. Life PG My 600-Lb. Life Bedridden James cannot stand up. (N) PG My 600-Lb. Life PG
hood friend, a straight, n Jimmy Fallon welcomes Bones The Crack in the Major Crimes Quid Pro Major Crimes Dead Major Crimes Dead Animal Kingdom Pilot Animal
TNT 34 36 32 47 46
white ex-con. They bick- Ice Cube, Paris Jackson and Code 14 Quo 14 Drop (N) 14 Drop 14 MA King MA
er like a foul-mouthed Khalid on The Tonight TRAV 54 61 47 26 50 Expedition Un. PG Expedition Un. PG Expedition Un. PG Expedition Un. PG Expedition Un. PG Expedi
TRUTV 75 66 75 58 33 2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament Providence vs. USC Inside Madness
married couple when not Show (11:35 p.m., NBC).
Andy G. Griffith G Andy Griffith PG Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King PG King PG King PG
TVL 76 64 55 59 54
settling scores with their n Keri Russell, Peter UNI 44 - - 16 29 Rosa Guadalupe 14 Pequeos Gigantes Vino el Amor (N) 14 La Piloto (N) Impacto Noticiero Deportivo
fists. Krause, J.D. Vance and USA 29 27 33 27 47 NCIS Shiva 14 NCIS 14 NCIS 14 NCIS Incognito PG Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam
In some ways, this pre- Nicko McBrain visit Late WGN-A 20 48 - - - Person-Interest 14 Movie Fast & Furious (2009) Vin Diesel. Underground (N) MA Underground MA Underg.
posterous interracial Night With Seth Meyers C BR CE CC CL PAY CHANNELS
buddy comedy is a bit like (12:35 a.m., NBC). Live VICE News Movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) UConn PG Big Little Lies MA Jerrod Carmichael: 8
HBO 300 300 300 300 300 Free-Die 14 Jason Segel, Kristen Bell. R MA
Lethal Weapon on the n Reese Witherspoon and
HBO2 302 301 302 302 302 Any Given Sunday R Last Crashing UConn 2 Days (9:55) Movie Crimson Peak (2015) R Sinister 2
other side of the law. Not Andy Shauf appear on
(6:00) Movie Hellboy Movie Scarface (1983, Crime Drama) Al Pacino. A Cuban im- (10:55) Movie Everest
believable for a second, The Late Late Show With MAX 320 307 320 320 320 II: The Golden Army migrant fights to the top of Miamis drug trade. R (2015) Jason Clarke. PG-13
James Corden (12:35 a.m., (:05) Movie San Andreas (2015) Movie Spy (2015) Melissa McCarthy. (:05) Movie Stuck on You (2003)
Hap and Leonard has CBS).
MMAX 321 309 321 321 321
(6:45) Movie Enemy at the Gates (2001, Movie The Hateful Eight (2015, Western) Samuel L. Jackson. Billions
fun characters, bracing SHOW 340 400 340 340 340 War) Joseph Fiennes. R Bounty hunters and a prisoner encounter four strangers. R MA
dialogue and an assured n Kevin McDonough is a STRZ 370 500 370 370 370 (5:54) Movie The Missing Das (:01) Movie Money Monster (:42) Movie The Shallows The Miss-
sense of place. What Seven Pounds (2008) Vergessen 14 (2016) George Clooney. R (2016) Blake Lively. PG-13 ing 14
columnist for United Feature (:01) Movie Tootsie (1982, Comedy) Movie The Day After Tomorrow (2004, (:06) Movie Godzilla (1998)
more do you want? Syndicate. STZENC 150 507 150 150 150 Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange. PG Action) Dennis Quaid. PG-13 Matthew Broderick. PG-13
(6:15) Movie It Movie Saw III (2006) Tobin Bell. A doctor Movie Saw IV (2007, Horror) (:35) Movie Saw V
TMC 350 407 350 350 350 Follows becomes a pawn in Jigsaws latest game. Tobin Bell. R (2008) R


Greenleaf a confidence boost for Oprah

Story of family behind Memphis megachurch; second season premieres
JONATHAN it works. had a compelling sto-
ASSOCIATED PRESS Greenleaf delves ry on her hands with
into a story about the Greenleaf, knowing the
ATLANTA Oprah troubled first family of show was meaningful,
Winfrey had long been a sprawling Memphis, juicy and soapy enough
looking for something Tennessee, megachurch It helped to draw consistent view-
that would keep OWN where adultery and do- me trust my ers but wondered if the
viewers from switching mestic abuse causes numbers would ulti-
to other channels. The disorder. The second instincts, mately back that up. Her
answer to her prayers season of the show pre- because for the worries were short-lived
turned out to be a juicy mieres tonight at 10 on first couple of after she saw the first FILE PHOTO

drama series set in a OWN. seasons overall ratings. Oprah Winfrey arrives at the season one premiere of
house of worship. The show stars Merle years of OWN, The show also pulled in Greenleaf in West Hollywood, California. The series
second season premieres tonight.
Greenleaf, which
co-stars Winfrey in a re-
Dandridge as Grace
Gigi Greenleaf, the es-
I lost a sense an average of more than
3.2 million viewers, only
curring role, premiered tranged daughter who of what would second behind Tyler Per- In the past, we said Dandridge.
last year as the most- returns home after 20 work or not. rys hit show The Haves couldnt get Tylers au- They really embraced
watched debut in the years and is trying to and Have Nots, which dience to stay for any- it, said the actor, ac-
six-year history of her investigate her familys averaged 3.7 million, ac- thing, she said. They knowledging that her
network and has given past crimes. Her charac- cording to Nielsen. would just come in and family who attends black
the media mogul a boost ter has been thrust into executive producer. The results caused then they go. So to be churches supports the
of confidence. the pulpit as a pastor at We didnt know what Winfrey to breathe a sigh able to get a great per- shows content. Its
It helped me trust my her familys megachurch it was going to be like, of relief, especially since centage of his audience, I powerfully meaningful
instincts, because for business, which is ran Whitfield said. But go- there was no huge mar- think around 70 percent, to me. I think for some
the first couple of years by her parents, Bishop ing through the sum- keting budget behind to stay tuned for some- people, they are like voy-
of OWN, I lost a sense of James (Keith David) and mer and seeing how Greenleaf. The net- thing else other than a eurs of what happens be-
what would work or not, Lady Mae (Lynn Whit- social media critiqued work tried to use the le- Tyler-produced show, it hind those walls.
Winfrey said. We were field). Winfrey plays the it, people really loved verage of Perrys strong was a new feat for us. It With the success of
trying to do so many dif- role of bar owner Mavis and craved the story. It fan base through his was a new accomplish- Greenleaf, it opened
ferent things. Trying, McCready, the sister of shows her instincts were shows on the network ment for us. the door for another hit
trying and trying things Lady Mae. right. But it goes back to to launch a new series, Some originally show on OWN: Queen
all the time. When this Whitfield said shes al- the honesty of the show. but struggled for years thought Greenleaf Sugar.
worked, I thought OK, ways trusted Winfreys People are really relating fill the void until Green- would be an attack on With both shows,
I now see that when you vision, but she initially to the core of our char- leaf. black churches. But that were trying to hit the
move and operate spe- wondered how viewers acters and the situations Winfrey said the show wasnt how the show was nerve of reality that re-
cifically from the core of would perceive the show, that are setup. brought new energy to received by churchgoers sides in every person,
what you believe is right, of which Winfrey is co- Winfrey believed she her network. who watched the series, Winfrey said.



Its worth the

drive for...
Personalized and compassionate
funeral service at reasonable pricing.
Recently renovated to serve
families better, The Gundel Chapel,
located in the quaint country town
of Conestoga provides traditional
burial and cremation services.

All services are personally

conducted by Melanie B. Scheid
STUMPED: For answers to todays crossword, call 1-900-226-5955!
99 per minute, touchtone/rotary phones. (18+ only) A King who ensures that every family and
Features service, NYC.
their loved one will be treated with
WONDERWORD the upmost care and compassion.

*Not affiliated with Andrew T. Scheid*

3225 Main St., Conestoga, PA 17516 717.872.1779 or 717.393.1776
Melanie B. Scheid, Owner, Funeral Director



Previous puzzle CRYPTOQUIP

Complete the solution
grid so every
row, column
and 3 x 3 box
contains every
digit from
1 to 9
2017 Knight Features/Distributed by Universal Uclick

Jacqueline Bigars stars

A baby born today has a Sun in Pisces and a Moon ing. You might find that the results are not what you
in Libra if born before 11:11 a.m. (ET). Afterward, had anticipated. Try the power of positive thinking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
the Moon will be in Scorpio. more often. You will be able to make a choice that
HAPPY BIRTHDAY could prove to be delightful. Tonight: Celebrations 13 14 15
for Wednesday, March 15, 2017: do not need to be expensive.
This year you can be charming, lighthearted and SCORPIO
fun, yet at times you also could be deep, intense (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) 16 17 18
and somewhat distant. People might feel as if they Make it OK to break from your routine in the
are in a swinging door with you, never knowing morning. You might feel a lot different and clearer 19 20
which personality will pop up. If you are single, about the possibilities that are likely to arise at any
make sure any potential suitors like both sides. You moment. Do not settle for less than what you want,
will want to be accepted as well as loved by this be it emotionally or financially. Tonight: Be near 21 22 23 24 25
person. If you are attached, the two of you open good music.
up to many more feelings and create more depth SAGITTARIUS 26 27 28
between you. Help your sweetie to see the best in (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
you, and accept him or her 100 percent. SCORPIO Use the morning for meetings, conversa-
opens your mind to new mental vistas. tions and/or any matter of high priority. In the af- 29 30 31 32
The Stars Show the Kind of Day Youll Have: 5-Dy- ternoon, you could be triggered by a comment. Opt
namic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult to take some time to think through your response. 33 34 35 36 37
ARIES Until you are sure of yourself, the less said the bet-
(March 21-April 19) ter. Tonight: Vanish while you can.
The mood of the day could change rap- CAPRICORN 38 39 40 41
idly around midday. Though an associate or partner (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
might be charming in the morning, his or her innate Others look to you for guidance and di- 42 43 44 45
fears are likely to emerge in the evening. Listen to rection. You could be quite tired and might need to
what this person has to share, and youll be glad take a break from the immediate issues. You will
you did. Tonight: Go with the flow. notice that a loved one or dear friend tends to ex- 46 47 48 49 50
TAURUS press his or her more creative side when angered.
(April 20-May 20) Tonight: Where the action is. 51 52 53
You need to muster all the energy you can AQUARIUS
get to move a project off the ground. Your perspec- (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
tive will help, but getting a second opinion never A take-charge stance could make all the 54 55 56 57 58
hurts. Your ability to move through hassles with difference in what goes down. Your ability to move
ease will define your ability to succeed. Tonight: into a new realm of thinking and then act on it 59 60 61
Express your feelings. quickly marks your success. Understand where a
GEMINI family members anger stems from. Dont blame
(May 21-June 20) yourself. Tonight: At home. 62 63 64
Use the morning for anything of immediate PISCES
importance. Your way of handling a problem could (Feb. 19-March 20)
affect you directly. Honor a need to move through You could be at a point where you would
prefer to take your time and consider your options. Puzzle by Ned White
a hassle. Though you might be angry, how you ex- edited by Will Shortz
press those feelings will make or break the situa- You might not have the good fortune to do that,
tion. Tonight: Not to be found. though, as someones anger could flare up at the ACROSS 45 Supreme Court 4 Fire-breathing 32 Reggae grew from
CANCER last minute. Take your time figuring out what is 1 Bottom topper? action monster of myth it
(June 21-July 22) happening. Tonight: Time for a talk. 5 Oh, ___! 46 *Teach Dick and 5 Shrek creator 35 Meaty lobster part
Youll move out of your cocoon midday, only BORN TODAY Janes dog new William
Singer Mike Love (1941), musician Sly Stone 9 Terminal info 36 iPad ___
to walk into a heated situation. A friend could be tricks? 6 Watts of The
angry and might have been holding it in for a while. (1943), former U.S. President Andrew Jackson 13 [Oh, well] 37 Picnic Pulitzer
(1767) 14 Attempts 50 I kid you not! Impossible
The amount of vitriol you witness will tell you how winner William
long he or she has held back from saying anything. 15 Tirade 51 Martini & ___ 7 Bottomless pit
52 Like refrigerators, 8 Often-overlooked 38 Bottles marked
Tonight: Be gracious. ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 16 *Great Plains
at times email parts, briefly with a skull and
LEO plaints?
(July 23-Aug. 22) 9 Auto designer crossbones
P AA P A C T P R I M E R 18 Late hours, in ads 54 Are not!
Complete calls and answer emails early E VR E N O W B U R E A U rejoinder Maserati 39 Former Dodge
19 Better safe than
in the day. You could be disappointed with what is 55 Opening at the 10 Meditative 40 Stereo component
happening, and it might trigger some angry feel-
L IR A C H E S S B O A R D sorry and others
T AO C H E R O A N T S Y 20 Caf lightener post office exercises 41 Trudged
ings. How you handle an ongoing situation that or, when read as
seems to hit home could define what happens. To- NW E Y O R K C I T Y 21 Did home work? 11 La Marseillaise, 42 Attachments to
night: Open up to a roommate or loved one. three words, a hint for France
H A R E C O O J L O 24 *Get Silverstein to the answers to juice boxes
VIRGO W H E E L F E W B O O R on the phone 12 TVs Remington
the starred clues ___ 43 Call from Juliet
(Aug. 23-Sept. 22) R U P A U L S D R A G R A C E now!
Take care of important financial matters in 59 Withdraw slowly 14 Eighty-___ (toss) 44 Bahamian
A M I D A I R A U D I O 26 Caterpillars Illinois capital
the morning. You could discover a potential error home 60 Leaps on the ice 17 Pie chart lines
before it becomes a problem. Communication flour- P E C H I C E A R N
28 As per schedule 61 Commercial lead- 20 Longtime host 47 College honcho
ishes later in the day. You might be overwhelmed by R O C K A N D R O L L in to pass
how someone expresses his or her anger. Tonight: 29 *Command like who wrote 48 Halls partner in
T W E E T O L A F M A I N 62 ___-chef Leading With My
Chat up a storm. Let me be direct: pop
H A L L O F F A M E A T V S 63 Where Kelloggs is Chin
LIBRA Get lost!? 49 Dr. or Mr.
U R B A N E R O E R E E F K 21 ___-daisy!
(Sept. 23-Oct. 22) 33 Chin-wag 53 Some, along the
Act as if you feel empowered in the morn- S T A Y E D M R S S X S W 64 Visa concern 22 Like thinking
34 City destroyed by Somme
Godzilla DOWN about thinking
23 Bill fatteners 55 Office PC
35 Youre 1 1/48 of a cup:
ALDER ON BRIDGE Phillip Alder oversharing! Abbr. 25 Material for a
38 *Cramps from 2 Part of many warm sweater 56 Pariss ___ de
George S. Patton said, I dont measure a mans success by how high he climbs, Rivoli
but how high he bounces when he hits bottom. posing too long? carrier names 27 Ancient markets
A bridge players success may be measured by how high he plays -- as in todays 42 California wine 3 New York hub for 30 F.D.R.s last veep 57 Heavenly object
deal. valley Delta, briefly 31 La Brea goo 58 Collection of bets
South is in six spades. West leads the diamond king. How should South plan the
play and how can East thwart his dastardly plan?
After North responds with four diamonds, a splinter bid showing four-plus
spades, at least game-going values and a sin-
gleton (or void) in diamonds, South wonders
whether his partner has both black-suit kings. If
he does, seven spades will be anything between
a favorite and laydown. Could your partnership
uncover those cards? Most couldnt.
South could bank all on the club finesse, but
there is a better approach. He should win the
opening lead, play a trump to dummy, cash the
ace of hearts (discarding a low club from hand)
and crossruff the red suits to eliminate them.
Now declarer leads a club off the dummy. If East
contributes the four or five, South covers with
his eight to effect an endplay. West must either
lead back into declarers ace-queen club tenace
or concede a ruff-and-sluff.
However, note that East can foil this plan by
playing the club 10. Then, South should win
with his ace, cross to dummy with a trump and
lead a club toward his queen. He gets home
whenever East has the king or when West has
the king singleton or doubleton. Here, though,
he goes down.
Whenever declarer has eliminated the side
suits and is about to execute an endplay, second
hand must play high.


























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Catching flak
Phillies catcher Cameron
Rupp is a fan favorite
despite rooting
for the Cowboys
n Page C3



Black Knights and
Blazers face tough
foes from District 4
in Thursdays
second round

If roads are clear and games

are good to go for Thursdays
second round of the PIAA
tournament, the Lancaster
Mennonite and Hempfield
boys basketball teams will
be making the trip to Martz
Hall in Pottsville, Schuylkill
There, the District Three
runner-ups will both face
LOCK HAVEN UNIVERSITY District Four champions, as
Lock Haven University wrestler Ronnie Perry, left, a redshirt junior from Solanco High School, will compete in the NCAA Division I wrestling the Blazers tip-off against
championships, which begin on Thursday in St. Louis, Missouri. Hughesville at 5 p.m. in a
Class 3A game and the Black


Knights against Williams-
port at 8 p.m. in a Class 6A
It should be noted the
Hempfield game is on the
back end of a triple-header,
something to keep in mind
for Knights fans considering
Former Solanco standouts Haines, Perry representing Lock Haven at NCAA tourney last Saturdays first round
game was also in that slot and
didnt start until 8:30 p.m.
career record. That is, until second-place finish in the With plenty of down time
the Nittany Lions decided to Eastern Wrestling League since the first round games,
hand a scholarship to Califor- tournament speak for players should be well-rest-
nia heavyweight champion themselves. STATES, page C2
Nick Nevills. Its fun to watch him wres-
So Haines picked himself tle, Lock Haven coach Scott
up, dusted himself off and Moore said. Hes got a much SECOND ROUND
JEFF YOUNG headed for Ohio State. Then, more positive attitude than
Thursdays games
after a redshirt year and a when he got here, and he just
promising 15-2 season in seems excited about life and n Class 3A: Lancaster
If indeed there is no place resent Lock Haven University 2016, he had to deal with an- excited about wrestling and Mennonite vs. Hughesville, 5
p.m. at Martz Hall, Pottsville
like home, then be assured is by no means a coincidence. other turn, when world cham- being part of a team again.
that Thomas Haines will This is especially true for pion Kyle Snyder decided to Haines points to a higher n Class 6A: Hempfield vs.
Williamsport, 8 p.m. at Martz
tell you there are places that Haines, whose path has been remove his Olympic redshirt level of individual attention, Hall, Pottsville
dont miss by much. marked by unexpected turns and rejoin the Buckeyes. Once both in the wrestling room
And Ronnie Perry will be since his stellar Golden Mules again, Haines was left to find and in the classroom, than MORE COVERAGE
glad to second that emotion. career. his place and his opportunity. he experienced in Columbus. n Complete PIAA boys and
Haines and Perry, both for- First, there was his verbal He found it last summer Also, it doesnt hurt to get girls tournament schedules,
mer Solanco wrestling stars, commitment to Penn State, in Lock Haven, which also coaching from a three-time Page C5.
will tangle with the best in which couldnt have been offered former teammates NAIA champion like Lock n Second-round preview for
NCAA Division I this week in happier to land a four-time like Perry. The early results Haven volunteer assistant area girls basketball teams is
St. Louis. That they will rep- PIAA champion with a 174-5 his current 33-6 record and MULES, page C2 coming in Thursdays LNP.


Eagles try to erase mistake Mount St. Marys

beats New Orleans
Former top-paid backup QB Daniels contract will cost Birds through 2018
Will meet Villanova on Thursday

By acquiring Nick JOE KAY seconds left was off tar-

Foles and releasing get and stolen by the
Chase Daniel on Mon- DAYTON, Ohio Di- Mountaineers Chris
day, the Eagles upgraded minutive point guard Wray to clinch it.
at backup quarterback Junior Robinson scored
and (slightly) improved 23 points, including the Big picture
their salary-cap situa- go-ahead jumper with
tion, which Howie Rose- 1:27 to play, and Mount Mount St. Marys:
man has somehow kept St. Marys held on for a The Mountaineers
perilously under the 67-66 victory over New forced 14 turnovers that
maximum limit. Orleans on Tuesday set up 19 points.
But like most moves night in the opening New Orleans: The
in NFL free agency, the game of the First Four. Privateers NCAA
return of Foles is an Robinson, the small- Tournament appear-
attempt to wash away est player in Division I ance was part of a big
an original sin in this at 5-foot-5, carried the turnaround. The school
case, signing Daniel to a Mountaineers (20-15) was severely damaged
three-year, $21 million to only their second by Hurricane Katrina
contract last offseason. NCAA Tournament win. in 2005, leaving its fu-
After a healthy ASSOCIATED PRESS Theyll head to Buf- ture in doubt. The Pri-
discussion with Chase, Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks Chase Daniel (10) and Carson Wentz (11) practice at falo to play defending vateers went 10-20 last
Roseman said in a the teams training facility in Philadelphia, on Sept. 8. national champion and season and pulled off
statement, we both felt top overall seed Villano- one of the biggest turn-
like it was best to move to bring Sam Bradford He had only two signed under the assur- va in the East Regional arounds to reach the
forward in a different di- back. There was nothing career starts and had ance that he would be on Thursday. tournament.
rection as circumstanc- wrong with adding the thrown only 78 passes given the opportunity Mount St. Marys led
es have changed since veteran who had worked in seven seasons. to start, and there were most of the way, but Up next
he originally signed. under new coach Doug The Eagles, at the incentives built into his New Orleans (20-12)
In other words, Pederson for three same time, were execut- deal based on that pos- pulled off a comeback Mount St. Marys:
Oops. seasons. But what had ing their plan to move sibility. befitting its resurgent The Mountaineers will
When the Eagles Daniel done to become up in the draft to select But Pederson made season. The Privateers be trying to pull off the
signed Daniel last the highest-paid backup Carson Wentz, but they it clear from the get-go had a chance for a final first upset of a top seed
March, they did so just a quarterback in the continued to prepare in that Bradford was shot, but Erik Thomas by a No. 16 seed when
week after they decided league? case they failed. Daniel EAGLES, page C10 inbound pass with 2.6 they face Villanova.

Mules: 2 to wrestle at NCAAs


I give Austin [DeSanto] credit for dropping

down to wrestle me and thank him for reminding
Continued from C1
me why I love this sport so much, because it
Eric Thompson, who has a way of giving you the highest of highs
placed fifth in last years but also the lowest of lows. Good luck in your
Olympic trials. following years at Drexel. Thank you to everyone
I think the intensity sticking up for me and giving me words of
of the coaches and the encouragement, I apologize for not replying but
its been a very difficult few days and I needed to
team in the practice spend it with my family.
room is pretty much
the same, he said. We Spencer Lee (@LeeSpencerlee36)
have to seek out the
better competition,
but because we go out
of our way to do that, SPORTS ON TV
we end up with a fairly
comparable level of BASEBALL NETWORK TIME
World Baseball Classic: Israel vs. Japan MLB 6am
For a guy who knew
almost nothing but World Baseball Classic:
MLB 9pm
success at the scho- Venezuela vs. United States
been an easy road. NCAA Tournament First Four:
But Haines is only North Carolina Central vs. California-Davis
TRU 6:40pm
just beginning to reap NIT First Round: South Dakota at Iowa ESPN2 7pm
the benefits, with two LOCK HAVEN UNIVERSITY
more years of eligibil- Lock Haven University wrestler Thomas Haines, a redshirt sophomore from Solanco
NIT First Round: Akron at Houston ESPNU 7:30pm
ity remaining. Its High School, will compete at the NCAA Division I wrestling championships this week NIT First Round:
ESPN2 9pm
been pretty frustrating in St. Louis, Missouri. Texas-Arlington at Brigham Young
at times, he allowed, NCAA Tournament First Four:
TRU 9:10pm
but now it just seems I think the maturing and confidence gave a little bit of a role in Providence vs. Southern California
to drive me a little is the best thing to say him a lot of momentum bringing Haines to Lock NIT First Round:
ESPNU 9:30pm
harder. about it, he said. to finish this year and Haven. California-Irvine at Illinois State
Still, Perry kept win- compete to be an All- He called and talked GOLF NETWORK TIME
He knows he can ning. After his 30-12 American. to me about it, asked PGA Tour: Arnold Palmer Pro-Am
compete sophomore season, he Perry (31-6) is riding how I liked it and what (tape-delay)
GOLF 5pm
went 25-4 last year, that momentum to St. I liked about it, he said. MLB SPRING TRAINING NETWORK TIME
Perrys drive, mean- including a sixth- Louis. He was named For me, the atmo-
while, is boosted by place finish at the Outstanding Wrestler sphere reminds me a lot Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh MLB 1pm
another kind of experi- prestigious Midlands en route to winning the of home. Los Angeles Angels vs. San Francisco MLB 4pm
ence as he heads to the Tournament, becom- EWL 141-pound title These days, being on
NCAAs for the second ing Lock Havens first last weekend. the mats is a lot like
time in three years. Midlands placewinner I feel like Im per- home too. Portland at San Antonio ESPN 8pm
He spent last season since 2003. forming better now Milwaukee at Los Angeles Clippers ESPN 10:30pm
wrestling unattached, He knows he can than I have all year n Jeff Young, a former LNP
while taking a redshirt compete with those long, he said. NHL NETWORK TIME
sports editor, welcomes
to focus on develop- guys now, Moore said. Aside from his own comments at youngjeff212 Pittsburgh at Philadelphia NBCSN 7:30pm
ment. Building his self-belief success, Perry will claim
St. Louis at Anaheim NBCSN 10pm


PIAA: Knights, Blazers face tests FIS World Cup Alpine Skiing:
Mens and Womens Downhill


UEFA Champions League:
Continued from C1 28 games, including a senior guard Conrad ting up 66.2 ppg. Monaco vs. Manchester City
FS1 3:30pm
ed, provided that their total of 93 in last weeks Sheatler (10.4 ppg) and The Millionaires are UEFA Champions League:
parents didnt put them first round win. 6-1 junior guard Matt led by 6-foot-3 senior Atletico Madrid vs. Bayer Leverkusen
FS2 3:30pm
to work shoveling out at That unit, however, Myers (9.2 ppg) will guard/forward and
home. will meet a Hughesville square off with Lan- high-flyer Stanley Scott
And the remaining
teams are going to need
defense that has held
opposing teams to 47.7
caster Mennonite 5-10
junior point guard
(20 ppg), who is also
among the teams lead- Local digest
to have fresh legs should ppg for the season, al- Carter Hurst (7 ppg), ers in rebounds, assists
they hope to keep play- lowed 60 or more just 5-11 senior guard Jon and steals. BASEBALL
ing as the March snow- twice, and has kept Gillespie (9.5 ppg), 6-3 Where Hempfield n Franklin & Marshall had a game for the ages on
storm has resulted in teams under 50 in four junior guard Isaac Beers might finally catch a Tuesday, tallying the most runs in a single game by a
the second, quarterfinal of the last five. (10.7 ppg) and 6-0 se- break is on the boards Diplomat team in 130 years, with a 29-15 win against
and semifinal rounds in After battling through nior guard Richie Rosas considering its last two Stockton in Auburndale, Florida.
3A now being scheduled injuries that resulted (10.9 ppg). opponents had length
The 44 combined runs were the most in a game since Oct.
for Thursday-Saturday- in an 8-8 overall start, Beers, Rosas and Gil- while Williamsport 1, 1887, when F&M defeated Millersville by a 32-20 score,
Monday and in 6A on Hughesville has won lespie are all threats doesnt have a player also setting the program record for runs scored.
Thursday- Saturday- 10 of its last 11 games, from beyond the arc as on the roster taller than
Tuesday. winners of the District well, with the Blazers 6-4 and its two start- F&Ms Zachary Roberson was 4 for 6 with four runs
scored and seven RBIs. Dan Marano added five RBIs, while
Heres a look ahead at 4 tournament as a No. looking to get back to ing senior forwards
Kyle Ebert had four hits and four runs scored.
Thursdays games: 6 seed as part of that the state quarterfinals Qayyim Ali (12.4) and
hot streak. Hughesville for the first time since Rondell Carson (11.5 Leadoff hitter Tyler Daley was 6 for 6 with a walk.
Class 3A: Lancaster also has a slight height 2014. ppg) are both 6-3. n Tim Mayza was drafted out of Millersville University by
Mennonite (24-4) vs. advantage in the paint So it might be a good the Toronto Blue Jays in the 12th round of the 2013 MLB
Hughesville (18-9), 5 in 6-foot, 10-inch junior Class 6A: Hempfield matchup for 6-5 senior Draft. And now, at the age of 25, following four minor-
p.m.: The philosophy center Taylor Mason (20-9) vs. William- guard Ryan Moffatt league seasons, Mayza is lighting up radar guns and
for Lancaster-Lebanon (11.4), but Lancaster sport (21-4), 8 p.m.: (17.7 ppg), 6-4 senior sitting down hitters in the Blue Jays training camp.
League Section Three Mennonite 6-3 senior As Hempfield did ef- forward David Martin- Mayza has appeared in five games out of the bullpen,
champion Lancaster forward Javan Terry (15 fectively in its run to Robinson (10 ppg), 6-5 logging 4 1/3 innings and seven strikeouts while walking
Mennonite this season ppg) and 6-1 senior for- the District Three title senior forward Bryan just one, allowing just three hits and no runs. In his most
has been to push the ward Timmy Stefanosky game and its first-round Karl (8.11 ppg) and the recent outing, on Sunday, Mayza pitched the third inning
floor and put up more (7.3 ppg) have proven in upset of William Allen, rest of the Hempfield against the Tampa Rays. He struck out Kevin Kiermaier on
shots than the oppo- previous games height the Knights will again bunch. three pitches, got Evan Longoria to ground out to third,
nent. The uptempo pace is just a number. look to use their pa- The Black Knights are and then fanned Brad Miller on three swings.
has worked to the tune The Hughesville back- tient half-court offen- looking to advance to His fastball has been clocked at 98 mph, and some now
of 68.1 points per game court of 5-10 senior sive approach and solid the state quarterfinals see Mayza, a hard-throwing left-hander, as a candidate to
average, tallying 60 point guard Landon defense to slow down a for the first time since start the season in the Blue Jays bullpen.
points or more in 20 of Henry (11.7 ppg), 6-1 Williamsport team put- 2010. Last season, in 14 appearances with Double-A New
Hampshire, Mayza went 1-3 with a 4.11 ERA and 13
strikeouts to 15 walks. He was an all-star with Dunedin
GOLF before being called up midseason.

Muirfield votes to admit women WOMENS LACROSSE

n Franklin & Marshall attacker Paige Moriarty has been
Founded in 1744, club reverses policy, is back in British Open rotation named the Centennial Conference Offensive Player of the
Week, and goalie Danielle Harrington has been tabbed
STEVE DOUGLAS second vote were an- portant for us in stag- its founding members, the Defensive Player of the Week. Moriarty scored six
AP SPORTS WRITER goals and had three assists to lead the No. 8 Diplomats
nounced Tuesday out- ing one of the worlds Fairweather said. We
to a 12-2 upset of No. 2 Cortland on Saturday, while
Muirfield voted to ad- side Muirfields club- great sporting events look forward to welcom- Harrington turned away eight shots in the victory. She
mit female members house, with club captain that women can become ing women as members added two caused turnovers and three ground balls in the
for the first time in its Henry Fairweather say- members at all of our who will enjoy, and ben- game.
273-year history, clear- ing that 80.2 percent of host clubs, the R&A efit from, the great tradi-
ing the Scottish golf club those who voted chose said. Muirfield is a tions and friendly spirit
to return Tuesday to the to allow women to be- truly outstanding Open of this remarkable club. WOMENS TENNIS
list of 10 courses that can come members. A two- venue and we very much The HCEG said new n Millerville University fell to Wayne State University 6-3
host the British Open. thirds majority was re- look forward to taking candidates for mem- Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.
The Honourable Com- quired for change. the championship back bership, both men and The team dropped all three doubles matches but
pany of Edinburgh Golf- A total of 621 mem- there in future. women, can expect to rebounded to win three singles matches. Sophomore
ers, which owns Muir- bers voted, a turnout of Muirfield has staged wait two to three years, Katina Jones took the first match, 6-4, 6-2. Sophomore
field and is the worlds 92.7 percent. the British Open 16 or longer, to become Sarah Sambrick won a tight match, 6-4, 7-5. Sophomore
oldest golf club, held a The R&A, which orga- times since 1892, most a member of Muirfield Kelly Hershey won the final singles match, 6-4, 6-1. But
second postal ballot after nizes the British Open, recently in 2013 when because of the current WSU would close out the final singles match to win the
members voted last May said minutes after the Phil Mickelson won. waiting list. contest.
to retain the male-only announcement that This is a significant Females were previ-
policy. That led to Muir- Muirfield was back in decision for a club which ously allowed on the
field being taken off the the rotation to stage the was founded in 1744 and course and in the club- WRESTLING
British Open rotation. worlds oldest major. retains many of the val- house at Muirfield as n Messiahs Ben Swarr (Garden Spot) was the runner-up
The results of the It is extremely im- ues and aspirations of guests and visitors only. in the 174-pound division at the NCAA Division III National
Swarr lost 10-1 to Augsburgs Eric DeVos in the final.
Swarr, who finished the season 38-4, beat DeVos 3-1 in
NEW PODCAST GIRLS BASKETBALL last years championship bout. The Messiah team finished
John Walk talks with former Division fifth.
As the PIAA tourney continues, get the
I football prospect Jonovan Lee on scoop on local and statewide basketball On Monday, Swarr was announced as one of 14 MAC
Inspirational Athletes at lancasteronline. with @JeffReinhart77 on Twitter. wrestlers to be named NWCA Division III Scholar All-
com/podcasts. Americans.


Martinez set for bout Rupp is catching flak

Club owner will fight in Amputee Athletics United event Fans dont like that he plays for Phils, but roots for Cowboys
STEPHANIE Fransonet They wear headgear CLEARWATER, Fla. Rupp batted .252 with from catching several
LNP CORRESPONDENT Martinez and use 16-ounce (AP) Cameron Rupp is 26 doubles, 16 homers aces.
will fight gloves. a fan favorite in Philadel- and 54 RBIs in 389 at- I learned a lot from
Fransonet Jinji Mar- Saturday in The match between phia until football season bats. His average exit ve- Chooch. He had it pretty
tinez had to mix things San Anto- Martinez and Cara- starts. locity of 92.2 mph off the easy with Doc (Roy Hal-
up training-wise for Sat- nio, Texas. ballo will be three Rupp had a breakout bat was tied for 30th in laday) and Cliff (Lee) and
urdays Amputee Athlet- rounds, each round year for the Phillies in the majors among play- Cole (Hamels), Rupp
ics United fights in San nez and his family for lasting two minutes. 2016, smacking 43 extra- ers with at least 150 bat- said. He got to expe-
Antonio, Texas. months for a time. Boxers get 90 seconds base hits as he replaced ted balls, according to rience a lot of veteran
Martinez (2-1), an am- I was about to call the between rounds to Carlos Ruiz as the start- Major League Baseballs pitchers and come up
putee boxer, fights in an fight off. Martinez said. deal with any pros- ing catcher. Statcast. with them and they were
unorthodox fashion, but He was behind in his thetic problems. But Rupp grew up in I just want to have a on the same page every
for his bout this weekend training, financially (If a prosthetic Dallas and loves the Cow- better year, improve in day, and thats what Im
against newcomer Ivan strapped, and the boxer breaks during the boys. That doesnt sit well all aspects of the game, trying to do with (Aaron)
Caraballo, he needed to hed planned to have in fight, its a TKO.) in Philly where Eagles defensively, offensive- Nola, (Jerad) Eickhoff
build strength and get his corner was dead. National Amputee fans are obsessed with ly, Rupp said. Theres and the guys Ive been
used to his loaner leg. Instead, he asked for Boxing Associations hating Americas Team. something you can im- around and have that
To achieve both goals, help and help came. founder, Shaman Ow- Rupp enjoys posting prove on every day. rapport and that rela-
he switched to southpaw Hes almost down to ensby, said that Satur- about the Cowboys on Rupp is focusing on de- tionship with them and
for some of his sparring. his 150-pound fighting days event is, with six Twitter, especially after fense this spring training, that trust factor.
He also, literally, pushed weight. Hes been spar- fights on the card, the they win, so he had plenty knowing he enters the The rebuilding Phillies
his partners across the ring with two of his top biggest one yet. of opportunities because season as the primary are stocked with talent
ring for minutes at a time fighters, pro Rolando Martinez, despite Dallas was 13-3. catcher following Ruizs in the minors. They have
as though this was MMA Chinea (14-1-1) and ama- a tumultuous start You can imagine the departure. He is working several players waiting
rather than boxing. teur Saury Espaillat. to the year, says hes comments he received in on framing pitches and to get the call and two of
A different leg albeit Manuel Guzman, a for- focused now. Hes Philadelphia. calling games. their top prospects are
a technical wonder with mer pro that Martinez bringing control to I cant betray the team Ruiz, the starter for catchers Jorge Alfaro and
a microprocessor-con- calls his best friend, like his emotions and his I grew up rooting for be- the 2008 World Series Andrew Knapp.
trolled knee and excel- a brother, will corner training, trying to cause of where my job championship team, Alfaro is slated to start
lent stability wasnt for Martinez. The flight, land solid shots rath- takes me, Rupp said. I get was known for his excel- the season at Triple-A
the only challenge Mar- and the custom gear for er than just go for grief for it. Its all in good lent defense. He was an while Knapp is compet-
tinez faced in the weeks the fight, are all paid for speed. fun. Their (replies), Im ideal mentor for younger ing for a backup job with
before his fight. courtesy of friends, fam- With all that, plus sure are not in good fun catchers, though Rupp the Phillies. Rupp isnt
Hed just spent months ily and strangers. his years of boxing and thats fine. I got thick joked that Ruiz benefited feeling the pressure.
re-organizing the busi- God just came and muscle memory skin. I try to have as much
ness side of his gym, through, Martinez said. Martinez first put fun as I can and throw
Jinjis Boxing Club, in All three of Martinezs on gloves at the age some sarcasm in there.
Lancaster. His over- previous amputee fights of 9, in Puerto Rico When hes wearing red
all conditioning wasnt were National Ampu- his chances of vic- pinstripes, Rupp is the
where he likes it to be. tee Boxing Association tory over a newcomer type of player Phillies fan
Then, just as he started events in Texas, where should be good. have always admired. He
intensive training, one of the sport has been legal But he doesnt as- plays hard and hes tough.
his boxers, Danny San- since 2014 as a special- sume hell win easily. Rupp proved that last Bridgestone Firestone Fuzion

chez, was shot. Sanchez ly sanctioned combat Hes heard that Cara- May when he held on for PERFORMANCE TOURING
died of his injuries on sport. ballo likes to hit hard. a catch and tag despite ALL SEASON RADIAL TIRES Favorite
Feb. 28. The rules are similar This is boxing. a collision at the plate
Martinez and Sanchez to amateur boxing, al- Martinez said. You for the final out in a win COMPLETE AUTO & LIGHT TRUCK REPAIR
were close Sanchez though fighters are li- cant take anybody against the Reds. 259 North Reading Rd.
even lived with Marti- censed more like pros. lightly. Ephrata 717-733-7993
Ocean Spa 1834 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster 717-392-6793
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60/1 hr $
or 800-451-6710
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3957 Lincoln Hwy / US Rt. 30 Business
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Vehicles to
Be Sold for
at the Biggest Pre-Owned Vehicle Sale in New Holland Auto Group History... Back by Popular Demand!

New Holland, PA Geoff Penske, President of The sale will make select pre-owned vehicles expecting a high volume of customers for
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           no matter how much you still owe on it. Most
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Holland Auto, customers were asking me if Because this is a one-day-only event, Geoff Penske special ONE DAY ONLY SALE.
we were still going to have the $999 sale,      
said Geoff Penske. This is an event that the resources necessary to have every customers credit Sale is intended for public only; no registered
community looks forward to, and we want to application accepted. New Holland Auto Group dealers, please. For more information about this
continue to make our customers happy with the has $10,000,000 in lending power, the result of sale and directions to the dealerships, please
deals they count on. many years of strong relationships with the areas visit or call
leading lenders. This means that customers with 1-877-218-1499.
New Holland Auto Groups pre-owned a less-than-perfect credit history can have the
inventory levels need to be reduced to make opportunity to drive home a quality pre-owned car,
room for the arrival of new models. As a result, truck, van, or SUV by lunchtime on Saturday.
all New Holland Auto Group locations are
selling these additional pre-owned vehicles to This $999 sale will be held at the New Holland
the public at drastic discounts. Auto Groups Barnyard Bargain Lot, Route 23,
New Holland, PA 17557 on March 18th at 9:00
New Holland Auto Group also features new AM. Pre-owned vehicles will be sold for as low
Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, and Toyota as $999.* Customers are encouraged to arrive
vehicles. Along with New Holland Auto Groups as early as 8:00 AM for the start of inspection.
extra inventory, additional vehicles have been Incredible sale prices, starting as low as $999,*
acquired at incredible prices from various banks, will be posted no later than 9:00 AM.
repossession companies, auto auctions, credit *At least one vehicle on New Holland Auto Groups lot will be sold for as
low as $999 on March 18th          
unions, lease companies, and rental companies            combined with other offers. See dealer for $999 vehicle details. Negative
for this sale. served basis. New Holland Auto Group is equity applies.

GREEN BAY PACKERS Re-signed LB Jay- Wednesdays Games

SPORTS SLATE rone Elliott. Atlanta vs. Detroit at Lakeland, Fla., 1:05 p.m. NHL TENNIS
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Signed DT Bennie Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh at Bradenton,
Logan to a one-year contract. Fla., 1:05 p.m.
MINNESOTA VIKINGS Signed DE Da- Boston vs. Tampa Bay at Port Charlotte,
tone Jones. Fla., 1:05 p.m.
COLLEGIATE Rex Burkhead. St. Louis vs. Minnesota at Fort Myers, Atlantic Division Tuesday
Lancaster Bible vs. Albertus Magnus at TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Signed LS Fla., 1:05 p.m. GP W L OT Pts GF GA
At The Indian Wells Tennis Garden
Myrtle Beach, S.C., Noon. Garrison Sanborn. Washington vs. Houston at West Palm Montreal.......69 39 22 8 86 189 172
TENNESSEE TITANS Agreed to terms Ottawa..........67 39 22 6 84 182 173 Indian Wells, Calif.
LACROSSE Beach, Fla., 1:05 p.m.
with DL Sylvester Williams. Cleveland vs. Texas at Surprise, Ariz., 4:05 p.m. Boston..........69 37 26 6 80 196 179 Purse: Men, $6.99 million (Masters 1000);
COLLEGIATE WOMEN HOCKEY Kansas City vs. Chicago White Sox at Toronto.........67 31 22 14 76 204 199 Women, $6.99 million (Premier)
Millersville vs. Limestone at Gaffney, S.C., Glendale, Ariz., 4:05 p.m. Tampa Bay....68 33 26 9 75 189 186 Surface: Hard-Outdoor
4 pm. National Hockey League Florida..........67 29 27 11 69 168 193
NEW JERSEY DEVILS Assigned F Kevin L.A. Angels vs. San Francisco at Scotts- Singles
Franklin & Marshall vs. SUNY Fredonia at dale, Ariz., 4:05 p.m. Buffalo..........69 28 29 12 68 177 203
Port Charlotte, Fla., 9 a.m. Rooney to Albany (AHL). Detroit..........67 26 30 11 63 166 202 Men
NEW YORK RANGERS Assigned G Mag- San Diego vs. Cincinnati at Goodyear,
Franklin & Marshall vs. Western Connect- Ariz., 4:05 p.m. Metropolitan Division Fourth Round
icut State at Port Charlotte, Fla., 2:30 p.m. nus Hellberg to Hartford (AHL). Kei Nishikori (4), Japan, def. Gilles Muller
L.A. Dodgers vs. Seattle at Peoria, Ariz., GP W L OT Pts GF GA
Alvernia at Elizabethtown, 4 p.m. American Hockey League Washington....68 44 17 7 95 218 152 (25), Luxembourg, 6-2, 6-2. Donald Young,
SOFTBALL Pittsburgh.....68 43 16 9 95 239 190 United States, def. Lucas Pouille (14),
Dominik Shine to an amateur tryout for Milwaukee vs. Colorado at Scottsdale, France, 6-4, 1-6, 6-3. Rafael Nadal (5),
Ariz., 4:10 p.m. Columbus.....68 44 18 6 94 219 160
COLLEGIATE the remainder of the season and a stan- N.Y. Rangers....70 44 24 2 90 225 183 Spain, def. Fernando Verdasco (26), Spain,
Millersville vs. Post at Clermont, Fla., dard contract for 2017-18. Assigned G Cal Philadelphia vs. N.Y. Yankees at Tampa, 6-3, 7-5. Malek Jaziri, Tunisia, def. Taylor
Fla., 6:35 p.m. N.Y. Islanders....68 32 25 11 75 203 209
10:30 a.m. Heeter to Toledo (ECHL). Philadelphia....68 31 29 8 70 176 204 Fritz, United States, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3. Nick Kyr-
Millersville vs. Fairmont State at Cler- ECHL Arizona vs. Chicago Cubs at Mesa, Ariz., gios (15), Australia, def. Alexander Zverev
10:05 p.m. Carolina........66 28 27 11 67 170 193
mont, Fla., 3:30 p.m. FORT WAYNE KOMETS Released D Kyle New Jersey....68 25 31 12 62 153 197 (18), Germany, 6-3, 6-4.
Lancaster Bible vs. Olivet at Clermont, Flemington. Signed D Ryan Lowney. WESTERN CONFERENCE
MANCHESTER MONARCHS Loaned F Atlanta..................000 000 000 0 5 1 Central Division Fouth Round
Lancaster Bible vs. Western New England Tyler Sikura to Iowa (AHL).
at Clermont, Fla., 4:30 p.m. Philadelphia..........030 020 40x 9 11 0 GP W L OT Pts GF GA Svetlana Kuznetsova (8), Russia, def.
NORFOLK ADMIRALS Released D Vin- Blair, Cabrera (5), Krol (6), Ramirez (7), Minnesota....67 43 18 6 92 223 163 Caroline Garcia (21), France, 6-1, 6-4. An-
TENNIS cent Llorca. Morris (8), and Recker, Morales; Eickhoff, Chicago.........68 43 20 5 91 204 171 astasia Pavlyuchenkova (19), Russia, def.
COLLEGIATE MEN RAPID CITY RUSH Released D Tyler Bishop. Benoit (6), Garcia (7), Gomez (8), Rodriguez Nashville.......69 34 24 11 79 205 196 Dominika Cibulkova (5), Slovakia,, 6-5, 3-6,
Millersville vs. Oklahoma Baptist at Or- TOLEDO WALLEYE Loaned D Nolan Za- (9), and Moore, Holaday. WEickhoff 1-1. St. Louis........68 36 27 5 77 189 190 6-2. Karolina Pliskova (3), Czech Republic,
lando, Fla., 7:30 p.m. jac to Iowa (AHL). LBlair 0-1. HRsStassi. Winnipeg......70 30 33 7 67 208 224 def. Timea Bacsinszky (15), Switzerland,
Franklin & Marshall vs. Hobart at Orlan- UTAH GRIZZLIES Loaned D Tim Daly to Tampa Bay (ss).......210 202 200 9 19 1 Dallas............68 27 31 10 64 189 221 retired. Venus Williams (12), United States,
do, Fla., 12:30 p.m. Manitoba (AHL). Colorado.......68 19 46 3 41 131 222 def. Peng Shuai, 3-6, 6-1, 6-3.
Baltimore..............010 012 011 6 13 1
COLLEGIATE WOMEN SOCCER Snell, Wagner (3), Faria (4), Yarbrough Pacific Division Doubles
Millersville vs. Oklahoma Baptist at Or- Major League Soccer (5), Hu (7), Wood (9), and Casali; Miley, GP W L OT Pts GF GA
San Jose........68 41 20 7 89 190 158 Women
lando, Fla., 7:30 p.m. COLUMBUS CREW Signed M Wil Trapp Britton (4), ODay (5), Wilson (6), Bleier (8),
Franklin & Marshall vs. Colby-Sawyer at to a multiyear contract extension. and Pena, Perez. WSnell 2-1. LMiley Calgary..........69 39 26 4 82 191 185 Quarterfinals
Orlando, Fla, 8 a.m. 1-2. HRsRickard, Janish, Dickerson. Anaheim.......69 36 23 10 82 181 174 Chan Yung-jan, Taiwan, and Martina Hin-
PARALYMPICS gis (6), Switzerland, def. Sania Mirza, India,
USADA Announced sitting volleyball Edmonton.....68 35 24 9 79 191 181
Los Angeles....68 33 29 6 72 169 171 and Barbora Strycova (4), Czech Republic,
athlete Roderick Green accepted a nine-
HORSE RACING month sanction for an anti-doping rule vio- NBA Vancouver.....69 28 32 9 65 159 201
Arizona.........68 25 35 8 58 165 217
6-4, 6-4.
lation after testing positive for a prohibited COLLEGIATE MEN
substance from a contaminated supple- NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for
ment. overtime loss. Franklin & Marshall 7, Macalester 2
Mondays Games SINGLES J. Rothman (F&M) d. J. Doyle
PENN NATIONAL ENTRIES COLLEGE Columbus 5........................... Philadelphia 3 (MAC) 6-4, 7-6; A. Tirpack (MAC) d. I. Salas
CHARLESTON SOUTHERN Named Bry- EASTERN CONFERENCE (F&M) 2-6, 6-4, 10-4; Z. Levin (F&M) d. H.
POST TIME: 6 P.M. Tampa Bay 3......................... N.Y. Rangers 2
ant Foster cornerbacks coach. Atlantic Division Carolina 8............................ N.Y. Islanders 4 Bergmann (MAC) 6-3, 4-6, 10-5; I. Flores
1st$17,100,StrtsAllw,$5,000,4YO&UP, GEORGIA Announced QB-P Brice W L Pct GB
F&M,6f Nashville 5........................ Winnipeg 4 (OT) (F&M) d. M. Yang (MAC) 6-0, 6-3; W. Samu-
Ramsey and DB Reggie Wilkerson will com- Boston........................42 25 .627 Calgary 4.......................... Pittsburgh 3 (SO) els (F&M) d. P. Willenborg (MAC) 6-2, 6-1;
01 Jar of Hearts (Hernandez J) 119....... 12-1 plete their degrees in May and then trans- Toronto.......................39 28 .582 3
02 Knacque (Potts C) 119....................... 4-1 Arizona 1................................... Colorado 0 A. Pace (F&M) d. B. Wilson (MAC) 6-0, 6-2.
fer for their final seasons of eligibility. New York....................26 41 .388 16 DOUBLES J. Doyle and M. Yang (MAC)
03 Sharon Gunther (Rispoli M) 119........ 3-1 ILLINOIS Fired womens basketball St. Louis 3.............................. Los Angeles 1
04 Majestic Rosebud (Rose J) 121........ 10-1 Philadelphia................24 42 .364 171-w Boston 6................................. Vancouver 3 d. I. Flores and I. Salas (F&M) 8-4; J. Roth-
coach Matt Bollant. Brooklyn.....................12 53 .185 29 man and W. Samuels (F&M) d. H. Berg-
05 Distinct Diva (Haddock D) 111........... 5-1 NC STATE Announced freshman C Tuesdays Games
06 Moon Vision (Rodriguez A) 123......... 6-5 Southeast Division Winnipeg at New Jersey...................... ppd. mann and A. Tirpack (MAC) 8-2; Z. Levin
Omer Yurtseven will enter the NBA draft, W L Pct GB and A. Pace (F&M) d. P. Willenborg and B.
2nd$12,400,Clm,$5,000,4YO&UP, but will not hire an agent. Minnesota at Washington...................... (n)
F&M,1m70yds Washington................41 25 .621 N.Y. Islanders at Carolina........................ (n) Wilson (MAC) 8-4.
OMAHA Announced the resignation of Atlanta........................37 30 .552 41-w COLLEGIATE WOMEN
01 Fuego Mi Amor (Rodriguez E) 119..... 30-1 mens hockey coach Dean Blais. Tampa Bay at Ottawa.............................. (n)
02 Nancys Gone Wild (Rodriguez A) 119..... 5-2 Miami.........................32 35 .478 91-w Toronto at Florida................................... (n)
SOUTH FLORIDA Named Brian Gregory Charlotte.....................29 38 .433 121-w Franklin & Marshall 8, Macalester 1
03 Blue Chat (Wolfsont A) 119............... 3-1 mens basketball coach. Chicago at Montreal............................... (n) SINGLES A. Wolters (F&M) d. J. Koe-
04 My City (Flores E) 121........................ 7-2 Orlando......................24 44 .353 18 Dallas at Edmonton................................ (n)
WOFFORD Named Mark Line deputy Central Division hler (MAC) 6-0, 6-0; N. Russo (F&M) d. D.
05 Sheyn Vi Di Levone (Munar L) 119..... 3-1 athletic director and Ryan Price assistant Buffalo at San Jose.................................. (n) Brown (MAC) 6-1, 6-0; C. Buehler (MAC) d.
06 Elita (Beato I) 119.............................. 4-1 W L Pct GB Arizona at Los Angeles............................ (n)
athletic director for business and finance. S. Haas (F&M) 6-4, 6-7, 10-5; C. Rummels-
3rd$33,300,Allw,4YO&UP,1m Cleveland....................43 22 .662 Wednesdays Games burg (F&M) d. L. Stein (MAC) 6-3, 6-1; G.
01 Little Fat Albert (Ocasio L) 114.......... 5-2 Indiana........................34 32 .515 91-w Pittsburgh at Philadelphia........... 7:30 p.m. Rubenstein (F&M) d. J. Ilc (MAC) 6-1, 6-1;
02 Moneybags (Wolfsont A) 119............ 7-2
03 Whata Moose (Conner T) 119........... 6-1
MENS Detroit........................33 33 .500 101-w
Milwaukee..................32 34 .485 111-w
Boston at Calgary.............................. 9 p.m.
Detroit at Colorado...................... 9:30 p.m.
A. Collins (F&M) d. M. OHerin (MAC) 6-2,
7-6 (11-9).
04 Bartville Station (Rose J) 119............. 3-1 BASKETBALL Chicago.......................32 35 .478 12 St. Louis at Anaheim....................... 10 p.m. DOUBLES N. Russo and A. Wolters
05 Being There (Rodriguez A) 121.......... 2-1 WESTERN CONFERENCE Thursdays Games (F&M) d. J. Koehler and L. Stein (MAC) 8-4;
4th$30,400,AOC,$25,000,4YO&UP,6f Southwest Division Winnipeg at N.Y. Islanders................ 7 p.m. S. Haas and C. Rummelsburg (F&M) d. D.
01 Caladbolg (Conner T) 119................ 30-1 NATIONAL INVITATION W L Pct GB Nashville at Washington................... 7 p.m. Brown and C. Buehler (MAC) 8-1; G. Ruben-
02 Tipsy Moose (Cora D) 119............... 12-1 TOURNAMENT x-San Antonio.............52 14 .788 Philadelphia at New Jersey............... 7 p.m. stein and A. Breece (F&M) d. J. Ilc and M.
03 Ranger in Paradise (Navarro J) 119.... 3-1 Houston......................46 21 .687 61-w Florida at Columbus......................... 7 p.m. OHerin (MAC) 9-8 (7-5).
04 Graves Island (Gonzalez S) 114.......... 8-1 First Round
Memphis....................37 30 .552 151-w Minnesota at Carolina...................... 7 p.m.
05 Colonel Sharp (Rose J) 119................ 7-2 Tuesday, March 14 Dallas..........................28 38 .424 24 Toronto at Tampa Bay.................. 7:30 p.m.
Mississippi at Monmouth....................... (n)
06 Wild Willy Dean (Corujo W) 119...... 20-1
07 Alright Alright (Davis D) 123.............. 7-5 Valparaiso at Illinois...........................................(n) New Orleans...............26 40 .394 26 Chicago at Ottawa....................... 7:30 p.m.
Boston at Edmonton......................... 9 p.m.
Oakland at Clemson....................................(n) Northwest Division
08 Faras Kid (Rodriguez A) 119.............. 8-1 W L Pct GB Detroit at Arizona........................... 10 p.m.
5th$14,300,MdnClm,$10,000-$9,000, Indiana at Georgia Tech.......................... (n) Dallas at Vancouver........................ 10 p.m.
Coll. of Charleston at Colorado St.......... (n) Utah............................42 25 .627
3YO,6f Oklahoma City............37 29 .561 41-w Buffalo at Los Angeles............... 10:30 p.m.
01 Son of Apollo (Lloyd J) 120................ 4-1 Richmond at Alabama............................ (n)
Boise St. at Utah..................................... (n) Denver........................32 35 .478 10 St. Louis at San Jose................... 10:30 p.m. EASTERN CONFERENCE
01a Erebos (Lloyd J) 120......................... 4-1 Fridays Games W L T Pts GF GA
02 Optician (Carrow A) 115.................... 8-1 CS Bakersfield at California..................... (n) Portland......................29 36 .446 12
Minnesota..................28 38 .424 131-w New Jersey at Pittsburgh.................. 7 p.m. New York................2 0 0 6 3 1
03 Majestic Doctor (Diaz V) 122............. 8-1 Wednesday, March 15 Florida at N.Y. Rangers...................... 7 p.m. Chicago...................1 0 1 4 3 1
04 Corsario (Hernandez J) 122............... 8-1 UNC-Greensboro (25-9) at Syracuse (18-14), Pacific Division
W L Pct GB Dallas at Calgary............................... 9 p.m. Atlanta United FC.....1 1 0 3 7 3
05 Callant (Ocasio L) 117........................ 5-2 7 p.m. New York City FC.....1 1 0 3 4 1
South Dakota (22-11) at Iowa (18-14), 7 p.m. x-Golden State............52 14 .788 Buffalo at Anaheim......................... 10 p.m.
06 Smokin Token (Cora D) 122............... 8-1 Orlando City...........1 0 0 3 1 0
07 Off the Rails (Burg C) 112.................. 2-1 Belmont (22-6) at Georgia (19-14), 7 p.m. L.A. Clippers................40 27 .597 121-w MONDAYS BOX SCORE
Sacramento................26 41 .388 261-w Philadelphia............0 0 2 2 2 2
6th$19,000,Clm,$15,000-$13,000, Colorado (19-14) at UCF (21-11), 7 p.m.
Akron (26-8) at Houston (21-10), 7:30 p.m. Phoenix.......................22 45 .328 301-w Blue Jackets 5, Flyers 3 Toronto FC..............0 0 2 2 2 2
3YO,5 1/2f Columbus.............................. 2 1 2 5 Montreal.................0 1 1 1 2 3
01 Single Heist (Hernandez J) 120.......... 3-1 Fresno St. (20-12) at TCU (19-15), 8 p.m. L.A. Lakers...................20 47 .299 321-w Columbus...............0 1 1 1 2 4
Texas-Arlington (25-8) at BYU (22-11), 9 p.m. x-clinched playoff spot Philadelphia.......................... 1 2 0 3
02 Toss the Tub (Torres J) 113................. 4-1 First Period1, Columbus, Gagner 18 D.C. United.............0 1 1 1 0 4
03 Itsbeenonmymind (Whitney) 120...... 12-1 UC Irvine (21-14) at Illinois State (27-6), Mondays Games New England..........0 1 0 0 0 1
9:30 p.m. Chicago 115.......................... Charlotte 109 (Bjorkstrand, Jenner), 7:42. 2, Columbus,
04 Ice Tea (Gonzalez S) 115.................... 8-1 Atkinson 31 (Werenski), 8:42. 3, Philadel- WESTERN CONFERENCE
05 All Hands Up (Conner T) 118............. 5-1 Second Round Toronto 100.................................. Dallas 78 W L T Pts GF GA
phia, Konecny 9 (Gostisbehere, Couturier),
06 One Step Closer (Rodriguez A) 120.... 5-1 March 16-20 Memphis 113....................... Milwaukee 93 14:10. PenaltiesProvorov, PHI, (hooking), Portland..................2 0 0 6 6 1
07 Jump Shot Johnny (Rispoli M) 120.... 5-2 UNC-Greensboro-Syracuse winner vs. Minnesota 119................. Washington 104 10:42; Dubinsky, CBJ, (slashing), 15:24. Houston..................2 0 0 6 5 2
7th$12,400,MdnClm,$7,500, Mississippi-Monmouth winner San Antonio 107......................... Atlanta 99 Second Period4, Philadelphia, Schenn San Jose..................2 0 0 6 4 2
4YO&UP,1m Indiana-Georgia Tech winner vs. Bel- Utah 114........................... L.A. Clippers 108 20 (Giroux), 4:23 (pp). 5, Philadelphia, FC Dallas.................1 0 1 4 2 1
01 Dance the Rails (Valdes A) 116.......... 7-2 mont-Georgia winner Denver 129......................... L.A. Lakers 101 Colorado.................1 1 0 3 1 1
Konecny 10 (Gudas, Read), 11:03. 6, Colum- Sporting K.C............0 0 2 2 0 0
02 Red Chant (Beato I) 123..................... 5-2 CS Bakersfield-California winner vs. Col- Sacramento 120..................... Orlando 115 bus, Werenski 10 (Jones, Calvert), 14:30.
03 Skylander Boy (Potts C) 123............... 8-5 lege of Charleston-Colorado State winner Tuesdays Games Seattle....................0 1 1 1 3 4
PenaltiesAnderson, CBJ, (roughing), 0:32; Vancouver...............0 1 1 1 2 3
04 Neutronstar (IRE) (Munar L) 123....... 6-1 Texas-Arlington-BYU winner vs. Akron- Detroit at Cleveland................................ (n) Gudas, PHI, (roughing), 0:32; Johnson, CBJ,
05 Euro Demon (Burg C) 113.................. 4-1 Houston winner Indiana at New York............................... (n) Real Salt Lake..........0 1 1 1 0 2
(interference), 3:32; Karlsson, CBJ, (in- Los Angeles.............0 2 0 0 1 3
8th$29,500,Allw,3YO,1m UC Irvine-Illinois State winner vs. Colora- Oklahoma City at Brooklyn..................... (n) terference), 4:51; Jones, CBJ, major (high
01 Indominus Rex (Wolfsont A) 118....... 4-1 do-UCF winner Portland at New Orleans........................ (n) Minnesota United....0 2 0 0 2 11
sticking), 6:30; Hartnell, CBJ, (interference), NOTE: Three points for victory, one point
02 Wolfinbarger (Hernandez J) 118........ 6-1 Boise St.-Utah winner vs. Valparaiso-Illi- Philadelphia at Golden State.................. (n) 11:13; Anderson, CBJ, (roughing), 18:54;
03 Printer (Ocasio L) 115........................ 7-2 nois winner for tie.
Wednesdays Games Konecny, PHI, (roughing), 18:54; Anderson,
04 True to the Moon (Valdes A) 111....... 8-1 South Dakota-Iowa winner vs. Fresno St.- Charlotte at Indiana.......................... 7 p.m. Saturdays Games
TCU winner CBJ, served by Gagner, (roughing), 18:54. Chicago 2............................ Real Salt Lake 0
05 Tough Kennett Man (Potts C) 118.... 10-1 Dallas at Washington........................ 7 p.m. Third Period7, Columbus, Dubinsky
06 Sepicato (Hastie R) 120...................... 4-1 Richmond-Alabama winner vs. Oakland- Minnesota at Boston................... 7:30 p.m. New York 1................................ Colorado 0
Clemson winner 10 (Saad, Jones), 8:46 (pp). 8, Columbus, Toronto FC 2......................... Philadelphia 2
07 Raise the Mast (Rodriguez A) 118..... 5-2 New Orleans at Miami................. 7:30 p.m. Atkinson 32 (Saad), 19:39. Penalties
Quarterfinals Seattle 2.................................... Montreal 2
OFF-TRACK WAGERING Utah at Detroit............................ 7:30 p.m. Konecny, PHI, (roughing), 7:20; Jenner, CBJ, Houston 3................................ Columbus 1
Following is a list of tracks and post times March 21-22 L.A. Lakers at Houston...................... 8 p.m. (hooking), 15:59. FC Dallas 0............... Sporting Kansas City 0
for todays off-track wagering at Penn Na- TBD Memphis at Chicago......................... 8 p.m. Shots on GoalColumbus 11-10-829. San Jose 3............................... Vancouver 2
tionals Lancaster Off-Track site: Semifinals Portland at San Antonio................... 8 p.m. Philadelphia 10-9-726. Sundays Games
Tampa Bay.................................. 12:25 p.m. At Madison Square Garden Sacramento at Phoenix.................. 10 p.m. Power-play opportunitiesColumbus 1 New York City FC 4................. D.C. United 0
Gulfstream.................................. 12:35 p.m. Milwaukee at L.A. Clippers........ 10:30 p.m. of 2; Philadelphia 1 of 8. Atlanta United FC 6.... Minnesota United 1
New York GoaliesColumbus, Bobrovsky 37-13-4
MahoningValley.......................... 12:45 p.m. Thursdays Games Portland 1.............................. Los Angeles 0
Monticello.................................. 12:50 p.m. Tuesday, March 28 Oklahoma City at Toronto................. 7 p.m. (26 shots-23 saves). Philadelphia, Mason
Semifinal............................................ 7 p.m. 19-19-7 (28-24). Saturday, March 18
Meadows........................................... 1 p.m. Utah at Cleveland............................. 7 p.m. Montreal at New York City FC........... 2 p.m.
Turf Paradise................................. 2:40 p.m. Semifinal....................................... 9:30 p.m. Brooklyn at New York.................. 7:30 p.m. RefereesTJ Luxmore, Chris Rooney.
Championship LinesmenSteve Barton, Pierre Racicot. Chicago at Atlanta United FC............ 4 p.m.
Dover Downs................................ 4:30 p.m. Memphis at Atlanta..................... 7:30 p.m. Toronto FC at Vancouver.................. 4 p.m.
Buffalo............................................... 5 p.m. Thursday, March 29 L.A. Clippers at Denver..................... 9 p.m. Columbus at D.C. United.................. 7 p.m.
Northfield.......................................... 6 p.m. Semifinal winners.............................. 8 p.m. Orlando at Golden State............ 10:30 p.m. Philadelphia at Orlando City........ 7:30 p.m.
Penn National.................................... 6 p.m. Fridays Games AHL New England at FC Dallas................. 8 p.m.
Charles Town..................................... 7 p.m. COLLEGEINSIDER.COM Chicago at Washington..................... 7 p.m. San Jose at Sporting Kansas City.. 8:30 p.m.
Pompano...................................... 7:20 p.m. TOURNAMENT Dallas at Philadelphia....................... 7 p.m. Minnesota United at Colorado......... 9 p.m.
Australia A......................................... 8 p.m. First Round Boston at Brooklyn...................... 7:30 p.m. Los Angeles at Real Salt Lake....... 9:30 p.m.
Australia B....................................... 10 p.m. Toronto at Detroit........................ 7:30 p.m. Houston at Portland.................. 10:30 p.m.
Australia C....................................... 11 p.m. Monday, March 13 EASTERN CONFERENCE
Liberty 73......................... Norfolk State 64 Houston at New Orleans.................. 8 p.m. Atlantic Division Sunday, March 19
Minnesota at Miami......................... 8 p.m. GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA New York at Seattle.......................... 7 p.m.
Tuesday, March 14 Orlando at Phoenix......................... 10 p.m.
TRANSACTIONS Saint Francis (Pa.) at Jacksonville............(n) Milwaukee at L.A. Lakers........... 10:30 p.m.
WB-Scran........ 61 41 17 3 0 85 205 146
Houston Baptist at Campbell...................(n) Lehigh Val........ 60 39 18 3 0 81 218 173
Canisius at Samford.................................(n) Bridgeport.... 61 37 21 2 1 77 186 171 BOXING
Providence.... 61 34 18 5 4 77 184 158
Wednesday, March 15
Ball State (21-12) at Fort Wayne (19-12), TBA
BOWLING Hershey........ 62 33 18 8 3 77 214 180
BASEBALL Fairfield (16-14) at UMBC (18-12), 7 p.m. Springfield.... 61 25 26 8 2 60 156 171
American League Georgia State (20-12) at Texas A&M-Cor- Hartford........ 61 21 35 3 2 47 156 222
BOSTON RED SOX Optioned LHPS pus Christi (20-11), 8 p.m.
Brian Johnson and Henry Owens and RHP Stephen F. Austin (18-14) at Idaho (18- GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA March 17
LEISURE Syracuse....... 61 30 20 6 5 71 184 187 At Santander Arena, Reading, Pa., Travis
Brandon Workman to Pawtucket (IL). Re- 13), TBA
assigned 3B Rafael Devers, OF Junior Lake AMF INDUSTRIAL Albany........... 61 34 25 1 1 70 172 166 Kauffman vs. Amir Mansour, 12, for the va-
Thursday, March 16 Chuck Saylor.................. 246-248-277771 cant USBA heavyweight title; Edner Cherry
and C Jordan Procyshen were reassigned to Saint Peters (19-13) at Albany (NY) (21- Toronto......... 61 31 25 4 1 67 190 170
their minor league camp. Scott Canfield................ 233-255-275763 Utica............. 61 28 24 7 2 65 159 170 vs. Omar Douglas, 10, lightweights.
13), 7 p.m. Jeff Waller...................... 249-256-249754
LOS ANGELES ANGELS Optioned LHPs Furman (21-11) at SC Upstate (17-15), 7 p.m. St. Johns....... 62 29 25 7 1 66 176 185 March 18
Nate Smith and Greg Mahle to Salt Lake Mike Frey....................... 203-258-268729 Binghamton.... 62 24 34 2 2 52 155 211 At Madison Square Garden, New York
UNC Asheville (23-9) at UT Martin (21-
(PCL) and RHP Eduardo Paredes to Mobile 12), TBA Brian Brooks.................. 239-222-248709 Rochester..... 60 24 34 0 2 50 161 195 (PPV), Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Jacobs,
(SL). Reassigned C Jose Briceno and RHP Lamar (19-14) at Texas State (20-13), TBA Gary Young.................... 274-214-215703 12, for Golovkins WBA Super World/WBC
Drew Gagnon to their minor league camp. Weber State (19-13) at Cal State Fullerton LANCASTER ARCHERY Central Division World/IBF/IBO middleweight titles; Roman
National League (17-14), 10 p.m. Mark Gagnon................. 259-168-279706 GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA Gonzalez vs. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, 12,
ATLANTA BRAVES Claimed LHP Kevin Second Round LEISURE TIMES Gr. Rapids..... 60 38 17 1 4 81 208 147 for Gonzalezs WBC World super flyweight
Chapman off waivers from Houston. March 17-20 Samantha Young............ 278-188-184650 Chicago......... 61 36 17 5 3 80 211 163 title; Carlos Cuadras Vs. David Carmona,
NEW YORK METS Optioned OF Wuilm- TBD Milwaukee.... 60 34 20 3 3 74 176 173 10, super flyweights; Ryan Martin vs. Bry-
ROCKY SPRINGS ant Cruz, 10, lightweights.
er Becerra, RHPs Chris Flexen and Marcos Quarterfinals Iowa.............. 60 29 23 6 2 66 150 158
Molina and INF Amed Rosario to their mi- GARDEN SPOT MEN Cleveland...... 59 27 25 3 4 61 146 166 March 23
nor league camp. Reassigned RHP Chase March 23-26 Bob Leberfinger............. 248-247-221716 Charlotte....... 59 28 27 4 0 60 158 170
TBD At Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, Calif.
Bradford and LHP Adam Wilk to their minor Manitoba...... 62 23 31 4 4 54 159 196 (ESPN2), Jason Quigley vs. Glen Tapia, 10,
league camp. Semifinals Rockford....... 62 21 30 8 3 53 146 200 middleweights; Randy Caballero vs. Victor
Atlantic League Wednesday, March 29 COLLEGE Pacific Division Proa, 10, junior featherweights.
LONG ISLAND DUCKS Signed OF Feh- Game One......................................... 7 p.m.
Game Two......................................... 9 p.m.
San Jose........ 54 36 12 2 4 78 187 134
March 25
landt Lentini and RHP Matt Larkins. At Potsdam, Germany, Tyron Zeuge vs.
Can-Am League Championship San Diego...... 54 34 15 3 2 73 175 141 Isaac Ekpo, 12, for Zeuges WBA World su-
ROCKLAND BOULDERS Signed RHPs Friday, March 31 Ontario......... 56 30 17 9 0 69 168 158 per middleweight title.
F&M............... 300 208 (11)05 29 26 4 Bakersfield.... 54 26 22 5 1 58 158 151
Matt Kostalos and Mike Adams. Semifinal winners.............................. 9 p.m. Stockton........ 048 000 300 15 12 5 At Manchester (England) Arena (SHO),
Stockton....... 54 26 23 4 1 57 161 150 Jorge Linares, vs. Anthony Crolla, 12, for
Frontier League M. Glavin, E. Dyke (2), W. Hofmann (3), Tucson.......... 54 24 24 6 0 54 145 180
GATEWAY GRIZZLIES Signed RHP Jake MLB K. Elmer (4), B. Gaston (7), J. Weinhaus (9)
and K. Ebert, C. Vincent (7); R. Moore, J. Texas............. 60 27 29 1 3 58 179 206
Linares WBA World lightweight title; Jack
Arnfield vs. Brian Rose, 12, middleweights;
Guilinelli. San Antonio.... 60 23 32 4 1 51 145 190
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MINERS Sold the Manos (5), T. Apt (6), T. Rossi (7), C. Farrell Martin Jospeh Ward vs. Maxi Hughes, 12,
(7) and A. Morello, B. Gomez (8). WPK. NOTE: Two points are awarded for a win, for Wards British super featherweight title;
contract of OF Brandon Cummins to the one point for an overtime or shootout loss.
Chicago Cubs. Elmer. LPT. Apt. SO-BB: M. Glavin 0-2, E. Marcus Morrison vs. Jason Welborn, 10,
WASHINGTON WILD THINGS Sold the SPRING TRAINING Dyke 0-1, W. Hofmann 0-0, K. Elmer 5-1, B. Mondays Game middleweights; Tomi Tatham vs. Liam Con-
contract of INF Leon Byrd to the N.Y. Mets. Tuesdays Games Gaston 3-2, J. Weinhaus 1-2; R. Moore 8-3, San Antonio 2.............................. Texas 1 (SO) roy, 10, light heavyweights.
Philadelphia 9............................... Atlanta 0 J. Manos 1-0, T. Apt 1-0, T. Rossi 0-1, C. Far- Tuesdays Games April 1
FOOTBALL rell 2-1. HRK. Ebert, M. Caron; J. Pipher.
Detroit 7........................................ Miami 1 Toronto at Manitoba................................. (n) At Dortmund, Germany, Mairis Briedis vs,
National Football League N.Y. Mets 2.................................. Houston 1 Milwaukee at Rockford.............................. (n)
ARIZONA CARDINALS Signed LB Jarvis Marco Huck, 12, for the interim WBC World
Tampa Bay (ss) 10................. N.Y. Yankees 6 Cleveland at San Antonio.......................... (n) and Hucks IBO cruiserweight title.
Jones to a one-year contract. Tampa Bay (ss) 9....................... Baltimore 6 COLLEGE San Jose at Bakersfield.............................. (n) At The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas (ESPN2),
ATLANTA FALCONS Re-signed S Kemal Boston 5...................................... Toronto 4
Ishmael. Signed WR-KR Andre Roberts. L.A. Dodgers 6......................... Cincinnati 5 SOFTBALL Wednesdays Games Antonio Orozco vs. KeAndre Gibson, 10, su-
BUFFALO BILLS Agreed to terms with Colorado 4.................................. Oakland 3 Syracuse at Lehigh Valley................. 7:05 p.m. per lightweights; Mercito Gesta vs. Gilberto
DE Ryan Davis. Kansas City 8........................... L.A. Angels 4 Binghamton at Rochester................ 7:05 p.m. Gonzalez, 10, lightweights.
CHICAGO BEARS Agreed to terms with Milwaukee 7....................... Chicago Cubs 7 Franklin & Marshall..... 010 000 0 1 7 1 Texas at Chicago................................... 8 p.m. April 4
K Connor Barth on a one-year contract. San Francisco 6......................... Cleveland 5 Farmingdale State.... 100 001 x 2 1 1 Stockton at San Diego........................ 10 p.m. At Sands Bethlehem (Pa.) Event Center
CLEVELAND BROWNS Claimed WR Seattle 7...................... Chicago White Sox 6 K. Wenger and R. Correa; J. Collard and K. Thursdays Games (FS1), Milton Santiago vs. Haskell Rhodes,
James Wright off waivers from Cincinnati. Arizona 12....................................... Texas 0 Basile. SO-BB: K. Wenger 5-4; J. Collard 3-1. No games scheduled 10, super lightweights.

Delaware Valley Charter (12-2, 21-7) vs. CLASS 5A NCAA WOMENS TOURNAMENT
BOYS Camp Hill Trinity (3-1, 23-3) at Manheim FIRST ROUND
BASKETBALL Twp HS, Neffsville, 6
Central Cambria (6-1, 21-6) vs. Riverside
Susquehannock 48......................Radnor 45
New Oxford 58............Abington Heights 44
(7-5, 17-8) at Armstrong HS, Kittanning, 5 Mastery Charter North 48...... West York 45
Shady Side Academy (7-4, 19-7) vs. Car- Southern Lehigh 44.......................Dover 29
PIAA TOURNAMENT dinal Wuerl North Catholic (7-1, 22-5) at Archbishop Wood 38.....W.C. Henderson 28
Matchups for the 2017 Pennsylvania Armstrong HS, Kittanning, 8 Bishop Shanahan 37....... Lower Dauphin 32
Interscholastic Athletic Association boys Erie First Christian (10-3, 17-9) vs. Wash- Wyoming Valley West 41...... Twin Valley 27
basketball tournament, including all of ington (7-3, 21-5) at Farrell HS, 6 Springfield-Delco 52.....Lamp.-Strasburg 41
the second-round games. First number in Lincoln Park Charter (7-2, 22-5) vs. Harrisburg 58............ W.C. Bayard Rustin 36
parentheses is district and place, second is Greenville (10-1, 24-2) at New Castle HS, 7 Rad. Arch. Carroll 53.........Mt. St. Joseph 35
season record. Chartiers Valley 48...................... Hickory 27
NOTE: All second-round games, origi- QUARTERFINALS
Saturday, March 18 Washington Trinity 67............Bellefonte 22
nally scheduled for Tuesday and today, Mars 51....................... Erie Central Tech 31
have been postponed to Thursday due to SEMIFINALS Oakland Catholic 55..........Harbor Creek 30
the pending arrival of a significant snowfall Monday, March 20 Hampton 50.......................Slippery Rock 31
across the state. CHAMPIONSHIP South Fayette 51........ Pitt. Obama Acad. 49
CLASS 6A Thursday, March 23 SECOND ROUND
FIRST ROUND At Giant Center, Hershey, 8 p.m. Thursday, March 16
C.D. East 64....................... Abington 63 (OT) CLASS 2A Susquehannock (3-1, 24-4) vs. New Ox-
Archbishop Ryan 77.................. Parkland 55 ford (3-6, 22-8) at West York HS, 7
Hempfield 62.................... William Allen 57 PLAY-IN GAME
Muncy 60....................Northern Bedford 51 Mastery Charter North (12-2, 18-10) vs.
Williamsport 59....................Penn Wood 41 Southern Lehigh (11-1, 26-1) at Spring-Ford
Perkiomen Valley 57...... Roman Catholic 55 FIRST ROUND HS, Royersford, 6:30
Reading 58............................North Penn 45 Julia Masterman 70.......Marian Catholic 62 Archbishop Wood (12-1, 20-7) vs. Bishop
Plymouth-Whitemarsh 80........ Lebanon 64 Halifax 47..............................Muncy 42 (OT) Shanahan (1-3, 20-8) at Pottstown HS, 6:30
Pocono Mtn. West 71.......Lower Merion 57 Northeast Bradford 41....Mountain View 38 Wyoming Valley West (2-2, 21-5) vs.
Harrisburg 55....................Downingtown 34 Math,Civics&Sci. 52.....Christopher Dock 35 Springfield-Delco (1-1, 24-4) at Easton MS,
Emmaus 68..........................Cheltenham 67 Constitution 53...................Church Farm 49 5 ASSOCIATED