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Unit tests

Unit test 2 Grammar

1 Complete the sentences with the correct form
Vocabulary of these verbs.
1 Complete the sentences with the correct word.
1 We have a in the hall every morning.
not take part chat teach not behave make
All the teachers and students go. 1 Sian with her friends when her
2 The students have lunch in the c at boyfriend phoned.
school. 2 Peter in the volleyball match last week
3 Lizzie didnt r for the exam and so she because he hurt his hand.
failed. 3 The boys very well when the teacher
4 Maria wrote a great e on animal rights. came in.
5 I have to go to the s room at break 4 Fiona me a cup of coffee when the
time because I need to speak to my Maths phone rang.
teacher. 5 I my mum how to send text
messages last week.
2 Complete the sentences with the correct form
of the word in brackets. 2 Rewrite the two sentences as one. Use a
1 The magazine was full of . (advertise) relative pronoun and add commas where
2 When I fell off my chair in the lesson, I couldnt necessary.
hide my . (embarrass) 1 He bought a new computer. The computer was
3 Im sorry, but I didnt understand your . good for gaming.
Could you repeat it please? (explain)
4 My teacher told me that there had been an 2 The new teacher was angry. She started working
in my behaviour this year. (improve) last month.
5 Peter has got a great . Hes really
creative. (imagine) 3 The Maths exam was really hard. The exam was
on Thursday.
3 Replace the words in bold with a phrasal verb.
1 Janes decided to learn Italian this summer. 4 I couldnt do my homework. You gave me the
homework yesterday.
2 Kerrys very good at creating stories.
3 Rob continued running, even though he was 5 I saw a boy yesterday. You introduced me to him
really tired. at a party.
4 We had to tolerate the noise of our neighbours
party last night.
5 Please can you remove your shoes before you 3 Complete the second sentence so that it has a
come into the gym? similar meaning to the first sentence using the
word given.
4 Complete the sentences with a phrase. 1 My friend passed me her books and I dropped
1 Evan part a lot of sports them.
over the winter. I dropped the books
2 I cant come out, I have to an eye passed me. WHICH
my little brother. 2 I saw a really good film yesterday.
3 My Maths teacher a lot of pressure The film yesterday
us to do well. was really good. THAT
4 He found it hard to friends 3 I met the girl and she lives on your street.
new people at first. I met a girl your
5 Our teacher always a record street. WHO
our homework. 4 Peter told me some really great jokes.
The jokes were
really great. THAT
5 James goes to my school and my football club.
James, , also goes
to my school. WHO

My score: ____ /35

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