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Personal Statement

My name is Albert Christian Soewongsono, a recent graduate with Bachelor of Mathematical

Science from Nusa Cendana University in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). I was
graduated with GPA of 4.00 at the age of 18 (I took acceleration class in high schools) and
am currently working as a teaching assistant at Mathematics Department and as a student
mentor in the UniBRIDGE, a language and cultural exchange program between my
university and universities in Australia.

Back to 2013, my colleague friends and I established a student-based organization called

MITRA. Nowadays, MITRA has established in several other universities across NTT and
Papua where each chapter has developed their programs independently. This organization
aimed to empower youths in Eastern Indonesia through community involvements. To realize
it, we have been working on several community programs such as, English Language
Community conducted weekly in English Department at my university. Another program is,
MITRA Kincir Angin where we teach children from low socio-economy community in
Kupang about English language and environmental education in forms of beach clean-up
activity, teaching materials, games and celebrating special days such as, World Environment
This year, we have received aid from a student in Charles Darwin University in form of mini
mobile library to improve our teaching programs.

I believe by participating in this program, will empower my community and myself be able to
expand our programs through brainstorming and possible networking activities with
policymakers, experts, and fellow participants.