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Does music help you focus? Yes, but only if you like the music...


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Does music help you focus? Yes, but only if Most Popular Most Commented Must Read

you like the music 28 APRIL '16

A Minute Of All-Out Exercise

By Laura Rosenfeld, Tech Times | August 30, 10:33 AM
May Be Good Enough
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28 APRIL '16
It's the age-old question: Do you like to have music on while you're Cognitive Therapy Based On
working? Some people thrive off of listening to music while they Mindfulness May Lower Risk Of
study, read or work, and they always have it on when completing Depression Relapse
assignments. Others, like myself, find having music on in the
background incredibly distracting.

This timeless debate has torn many roommates a part. But is there
a right answer?

Apparently, yes. Listening to music can actually help you focus,

A new study has found that the type of music doesn't but you have to like it.
influence your ability to focus but how you feel about the
music. What this means is Beyonce can be perfect study
A study published in "Scientific Reports" found that listening to
(Photo : Michal Czerwonka / Getty Images) music that you like could help you focus on your own thoughts.
28 APRIL '16
Researchers from the Wake Forest School of Medicine and the
Scan Reveals How 'Brain Dictionary' Stores
University of North Carolina Greensboro recruited 21 young adults
Thousands Of Words
and placed them in an MRI scanner as they played songs that varied in
genre. The selections included "Movement I from Symphony No.5" by
Beethoven (classical), "Water" by Brad Paisley (country), "OMG" by 28 APRIL '16
Usher (rap/hip-hop), "Rock 'N Roll All Nite" by KISS (rock) and "Spring Traumatic Brain Injuries May
Hall" by the Chinese Jinna Opera Band (unfamiliar genre). Cause Lasting Sleep Problems

No more than six of the participants shared the same musical genre
preference going into the test. Researchers also asked for participants' 28 APRIL '16
favorite songs. The researchers played the tunes in full as they
View The James Webb Space
scanned their brains using an MRI as they tested to see how a Telescope - The Successor To
person's feelings about a song influenced his or her brain activity. Hubble

What the results showed was actually pretty unexpected. When the
research subjects listened to a preferred or a favorite song of theirs,
they were better connected to a part of the brain called the default mode network, which is tied to how humans are
able to switch between thinking about what's going on around them and their self-referential thoughts. I would have
thought listening to songs you enjoy would actually make you pay more attention to the song than what you're
doing, whereas music you don't find as interesting makes you tune out a bit, but maybe that's not the case. Email Newsletter

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The relationship between music and the brain is an area that has been heavily explored in research. Many studies You May Also Like
have pointed to music's ability to help employees be more productive or help children learn more effectively.
However, this is one of the only studies to show, albeit with a small sample size, that the type of music one listens to
might not be as important as the listener's preference for it.

These results might not only be useful for those hoping to efficiently tackle assignments but also those who cope
with often crippling neurological disorders. The authors write that problems in the connectivity to the default mode
network may be related to conditions such as autism, schizophrenia and depression. With more research, these
findings could really change lives.
Surprisingly Simple Mind Nativly - Your Content,
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Try It!
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weeeett RReeddddiitt 4 SSU

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Does music help you focus? Yes, but only if you like the music...


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Rolandas Kliucnikas 9 months ago

I like that you not only talk about the scientific reports but also provide your own opinion. This article is really
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Simon H. 2 months ago

Finally! Something I can use to counter my teachers' unfounded "It's a distraction" claim!
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temanaadrius a year ago

But of course, why listen to a genre you don't particularly like?
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Jaeger19ultima > temanaadrius 8 months ago

Because, it's a test study... You need to see how it eects people in general so you can draw a correlation
to what everyone or the majority share in common so you can post your facts their "findings" just are
reduced to commonsense, music you like will influence your emotions and drive you better to succeeding,
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