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Unit tests

Unit test 1 Grammar
1 Complete the text with the correct form of the
Vocabulary verb in brackets.
1 Complete the sentences with the correct word Simon 1 (cook) really well and he
or words. 2 (want) to be a chef when hes older.
1 Sian enjoys difficult tasks. She likes a c . He often prepares meals for his friends. He
2 John has to wear a suit to work because its 3 (not go) to school at the moment
important that he l r . because he 4 (work) in a restaurant all
3 Annie f it d to work and look after the summer to get some practice. Its going well for
children. him. He 5 (not like) the hours very much,
4 Greg works long hours and has no free time, but but he loves the job.
he likes working u p .
5 Not everyone can be a s . You need to work 2 Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that
hard and be good at your job. best completes the sentence.
1 I get up really early because I lots of
2 Complete the sentences with the correct form energy in the morning.
of do, get or find. A have always
1 Tina it impossible to make new friends. B am having
2 I usually all of the answers right in my C always have
spelling tests. D am usually having
3 Sam his best when he plays football.
2 Richard laughs at jokes because he has
4 Kelly well at school at the moment.
no sense of humour.
5 Most people can swim in my class, but I
it really hard. A always B never C usually D often
3 They need a person calm under
3 Complete the sentences with the correct pressure for this job.
preposition. A who can usually keep
1 Helen is really worried her interview B who usually can keep
next week. C usually who can keep
2 Dan will make a great DJ because hes really D who can keep usually
keen music.
3 I couldnt be a doctor because Im really bad 4 He the centre of attention because hes
biology. so shy.
4 Dad is really fed up his job at the A doesnt usually enjoy being
moment. B isnt usually enjoying being
5 Sara is really annoyed us. C enjoys never being
D usually enjoys being
4 Choose the correct form to complete the 5I eat fish. I dont really like it.
A always B rarely C usually D often
1 Paris was an amazed/amazing place to visit.
2 Lee was frightened/frightening of making a 3 Complete the questions. Use is/are, do/does or
mistake. have/has.
3 Joes a great football manager because hes
1 you got any bad habits?
really interested/interesting in football.
2 you like going out with friends?
4 Mum got really annoyed/annoying with me for
3 your teacher give you lots of homework?
playing my music loud.
4 your Dad got a good sense of humour?
5 I think being a farmer is a bored/boring job.
5 you able to stay calm under pressure?

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