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Learning activity 3

Evidence: My life plan


My life plan is to be able to evolve every day through continuous learning I mainly want
to assume behaviors that allow me to be an entrepreneurial person, achieving a
personal, family and social improvement; Beginning from my inner being. To see life
with positivism in spite of the obstacles that are presented to me daily, to be in a
comfortable financial situation for me and my family. I want to create a company to help
many people who need it and need it in the future. Pass and enjoy with family every
opportunity you have, on the other hand I want to live without problems with other

For a future, as I had previously stated, with the help of God and my sacrifice I set up a
company that is recognized and that through it I can give employment to many people.
Educate my children and let them learn the best from me. Advise those people who go
the wrong way and be able to see them for a better change.

I am very willing to collaborate and help many people; I do this through advice and
words that help improve the person from their inner thinking, self-evaluate my
knowledge and learning, make the most of each person who teaches me new ways of
seeing life and how to put it to me Favor, taking full advantage of each situation

Some fears that I had in my life, I did not trust my abilities which are very good, I did not
exploit all my potential, my productive ideas do not communicate them out of fear.

Be humble and overcome my fears to achieve a radical turn to my life, starting from my
personal shortcomings. Know and watch over many principles and values.